Simply Life - Simplified Issue W by ps94506


                           Life                                     *

Simplified Issue Whole Life Insurance
             No Physical Exam Immediate Coverage

           Guaranteed Cash Value Growth
           Guaranteed Death Benefit
           Guaranteed Premiums
           Long Term Financial Planning
           Available for Ages: 18-85
           Minimum Face Amount: $10,000
           Premiums Payable to Age 100
           Matures at Age 121
           Various Underwriting Classes
Along with the added benefits of purchasing life insurance through
a fraternal benefit society, you will also experience superior
customer service coupled with our small town business approach
and financial strength you can trust.


                        GLEANER LIFE INSURANCE SOCIETY
                              5200 West US HWy 223, Adrian, MI 49221
                                   tel: 800.992.1894 • fax: 517.265.7745
                web: • e-mail:

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