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									September 2007
           Why launch an inter-professional campaign?

Context:            Recurring questions over the validity of the moderation concept (court summons
                   and declarations by public health organisations)
                    Certain prominent individuals and organisations are proposing that the quantity
                   of alcohol, the number of units and even the WHO limits are displayed on the

    Inter-professional consensus that the concept of moderation, objectivised by the WHO
    guidelines, has a strategic value

Objectives:         To define and objectivise the concept of moderation
                    To provide consumption guidelines, which the general public are currently
                   unaware of

Approach:           Creation of a graphic concept outlining the WHO limits
                    Integration into alcohol advertisements
                    Additional coverage through an Internet site
                    Launch of a visible communication campaign
                    An inter-professional approach… validated by the public authorities

                         The WHO’s low-risk limits

   On the basis of work carried out by a WHO committee of experts, which drew attention
   (in 1980) to the fact that the risks linked to the consumption of alcoholic drinks increase
   once certain limits have been exceeded, the public health authorities now recommend
   that the following limits are respected:

 2 units of alcohol per day for women
 3 units of alcohol per day for men
 4 units of alcohol for occasional consumption
 0   units of alcohol at least one day per week, and in high-risk situations (pregnancy,
   prior to the legal age limit, driving a vehicle, usage of dangerous machines, etc.)

NB: one unit of alcohol is equivalent to 10g of alcohol

                                  The campaign

The launch of an Internet site:

   Information on alcohol limits and units, the consequences of excessive consumption and
    high-risk situations
   A calculator that evaluates the number of units of alcohol consumed

                              The campaign (contd.)

A specific advertising campaign

   Explanation of the limits
   Allocation of the initiative
   Media plan (an investment of approximately €700,000):
      From July to September: in the general public magazine press (Choc, Public, L’Équipe, etc.)
      In September: several publications in the national dailies, targeted institutional press (Le Figaro,
       Le Monde, etc.) and regional dailies

                      The campaign (contd.)

Additional relays on the Internet

 Referencing strategy
 Banners (incorporating links) on the brand sites and institutional sites

                                  The partners

 Entreprise & Prévention
 Fédération Française des Spiritueux (FFS -          French Spirits Federation)

 Brasseurs de France (French Professional Brewers' Association)
 Fédération Française des Vins d'Apéritif (FFVA –             French Aperitif Wine producers’

 Bureau National Interprofessionnel du Cognac (BNIC -                         Cognac Inter-
  professional National Bureau)

 Interprofession des Appellations Cidricoles (IDAC -              French Association of cider

Initial press reactions

      The reactions of institutions and professionals

   The French Presidency, Sustainable development consultant: “This
    initiative is very useful for the prevention of alcohol-related problems,
    especially with young people, and I am especially grateful for your involvement
    in this area”
   Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Planning: “I am
    delighted by the contribution made by numerous players in the community and
    professional world: mass involvement is essential if we are to reduce the
    number of road accident victims on an ongoing basis”
   The CNGOF (French national college of gynaecologists and obstetricians):
    “We have carefully examined your proposals and find your campaign to be
    excellent. The idea to memorise 2340 is perfect.”
   BVP (association of professionals for responsible advertising – French SRO):
    “We wish you great success in your project, which reflects your concern for
    self-discipline in the advertising sector”
   The UMIH (The Association of Hotel Trades): “The UMIH can only encourage
    and congratulate you on your positively aggressive advertising campaign”

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