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					Welcome to Flagler College
        Your child is embarking on a new
              phase of his / her life
                 COLLEGE !!!!!!
Making new friends, Long study hours, Doing own
   • Thanks mom and dad, you’re the greatest!
   Then there is Tuesday, Wednesday,
Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday!!!
Parents – It’s Your turn

               Don’t Worry,
                They think
         Student Accounts

• Who are we?
  – We are a division of the Business Services Office
    located at 20 Valencia Street

• What we do!
  – The Student Accounts Department is responsible
    to ensure that all charges and payments are
    properly and timely recorded to the appropriate
    student’s account to include:
• Billing and collecting tuition, housing, parking,
  insurance, meal plan option fees and any other
  college related expenses.

• Post all financial aid, grants, student loans,
  scholarships, and any other funds received to the
  student’s account.

• Basically, any financial transaction related to your
  son or daughter while they are attending Flagler
  College goes through the Student Accounts
Business Services
   July 10 -   Fall Term E-Bill Notification-
                (Student Account viewable with Parent Pin)

   Aug. 1 -    Tuition Payment Due Date

   Oct. 25 -   Spring Term E-Bill Notification

   Dec. 1 -    Tuition Payment Due Date
• VERY IMPORTANT – Any communication with or from our
  office will be sent to the student’s e-mail
  address. Please instruct your son/daughter to read and
  respond to any communication from the Student Accounts
  Office as it will definitely be a financial matter.

• If you the parents/guardians wish to be copied on any
  e-mails, the student must complete and have on file with
  our office the E-Mail Authorization form.

• It will be the responsibility of the student to keep this
  information current and accurate at all times so we can
  provide you with the information requested.
Flagler College is proud to participate in the global effort to save our environment by continuing our implementation
of E-Commerce solutions.
By submitting the authorization form below and signing it for both you and your responsible billing party(s),
the Business Office will send important financial notification and other correspondence to you at your Flagler
College E-Mail Account and the optional authorized e-mail address listed below.
Students can now view the detail information in their student account at –business
services tab- my account info.

   ,     8       ,    8     ,    8     ,    8      ,     8    ,   8
   Student Name: __________________________________________________
                                               (Please Print)
   Student ID # ____________________________________________________

   Billing party e-mail address _________________________________________
                                                      (Please Print)

  __________________________                                                     ______________
        (Student Signature)                                                                 (Date)

  IMPORTANT: Students must also authorize parents, guardians or other responsible billing parties to make
  payments via our new web site payment process. Please go to, Business Services Tab, My
  Account Info – click on
   “Go to CASHNet” select add a parent pin.                                                          must
                                                                                  Parents – your student
  Thank you for your assistance in making this effort work to everyone’s benefit!                    into
                                                                                   authorize your access
                                                                                 CASHNet to make payments
                                                                                       via the web.
           Parental Information

• In accordance with FERPA, the (Family Educational Rights and
  Privacy Act) a federal regulation, the student account
  information is just that – the student’s account and information.
  If you, the parents, desire to have or receive information from
  your son/daughter’s student account - the student must
  complete the
       “Student Account Information Authorization Form.”

Form can be downloaded from web site at

                                 Business Services Tab
Form available @ – Business Services Tab,
             Downloadable Forms Section
  Flagler College E-Commerce
     for Parents & Students
• E-Commerce is our way of communicating with you the
  Parents, and the Students.

• All transactions related to the student’s account, will be
  accessible and viewable through our Secured web site at, Business Services Tab.

• To facilitate you the parents / guardians in making
  payments & selecting optional items, ie. Parking Decals,
  Insurance, etc. this web site is available 24/7/365 from any
  internet connection.

1) Student Authorizes Parent/Guardian

2) Parent gets e-mail notification

3) Parent signs in and creates own password
Student signs into, selects
       Student Payment Center
Student SelectS “Go To CASHNet”


                                STUDENTS SELECT

        View and Make Payment
Student Registers Parents
Final Step of Authorization

        Parents Receive E-Mail Authorization
                  from CASHNet

SALLY STUDENT has created an account for you at Flagler College.
Please add yourself to make my payments
Your login information is:
Parent PIN: 9999
Password: :D@D442B
To access the account, please click the link below:
(If clicking the link does not work, please copy and paste the
information into your browser.)

                                         Click on Link Above to
                                         Create New Password
Parent Payments

           Select here
           to make all
            payments !
Viewing Statement and Completing
         Payment Process
                                              SSally Student

                   7/9/10 Flagler Statement          View
Student E-Billing Statement

Charge Description & Amounts are for example only.
   Reversing the Flow
Until now, it has been all about you giving us money

Now we can discuss how we get money to the

Flagler OneCard
The Flagler OneCard will be issued to all new students. Students
will be required to activate the account prior to arrival on campus
in September. Verification of identity will be required.

 All students must activate the Flagler OneAccount.

This is a MasterCard – DEBIT card only, not a Credit Card. It is a
fully functional checking account, which can be used to make
payments via e-check, to Flagler College at NO CHARGE.

Can be used both on and off campus - accepted at over 38 million
locations worldwide.

For complete information on how students can use the card at NO
CHARGE, log onto
  How it Benefits the Student
• Access to refunds sooner.
• ATM on campus with 24 hour access by students
  (No Fees).
• Students on Study Abroad programs can obtain
  funds without problems of overseas currency
  transactions or wire delays.
• Fully insured checking account
• Parents ease of transferring money to students
• On-Line Accessibility 24/7/365
• Book-Store works with students if account activated
BE on the l            kout

Sally StudentStudent
1234 Any Street
Anytown, USA 11111
           Please note
          “DEBIT” Card

Flagler OneCard
     At Home activation

• Students who are attending this orientation – cards
  will be mailed to the BINV address on record

• Students should activate card at home prior to
  arriving on campus for Fall classes

• Please verify BINV address prior to leaving campus
  today – Ringhaver Center , 2ND Floor – 3:30 til ---
       Check – In Process
• When – August 29, 2010.

• Where – Ringhaver Student Center & Proctor

• Who – Every student – new and returning

• Why – Validation that the student is on campus, the
  Business Office cannot process financial aid if not
Thank You and Welcome to the Flagler
           College Family

                  20 Valencia Street
                   St. Augustine, Fl.
                  Fax 904-826-0094

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