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									NOV 2004
V o l u m e 7, N u m b e r 11

                                When a trio of hurricanes
                                struck Central Florida
                                recently, local businesses
                                pulled together to help
                                those in need.


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Regionalism Works!
    Sometimes it takes unusual… even                 and Volusia counties, as well as those
disastrous… circumstances to get our                 across the state, cooperated with each
attention. Likewise, it’s in these situations        other to provide seamless evacuation
that we’re more aware, and take notice, of           plans and safety measures to protect our
the cooperative and collaborative nature             families, our homes and our businesses.
of the human condition.                                   Likewise, the business and non-profit
    While we all want, and must, “move               communities stepped up to the plate
on” from the recent weather events and               working in concert with emergency
get back to normal, we also understand               preparedness teams to provide temporary
that in order to heal we must be able to             shelter, thousands of hot meals for workers
share our experiences with others,                   and residents, and medical treatment
empathize with those who had a more                  when necessary. I heard on the news that
difficult time than we did, celebrate the            a national furniture chain was shipping
examples of caring and sharing that we               excess furniture in warehouses across the
witnessed this hurricane season, and                 nation into Florida so that it would be read-
rejoice when the 2004 season has ended.              ily available to those who lost so much.
    But let’s talk more about those                       And what about those businesses that
examples of cooperation — neighbor                   make it easy for everyone to contribute
helping neighbor, convoys of equipment               by simply “rounding up” their purchases         Disastrous circumstances brought the region closer together.
and personnel from states as far away as             for everyday items like groceries and
South Dakota, the FEMA coordinator                   other staples?                                       Creating a common framework                         just like those involved in the recent
from Seattle, and the insurance adjuster                                                             for the future of the Central Florida                    emergency operations did five or more
from Western Canada! These people have               Behind the scenes, these                        region — and building the personal and                   years ago. And look how it paid off!
put their families and businesses on hold                                                            professional relationships to support it —
to help us. Beyond that, I’m buoyed by               professionals, government                       is what we’re trying to do, and our pur-                                      Jacob V. Stuart
what has happened closer to home —                   and community leaders                           pose is stronger now, more than ever.                                                  President
food drives, blood donations, and                                                                    It’s the right thing to do.                              Orlando Regional Chamber of Commerce
fundraisers to assist those in need.                 worked together toward a                             I followed the effects of the storms
    Most of all, I’m impressed with the              common goal in the hope                         much closer than I would have in the past
Emergency Operations Centers, the                                                                    now that we have friends and colleagues
meteorological technology, and the
                                                     that they would never have
                                                                                                     in the surrounding counties as a result
communications plans that were put                   to implement their plans.                       of myregion. My concern for Dr. Duane
 into place long before the first tree fell.                                                         Defreese and his associates at the
Behind the scenes, these professionals,                 Seeing this happening so naturally           Hubbs-Sea World Research Institute
government and community leaders                     when we’re in crisis makes us wonder            (highlighted in the October issue of
worked together toward a common goal                 why we don’t do a better job of working         FirstMonday) and Brevard County
in the hope that they would never have               together for the benefit of all once the        Commissioner Truman Scarborough was
to implement their plans.                            emergencies have passed. But then again,        raised. The same goes for Volusia County
    Across the board, the teams through-             that is what we have been working               Council member Pat Northey and her
out the Central Florida region in Brevard,           toward for the past three years through         colleagues, not to mention our new
Lake, Orange, Osceola, Polk, Seminole                                         friends, Sam Killebrew with Killebrew,
                                                                                                     Inc. in Polk County and Polk County
                                                                                                     Commissioner Jack Myers. “Imperial Polk
                                                                                                     County” is reported to be the only county
                                                                                                     in Florida that was crossed by the eyes of
                                                                                                     three hurricanes.
                                                                                                          With nearly 300 public, private and
                                                                                                     civic leaders committed to myregion, it
                                                                                                     would be impossible for me to name
                                                                                                     them all. But, I’m thinking about them
                                                                                                     and wish them a speedy and strong
                                                                                                     recovery from the storms.
                                                                                                          Getting back to business is
                                                                                                     important… and myregion’s focus on
                                                                                                     building a strong region and supporting
                                                                                                     the individuals who will make it happen
                                                                                                     is first and foremost. Workgroups are
                                                                                                     meeting to implement strategies                            Take a look at the myregion section
                                                                                                     addressing education, healthcare,                       on pages 28-29 of this issue or visit
                                                                                                                                                    for more information.
                                                                                                     transportation and smart, quality
                                                                                                     growth initiatives.
With a focus on recovery, community leaders worked together toward a common goal.                         We’re planning for our future now…

4 NOVEMBER 2004                FM

LYNX Central Station Ushers in New Era
     The opening of the LYNX Central                   additional features designed to get             ■ On-site lost and found department and cus-       including 2,400 square feet of retail space.
Station (LCS) on Sunday, November 14,                  customers where they need to go as                tomer service staff to assist passenger needs    Riders will be able to eat, shop and rest
will usher in a new era of convenience for             efficiently as possible:                        ■ The ability to purchase bus passes or sign up    comfortably as they wait for their ride.
riders. In addition to providing customers             ■ Massive 10’ x 20’ screen effectively dis-       for a LYNX I.D. at one convenient location
with a spacious terminal and separate                    plays all bus arrival and departure times
                                                                                                                                                          Improved System
                                                                                                           The LCS began construction in
air-conditioned waiting area, the new                                                                                                                     Efficiency
                                                       ■ Separate bus walkways and an enhanced         February 2003. It consists of 24 bus bays,
downtown bus station also contains                                                                                                                             LYNX Central Station will be able to
                                                         lighting system ensure rider safety           a 20,000-square-foot terminal and a
                                                                                                                                                          accommodate more buses. The current
                                                                                                       67,000-square-foot office tower on a
                                                                                                                                                          downtown bus system only allows space
                                                                                                       4.4-acre site located on Garland Avenue
                                                                                                                                                          for 19 vehicles to be parked at any given
                                                                                                       between Amelia Street and Livingston
                                                                                                                                                          time, and it was designed for smaller buses
                                                                                                       Street in downtown Orlando.
                                                                                                                                                          than those currently in use. These factors
                                                                                                           Safety is a major concern for everyone
                                                                                                                                                          dictate that no bus can depart until the
                                                                                                       in the LYNX organization. The current
                                                                                                                                                          bus ahead of it leaves. The design of LCS
                                                                                                       bus station is overcrowded as passengers
                                                                                                                                                          will eliminate this inefficiency, allowing
                                                                                                       must weave in and out of parked buses to
                                                                                                                                                          more timely bus scheduling and resulting
                                                                                                       get from one point to the other. With
                                                                                                                                                          in improved on-time efficiency. With 24
                                                                                                       the new configuration of the bus bays
                                                                                                                                                          regular bays and two LYMMO bays, the
                                                                                                       at LCS, passengers will be able to use
                                                                                                                                                          facility will shorten rider wait times.
                                                                                                       walkways to safely and efficiently get to
                                                                                                                                                               The new LYNX Central Station was
                                                                                                       each bus. The terminal and bay area will
                                                                                                                                                          designed to save money. LYNX will move
                                                                                                       also include a state-of-the-art lighting
                                                                                                                                                          its headquarters, saving lease expenses for
                                                                                                       system to ensure that all passengers feel
                                                                                                                                                          years to come; and retail and office space
                                                                                                       comfortable and secure.
                                                                                                                                                          rental will generate additional revenue.
                                                                                                           LYNX customers know that Central
                                                                                                                                                          After paying off the State Infrastructure
                                                                                                       Florida weather can be especially brutal.
                                                                                                                                                          Bank (SIB) loan, operating and mainte-
                                                                                                       The current downtown bus station has no
                                                                                                                                                          nance of the new terminal will save
                                                                                                       indoor air-conditioning and has limited
                                                                                                                                                          approximately $193,000 annually for a
                                                                                                       amenities for riders. However, the new
                                                                                                                                                          savings of $3.86 million over 20 years.
                                                                                                       terminal will provide 18,000 square feet
                                                                                                                                                          These savings will be passed on to local
The new LYNX Central Station will provide added conveniences to passengers.                            of air-conditioned space for riders,
                                                                                                                                                          funders and taxpayers.

     True Test; True Grit
     Central Florida community weathers adversity after tough hurricane season.
     By Robert Recker, Publisher, FirstMonday

          It has been said that when things               flexibility from management, and the         needs to be done in this area, but the            community ready to handle any chal-
     are going well, it’s easy being the                  entire region needed strong community        Chamber, along with other local entities,         lenges thrown our way in the future.
     president of a company, or even a                    leadership in order to clean up and          have focused on community partner-                    This will no doubt serve us well as
     community or civic leader. When life                 recover from both the physical and           ships in order to strengthen the region           we move forward.
     flows along smoothly, decision-making                emotional damage inflicted by                as a whole. These efforts have resulted
     tends to be done from a more relaxed                 these storms.                                in joint projects and endeavors that have
     vantage point.                                                                                    benefited all Central Floridians.
          But what happens when                           During the storms, the                             During the storms, the Central
     adversity rears its ugly head? What if                                                            Florida community once again pulled
     a catastrophic event strikes a company
                                                          Central Florida community                    together as a cohesive unit, this time
     or a community? What if three major                  once again pulled together                   in order to conquer a three-headed
     hurricanes hit the Central Florida                   as a cohesive unit, this time                monster. It’s something of which we
     region within weeks of each other?                                                                should all be very proud.
          This is a true test for any company,            in order to conquer a                              It has also been said that what
     community or region. We lived this                   three-headed monster.                        doesn’t destroy you makes you stronger.
     nightmare of a reality this past summer.                                                          We were knocked down this summer,
     Leadership at all levels was challenged.                  I’ve always felt that a growing unity   but not knocked out. And we emerged
     Employees needed both support and                    existed in this region. Surely more work     from the rubble a stronger, closer-knit

                                                                                                                                                                     FM    NOVEMBER 2004             5
                                                                    THE L ATEST NEWS AND INFORMATION
                                                                    TO HELP YOUR BUSINESS GROW.

When the World Zigs, Zag
New York advertising executive gives advice to
OAF members.
By Jack Roth, Editor, FirstMonday

    When Cindy Gallop, President of BBH            ■ Brand entertainment — All advertis-
US, came to Central Florida recently to              ing should be branded entertainment. Ask
speak to Orlando Advertising Federation              yourself: “Is this so good that people will
(OAF) members, there was a buzz about                actually pay to see it?”
what she might talk about. After all, this
2003 AWNY Advertising Woman of the                 Evoking Emotion
Year is known for heading up one of the                One common thread found through-
most creative ad agencies in the world.            out most BBH advertisements is stirring
She handles approximately $350 million             music. According to Gallop, 80 percent
in billings and consistently impresses             of the emotional power in an ad comes
clients such as Levi’s, Axe, Johnnie               through its music. In fact, BBH creative
Walker, Rolling Stone and ING Direct.              teams search through hundreds of music
    “We’re all in the business of creating         tracks to come up with the perfect fit.
advertising that people love,” said Gallop.        “We need to stimulate the right emotions,”
“There are strategies we can use to go about       said Gallop. “It’s a fundamental part of        Cindy Gallop gives valuable advice to OAF members.
achieving these results for our clients.”          the process.”
    Gallop was more than willing to share              Clients come to BBH because they                BBH carries with it an air of confidence,         already have preconceived notions that ‘it
these strategies, and the result was “Love         want what the agency produces. “We              as does Gallop. In fact, the agency works             can’t get done,’” she says. “Ad execs here
and a .45: Surefire ways to produce                get the ‘zag’ clients,” says Gallop. “They      on performance-related compensation.                  still have more creative freedom to try
risk-free, results-guaranteed advertising,”        have a good idea of what they want,             Clients are given a sense of security                 new things.”
an inspiring lecture that left OAF                 and we just build on collaboration and          knowing that the agency is completely                      The most important thing, says
members creatively “juiced.”                       mutual trust.”                                  confident that its work will be effective.            Gallop, is to find your mark. Strike a cord
                                                       According to Gallop, the goal of an                                                               in the audience and make them “love”
The Six Bullets                                    agency should be to first agree on objec-       Central Florida Region                                what they see. Delivering results to your
    According to Gallop, the approach is           tives, then execute it creatively in a way          Gallop, who is based in New York                  clients becomes much easier when this
a highly subjective one based on creative          the client could never have imagined. The       City, feels that Central Florida is a very            is accomplished.
and “out-of-the-box” thinking. She                 dual response from the client should be a       unique advertising market because a real-
explained that there are essentially six           sense of “we’re on course” but also a sense     ly creative approach can survive here.
“bullet points” that ad execs need to              of “we could never have done anything               “Orlando is a young, growing market,
remember when creating advertising:                like that.”                                     and it’s not in a sector where many clients
■ Start with a great strategy — Be true
  to the brand and make sure the concept is
  rooted to a fundamental human truth.
  This leads to great creative.
■ Create advertising that inspires
                                                       Go Vote
  an emotional reaction — It’s infor-                  Nearly half of organizations allow time off for
  mation that goes through the heart, and              employees to vote.
  not the head, that is most effective.
                                                             According to the Society for                 Obviously, employers need to
■ When the world zigs, zag — Do
                                                       Human Resource Management (SHRM),            keep politics out of the office to make             employees right to choose. Eight percent
  things differently to elevate your client’s
                                                       how you vote is not as important as          sure that diverse political views are               provide information to employees on
  product above the rest.
                                                       taking the time to vote.                     respected. But, that doesn’t mean that              voter registration, 5 percent provide
■ Make the product hero — Make it so                         “Employers who want active,            you cannot encourage responsible                    information on voting locations and
  that you simply can’t tell the story without         engaged, knowledgeable employees             citizenry and information sharing.                  times, 5 percent have voter registration
  the product. Put it at the heart of the action       need to provide the environment that               In a recent survey of 450 randomly            drives, and 3 percent provide nonpartisan
  in an integral way.                                  nurtures this kind of behavior,” said        selected HR professionals from SHRM’s               issue-related and candidate information.
■ No other brand goes here — Make                      Susan R. Meisinger, President and            membership, 48 percent of respon-
  the ad so specific to your brand that no             CEO of SHRM. “Organizations that             dents reported allowing time off from
                                                                                                                                                            For more on “Get Out the Vote”
  other brand can take its place. Create an            encourage employees to get out and           work for employees to vote.                         resources, including local voter
  ad that people can’t describe without                vote send a message that they value                Some employers encourage                      registration information, visit
  talking about the brand.                             civic participation.”                        voting in other ways that respect the     

6 NOVEMBER 2004                     FM
                        BUSINESS & TECHNOLOGY

                       Cultivating Talent
                       Leadership development essential when dealing with change.
                       By Albert A. Vicere, Scripps Howard News Service

                            The demand for leadership                     best-practice organizations have                     build networks to leverage perform-
                       development and executive educa-                   a very entrepreneurial approach                      ance, enhance communication
                       tion is stronger than ever, especially             to how they design, deliver and                      and teamwork, refine organizational
                       given its recognized role as a catalyst            evaluate executive education and                     culture and implement competitive
                       to drive corporate performance. By                 leadership development. In fact,                     strategies.
                       all indications, corporations place                Saslow suggests that organizations                 2. Select methods and approaches to be
                       great importance on this type of                   manage executive education and                        used for leadership development that
                       training and are spending huge                     leadership development as an                          not only impart information and
                       amounts of money to cultivate                      internal startup, giving them free                    knowledge to participants, but also
                       leadership talent.                                 reign to assess customer demands,                     provide opportunities to put that
                            The reason for all this interest,             develop innovative approaches and                     knowledge to work in a feedback-rich
                       according to a recent study by                     deliver leadership development in                     learning environment. This should
                       RHR International, a provider of                   new ways.                                             include team and/or task-force
                       leadership-development and coach-                                                                        assignments, action learning projects,
                       ing services, is that 75 percent of the            “HR and training                                      leader-led learning, coaching and
                       organizations they surveyed were                                                                         other forms of dynamic, hands-on
                       not confident that they had enough                 departments are faced
                       depth in leadership talent to deal                 with a large number of                             3. Build, maintain and assess strategic
                       with the upcoming baby-boomer
                       retirements. And that says nothing
                                                                          constraints that seem to                              partnerships to help leverage and
                                                                                                                                round out internal resources. I am a
                       about the need to develop leaders                  block the evolution of
                                                                                                                                strong advocate of leader-led learning
                       for future growth.
                                                                          effective executive                                   where company executives play a
                            The irony is that both
                                                                          education and leadership-                             major role in the development process.
                                                                                                                                But I also know the value that “fresh
                       executives and line managers seem                  development thrusts.”                                 eyes” and outside perspectives can
                       to have a poor perception of their
                       own organization’s leadership-                                             — Scott Saslow                bring to development initiative.
                       development initiatives.                                                        ExecSight             4. To leverage the impact of executive
                            “Even at benchmark                                                                                  education and leadership-develop-
                       organizations, current practices                       Saslow’s idea has merit, especially               ment investments, make sure those
                       are inconsistent. HR and training                  since organizations are scampering                    initiatives are tightly linked to
                       departments are faced with a                       to meet demand for leadership                         your organization’s performance
                       large number of constraints that                   talent, and traditional approaches                    metrics and human-resource-
                       seem to block the evolution of                     don’t seem to be doing the job. But                   management processes.
                       effective executive education and                  as you rethink your organization’s
                                                                                                                                 This final step ensures relevance
                       leadership-development thrusts,”                   approach to this challenge, there are
                                                                                                                             and impact for any development
                       says Scott Saslow of ExecSight                     four key actions that should drive
                                                                                                                             initiative. It’s the best way to
                       and author of a recent report,                     even the most entrepreneurial
                                                                                                                             re-inforce desired leader behaviors
                       “Transforming Corporate                            leadership-development agendas:
                                                                                                                             and capabilities, identify both
                       Leadership: Best Practices in                      1. Start by linking your organization’s            good and problem performers
                       Executive Education.”                                 core objectives for leadership                  and ultimately build a capable
                            Among those constraints,                         development to the strategic                    leadership talent pool. And in
                       Saslow lists a lack of alignment                      imperatives of your firm. This                  today’s environment of change
                       between leadership training and                       enables you to more effectively                 and transition, creating that talent
                       corporate goals, tight budgets and                    define critical competencies and                pool may be an organization’s
                       lack of time. These constraints                       capabilities, target key audiences,             most critical investment.
                       can combine to keep leadership
                       development on the periphery of
                       an organization’s strategic agenda.
                            Incremental improvements
                       will not enable organizations to
                       effectively meet the enormous
                       challenge of preparing for the
                       transition from baby-boom leaders.
                       Saslow notes that leadership
                       development “must undergo a
                       transformation if it is to deliver on
                       the requirements and expectations
                       of today’s organizations.”
                                                                          The Orlando Regional Chamber of Commerce understands the importance of leadership
                            Through research of 28 Fortune                training. Here, participants develop leadership skills as part of the Chamber’s Leadership
                       500 companies, Saslow found that                   Orlando program.

8 NOVEMBER 2004   FM
The Perfect Fit
Finding the right employees for your company can pay big dividends.
By Paul DePalma, President and Founder, BusinessWorks Inc.

     The process of finding, hiring            Hiring                                      Keeping
and keeping the right employees                     You’ve found the right person              Information available to create a
is one of the most critical functions          — now what? These steps will                process to keep or retain the right
in any organization. The right                 help you separate the dynamic               people could fill a library. Here are
employee, in the right place,                  self-starter from gossip at the             the basics:
doing the right job can be worth               water cooler.                               ■ Why do people stay? Research
far more than the cost in dollars.
                                               ■ Whose job is it to hire? One                indicates that most people leave
Poor hires cost not only salary
                                                 of the big mistakes owners make is          because of a bad relationship with
dollars, but additional dollars lost
                                                 over delegating the hiring function.        their direct supervisor. Building good
through lagging productivity and
                                                 As a business owner, hiring the right       relationships with employees is a key
decreased morale.
                                                 people is your top responsibility,          measure of managerial effectiveness.
     Although it may seem difficult
                                                 and doing this the wrong way can          ■ What do people want? In
to figure out the difference between
                                                 destroy an organization. Unless you         order to keep people, you need to
the right employee and the wrong
                                                 have dozens of employees and can’t          help them get what they want.
one, there are some specific steps
                                                 physically do it, you should have at        Employees want appreciation,
you can take and methods you can
                                                 least some involvement in every             the feeling of being an insider
use to improve your chances of
                                                 hiring decision.                            and recognition for good work,
finding the right person for a
position and making sure the                   ■ What is the need? If you haven’t            not just fair compensation.
person stays in your company                     clarified the tasks required up to
                                                 now, you need to do it here. Don’t        Poor hires cost not only
Finding                                          hesitate. Go beyond the typical job
   Steps you can take to figure out              description to explain what you           salary dollars, but
how to attract and find the right                really want.                              additional dollars lost
employee include:                              ■ Selection process. To be ready
                                                                                           through lagging
■ You can’t get what you want                    to hire the best, you need to plan and
  until you know what you                        prepare. You’ll have to consider          productivity and
  want. Are you clear on what you’re             the following:                            decreased morale.
  looking for? Do you have specific            ■   ■   Criteria for decision-making
  tasks and responsibilities defined?                                                           Your industry may have a
                                               ■   ■   Method of accepting qualifica-
  Are there certain personal character-                                                    specific culture of expectations
                                                       tions (resume, application)
  istics that you’d like to see in the                                                     because of the kind of people who
  new employee? Be specific in what            ■   ■   Pre-employment screening tests
                                                                                           work in it. Make sure you under-
  you need.                                    ■   ■   Interviewing process (individual,   stand what’s happening in your
■ Sources of new employees.                            team)                               industry and adjust your process
  Potential employees are literally all        ■   ■   Questions to evaluate candidate’s   as necessary.
  around you. Research studies have                    fitting criteria                         If you have high turnover rates,
  shown that anywhere from half                                                            it’s usually not because of too few
                                               ■   ■   Format for summarizing each
  to two thirds of all employees are                                                       perks. Solid management practiced
  dissatisfied with their current                                                          consistently will reduce turnover
                                               ■   ■   Follow up to interviewing process   every time. Building trust, giving
  employment. Many are “passive
  job seekers” willing to talk to              ■   ■   Background checks                   regular feedback on performance
  companies with a good story to               ■   ■   Drug testing                        and providing opportunities to
  tell. You may offer just the right                                                       grow are just some of the things
                                               ■   ■   Second interviews and follow up
  circumstances to help that person                                                        management can do to retain
  make a move that’s good for both             ■   ■   Negotiating compensation            employees.
  of you.                                                                                       If you are practicing the
                                               ■ Job Fit. According to a recent
                                                                                           fundamentals, perks can be a nice
■ Looking in the right places.                   study, the main predictor of success
                                                                                           addition. Remember that employees
  Focusing on the right traditional              in the interviewing process is how
                                                                                           are motivated by different things,
  source of employees depends on the             well the individual fits the job.
                                                                                           so to maximize the value of your
  type of business and industry. All             Beyond a solid resume, good refer-
                                                                                           efforts, perks should be personalized
  of the following can be potential              ences, and
                                                                                           according to the needs and interests
  sources for recruiting the best:               a strong interview, the applicant’s
                                                                                           of each individual.
  Internet, trade magazines, head-               ability, interest and personality
  hunters, employment agencies,                  are important.
  public job services, radio ads,                                                              For more, contact Paul DePalma
  newspaper ads and colleges.                                                              at 407-660-5757 or via e-mail at
                                                                                           Access the Web site at

                                                                                                                                      FM   NOVEMBER 2004   9

Tough Issues Lie Ahead for Election Victors
By Mike Ketchum, Vice President of Public Policy, Orlando Regional Chamber of Commerce

     Although some national polls show                again onto a referendum on the Bush           the ongoing War in Iraq,                                       needs, not to mention the
that voters continue to feel the country              administration.                               combating terrorism and                                        costly recent voter mandates
is “headed in the wrong direction,” by                     America’s voters, particularly those     nuclear proliferation for                                      to reduce classroom size, create
press time, we have yet to see the defining           still undecided, will undoubtedly want        starters. At home, politicians                                 a statewide pre-K system and
event that tips this closely fought                   to hear more from the President and           have continued to either                                       possibly even build a High
presidential race to one candidate or the             Senator Kerry before making their choice      ignore or postpone the day of                                  Speed Rail link from Orlando
other. The series of critical Presidential            in the voting booth on who will lead our      reckoning over the inevitable                                   to Tampa.
Debates seen in living rooms throughout               country for the next four years. With so      fate of Medicare and Social                                         Our region, too, isn’t
America could still be that defining event.           many unpredictable factors present this       Security unless a drastic            Mike Ketchum              immune from urgent public
     Despite the President’s somewhat less            election year, few political observers are    overhaul occurs. The problem is                                policy issues begging for
than stellar performance and Senator                  willing to venture a guess at this point      made worse by the ballooning federal                resolution. The closely intertwined issues
Kerry’s strong showing during the                     on the outcome of a currently “too close      deficits caused by tax cuts coupled                 of growth management, transportation
first debate on foreign policy, neither               to call” election.                            with increased federal spending and                 and education, along with access to
candidate appears to have conclusively                     The long 2004 campaign year, with        mushrooming new entitlements in recent              affordable healthcare, must command
“closed the deal” with voters. Post-debate            its heated partisan rhetoric, will soon be    years. And then there’s spurring the U.S.           the attention of public officials at the
polls showed improvement in Kerry’s                   over, leaving election night victors waking   economy — not all that bad according to             region’s county commissions and
poll numbers, but still gave the edge to              up to face a harsh reality like Robert        many economists, but it could be better.            school boards.
the President on leadership qualities.                Redford did in “The Candidate” when               Florida also has its share of problems.              Regional decision-makers must
Kerry, who must position himself as an                in the final scene he asked, “So now what     In the aftermath of four devastating                also redouble their efforts to create a
acceptable alternative, breathed some                 do we do?”                                    hurricanes, state resources are stretched           business climate to further diversify
new life into his flagging campaign                        For a re-elected President Bush or       to the max. There will be some huge                 our economy. As a result, the stage is
in the course of the first debate by                  a President-elect Kerry, huge problems        budgetary challenges next year in                   set for to point the way
successfully diverting the focus once                 remain on the international front —           continuing to meet the state’s basic                for our leaders.

10 N O V E M B E R 2 0 0 4       FM
                                   BUSINESS & TECHNOLOGY

                                  The Human Relations Doctor
                                      Dr. Mimi Hull is a fully licensed corporate
                                  psychologist whose Chamber Member firm, Hull &
                                  Associates, specializes in human relations assessment,
                                  training, consulting and facilitation.
                                      Below are some questions posed to Dr. Hull by
                                  people in the local business community.

                                  Dear Dr. Mimi,                          Dear Dr. Mimi,                           Dear Dr. Mimi,
                                        One of my co-workers has                I’ve been promoted to                   I work in a company where
                                  been driving me up the wall. Have       manage the people I formerly             no one ever sees me, but we have
                                  you ever met someone who always         worked with as a peer. We’re a           a dress code. I’m one of those tele-
                                  tries to one up you? She brags all      very large department and during         marketers who sits in a call center
                                  of the time! Anything anyone else       our meetings at the office I feel as     and spends virtually every minute
                                  has, she has more of. Anything          if a few of them ignore me when          on the phone. I would like to come
                                  anyone else did, she did it better,     I’m speaking. They have their own        to work in a t-shirt and shorts, but
                                  sooner or quicker. It’s ridiculous.     side conversations even when I’m         it would be in violation of our
                                  Everyone in the office is really get-   going over important material.           dress code. I hate dressing up and
                                  ting tired of her. How do we make       This didn’t happen with the for-         feel it’s silly to do so considering
                                  it stop? She does great work and        mer manager. I don’t want to             the circumstances. Why does my
                                  down deep I’ve no doubt that she’s      embarrass them since they’re             organization need a dress code?
                                  a good person, but her bragging is      my friends and we still do things        I hope to be a manager some day
                                  driving me crazy.                       together outside of work. What           and will change this!
                                                                          do you suggest I do?
                                                             — Over It                                             — Dressed Up With Nowhere To Go
                                                                                              — Disappointed
                                  Dear Over It,                                                                    Dear Dressed Up,
                                        The sad truth is that your        Dear Disappointed,                             I think your employer has
                                  co-worker is trying to compensate             Whether these people are your      good intentions but perhaps has
                                  for her feared inadequacies and is      friends or not isn’t the issue.          taken them too far. There’s a lot of
                                  seeking attention and approval.         Meetings aren’t the place to have        leeway between a suit and tie and
                                  When she doesn’t get it, she asks       personal conversations. Talk about       shorts and a t-shirt, so find out just
                                  for it by bragging. She’s really        appropriate meeting behavior and         how casual you can dress. To your
                                  saying “Tell me I’m wonderful… or       your expectations. Let them know         employer’s defense, people have
                                  at least acceptable.” Often people      that you deserve the same respect        different mind sets when they’re
                                  who do the “one up” game don’t          they showed the former manager.          dressed certain ways. If you come
                                  realize they’re playing it. It has      At the same time see if there is a       to work in shorts and a comfortable
                                  become a permanent part of              way to make your presentations           t-shirt, you may be more relaxed
                                  their repertoire.                       more interesting and perhaps more        and less concerned about the
                                        Pull her aside and tell her how   interactive. Your people may be          quality of your performance. If
                                  you feel. Do this in a confidential,    bored, lost or confused with the         you come to work in a more
                                  safe place where there’s no one         discussion.                              business-type dress, you will be
                                  listening. Let her know that she              If they still continue to have     in a business mindset and ready
                                  does excellent work and that she        side conversations, call on one          to conquer the days work. It’s
                                  need not brag to let you know her       of the talkers by name and ask           more beneficial to you and your
                                  great characteristics. Go on to say     an easy question. Restate the            employer if you’re making more
                                  that while she may not realize she’s    last opinion expressed or the last       sales, and dress can make a
                                  bragging, you and others in the         remark made and ask his/her opin-        difference, even in phone sales.
                                  office find it uncomfortable to be      ion. If the distraction is habitual or         P.S. It sounds like you might
                                  around. Perhaps you can create a        constant, stand near or behind           aspire to be a manager someday.
                                  sign or a code word to let her know     these members when talking or ask        There’s a great adage that says,
                                  when she’s bragging too much.           that they not sit together. This will    “Dress for the job you want, not
                                                                          reduce their opportunity to chat.        the job you have!”
                                                                          If this doesn’t work, pointedly stop
                                                                          talking when the distraction occurs.
                                                                                                                       If you are having a problem
                                                                          They’ll realize that you won’t
                                                                                                                   with a personality dispute or a
                                                                          continue until their conversation        hard-to-handle group, or just want
                                                                          has stopped. They must remember          to get your employees to work better
                                                                          that they’re at work and that it’s       together, you can either phone or
                                                                          your job to keep the meeting             e-mail Dr. Hull at 407-628-0669 or
                                                                          distraction free, even if they’re
                                                                          your friends.

12 N O V E M B E R 2 0 0 4   FM
Because labor and employment laws are so complex, FirstMonday is presenting a series of articles by local attorneys to help
Chamber Members identify labor issues and avoid possible pitfalls.

Creating “Job Security”
Making the workplace a safe place is good business.
By Carlos J. Burruezo, Esq., Managing Partner, Fisher & Phillips LLP

     While job security has always been                   OSHA’s general duty clause, which              ■ Increase staffing during                                         history, in addition to releases
an important factor in employee satisfac-                 provides that an employer should main-           high-risk periods                                                permitting the employer to
tion, the term has recently taken on new                  tain a workplace free from “recognized         ■ Install bullet-resistant closures                                perform a criminal background
meaning. Employees not only want to                       hazards.” However, OSHA has taken a                                                                               check and drug tests.
be reassured that their position with                     more direct approach to workplace                  Compliance with these                                          Depending on the nature of
their employer is safe, they also want to                 violence by issuing recommendations            guidelines is not mandatory,                                       a job, you may also want to
know that they are physically safe while                  to reduce the number of workers injured        but it will go a long way in                                       consider investigating an
on the job.                                               by acts of violence.                           demonstrating an employer’s                                        applicant’s credit history and
     The recent trend in employees’ concern                   Although the OSHA recommenda-              good-faith effort to protect                                       motor vehicle records.
for their safety in the workplace is hardly               tions are directed at late-night retail        employees from outside                Carlos J. Burruezo                You should develop and
surprising. One source of this concern is                 establishments, the guidelines can             violence. It’s important for                                       implement a clear and effective
the war on terrorism, which has greatly                   be useful to other employers as well.          employers to realize that                                          prohibition against weapons
impacted America’s sense of security in                   The guidelines suggest that employers          although increasing workplace safety may               and workplace violence. Also, you should
recent years. Additionally, employees are                 evaluate their needs and adopt several         result in additional costs, the cost of failing        have a well-communicated procedure for
concerned about violence from other                       of the following options in an effort          to take measures to ensure the safety of               investigating complaints of harassment
employees and the public at large.                        to make their employees safer from             employees could prove to be much greater.              or threats of violence. Supervisors and
     Because violence in the workplace                    outside violence:                                                                                     managers should be trained to recognize
remains a serious concern for employees,                  ■ Improve visibility by providing adequate
                                                                                                         Employees not only want                                early warning signs of violent employees.
it must be addressed at some level by                       lighting and installing mirrors              to be reassured that their                             All employees should be made aware
virtually every employer, especially                                                                                                                            that the company takes such complaints
                                                          ■ Install drop safes and signs that indicate   position with their employer
those that operate around the clock.                                                                                                                            seriously. If violent behavior occurs, the
                                                            little cash is kept on-hand
Although certain acts of random violence                                                                 is safe, they also want to know                        offending employee should be disciplined
are unpreventible, there are some basic                   ■ Maintain video surveillance                                                                         appropriately, including termination
steps every employer can take to identify                 ■ Provide silent and personal alarms
                                                                                                         that they are physically safe                          where called for.
potential risk areas, and limit the risk as
                                                          ■ Establish emergency procedures, including
                                                                                                         while on the job.
much as practicable.                                                                                                                                         Summing It Up
                                                            communications systems, training,
                                                                                                             When a staff feels and is satisfied with            Workplace safety is a top concern for
                                                            and education
Outside Violence                                                                                         their position with an employer, that               employees. Therefore, employers should
    There is little law regarding an                      ■ Take precautions when going to remote        sentiment will undoubtedly be picked                make safety one of their top priorities. By
employer’s duty to provide a workplace                      spots, such as the garbage disposal area     up by customers. Therefore, creating an             taking measures to increase workplace
free from outside violence. Theoretically,                ■ Lock doors not in use                        atmosphere of safety for both staff and             safety by preventing outside violence, as
this type of claim could fall under                                                                      customers can positively impact an                  well as creating policies that ensure that
                                                                                                         employer’s bottom line.                             employees are not subjected to violence
                                                                                                                                                             from their co-workers, employers can
                                                                                                         Inside Violence                                     contribute to their employees’ sense of
                                                                                                             Today, many working environments                job satisfaction.
                                                                                                         are stressful, competitive, and intense.
                                                                                                         Realistically, many employees will spend
                                                                                                                                                                 For more information, contact
                                                                                                         more time with their co-workers than
                                                                                                                                                             Carlos J. Burruezo at 407-541-0886
                                                                                                         with their family and friends. Therefore,           or
                                                                                                         employers should expect and be ready to
                                                                                                         deal with arguments between employees.
                                                                                                         Most importantly, however, employers
                                                                                                         should be able to recognize employees
                                                                                                         (and job applicants) who may have a
                                                                                                         predisposition toward violence.
                                                                                                             Initially, employers should properly
                                                                                                         screen their applicants to ensure that
                                                                                                         potential employees do not have any
                                                                                                         “red flags” in their background. A
                                                                                                         good employment application should
                                                                                                         include space for an applicant’s job
Providing a safe work environment leads to increased productivity.

                                                                                                                                                                        FM    NOVEMBER 2004              13

Bullying a Bottom Line Disaster
How to manage intimidation in the workplace.
By Luis Ferrer, Chief Solutions Officer, Florida Employer Solutions, Inc.

    During the last decade, stress claims                   abuse in the workplace can have debilitat-         may wish to cover this topic under the             reprisals will be made against them for
made on Workers Compensation have                           ing effects on victims. It can also be difficult   umbrella of workplace violence and                 filing a report. Employers should ensure
increased dramatically. Businesses with                     for employers to detect — and unnoticed,           include a specific range of incidents in           that managers are properly trained in
limited resources are now running on                        leads to an increase in absenteeism,               the policy — from verbal abuse, to                 dealing with potential situations to
a leaner staff and expecting more from                      turnover and stress as well as a decrease in       harassment, to physical aggression.                ensure that complaints are dealt with
employees — contributing to the                             productivity and motivation. Verbal abuse                                                             promptly and professionally.
epidemic of verbal abuse that is                            can also foster substance abuse, insomnia          Physical and psychological                              Employees can also take steps when
prevalent among today’s workforce.                          and depression among employees.                                                                       they feel bullied, including telling the
    Physical and psychological abuse,                            Mistreatment of employees can come            abuse, also known as                               perpetrator in a firm, professional manner
also known as workplace bullying, can                       in both obvious and subtle forms. Some             workplace bullying, can                            that his or her behavior is unacceptable
hurt small businesses right on the                          examples include criticizing a person per-                                                            and ask him or her to stop. If the abuse
bottom line.                                                sistently, making jokes that are obviously
                                                                                                               hurt small businesses right                        continues, record the events — including
    Workplace bullying consists of acts                     offensive, spreading malicious rumors,             on the bottom line.                                dates, times and witnesses. Keep copies
or comments that can mentally hurt or                       excluding or isolating, intimidating,                                                                 of documentation that can reveal the
isolate employees on the job. It typically                  removing areas of responsibility without               Management should develop this                 harassment and report incidents to a
involves a pattern of behavior that is                      reason, giving the “silent treatment” and          written document applicable to all                 delegated manager.
intended to intimidate, humiliate, offend                   belittling opinions, as well as establishing       employees, managers and independent                     Several general measures can be taken
or degrade a particular person or group.                    impossible deadlines that set employees            contractors associated with the organiza-          to help eliminate workplace bullying,
                                                            up for failure.                                    tion. The document should include                  such as educating employees, having and
Why Bullying is                                                                                                examples of workplace abuse, the conse-            enforcing a workplace policy, as well as
Important to Identify                                       What Employers and                                 quences for the behavior, and an outline           encouraging employees to treat their
    According to a study commissioned                       Employees Can Do                                   of the procedure for resolving issues.             associates professionally and respectfully.
by the National Institute for Occupational                      For employers, having a written                    In addition, it’s important to assure          Ultimately, it’s the employer’s
Safety and Health, most bosses don’t learn                  management commitment policy is                    employees that management will treat               responsibility to handle the adult
about these incidents despite the fact that                 the best form of prevention. Employers             every complaint seriously and that no              bullies in the working world.

      A Major Investment
      Minority business center will be built in Parramore.

           The Orlando City Council recently voted to grant                           A small business incubator, which will offer
     the Black Business Investment Fund (BBIF) a contract                       office space, accounting and other services for small
     to purchase three quarters of an acre of land in the                       businesses, also will be located at the new location.
     Parramore area to build a new mixed-use development                        The center will offer commercial office space for a
     project that will include the BBIF Headquarters.                           host of minority owned and small businesses.
           The project will use many of the community’s                               “Today signals our organization’s commitment
     local minority and small firms in its development. It                      and investment to community re-development in the
     will include a small business incubator, commercial                        Parramore area that will spur the economic growth in
     and retail outlets, housing and a community/business                       Orlando,” said Inez Long, President of the BBIF.
     multi-use space.                                                                 The BBIF is a local public/private non-profit
                                                                                organization that provides an array of services, such as
      The contract will result in the develop-                                  lending, contract financing, business development and
                                                                                technical assistance to help Central Florida minority
      ment of a minority-owned real estate                                      businesses. Since inception, the BBIF has had a
      project, making the underperforming                                       significant economic impact on the local community,
                                                                                assisting businesses to receive more than $22 million
      community a thriving business arena.                                      in business loans from the BBIF and partner financial
          The contract, initiated by long-time BBIF supporter                         “This project will provide significant resources
     and Orlando City Commissioner Daisy Lynum, signals                         for minority businesses and represents the city’s
     a major move in the redevelopment of the historically                      commitment to expand the minority business
     African American community. The project includes                           enterprises that exist in Central Florida,” said
                                                                                                                                              A growing business presence, such as the new Hughes
     plans to relocate the BBIF offices, now located in the                     Commissioner Lynum.
                                                                                                                                              corporate headquarters, is helping make Parramore a thriving
     Landmark Building on Robinson Street, to the new                                 Construction on the new headquarters project            business center.
     business center.                                                           is slated to begin Summer 2005.

14 N O V E M B E R 2 0 0 4           FM
Service First
Chamber Member resort places highest priority on “the guest experience.”
By Tracey Velt

    If you’ve ever stayed at a Ritz Carlton, you’re probably   his ability to get the job done, and done well, he was
familiar with the phrase, “It’s my pleasure.” Marc A.          asked to come to Grande Lakes. It was a challenge he was
Hoffman does more than say it — he lives it. As Vice           glad to take on.
President and Managing Director of Grande Lakes Resort             Within these new high-end resorts, Hoffman helped
(which includes the JW Marriott, the Ritz Carlton Grand        develop the divisions, hired key leadership and designed
Lakes and the Ritz Carlton Country Club and the Ritz           programs of service throughout the facilities. Today,
Carlton Spa in Orlando) he knows that a pleasurable            Hoffman is directly responsible for sales and ownership
experience should always comes first.                          relations and leaves the day-to-day operations to his two
    “I’ve been with the Marriott and the Ritz for 25 years,”   capable general managers — Steve Contos (JW Marriott)
he says. “I’ve worked in everything from food and bever-       and Brian Gullbrants (Ritz Carlton).
age to room operations to sales, and I learned that in the         As a team leader in a high-profile Central Florida venue,
resort world the customer should always come first.”           Hoffman understands the importance of leadership and
    Hoffman started at the Grande Lakes Resorts in May         community connections. He personally got involved with
2002, 14 months before they actually opened (the JW            the Orlando Regional Chamber of Commerce about eight
Marriott and the Ritz Carlton Grande Lakes opened in           months ago and believes strongly that the Chamber is an         The Grande Lakes resort offers the highest quality customer service.
July 2003). During this pre-opening period, he helped          important player in helping grow business in the Central
coordinate the actual openings of the hotels, operations,      Florida region.                                                    Hoffman adds that “the Chamber is the head of the
sales and coordination, and with the final development             “The Grande Lakes Resort has been a supportive              spear. They help to position the Orlando region with a
and construction.                                              member from the beginning,” he adds. “We found the              sharp edge and help open the door to opportunities for
    As the General Manager of the Ritz Palm Beach,             Chamber extremely helpful in getting us connected with          many businesses.”
Hoffman elevated the resort from a Mobil 4-Star rating to      the significant movers and shakers in the region, which            And that is the Chamber’s “pleasure.”
a Mobil 5-Star rating, the best rating possible. Because of    has ultimately helped the company.”

                                                                                                                                                              FM    NOVEMBER 2004                 15

Florida Sales and Use Tax
Knowing the basics can save you money and headaches.
By Kathy McCoy, CPA, Moore Stephens Lovelace

     Business owners face many challenges             ■ Sending the tax you have collected and the          Sales tax is applied to the sale, rental,   local programs. Discretionary surtax is
in making their businesses successful.                  use tax owed along with completed Sales       lease, or license of goods or certain services.   collected at the same time as state sales
They have many responsibilities, includ-                and Use Tax Return (DR-15) to the Florida     It is added to the price of goods or services     tax and is paid to the state. The state
ing reporting and remitting Florida state               Department of Revenue.                        and collected from the purchaser at the           then distributes the appropriate
sales tax. Business owners are required               ■ Keeping complete and accurate records on      time of the sale. Some examples of items          collections to counties.
by the state to file a tax return for the               all sales and purchases.                      requiring sales tax are retail goods, pre-            Use tax is applied to purchases of
collection period even if no tax is due.                                                              pared food and meals, admission to events,        taxable goods or services that are brought
     Many businesses are set up as quarterly               The tax dollars collected belong to the    and rent or lease of commercial property.         into Florida untaxed or at a rate less than
filers. Quarterly returns are due the first day       state at the moment of collection. Business                                                       Florida sales and use tax. If you buy
of the month following the quarter ending             owners must keep accurate records and           For a period of at least three                    taxable items or services via the Internet
date and are late after the twentieth day. If         maintain a separate accounting of these                                                           or mail order, or make purchases in
a return is filed late, the taxpayer is assessed      funds. For a period of at least three years,    years, business owners collect-                   another state that are shipped to you,
a late penalty of 10 percent of the tax               business owners collecting sales tax must       ing sales tax must retain copies                  you will probably owe use tax.
owed, but no less than $50.                           retain copies of filed tax returns, cancelled
     As sales tax dealers and, therefore,             tax payment checks, and documentation           of filed tax returns, cancelled
                                                                                                                                                            For more, contact Kathy McCoy, CPA of
agents of the state, business owners have             supporting all transactions.                    tax payment checks, and                           Moore Stephens Lovelace at 407-740-5400
several responsibilities including:                        The general sales tax rate in Florida                                                        or e-mail at
                                                      is 6 percent, but the rate is 2.5 percent
                                                                                                      documentation supporting
■ Collecting sales tax on each taxable
                                                      on the sale, purchase, or rental of self-       all transactions.                                 This article was adapted from the Florida
                                                      propelled, power-drawn, or power-driven                                                           Department of Revenue’s Sales and Use Tax
■ Paying use tax on items used by the busi-           farm equipment, 4 percent on amusement              In addition to state sales tax, some          Guide for Business Owners.
  ness that were purchased tax-exempt or              machine receipts, and 7 percent on the sale     counties impose discretionary sales tax
  removed from inventory and not resold.              or purchase of electric power or energy.        or surtax. It’s used to fund county or

Yakkity Yak Yak
Knowing when not to jawbone can serve you well in the working world.
By Sara Brady, Chair, Small Business Chamber, Wragg & Casas Public Relations

    When one picture is worth a thou-                 because she was talking the entire time         escape is to chew off my feet                                 would be at your next business
sand words, it’s considered art. When an              “The Donald” was trying to spew out,            and crawl away, without                                       meeting.
executive speaks a thousand words, it’s               “You’re fired!”                                 whispering a polite farewell.                                     Surely psychotherapy
exhausting and sometimes deadly. You                      Jennifer’s commitment to verbally               Knowing when not to                                       exists for those who display a
can swim with the sharks, you can draw                monopolizing the universe ultimately            speak would seem to be                                        mortal fear of not being heard.
the bottom line or you can smash                      caused her to violate the shows number-         common sense. But so is not                                   The reality is that there’s a
through the glass ceiling, but if you’re              one rule. She crossed Carolyn, Trump’s          mouthing off to police officers,                              limit to how interesting any
yapping up a storm at the same time, you              right-hand blonde. After trying to provide      and people do that all the                                    of us really is. I’ve even caught
might be better suited to work behind the             constructive criticism to Jennifer, the         time. Even Trump, the most                                    my own personal blathering
Krispy Kreme window where no one can                  frustrated uber-executive ultimately            verbose man in the continen-        Sara Brady                patterns; so much so I’ve bored
hear you.                                             inquired whether Jennifer could just            tal United States, demonstrates                               myself. I once accused my
    Only recently have I become aware                 stop talking.                                   remarkable feats of silence as                                husband of not listening to
that some business people jawbone. It’s                                                               he listens to people throwing                     my prattling ways and he replied, “You
not how they speak; it’s what they say                Knowing when not to speak                       compliments his way.                              won’t let me not listen to you.”
over and over again. At some point, those                                                                 This tendency to talk way too much                We all have a lot to say about what
who you think are listening have actually
                                                      would seem to be common                         can cause you to lose your audiences              we do. But the more loquacious moments
dozed off with their eyes open. I experi-             sense. But so is not mouthing                   attention and your credibility. The               we experience in the world of commerce,
enced this epiphany after watching a                                                                  chatterbox issue is a greater challenge in        the greater the risk that someone will
recent and very informative episode of
                                                      off to police officers, and                     some venues than in others. For instance,         propose another constitutional amend-
my favorite educational TV program,                   people do that all the time.                    and lucky for us voters, the presidential         ment that sets the boundaries for talk
“The Apprentice.”                                                                                     debates included electronic timers to stop        overload. Now that I think about it,
    It took three weeks before contestant                 That’s when it occurred to me that          the wind blowing from both candidates             jawbone boundaries actually might
Jennifer the Jabberwocky yakked herself               many are the times when I’ve been               as they tried to out mouth each other.            have more merit than high-speed rail
out of the boardroom. To this day,                    trapped at a function where someone                 Now there’s an idea for some innova-          or reducing classroom sizes.
Jennifer probably still doesn’t know why              snares me by the elbow and literally talks      tive entrepreneur; handheld timekeeping               Can we talk?
she and her spandex got the heave ho                  me into a corner. My only means of              systems. Just think how popular those

16 N O V E M B E R 2 0 0 4       FM
    One Rung at a Time: Laddering Your CD Portfolio
    How a CD Ladder can help you earn higher dividends.
    By Catherine M. McGuinness, Marketing Specialist, FAIRWINDS Credit Union

          At some point in time, many of us            Ladder your CD portfolio.                     rates have moved up and 36-month
    have considered opening a Certificate of                 According to Kathy Chonody, Chief       CDs pay more than shorter term                 CD Laddering and
    Deposit (CD). For many investors, a CD             Financial Officer of FAIRWINDS Credit         savings. At 12 months, another CD              investments
    is a safe and reliable way to invest. You          Union, if you’re looking to get a better      matures. Again, if you don’t need
    are guaranteed dividends at a fixed rate           rate right away but want to maintain          access to the money, you reinvest in           Visit the following
    for a specific period of time. You know            some liquidity in the account, then CD        a new 36-month CD. This cycle, or              Web sites for more info:
    how much money to expect and when                  Laddering is the right strategy for you.      ladder, continues as each Certificate
    to expect it.                                            Here’s an example of how                matures and you reinvest in
          But what can you do if you lock                                                            long-term CDs.                                 ■
                                                       Certificate Laddering works:
    into a specific rate and time period and                                                          “If you average all of your Certificate       ■
                                                       ■ Say you have $50,000 to invest
    weeks later, that rate has increased?                                                         rates, you’ll see the blended yield is
                                                         in Certificates of Deposit. You can
    Had you waited just a little bit longer                                                       much higher than short-term savings
                                                         purchase five Certificates for $10,000
    to open your CD, you could be earning                                                         rates,” says Chonody. “Laddering
                                                         apiece that mature in 6, 12, 24, 30,
    higher dividends. On the other hand,                                                          gives you a higher blended yield on
                                                         and 36 months respectively. Six months
    if you had waited any longer, the rates                                                       your money and the advantage of
                                                         later, your first CD matures, yielding
    could have been much lower than                                                               maintaining access to your money.”
                                                         you $10,000 plus the dividends earned.
    your current rate.                                                                                 This is only one example of CD
                                                         If you need the money, you have the
          What can you do to avoid this trap                                                      Laddering. You can choose to Ladder
                                                         option to cash in with no penalty. If
    of uncertainty and ensure you get the                                                         your funds for longer time periods and
                                                         not, you reinvest in a new 36-month
    best CD rates?                                                                                increase your blended rate.                      For more, call FAIRWINDS Investment
                                                         Certificate at a higher rate because                                                   Services at 407-282-6039.
                                                                                                      Start climbing.


                                                                                                                                                           FM   NOVEMBER 2004            17

     The day after Hurricane Charley                       When a trio of hurricanes struck
plowed through Central Florida, Laurence                   Central Florida recently, local
J. Pino, CEO of Dynetech, an enterprise
management company, sent out an
                                                           businesses pulled together to help
e-mail to its 340 employees promising                      those in need.
assistance to those who needed it.                         By Tracey Velt
     “It didn’t even dawn on me that I
wouldn’t help my associates,” said Pino.
That’s when he started an employee
assistance fund. “As soon as I started
organizing the fund, I heard about all
kinds of policy and legal issues. Then,
Hurricane Frances hit and I said, ‘I don’t
care. We have to do this.’”
     When Hurricane Jeanne made it
three strikes, the fund became even
more important.
     The Dynetech Disaster Relief Program
consists of a $10,000 company contribu-
tion. In addition, the company will
contribute $3 for every $1 contributed
by associates. Pino announced in his
company wide e-mail, “If you can’t afford
to contribute, then don’t. Nobody is
keeping score. However, if you were
safeguarded through the storms and
are financially capable of contributing,
please do so.”
     In less than a month, associates
who suffered little or no damage from
the storms donated almost $10,000 to
the fund, bringing it to $20,000. About
10 employees have already applied for
and received financial assistance above
and beyond what insurance would cover.
One employee’s home suffered massive
fire damage as a result of using candles
when the power was out, and Dynetech
is helping the employee with financial
support for rebuilding and temporary            A Helping Hand                                 it anymore. “Under conditions of high        ensure that people are healthy and ready
housing.                                             The business lost during these            stress, people don’t process information     to continue their focus on work and
                                                hurricanes crippled many companies,            very well, and work place aggression         family responsibilities.
                                                but losing great employees on top of           follows,” says Herbert. “That’s why              “Several of our employee-owners have
“Several of our employee-                                                                      company empathy is so important.”            legitimate family and home concerns as a
                                                lost days can be devastating. That’s why
owners have legitimate family                   many Central Florida companies pulled               So, what can you do to ensure           result of these storms, and we want to be
                                                                                               employees stay safe? How can you             sensitive to their needs and anxieties,”
and home concerns as a result                   together by offering flexible schedules,
                                                                                               minimize their stress levels when            says Rob Wight, CEO and President of
                                                relief funds, temporary housing and
of these storms, and we want                    even by providing manual labor.                outside conditions are unpredictable?        Channel Intelligence, an Orlando-based
to be sensitive to their needs                        “One of the things we know about              According to Herbert, “The easiest      commerce data interchange services
                                                stress,” says Ted Herbert, Professor of        thing to do is be empathetic. Put yourself   company. “Our most valuable assets are
and anxieties.”                                 Management at the Crummer Graduate             in the employees’ shoes and use corporate    our people, their minds and intellect.”
                           — Rob Wight          School of Business at Rollins College in       resources to help them deal with their           “It might sound clichéd, but we do
                      Channel Intelligence      Winter Park, “is that there’s a huge cost      personal issues.”                            consider ourselves to be an extended
                                                to companies. Stress-related reactions              Power outages, fallen trees, severe     family,” adds Jim Brescia, Vice President
    Coming up with this assistance fund         can include ulcers, high blood pressure,       house damages and health concerns for        of Human Resources for Channel
was “a real sense of reciprocity,” says Pino.   depression and exhaustion.”                    immediate and extended family members        Intelligence. “We hire talented and
“We have a responsibility to the individu-           For those who went without power          of employees have taken their toll. With     skilled people who we trust will find
als who contribute to the company. It’s         for weeks or had triple damage from the        mindshare divided between home and           the proper balance between their work
the right thing to do.”                         storms, they literally think they can’t take   work concerns, most companies hope to        and family needs.”

                                                                                                                                                                  continued on page 22

18 N O V E M B E R 2 0 0 4     FM

Before the Storm                                                                                                                                           Connelly feels strongly that employees
     Prior to the hurricanes hitting Central                                                                                                          are the key assets in a high-tech business.
Florida, many companies watched the                                                                                                                   “It’s the intellectual property — if we lose
storms closely and followed a similar                                                                                                                 that we lose our competitive advantage,”
schedule to Orange County government.                                                                                                                 he says. “Anything the company can do
Some companies compared notes to make                                                                                                                 to help employees pays back in spades
sure they were properly taking care of                                                                                                                later on.”
employees. Some companies even                                                                                                                             For Channel Intelligence employees
developed a hotline for employees that                                                                                                                who suffered hardship in the aftermath
gave them access to contact people in                                                                                                                 of the hurricanes, the company put
case of need during and after the storms.                                                                                                             some new policies into place including
     Good disaster plans help companies                                                                                                               extended flextime for workers to deal with
prepare their facilities with back-up                                                                                                                 home repairs, health concerns and family
generators because data centers are often                                                                                                             relocation efforts, and it shared resources
critical to sales and operations. Once the                                                                                                            such as food, ice and building supplies to
event occurs, it’s too late to prepare. With                                                                                                          help those in greatest need. The company
three major hurricanes having already                                                                                                                 opened a children’s room at the corporate
pillaged the region, companies are learn-                                                                                                             office in Celebration to children of
ing from their mistakes and fine tuning                                                                                                               employees who may have been displaced
their disaster plans for future storms.                                                                                                               from schools and day care centers. The
     The Orlando World Center Marriott                                                                                                                company has also relaxed its “paid days
pre-offered associates free rooms at the                                                                                                              off” policies to allow for extended time to
hotel to stay safe during the storms,                                                                                                                 deal with pressing family issues without
according to Holly M. Scott, Human                                                                                                                    cutting into established vacation time.
Resources Manager. “We opened our                                                                                                                          “There’s genuine concern for one
cafeteria to the associates and their                                                                                                                 another, not just during times of crisis,”
families to dine free — breakfast, lunch                                                                                                              Brescia says. “The wife of our CEO even
and dinner.”                                                                                                                                          offered to do laundry for employees unable
     Home Depot also had an extensive                                                                                                                 to do so because of power outages.”
pre-strike plan in place. “Our plans evolve                                                                                                                That commitment is equally important
around preparatory work so we can be                                                                                                                  to Home Depot. The company has set up a
ready post strike,” says Mark Foster,                                                                                                                 call center that tracks associates. After a
                                               Dynetech was one of many companies that quickly provided assistance to its team through a variety of
District Manager for Home Depot in             programs. (From left) Michelle Morse, Vice President, Marketing Operations; Damian Scott, Director,    storm, if an associate isn’t accounted for,
Metro Orlando. “We solidify reservations       Information Technology; Janet Pino, Executive Vice President; Laurence J. Pino, Founder and CEO.       management will locate that person. “After
in multiple hotels in areas adjacent to                                                                                                               Charley, we had people in cars with global
proposed strike areas to accommodate           medivac helicopters to ambulances and                  “We even allowed employees to bring             positioning systems navigating their way
associates.”                                   fire trucks. The Center also set up an                 children to work.”                              through debris to find unspoken-for
     “We also prepare rental vans and          Orange County “emergency responder”                                                                    associates,” says Foster.
storage pods to help associates move           family and pet-friendly shelter, which                                                                      Once a Home Depot store is deemed
valuable personal belongings, and we           housed more than 500 during the                        “What you’re doing by                           safe to open, associates who are able to
have vans in other areas ready to move         recent storms.                                         empathizing with employees                      show up for work are fed and encouraged
in with food, water and supplies for                                                                                                                  to take frequent breaks. “Our HR
employees who are hardest hit by the           When Disaster Strikes                                  is buying into a long-term                      managers are given a blank check to get
storms,” adds Lenny Calvaluzzi,                    Perhaps even more important than                   benefit stream, and that can                    associates fed, get them water and ensure
Divisional Human Resources Manager             preparing your employees for a storm                                                                   that they’re taking care of themselves,”
                                               is what you can do for them after it.                  be disrupted immediately if                     says Foster. “The day before Hurricane
for Home Depots in Central Florida.
     For the Orange County Convention          Adaptec Inc., which provides end-to-end                you don’t provide sick leave                    Jeanne, we had four vans full of food
                                               storage solutions that move, manage                                                                    waiting in Tampa to be dispatched to
Center (OCCC), the planning and
                                               and protect critical data and digital
                                                                                                      days, flextime and employee
preparation never stop. The Center’s first                                                                                                            the hurricane-affected areas.”
focus in emergency planning is on its          content, gave out Publix gift certificates             assistance.”                                         At Walt Disney Co., fellow cast
customers. “We work with tradeshow             worth $50. The company also offered                                         — Ted Herbert              members pitched in to distribute 120,000
managers and meeting planners to ensure        flextime to employees who needed to                                                                    pounds of free ice, hot meals and
                                               make advance pre-hurricane prepara-
                                                                                                       Crummer Graduate School of Business
their events are managed appropriately                                                                                                                manpower to those in need. The company
(getting people, equipment and products        tions, clean up post hurricane, meet                                                                   helped employees whose homes were
ready for the potential outcome),” says        with contractors for repairs and take                      Adaptec, which has 100 employees            destroyed or uninhabitable by providing
Tom Ackert, Executive Director of the          care of family members and children                    in the Orlando area, also offered payroll       more than 430 complimentary rooms at
OCCC. “At the same time, we plan with          out of school.                                         advances of up to $10,000, with a               Walt Disney World® Resort hotels. “We
law enforcement, medical, fire and rescue,         “This is a very stressful time for                 three-year payback provision through            also offered discounted rooms to another
FEMA, power companies and other disas-         employees who need to prepare their                    payroll deductions, for employees               1,700 cast members who lost power or
ter response agencies to stage and shelter     homes or evacuate the area, and every                  who suffered devastating losses. “We            other utilities,” says Jerry Montgomery,
people and equipment during the storm.”        consideration is given to them by their                essentially offered interest-free loans,”       Senior Vice President of Walt Disney
     For Charlie, Frances, Ivan and Jeanne,    managers,” says Tim Connolly, Site                     says Connelly. So far, a handful of             World Co. “Shower and laundry
Ackert says the OCCC stored millions of        Manager for Adaptec Inc.’s Orlando                     employees have taken advantage of               facilities were also offered.”
dollars of equipment ranging from              technology center in Research Park.                    this program.

22 N O V E M B E R 2 0 0 4    FM
Relief Funds                                can improve their chances if they focus
     In addition to creating more flexi-    on the three P’s: Planning, Policies and
ble schedules and meeting employees’        Protection, according to the Institute
                                            for Business & Home Safety. Here are
                                                                                           We Are Family
immediate needs, many companies are
putting together relief funds, much like    some tips:
                                                                                                 When it comes to treating employ-     SeaWorld Orlando, Discovery
Dynetech’s plan.                            ■ Planning
                                                                                           ees right, Central Florida companies are    Cove and Anheuser-Busch
     Five years ago, Home Depot’s             Making emergency plans is another
                                                                                           right on target. Here’s a rundown of what        Provided free bags of ice — up to
founders started the Homer Fund,              way of showing you care about your
                                                                                           some companies did to help employees        14 pounds daily — to any employee
which allows associates in need to apply      employees and customers. Decide what
                                                                                           weather the recent hurricanes.              who had lost their power. The company
for immediate financial assistance. The       you should do as a storm approaches.
importance of the fund during natural                                                                                                  collected food, clothing and personal-
                                              Thanks to hurricane forecasting,             Greenberg Traurig, P.A.
disasters is evident. One associate                                                                                                    product donations and offered free
                                              advanced warnings give business owners             Attorneys offered time off with
who had her home damaged during                                                                                                        meals to employees the day after the
                                              time to plan. However, all businesses        pay to prepare for each of the storms
Hurricane Charley took advantage of                                                                                                    hurricanes. To assist with child-care
                                              should periodically make plans for those     and clean-up after the storms, paid for
free hotel hospitality rooms. The                                                                                                      needs from school closures, they offered
                                              disasters that can strike without any        hotel stays for those employees without
company provided her with a storage                                                                                                    a free Camp SeaWorld program for
                                              advanced warning.                            power, assisted those in need with cash
pod to protect her belongings. Then,                                                                                                   employees’ children. The company is
                                            ■ Decide on an action plan and create          to buy preparation materials, restock
Hurricane Frances devastated her even                                                                                                  also facilitating low-interest loans for
                                              an emergency contact list for your           refrigerators and get medical supplies.
more. The company moved the remain-                                                                                                    employees who need to have significant
                                              employees so you can communicate             They provided hot lunches several
der of her belongings and helped her fill                                                                                              home repairs done. In addition, they are
                                              with them at appropriate times               days after each storm and offered flex
out the FEMA and insurance paperwork                                                                                                   organizing two weeks of activities, such
                                              following a disaster. Develop a system,      time so employees could meet with
that needed to be completed.                                                                                                           as movie nights, free lunches and snacks
                                              much like Home Depot’s call center           contractors. The firm held a seminar
     Walt Disney World Co. is giving up                                                                                                and other events, to recognize and
                                              so that employees know the steps to          to assist and educate those who had
to $5,000 to cast members who have                                                                                                     thank employees for their efforts.
                                              take after a storm.                          damage to their houses.
sustained catastrophic damage to their                                                                                                 Universal Orlando
primary residence or severe personal        n Gather your important papers, leases,        Florida Hospital
                                                                                                                                            Established an emergency hotline
injury through the Walt Disney                insurance policies, employee contact list,   Waterman in Tavares
                                                                                                                                       and updated it continually to ensure
Company’s Disney Operation Care               key customer list, supplier/vendor list,          Paid employees for their off-duty
                                                                                                                                       team members had current information
(DOC) program. The company is                 inventory lists, photographs of property     time as well as for on-shift time. All
                                                                                                                                       regarding business operations and
also offering up to $1,000 to assist          and inventory, and backup of computer        meals were free to everyone who
                                                                                                                                       reporting times. All employees were
employees with recovery from the              files. Make copies of all lists and store    stayed throughout the hurricanes.
                                                                                                                                       given free or discounted meals in the
storms through the Walt Disney World          them in a separate location.                 The senior management team was
                                                                                                                                       employee grills before, during and
Cast Member Hurricane Relief Fund.          ■ Policies                                     very visible on the patient care floors,
                                                                                                                                       after the hurricanes. Special discount
The Walt Disney World Resort has              Review your insurance policies so you’re     with the president, chief operating
                                                                                                                                       rates on hotel rooms were given to
initially contributed $50,000 to the          familiar with your coverage. Contact         officer and chief financial officer all
                                                                                                                                       employees who lost power. Gift cards
Fund. Cast members worldwide can              your insurance agent with any ques-          making rounds to the staff every day.
                                                                                                                                       to grocery stores were given to team
also contribute to the fund.                  tions. Make sure you have copies of          In addition, the hospital gave each
                                                                                                                                       members in need and financial
     While most companies take care           your policies stored in a secure location,   employee a $200 check to cover any
                                                                                                                                       support through Universal’s Team
of their employees out of a sense of          separate from the originals.                 hurricane-related expenses, such as
                                                                                                                                       Member Crisis Assistance Program
obligation, there are benefits to the                                                      additional food, supplies and to put
                                            ■ Protection                                                                               was distributed to support qualified
companies that go above and beyond                                                         toward insurance deductibles.
                                              Safety first — protect your people.                                                      team members. Universal also gave
lowered stress levels. “Particularly for      Don’t return to a building that has                                                      employees gas coupons.
                                                                                           FAIRWINDS Credit Union
professional employees, it takes a huge       structural damage until it’s deemed               Used their Intranet service to
amount of money to rehire a new               safe by engineers. Inventory, furniture
                                                                                                                                       InCharge Institute
                                                                                           post an article listing of employee
person and even more money to be                                                                                                            Offered financial assistance to
                                              and material property can be replaced,       needs. Employees who had time or
able to have that employee make a                                                                                                      employees who had storm-related
                                              but your employees and customers can’t       resources to donate could also be listed.
stream of substantial long-term                                                                                                        damage and worked with employees
                                              be. Their safety and yours is your top       The credit union addressed everything
contributions,” says Crummer School’s                                                                                                  to offer flexible hours and schedules.
                                              priority. If you’ve protected your papers    from providing references for roofers
Herbert. “What you’re doing by                                                                                                         The company developed the
                                              by making copies of your important           and electrician’s to providing day care.
empathizing with employees is buying                                                                                                   Emergency Needs Forum, a section
                                              documents and storing them in different      Employees from the facilities depart-
into a long-term benefit stream, and                                                                                                   on the company’s intranet where
                                              locations, you’ll be better prepared to      ment and other departments brought
that can be disrupted immediately                                                                                                      employees could offer and/or request
                                              resume business operations sooner            chainsaws to several employee homes
if you don’t provide sick leave days,                                                                                                  supplies and services and could
                                              than those business owners who               to address emergency situations,
 flextime and employee assistance.”                                                                                                    respond directly back to one another.
                                              didn’t plan ahead.                           and even helped with other small
     With some forethought and
                                                                                           maintenance-type situations when
compassion, companies can build
                                               For help developing or implementing         other contractors could not be readily
employee loyalty during trying times.
                                            your disaster plans, or for information on     reached. The human resource depart-
And this is a win-win for everyone.         what you can do to get back to                 ment organized temporary day care
                                            business quicker, go to          on all days when public schools
Be Prepared
                                                                                           were closed.
    Getting back to “business as
usual” after a storm is vital. By taking
a proactive approach, business owners

                                                                                                                                                 FM    NOVEMBER 2004              23
                                                                   EVERY COMMUNIT Y NEEDS LEADERS TO ENSURE POSITIVE GROW TH; QUALIT Y
                                                                   EDUCATIONAL OPTIONS ENSURE THE CREATION OF TOMORROW’S LEADERS.

The Healing Touch
Local foundation helps hemophiliacs and their families.

    Since 1996, The Hemophilia                  ■ Support Group Programs —
Foundation of Greater Florida, a Chapter          Educational programs, seminars and
of the National Hemophilia Foundation,            workshops are offered throughout the state.
has been helping people with bleeding           ■ Calvin Dawson Memorial
disorders improve their quality of life by        Scholarship Program — Scholarships
offering programs and services to support         are awarded to those with bleeding disorders
healthier and more independent lives.             and their spouses, parents, siblings or other
    A bleeding disorder is a defect in the        significant family members who are
body’s blood clotting system. Clotting            pursuing post-secondary education
factors are missing or do not work as they        including technical and trade schools,
should. Hemophilia is a sex-linked blood          colleges and universities.
clotting disorder that causes excessive
                                                ■ Emergency Financial Assistance —
bleeding to occur spontaneously. Cases
                                                  Financial assistance is provided for
can be mild, moderate or severe.
                                                  emergency situations with basic life
    Individuals with hemophilia bleed
                                                  support issues.
longer, not faster, than people with normal                                                       The Hemophilia Foundation offers a variety of programs to help those with the bleeding disorder.
clotting factors. A misconception is that       ■ Flight for Tomorrow Annual
people with hemophilia will bleed to death        Golf Tournament — This annual                   Key Steps to Prevention                                 2. Get vaccinated.
from a minor cut or injury. The most con-         golf tournament raises funds for programs           You can prevent or reduce many of                      Hepatitis A and B are preventable. Get
ventional method of treatment of bleeding         and services.                                   the complications of hemophilia thanks                     vaccinations and information at a
disorders is intravenous infusion of factor.    ■ Educational Information — The                   to medical advances in treatment and                       hemophilia treatment center.
                                                  Hemophilia Foundation of Greater Florida        prevention. Here are some steps you can                 3. Treat bleeds early and adequately.
Programs and Services                             offers the most current informational and       take that can help:                                        Be prepared. Recognize a bleed and seek
    The Hemophilia Foundation of                  educational materials for the bleeding                                                                     treatment quickly.
                                                                                                  1. Get an annual comprehensive
Greater Florida offers a variety of pro-          disorder community.                                checkup at a hemophilia                              4. Exercise to protect your joints.
grams and services to help those with           ■ Quarterly Newsletter — HFGF                        treatment Center.                                       Exercise strengthens your muscles, and
the disorder and their families cope as           Connections informs the public on                  Hemophilia treatment centers offer                      strong muscles protect your joints.
best they can. Some of these programs             news, Foundation events, educational               comprehensive one-stop services for testing
and services include:                                                                                                                                     5. Get tested regularly for
                                                  information, news from the local                   and care. According to the Centers for
                                                                                                                                                             blood-borne infections.
■ Summer Camp — Children ages 7–17                Hemophilia Treatment Centers and                   Disease Control and Prevention, people
                                                                                                                                                             Know your test results. It matters to
  with bleeding disorders enjoy a week-long       legislative initiatives.                           who use the hemophilia treatment center
                                                                                                                                                             you and your family.
  medically supervised camp.                    ■ Support for Research — The                         live longer, healthier lives.
■ Family Retreat Weekend — Families               Foundation supports research efforts of
  have the opportunity to enjoy a weekend         the National Hemophilia Foundation.
  away from home where they can share
  information, receive education and meet                                                              Web Links
  other families with bleeding disorders.
                                                                                                       Association of Hemophilia Clinic                   Hemophilia Research Society
                                                                                                       Directors of Canada (AHCDC)                        of North America (HRSNA)

                                                                                                       The Online Resource for                            National Heart, Lung, and
                                                                                                       Hemotology Education and News                      Blood Institute (NHLBI)

                                                                                                       HANDI                                              National Hemophilia
                                                                                                             Foundation (NHF)

                                                                                                       Health Care Information                            World Federation of
                                                                                                       Resources (HCIR)                                   Hemophilia (WFH)

                                                                                                       Hemophilia Foundation
                                                                                                       of America (HFA)
Seminars and workshops are offered throughout   Children enjoy Summer Camp.
the state.

24 N O V E M B E R 2 0 0 4      FM
Purchased Without Prescription
Red Cross encourages public to make defibrillation part of emergency preparedness plans.
    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently           The inclusion of defibrillation in preparedness plans
announced that the Philips HeartStart Home AED can now        and greater access to AEDs can enhance preparedness
be purchased without a prescription. The American Red         efforts, help reduce the public’s vulnerability and enable
Cross believes that the introduction of an over-the-counter   citizens to respond to cardiac emergencies.
automated external defibrillator (AED) is a positive step
toward ensuring that properly trained citizens are better     “The availability of a properly trained
able to respond to an unexpected cardiac emergency event.
                                                              person and an AED at home are keys to
    “Sudden cardiac arrest or SCA is a major health
problem, killing 450,000 people in the United States          providing the best care to a sudden cardiac
each year,” said Kristen Howell, Director of Health, Safety   arrest victim until emergency medical
and Community Services at the American Red Cross of
Central Florida. “That’s more than stroke, lung cancer,       personnel arrive.”                                               The Red Cross provides defibrillation information in all CPR courses.

breast cancer and HIV/AIDS combined.”                                                                 – Kristen Howell              The Red Cross continues to champion community
    The Red Cross provides defibrillation information                             American Red Cross of Central Florida        access to defibrillation as part of an ongoing commitment
in all CPR courses and encourages the public to make
                                                                                                                               to save more lives. As a supporter of public access to defib-
defibrillation a part of their emergency preparedness             The American Red Cross of Central Florida sells the
                                                                                                                               rillation since 1998, the organization’s vision is to have at
plans at home, at school, at work and at other public         HeartStart Home Defibrillator by Philips, which comes
                                                                                                                               least one person in every household trained in lifesaving
places. Just last year, the American Red Cross of Central     with an Adult SMART Pads cartridge, four-year lithium
                                                                                                                               first aid, CPR and AED use.
Florida trained 20,552 people in CPR and AED.                 battery, short training videotape, pair of scissors, five-year
    “An estimated 95 percent of all people who suffer SCA     home warranty, Quick Start poster, “Call EMS” reminder
                                                                                                                                   To purchase an Automated External Defibrillator or for
die before reaching the hospital,” said Howell. “The avail-   sticker, owner’s manual, quick reference, product registra-
                                                                                                                               more information, contact the American Red Cross of Central
ability of a properly trained person and an AED at home       tion card and window decal. The American Red Cross of            Florida at 407-894-4141 or visit the Orange County Service
are keys to providing the best care to a sudden cardiac       Central Florida will also provide purchase information to        Center located at 5 North Bumby Avenue in Orlando. You can
arrest victim until emergency medical personnel arrive.”      the local EMS Director as a value-added service.                 also go to the Web site at

                                                                                                                                                              FM     NOVEMBER 2004                 25

Protecting Children from Becoming Statistics
Dr. Phillips grant supports child abuse prevention.                                                                                                     Final
     An $826,141 grant from Dr. Phillips, Inc. made in 2002 is                                                                                          Listening
continuing to pay dividends for the Howard Phillips Center
for Children & Families.                                                                                                                                to Leaders
     A Blueprint to Prevent Child Abuse and Neglect, a ground-
breaking study, included several recommendations to prevent                                                                                             Forum
child abuse, and chief among them was “to provide leadership
and accountability” for improving the well-being of children
in Central Florida. In part due to the findings, Mayor Buddy                                                                                            NOVEMBER 10
Dyer created a cabinet-level position (Director of Children and                                                                                         Lockheed Martin
Education) in November 2003.
                                                                                                                                                              Leadership Alumni introduced
     Dr. Phillip’s grant-funded research results also indirectly
                                                                                                                                                        the new Listening to Leaders Series
fueled the establishment of a joint domestic violence and
                                                                                                                                                        two years ago. In 2004, this series
child abuse prevention commission, and its findings have
                                                                                                                                                        of six breakfast forums have been
helped to provide the foundation upon which to build.
                                                                                                                                                        designed to continue the learning
Additionally, the findings helped the Center develop a                       The Howard Phillips Center for Children & Families has helped to improve
                                                                                                                                                        experience that started with
speaker’s bureau to inform key community members about                       the well-being of children in Central Florida.
                                                                                                                                                        Leadership Orlando. Speakers offer
the status of children and how everyone has a role to play
                                                                                                                                                        insights into the practices that have
in improving his or her well-being.                                          nation and twice as high as the national average. Even closer
                                                                                                                                                            For more information, call 407-657-4818.
                                                                                                                                                        helped them achieve success in
     In addition, child abuse victims are directly impacted                  to home, Orange County ranks among the top four counties
                                                                                                                                                        their fields, define leadership lessons
through added services at local centers. In Osceola, the grant               for number of child abuse cases reported with more than
                                                                                                                                                        taught in their segments of the
funds family therapy and solution-focused therapy. An                        12,000 hotline calls last year.
                                                                                                                                                        community, and offer suggestions
experienced, bilingual therapist is also available with specific                 With nearly $5 million in grants and pledges given this year
                                                                                                                                                        on strategies those attendees can
expertise in brief and solution-focused therapy. And in                      to Central Florida non-profits, The Dr. P. Phillips Foundation
                                                                                                                                                        use to become better leaders. Two
Seminole County, the grant has enabled Kids House to                         and Dr. Phillips, Inc. continue to respond to the needs of the
                                                                                                                                                        Listening to Leaders forums remain
access specialized sexual trauma therapy, a service that no                  Central Florida community by directly touching the lives of
                                                                                                                                                        in this year’s series.
other community provider in the county offers.                               tens of thousands of children and families each year.
                                                                                                                                                              The final 2004 Listening to
     Hearts & Hands, a social marketing campaign also funded
                                                                                                                                                        Leaders event will take place on
by the grant, was launched in early 2004. It aims to change
                                                                                                                                                        Wednesday, November 10, featuring
parenting attitudes and behavior in a target community,
                                                                                                                                                        executives from Lockheed Martin.
and more broadly to raise awareness and make child abuse
                                                                                                                                                        Speakers will include the presidents of
prevention a community commitment. The campaign
                                                                                                                                                        the three Lockheed Martin companies
messages are framed in positive parenting behaviors and
                                                                                                                                                        located in Central Florida: Joseph R.
skills, which research has shown to be most effective.
                                                                                                                                                        Cleveland, Lockheed Martin Chief
     Funding was awarded to the Center in light of the fact
                                                                                                                                                        Information Officer and President,
that Florida’s child abuse rate is the second highest in the                    For more, call 407-317-7430.
                                                                                                                                                        Enterprise Information Systems;
                                                                                                                                                        Stanley R. Arthur, President, Lockheed
                                                                                                                                                        Martin Missiles and Fire Control;
                                                                                                                                                        and Dan J. Crowley, President,
Meeting Community Needs                                                                                                                                 Lockheed Martin Simulation,
                                                                                                                                                        Training and Support.
Florida Children’s Hospital opens Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.
                                                                                                                                                              Listening to Leaders is a series
                                                                                                                                                        of breakfast forums designed to
     With the steady increase in the number of people                        (NICU) has opened a 20-bed unit that includes private
                                                                                                                                                        continue the learning experience
moving to Central Florida and having children, the need                      rooms, state-of-the-art equipment, a parent lounge and
                                                                                                                                                        started in Leadership Orlando. The
for resources for premature babies and babies who are born                   training areas to help prepare parents to take their little
                                                                                                                                                        series is generously sponsored by our
with health problems continues to rise. In an effort to help                 ones home.
                                                                                                                                                        Leadership Stewards: Joseph Terry of
accommodate the need for additional space and equipment,                         This unit is the first of its kind in Central Florida and is
                                                                                                                                                        Bank of America, Anne Chinoda of
Florida Children’s Hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Unit                     unique because it offers parents private rooms in which to
                                                                                                                                                        Florida’s Blood Centers, Richard Fryer
                                                                             spend time with their babies. The addition also includes
                                                                                                                                                        of IFREC Real Estate Schools, Inc.,
                                                                             two large private rooms for multiple birth babies. The
                                                                                                                                                        Betsy Culpepper of Orlando Regional
                                                                             enhanced services cater to families with a sibling lounge
                                                                                                                                                        Healthcare, Roseann Harrington of
                                                                             and a parent lounge that includes a TV and a computer
                                                                                                                                                        OUC – The Reliable One, and
                                                                             with Internet access.
                                                                                                                                                        Thomas Pellarin of PBS&J.
                                                                                 Last year alone, more than 800 newborns spent time in
                                                                             Florida Children’s Hospital NICU. The tiny babies are as small
                                                                             as one pound and could fit in the palm of your hand. They                      Register online at
                                                                             range from 23 to 42 weeks gestation and spend anywhere                     Admission is complimentary for paid
                                                                                                                                                        members of Leadership Alumni. All
                                                                             from a few days to several months in the NICU. The 20-bed
                                                                                                                                                        others pay $15 in advance or $20
                                                                             addition brings the total number of NICU beds to 61.                       at the door.

Nurse Ginger Basner provides critical care at Florida’s Neonatal Intensive      For more information, call Florida Hospital Media Relations at
Care Unit.                                                                   407-303-1917 or visit

26 N O V E M B E R 2 0 0 4         FM
Congratulations Leadership Orlando Class 63 Participants!
    The latest Leadership Orlando class           Roseann E. Harrington                        David E. Riley                    Alexandra Page Sturgill
was a huge success. The Chamber wants to           OUC - The Reliable One            Project Controls/Management, Inc.       Orlando Regional St. Cloud Hospital
wish all graduating members the best of                 Class Chair
                                                                                         Anthony J. Robinson                          Patricia Sullivan
luck in their future leadership endeavors.
                                                     John D. Hawkins                     Washington Mutual Bank                        DeVry University
            Andrea L. Baez                        Heart of Florida United Way
                                                                                           Candace Rodatz                             Dana Beth Tew
             MedWare, Inc.                           C. Marc Hoenstine                   Universal Orlando Resort                   CondoHQ Orlando LLC
            Gustavus Bass                               Progress Energy
                                                                                             David L. Rogers                        Lizette F. Valarino
       Tracy McGrady Foundation                       Kelly L. Hubbard                        Progress Energy                    Orange County Government
         Anthony J. Beninati                                Sprint
                                                                                          Glenn J. Sangiovanni                     Stephanie S. Weidner
      Valencia Community College                     Milagros Irizarry                    OUC - The Reliable One                           PSI
       Heather M. Blom-Ramos                   Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
                                                                                                Kellee L. Seif                        Jeffrey S. Yeager
          GrayRobinson, P.A.                          of Metro Orlando
                                                                                     Miller Sellen Conner & Walsh, Inc.                     PBS&J
           Thomas L. Calato                        Deborah L. Ivankow
                                                                                             Jesus G. Sierra                          Amy M. Young
           WKMG TV - Local 6                    Orange County Clerk of Courts
                                                                                                Individual                   Unicorp National Developments, Inc.
         Eugene B. Campbell                           Roger Jeffery
                                                                                           Rebecca S. Smith
         Walt Disney World Co.                 TLC Engineering for Architecture                                               For more on upcoming Leadership
                                                                                      Orange County Attorney’s Office
                                                       Lisa Z. Johnson                                                    Orlando classes, contact Kathy Panter
         Michael K. Chatham                                                              Christopher S. St. John
                                                       SouthTrust Bank                                                    at 407-835-2499 or e-mail
         Helman Hurley Charvat                                                             The Trane Company    
         Peacock/Architects, Inc.                   Brian K. Jordan
      Elizabeth M. Cocchiarella               Zimmerman, Kiser & Sutcliffe, P.A.
          Pecora & Blexrud, Inc.                       Robert N. King
         Daniel W. de Armas                       United States Postal Service
         J. Rolfe Davis Insurance                      Sarah A. Long
        January L. Dennison                             Carlton Fields
  Technology Research Consultants, Inc.                Jeffrey F. Manuel
         Debra R. Dremann                    Glatting Jackson Kercher Anglin Lopez
         Newland Communities                              Rinehart, Inc.

         Louis A. Fazio, Jr.                       Eduardo A. Montalvo
   Manheim Certified Auto Body Repair                Eduardo Montalvo

        Christopher N. Ferrara                           Lee Nimkoff
            K&K Electric, Inc.                 Junior League of Greater Orlando

          Lindsey F. Formosa                              Jon M. Oden
          Devereux Foundation                Fisher, Rushmer, Werrenrath, Dickson,
                                                      Talley & Dunlap, P.A.
           Deanne J. Gabel
          Walt Disney World Co.                         Steve Orsini
                                                 UCF Athletics Association, Inc.
          Wayne R. Gardner
          SENIORS FIRST, Inc.                          David A. Paul
                                                     Paul & Coppock, P.A.
             Peggy L. Gies
                LYNX                                   Nicholas Pestillo
                                                  Florida’s Blood Centers, Inc.
           Barbara J. Glass
      Lockheed Martin Corporation                     Lydia A. Pisano
                                                     Watson Realty Corp.
        Kenneth S. Gluckman
      General Counsel Advisors, P.A.                  D. Travis Proctor
                                                          Artemis IT
            Tyler V. Grady
        LSQ Funding Group, L.C.                         Jay P. Raber
                                             American Coach Lines of Orlando, Inc.
            Samir S. Gupte
         Darden Restaurants, Inc.                 Raymond M. Ranellucci
                                                      Bank of America
           Corine A. Hall
      WELBRO Building Corporation                       Bindu J. Rao
                                                      Hughes Supply, Inc.
           Lauren A. Hames
             City of Orlando                         Jan-Erik Redrupp
                                                     Disney MGM Studios

                                                                                                                                    FM    NOVEMBER 2004            27
                                                                                            THE THREE “T S ” ARE MOVING CENTRAL FLORIDA INTO THE FUTURE. SEE HOW
                                                                                            TOURISM, TRADE AND TRANSPORTATION ARE WORKING FOR ALL OF US.

Innovative Solutions
for Growth
METROPLAN ORLANDO addresses growth challenges
with new transportation plan.

    Look around — growth is everywhere          the 2025 LRTP, including new financing
in Central Florida. In fact, forecasts pre-     options, Experimental Land Use Concept
dict the population of Central Florida will     and Transportation Systems Management
increase 54 percent by the year 2025. In        & Operations.
addition, the tourist population will
increase 129 percent during this same           Financing Options
time period. This growth is a sign of our            Current financing for transportation
region’s prosperity, but with it comes a        projects will not be enough to keep pace
significant challenge.                          with Central Florida’s tremendous growth.
    Central Florida’s transportation            And when it comes to funding sources,
system will become more congested if            rising costs are fueling innovation. The
we don’t plan for and properly manage           2025 plan recommends that new trans-
growth. METROPLAN ORLANDO                       portation funding sources be explored.
recently took an important step toward                                                           Orange County Commissioner Ted B. Edwards (left) and City of Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer discuss growth
                                                                                                 management at a recent METROPLAN ORLANDO board meeting.
addressing this challenge through the           One reason Central Florida is
adoption of the Year 2025 Long Range
Transportation Plan (LRTP).
                                                congested is because people                          These community-oriented designs                 more. Examples of this include cameras
                                                are moving farther and farther                   increase accessibility, safety, cost effective-      along Interstate 4, the 511 traveler
What is the Long Range                                                                           ness, encourage the use of more than                 information phone number and the
                                                away from their places of                        one mode of transportation and reduce                recent MOVE IT… Yes You Can!
Transportation Plan?
    The LRTP is a 20-year transportation        employment, while most                           vehicle use and therefore reduce fuel use            Campaign, which encourages motorists
plan for the Orlando urban area. It                                                              and air pollutants. Examples already in              involved in a minor accident to move
                                                people are working in the                        place include the communities of Avalon              their vehicle from the roadway.
includes both funded and unfunded
highway, transit, bicycle and pedestrian        same geographic area.                            Park, Baldwin Park and Celebration.                      Growth is inevitable in Central
projects for the region. The plan is                                                                 The 2025 plan encourages land                    Florida. However, the 2025 LRTP
updated every five years to integrate                One such example includes increasing        use planners, city councils and county               introduces creative solutions in which
new development, accommodate                    the surcharge on rental cars by $2 a day.        commissions to adopt features of the                 to manage growth. By looking at new
technologies and trends, and add a              This could bring in $40 million a year for       Experimental Land Use Concept.                       financing options for transportation
new five years to the plan.                     transportation. In comparison with other                                                              projects, adopting the principles of the
    After numerous presentations and six        major cities across the country, the increase    Transportation Systems                               Experimental Land Use Concept and
public hearings, the local elected officials    in rental car surcharge would still leave        Management &                                         promoting further use of Transportation
and transportation experts that make up         Orlando as one of the least expensive            Operations                                           Systems Management and Operations,
the METROPLAN ORLANDO Board                     cities in the country in which to rent a             Currently, METROPLAN ORLANDO                     our region can continue to prosper
approved the Year 2025 LRTP in September.       vehicle. This has been endorsed by the           sets aside $2 million per year from federal          while addressing the burdens of a
    In addition to highway, transit,            METROPLAN ORLANDO Board and will                 funds to support Transportation Systems              growing population.
bicycle and pedestrian projects, the 2025       be the main legislative priority for the year.   Management and Operations projects.
plan includes future commuter rail and                                                           The 2025 plan calls for doubling the
light rail systems for Central Florida. Also,   Experimental Land                                funds used.
several new strategies are introduced in        Use Concept                                          What is Transportation Systems
                                                     One reason Central Florida is congest-      Management and Operations and why
                                                ed is because people are moving farther          the increase? Transportation Systems
                                                and farther away from their places of            Management and Operations ensures
                                                employment, while most people are                effective coordination between
                                                working in the same geographic area.             transportation system managers and
                                                     The Experimental Land Use Concept           operators, public safety officials and
                                                is presented in the plan as an alternative       the general public. Funds used on these
                                                to adopted land use patterns currently in        projects help alleviate congestion by
                                                place. Under the adopted land use, land          providing commuters with choices.                       For more about METROPLAN
                                                                                                     Transportation Systems Management                ORLANDO’s Long Range Transportation
                                                use planners forecast on current trends,
                                                                                                                                                      Plan, contact Jennifer Wakefield at
                                                with zoning for residential and commer-          and Operations projects include traffic
                                                                                                                                                      407-481-5672 ext. 305 or via e-mail at
                                                cial areas separately. The Experimental          detection and surveillance, emergency
                                                Land Use Concept is designed for people          management, traffic incident manage-        for information
                                                to live and work in the same area.               ment, traveler information services and              on this and other transportation issues.

30 N O V E M B E R 2 0 0 4     FM

                                               Community Partners Promote Orlando
    Orlando CVB
    International                              During Mexico Tourism & Trade Mission
    Rep Marks                                      Demonstrating their commitment
                                               to maintaining and increasing Central
                                                                                                    The Orlando CVB and its members
                                                                                                traveled to Monterey, Guadalajara,
                                                                                                                                              shopping, dining, nightlife and recre-
                                                                                                                                              ational activities in Orlando to travel
    10 years of                                Florida’s quality of life, the Orlando
                                               CVB, Orange County Chairman
                                                                                                Mexico City, Mérida and Cancun,
                                                                                                while Chairman Crotty and the EDC
                                                                                                                                              agents, tour operators and wholesalers
                                                                                                                                              through educational seminars and
    Service                                    Richard T. Crotty, representatives from
                                               the City of Orlando Mayor’s office
                                                                                                joined the Orlando tourism delegation
                                                                                                in Monterrey, Guadalajara and Mexico
                                                                                                                                              trade shows.
                                                                                                                                                  The EDC promoted Orlando as a
                                               and the Metro Orlando Economic                   City. The mission was co-sponsored by         top location for corporate and technol-
          During the 2004 Mexico
                                               Development Commission (EDC) office,             Aeromexico, one of two airlines flying        ogy innovation and to enhance
    Tourism & Trade Mission, Orlando
                                               and 16 CVB member organizations                  scheduled non-stop service between            international investment and export
    CVB President Bill Peeper recognized
                                               joined together in a tourism and trade           Mexico and Orlando. The CVB and               opportunities for the Orlando region
    International Representative Jorge
                                               mission to Mexico to promote the                 Aeromexico joined together two years          through appointments with local
    Sales for his 10 years of service
                                               Orlando product on Oct. 3–8, 2004.               ago in a marketing alliance to promote        business leaders. In addition, Chairman
    to the CVB in Mexico. Peeper
                                                   “By Orlando’s tourism and business           the destination.                              Crotty participated in a special event on
    recognized Sales during a special
                                               community partners and leaders join-                                                           Oct. 4, honoring Orlando’s sister-city
    luncheon event held in Orlando’s
    sister city, Monterrey.
                                               ing forces to market Orlando, we send a          “By Orlando’s tourism and                     relationship with Monterrey.
                                               strong message that the region is a place                                                          The Orlando CVB member delega-
                                                                                                business community partners
                                               to vacation and to do business,” says Bill                                                     tion included Alamo Rent-A-Car,
                                               Peeper, President of the Orlando CVB.            and leaders joining forces to                 Anheuser-Busch Adventure Parks,
                                                   Mexico continues to be the largest           market Orlando, we send a                     Arabian Nights, Careli Tours, Caribe
                                               source of international visitors to the                                                        Royale Resort & Convention Center,
                                               United States after Canada and                   strong message that the                       Courtyard by Marriott at Vista Centre,
                                               currently represents the largest volume          region is a place to vacation                 Days Suites at Old Town, Hilton in the
                                               of visitors out of Latin America to                                                            Walt Disney World Resort, Holiday
                                               Orlando. In 2002 there was a total of
                                                                                                and to do business.”                          Inn Hotel & Suites Universal Orlando,
                                               9.8 million visitors from Mexico to the                                     — Bill Peeper      Medieval Times, Onvibus, Inc.,
                                               United States representing a growth of                           President, Orlando CVB        Pegasus Bus, Pirate’s Dinner
                                               3 percent from the previous year with                                                          Adventure, Sierra Suites, Universal
                                               Orlando as one of the preferred vaca-              During the mission, the Orlando             Orlando Resort, and Walt Disney
                                               tion destinations for these travelers.           CVB highlighted new attractions,              Parks and Resorts — Mexico.

    Calendar                                   Crotty Inducted Into UCF Hall of Fame
                                                   The University of Central Florida Nicholson School of               the ceremony. UCF dignitaries attending the ceremony
    Events                                     Communication Alumni Association inducted Orange                        included President Dr. John Hitt, College of Arts and
                                               County Chairman Richard T. Crotty into its Hall of Fame                 Sciences Dean Dr. Kathryn Lee Seidel and the School of
          The Orlando CVB’s online             during a induction ceremony held on Sept. 30 at the UCF                 Communication Director Mary Alice Shaver.
    Calendar of Event is an excellent          Downtown Academic Center. Orlando CVB Vice President                        The Nicholson School of Communication Hall of Fame
    vehicle for promoting your organiza-       of Consumer Marketing Peter Cranis, past President of                   was founded by the NSOC Alumni Association in order
    tion’s events! Located under the           the UCF Nicholson School of Communication Alumni                        to recognize graduates of UCF for their professional
    “What to See & Do” section of its          Chapter and a 2003 Hall of Fame inductee, presided over                 achievements. Individuals inducted into the Hall of Fame
    consumer site,,                                                                                    have had an impact on the community while working in
    the Calendar of Events has been                                                                                    their respective fields. Honorees have also made a significant
    enhanced to allow for more detailed                                                                                 contribution to the University as a whole, or to the
    listings, search features and times of                                                                             School of Communication through their involvement
    events. With nearly three million                                                                                  and commitment.
    unique visits to in                                                                                    Past NSOC Alumni Hall of Fame Inductees include:
    2002, the potential to increase event                                                                              ■ 2000
    attendance is great.                                                                                                 Roger Pynn, Marla Weech, Dana Eagles,
                                                                                                                         Tony Nicholson — Honorary
    Submitting Info
         Submitting event info is easy! Just                                                                           ■ 2001
    go to the Members area of the CVB                                                                                    Bob Opsahl, Lee Constantine, Cari Coats,
    B2B site,, and                                                                                   Bob Davis — Honorary
    then click on the “What’s Happening”                                                                               ■ 2002
    section to reach the Calendar of           Orlando CVB Vice President of Consumer Marketing and UCF Nicholson        Michele Cooper, Frank Stansberry, James Hobart
    Events link. Once there, follow the        School of Communication Alumni Association 2003 Hall of Fame
                                               inductee Peter Cranis (right) presents the Hall of Fame award to
                                                                                                                       ■ 2003
    step-by-step submission process.                                                                                     Peter Cranis, Thomas Buhr
                                               Chairman Richard T. Crotty.

32 N O V E M B E R 2 0 0 4    FM
Industry Joins Together in Sending
Message Orlando Is “Open for Business”                                                                                                     Disney’s
     The CVB’s role as the communica-
tions link between the Orange County                                                                                                       Named to
Office of Emergency Management and
the hospitality industry has already
                                                                                                                                           Hall of
been put to the test four times during
the 2004 hurricane season. Hurricanes
Charley, Frances, Ivan and Jeanne
commanded the attention of many                                                                                                                 The Convention Industry
CVB team members as they worked to                                                                                                         Council has named George Aguel,
                                              Bill Peeper, President of the Orlando CVB,   At Universal Orlando's Islands of Adventure,
respond to evacuee, powerless resident,       prepares for his next interview as part of   Rich Costales, Senior Vice President of Park    senior vice president of Walt Disney
relief worker, CVB member, media and          Wednesday's Satellite Media Tour at Walt     Operations Universal Orlando Resort, and Bill   Parks and Resorts, to its 2004 Hall
                                              Disney World's Magic Kingdom.                Peeper chat with the Johnstone family from      of Leaders. Since 1985, when the
client needs during this unprecedented                                                     Birmingham, Ala.
time. In addition, the local tourism                                                                                                       Washington, D.C.-based CIC created
                                              The Weather Channel (Nationwide)                                                             its Hall of Leaders, 86 people have
industry and the CVB joined together
in getting the message out to potential       WDIV (NBC Detroit)                                                                           achieved one of the highest acco-
visitors that Orlando was open for            WEWS (ABC Cleveland)                                                                         lades of the meetings industry as
business after the storms.                                                                                                                 inductees. The selection process
                                              WFSB (CBS Hartford)
     On Wednesday, Sept. 22, the                                                                                                           starts with nominations from either
                                              WITI (Fox Milwaukee)
Orlando CVB, SeaWorld Orlando,                                                                                                             CIC member organizations or the
                                              WJBK (Fox Detroit)                                                                           general industry community; the
Universal Orlando Resort and Walt
                                              WKYC (NBC Cleveland)                                                                         inductees are then chosen by a
Disney World collaborated on a
Satellite Media Tour, Video News              WROC (CBS Rochester)                                                                                                   selection
                                                                                           Van Rice, Vice President of Park Operations                               committee.
Release and Newswire Print Release            WSPA (CBS Greenville-Spartanburg)
                                                                                           and General Manager of SeaWorld Orlando,
to counterbalance the perception that                                                                                                                                Aguel was
                                              WTLV (NBC Jacksonville)                      escorts Bill Peeper and Danielle Courtenay of
the hotels, attractions, airports and                                                      the Orlando CVB for a site tour of the park.                              one of six
                                              WTNH (UPN New Haven)
convention facilities were not fully                                                                                                                                 named in
                                              WTTG (Fox Washington DC)                         For the Video News Release, sound                                     2004.
operational following the recent
                                                                                           bites were taped with Bill Peeper and
storms of Charley, Frances and Ivan.              The Orlando CVB team toured all
                                                                                           Sandy Hughes from the American
     Bill Peeper, President of the Orlando    the theme parks, the Orange County
                                                                                           Automobile Association reiterating that
CVB, and José Estorino, Senior Vice           Convention Center and airports and
                                                                                           the tourist areas were fully operational
President of Marketing, did live              spoke with all of the attractions and
                                                                                           and providing great guest service. In
interviews via satellite with 19 television   hotels. Yahoo, Los Angeles Times, Lycos,
                                                                                           addition, guests at each of the parks were
stations in key markets that reached
more than 819,000 viewers.
                                              Arizona Republic, CBS Market-watch
                                              and Seattle Times placed the informa-
                                                                                           interviewed with the overwhelming               CVB’s Beirnes
     Participating stations included the
                                              tion in a press release that was
                                              distributed on the wires. In addition,
                                                                                           response being "if you had not seen
                                                                                           on the news a storm had gone through            Named to
GDNY (Fox New York)                           interviews were completed with Arthur
                                                                                           Orlando, you would never know it from
                                                                                           being here." The VNR was fed via satellite
                                                                                                                                           Florida Citrus
                                              Frommer for Kings Features, New York
Telemundo (Nationwide)
The Morning Buzz (WB Nationwide)
                                              Times, Miami Herald and Associated
                                                                                           three times through the day on Sept. 22.        Sports Board
                                              Press, to name a few.
                                                                                                                                            Paul Beirnes, director of Brand
                                                                                                                                           Market-ing and Pro-motions for the
                                                                                                                                           Orlando CVB, has been named to

Orlando Hosts British Travel Convention                                                                                                    the Florida Citrus Sports Board of
                                                                                                                                           Directors as an associate director. In
                                                                                                                                           addition to his new board position,
     This month Orlando plays host            as well as airline representatives           has to offer to its number one interna-
                                                                                                                                           he is the chairman of the 2004 Citrus
for the first time ever to one of Europe’s    and travel industry leaders from             tional market — the United Kingdom.
                                                                                                                                           Parade. Under Beirnes’ direction, the
largest travel trade conventions, the         throughout Europe.                               The CVB is currently recruiting
                                                                                                                                           CVB has assisted in the enrichment
Association of British Travel Agents              The convention takes place at            local volunteers to assist during the
                                                                                                                                           and promotion of the annual parade,
(ABTA). The annual event attracts             the Orange County Convention                 convention. To volunteer, contact
                                                                                                                                           which aired in syndication in nearly
upwards of 1,800 delegates including          Center Nov. 25–28, 2004. ABTA poses          CVB Travel Industry Marketing
                                                                                                                                                                     100 markets
tour operators, travel agents and media       an an ideal opportunity for the Orlando      Representative Newanda Hodge at
                                                                                                                                                                     in 2003 and
from throughout the United Kingdom,           community to feature the best Orlando        407-363-5833.
                                                                                                                                                                     was seen by
                                                                                                                                                                     millions of
                                     Orlando/Orange County CVB, Inc. Corporate Partners                                                                              visitors.

                                                                                                                                                     FM   NOVEMBER 2004             33
                                                  COMMUNIT Y, CULTURE AND TRENDS. IT’S ALL REPRESENTED HERE.

Market Trends
Affluent retail customers shop for an experience, not retail goods.

    Affluent retail customers — members of households          fast-food restaurant. They’re meeting with friends and
who earn more than $100,000 annually — are usually             socializing. The town center retail facility is as much a
searching for an experience as much as retail goods when       social center as an economic center, says Marks, and a
they shop.                                                     lot of retailing is becoming less retail.
    “Historically, a lot of trends start out with the
affluent,” said David Marks, a local market researcher.        Research shows that goods have gotten
“The most affluent families were the first to own
automobiles, television sets, then color TV sets and           so inexpensive that consumers now have
now home entertainment centers.”                               more discretionary dollars to spend else-
    Eventually, those products — or a less expensive
version — are made available to the mass population.
                                                               where, and they look for an experience.
Research shows that goods have gotten so inexpensive
that consumers now have more discretionary dollars to              Research suggests that town center developers should
spend elsewhere, and they look for an experience.              focus on facilities and amenities that will draw people
    “Wal-Mart is about buying value — you don’t go there       to spend leisure time, not just shopping time. Healthier
because it’s a fun place to spend time,” Marks said. “You      environments — with YMCA facilities, public parks,
go there because you can buy goods and save a dollar. The      water features and the like — and entertainment, from
counter-trend is town centers, where people come for the       mega-plex movie theaters to live entertainment venues             Shopping has become an “experience” to many Americans.
experience; they’re looking to interact with other people.”    serve to attract larger numbers of consumers.
    In a town center environment, consumers are more               “It’s not just about how to generate $30-per-square-          environments that will attract consumers and their
likely to gravitate toward a fine dining experience than a     foot leases,” Marks explained. “It’s about creating               families for longer visits.”

     In celebration of the positive Hispanic influence in
                                                                                                        Human Resource Trends
     Central Florida, the Orlando Regional Chamber of                                                   Only a quarter of organizations are prepared
     Commerce features a monthly news story “en español”                                                to handle employee inquiries on same-sex
     in FirstMonday for your reading pleasure.                                                          marriage benefits.

     Reflexión                                                                                               The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) recently conducted two
                                                                                                        online surveys on domestic partnership benefits. Fifteen percent of the human
                                                                                                        resource (HR) professionals surveyed said inquires about same-sex benefits have
         Este mes, una vez más, nos reuniremos con nuestros familiares y amigos para
                                                                                                        increased within the past six months. Twenty-six percent of the respondents said their
    agradecer a Dios todas sus bendiciones.
                                                                                                        organizations have a plan in place to address employees’ inquiries about same-sex
         De mi mamá aprendí una gran verdad: El secreto de nuestra victoria estriba
                                                                                                        marriage benefits.
    en tener un corazón agradecido.
                                                                                                             The Employees Who Have Asked Employers about Domestic Partner Benefits
         ¡Y tenemos tanto por qué dar gracias! Como ciudadanos de esta gran
                                                                                                        online survey measures employees’ interest in domestic partnership benefits. HR
    nación gozamos de libertad, prosperidad y de grandes oportunidades. Hemos
                                                                                                        professionals were asked, “In the past six months, has your organization seen an
    sido bendecidos con una familia; tenemos salud, trabajo, alimento, vivienda y
                                                                                                        increase in the number of employees asking about the availability of same-sex and
    ropa. Tenemos más de lo que necesitamos y mucho de lo que deseamos.
                                                                                                        opposite sex domestic partner benefits?” Their responses were as follows:
         Cuando nos sentemos a la mesa este Día de Acción de Gracias, tomemos
    un momento para reflexionar. Así como lo hicieron los peregrinos casi 400 años                                                                            Yes                No
    atrás, expresémos nuestro agradecimiento por Su gracia protectora, recordemos y                     Same-sex domestic partner benefits                 15 percent         85 percent
    honremos a los hombres y mujeres de la fuerzas armadas, que valientemente                           Opposite-sex domestic partner benefit              20 percent         80 percent
    defienden nuestras vidas y nuestra libertad con las suyas.
         A nombre de la Cámara de Comercio Regional de Orlando, de nuestro                                   The Organizations with Plans in Place that Address Same-Sex Marriage Benefits
    presidente Jacob V. Stuart, la junta directiva, nuestro personal y del mío propio,                  online survey examines an organization’s readiness to address same-sex benefits
    les deseamos un feliz Día de Acción de Gracias y les agradecemos profundamente                      questions from employees. The survey shows that 74 percent of the human resource
    la amistad y el apoyo que nos han brindado a través de los años.                                    professionals (HR) answered “no” when asked, “Does your organization have a plan
         Si desea compartir un artículo en español para esta columna, por favor,                        in place to address employee inquiries about same-sex marriage benefits?”
    comuníquese conmigo, Vilma Quintana                                          In a separate study, the SHRM® 2004 Benefits Survey found that 27 percent of
          ¡Feliz Día de Acción de Gracias!                                                              HR professionals said their organizations currently offer same-sex domestic partner
                                                                                                        benefits, and another two percent said their company plans to offer the benefits in
                                                                                                        the coming year.

34 N O V E M B E R 2 0 0 4   FM
Recognizing Hispanic Entrepreneurs
Hispanic Chamber brings Don Quijote Awards back to Orlando.
By José David Alvarez, HCCMO Director, CBR Public Relations

    The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce                   More than three years, Entrepreneur of the
of Metro Orlando and the Hispanic                      Year and Excellence Award.
Business Initiative Fund have joined                       The Entrepreneur of the Year Award
forces to bring our region one of the                  and the Excellence Award are presented to
most prestigious awards of its kind: The               business professionals who have demon-
7th Annual Don Quijote Awards.                         strated extraordinary abilities in their field
    As the main character of what’s                    of work and who have exhibited the spirit
considered by scholars as the most                     of Don Quijote as a visionary, a dreamer
celebrated Spanish-language literary piece             and one willing to take risks to achieve
ever written, Miguel de Cervantes’ Don                 those dreams.
Quijote portrays strength, conviction,                     The Hispanic Chamber and the
virtues and the dreams of a person who                 Hispanic Business Initiative Fund
has an individual personality of extraordi-            recognize these professionals at a ceremo-
nary imagination, defiant of the role                  ny that has become the premiere event            The Orange County Convention Center will host this year’s Don Quijote Awards.
society has assigned him.                              "of the Hispanic business community in
    Born from the desire to recognize these            our region.                                                                                                 This year’s ceremony will take place on
characteristics in Hispanic entrepreneurs,                                                                                                                     Friday, December 3 at the Orange County
the Don Quijote Awards are bestowed every                                                                                                                      Convention Center. For more on the Don
year on businessmen and women whose                                                                                                                            Quijote awards or to reserve a seat, visit
                                                                                                                                                      or call
efforts have translated into success. The four
                                                                                                                                                               407-428-5870 or 407-428-5872. For more
award categories include Small Business —                                                                                                                      on the Hispanic Chamber, call 407-428-5870
Less than three years, Small Business —                                                                                                                        or visit

                                                                                                                                                                          FM    NOVEMBER 2004          35

NOVEMBER 2                                    NOVEMBER 6–7                                  NOVEMBER 17                                  NOVEMBER 23
Get Out and Vote!                             First Annual Great Orlando                    Leadership Orlando Class 64                  UCF Football vs. Kent State
When: 7:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.
Where: Your Local Precinct
                                              Rotary Air Show                               Smart, Quality Growth                        When: 7:00 p.m.
                                                                                                                                         Where: Florida Citrus Bowl
                                              When: ?? – ??                                 When: 7:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Info: Let your voice be heard! Cast your                                                                                                 One Citrus Bowl Place, Orlando
                                              Where: Orlando Executive Airport              Contact: Kelly Nicholson at 407-835-2527
vote for the next president of the United                                                                                                Info: Support your Hometown
                                              Info: The Rotary Club of Orlando is           or e-mail
States of America.                                                                                                                       University. Go Knights!
                                              pleased to present the First Annual Great
                                                                                                                                         Tickets: Call the “Football Hotline” at
                                              Orlando Rotary Air Show. This year’s
NOVEMBER 3–4                                  event, to be held at the Orlando              NOVEMBER 18                                  407-835-2524 or visit

Leadership Orlando
                                              Executive Airport, will celebrate the 100th
                                              anniversaries of both manned flight and
                                                                                            Business @ Breakfast
Class 65 Orientation                          the founding of Rotary International. The     New Member Orientation
                                              Air Show qualifies as a 501(C)3 charity       When: 7:30 – 8:15 a.m. — Registration,
When: 7:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.                   with all profits going to Rotary’s Polio      Networking and Continental Breakfast
Contact: Kelly Nicholson at 407-835-2527      Plus Program. Polio Plus is a program         8:15 – 9:00 a.m. — Program
or e-mail         dedicated to the eradication of polio         9:15 – 10:00 a.m. — Orientation for New
                                              worldwide by 2005.                            and Renewing Members
NOVEMBER 5                                    Contact: J. Darrell Shea at 407-422-9686
                                              or e-mail
                                                                                            Where: Marriott Downtown Orlando
                                                                                            400 West Livingston Street, Orlando
Lunch with George                                                                           Contact: Lisa Winkelbauer at
                                                                                            407-835-2448 or email
When: Noon – 1:00 p.m.
Where: Wayne Densch Sports Center, UCF
                                              NOVEMBER 10                         
Main Campus, on the corner of Gemini          Listening to Leaders                          Info: George Colombo, of George
Boulevard South and Hercules Drive.
Info: Presented by All-Florida Mortgage
                                              When: 7:30 a.m. – 9:00 a.m.
                                                                                            Colombo International, will be speaking
                                                                                            on “Killer Customer Care.” Start your
                                                                                                                                             NOVEMBER 2
                                              Where: Orlando Museum of Art
Centers. Fans looking to talk football with   2416 North Mills Avenue, Orlando
                                                                                            morning off right! Network with other            So Social Networking
                                                                                            Central Florida business leaders and enjoy
George O’Leary, 2000 National Coach of
the Year, will gain a unique opportunity
                                              Contact: Ruth Mustian at 407-835-2441
                                                                                            a program featuring business speakers,
                                                                                                                                             Power Luncheon
                                              or e-mail                                                             When: 11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
to have lunch with the UCF head coach                                                       focused on our region’s hottest topics.
                                              Info: Speakers include the Presidents of                                                       Where: The Westin
the day before every UCF Home Football                                                      What a way to help your business grow.
                                              the three Lockheed Martin Companies                                                            Grand Bohemian
Game. The one-hour will feature the first-                                                  Come and learn. Meet new friends and
                                              located in Central Florida: Joseph R.                                                          325 South Orange Avenue,
year mentor of the UCF program along                                                        build relationships. Everyone’s welcome!
                                              Cleveland, Lockheed Martin Chief                                                               Orlando (corner of Orange
with the voice of the Golden Knights,                                                       Tickets: Individual Tickets Advance
                                              Information Officer and President,                                                             and Jackson)
Marc Daniels. Daniels will emcee as                                                         Purchase — $15.00
                                              Enterprise Information Systems; Stanley R.                                                     Contact: Scott Bender at
Coach O’Leary will discuss the previous                                                     Individual Tickets Day of Event — $20.00
                                              Arthur, President, Lockheed Martin                                                             407-260-5200 or e-mail
week’s game, the upcoming game, and                                                         Registrations are non-refundable.
                                              Missiles and Fire Control; and Dan J.                                                
have a Q&A session with the fans.                                                           Sponsor: AmSouth Bank
                                              Crowley, President, Lockheed Martin                                                            Cost: $15 in advance by 5:00
Cost: FREE — no reservation required —        Simulation, Training and Support.                                                              p.m. the day prior to the event;
first-come, first-served                      Leadership Steward Sponsors: Anne
                                              Chinoda, Florida’s Blood Centers, Inc.;
                                                                                            NOVEMBER 18                                      $20 at the door; Orlando
                                                                                                                                             Regional Chamber of
NOVEMBER 6                                    Thomas Pellarin, PBS&J; Betsy Culpepper,      Chamber                                          Commerce Members pay $10

UCF Football vs. Ohio
                                              Orlando Regional Healthcare; Roseann
                                              Harrington, OUC - The Reliable One;
                                                                                            Connection Meeting                               (ask for your discount at the
                                                                                                                                             door); Includes buffet lunch,
                                                                                            When: 5:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.
(Homecoming)                                  Joseph Terry, Bank of America and Richard
                                                                                            Where: TBD
                                                                                                                                             soft drinks, tax and gratuity.
                                              Fryer, IFREC Real Estate Schools, Inc.
When: 4:00 p.m.                                                                             Contact: Ruth Mustian at 407-835-2441
Where: Florida Citrus Bowl
One Citrus Bowl Place, Orlando                NOVEMBER 13
                                                                                            or e-mail
                                                                                            Info: “Chamber Connection” is a group
                                                                                                                                             NOVEMBER 17
Info: Support your Hometown                                                                 of active Chamber members who want               So Social Networking
University. Go Knights!                       UCF Football vs. Ball State                   to support the chamber through active
                                                                                                                                             Happy Hour
Tickets: Call the “Football Hotline” at       When: 5:00 p.m.                               volunteerism, for events and welcoming
407-835-2524 or visit         Where: Ball State University, Muncie, IN      new members into the Chamber and                 When: 5:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.
                                                                                            assisting them in their efforts to               Where: The Westin
                                                                                            become active.                                   Grand Bohemian
                                              NOVEMBER 17                                                                                    325 South Orange Avenue,
                                                                                                                                             Orlando(corner of Orange
                                              Board of Governors Meeting                    NOVEMBER 22                                      and Jackson)
                                              When: 11:45 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.                                                                   Contact: Scott Bender at
                                              Where: Orlando Regional                       Lunch with George                                407-260-5200 or e-mail
                                              Chamber of Commerce                           When: 12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m.            For
                                              75 South Ivanhoe Boulevard, Orlando           Where: Wayne Densch Sports Center                directions, call 407-313-9000.
                                              Contact: Lisa Winkelbauer at                  UCF Main Campus                                  Cost: Happy Hour prices from
                                              407-835-2448 or email                         Info: Same as November 5.                        5:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.
                                                                                                       Complimentary “butler passed”
                                              Sponsor: Deloitte                                                                              hors d’oeuvres from 6:00 p.m. –
                                                                                                                                             8:00 p.m. Valet parking is only
                                                                                                                                             $3. Admission is only $10 and
                                                                                                                                             $7 for Orlando Regional
                                                                                                                                             Chamber Members.

36 N O V E M B E R 2 0 0 4   FM
                                           WELCOME SEPTEMBER’S NEW MEMBERS. LOOK FOR
                                           OCTOBER’S NEW MEMBERS IN THE NEXT ISSUE.

3cStudios                               Dun & Bradstreet                      Nimlok Orlando                       Sunbound Realty, LLC                 Westaff
   1855 West State Road 434                15907 Bay Vista Drive                 904 North Orange Avenue              7208 Sand Lake Road                 430 East Semoran Boulevard           Regional Board of Advisors
   Suite 201                               Clermont, FL 34714-5065               Orlando, FL 32801                    Suite 207                           Suite 104                            Chamber Trustees
   Longwood, FL 32750                      Mr. Mark Heinkel                      Ms. Cheryl Powers                    Orlanodo, FL 32819                  Casselberry, FL 32707                Small Business Chamber
   Mr. Michael A. Barber                   Business Services                     Displays and Exhibits                Mr. Francisco J. Bonnemaison        Ms. Kim Mathies
   Web Design and Development                                                    (Designers/Producers)                Real Estate/Relocation Services     Employment Agencies/Services

                                        E-Brands Restaurants: Samba
55 West on The Esplanade                Room/Timpano/Salsa                    Northwestern Mutual                                                       Wickham Enterprises, LLC
   54 West Church Street                   7680 Universal Boulevard           Financial Network                    Sunsational Resort                     1421 Ridgecrest Road
   Suite 169                               Suite 195                             2682 West Fairbanks Avenue        Enterprise, Inc.                       Orlando, FL 32806
   Orlando, FL 32801                       Orlando, FL 32819                     Winter Park, FL 32789                5732 South Semoran Boulevard        Mr. Luke Wickham
   Mr. Bill Stauduhar                      Mr. Rashid Choufani                   Ms. Cindy D. Weiss                   Building D                          Real Estate (Investment)
   Real Estate (Developers/Builders)       Restaurants                           Financial                            Orlando, FL 32822
                                                                                 (Consultants/Planners/Services)      Mr. Steven Ramierez
                                                                                                                      Timeshares (Resales)

Absolute Cleaning Concepts              Florida Vacation Villas, LLC
   4303 Vineland Road                      8032 Acadia Estates Court          Northwestern Mutual
   Suite F1                                Kissimmee, FL 34747                Financial Network                    TC Specialties
   Orlando, FL 32811                       Ms. Diane Eaton                       325 Waymont Court                    8811 Boggy Creek Road
   Mr. Walter O. Dilks, II                 Vacation (Rentals/Ownership)          Suite 101                            Orlando, FL 32824-7911
                                                                                 Lake Mary, FL 32746                  Mr. Jamie Freeman
   Janitorial and Cleaning (Services)
                                                                                 Ms. Tristen Spears                   Mailing Services
                                        Gate Engineering – A Central             (Consultants/Planners/Services)
BankFIRST                               Florida Corporation
   5025 Old Howell Branch Road             80 North Hughey Avenue                                                  Tetra Tech, Inc.
   Winter Park, FL 32792                   Suite G-06                                                                 201 East Pine Street
                                           Orlando, FL 32801                  Omni Orlando Resort at                  Suite 1000
   Ms. Karen Strickland                                                       ChampionsGate
   Banks                                   Ms. Linel Rodriguez                                                        Orlando, FL 32801
                                                                                 1500 Masters Boulevard               Charles W. Drake, P.G.
                                           Electrical Contractors/
                                           Mechanical Contractors                ChampionsGate, FL 33896
                                                                                                                      Engineering Services
                                                                                 Mr. Paul C. Pebley                   (Geotechnical/Environmental)
                                                                                 Hotels, Motels and Resorts
   1633 Dormont Lane
   Orlando, FL 32804                    Guignard Company
   Ms. Robin M. Tate                       1904 Boothe Circle                                                      The UPS Store 253
                                           Longwood, FL 32750                 Park Maitland School                    931 North State Road 434
   Retail and Variety Stores                                                     1450 South Orlando Avenue
                                           Mr. Bryce Guignard                                                         Suite 1201
                                           Insurance (Surety)                    Maitland, FL 32751                   Altamonte Springs, FL 32714
                                                                                 Ms. Carolyn M. Cappleman             Mr. Jose Machado
                                                                                 Schools (Private)                    Mailing Services
Brightway Painting &
Pressure Cleaning
   9343 Toby Lane                       Hometown Threads
   Orlando, FL 32817                       11250 East Colonial Drive
                                           Orlando, FL 32817                  Physicians Profit Medical            The Vue at Lake Eola
   Mr. Don Shengle                                                            Management Services
   Pressure Cleaning/Painters              Mr. Peter Moran                                                            426 East Central Boulevard
                                                                                 528 Terrace View Cove                Orlando, FL 32801-1923
                                           Embroidered Products
                                                                                 Suite 310                            Ms. Jill Carbonelli
                                                                                 Altamonte Springs, FL 32714
                                                                                 Ms. Maria Sastoque-Ibarra
                                        International Academy of                 Employment Agencies (Medical)
   1339 Glenwick Drive
   Windermere, FL 34786                 Design & Technology
   Mr. Clinton A. Sutton                   5959 Lake Ellenor Drive                                                 Timpano Chophouse
   Engineering/Design/Fabrication          Orlando, FL 32809                                                          7488 West Sand Lake Road
                                           Ms. Angela Schiano                 Raymond James &                         Orlando, FL 32819
                                                                              Associates, Inc.
                                           Education Services/Schools                                                 Ms. Janet Bryan
                                                                                 301 East Pine Street
                                                                                 Suite 1100                           Restaurants
CFS Receiveable                                                                  Orlando, FL 32801
Management, Inc.                                                                 Mr. Brian Best
   207 O’Brien Road                     JAN-PRO of Orlando
                                           4403 Vineland Road                    Financial                         Tribridge, Inc.
   Suite 115                                                                     (Consultants/Planners/Services)
   Fern Park, FL 32730                     Suite B-6                                                                  151 Southhall Lane
   Mr. J. Carlos Chaux                     Orlando, FL 32811                                                          Suite 250
   Collection Agencies                     Mr. Peter E. Westerkamp                                                    Maitland, FL 32751
                                           Janitorial and Cleaning            Rowland Acupuncture                     Ms. Carol Cardin
                                           (Services)                                                                 Business Management
                                                                                 184 Treemont Drive
                                                                                 Orange City, FL 32763                (Leadership Consultants)
Conviveon Corporation                                                            Ms. Joanna Rowland
   370 Centerpoint Circle                                                        Physicians (Alternative
   Suite 1178                           KBI Preferred Realty
   Altamonte Springs, FL 32701             5728 Major Boulevard                                                    Truffles & Trifles
   Mr. Dov Rosenberg                       Orlando, FL 32804                                                          711 West Smith Street
   Internet Services                       Ms. Janet Buckles                                                          Orlando, FL 32804
                                           Real Estate                        Salsa Taqueria & Tequila Bar            Ms. Marci Arthur
                                           (Agents/Brokers/Managers)                                                  Cooking Classes/Gift Baskets
                                                                                 8001 South Orange Blossom Trail
                                                                                 Suite 1160
Cottman Transmission                                                             Orlando, FL 32809
   5825 South Orange Blossom Trail                                               Ms. Janet Bryan
   Orlando, FL 32839
                                        King Aircraft Industries                                                   Vista Federal Credit Union
                                           930 Woodcock Road                     Restaurants
   Mr. Jerry Hutcheson                                                                                                5555 North Center Drive

                                           Suite 202                                                                  Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830
   Automobile (Service/Repair)
                                           Orlando, FL 32803                                                          Ms. May Landon
                                           Mr. Aydin Boyraz                                                           Banks
                                                                              Samba Room
                                           Aircraft (Servicing, Maintenance
                                           and Repair)                           7460 West Sand Lake Road
Cuban American                                                                   Orlando, FL 32819
National Council, Inc.                                                           Ms. Janet Bryan
   1223 SW 4th Street                                                                                              Weldon Associates

   2nd Floor                                                                                                          366 East Graves Avenue
   Miami, FL 33135
                                        Millennium Funding dba                                                        Suite C
                                        Hawthorne Capital Group                                                       Orange City, FL 32763
   Mr. Guarionè Diaz
                                           5415 Lake Howell Road                                                      Mr. Christopher Weldon
   Organizations (Non-Profit)              Suite 101                          Sumner Systems
                                                                              Management, Inc.                        Computer (Network
                                           Winter Park, FL 32792                                                      Systems/Development)
                                           Ms. Janice Kettenhofen                740 Mulberry Avenue
                                                                                 Celebration, FL 34747

DPI Information Services, Inc.             Financial
                                           (Consultants/Planners/Services)       Mr. David Hinson
   425 South Chickasaw Trail                                                     Computer (Software
   Suite 179                                                                     Development)
   Orlando, FL 32825
   Mr. Clint Biggers
   Business Services

                                                                                                                                                                                         FM   NOVEMBER 2004                 37
                                                                                                       Making Connections
                                                                                                       Chamber participates in U.S. Hispanic Chamber’s national convention.

                                                                                                           Vilma Quintana, Vice President of Community
                                                                                                       Partnerships at the Orlando Regional Chamber of
                                                                                                       Commerce and Executive Director of the 2005
                                                                                                       Hispanic Summit, recently participated in the
                                                                                                       United States Hispanic Chamber 25th Annual
                                                                                                       National Convention & Business Expo,
                                                                                                       celebrated in Austin, Texas.
                                                                                                           Known as the largest networking event for
                                                                                                       Hispanic businesses, the 2004 Convention brought
                                                                                                       together thousands of Hispanic business leaders,
                                                                                                       corporate leaders, entrepreneurs, elected officials,
                                                                                                       and chamber executives from around the nation for
                                                                                                       four days of networking, business training and “best
                                                                                                       practice” sessions. Texas Governor Rick Perry, U.S.
                                                                                                       Department of Education Secretary Rod Paige,
                                                                                                       Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, and Austin Mayor
                                                                                                       Will Wynn were among the featured speakers at
                                                                                                       the event.
                                                                                                           The two-day Expo included several Fortune 500
                                                                                                       companies, local and international businesses and a
                                                                                                       Youth & Career Pavilion featuring job and college
                                                                                                           The Central Florida delegation included Ramón
                                                                                                       Ojeda, President, Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
                                                                                                       of Metro Orlando and several board members; Ada
                                                                                                       Rodriguez, Central Florida YMCA; Linda Landman-
                                                                                                       González, Chairperson, Hispanic Business Initiative
                                                                                                       Fund; Betty Martínez-Lowery, Walt Disney World;                               The event brought together thousands of Hispanic Leaders
                                                                                                       José Fernández, City of Orlando, and others.                                  and Chamber executives, including Orlando’s Vilma
                                                                                                                                                                                     Quintana (top left).

                                                                                                                                                                                         The USHCC represents the interests of more
                                                                                                                                                                                     than 1.2 million Hispanic-owned businesses in the
                                                                                                                                                                                     United States and Puerto Rico, which earn more
                                                                                                                                                                                     than $200 billion annually. It serves as the umbrella
                                                                                                                                                                                     organization for more than 150 local Hispanic
                                                                                                                                                                                     chambers nationwide and actively promotes the
                                                                                                                                                                                     economic growth and development of Hispanic

                                                                                                                                                                                        For more information on the United States Hispanic
                                                                                                                                                                                     Chamber of Commerce, visit

                                                                                                       The 2004 Convention took place in beautiful Austin, Texas.

                        Central City Market......................15       Florida Hospital ............................20, 21     K.D.R. Photo Systems ..................35                   Transeastern Homes ....................11


                        Central Florida News 13 ..............8           Hue ..............................................15    Kres ..............................................15       UBS Financial Services Inc. ..........10

                        Coca-Cola ....................................9   Hue Catering................................15          LYNX ............................................7          Vista Lakes....................................31

                        Crystal Springs ............................12    Images Auto Spa..........................27             OUCooling ..................................19              Williams Company ......................25
                        FAIRWINDS Credit Union..............17                                              The Plaza......................................40

38 N O V E M B E R 2 0 0 4                     FM

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