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					                                  CALIFORNIA               STATE         U N I V E R S I T Y,       FULLERTON

                                         KAISER PERMANENTE, SCHOOL OF ANESTHESIA FOR NURSES

                              Master of Science in Nursing
                             Nurse Anesthesia Concentration

The Master of Science Degree in Nursing (MSN) prepares students for a specialty focus to expand
their career options. As part of this specialty focus, students will gain an advanced knowledge base
and skill set that is grounded in the scientific discipline and art of professional nursing. This level of
professional education is necessary to meet the needs of a complex and changing health care
system and new client demands for optimum outcomes and quality. The degree program is designed
to foster interdisciplinary collaborative skills and independent functioning within a focused specialty
area, called an MSN concentration.

In conjunction with Kaiser Permanente, School of Anesthesia, the Department of Nursing at California
State University, Fullerton offers the Nurse Anesthesia concentration as part of our Master of Science
in Nursing Degree. This advanced practice nursing option includes client-oriented practice as well as
foundation in core courses, which include research critique and proposal writing; theory application,
testing, and refinement; and, making sound decisions within legal and ethical frameworks in a
complex health care and policy-making system. Additional skills addressed in the program include
information competence, critical thinking, problem solving within an interdisciplinary framework,
research application, advocacy, health promotion and disease prevention, and an understanding of
the unique needs of vulnerable populations.

The curriculum of the MSN - nurse anesthetist concentration provides the student with scientific,
clinical, and professional foundations upon which to build a sound and safe clinical practice. This 6
semester full-time program offers concentrated courses in anatomy/physiology, pathophysiology,
pharmacology, chemistry, biochemistry, physics, basic and advanced principles of anesthesia, and
professional roles. Courses in anesthesia practice provide clinical practicum with encompassing all
anesthetic techniques to diverse patient populations. The supervised clinical residency provides
students the opportunity to incorporate didactic anesthesia education into clinical practice. During the
clinical experience, students are supervised by anesthesiologists/nurse anesthetists who provide
instruction in the safe administration and monitoring of a variety of techniques including both general
and regional anesthesia.

                   The Cal State Fullerton Department of Nursing and Kaiser Permanente Nurse Anesthesia faculty
                   members believe that professional nurses are uniquely situated to positively influence health care
                   through their discipline-based understanding of health and clients, collaborative team-building skills,
                   and the profession’s social contract to provide health care to clients, families, and communities.
                   Advanced education with a specialty focus provides additional skills to achieve optimum health care
                   for specific populations.
                                              Fees and Tuition
Up to date information about CSUF fees and tuition can be found in the University Catalog and on the
university website:
Following are the required fees for Nurse Anesthesia concentration students at this time:
              California State University application fee ($55.00)
              CSUF tuition ($1796.00/semester, 7 units and above)
              Kaiser Permanente tuition and fees (see
              Other miscellaneous fees such as textbooks and parking (both CSUF & KPSAN)

                                               Financial Aid
Nursing students are eligible for any scholarships, grants, or loans available to the general student body.
Students interested in applying for financial assistance can contact the CSUF Financial Aid Office at
657-278-3125 or visit their website:
                                  CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, FULLERTON
                                 KAISER PERMANENTE SCHOOL OF ANESTHESIA
                                          CURRICULUM OVERVIEW

                FALL I                               SPRING I                               SUMMER I

N501  Theoretical Perspectives    3    N584  Principles of Nurse          3      N586  Principles of Nurse            3
      For Nursing Practice                   Anesthesia Practice I                     Anesthesia Practice II
N505A Nursing Research I          3    N585L Nurse Anesthesia Practicum I 2      N587L Nurse Anesthesia               5
                                                                                        Practicum II
N580    Foundations of Nurse      3    N582  Foundations of Nurse           4    N507 Advanced Decision Making        3
        Anesthesia Practice I                Anesthesia Practice II
N581    Clinical Studies in       3    N505B Seminar in Nursing             3
        Nurse Anesthesia                     Research
                                 12                                   12                                         11

               FALL II                              SPRING II                               SUMMER II

N588  Principles of Nurse         4    N590  Principles of Nurse            4    N507L   Advanced Decision Making     3
      Anesthesia Practice III                Anesthesia Practice IV                      Lab (CRNA)
N589L Nurse Anesthesia            7    N591L Nurse Anesthesia               7    N593L    Nurse Anesthesia            7
       Practicum III                         Practicum IV                                Practicum V
N595A Thesis/project Seminar      1    N595B Thesis/project Seminar         1

N596A    Comprehensive Exam (1) or     N596B    Comprehensive Exam (1) or
N597A    Directed Project (1) or       N597B    Directed Project (1) or
N598A    Thesis (1)                    N598B    Thesis (1)
                                  13                                        13
Core Courses - 13 units
NURS 501     Theoretical Perspectives for Nursing Practice (3)
             Study of the organization and development of nursing knowledge.
             Prerequisite / co-requisite: Graduate standing.
NURS 505A    Nursing Research I (3)
             An overview of research methodology, research problems, interpretation and utilization of research
             results, with emphasis on critique of qualitative and quantitative nursing research.
             Prerequisite / co-requisite: Graduate standing.
NURS 505B    Seminar in Nursing Research Methods (3)
             Examination of concepts and issues related to quantitative research design and measurement;
             development of nursing project or thesis proposal. The course's focus is the development and refinement
             of project, grant, or research ideas for a proposal.
             Prerequisite / co-requisite: Graduate standing.
NURS 507/L Advanced Decision Making: Nursing Issues and Lab (3,3)
             This course is an in-depth analysis of selected professional nursing issues. The scope of these issues
             has significant impact on the practice of nursing. Emphasis will be on the process of decision making,
             including analysis of the professional component of nurse anesthesia practice emphasizing
             ethical, medical and legal responsibilities of the practitioner.
             Prerequisite: NURS 590. Co requisite: NURS 593L.

                         Nurse Anesthesia Concentration - 60 units

NURS 580     Foundations of NA Practice I (3)                                as a basis for the assessment and
             This course will provide the                                    management for the anesthesia
             anesthetist student with the scientific                         patient.
             foundations of anesthesia practice.                             Prerequisite: NURS 580
             Integration of neuro-anatomical,                                Co requisite: NURS 584.
             biological, physical and                                        Pre or co requisite: NURS 505A.
             pharmacologic principles will serve
             as a basis for the assessment and               NURS 584        Principles of NA Practice I (3)
             management of the patient                                       Provides students with the
             undergoing anesthesia.                                          pathophysiological basis for
             Co requisite: NURS 581.                                         anesthesia as related to high risk,
                                                                             special needs populations and
NURS 581     Clinical Studies in NA (3)                                      specific clinical situations. Case
             Provides students with an                                       study discussions incorporate theory
             understanding of basic anesthesia                               and principles applicable to
             theories and applications prior to                              anesthesia practice.
             entry into clinical practice.                                   Prerequisite: NURS 581.
             Emphasis includes: perioperative                                Co requisite: NURS 585L.
             patient assessment, airway                                      Pre or co requisite: NURS 505A.
             management, anesthesia monitoring
             and treatment modalities.                       NURS 585L       NA Practicum I (2)
             Co requisite: NURS 580.                                         Preceptored clinical experience
                                                                             designed to provide the nurse
NURS 582     Foundations of NA Practice II (4)                               anesthetist student with clinical
             This course is second in a sequence                             application of the foundational
             of courses that will provide the                                principles of anesthesia.
             anesthetist student with selected                               Prerequisite: NURS 581
             scientific foundations of anesthesia                            Co requisite: NURS 584.
             practice. Integration of
             cardiopulmonary and renal anatomy,              NURS 586        Principles of NA Practice II (3)
             biology, and pathology with related                             This course focuses on advanced
             pharmacologic principles will serve                             theory of anesthesia management
            for specialized patient populations.                Co requisite: NURS 588.
            Specifically, obstetrics, pediatrics,
            geriatrics, and obesity. Emphasis is
            placed on principles which underlie     NURS 590    Principles of NA Practice IV (4)
            competent operative planning,                       Course incorporates the
            decision making, and case                           pathophysiologic basis for
            management.                                         anesthesia management including
            Prerequisite: NURS 584.                             neurologic, endocrine, and
            Co requisite: NURS 587L.                            gastrointestinal care. The course
                                                                integrates concepts of pharmacology
NURS 587L   NA Practicum II (5)                                 related to anesthesia and the
            Preceptored clinical experience                     application of current scientific
            designed to provide the nurse                       research findings in these patient
            anesthetist student with clinical                   populations.
            application of increasingly complex                 Prerequisite: NURS 588.
            clinical situations.                                Co requisite: NURS 591L.
            Prerequisite: NURS 585L.
            Co requisite: NURS 586.                 NURS 591L   NA Practicum IV (7)
                                                                Preceptored clinical experience
NURS 588    Principles of NA Practice III (4)                   designed to provide the nurse
            Focus on anesthesia knowledge of                    anesthetist student with clinical
            pathophysiology/advanced case                       application of increasingly complex
            management (specifically the                        clinical situations.
            cardiac and pulmonary systems),                     Prerequisite: NURS 589L.
            regional anesthesia, and                            Co requisite: NURS 590.
            presentations. Emphasis is placed
            on principles which underlie            NURS 593L   NA Practicum V (7)
            competent operative planning,                       Culminating preceptored clinical
            decision making, and case                           experience designed to provide the
            management.                                         nurse anesthetist student with
            Prerequisite: NURS 586.                             clinical practice in all areas of
            Co requisite: NURS 589L.                            anesthesia management.
                                                                Prerequisite: NURS 591L.
NURS 589L   NA Practicum III (7)                                Co requisite: NURS 592.
            Preceptored clinical experience
            designed to provide the nurse           NURS 595A   Thesis/Project Seminar I (1)
            anesthetist student with increasingly
            complex clinical situations and         NURS 595B   Thesis Project Seminar II (1)
            clinical decision making with
            multifaceted patients during            NURS 597    Project (2) or
            anesthesia management.                  NURS 598    Master’s Thesis (2)
            Prerequisite: NURS 587L.

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