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					What Are The Differences Between The iPad 2 And The iPad?
The iPad 2 is preparing for its big release, and with that comes numerous improvements and fresh features. The new model does have a few
commonalities with the original iPad, however there are some considerable upgrades that will increase positive user experience, inevitably setting the
standard for tablets and other mobile computing products. If you're thinking of getting your hands on the latest iPad, I suggest that you compare and
contrast the two as best you can to make a great final decision before you go ahead and buy. Below is an evaluation between the new specific
features vs the previous model of Apple's tablet. Expected Upgrades: Processing Speed - The processing power of the iPad will be taken to a whole
new level with the addition of a dual-core 1GHz processor. The iPad currently houses a single-core 1GHz, so if this is correct it's going to be able to
handle multi-threading much more effectively. Size and Weight - This is more of an adjustment than a substantial modification, regardless of this the
iPad 2 will be more slim than its prdecessor, which amounts to a lighter weight device. However, the width and the height will be about the same.
Dual Camera - The iPad 2 will boast a front and rear facing camera, similar to the new iPhone models. The rear high-end camera is going to be 720p
HD quality. New White Model - The initial iPad only came available as one flavor, and that will change with the new release. Apple will offer a white
version of the iPad that should bring strong interest. What remains: Screen Resolution - Many individuals were anticipating a slightly higher quality
screen due to the fact that the Motorola Xoom has a higher quality display than the iPad. However with all the other added features, it would not have
been cost efficient to implement this for the iPad 2. Disk Storage Capacity - There are no upgrades as it concerns hard drive space. Exactly the
same options (16GB/32GB/64GB) will be available for the iPad 2. Price - The previous iPad price has just been slashed to $399, which implies the
new model is going to be unveiled at the same price of $499. For those who have held off up to now, you may get all the new options at the identical
price tag or spend a reduced amount for the old one. The popularity over Apple and the new iPad are going to continue on in spite of new tablets
entering the market. With the high demand, get hold of one while you can since it is sure to set the standard for mobile computing, in the same way it
did a year ago.

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Description: Apple iPad iPad 2 is the next generation of products, in March 3, 2011 officially released, will be March 11 in the United States. Compared with the generation will be the biggest difference is iPad2 thinner, lighter, and has a front camera, and will be available at the black version and white version.