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                                                                       Miniseries (2 x two hours, HD)

Hindenburg - The Last Flight

An awe-inspiring airship. A murderous conspiracy. A devastating catastrophe.
Frankfurt, May 1937. The Hindenburg, the world's largest airship, is getting ready to fly to New York. A vehicle
of staggering dimensions, it is the pride of Nazi Germany. But it has one serious flaw: due to an American
embargo preventing the sale of helium to Germany, the Hindenburg is filled with highly combustible hydrogen
gas instead. To Merten Kröger, an engineer who helped design the Hindenburg, the ship is a stick of dynamite
waiting for a spark.

The young man of great charm but modest means has fallen in love with the wealthy Jennifer van Zandt, the
daughter of an American industrialist who wants to sell helium to the Germans. Just before the ship takes off,
Merten learns how far the industrialist will go: he has had a bomb placed on the airship. What van Zandt didn't
know is that his wife and daughter would be on board. Merten sneaks aboard the airship without a minute to

The young couple is reunited, and despite the great difference in class and social status between them, Jennifer,
too, avows her love for Merten. He tells her of the bomb hidden somewhere on the airship. But there is little
time for explanations, since Merten must flee: he is being sought for a murder he says he did not commit.
Jennifer is confused – is Merten lying to her? On the run from the crew, Merten overhears Jennifer's mother
telling someone to reset the bomb, as the Hindenburg is expected to land in Lakehurst, near New York,
several hours behind schedule. Before he can find out whom she was talking to, he is caught and brutally

Once proof is found that Merten did not commit the murder and that he is telling the truth about the bomb,
the crew begins a race-against-time search to find it – a search for the needle in a haystack. Jennifer is shocked
to learn that her mother was in on the conspiracy. Unfortunately, Mrs. van Zandt also doesn't know the
location of the explosives. And when the only person on board who knows where the dynamite has been
hidden plunges into the sea to his death, it looks like nothing can save the Hindenburg anymore. Awaited by
festive crowds, photographers and radio reporters, the airship majestically approaches Lakehurst…

Original title                    Hindenburg
Genre                             Event-Drama
Category                          Miniseries
Format                            2 x two hours, HD
Starring                          Lauren Lee Smith, Stacy Keach, Greta Scacchi, Maximilian Simonischek,
                                  Heiner Lauterbach, Ulrich Noethen, Christiane Paul, Hannes Jaenicke
Directed by                       Philipp Kadelbach
Produced by                       Teamworx for RTL in coproduction wit EOS in association with Beta

                                                                     Miniseries (2 x two hours, HD)

The Last Patriarch

In the autumn of his life, he learns the true meaning of family…
Entrepreneur Konrad Hansen prides himself on having made "Hansen Marzipan" a market leader in Europe. His
younger son Lars believes the time is ripe to expand to China, where marzipan is still unknown. Now 72,
Konrad wants to step down; but instead of passing the torch on to his eldest son Sven, a hard worker familiar
with the day-to-day business, he names Lars as his successor, thus provoking perplexity and ill feelings within
his family. To celebrate the founding of the Chinese subsidiary, Konrad and Lars travel to Shanghai, where an
unsettling surprise awaits them.

A mysterious package is delivered to Konrad after the ceremony: a Chinese-produced marzipan loaf bearing
the Hansen logo and colors, and made from the very same recipe that has been a well-guarded family secret
since 1882. Hansen stands to lose his 200 million euro investment, which could bring down his entire company.
He hires Florian, a journalist for the "Shanghai Economist," to investigate – and who immediately senses that
Hansen's official government interpreter/watchdog Chang Suong knows more than she's telling. Suong is hiding
a secret – one that goes back several decades and directly concerns Konrad Hansen.

As Lars struggles with his reputation and his inner demons, and as his brother Sven plunges into severe
depression, Konrad tries to hold everything together. Suong, however, is unable to keep the past a secret any
longer and confides in the journalist: many years ago, her mother fled to Germany and found refuge with the
Hansens, where she was treated with great kindness; however, after Konrad betrayed his wife with her, she
was forced to leave. Tao, the result of their affair and the son Konrad never knew he had, has now become his
nemesis and wants to destroy the Hansens.

Original title                   The last Patriarch
Genre                            Drama
Category                         Miniseries
Format                           2 x two hours, HD
 Starring                        Mario Adorf, Hannelore Elsner, Ursula Karven, Julia Richter, Max Urlacher
                                 Kai Scheve
Directed by                      Michael Steinke
Produced by                      UFA Filmproduktion GmbH / Six-Six-Eight Pte. Ltd.

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                                                                              TV Movie (two hours, HD)

Murder is no fairy tale

Once upon a crime…
The body of a girl is found near the Elbe River in Hamburg, a message for the police concealed in her hand.
Homicide Inspector Jan Fabel is entrusted with the case. Though still psychologically fragile after a catastrophic
police operation, he's been judged fit by his female therapist, his on-and-off girlfriend. For Fabel, the note in the
victim's hand is not only a mystery but also a hint that this could be the beginning of a serial killer's murder
spree. Sure enough, a couple is later also found murdered, again with a message that Fabel now realizes is
drawn from the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm. The victims are laid out in poses or with props that evoke
the fairy tale in question. But since there seems to be no link among the victims, the homicide squad is
stumped, the killer free to enact his deadly fantasies.

Yet there are leads and suspects. One man claims to have seen a heavily tattooed man in a wolf's mask attack
the murdered couple, and a popular author's latest book bears remarkable similarities with the murders. Is the
author inspiring a madman to kill, or is he himself the crazed killer? When Fabel finally discovers a connection
between the victims, it's nearly too late. He and his partner are attacked by the man in the wolf's mask, but
more as a warning than as a deadly assault. Somewhere in the city the wolf is about to strike again. And the
fairy tale to be reenacted is "Little Red Riding Hood," in which not only a grandmother, but also a young girl
become the victims of the Big Bad Wolf.

Title                              Murder is no fairy tale
Genre                              Crime
Category                           TV Movie
Format                             two hours, HD
Starring                           Peter Lohmeyer, Lutz Blochberger, Hinnerk Schönemann, David Scheller, Lisa
                                   Maria Potthoff, Marie-Lou Sellem
Directed by                        Urs Egger
Produced by                        Tivolifilm for ARD in association with Beta

                                                                             TV Movie (two hours, HD)

Shadows from the Past

Only the future is ours to shape.

Directed by Academy Award and Emmy nominated Robert Dornhelm
Some people learn to live with their past. Others try to bury it. Like Vera Schlink. The life she led 12 years ago
is the last thing on her mind at the glittering cocktail party being given to celebrate her nomination as Fund
Manager of the Year. Lovely, charming, married to successful manager Hannes, mother of pretty eight-year-old
Paula, committed to helping environmental and Third-World causes, Vera is the very portrait of the woman
who has it all, and who's liked by all. The only smudge on the portrait is Kurt, a man who played a brief but
decisive role in her past and who now unexpectedly appears at her party. The gift he's brought her are photos
from the life she once led and that she's been able to cover up until now: her past as a prostitute. A past that
no one, not even Hannes, knows anything about.

Thanks to Vera's testimony, Kurt and a pal were sent to jail for the murder of Vera's boyfriend. Kurt has
served his sentence and wants compensation for his lost years – from Vera. Frightened and desperate, Vera
turns for help not to her husband, but to a new friend, Melli, a no-nonsense, clear-thinking young woman who
unquestioningly devotes herself to Vera during these tense weeks. If Kurt doesn't get a million, he's going to
destroy not only Vera's life, but also that of Hannes and Paula. Melli favors a radical solution – but on whose
side is she really on?

Title                             Shadows from the Past
Genre                             Thriller
Category                          TV Movie
Format                            two hours, HD
Starring                          Aglaia Szyszkowitz, Bernhard Schir, Mavie Hörbiger, André Hennicke
Directed by                       Robert Dornhelm
Produced by                       DOR Film in coproduction with ARD and ORF in association with Beta

                                                                            TV Movie (two hours, HD)

Blue Skin

On the open water, there's nothing to cling to
With summer nearly over, it's time to party hard and fast. As usual, Germán throws the splashiest party and
proposes a cruise on his jaw-droppingly luxurious yacht. He, his girlfriend Amaya, his pal Luis and a few other
friends set out for fun, sun and sex on the sparkling Mediterranean. But there's one thing they've forgotten: the
sea has a mind of its own. Far from the coast, they dive into the water for a swim, but forget to attach the
ladder to the side of the boat. Only one seasick girl is on board. Their cries wake her up, but the dazed young
woman falls into the water with the heavy ladder…

The second calamity occurs when one girl is stung by a jellyfish, suffers a shock and dies. Another, already
weakened by illness, drowns. Anger erupts, desperation sets in, and the exhausted friends watch helplessly as a
storm front approaches. Then, a vision of hope appears on the horizon: a rickety old boat filled with African
refugees headed for Europe. They help the young people onto the yacht, but also establish a new balance of
power. Fearful of being turned over to the authorities, the illegals lock up the friends in a cabin. It is the
beginning of a deadly confrontation between two groups with nothing in common but the will to survive.

Title                            Blue Skin
Genre                            Thriller
Category                         Miniseries
Format                           two hours, HD
Starring                         Miguel Ángel Muñoz, Alejandro Albarracín, Manuela Vellés, Marta Milans,
                                 Nüll García, Rafael Amaya, Leticia Fabián
Directed by                      Gonzalo Lopez Gallego
Produced by                      Mercedes Gamero (A3 Films) and Macarena Rey (Boca Boca)

                                                                             TV Movie (two hours, HD)

No Man is an Island

… that can't be reached by others…
What makes Sylvia Moran so special? The celebrated actress enjoys a dazzling career that goes from triumph to
triumph. She is as radiant and beautiful as ever. She has a handsome young lover, Philipp, and a daughter she
adores, Nele. But there's something else that makes Sylvia so special: her commitment to the less fortunate, to
those who've been dealt a cruel hand in life. Yet the hug of one disabled child during a charity gala is enough to
change the course of her life. Backstage, alone with Philipp, Sylvia lets loose a tirade of offensive remarks about
the children – unaware that her obscene rant is being secretly recorded. A tape soon arrives, along with a
demand for hush money. Sylvia's career is on the brink of a meltdown.

Fortunately, she can count on Philipp, who takes the matter into his hands, and Clarissa, her loyal, efficient
private secretary. But the pressure is mounting on Sylvia, especially after an aggressive tabloid reporter begins
releasing scandalous front-page stories about her. And when her daughter Nele comes down with a life-
threatening case of meningitis, Sylvia's life begins to spiral out of control. Harassed by the blackmailer,
pressured by her producer to begin shooting her next film, and unable to cope with her daughter's illness,
Sylvia reacts as she always does: by throwing herself into her work. Except that this time she needs pills and
alcohol to get her through the day – particularly after she finds out who is blackmailing her.

Title                             No Man is an Island
Genre                             Drama
Category                          TV Movie
Format                            two hours, HD
Starring                          Iris Berben, Henning Baum, Stefanie Stappenbeck, Peter Lerchbaumer,
                                  Rolf Kanies, Franziska Weisz, Paula Knüpling
Directed by                       Carlo Rola
Produced by                       MOOVIE - the art of entertainment for ZDF in coproduction with
                                  EOS in association with Beta

                                                                                   TV Movie (two hours)

Dare to Love

… because it's always worth it
Attorney Maria Berger loves the fast pace of life in the pulsing metropolis of Bangkok. The tough-skinned, self-
assured lawyer is used to getting what she wants, whether it's a long jail term for a criminal, or a man to spend
the night with. One of these men is Dr. Martin Wagner, a renowned radiologist who, however, doesn't tell
Maria about his work, nor why he quit his job after his wife's death. To Maria, he's just another nice guy to find
some warmth and comfort with. She needs a lot of this now, since her sister Clara, who runs a resort on the
Thai coast near Bangkok, has developed a brain tumor which the doctors claim is inoperable.

As the family comes together again for the first time in years, Maria and Clara overcome the differences and
misunderstandings that had let them drift apart from one another, and from their parents. In her usual resolute
manner, Maria refuses to believe that nothing can be done for Clara and takes things into her own hands.
When she finds out that Martin is an ace radiologist, she begs him to intervene and examine Clara. Martin,
however, vowed never to return to the medical profession again after having helped his terminally ill wife to
die. But Maria, who has since fallen in love with Martin, is not the type to take no for an answer. And she
knows that she would never be able to share her life with the man who let her sister die…

Title                             Dare to Love
Genre                             Drama
Category                          TV Movie
Format                            two hours
Starring                          Christine Neubauer, Hardy Krüger jr., Susan Anbeh, Ruth-Maria Kubitschek,
                                  Charles Brauer
Directed by                       Wolf Gremm
Produced by                       Ziegler Film & Company with ARD DEGETO in association with BETA Film

                                                                                  TV Movie (two hours)

From Amsterdam, With Love

Two sisters locked in a struggle of duty, love and the yearning for freedom
In Amsterdam, Anna Lechner has found her paradise on earth: a fantastic job in the flower industry, a
wonderful old house just outside the city, and, most important of all, a great boyfriend, Ed, who wants to adopt
a child with her. The flip side of the young woman's energetic, hands-on spirit is her sense of duty. This comes
to the fore when her father falls gravely ill and she rushes home to Munich. On his deathbed he makes her
promise to take care of the family flower shop and of her younger sister Lilli, who limps and has been wearing a
leg brace ever since the car accident in which the sisters' mother died. But Lilli is a grown woman now, and she
intends to show everybody that she's not just a pitiable "cripple."

Anna has always felt responsible for Lilli, and now feels compelled to stay in Munich with her, thus ruining her
and Ed's chance of adopting the child that they had set their hearts on – and possibly destroying their
relationship as well. Lilli, meanwhile, meets Lorenz, a doctor who believes he can help her walk normally again.
As he conducts various examinations on her, the two grow closer and Lorenz helps Lilli, who feels ashamed of
her disability, to become more self-confident. Lilli feels betrayed by her sister, however, when Anna secretly
contacts Lorenz.
While Lilli is furious with her, Ed comes to Munich with an ultimatum: either Anna returns to Holland and lives
her own life – or he'll break up with her for good.

Title                            From Amsterdam, With Love
Genre                            Drama
Category                         TV Movie
Format                           two hours
Starring                         Gesine Cukrowski, Chiara Schoras, Beat Marti, Daan Schuurmans,
                                 Arthur Brauss
Directed by                      Ilse Hofmann
Produced by                      FFP New Media with ARD Degeto in association with BETA Film

                                                                            Feature Film (two hours, HD)

Vincent wants to Sea

A young man suffering from Tourette's syndrome absconds from an institution
with two other inhabitants to travel to Italy to fulfil his late mother's wish.

With almost 1 million admissions and 7 million Euro Boxoffice Germany's
second-biggest local film of 2010 through strong word of mouth!
Vincent is on the run – he escapes from the clinic, where he is supposed to learn to deal with his Tourette
syndrome. He wants to go to the sea in Italy, even though his father says he won't even make it to the corner

In his jacket pocket, Vincent carries a candy jar containing his mother's ashes. He is determined to fulfill her last
wish to visit the sea one last time. Along for the ride in a stolen car are anorexic Marie and his obsessive-
compulsive roommate Alexander. Vincent's trip to Italy is a catastrophe for his father, who is an ambitious
politician running for election, and only interested in his reputation. He finds his only ally in psychologist Dr.
Rose, who is understandably concerned about her unpredictable charges. Together, the two set off in pursuit.
Vincent, Marie and Alexander try their best to navigate life their own way – even if they keep driving each
other crazy.

“…a surprisingly effective portrait of damaged but lovable lost souls on the road…ably directed by Ralf Huettner…with
a screenplay, direction and performances all perfectly calibrated…infusing each character with a life of his or her own
on. After a modest debut, pic has become Germany's second-biggest local title of the year through strong word of
mouth.” (Variety)

"A big, tragicomical cinematic experience that remains touchingly close to life…” (AZ)

Title                               Vincent wants to Sea
Genre                               Drama
Category                            Feature Film
Format                              two hours, HD
Starring                            Florian David Fitz, Karoline Herfurth, Heino Ferch, Katharina Müller-Elmau
Directed by                         Ralf Hüttner
Produced by                         OLGA FILM production with backing from FFF,
                                    Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, FFA and DFFF

                                                                          Feature Film (two hours, HD)

Bon Appétit

Recipes for friends who kiss
In the kitchen of Zurich's gourmet restaurant "W," the young Spaniard Daniel is new to the team and soon
becomes a protegé of master chef and restaurant owner Thomas. He makes friends with Hugo, an Italian chef,
and Hanna, a German sommeliere. In love with life, high on adrenaline, aware of their exceptional talents and
skills, the trio seems on its way to becoming an inseparable band of friends. Until Hanna kisses Daniel…

Just a kiss – but what a kiss! It's enough to make him fall in love on the spot with the ever cheerful Hanna. And
to make him question his relationship with his girlfriend in Bilbao.
But then Daniel finds out that Hanna is Thomas' girlfriend. And that she's pregnant. The limits of Thomas'
commitment to Hanna become clear to her and Daniel when she has to be taken to the hospital one day, and
Thomas begs Daniel to stay by her side. After all, Thomas is married and has a reputation to lose.

Hanna recovers, and the baby she is carrying is unharmed. But she knows that Thomas does not want the child
and will never leave his wife. Yet she also rejects the comfort offered by Daniel. She quits her job and returns
to Munich. Daniel, in turn, puts all his energy into his work, becoming aggressive and domineering. But after
indirectly causing Hugo to lose his job, and seeing that he has lost his only remaining friend, Daniel begins to
reconsider his life, his goals, and the many different meanings of a kiss…

"A great deal of love without stereotypes." (ABC)

"Perceptive Unax and Nora lead the cast in a romantic comedy far away from stereotypes. A brilliant and well-focused
proposal by David Pillinos (...)" (LA RAZON)

"Charming in every way...A resolution of uncommon beauty. (...) Mastering the genre of romantic comedy and on the

Title                               Bon Appétit
Genre                               Romantic Drama
Category                            Feature Film
Format                              two hours, HD
Starring                            Unax Ugalde, Nora Tschirner, Giulio Berruti, Herbert Knaup
Directed by                         David Pinillos
Produced by                         Morena Films in co-production with Orio Produkzioak,
                                    Zodiac Pictures and Egoli Tossell Film

                                                                            Feature Film (two hours, HD)

Jerry Cotton

Based on the cult novels from the 1960s, translated into 14 languages, sold to
more than 50 countires and published all in all more than 1 Billion times.
New York FBI agent JERRY COTTON (Christian Tramitz) is on the brink of losing his sterling reputation: the
head of the Supervisory Authority DARYL D. ZANUCK (Christiane Paul) accuses him of having committed a
double murder. Did Jerry shoot SAMMY SERRANO (Moritz Bleibtreu) out of revenge because he was unable
to nail him for the theft of the States Union gold? And did he really kill his FBI partner TED CONROY (Janek
Rieke) in order to eliminate the sole witness? For Jerry, it's the beginning of a race against time: he must elude
his own colleagues from the FBI, track down the gangster KLAUS SCHMIDT (Heino Ferch) and his gang
(Monica Cruz, Jürgen Tarrach, Joram Voelklein), and find the true killer as soon as possible. Jerry's sole allies
are his red Jaguar XKE, his .38 Smith & Wesson, and his new partner PHIL DECKER (Christian Ulmen).

"… surprisingly high-caliber entertainment… not only the action sequences are compelling, but also the entire visual
concept can easily hold its own with Hollywood productions." (

Title                              Jerry Cotton
Genre                              Action Comedy
Category                           Feature Film
Format                             two hours, HD
Starring                           Christian Tramitz, Christian Ulmen, Heino Ferch, Moritz Bleibtreu,
                                   Christiane Paul, Monica Cruz
Directed by                        Cyrill Boss, Philipp Steinert
Produced by                        Rat Pack Filmproduktion in co-production with
                                   B.A. Produktion and Studio Babelsberg

                                                                           Feature Film (two hours, HD)

Electro Ghetto

It's not just times that are a-changing, it's the times that change you.
Top German rapper Bushido is on tour in Germany, when he receives a post card from his father. All the old
memories come boiling to the surface: Growing up as a ghetto kid in Berlin, dealing drugs instead of going to
school, slipping ever further into juvenile delinquency, heading towards a life of crime and prison. One image
especially won't let go of Bushido: His father beating his mother in front of him. At the height of his success as
a rapper, Bushido must confront the demons of his past. It's not just times that are a-changing, it's the times
that change you.

Uli Edel was born in 1947 and studied German Language Studies and Theater Sciences
before enrolling at the Munich University of Television & Film, where he first met Bernd Eichinger, whom he worked with
on numerous films. A selection of his award-winning films include: Christiane F - Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo (1981),
Last Exit to Brooklyn (1989), numerous other US event movies and mini-series like Body of Evidence (1993), The Mists
of Avalon, (TV, 2001), King of Texas (2002), Julius Caesar (TV, 2003), Ring of the Nibelungs (TV, 2004), as well as The
Baader Meinhof Complex (2008), among others.

Title                              Electro Ghetto
Genre                              Drama
Category                           Feature Film
Format                             two hours, HD
Starring                           Bushido, Moritz Bleibtreu, Karoline Schuch, Elyas M'Barek, Hannelore Elsner
Directed by                        Uli Edel
Produced by                        Constantin Film Produktion in co-production with Rat Pack Filmproduktion

                                                                        Feature Film (two hours, HD)

Keep Surfing

A fascinating look at Munich's legendary river-surfing community, a group of six
very different characters who all share a passion for going against the flow.
"Keep Surfing" tells the story of an unlikely passion in a place that a large part of the world only knows as
Oktoberfest City. Munich, the town of beer drinkers and pretzel lovers, has become the home of a surfing
crowd of urban individualists who pursue their dream of happiness by riding a river wave far from the ocean.

"Keep Surfing" portrays six surfers of the Eisbach hardcore, who master the river waves while pursuing their
own individual goals in life. Among the older guys is Dieter "The Eater," who was among the first to discover
river surfing in the late 60s and still rides the waves every day with his two grown daughters; and Walter, the
"janitor of the Eisbach," a working-class philosopher who discovered a way to keep the wave surging for 24
hours a day and who now lives as a kind of lone wolf and didgeridoo maker near a small beach in Sardinia,
where he rides his own wave every day. Belonging to the younger generation is golden boy Quirin Rohleder,
who started riding the Munich river wave on a boogie board and has become a surf pro living and global nomad
– even though his heart still beats for Munich, especially when he returns to the wave where everything

Among the foreigners who joined the local community is surf punk Eli Mack, for whom river surfing is a way
back to the roots of surfing and to a better self. But also surf legends like Kelly Slater, Ross Clark Jones and
Taylor Knox have tried their luck on the Munich river wave.

"Keep Surfing" is an ode to individual freedom and to the people who've achieved happiness on a river wave,
where they can go against the flow and find their place in life.

Official Selection Munich Film Festival 2009 (Audience Award)
Official Selection Tribeca Film Festival 2010

Title                              Keep Surfing
Genre                              Documentary
Category                           Feature Film
Format                             two hours, HD
Starring                           N.N.
Directed by                        Björn Richie Lob
Produced by                        Bjoern Richie Lob & Tobias N. Siebert in co-production with DIE BASISberlin

                                                                             Feature Film (two hours, HD)

Au revoir Taipei

A lovesick young man wants to leave Taipei in hopes of getting to Paris, but over
the course of one extraordinary night, finds the excitement and romance he was
longing for is already there.
The never-ending bustle of life in Taipei has become meaningless to Kai since his girlfriend left for Paris.
Brokenhearted, he spends his days working at his parents' noodle restaurant and his nights trying to learn
French at the local bookstore. It's there that he meets Susie, a sweet but lonely girl who takes an unusual
interest in him. Kai, however, can only think about getting to Paris - he's convinced himself that he'll never find
happiness or love again if he's stuck in Taipei.

When Brother Bao, a shady neighborhood gangster and real estate magnate, offers to help Kai get to Paris, he
immediately agrees. But Brother Bao's help comes with strings attached - Kai must pick up a mysterious
delivery for him on the same night that he's set to leave for Paris. Unfortunately there are others after the
delivery, including a group of aspiring gangsters who kidnap Kai's best friend, and an emotionally unstable police
detective with his own romantic issues. In the middle of all the chaos, Kai runs into Susie, and soon they are
pulled together into the enchanting world of nighttime Taipei, with its vibrant nightmarkets, twisting alleyways,
abandoned temples, lively karaoke bars, and love hotels.

Running, scooting, and even dancing through the city over the course of this one night, Kai and Susie gradually
begin to fall in love. In fact it seems as if everyone around them is also suffering from some form of
lovesickness, as Taipei itself comes alive with romance. By the early morning, Kai must make a final decision
about whether or not to go to Paris, and realizes that there maybe no need to say “Au revoir…”

Official Selection Berlin International Film Festival 2010 (‘NETPAC Award for Best Asian Film’)
Official Selection HK International Film Festival (Asia Premiere)

Title                               Au revoir Taipei
Genre                               Drama
Category                            Feature Film
Format                              two hours, HD
Starring                            Jack Yao, Amber Kuo, Joseph Chang, Lawrence Ko, Frankie Gao
Directed by                         Arvin Chen
Produced by                         Atom Cinema and greenskyfilms production

                                                                        Feature Film (two hours, HD)


To win her freedom, she rebelled against her family. To win this freedom for
another woman, she puts her life on the line...
Ayla is young, beautiful and self-confident. But she's also Turkish, a Muslim woman in Germany, who has had to
fight against her conservative family to live the way she wants to. Though she's a beloved kindergarten teacher,
her night job in a bar, along with her rejection of an arranged marriage, has poisoned her relationship with her
father, who refuses to see her. Trying to mediate between the two is Hülya, Ayla's sister, who accepts the
restrictions of her Turkish-Muslim world.

When Ayla meets Ayhan, she feels that he may just be the right man for her, but slowly discovers that he is
involved in a murderous plan to restore his family's honor: his sister Hatice has left her unloved husband in
Turkey and is trying to raise her little daughter alone in Germany. It is at the kindergarten that Hatice meets
Ayla, who soon realizes that her new friend, along with her daughter, is in danger.

Pursued by her own family, Hatice finds refuge with Ayla, who is dismayed to learn that Hatice's brother is
none other than Ayhan! Although he is against punishing his sister, he is the eldest son, and the task falls to
him... Ayhan tries in vain to talk to her and convince her to return to her husband in Turkey. He also begs Ayla
to believe him when he says he would never harm his sister, and tries to smooth his hot-headed younger
brother Mehmet. But then Mehmet takes things into his own hands. And Ayla feels that this time she must put
her life on the line for another woman's freedom.

2010 Audience Choice Best Feature, Stony Brook Film Festival

Title                             Ayla
Genre                             Drama
Category                          Feature Film
Format                            two hours, HD
Starring                          Pegah Ferydoni, Mehdi Moinzadeh, Timur Isik, Saskia Vester, Türkiz Talay
Directed by                       Su Turhan
Produced by                       Burkert Bareiss Production by TV 60 Film in co-production with
                                  SWR, BR, Arte and Goldkind Film Production

                                                                        Feature Film (two hours, HD)


Greeks, Trojans, Spartans, Whatever!

A sexy spoof of everyone's favorite "300," "Troy," "The Gladiator," "Alexander",
starring Ian Ziering (Beverly Hills, 90210), Will Sasso (MADtv), Rip Torn (Men in Black),
Kristanna Loken (Terminator 3 – Rise of the Machines) and other stars who look good
in a toga.

Back in the days of myths and legends, before Rome, Constantinople and McDonald's existed, when real men
were real men (and those who weren't were fashion consultants), there was one man the Ancients looked up
to: Awesomest Maximus, supremest and fearlesslest generalissimus of Troy. And also the king's son-in-law,
which is how he got the job. And which is probably better for Troy, since King Loony's son Orlando is a, let's
say, "fashion consultant." Anyway, the Greeks, who were then known for their high culture, strong currency
and the beautiful Ellen, go on a rampage when King Erotic's wife Ellen makes off for Troy with Awesomest
Maximus and Orlando. Erotic is furious and sends his best men after Awesomest. Their commander is the
invincible Testiclees, whose name says it all.

The battles are many, the loss of life is enormous, and Awesomest longs to return to his beautiful Tessa, who
dreams of becoming Queen and being invited to all the best parties. But with the road rocky, the path prickly
and the Aegis awash in algae and alliteration, Awesomest and his brave men face down threats like a giant
wooden Trojan penis that politically correct historians later called "Horse," and forced labor as a gladiator.
Ultimately, there's no way to avoid the showdown between Awesomest and Testiclees, who's been working
hard on his abs to impress his enemy. Now Awesomest may be flabby, but he's not dumb. Aware that it's not
Testiclees' heel that's vulnerable, he wins the battle when he finally has his opponent by the balls – making Troy
immortal and Testiclees a soprano.

Title                             301: The Legend Of Awesomest Maximus Wallace Leonidas
Genre                             Action Comedy
Category                          Feature Film
Format                            two hours, HD
Starring                          Ian Ziering, Kristanna Loken, Will Sasso, Rip Torn, Sophie Monk
Directed by                       Jeff Kanew
Produced by                       National Lampoon, Inc.

                                                                       Feature Film (two hours, HD)


When Dictator Junior goes to college
Evil dictators all over the world complain about the U.S. But where do they send their offspring to college?
Right: the U.S. So when comes time for Ratko Volvic, son of evil dictator Kostka Volvic, to go to university, he
picks a nice quiet liberal-arts college whose dean is regularly supplied by Volvic Senior with suitcases full of
money and beautiful girls in skimpy bathing suits. Ratko is also a great believer in the power of the dollar, and
sends his dorm-mates off to a luxury hotel so he can renovate the dorm in a style that might be classified as
Neo-Whorehouse. Only Ratko's own roommate Jeremy is gently ordered to share the room with him. With
"Saddam Lite" flashing his disarming smile and sharing his two full-bosomed wives with him, what's a guy to do?

When Holly enters his life, Ratko suddenly feels all different inside. Gorgeous, blonde, well-endowed, she's the
image of feminine perfection. Her only drawback is her social conscience. Ratko can't understand why she
protests against his wonderful father – until she opens his eyes to Not-Very-Beloved Leader's true nature.
Ratko immediately calls Dad to have him end the 800 Years' War, but to no avail: Dad arrives on campus with
his men in black to punish Ratko and whoever else is slandering his name. By now, of course, Holly has fallen
hopelessly in love with Ratko and is determined to help him stop a mad scientist from producing weapons of
mass destruction for Volvic Senior. In a word, it's going to be a busy freshman year for Ratko, the Dictator's

Title                            Ratko
Genre                            Comedy
Category                         Feature Film
Format                           two hours, HD
Starring                         Efren Ramirez, Katrina Bowden, Dennis Haskins, Curtis Armstrong
Directed by                      Savage Steve Holland
Produced by                      National Lampoon, Inc.

                                                                        Feature Film (two hours, HD)


A mysterious mountain... The elixir of life... A case for the members of the
Based on the famous novels translated into 26 languages and sold more than 20 million times.
It is summer and the Tiger Team longs for new cases to solve and mysteries to unravel. When Bigi, Luk and
Patrick lay hands on a cryptic object, they know a new adventure lies ahead. Their research uncovers a
connection to China. Could the object be one of the three keys that will open the doors of the Moonlight
Palace in the Mountain of 1,000 Dragons near Beijing? The only way to find out is to go there…

As soon as the Tiger Team reaches China, Bigi is attacked and the key is stolen. The elderly Cheng, who
originally had sent the key to Europe to keep it safe, offers to help the three friends. He fears that the ancient
key has been snatched by the notorious Lady Q, the head of the secret order of the Black Snake. In fact, Lady
Q and her henchmen kidnap Cheng and mercilessly pursue the Tiger Team through Beijing in search of two
more missing keys and the secret map. Although the palace conceals unimaginable treasures, all that Lady Q
really wants is the elixir of immortality that would make her invincible. According to an ancient legend, this
elixir was given to a boy emperor 600 years ago. In order to free Cheng, the Tiger Team is forced to help Lady

As one key after the other leads to new and frightening dangers, the group finally makes it into the furthest
recesses of the mountain palace – where they meet the boy emperor himself…

Title                             Tiger-Team
Genre                             Family Entertainment
Category                          Feature Film
Format                            two hours, HD
Starring                          Helena Siegmund-Schultze, Bruno Leon Schubert, Justus Kammerer
                                  Iris Berben, Stipe Erceg
Directed by                       Peter Gersina
Produced by                       ndF:Neue Deutsche Filmgesellschaft and Family Pictures in co-production with
                                  B.A. Produktion, Constantin Film, in co-operation with ORF
                                                                                Feature Film (two hours)

The Devil's Kickers

They're outsiders beating the odds.
Moritz loves football and his football club more than anything else in the world. Together with his father, the
club's trainer, he spends as much of his free time as possible on the football field. After his parents split up,
Moritz and his mom have to move away and in with his bad-tempered grandfather. To make things even worse,
the only football club in the new town arrogantly refuses to let Moritz join them. But a true kicker never gives

At his new school, Moritz meets Alex and his cool rooftop gang, who race through the streets and play
streetsoccer using everything around them as an obstacle course. Among them are Niko, the two brothers
Mehmet and Enes, and Catrina, who may be a girl but makes every penalty shot. Moritz convinces the gang to
form a new football team: The Devil's Kickers.
With their avant-garde style, they create a buzz in the local football scene. Even Moritz's grandfather is
impressed. A passionate footballer in his younger years, he takes it upon himself to become their trainer.

Just before their big game is to begin, where they will face their fiercest rival, The Devil's Kicker's nerves are on
edge. But together they can make it, anywhere, anytime…

Original title                    Teufelskicker
Genre                             Family Entertainment
Category                          Feature Film
Format                            two hours
Starring                          Diana Amft, Benno Fürmann, Reiner Schöne, Armin Rohde,
                                  Catherine Flemming, Henry Horn, Cosima Henman, Dario Barbanti
                                  Marvin Schlatter
Directed by                       Granz Henman
Produced by                       UFA Cinema in collaboration with Phoenix Film

                                                                                  Series (26 x half hour)

Chi Rho - The Secret

Action-packed tales based on Biblical stories...
A 12-year-old has to rescue her father and save Christianity.

When Professor Petersen, a famous Bible expert vanishes into thin air, his stubbornly determined 12 year-old
daughter Cora undertakes a perilous mission to find him...

Professor Petersen has been kidnapped! A sinister agent of The Evil One is holding him prisoner, intending to
use Professor Petersen's knowledge to time travel into the Holy Land of the ancient past. His wicked and sinful
goal? He plans on preventing all the wonderful biblical stories that we know and love from ever having taken
place! Forced to take seriously a threat of harm to his daughter's life, the professor submits to the villainous
demands of his captor, but the forces of evil are in for an unexpected surprise.

The courageous Cora, using the magnificent Cubus Temporis to travel back in time, is mounting a brave rescue
mission to save her dad.

With the aid of Habib, a young boy from Jesus' day and the marvelous WONDERERS, a troupe of musical
animals, Cora embarks on a fascinating adventure through time to the Holy Land to save her father and to
prevent the theft of the most glorious collection of stories ever known to Man...

Title                            Chi Rho - The Secret
Genre                            Family Entertainment
Category                         Series Cartoon
Format                           26 x 22’
Starring                         animated characters
Directed by                      Michael Schaack
Produced by                      Cross Media, KI.KA, Trickompany and Beta Film in association with
                                 the Protestant and Catholic Church of Germany and supported
                                 by MDM (Mitteldeutschen Medienförderung).

                                                                                  Series (26 x half hour)

Daddy Lion and his happy Kids

Seven lively imaginations lead to marvelous adventures
Keeping his children happy is Daddy Lion's first priority. That's not always easy, as Mommy Lion has a full time
job, and his seven loveable rascals are always getting into mischief. Like when they water the houseplants with
so much fertilizer that the house turns into a jungle. And seven curious minds are forever coming up with
baffling questions like “why doesn't the moon fall down?”

Eager to put what they learn into practice, the kids decide that what's good enough for the French is good
enough for them and start their own revolution. They run around shouting “freedom” and “fight,” and their
most important demand is that they get to eat with their fingers.

With seven hungry mouths to feed, there's not always enough money to fulfill all their wishes, so Daddy Lion
must come up with creative alternatives like building an aqua park in the living room or performing their own
play when the TV breaks down.

Although things are sometimes a bit chaotic in the Lion household, the kids learn a lot from their dad, and have
a bundle of fun while they're at it!

Title                            Daddy Lion and his happy Kids
Genre                            Family Entertainment
Category                         Series Cartoon
Format                           26 x 13’
Starring                         animated characters
Directed by                      Martin Otevrel
Produced by                      Papa Löwe Filmproduktion GmbH

                                                                           Feature Film (26 x half hour)


She's spunky and clever, and she makes friends wherever she goes.
The only thing missing is a real family.
Born on a snowy, winter night, 10-year-old Stellina, or “Little Star,” was named after a shooting star that
appeared at the moment of her birth. Orphaned only months later, Stellina has grown up happily with her
surrogate family, the colorful members of the Panagulis Circus.

There's the ringmaster Nicos and the fortune-teller Marushka as well as Tataglio the clown and his sidekick
Macaroni, who never says a word. And then, of course, there's her best friend, the black panther Gala.

Fun-loving and spirited, Stellina's antics are constantly getting her into trouble. Whether roaming the
countryside with Gala or skipping class, Stellina is always full of mischief. Her greatest dream is to become a
trapeze artist, just like her mom.

When child welfare decides to place her in a boarding school, Stellina escapes with the ferret Pip and makes
her way to Rome, determined to return to her circus family. Life in the big city is full of dangers, but Stellina
quickly finds new friends, who help her survive. The police, however, are just one step behind.

Title                             Stellina
Genre                             Family Entertainment
Category                          Series Cartoon
Format                            26 x half hour
Starring                          animated characters
Directed by                       Sidney Kombo
Produced by                       Pictor Media, The Animation Band


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