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					Raffles Hospital Singapore 2009   Liposuction Abdomen

                                    commonly known
                                    as a 'Tummy Tuck',
                                   is cosmetic surgery
                                    to remove excess
                                     skin and fat from
                                      the middle and
                                     lower abdomen
                                      and tighten the
                                      muscles of the
                                    abdomen, leading
                                   to a less protruding
                                   and shapelier figure.

                                     Feel better. Look
                                     better turn back
                                        that clock!
                                                                                                      common in women because men have a tighter collagen
                                  Liposuction Abdomen                                                 mesh pattern beneath their skin. Liposuction can help aid
                                  Liposuction, is one of the most popular plastic surgery
                                                                                                      cellulite removal in both men and women, but it is important
                                  procedures because it offers safe, effective fat and cellulite
                                                                                                      to remember that there is no permanent "cure" for cellulite as
                                  removal. Some of the main liposuction benefits include
                                                                                                      the success of cellulite removal is dependent on many
                                  improved health associated with fat loss, improved overall
                                                                                                      factors, including genetics.
                                  appearance, and the reduction in the appearance of cellulite.
                                                                                                      Length of the hospital stay:
                                  Improved Health- Most doctors agree that weight loss is
                                  the best way to reduce your risk of heart disease, diabetes,        One to two days but will depend on the area to be treated.
                                  and even certain types of cancer. Liposuction can be used for       Length of the recovery period and post-operative care:
                                  removal of stubborn pockets of fat of 10 pounds or less that
                                                                                                      • General soreness around the treated area for several days
                                  resist dieting and exercise.
                                                                                                        is a normal post operative condition that is only temporary.
                                  Improved Appearance- Make your clothes fit better                    • Removal of stitches about one week after surgery
                                  with dramatic improvement to your problem areas.
                                  Liposuction can help smooth and contour your body, bringing         Most people can return to work within a few days of the
                                                                                                      surgery although there may be significant bruising and swelling
                                  back the confidence you’ve once lost. Other unexpected
                                                                                                      after surgery which may take several months to settle
                                  benefits include being able to partake in activities that patients
                                  had previously shied away from because they were unhappy            completely.
                                  with their appearance.                                              Remember to consult with your surgeon both before and
                                                                                                      after your procedure and follow the care as advised by your
                                  Cellulite Removal- Cellulite is caused by fat cells pushing         surgeon and your regular physician.
                                  through the collagen connective tissue directly beneath the
                                  skin’s surface, causing a dimpled appearance. Cellulite is more     Final treatment price depends on how many
                                                                                                      areas need to be treated
                                     Please visit our 3D library to see an animated explanation of this

                                      Complete Surgery Packages, including 2 nights in a hotel, starting at
                                                                                          7259 USD!
                                                  Enquire here for a quotation for a package of your choice, please indicate your
                                                       preferred time for travel and treatment and the length of your stay.
                              RAFFLES HOSPITAL
Raffles Hospital Singapore 2009

                                  The rooms at
                                  Hospital are
                                  outfitted to the
                                  standards of
                                  five-star hotels,
                                  with an array
                                  of suites,
                                  single, double,
                                  four and even
                                  six-bed rooms
                                  for patients to
                                  choose from.

                                                      A hospital built around the needs of their patients
                                                      Raffles Hospital is a 380 bed,         primary to specialist medical care Clinical Interest
                                                      tertiary care hospital and the        which is all under one             Laparoscopic procedures, eg: anti-
                                                      flagship facility of Raffles Medical    management and the                 reflux and obesity sur ger y,
                                                      Group, a leading pr ivate             multidisciplinary collaboration of laparoscopic gastric banding for
                                                      healthcare provider in Singapore      our in-house specialists.          severe obesity
                                                      and South East Asia since 1976.                                          Dr Baladas is a General Surgeon.
                                                                                            With our commitment to quality, He qualified in 1988 from NUS
                                                      Backed with 30 years of delivering    you can be assured of medical and obtained his fellowship in
                                                      quality medical care, the Raffles      services that are integrated, peer surgery in 1994 from the Royal
                                                      brand name is synonymous with         reviewed and medically audited.    Colleges of Edinbur gh and
                                                      quality and trust and offers a                                           Glasgow. He was awarded MOH
                                                      patient centric approach in                                              HMDP in Laparoscopic Surgery in
                                                      delivering healthcare services.                                          Australia from 1999 to 2000.

                                                      All key specialist services are                                               Dr Baladas has since performed
                                                      available and organized into 12                                               many specialised laparoscopic
                                                      specialty clinics. Our team of                                                procedures and has experience in
                                                      specialists are organized as a                                                laparoscopic anti-reflux and
                                                      Group Practice combining sub-                                                 obesity surgery. He is known for
                                                      specialty expertise and teamwork                                              laparoscopic gastric banding for
                                                      to ensure optimal, affordable, and    
                             severe obesity, having performed
                                                      high quality care for our patients.                                           a large series of operations and
                                                                                                A Raffles Surgeon                    having been invited to preceptor
                                                      As a Group Practice, we provide a         Dr. Baladas Haridas                 surgeons locally and in the region.
                                                      holistic approach and an                       Ganesan
                                                      integrated team-based care for            MBBS (S'pore), FRCS (Edin),
                                                      our patients. They benefit from                  FRCS (Glas)

                            “The package price we will quote you are for a standard, non-complicated procedure. Complications and surgeon discretion may result in
                            extra tests and surcharges levied by the hospital, the payment of which is the responsibility of the client and paid directly to the hospital.
                                                                                          Thank you.”

 Choose from 4 premium Hotels in Singapore, with
very special offerings for Wellness Travel Clients
                                          ORCHARD HOTEL                        Inclusions* @ Orchard Hotel
                                                                              Room upgrade, subject to availability
                                            Superior Room                              breakfast for two
                                        The hotel is a 653-room                A $30 Spa-Voucher, free local calls
                                        hotel ideally situated on               Complimentary internet access
                                         Singapore’s renowned                 15% discount on Food and Beverage
                                             Orchard Road.                         Airport transfers included

                                        PAN PACIFIC HOTEL                     Inclusions* @ Pan Pacific Hotel

                                             Deluxe Room                      Room upgrade, subject to availability
                                       The hotel is renowned for its                   Breakfast for two
                                                                                Complimentary internet access
                                       award winning dining outlets,
                                                                              20% discount on Food and Beverage
                                           and the six bars and
                                                                                  Airport transfers included
                                       restaurants will surely tempt

                                          THE FULLERTON                     Inclusions* @ The Fullerton Hotel
                                                                              Room upgrade, subject to availability
                                             Courtyard Room                            Breakfast for two
                                                                               Complimentary airport transfers
                                       A masterpiece of modern comfort
                                                                            10% discount on Food and Beverage with
                                          and elegance. Built in 1928, a              selected restaurants
                                       unique hotel experience not to be
                                                                                   Airport transfers included
                                            missed, pure indulgence.

                                       SOMERSET SERVICED                          Inclusions* @ Somerset
                                          APARTMENTS                                  Breakfast for two
                                                                                      Laundry facilities
                                       Serviced apartments, 1, 2, 3 and      Use of Residence lounge and facilities
                                           4 bedrooms apartments                Complimentary internet access
                                       available, perfect for families or         Airport transfers included
                                          longer stays in Singapore

Inclusions* - Some Inclusions are Based on a 7 night stay and may not be available when booking less than 7 nights

Book your treatment today, let our medical and hospitality partners take
       care of you, go home feeling and looking like a new person!

   The Wellness Travel Company, providing Medical and Life
     Style Solutions at the best possible price, guaranteed!
                                                                                                      Dear Wellness
                                                                                                    Traveler, here we
                                                                                                   provide you with the
                                INCLUDED                                                             information you
                                                                                                   need for a balanced
                       •Pre-Operative consultation with

                       Surgeon: ( ONE)                                                              Providing you with
                       •Standard Pre-surgery Plain X-                                                all inclusions on
                       Ray(1) and blood tests                                                        your treatment.
                       •Surgeon's Fees

                                                                                                    Meaning there are
                       •Anesthesiologists Fees
                                                     no ‘surprises’ when
                       •Anesthesia : Pre-Anesthetic                                                leaving the hospital.
                       Drugs, Anesthesia, Medical Gas
                       (Oxygen, Nitrous Oxide)                                                      We at The Wellness
                                                                                                   Travel Company stand
                       •Operating Room Charges ; OR
                                                                                                    behind out product,
                       Room Use, Recovery Room, Scrub                                                   that means
                       & Circulate Nurse                                                               NO MARK-UP’s
                                                                                                      or hidden fees!
                       •Accommodation for 1 night in
                       the surgical floor including: Room,                                           Most importantly,
                       Nursing Service Charges, Service                                            We are here, on the
                       Charges, Regular menu food                                                        ground,
                                                              •Standard Medications during
                       charges                                                                     Not 1000 miles away
                                                              recommended length of stay in the    and at your service
                       •Private single (1) bed with meals
                                                              hospital                                     24/7!
                       •Post operative consultations/follow
                                                              •GST/VAT & all taxes
                       up appointment: (TWO)

                           Friendly, but essential advice: Be very        NOT INCLUDED
                          careful if attempting to plan your own
                           international medical travel program.          •Take home medications       •Charges for inpatient stays
                             There are many issues that are not           and supplies.                in excess of 1 night.
                             apparent to the first time medical
                          tourist. One small oversight can be the         •Laboratory Testing          •Additional charges for
                            difference between a successful and           necessary for the            these days including room
                            unsuccessful surgery and experience
                                           abroad.                        procedure if required by     and other charges will be
                         Let us assist you in making all the right        surgeon as CBC, PT & PTT,    added to the package price
                         choices. By working with a full service          Urianalysis, Anti HIV        at normal hospital
                         medical tourism company that offers a
                         guarantee, you will greatly reduce the           •Radiology Studies           rates.

                          possibility of something going wrong.           •Other charges not related   •Charges for intensive
                         We take the process of Medical Travel
                                       very seriously.                    to the procedures            care, if necessary.

                                                                          •Charges for other           •Items of a personal nature
                                          After all,
                          It is your health we are talking about!         procedure or other plastic   such as in-room drinks,
                                                                          surgery.                     telephone charges and
                         The Wellness Travel Company has your
                            best interest at heart, we do not             •Charges for Out Patient     guest meals will be charged
                          represent the hospitals, we represent           Department incurred prior    at the normal rates in effect.
                                                                          to the surgery. 


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