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									Kentucky Family Health Insurance
                        Are you looking for Kentucky family health
                        insurance? If so, there are several things you should
                        Always deal with a local independant agent who
                        specializes in Kentucky Health Plans and who
                        represents all major health insurance companies –
out-of-state agents may not know the details of the Kentucky plans and
could very well (and many times indeed do) recommend the wrong plan
Avoid giving anyone your billing information over the phone until you have
had a chance to review the plans on your own. Most carriers will bill you
even for the initial premium payment.
Do not feel pressured. Take your time and understand the plan that you are
about to purchase to insure your family.
The plans need to be explained in detail or you may end up getting stuck
with hundreds or thousands in hospital or doctor bills after you come to find
that your plan “doesn’t cover this or that…”

In Kentucky, there are many providers that cater to a family searching for
health insurance that will sell you a “mini-med” plan. You should know that
this is NOT a comprehensive health insurance plan. These plans are
considerably cheaper, but when push comes to shove, they do not provide
good benefits to you or your family. Here, the golden rule applies, you will
get what you pay for.

Do not be misled by an agent who assures you he or she can get you the best
or lower rates. ALL insurance rates are set by the government and there are
no deals or discounts that can be offered. Many times an agent will quote
you a lower rate without taking your age or medications into account and
then once the plan is issued you will receive a much higher monthly
premium. Don’t be caught off guard!
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