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									The Peterson Post
 InterVarsity Christian Fellowship
Kentucky Area Director                                   June 2006                                            Volume 8 Issue 4
Eric and Kristi Peterson                 1048 Reasor Ave. Louisville, KY 40217     502-635-9173

       Dear Friends,
          Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus! We have been to China
          and back! We are joyful and excited to welcome Rachel Bao Yi
          Peterson into our family. We got her on Mother’s Day (how
          appropriate!) and we will love her as her forever family. Our
          experience in China was amazing and you can read about it on
          our website . There
          are many pictures and our story is told day by day on the site.
          To sum it up it was an amazing experience of God’s work,
          answered prayer (thank you for your intercession!) and the
          joining together of our new family. Since returning home on
          May 25th we have seen more and more smiles like the one in this
          picture, a rare occurrence in China. She is doing great, sleeping
          and eating well, and crawling! Caleb and Daniel love to play
          with her and give her kisses. They are great big brothers!
               • Pray for us this summer to continue to bond as a family
                   to have the Fruit of the Spirit especially to be patient,
                   and full of love as we travel to see family and friends
                   and adjust to “playing zone defense” (having three children) as parents. Pray also for wisdom for
                   Kristi and I as we add our nine-month old new daughter to our home.
               • Please also pray Psalm 68:5-6 for orphans in China that the all-powerful warrior God described in
                   Psalm 68 would be their Father and that He would set the lonely “Lost Daughters of China” into
                   forever families. Thank you again for praying!

      Three New Staff in Kentucky!
      In my last letter I asked you to pray for several potential staff who were in the application process. Thank you for
      your prayers and I’m happy to report the hiring of Anthony Humphress to work with Fraternity and Sorority
      students at the University of Kentucky and Bonnie LeCompte to expand our ministry to International Students at
      the University of Louisville. In addition, Bryant Owens will be joining my team in Louisville to work at U of L
      and Bellarmine University. Bryant is transferring from Tennessee Tech and will be pursuing a Seminary Degree
      here in Louisville. Praise God for more workers for the Harvest field of the college campus in Kentucky! I now
      supervise ten campus staff members!
          • Pray for me to supervise a growing staff team well, to foster excellent teamwork and maximize each staff
              member’s development and ministry.
          • Pray for Anthony, Bonnie and Bryant to have God’s blessing of provision in Fund Development, to be
              empowered and refreshed spiritually this summer, and to bond together quickly with the KY Team.
          • Pray for our KY team family retreat and meeting August 4-8 to accomplish the goals of team building,
              spiritual refreshment and planning for our Fall semester. Pray for my leadership of this meeting to be led
              by the Spirit and for each staff to be encouraged and empowered by our time together.
 Middle Management in Ministry
 As an Area Director it is my job to lead leaders. I have the privilege to supervise some amazing
 ministry leaders. My excitement blooms as I dream about how God might use these missionaries to the
 campus. I believe that God has formed me and shaped me for my current role. I love what I do. The
 opportunity to have a shaping, long term influence on InterVarsity students and staff in Kentucky for
 the glory of the Kingdom of God motivates me to lead well, to pray, to rely on the Holy Spirit and to
 walk forward in faith. I’m learning to be a better supervisor, a better leader of leaders. Its my hope
 that I can perform well in my role that the “whole body” of my team may function well to the glory of
 God. One of my summer goals is to develop and implement some new structures that will help me to
 supervise my team of 10 staff more effectively in the coming year. Pray for creativity and sound
 judgment in implementing this. Its my hope that each of my staff could develop and grow and in turn
 lead more effectively, influencing more students and more campuses for God’s Kingdom. Our hope is
 to grow that influence through implementing more evangelism, prayer, student leadership and small
 group Bible study on campuses in KY. To accomplish what I hope for, I need the prayers of
 intercessors such as you, for “Unless the Lord builds the house its builders labor in vain. Psalm 127:1”
 Please join me in prayer for our vision to be accomplished: Students and Faculty transformed,
 campuses renewed, and world changers developed.
     • Pray for my growth as an area director to bear fruit on campus through excellent supervision of
         campus staff.
     • Pray that I’d serve well with humility and a reliance on the Holy Spirit.
     • Pray for God to grant wisdom and creativity in developing new structures of goal setting,
         planning, reporting and review.
     • Pray for my leadership to inspire, encourage, and bless those that I lead.
     • Pray for the ability and grace for my life and ministry to be the message I preach. In other
         words, to have integrity. It’s so easy to say the right thing but not have it together. This is the
         challenge of Middle Management in Ministry. It’s my role to lead Christian ministry leaders, so
         I spend most of my time with them, but I want them to minister in Evangelism and mission to
         the campus that students and faculty be transformed and world changers developed! Pray that
         God would lead me to broader and bolder ministry to students and faculty.
     • Pray for our work with students to double in the coming school year!

InterVarsity Financial Update
As our fiscal year comes to a close in June, I have most of my support raised (90%). However, additional
gifts this month would help the KY Staff team balance our budgets and end our fiscal year “in the black”.
If you would consider a gift this month to help us end well that would be much appreciated. Thank you!

How to Support InterVarsity in Kentucky:
To partner with us financially online: go to (or use the enclosed envelope)
and designate your gift for the work of staff member, Eric Peterson and/or the KY Strategic Advancement
Fund (used where most needed in Kentucky.)

                                                     To God be the Glory,
                                                     Eric, Kristi, Caleb, Daniel and Rachel

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