EMERGENCY CHECK by nikeborome


									CHECK LIST FOR WORK CARRIED OUT INSIDE                           ♦ Carry out visual inspection of equipment, cables and
OUR PLANT                                                          plugs before use.
                                                                                                                              GREAT LAKES MANUFACTURING
Workorder release:                                               Vehicles:                                                            (GERMANY)
♦ Is work approval slip on hand?                                 ♦ Does driver have a license?
♦ Has work been coordinated with operating personnel?            ♦ Are regular tests being carried out?
♦ Has instruction reg. dangerous goods and PSE taken             ♦ Check safe condition before starting to drive!
♦ Have safety measures been determined?
Safety measures:
♦   Have determined safety measures been implemented?
♦   Is work area been closed off?
♦   Are you using the correct PSE?                               Emergency call: 110                                                     WALDKRAIBURG
♦   Has supervisory personnel been determined?                In case of emergency it is imperative to mention:
♦   Is gas measuring necessary?                               What: (accident, fire, explosion)
♦                                                             Where: (plant, story, tank farm ...)
    Has fire watch been provided?
                                                              How much: (injured people, kind of injuries)
                                                                                                                           Safety information for employees of contractors and visitors
♦ Has work commencement been approved?                        Who: (name, Tel. No.)
♦ Is system pressureless?                                     Wait for poss. questions.                                   ”Safety is my cup of tea”
                                                              Conduct in case of an emergency:
♦ Has cleaning / rinsing been carried out?
Residues must always be anticipated!                             ♦ Go to meeting point.
Tools/operating agents/Personal Safety Equipment:                ♦ Personal protection
♦ Employ tools, equipment and operating agents accord-           ♦ Rescue injured
  ing to their intended use.                                                ♦ Render first aid
♦ Use safety equipment.                                                     ♦ Fight fire with fire extinguisher
♦ Wear personal protection equipment.                                       ♦ Direct rescue personnel
♦ Rectify safety hazards immediately or report them to
  your supervisor.
Ladders, steps, scaffolding:
♦   Perfect condition (inspection lable, annual inspection)
♦   Proper handling.                                             Important contacts:
♦   Observe operatingy instructions.                             Safety/Environment:        M. Fuchs:         168
♦   Mount scaffolding properly (3-piece back protection).        Maintenance:               D. Thomas:        233
                                                                 E/MSR Dept.:               K. Bräu:          270
♦   Has removal of scaffolding been initiated by expert?
                                                                 Mechanics:                 G.Hollerrieder:   235
♦   Remove defective ladders immediately!
                                                                 Reception:                                   223
Electrical tools:
♦ Have regular inspections acc. to VBG 4 been carried

j:\users\ua\arbeitssicherheit\regeln\fremdfirmen_engl.doc                                                                                                                UA-mf/19.04.99
    SAFETY INFORMATION                                                     RULES AND PROHIBITIONS:                                      DANGEROUS WORK PROCESSES

                                                                           Smoking is prohibited in the entire plant. Ex-    A permission form has to be filled out for dangerous jobs.

S   afety and the protection of the environment are im-
    portant components of our environmental policy. It is
                                                                           ceptions hereto are certain marked areas. The
                                                                           ban on smoking applies also to smoking inside
                                                                           your vehicles.
                                                                                                                             These include:
                                                                                                                                Entering vessels, pits, ditches, manholes and other
                                                                                                                             confined spaces,
therefore our duty to always ensure the safety of all em-                                                                       hot work (welding, grinding, preheating ...)
ployees in the plant. This includes also the instruction of                Cellular phones may not be used anywhere in          jobs with ignition hazards in explosive ranges (use of
contractor employees. With the help of this pamphlet we                    the plant. Please keep them switched off          machines, chisels, drills ... which are not explosion- proof)
would like to help you in understanding the regulations                                                                          opening of pipes / intervention in machinery.
which are in force in our plant.                                            The marked areas may not be entered by un-           removal of bar grates / floor coverings
                                                                            authorized persons. Employees of contractors         transmission work.
                      RECEPTION:                                            may only enter those areas where they are
If you wish to enter our plant as employee of a contractor                  working .                                                    Your contact will assist you in case of questions.
or visitor, please go to reception. The receptionist will
inform your contact and give you directions. Please park                   Helmets and protective goggles are to be worn                   DANGEROUS SUBSTANCES
your vehicle in the designated visitors parking area. If you               in the entire plant.
                                                                                                                                         Vessels, apparatus or piping which
are carrying tools or spare parts, you may drive into the
                                                                           Safety shoes must be worn in the plants and
plant (at your own risk!).                                                                                                             are to be loaded with dangerous sub-
                                                                           tank farms.
                                                                                                                                       stances are marked. In addition, the
                  ENTRY CONTROL:                                                                                                       safety data sheets and operating in-
                                                                           Your visit to the plant.
If you are working for a longer period in our plant, your                                                                              structions, which are available for each
contact will provide you with an entry chip card for the                                                                               substance, are to be followed. This
                                                                Persons from the outside can only enter a plant, a control
gate. This card is to be returned upon completion of                                                                                   data is available at each plant. In
                                                                room or a foreman’s office by appointment.
                                                                                                                                       case of doubt, please ask our em-
the job.                                                        The following has to be clarified prior to starting work:
                                                                                                                                       ployees or your contact.
                                                                       Who is the contact or coordinator, resp.?
                                                                                                                             If contact with dangerous substances:
                    TRAFFIC RULES:                                     Scope of the job?
                                                                                                                                 Emergency shower
                                                                       Are safety measures, release forms necessary?
The rules of the Road Traffic Act are in force in the plant !                                                                    Emergency call 110
                                                                The contact is looking after instructions regarding:
Drivers need a valid drivers license. The speed limit                  Dangerous substances
is 20 km/h. ”Right before left” is to be adhered to.                   Personnel safety equipment
                                                                                                                                                 HOT WORK

                                                                       Operating instructions, release forms
                                                                                                                             Carry out gas measurements prior to and
                                                                       Conduct in case of emergency (Alarmplan)
                                                                Once work is finished or you wish to leave the plant,
                                                                                                                             during the work. Monitor fire hazard areas by
                                                                please notify the control room or foreman! Kindly leave      fire watch with fire extinguisher. Inflamma-
                                                                your working area in an orderly condition. Before you        ble wastes are to be removed immediately
                                                                leave the premises, please notify your contact.              after developing, in case of larger amounts even sev-
                                                                                                                             eral times daily.

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