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									                                                                           First Announcement and Call for Papers
             5th International Symposium on
                   March 12~13, 2009
                Hotel Prima, Seoul, Korea
                                                             5th International Symposium on
              Technical Tour: March 14, 2009                 STEEL STRUCTURES
                                                                          (ISSS ’09)
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                                                                       March 12~14, 2009
     All correspondence should be addressed to:                     Hotel Prima, Seoul, Korea
     Secretariat, ISSS’09
     The Korean Society of Steel Construction (KSSC)                     Organized by
     106-18, Munjung-dong, Songpa-ku, Seoul 138-200, Korea   The Korean Society of Steel Construction
     Tel: +82-2-400-7101, Fax: +82-2-400-7104
     Website: ’09                                In cooperation with
                                                             International Journal of Steel Structures
 Introduction                                                                                             Symposium Chair
  This will be the 5th in the international symposium series on steel structures organized by the       Mun-Sik Choi (KSSC President)
Korean Society of Steel Construction. The 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th symposia were successfully held in
Seoul, Korea in 2000, 2002, 2005 and 2006, respectively. This series of symposium is organized in         Symposium Vice - Chairs
cooperation with the International Journal of Steel Structures. The symposium will provide an
international forum for a broad range of technical papers in steel structural research and its          Won-Ki Kim (Hoseo U)                                       Dong-Uk Lee (Pukyong Nat. U)
applications. ISSS ’09 will bring together academicians and practicing engineers to exchange new
ideas, technological developments, and experiences in Steel Structures.
                                                                                                          International Advisory Committee
                                                                                                        Hirofumi Aoki (Yokohama Nat. U, Japan)                     Venkatesh Kodur (Michigan State U, USA)              Charles Roeder (U of Washington, USA)
 Themes                                                                                                 Hiroshi Akiyama (Nihon U, Japan)                           Jorg Lange (Darmstadt U of Tech, Germany)            N. E. Shanmugam (U Kebangsan Malaysia, Malaysia)
                                                                                                        Atorod Azizinamini (U of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA)            George C. Lee (U at Buffalo, USA)                    R K P Singh (INSDAG, India)
 The symposium will focus on the “Innovative Technologies in Steel Structures”.                         Pierre Bourrier (Construction Arcelor, Luxembourg)         Roberto T. Leon (Georgia Inst. of Tech., USA)        Koichi Takanashi (U of Tokyo, Japan)
                                                                                                        Shen-Jin Chen (Nat. Taiwan U of Sci. & Tech., Taiwan)      Guo-Qiang Li (Tongji U, China)                       Man-Chung Tang (TYLIN International, USA)
 Topics may include (but not limited to):                                                               Yiyi Chen (Tongji U, China)                                Shao-Fu Li (Tsinghua U, China)                       Keh-Chyuan Tsai (Nat. Taiwan U, Taiwan)
 Bridge Engineering                   Dynamics                       Optimization                       Hitoshi Furuta (Kansai U, Japan)                           Richard Liew (Nat. U of Singapore, Singapore)        Dieter Ungermann (U of Dortmund, Germany)
                                                                                                        Gregory J. Hancock (The U of Sydney, Australia)            Shih-Chi Liu (NSF, USA)                              Ioannis Vayas (Nat. Tech. U of Athens, Greece)
 Building Frame Analysis              Earthquake/Wind Engineering    Reliability                        Kazuhiko Kasai (Tokyo Inst. of Tech., Japan)               Mahen Mahendran (Queensland U of Tech., Australia)   Eiichi Watanabe (Regional Planing Inst, Japan)
 Construction Practice & Management   Fatigue/Fracture Mechanics     Smart Structures                   Mitsuo Kawatani (Kobe U, Japan)                            Chitoshi Miki (Tokyo Inst. of Tech., Japan)
 Composite/Hybrid Structures          Fire-Resistant Structures      Stability                          You-Chul Kim (Osaka U, Japan)                              Vasant C. Mistry(FHWA, USA)
 Computer-aided design                Floor Vibrations               Stainless Steel
 Connections                          Light Gauge Structures         Sustainability
 Corrosion                            Maintenance                    Unbonded Brace System
                                                                                                          Local Advisory Committee
 Damage Assessment                    Nonlinear behavior             Welding                            Kyu-Suk Kim (Dongguk U)                                    Yoon-Soon Song(HYUNDAI-Steel Co., Ltd.)              Noi-Ha Cho(POSCO)
 Design Codes                         Offshore Structures            Passive Vibration Control System   Dong-Kyu Kim (U of Seoul)                                  Dong-Il Chang (Hanyang U)                            Hyo-Nam Cho (Hanyang U)
                                                                                                        In-Ho Kim (KSCA, Steel Structure Works Business Council)   Suk-Yoon Chang (U of Seoul)

 Call for Papers                                                                                          Steering Committee
  Authors are invited to submit abstracts of one page in the topics shown above together with           Chairman: Sun-Kyu Cho (Seoul U of Tech)
Preliminary Registration Form to the Symposium Secretariat as soon as possible, but not later than      Eui-Chul Kang (SAMSUNG E&C)                                Man-Geun Yoon (SAMSUNG E&C)                          Seung-Joon Lee (Ajou U)
the deadline shown below. Abstracts should indicate clearly the aims and conclusions of the works       Sang-Dae Kim (Korea U)                                     Soon-Jong Yoon (Hongik U)                            Geon-Soo Jang (GS E&C)
                                                                                                        Jong-Rak Kim (Soongsil U)                                  Young-Koo Yoon (DAELIM Industrial Co., Ltd.)         Moo-Hyun Chung (HYUNDAI E&C)
included in the final papers. Name, address, telephone number, and e-mail should appear on              Jong-Sung Kim (Kyungil U)                                  Chung-Bang Yun (KAIST)                               Soo-Hyun Jung (HYUNDAI E&C)
abstracts. Both abstracts and final papers will be reviewed.                                            Young-Suk Park (Myongji U)                                 Dong-Chul Lee (NAMKWANG E&C)                         Seong-Tae Cho (DAEWOO E&C)
                                                                                                        IL-Woo Won (DAEWOO E&C)                                    Myung-Jae Lee (Chungang U)                           Soo-Kang Choi (Daelim Industrial co., Ltd.)

 Important Dates                                                                                          Scientific Committee
 Submission of Abstract :                                                              June 30, 2008    Chairman: Hak-Eun Lee (Korea U)
 Notification of Acceptance of Abstract :                                               July 31, 2008   Suk-Bong Kang (U of Ulsan)                                 Ho-Sung Ma (Hoseo U)                                 Sang-Ho Lee (Yonsei U)
 Submission of Final Paper :                                                        October 31, 2008    Young-Jong Kang (Korea U)                                  Jong-Won Park (Hongik U)                             Sung-Chul Lee (Dongguk U)
 Final Notification of Acceptance :                                               November 30, 2008     Kab-Soo Kyung (KMU)                                        Doo-Byong Bae (Kookmin U)                            Eun-Taik Lee (Chungang U)
 Pre-Registration :                                                                 January 31, 2009    Ki-Du Kim (Konkuk U)                                       Suk-Koo Suh (Seo Yeong Eng.)                         Nam-Hyoung Lim (Chungnam Nat. U)
                                                                                                        Sang-Seup Kim (Korea U of Tech & Edu)                      Young-Suk Oh (Daejeon U)                             In-Hwa Chang (RIST)
                                                                                                        Seok-Koo Kim (3D Structural Eng. Co., Ltd.)                Sang-Hoon Oh (Pusan Nat. U)                          Gui-Hyun Jhun (KISTEC)
                                                                                                        Woo-Bum Kim (Kongju U)                                     Soon-Taek Oh (Seoul U of Tech)                       Bong-Soo Jeon (Jeon & Partners)
 Proceedings                                                                                            Woo-Jong Kim (DM Eng. Co., Ltd.)                           Myung-Ho Yoon (Kongju U)                             Kwang-Ryang Chung (Dongyang Structural Engineers Corp)
                                                                                                        In-Tae Kim (Pusan Nat. U)                                  Sung-Won Yoon (Seoul U of Tech)                      Hyung-Jo Jung (KAIST)
  There will be a book of printed symposium papers, which can also be downloaded from the KSSC          Jong-Soo Kim (CS Structural Eng.)                          Tae-Yang Yoon (RIST)                                 Jae-Byung Jo (Kyonggi U)
website. Selected papers from the proceedings will be published in the International Journal of Steel   Jong-Ho Kim (Chang & Minwoo Structural Consultant)         Dae-Yong Lee (RIST)                                  Chung-Young Cho (Pyunghwa Eng. Ltd.)
Structures.                                                                                             Chul-Woo Kim (Kobe U)                                      Do-Hyung Lee (Paichai U)                             Sang-Eul Han (Inha U)

                                                                                                          Local Organizing Committee
 Registration Fee                                                                                       Chairman: Sang-Hyo Kim (Yonsei U)
                                                                                                        Vice Chairman: Won-Sup Hwang (Inha U), Cheol-Ho Lee (Seoul Nat U)
                                              Non-Students                     Students                 Secretariates: Jung-Sik Kong(Korea U), Jae-Guen Yang (Inha U)
             Registration                       300 (USD)                      200 (USD)                Seung-Eock Kim (Sejong U)                                  Jae-Hong Lee (Sejong U)                              Sung-Mo Choi (U of Seoul)
           Pre-Registration                     255 (USD)                      170 (USD)                Hyo-Sun Park (Yonsei U)                                    Kyong-Ho Chang (Chungang U)                          Yoon-Koog Hwang (KICT)
                                                                                                        Kyung-Jae Shin (Kyungpook U)                               Dong-Ho Choi (Hanyang U)
 Registration fee covers symposium proceedings, symposium dinner, lunches, and refreshments.            Soo-Bong Shin (Inha U)                                     Byong-Jeong Choi (Kyonggi U)

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