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 Week #3                   Sept. 13, 2010                                 By: Mrs. Ehrhart
Celebrations and Special Events:        Writing:
Wow! Wednesday, we celebrated our first 10 days of        As we continue to practice, “Think, think,
school with a visit from Zero the Hero! As we use         think…sketch, sketch, sketch…write, write,
cubes to count how many days of school we've had,
                                                          write," we have also learned that "When
this stuffed hero bear will visit every time we have
zero cubes in our 1's tub. We march and sing with         you're done, you've just begun!" That means
him, and then he stays all day to enjoy our activities,   that when we finish a paper, we can add to
especially counting activities. We celebrate!             the words, add to the picture or start a new
                                                          piece. Sometimes, we add writing by labeling
Reading:                                                  pictures with a letter or more. Sometimes,
It is time to rhyme in Kindergarten! We                   we attempt to write sentences to tell the
enjoyed singing "Down By the Bay" to                      whole story. Most importantly, we are each
identify some rhyming words. We are also                  doing our best and learning to work the
finding pictures that rhyme, keeping in mind              whole time!
that rhyming words END the same but do
not BEGIN the same. Have fun rhyming with
your child this weekend! We also enjoyed
                                                          We compared the lengths of things,
Chicka Chicka Boom Boom this week, which
                                                          including our names, by matching the ends.
lead to all kinds of letter identification fun.
                                                          We also made a graph to find, "Is the length
We have learned that letters come together
                                                          of your name the same?" We've had fun
to make words. Our names are words that
                                                          with pattern block shapes, too. Ask your
have ONE capital letter at the beginning.
                                                          child how many pom-poms Mikayla brought in
Ask your child about the name cheers and
                                                          the Estimation Jar. (78) Very colorful!
name writing practice we've done this week!

Social Studies:
                                                          Has your Kindergartner taught you the
Friday was U.S. Constitution Day. We
                                                          butterfly song yet? This week, we further
learned that the Constitution provides rules
                                                          explored the life cycle of a caterpillar
for our country, much like we have rules for
                                                          turning into a butterfly. It's even happening
our school, playground and classroom. We
                                                          right in our classroom! Ask your child for an
have been practicing rules and procedures
                                                          update on our caterpillars. We are so
that keep us all safe and help us to have
                                                          excited! We made patterned caterpillars,
great learning opportunities.
                                                          symmetrical butterflies, and even edible
MAP Testing:
We have completed two of our testing
                                                          News & Notes:
sessions. The kids did great this week! We
                                                          Fri., Sept. 24...........Teddy Bear Picnic Day
will do our last tests Monday and Friday.
                                                          Fri., Oct. 1................11:30 Release

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