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Into the Fields
                                                                                   Get Empowered
                                                                                   St. Paul’s College
                                                                                   students journey to
                                                                                   Iowa for Campus
                                                                                   Ministry Leadership
                                                                                   Institute 2003 ...5

                                                                                   I was told I would
                                                                                   be changed
                                                                                   A personal account of

                Out into the Deep: CCCM                                            the Global Connection
                                                                                   Experience 2003 ...11

                Annual Conference 2003                                             Students Ready
                Katy Wingham                                                       for Change
                Campus Minister, St. Peter’s College                               Student and Campus
                Muenster SK                                                        Minister perspectives
                        The warmth of the sun brings me comfort and I breathe      on the 2003 gathering
                in the salt air as we move to our destination. As a large,         of the International
                intimidating body of water, the ocean has me feeling uncomfort-    Movement of Catholic
                able and insecure. We have been sent on a mission to be fishers,   Students ...18 & 20
                to cast our nets into the sea. My stomach turns as the boat is
                forced to ride the waves at no mercy. Although this is not a
                storm, it is a rough day on the water.
                        Our captain is knowledgeable in his work and
                demonstrates no fear or doubt. I am perplexed by his relaxed
                demeanour and his kind insistence on our best efforts. He is a
                man I must not disappoint for he draws me out of myself and
                inspires me to give all I have to this mission. Indeed, he is my
                comfort and strength in times of distress but his demands,
                although essential to my growth, are a tiresome challenge. Those     Canadian Catholic
                around me are also expected to overcome human weaknesses             Campus Ministry
                and to devote tremendous energy to this task. There is no force,       www.cccm.ca
                only an aching desire to please our beloved captain.
                        My experience of coming on board has been frightening
                and overwhelming. I have experienced a great sense of
                incompetence. Surely God would not ask me to do something
                outside my range of capability! Nevertheless, I have found
                myself on the ship, expected to attend to my duties. The skills
       ItF      would be learnt through practice and through mistakes. Days
  Established   would go by with empty nets brought aboard. Moments of self-
     1998                                            ...into the deep (page 13)
                                                                                   You may be called to

                                   Where is the                           participate in a Global Exchange
                                                                          program, or you may be called to
                                                                          deeper prayer life or a certain area of
                                   Call?                                  study. We are all called. But how can
                                                                          we discern that? What is important?
                                                                                   The last number of months
From the Editor
                  Rick Benson                                             same -sex marriage has been a central
                  National Coordinator CCCM                               issue for the Catholic Church in
                  National Chaplain CCSA                                  Canada. The Holy Father and our
                                                                          Bishops have taken a strong stand
                          There was a popular song out last summer        against the recent government and
                  “Where is the love?” The band was asking some           court rulings. Are we called to have
                  straightforward questions about issues facing young     this as a central issue in our faith
                  people today. As I reflect on the articles in this      today?
                  issue I also ask the question “where is the call?” –             I noticed that the Bishop’s
                  because where the love is is also where God is          Statement on Ecology was released
                  calling us.                                             on the feast of St Francis Assisi (Oct.
                          In Barcelona this summer I met with             4), yet there was very little or no
                  students and chaplains from all around the world.       coverage of that excellent document.
                  The call was diverse yet we shared a common faith.               Attendance at the recent
                          The Asian team was adamant that we              Central CCSA Conference was down.
                  recognize Burma (Miramar) as a national                 Many said due to mid-term exams and
                  movement in our international movement. One of          the pressure to do very well.
                  the Catholic students from Burma snuck back into                 Where is the love? Where is
                  the country so as to get a signature from a Bishop      our call? We need to continue to ask
                  stating that they are a recognized Catholic group.      Jesus these questions. He will provide
                  If the army caught him he would likely be killed!       the answers.
                  We waited during those two weeks for his safe
                          The chaplain from Lebanon told us that he
                  could not print or download many of our e-mails
                  because if they said anything about social justice or
                  peace it could be seen as subversive and he would
                  be arrested. So we are called in so many different
                  ways at different times in our lives.
                          I asked Ester from Barcelona. “Why are
                  you involved in a Catholic Student movement and
                  most of your peers want nothing to do with the
                  Church?” She responded, “The Gospel had a much
                  deeper meaning to her than the secularized
                  European culture.”
                          When I first graduated from high school I
                  was called to leave university and live in a L’Arche
                  community. After my studies I was called to work
                  in the Church as a layman. My wife Paula and I
                  were called to marriage and later to nurture our
                  children. All these events are based on ‘where is
                  my love?’ Where is my calling? The call changes
                  depending on how I experience Jesus in my milieu.
Welcome to a new year                                                                      “If another member
                                                                                         of the church sins
                                                                                         against you, go and
                                                                                         point out the fault
David Shulist, SJ
                                                                                         when the two of you
Memorial University of Newfoundland, St. John’s NF
                                                                                         are alone. If the
                                                                                         member listens to you,
(From the first Sunday Homily to Memorial U Catholic Community)
                                                                                         you have regained
         Jesus tells his disciples that they cannot remain silent among each other if
                                                                                         that one.
another has wrong them or sinned against them. Over time without any recon-
ciliation, the community would dissolve.
                                                                                            But if you are not
         Members of the community would eventually leave, both those doing the
                                                                                         listened to, take one
offending and those who have been offended. To avoid this they would have to act
                                                                                         or two others along
responsibly. The responsible thing to do is to go to that person and talk with him
                                                                                         with you, so that every
or her about what has happened.
                                                                                         word may be
         Jesus knows well the human tendency to deny a wrongdoing when
                                                                                         confirmed by the
approached by another. For the person pointing out the wrong or having been
                                                                                         evidence of two or
sinned against, this must be done respectfully. This was not to be for personal gain
                                                                                         three witnesses.
or revenge but for the well-being and the ongoing life of the community.
         To be true to what Jesus is calling his disciples meant doing it out of love.
                                                                                            If the member
What must be basic and key to any action of accountability is love.
                                                                                         refuses to listen to
         How easy it is to ask someone to give an account of their action as a way
                                                                                         them, tell it to the
of shunning them, ridiculing them, or publically embarrassing them. When this
                                                                                         church; and if the
happens, then we are conveniently forgetting how lovingly Jesus relates to non-
                                                                                         offender refuses to
believers, to outcasts, to the so-called wrong doers of his time.
                                                                                         listen even to the
         Jesus believed so much in the love of God, for him and for others, that he
                                                                                         church, let such a one
wanted nothing less from his followers but to love others, “to love your neighbour
                                                                                         be to you as a Gentile
as yourself.”
                                                                                         and a tax collector.
         So as we begin this new semester we may ask, how much of this love is
within me, guiding me in my relationships with others? --helping me to approach
                                                                                            Truly I tell you,
my brothers and sisters within community and speak honestly with them about the
                                                                                         whatever you bind on
wrong that has been done to me or may be done in this new year? How apt am I
                                                                                         earth will be bound in
to walk conveniently away from a situation of conflict and not deal responsibly
                                                                                         heaven, and whatever
and lovingly with it as Christ declares? And when I act unlovingly or unjustly, how
                                                                                         you loose on earth will
often am I deceived into thinking that I have dealt appropriately with it or as
                                                                                         be loosed in heaven.
Christ would have done? Do I care to work honestly on my relationships within
                                                                                         Again, truly I tell you,
the community to keep it healthy or do I resign myself to bad mouthing and
                                                                                         if two of you agree on
therefore, weakening the life and credibility of the community?
                                                                                         earth about anything
         Going it alone in resentment is not the healthy path that Jesus is inviting
                                                                                         you ask, it will be
any of us to follow. Going it with others in love is the one we are to walk and is
                                                                                         done for you by my
the only genuinely human thing to do.
                                                                                         Father in heaven. For
         A true disciple of Jesus is going to welcome this level of exchange as well
                                                                                         where two or three are
as participate in it. We all know this is not easy, especially if we have not been
                                                                                         gathered in my name,
socialized into relating so honestly with each other. We may ask, how have my
                                                                                         I am there among
family life, my past peer groups and my present friends encouraged me to model
such a way of relating to them and or others? If it is resentful or revengeful, then
what must I begin to do to change and make it loving, marked by prudence,
                                                                                             Matthew 18:15-20
compassion and generosity? The great news is that we each have this year and a
campus catholic community in which to do it and a God to help us.
Catholic Canucks Get Empowered in Iowa
St. Paul’s College visits the Campus Ministry Leadership Institute 2003
Michelle Guillas
St. Paul’s College
Winnipeg MB
         On June 19, 2003, a group of
five St. Paul’s College members of the
University of Manitoba crowded into
a luggage-filled caravan to begin a
journey to Ames, Iowa. Armed with
five copies of Empowered By The
Spirit, University of Manitoba and St.
Paul’s College merchandise, the
necessities for a 10-day trip, some
American funds, and a pint of
Winnipeg holy water, four students,
along with campus minister, Sister
Elaine Baete, set out to learn, share,
and become empowered.                                             One of the biggest learning experiences came
         Iowa State University was this summer’s host     from simply sharing with other students. Not only did
for the Campus Ministry Leadership Institute. The         the students realize that campus ministries everywhere
enrollment included nine universities from the United     encounter the same roadblocks and struggles, but the
States as well as the St. Paul’s Canadian crew. The       underlying theme became “Catholic is Universal.”
University of Manitoba students included Eric Au,                 CMLI proved that youth really are
Michelle Guillas, Gerald Marion, and Cara Yost.           “empowered by the spirit.” Linking faith to higher
         They found the institute to be an excellent      education is a worthwhile challenge that is very much
opportunity for campuses to network with one              alive in North America’s universities.
another, learn from workshops and pastoral letter                 The six aspects of campus ministry outlined in
presentations, and develop leadership skills. There       Empowered by the Spirit materialized as each campus
were also team building activities, and ample time for    team developed their projects. Some of the projects
each group to prepare a project from the ground up        focussed on ‘Educating for Justice’ (inner-city school
with input from institute staff members.                  mentorship), ‘Appropriating the Faith’ (a World
         Musically enhanced prayer sessions and Mass      Religions Day on campus), or ‘Forming the Christian
inspired students to connect their faith to the friend-   Conscience’ (bible study groups).
ship and excitement involved with campus ministry.                Michael Galligan-Stierle, CMLI’s US
                                                                       Conference for Catholic Bishops’
                                                                       representative, spoke to the students
                                                                       about ‘Facilitating Personal
                                                                       Development.’ A favourite of all the
                                                                       pastoral letter presentations, Michael
                                                                       taught the students to have a coherent
                                                                       world view: to be Catholic at the movies,
                                                                       on campus, at home, and always. This
                                                                       session provided the encouragement for
                                                                       students, who have many big decisions to
                                                                       make at this point in their lives, to
                                                                       become fully developed Catholics.
         The St. Paul’s team decided to focus their              The light of Christ has been brightened here
project on ‘Developing Leaders for the Future and        on earth through campus ministry and, for many
Forming the Faith Community.’ Their numerous             campuses, this is thanks to CMLI. Bob Mallon, a
project-planning sessions were spent creating a movie    campus minister from Notre Dame de Namur
night and discussion series activity to be implemented   University, spoke of CMLI: “I am reminded of Paul’s
regularly during the 2003-04 school year. Their hopes    vision of the Body of Christ as I think of our ministry
for this session are to have it become a St. Paul’s      limbs stretching out, fingers reaching to Winnipeg,
tradition, attract new members to campus ministry,       toes touching Jacksonville, heart beating a delightful
and to build community on campus as a whole. They        rhythm from Ames. I’m smiling as I think of all the
plan to invite and catch the attention of not only the   blessings we will extend to our own communities.”
St. Paul’s members, but also students from all across            CMLI was the opportunity that St. Paul’s
the U of M campus.                                       College had been waiting for. The institute helped to
         Other highlights of the trip to the corn and    build a team and plan a project, and also equipped the
soybean heartland of the United States were the social   students to make possible their own personal
events. Whether it was watching movies, attending        development. The St. Paul’s Chaplaincy Advisory
socials and “Iowaiian Luaus”, or just chatting in the    Council was given the chance to represent the
dorms, the university setting fostered lifelong          University of Manitoba, their province, and Canada.
friendships for all the students.                                For the first time, they were able to network
         Being far from home, surrounded by a diverse    with other chaplaincy teams and discover what
mix of people might seem intimidating, but students      campus ministry is all about. They would like to thank
felt at home because of a common thread–the Catholic     Canadian Catholic Campus Ministry for the
faith. The group bonded in passion for a communal        scholarship and opportunity to attend CMLI. A
purpose: to become empowered by the spirit and live      special thanks is due to Rick Benson, the National
out loud the six aspects of campus ministry.             Coordinator of CCCM.

                                                          Daughters of Wisdom
                                                          Filles de la Sagesse

      300 years of bringing forth Life, Jesus-Christ, Wisdom of God

     Founded in 1703 by St. Louis-Marie de Montfort with Blessed
               Marie-Louise Trichet, in Poitiers, France.

     Now, 2500 sisters bring the Wisdom of the Gospel through varied
              ministries, in 23 countries on all continents.
                     www.sagesse.ca                  www.daughtersofwisdom.org
A Lesson in Spanish:
Three Days in
Dominican Republic
Maureen O’Connor
University of Prince Edward Island
Charlottetown, PEI

          It’s 5:30am. I’m in Dominican Republic and I’m
wishing that my wake-up call of crowing roosters had a
snooze button. I’m on what is called the “Dominican        who often don’t get fair wages due to unfair trading
Republic Faith and Justice Tour,” a three-week journey     deals.
sponsored by Latin American Mission Program (LAMP)                  I walked through large areas where people
and the Diocese of Charlottetown.                          have no choice but to build their homes on a slope,
          When I, along with fifteen other university-     and as erosion happens the homes on the bottom slide
aged participants left last May, I didn’t know that this   away leaving the families homeless.
experience would change my way of thinking and my                   Living in this other environment really opened
life. I learned about a whole other culture and way of     my eyes to a lot of things. The Dominican people
living, and met, first-hand, the people who are affected   don’t have all the extra “stuff” we have in Canada.
by unfair immigration laws, trading deals and the          They live simply, use everything they have and aren’t
imbalance of wealth in the world. I met people who         polluted by extra amenities.
are surrounded by adversities, but are not overcome by              Although they are poorer compared to
them.                                                      Canadian standards, they are always so happy and
          I encountered a group of young people who,       proud of their country. They didn’t give me the chance
after being denied visas to Canada for World Youth         to feel sorry for them. Even in the midst of very poor
                                                           areas of the country, the graffiti on the walls doesn’t
                                                           contain irrelevant messages, but phrases such as
                                                           “Christ lives.”
                                                                    Christ is definitely alive in the Dominican
                                                           Republic. I could see Him shining through each
                                                           person with whom I interacted, and could feel Him
                                                           loving me through each one of them. Each person,
                                                           including the wonderful family I lived with for ten
                                                           days, welcomed me into their country with open arms
                                                           and made me feel a part of their culture. I found the
                                                           country and it’s people to be more vibrant, kind and
                                                           generous than I could have imagined. I have learned
                                                           that you don’t have to speak the same language in
                                                           order to communicate love.
                                                                    Christ was also working through the
                                                           Dominicans I met, in their ability to share their faith
Day in Toronto, decided to have their own overnight        and, in turn, strengthen mine. There is something very
vigil in Dominican Republic at the same time Canada        powerful about hearing the “Our Father” said in
and the rest of the world’s youth were in Downsview        another language.
Park.                                                               I was blessed with the opportunity to hear
         I had lunch at the house of coffee growers,       many prayers, songs of praises, and masses held in
(from previous page)

Spanish in Dominican Republic. Watching and
listening to the young and old express their faith in
another language, and sharing that faith with them,
made me realize just how universal the Church really
        Since my return home to Canada, I feel that I
am a much more laid back person in the sense that I
realize I don’t need so many extras to live. I have also
been seriously looking at Justice issues on P.E.I.,
Canada and abroad, while contemplating what role I
could play in the situation and challenging others to do
the same.
        Justice is not simply about buying fair-trade
coffee, but understanding that everyone has rights and
deserves to be treated fairly, no matter where they live.
        Through the program and wonderful friends I
met, I realized that maybe we can all try a little harder
to love those who are hindered by the government or
society. We should stand up for each other and work
to change injustices in the world, not only in
Dominican Republic, but in Canada as well. Let’s
really ask ourselves: What am I capable of doing that
can make a difference?

                                    Our forgotten brothers and sisters:
                                    a glimpse of life in Mexico
                                    Amanda Park                                       extremely poor.
Global Connection Experience 2003
                                    Memorial University of Newfoundland                        Of this seventy percent, only four
                                    St. John’s, NF                                    percent has ever read a book, and a shocking
                                                                                      one percent has read a newspaper. These
                                             I looked into his eyes. Dark, deep,      statistics are very telling of the educational
                                    and blanketed with pain. He was small and so      system in this country. These sad facts really
                                    helpless, yet he was enduring the harshest        hit me one day as I visited the People’s
                                    consequences of being poor in Mexico. He          Market.
                                    was very sick and hungry, like the majority of             The People’s Market serves the poor
                                    children in his country.                          in the city of Cuernavaca where I was staying
                                             As I sat in his home, I allowed my       with my group under the auspices of
                                    eyes to scan the surroundings–a hut that          Canadian Catholic Campus Ministry (though
                                    consisted of a corrugated cardboard roof,         the group was multi-denominational). We
                                    corn and sunflower stalk walls, and a very        were there from May 2nd to 15th, 2003 to
                                    hard dirt floor. The single room housed nine.     participate in the Global Connection
                                             My eyes fell back to those dark brown    Experience. The program was held at the
                                    eyes; I studied the extremely small frame of      Cuernavaca Centre for Intercultural Dialogue
                                    the 3-year-old boy. His size reminded me of       on Development (known to us all as
                                    that of a one-year-old child. His mother told     CCIDD), an ecumenical centre whose
                                    us that he was surviving on breast milk, but      mission is to promote understanding of the
                                    there are days when she and the rest of her       Christian struggle in Latin America.
                                    family do not eat. The boy had been                        As we explored the city we became
                                    suffering from diarrhea. Perhaps that was the     more aware of the importance of this type of
                                    cause of such frailty. But, couldn’t they bring   market. Here individuals, who make
                                    him to a hospital where he could receive          wonderful crafts and jewelry, various types of
                                    treatment? An IV to replace what is being         spices and foods, cram the streets, attempting
                                    lost? Antibiotics?                                to sell their goods to make enough to feed
                                             Wait a minute… I wasn’t in Canada        their families. Here individuals can buy things
                                    where public Medicare is a right to which all     cheaper than at the grocery stores that serve
                                    citizens are privy. I was in Mexico, where        the top thirty percent of society. This is the
                                    hospitals are few and far between; rural          only place the lower seventy percent can
                                    doctors are very scarce; and money to afford      afford to buy food and other supplies.
                                    medicine and doctor’s fees are even further                As I browsed the booths that crowded
                                    out of the grasp of the majority. Here parents    the streets of the market, I noticed one
                                    and grandparents hope their children never        housed pictures painted on bark. The colours
                                    get sick because death is inevitable due to       were bright and beautiful; the image depicted
                                    lack of health care.                              the distinct and rich Christian culture as well
                                             Mexico is divided economically into      as the agricultural activities of the people in
                                    three basic groups. Ten percent of Mexicans       the outlying villages that we had the privilege
                                    are considered the elite of society. Middle       to visit over the previous days. At the back of
                                    class people, or small business owners, make      the booth stood a frail old woman. My friend
                                    up only about twenty percent of the               and I, in what little Spanish we knew, asked
                                    population. The final seventy percent–the         her how much the paintings were.
                                    overwhelming majority of Mexicans–are                      After buying one each we asked her if
she had painted the pictures herself, and she told us              Why is Mexico in such a state of chaos and
she had. We proceeded to ask her to sign her name to      turmoil? The answer is very complicated, so much so
the painting. She told us she couldn’t–she didn’t know    that no one really knows the extent to the complexity.
how. That took us back. Once again I was pushed           Many people implicate the North American Free
back into reality. Being from such an affluent country,   Trade Agreement (NAFTA), where foreign
I took education for granted. It came handed to me,       corporations are squeezing small businesses, which
relatively speaking, on a silver platter, just like so    offer most of the jobs in the country, out of the
many other things. This woman falls victim to a           market. Furthermore, those who are wealthy in
terrible injustice. It made me wonder if she was as       Mexico do not invest in the local economy, thus it
lucky as I to get an education, where would she be?       does not grow. Local cooperatives are being crushed
         The lack of education infecting the country is   by government deals with multinational companies.
hurting the younger generations as well. We visited a     These explanations only scratch the surface of the
squatter’s settlement on the outskirts of Cuernavaca      unfortunate Mexican reality.
called La Estacion (the Station). We went to a                     Through all of the poverty and fear, the
kindergarten class and my heart was both warmed and       Mexican people remain proud and courageous, facing
saddened when I saw the light in the children’s eyes.     each day with a faith that I consider both moving and
Would this light fade from the ills of poverty as they    astounding. They live their faith, holding on to it as
grew older? The light was certainly missing from many     their personal and collective situations deteriorate.
of the adults I had encounters with; they were                     I was blessed to have been invited into their
consumed with responsibility to survive in the fight      homes and greeted with open arms and warm hearts.
against poverty. There was no room for light. The         Many amazing individuals shared very intimate stories
realization is there, however, that their children must   that have moved me in so many ways. These stories
receive the education to rise above the looming           are my motivation to work for change. These stories
darkness of oppression and ensuing ignorance–an           and my experiences in Mexico taught me what it
opportunity they never had. It is the only way out of     means to be Christian.
the disabling and brutal poverty.                                  They knew that our Christian family does not
         Education, however, isn’t an option for some     end at a border, or include only a certain race,
children. The school we visited could only serve 150      ethnicity, gender, or social class. Are all Christians
children. There are 59,000 people inhabiting La           aware of that? As a Christian we have a responsibility
Estacion. How many more children were not                 to work toward social justice. A chaplain from Regina,
attending school simply because of lack of space?         Theresa Cullen, told me that fighting for the poor and
Unfortunately, too many.                                  social justice is not an option, it is an imperative.
         Furthermore, children are required to wear       These were very wise words.
uniforms to school, uniforms that cost up to 300 pesos             Change must occur both here in Canada as
(or $30 American), a price much too high for the          well as in Mexico. Since we are all brothers and sisters
majority of Mexicans. The result is only a few children   in Christ, we must act as such to create a society that
per family can attend school. Often the girls are         is moral and fair. Too often our personal gain is our
sacrificed, thus being destined to a life of domestic     brother’s loss, and our greed induces our sister’s
work and being forced into marriages filled with          famine. That means as Canadians we must re-examine
alcoholism and, consequently, abuse. One 18-year-old      our purchasing behaviours, attitudes, corporate
woman said to our group that she would never get          decisions, and
married because if she did she would become a victim      institutional structures so that we help foster instead
of frequent beatings.                                     of hinder a Mexican environment that is socially,
         Such fear shows itself in many other ways as     politically and economically just.
well. Those in squatters’ settlements live with fear of            That is the lesson that I learned from my
displacement by the government. Others face terror        experience in Mexico. During my time there, that
and dread from the war between soldiers (often            message became painfully clear. I feel so privileged to
trained by the School of the America’s) and guerrillas    have been taught this through the eyes of a boy who
who are fighting for land for their people, land they     was terribly sick, the young woman who feared abuse,
need to live, work and survive.                           and the old artist who couldn’t write her name.
                                    I was told I would be changed. I am.
                                    Sarah Plumb                                       people are poor, they appreciate everything
                                    Assumption University, Windsor ON                 they have. One family we visited reuses
                                                                                      plastic bags to store food until they break,
                                            I was told that I would be changed.       then cuts them into strips and braids the
Global Connection Experience 2003
                                    Others who had had similar experiences said       pieces together to use as rope.
                                    that taking a step away from the comforts of              There isn’t much of a waste disposal
                                    middle class North American life would            system in Mexico so if an appliance breaks,
                                    inevitably change me. They were right.            there is really nowhere for it to go. This
                                            But I didn’t know when I left Canada      family uses an old washer and dryer set for
                                    to journey to a little place called CCIDD in      storage of toys and clothes. They waste
                                    Cuernavaca, Mexico just what that would           nothing; they realize the true price of things
                                    mean. The Cuernavaca Centre for                   not only financially but environmentally and
                                    Intercultural Dialogue on Development             spiritually.
                                    (CCIDD) is an educational centre where
                                    groups can stay and learn about the plight of
                                    Mexico’s poor. That wasn’t all; we had the
                                                                                            “They waste nothing;
                                    opportunity to meet these people. They had              they realize the true
                                    faces and names; they weren’t statistics in a
                                    newspaper anymore. They were beautiful,
                                                                                            price of things not only
                                    loving, real people.                                    financially but
                                            Mostly, it was the little things I
                                    noticed about these people. I was touched by
                                                                                            environmentally and
                                    the kindness and generosity of every one of             spiritually.”
                                    the Mexican people we met, especially the
                                    poor. The majority of them were very happy                 One issue I didn’t expect to face in
                                    even though they didn’t have many material        Mexico but did, with a vengeance, was
                                    possessions.                                      racism. We listened to the life story of one
                                            Perhaps the children struck me the        elderly indigenous woman. She told us so
                                    most. At a squatter’s settlement we visited,      matter-of-factly that Mexicans hate the
                                    the children, of their own volition, set out      indigenous people. Many restaurants and
                                    chairs for us and gave us something to drink.     clubs won’t even give the time of day to the
                                    I’m quite sure that I didn’t have that presence   people they describe as “dirty Indians”.
                                    of mind when I was their age.                              Our group was dumbfounded. But it is
                                            It was wonderful to see the happy         true: for many Mexicans, the lighter your
                                    faces of these people and yet we know that        skin, the better.
                                    they are exploited. We know the government                 While listening to the story of this
                                    doesn’t give a damn about the 70% of the          beautiful indigenous woman’s life, we heard
                                    Mexican population that lives in poverty. The     some things that could hit home for us in
                                    hardest part was to see the unhappy faces:        North America. She was abused by her step-
                                    mothers with their very young children            mother, then her godmother, then her
                                    begging in the streets of Mexican cities.         husband. She doesn’t have a very high
                                    Children of two or three learn to beg almost      opinion of men; her father let the first of
                                    before they can speak. I felt so guilty knowing   abuses happen and the cycle began. Her
                                    how much I own. It really doesn’t hit you         mother died when she was very young, but
                                    until you see it with your own eyes.              this woman knows that had her mother lived,
                                            Resourcefulness is another trait I        her life would have been very different.
                                    witnessed in Mexico. Because so many                       Huge corporations like Coke run
rampant in Mexico, but they certainly don’t do anyone       Canada–all wanting to learn, all wanting to grow–and
any good. Coca-Cola allows, in fact, encourages the         I felt that we all truly connected with each other
poor to guzzle back their product because Mexico’s          through our work times and our fun times but mostly
water isn’t safe to drink. They also infuse their product   through our faith in God. Each one of us brought
with double the sugar and caffeine. Add this to the         unique gifts and talents to the group and because of
fact that people work for 3 pesos an hour and live on       that, our group was infused with the Spirit.
30 pesos a day (that is about $6 Canadian) and that,                 They were right: I am changed.
contrary to popular opinion, not everything is cheap in              I have been given the opportunity to deepen
Mexico, it becomes clear that something is wrong with       my faith in Jesus and to gain a greater understanding
this picture.                                               of what he actually asks of us. I am more conscious of
         Despite all this, we did see hope-inducing sites   conservation in my own home. I have developed an
on our journey: indigenous people who refuse to lose        even stronger dislike of huge corporations who exploit
their roots and continue to live off and to love the        and abuse their workers around the world. I am
earth God gave them; a farmer in Chalma, a                  inspired to join in with the beautiful organizations that
community in the mountains, who runs a completely           are committed to social justice. And I am now
organic farm growing everything from apples to              convinced that one person can make a difference.
macadamia nuts and raising chickens and rabbits (he
and his family sustain themselves naturally with the
resources the land provides); a priest who believes
                                                                            CHAT ROOM
fervently in liberation theology and has fought against              New Message Board for Regional-
many higher-ups to get his message heard.                               National and International
         Perhaps most important to the Mexican people                  Conversation and Discussion
is their faith, especially their faith in Our Mother, Our
Lady of Guadalupe. Mary told Juan Diego to let the                    ... Go to it SUNDAY evening
Church know that the indigenous people were special.                      8:00 PM Central Time
They were not heathens to be oppressed; they simply
saw God in a different way. I believe this message is a
significant one in our era of political correctness. God
is asking us not just to tolerate differences but to
celebrate them.
         The Cuernavaca Centre for Intercultural
                                                                                     Priests and Laity
Dialogue on Development is a simple, beautiful place                                      Called to Serve
that is truly conducive to hearing God’s call to social
change. There is room there for prayer, discussion and
action. The support staff are welcoming and loving                                       Living our faith
people. The program staff encourage and inspire. The                                     among other
Centre truly believes in and lives out of a radical
                                                                                         Peoples and cultures
         Our group’s program leaders, Lisanne and
Theresa were very informed about the issues of Latin
America and challenged us to become more so. They
were able to hit home on many pertinent topics while
also allowing an environment of personal reflection
and prayer. They are committed to helping positive
change within the Catholic Church to become a
reality. I also feel that call, so I developed a sense of
solidarity with them.
         I cannot possibly write a reflection on this
experience without mentioning my fellow participants.
There were eighteen of us who came from across
...into the deep
                                                               prayer, catechesis and engagement. As one who
                                      (from page 1)            struggled as a student to find the meaning of “church”,
                                                               this reflection hit close to home. I am further inspired
doubt and fear of failure would contribute to the
                                                               to work closely with students as they struggle to come
experience. Feelings of isolation amidst a sea of great
                                                               to terms with their Catholic faith and the Church as a
measure would drive me to question my work.
All in all, however, I would draw spiritual energy
from those around me and particularly from our
         After nearly a year of this mission, it has
become apparent to me that a network of
support is available in times of need. Having
only recently come together with other fishers of
the sea, I have developed a new understanding of
unconditional love and support. Despite my
inexperience, I have not been shunned. Instead,
I have been embraced. Ultimately, this has
strengthened me and restored the faith I had lost
in my own abilities.
         Recently, I attended the annual CCCM
conference in New Brunswick where I learnt a
                                                               whole. Students cannot identify with a Church they do
wealth of valuable information about campus ministry
                                                               not truly understand; it is ultimately up to us to help
and the tremendous importance of this work. Several
                                                               them discover the deeper meaning of the Catholic
highlights come to mind as I reflect on this
                                                               Church in the world.
experience. Intellectually, I benefited from the wise
                                                                       I was also inspired by the presentation given by
counsel disclosed by other attendees.
                                                               Kate Fagan Taylor, Campus Minister at the University
         The seminar presented by Len Altilia SJ, Jesuit
                                                               of Victoria and Camosun College. As one who works
Vocations Director, was particularly interesting in its
                                                               within a small student population, I certainly
focus on the “Millennial Student after WYD”. I was
                                                               appreciated Kate’s focus on the value of small
intrigued by Len’s discussion on the changing
                                                               numbers and the importance of gradually working to a
dynamics of young people within the Church today.
                                                               larger goal. The emphasis she placed on student
         Essentially, the popularity of “spirituality” is on
                                                               retreats and community development was particularly
the rise while interest in “church” is declining. This
                                                               striking as it reminded me of being a student not long
reality is clearly visible at St. Peter’s College, where
many students are Catholic and many of those
                                                                       The sense of belonging and acceptance within
spiritual, but few are connected to the Church.
                                                               the community is fundamental to the well being of
         Len emphasized the need for three initiatives:
                                                               every human being. No greater responsibility lies on
                                                               the shoulder of a campus minister than ministering to
                                                               the community and creating an environment that
                                                               embraces our God.
                                                                       Kate’s story was a sure sign of the Holy Spirit
                                                               at work. Surely, the great accomplishments she has
                                                               made on campus are a reminder to me that I, too, can
                                                               reach out to students in great numbers, should I allow
                                                               the Spirit to work within.
                                                                       Although I could spend a great deal of time
                                                               reflecting on the various talks that were presented at
                                                               the conference, it is appropriate for me to reflect on
                                                               another aspect of this experience. Perhaps the greatest
                                                               tool that I gained at this conference was the awareness
of a tremendous solidarity that exists between campus
ministers across Canada. In uniting for this event, we
celebrated the joy of ministering by enjoying the
company of one another. Memories are abundant,
including wine, lobster, bubba stories, a river cruise,
music, a bonfire on the beach and wonderful, soulful
conversations. As a whole, I came away strengthened
by this union with other fishers of the sea.
        Evening falls as I gaze over the calm ocean
and take in my surroundings. The sunset speaks of
God’s love for us, abiding with mystifying beauty. The
day’s duties are done and our captain remains on                 The 2003 - 2004 Advisory Board for Canadian
board. He anchors our ship in the harbour and sits               Catholic Campus Ministry.
with us as night befalls the sky. The stars have never       comforting words of a good friend and confidant,
seemed so bright. All of us are amazed by our                David Peacock: “There is a place in this huge Church
captain’s calming aura and his comforting presence.          of ours for you to minister and become who you are
Tomorrow will bring more challenges but we will not          and who you are called to be. If you haven’t identified
shudder. I have learnt to love this task for it is in this   that place’s coordinates at sea yet, keep sailing, and
task that I find myself closest to my captain, my            the God who is wind and spirit will bring you there”.
beloved Jesus.                                               May all who share this duty come to love and cherish
        In closing, I would like to borrow the               their work at sea!

A Spirit of Holding Together Diversity:
Resistance and Restoration
Jonathan Kipping                                                    A spirituality
Campus Ministry Team                                       emphasizing resistance,
University of New Brunswick, Saint John                    he says, is likely to be
                                                           marked by “a temerity of
        It was an exceptional Pentecost privilege to       imagination and
hear Dr. Michael W. Higgins speak at the CCCM              intellect that places
Conference last June at the Villa Madonna Retreat          justice at its very core.”
House in Saint John, NB. The broadly published Dr.         A spirituality
Higgins, past teacher of English and Religious Studies     emphasizing restoration
and current president of St. Jerome’s University in        “will be characterized by
Waterloo, Ontario, addressed campus ministers from         a close affinity with
across the country. Other locals (like me) interested or   spiritual luminaries of the       Dr. Michael W. Higgins
engaged in other youth ministries were there too, as       past and with a visceral
well as a few students.                                    fidelity to the institutional Church and its hierarchy.”
        It was the Second Annual Bishop J. Sherlock                 A genuine spirituality of resistance, Higgins
lecture, and Dr. Higgins spoke on the topic of             says, is not dismissive of the past and “is grounded in a
preparing today’s youth for the church of tomorrow.        love both for justice and for the contemplative
He focused on the important role of campus ministers       dimension.”
to provide a “vital forum” for students in their search             Restoration spiritualities, he says, seek “a
for meaning.                                               recovery of that sense of the transcendent, of the
        Higgins says we must provide such a forum so       numinous, that has been lost following the excesses of
that any question can be asked, as “their questions        the Second Vatican Council’s liturgical reforms.”
always represent their hearts.” He says that we who                 Whether our preferred spiritual mode is more
are out in the field searching, risking, and paying        inclined to prophetic defiance or to creative
attention “to the moods and motives that drive our         restoration, the heart of a ministry of evangelization,
young,” must listen with sensitivity, discerning the       Higgins says, shows that God is a cause for joy.
spirit while respecting diversity in all its forms when             He says we should never despair of God, as
we encounter it.                                           despair borders on arrogance and heresy. If only our
        He affirms the teaching of Pope John Paul II       sadness is seen, people go away. We must be infused
in Novo millennio ineunte: “The unity of the Church is     by joy, and by a sense of humour! We have to “whip
not uniformity, but an organic blending of legitimate      up energy” if we’re to inspire others–so they won’t go
diversities.”                                              away!
        The monolithic uniformity that many believe                 We all might agree that new Pentecosts are
exists or existed in the Church never did exist! The       continually needed in the Church of today–and
genius of the Roman Church is its diversity in             tomorrow–and people like Michael W. Higgins help
communion. He says such a diversity or “spirituality of    ignite such a Pentecost. Our youth are perhaps like
communion” must be an invitation–one that allows for       “living flames” of God’s diverse love that touches us
truly tested and proven, legitimate diversity.             all in so many different ways.
        New spiritualities of resistance and restoration            As we strive to welcome all youth with the new
in today’s Church illustrate this legitimate diversity,    insights that Michael Higgins inspires, we do well to
and our responses to students’ questions may reveal        remember the entrance antiphon from Pentecost
our inclinations toward either a resistance or a           Sunday: “The Spirit of the Lord fills the whole world.
restoration spirituality.                                  It holds all things together and knows every word
        So what are these spiritualities of resistance     spoken… alleluia!” (Wisdom 1:7)
and restoration?
International Chaplain pleads for CCSA
Gertie Jocksch, SC                                               (IMCS), identifying the IMCS as an association that
St. Mark’s College, Vancouver, BC                                was concerned about a social perspective and what
        I was delighted to meet Mike Deeb, O.P.,                 they could do to make a new world. For these students
Chaplain of the International Movement of Catholic               then, there is a need for developing their Christian
Students. His presence at CCCM’s annual conference               faith, how to communicate it and how they can work
was an opportunity to dialogue with him and to hear              toward changing the world.
the hopes, needs and concerns of students throughout                     He identified seven major issues facing
the world. His presence with us was timely, as many of           students today: poverty, dictatorships and war, cultural
the chaplains from across Canada shared concerns                 dislocation and conflict, inter-religious dialogues,
about our local experiences and a need for more                  academic stress, HIV aids and the situation of women.
international and global awareness.                                      He spoke of the way in which we could help to
        What stood our for me most in the                        strengthen the movement internationally and how we
presentation was Mike’s plea to us to promote the                could enable hope among students by: 1. promoting
Canadian Catholic Students’ Association (CCSA). As               the CCSA at our universities, 2. offering formation in
a “new chaplain on the block” I was both surprised               theology, and 3. offering formation in pedagogy.
and concerned as Mike spoke of the danger of the                         It is my hope that when the CCSA meets, we
numbers of students being reduced in the CCSA as a               will have in our communities students who not only
result of the fundamentalist movement. His appeal for            want to participate but who will be prepared to
a stronger CCSA followed an introduction about the               participate in the discussions and actions of the
International Movement of Catholic Students                      International Movement of Catholic Students.

                                                                                   “Faith and reason are the
                                                                                   two wings on which
                                                                                   the human spirit rises
                                                                                   to a contemplation of truth...”
                                                                                                    John Paul II
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                                                  Students Ready for Change:
                                                  Representing Canada to the IMCS in Spain
                                                  Marianne Chabot
     Internaional Movement of Catholic Students
                                                  St. Thomas More College
                                                  Saskatoon SK

                                                          When I heard the news that I would
                                                  be representing Canadians at the
                                                  International Movement of Catholic
                                                  Students’ meeting in Spain, I was taken by
                                                          It took a few moments for the news to
                                                  sink in. Once it did, I was incredibly excited
                                                  and truly honoured that both Michael, our
                                                  STM Campus Minister, and Rick, our
                                                                                                    Marianne Chabot, STM (Saskatoon), and Mjomba,
                                                  National Chaplain, felt that I would be the
                                                                                                    Pan African Team, at the IMCS meetings in Barcelona.
                                                  right person for the job.
                                                          I had a few months to read up on          conference was very full. Between meeting
                                                  international student movements, and then         everyone, attending mass at a local church in
                                                  found myself boarding a plane bound for           Tiana, being welcomed with a traditional cake
                                                  Spain to embark on one of the most                dance performed by a Catalonian couple, and
                                                  challenging, but rewarding experiences of my      then walking to the town square to be
                                                  young life.                                       entertained with a Dragon Fire Dance, things
                                                          The IMCS, IYCS International              were very overwhelming and continued to be
                                                  Committee is organized every four years and       so even after the celebrations ceased.
                                                  its objectives are to gather students of                  We found ourselves in study sessions
                                                  different backgrounds from all regions of the     learning information about integral education
                                                  world to discuss realities that affect them, to   and global realities within the education
                                                  take a look at those realities from a diverse     system, the changing reality of the Catholic
                                                  perspective, to confront it with the Gospel,      Church, theological reflection and much,
                                                  and to then determine ways to move forwards       much more.
                                                  with those realities.                                     We were divided into working groups
                                                          The theme for the 2003 International      where we were to discuss the realities that we
                                                  Formation Session was STUDENTS READY              as students faced in our homelands and then
                                                  FOR CHANGE: in global solidarity for integral     apply those realities to the information we
                                                  education through a spirituality of action.       had be given earlier in the day.
                                                          My anticipation was great as we                   It was a week of session after session,
                                                  loaded onto a bus, and headed for Tiana (just     of learning and listening, and finding patience
                                                  outside of Barcelona) to the opening              within myself and others. We had very little
                                                  ceremonies, marking the beginning of a very       free time to enjoy the company we were in, so
                                                  full two weeks.                                   it turned out to be a week of staying up late.
                                                          No amount of reading would have           If we weren’t socializing, we were in our
                                                  prepared me for what went down at La              rooms reading papers that had been given in
                                                  Conraria (the hostel we stayed at and had all     preparation for the next day’s session.
                                                  of our sessions in).                                      In the span of two weeks, we received
                                                          The agenda on the fist night of the       almost the same amount of readings that a

university student might get in one semester of school.      and practice my religious beliefs.
It was the most intense and enriching learning                        It was through our morning prayer groups, our
experience I’ve ever been involved in.                       nightly masses (each one prepared by a different
        Though the study sessions were informative           international region), and through my conversations
and I learned a lot about education systems around           with others that I learned the power of prayer can go a
the world and the Church, the most valuable lessons          long way.
for me were the ones that were taught to me by the                    By working with people from so many different
people I met.                                                parts of the world, I learned how to see things through
        I learned so much during the late night              the eyes of another person. I learned that patience
conversations we had in the “bar”, a room with a few         truly is a virtue.
tables and a fridge. It was fascinating and yet                       When you are working with such a diverse
altogether heartbreaking to hear the stories of other        group of people it can be difficult to communicate
delegates and the realities they faced in their              things in a way that is understandable for every one,
countries.                                                   not only because of language differences, but also
        For example, in some parts of the Middle East,       because of differences in culture.
a student will get up in the morning to go to school                  After two trying weeks of mental and
and will not be sure if the school will still be standing,   emotional exhaustion, I saw that hope and faith are
due to bombing. The parents of these students
stay at home, wondering if their child will
even make it back from school.
        In India, if two people are seen talking
in the street for longer than just a few
minutes, it may be viewed as an act of
conspiracy. There would be suspicion that
those two people may be planning some sort
of terrorist act. I couldn’t imagine living in a
country where those are some of the every
day realities, living in a country where

                                                             alive, in the people I lived with, in the education
                                                             system, in the church, and in myself.
                                                                      Though there were times while in Spain that I
                                                             found myself thinking “What on earth am I doing
                                                             here?” and wanting to go home, my overall experience
                                                             at the IMCS, IYCS International Committee Session
                                                             was without a doubt both positive and humbling. I
                                                             came home feeling refreshed in my faith, in my
                                                             relationship with God, and in the people that surround
                                                                      I came home feeling encouraged to move
                                                             forward with the movement here in Canada, and I
education isn’t available for all and faith isn’t            hope to expand the knowledge of our movements
practiced openly or freely, without fear of persecution.     throughout the country. With God’s help, and
        I came home feeling grateful that I lived in         solidarity between national movements around the
Canada, where I have the opportunity and the choice          world, I am truly confident that we as students can
to go school every day, and where I can freely voice         make a difference.
                                                  Social Action and Contemplation:
                                                  National Chaplain attends International Meetings in Barcelona
                                                  Rick C Benson                                      short we were a microcosm of the Catholic
     Internaional Movement of Catholic Students
                                                  National Chaplain CCSA                             Church, which is indeed universal and indeed
                                                           I was privileged to participate as a              The national chaplains met three days
                                                  national chaplain in the International             prior to the students’ meeting. It was
                                                  Chaplains meeting and the International            somewhat disappointing to experience a small
                                                  Committee Meeting for the International
                                                  Movement of Catholic Students (IMCS) in
                                                  Barcelona, Catalonia (Spain). Marianne
                                                  Chabot of St Thomas More College in
                                                  Saskatoon was our student (CCSA) delegate.
                                                  The Canadian Catholic Organization for
                                                  Development and Peace were our kind
                                                  benefactors for this experience.
                                                           IMCS is the oldest international
                                                  student movement in the world. It began in
                                                  the 1920’s as Pax Romana. Today the
                                                  Canadian Catholic Students’ Association
                                                  (CCSA) is a member of the IMCS. The                turnout. This reflects the challenges of
                                                  International Movement of Young Christians         bringing together national chaplains who are
                                                  (IYCS) is also affiliated yet separate to          often under funded, overworked or have a
                                                  IMCS. In many countries they work hand in          lack of connectedness to our international
                                                  hand yet keep their own identities. IYCS is        body.
                                                  predominantly composed of teenage or                       A question posed at the chaplains’
                                                  secondary students but in some countries they      meeting was: “Are we the primary association
                                                  also include college and university students. I    or group that represents Catholic university
                                                  hope I have not lost you in the acronyms and       chaplains to the Vatican?”
                                                  history, but it is important to know the                   The International chaplain responded,
                                                  interconnectedness of Catholic students            “Well no, we used to be in the 1950’s and
                                                  around the world. It is this sharing of            1960’s but many other different movements
                                                  common faith and the desire to follow the          have sprung up in the Church since then. No
                                                  Gospel call and the Church’s tradition of          one group, even though we are the largest and
                                                  social justice that we come together.              most diverse, but no one association
                                                           The International Committee meets         represents all the university chaplains in the
                                                  every four years to plan strategies, discuss our   world.”
                                                  realities, agree on common direction and                   So why is that? This is a primary
                                                  elect an International team that will guide us     question that I found myself asking
                                                  for the next four years. Some may think that       throughout the chaplains’ meetings and then
                                                  spending three weeks in Barcelona is a pretty      for the next two weeks of students’ meetings.
                                                  exciting and romantic experience. The              Where is Catholic social action in the radar
                                                  experience would be better described as an in      of the leadership of the Church? Or, even
                                                  depth immersion into the diversity of culture,     more telling, where is it in the people of God?
                                                  ecclesiology and competing yet conciliatory        Where is it in the minds and hearts of
                                                  directions for an international movement. In       students?
         In a background document, Days of Reflection         living the same vocation of solitude. This solitude is
of International Movements for Specialized Catholic           not lived for its own sake, but as a privileged means of
Action (Brussels, July 1-2, 2002), one of the experts,        attaining intimacy with God” (Alain Girard, Centre de
Agnes Avognon, stated that the international social           Recherches Cartusiennes).
action movements are perceived by many in the                          The buildings, the history and the activity last
hierarchy of the Church: “Indeed the MIACS are                August within those structures provides us with an
perceived as groups which put the lamp of their               interesting framework and response to my searching.
baptism under the bushel while proclaiming                             Our delegates were very busy throughout the
themselves to be baptized” (p.8). There has been a            two and a half weeks of meetings. This business was
certain distancing from the hierarchy of the Church           not devoid of prayer. We met each morning in “Home
but this trend has changed in recent time. Like our           Groups” and shared an Ignatian style of prayer and
meeting in Barcelona, the International Social Action         scripture reflection. Each evening, a different region
Movements see the need: “We express a desire to               prepared and celebrated the Eucharist from their own
reposition ourselves in the Church, as the Church”            cultural context. Sandwiched between this structured
(p.16) and “unrelenting efforts of lobbying and               prayer was the intense work of a global association
communication directed at the hierarchical Church             struggling, discerning and moving with our realities.
(diocese, Vatican) are necessary” (p.17).                              “Students ready for change” was our theme.
         This reflection is not meant to be an                After a particularly tough day of discussion a few of
authoritative attempt at critiquing the social action         the delegates stuck up a “no” in front of change. It was
movement nor providing an exhaustive history of               at this type of impasse and difficulty that we needed to
where the movement has                                                                      go back and reflect on what
gone and where we are                                                                       our theological expert, Fr.
going. It is a reflection of                                                                Albert Nolan op said when
someone who has lived                                                                       he brought us to reflect on
through some of the                                                                         our consciousness.
changes since Vatican II                                                                        Nolan, the Superior of
and, for five years ongoing,                                                                the South African
leads the national                                                                          Dominicans and author of
movement that has been                                                                      Jesus Before History,
connected, albeit at some                                                                   brought us beyond the
distance, with social action                                                                intellect. Theological
at an international level.                                                                  reflection is an integral step
         Let me come back                                                                   in the See-Judge-Act model
to my question about                                                                        of discernment. Theological
representing students and chaplains. If we don’t then         reflection and connection to the church has been a
who does? Where are the interests of youth and those          weak point of a number of the social action
who lead them? Let me share an image that I believe           movements over the past few decades. This is
represents some of this dilemma.                              especially evident in the most developed nations. Fr.
         We stayed and had our meetings in a former           Albert Nolan op spoke to us of the need to develop
seminary a few hundred metres above a 1505                    eight ways of consciousness. Social-Global-Historical-
Carthusian Monastery.                                         Evolutionary-Ecological-Inner-Others as Persons-God.
         “The Carthusian does not live alone as the                    I cannot in this article give a detailed
Carthusian monastery is a community. Nevertheless,            description of Fr. Nolan’s presentation other than to
he will pass the greater part of his life in his cell where   say that all these levels or forms of consciousness are
he prays, works, takes his meals and sleeps. During the       important. The one that brings them all together,
course of the week, he only leaves three times a days         however, is God consciousness. He refers to Thomas
for offices and communal mass: in the middle of the           Aquinas’ teachings: God is not a person or a thing,
night, the Night Office, the morning Eucharist and            God is the mystery in everything, a mystery that binds
Vespers towards the night. The Carthusian can be a            all. Nolan points out that we all have limitations in our
cloistered monk or a brother, two different ways of           knowledge and, in those limitations, we are left with a
                                       The Society of Jesus
                                     Priests and Brothers Serving the Church

                         For the greater glory
                                of God

       hearts big enough to embrace a suffering world

              minds sharp enough to grasp a complex world

                    spirituality deep enough to sustain this vision and service

                               of English-speaking Canada

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sense of wonder, standing in awe of the universe.              undergo a Reformation because the rules of St. Bruno
Nolan taught us that Jesus had all these ways of               were never in need of reforming. They, like their social
consciousness when he walked here on the earth,                action brothers and sisters, have suffered death and
which brought him to a spirituality of action. Integral        destruction by forces outside themselves. They, like
education, or holistic education, can help challenge           the social action Catholics, have been targets because
the formal education that often destroys that sense of         of what they stand for.
wonder. It can help us use our God consciousness to                     In our western culture, social action and
experience our realities in the way God is calling us.         contemplative lifestyles are viewed as outdated, no
         Dr. Kevin MacDonald, of the University of             longer meeting the needs of the faithful. My own
Melbourne, brought us through an intellectual-                 personal experience during this visit and in our
sociological understanding of the dimensions of                sessions was that the foundation of these two realities
change associated with contemporary globalization.             within the Church is very much alive. The growth of
Dr. MacDonald was particularly well-suited for this            social action amongst students and the building of
presentation and later responses due to the fact that          new monasteries in Asia and Africa are more overt
he was a member of the International Team of IMCS              illustrations of this.
in the late 1970s.                                                      But there is also a growth in the hearts and
         As in the case of Fr. Nolan, it is not fair to        minds of the students and chaplains in the developing
state Dr. MacDonald’s insights in one paragraph. He            world. We are learning from one another. The
set the stage for more informed discussion and debate          missionary work or evangelization is no longer a one-
as to what has been influencing us and what continues          way street. There is greater realisation that we need
to influence and perhaps what will influence us.               prayer and social action to come together. John Paul
MacDonald challenged us to move from an                        II has been calling us to this throughout his
International Movement to a Global Movement, to                pontificate. Prayer and action go hand in hand.We
use our student interconnectedness to help solve               have not always listened to the wholeness of his
problems in the world from very different types of             message. Devotion and popular piety and personal
expertise: Business, Medicine, Computer Technology,            prayer can bring us to an inner experience of God.
Arts, in particular International Humanities and Law,          When we meet God in that authentic experience, we
Natural Sciences and more.                                     will know that we are called to metonia, a change of
         MacDonald pointed out that IMCS moved                 heart. I experienced this heartfelt desire for change,
from focus on peace in the 1920s to the Role of the            for a deeper connection to the Church, to an
Laity in the 1960s to Political Action in the 1970s to         expanded involvement in WYD, to a re-commitment
1990s. Where are we to move our focus next? In his             to the United Nations consultative work, and a desire
key point, he asked “Where do we find the presence of          to change our education systems so it will benefit all of
Jesus Christ today? How do we communicate that?”               humanity.
         The balance of social action vs. contemplation                 Our new International Team of Kevin Ahern
has been an ongoing struggle. Young adults have an             (USA) and Zobel Behalal (Cameroon) come with a
especially difficult task in reflecting before acting. If it   great deal of experience and commitment to serving
feels right or if it’s well within my experience then I        others through the Church and through our student
should act! In the developing regions like Asia and            movement. We ask our Canadian students through the
Africa prayer and popular forms of piety appear to be          CCSA to embrace students ready for change and
growing. In the western world secularization and the           reach out beyond our own campuses and borders!
movement toward spirituality and away from religion                     Back to my question during the National
is the trend. How do we learn from one another? How            Chaplains’ meeting: who represents the students and
do we remain faithful to our roots as Catholic Social          chaplains around the world? Pax Romana, IMCS did
Action?                                                        in the 1950’s. We were a less complex world in those
         I had the pleasure to tour the monastery with         times. Many movements and associations today now
two other participants. The twelve remaining monks             represent us. The key is to be aware of our “God
who live in separate cells and meet only for short             consciousness” and our “seeking the presence of Jesus
periods each day lived in a deep history and tradition.        Christ today.” Our international student delegates in
I was told through interpretation that they did not            Barcelona are ready for that change. Are we?
Celebrate the
                                                           Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus followed by the
                                                           Memorial to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and
                                                           concluded on the Solemnity of Saints Peter and Paul.

Call: a gathering
                                                                    Early Friday morning at the O.M.I community
                                                           Eucharistic celebration, a priest reflected upon the
                                                           intimate love expressed in Hosea: “I led them with

of lay ministers
                                                           cords of human kindness and bands of love” (Hosea
                                                                    He compared this to the umbilical cord that
                                                           attaches a growing child to his or her mother in the
               Marilyn Elphick                             womb. He remarked that we are attached to Christ in
               Campus Minister                             a similar way. The Solemnity of the Sacred Heart is a
               University of St. Michael’s College         living reminder of Christ’s love for us.
               Toronto ON                                           This Eucharistic celebration and reflection set
                                                           the tone and purpose for the important work that was
                         I recently had the privilege of   just beginning. The heart is the seat of love, pain, joy
                 representing CCCM at a gathering of       and struggles. It is the place where we can monitor our
                 the Celebrate the Call project. The       emotional temperatures. It is the place where feverish
                 gathering is the result of almost three   periods of excitement or anticipation are balanced
                 years of hard work by the organizing      with periods of calm when things are ‘normal’.
committee led by Gertrude Rompre, David Peacock                     On this weekend, the muggy, humid heaviness
(campus ministers at STM Saskatoon) & Peter Oliver.        of greater than 33 degrees Celsius abated on day two
        The committee has travelled across the country     of the assembly. The fresh flow of cool breezes
meeting lay ministers and conducting focus groups.         refreshed and renewed us.
Approximately forty lay ministers from across Canada                In like manner, the initial heaviness and
representing national organizations, dioceses and          discomfort that was present at the meeting, lifted.
focus groups met at St. Paul’s University in Ottawa on              Through the small group discussions, we got to
June 27-29, 2003, to hear about the project and            know each other and share our experiences, insights,
discuss the results of the research.                       joys, pains and observations of our lives as lay
        Intensity, excitement and anticipation             ministers. I truly grasped the meaning of
permeated the presentations, information sharing and       aggiornamento in the way Pope John XXIII meant it–a
small group discussions. The university provided           new vision of the Church that intimately embraced
simultaneous bilingual translation so that all could       and addressed the needs of the world.
participate equally in the sessions.                                The purpose of this project was not only to
        Each day began and concluded with prayers,         explore issues, concerns and difficulties that lay
which were creative, meaningful and thought                ministers face but also to celebrate our roles within the
provoking. The theme, ‘Celebrate the Call,’ reminded       church. The ruah of God was present in a palpable
us of our baptismal responsibility in living out our       way.
vocation in the world through evangelization, action                There was a profound sense that this gathering
and fidelity to the mission Jesus challenges us to carry   was important. The groundbreaking work that began
out daily.                                                 with the simple question, “Who do you say I am?’
        We spent a good part of the conference             evolved into a labour of love that held us in an
responding to the questions in the focus group survey.     embrace.
Some questions dealt with demographics but most                     I felt that I was witnessing the birth of a new
were reflection questions that required us to examine      creation–an association that seeks to identify, name
and evaluate our needs. I thought one of the most          and articulate issues that sustain as well as hinder lay
important set of questions asked us to remember our        ministers in their service within the church. This
“Call” and those people who are part of our support        meeting affirmed the need for a national organization
system.                                                    where lay ministers can network and access the rich
        It is prophetic that the gathering began on the    resources that already exist within our country.
       Do we need a National Organization for Lay          Celebration and, like Peter and Paul, we felt
Ministers?                                                 compelled to emulate their example of evangelization,
       The answer from the group was a resounding          proclamation and faith. The participants came
“Yes!” The group decided to aim for a National             together as strangers with a common interest and left
Conference, which would take place in Ottawa in the        as a community with a renewed vision of how we saw
summer of 2005.                                            each other and ourselves as Lay Ministers in God’s
       The gathering concluded with a Eucharistic          Church.

The Africa-Canada Youth Symposium:
CCSA Rep travels to Coady International Institute, Antigonish, NS
Jocelyne Perabo                                            campus groups, but also other groups who may wish
CCSA African HIV/AIDS Initiative                           to act in collaboration with us, may react when
                                                           presented with the idea of such a project.
        This past July, I was very fortunate to be                 The Symposium was an incredible success for
invited to attend a unique event at the Coady              many reasons. There was no one highlight, but many
International Institute at St. Francis Xavier University   incredible events that contributed to making this event
in Antigonish, Nova Scotia. This event, which was          an unparalleled experience for me.
organized as a meaningful way to mark the 150th                    One of the key events that will not easily be
anniversary of the university, was called the Africa-      forgotten was a feature presentation by Ken Wiwa, a
Canada Youth Symposium (ACYS) on Leadership in             human rights activist, journalist and author. He is the
Development. For one week, the Symposium united            son of acclaimed playwright and activist Ken Saro-
45 Canadian and 55 African youth between the ages          Wiwa who was executed by the government of Nigeria
of 20 and 30 to discuss four major theme areas:            in 1995.
Peacebuilding, Economic Development, the                           Wiwa discussed his experiences in fighting for
Environment, and HIV/AIDS.                                 the rights of the Ogani people in Nigeria, as well as the
        I attended the ACYS as a representative of the     role of young leaders in Canada and Africa in helping
Canadian Catholic Students’ Association and                address issues such as the environment and the effects
presented on its behalf our proposal for the Initiative    of globalization. Wiwa’s address was captivating and
on HIV/AIDS with the Pan-African IMCS.                     contained enormous amounts of wisdom for the youth
        Being a part of the discussion group on HIV/       facing the challenges of the present day, both in
AIDS, I was able to discuss with many other young          Canada and beyond.
leaders, who have undertaken similar projects, the                 A second highlight for me was simply the
barriers we expect to encounter and ideas for              opportunity to spend a week with youth from around
overcoming those barriers.                                 the world who are so passionate in their causes and
        The sessions were very informative. I presented    who had not yet fallen into the pits of cynicism and
our ideas to African students and heard how they           despair that seem so inevitable, despite the hardships
perceived our attempts. In general, our proposal was       and the incredible struggles that they have faced. The
well-received and well-supported, evoking some             experience brought joy to my heart and filled me with
excitement in my fellow participants. Not only were        hope as I witnessed the power of youth of today.
the African youth excited about this project, but                  After attending a symposium of this sort, I
equally so the Canadians who were present to hear          have renewed confidence in the world and its peoples,
about the project. I found this uplifting and              since I have witnessed the courage and wisdom of our
motivating, since I believe it to be representative of     future leaders.
how other groups, not only those Catholic student
Caring for needy students in Ottawa.
Martin Thompson, LLB                       for first year university students at the University of Ottawa.
President, U of Ottawa Conference,                  More importantly, our experience with the Society of Saint
The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul       Vincent de Paul has helped us strengthen our faith and live out the
                                           teachings of Jesus Christ. Faith, more than mere belief, is an
        Poverty stricken individuals       animating, compelling conviction that motivates all of us to accept and
come in all shapes and from all types      follow Christ, who went out to the Poor.
of occupations. Usually when poverty                In John 15: 9-17, we are called to love one another as Jesus
is mentioned, the homeless sleeping        loved us. Through my service to students, I have experienced how
on the street comes to mind. While it      loving and helping others can bring joy and deepen one’s faith.
may be less visible and publicised, a               I invite all students to get involved helping the less fortunate on
great number of students are               university campuses. It is an experience of service which will change
struggling financially, often working      and enrich you.
at one or two low-paying jobs to
maintain decent living conditions and
afford rising tuition fees. Simply said,
many students are living in poverty.                      The Federation of the
        About four years ago, a group
of students from the University of                   Sisters of St. Joseph of Canada
Ottawa formed a Saint Vincent de
Paul (SSVP) Conference to help                              “Women of reconciliation”
identify and service the needs of poor
students and to control the alarming
and growing rate of poverty on
Canadian university campuses.                                                   350 years ago a small group
        From humble beginnings with                                              of women responded to the
canned food and clothing drives, our
                                                                                 needs of a struggling world.
assistance to students expanded with
                                                                                  It is that same spirit that
the generous help of sister entities
like the SSVP Ottawa Central                                                     energizes us today and
Council and the Frederic Ozanam                                                  will carry us into the future.
Fund. Our conference is now able to
pay for bus and train tickets for needy                  If you have a passion for living and a love
students travelling home for the                       for God’s people then we invite you to join us
Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.                                   in the journey.
        Over the past two years, our
Conference has also chaired four
student’s budget seminars to help                              For more information, contact:
with the management of finances,                                CSJ Canadian Federation
which is one of the causes of student                               207-146 Laird Drive
poverty on campuses. These seminars                              Toronto, Ontario, Canada
were well attended and represent a                                       M4G 3V7
considerable shift for our Conference.
        Our preventive rather than                               Phone: (416) 424-4685
reactionary philosophy has been well-                              Fax: (416) 424-1714
received by the university population.                       Email: can.csj-fed@sympatico.ca
Discussions are currently under way                           http://www.csjfederation.ca
to make such a seminar mandatory
                  sT. tHOMAS m
Photo Scrapbook         rETREAT


                                        -the North American delegates
                                        discussing international Catholic
                                        student initiatives, on lawn chairs,
                                        in Spain

                                                            and a long line
                                                            of spiritual

                                                            It must be the
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