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									                                             General information
Tropentag 2010
                                                                                                     and consumption. The world food system
                                             “Tropentag” is an annual international conference       provides the foundation for the nutrition of
                                             on tropical and subtropical agricultural research       humankind and includes all related ecological,
International Research on                    and natural resource management. It is jointly          economic, health and social aspects.
Food Security, Natural Resource Management   organised by the universities of Bonn, Göttingen,
                                                                                                     The global population faces many challenging
and Rural Development                        Hohenheim, Kassel (Witzenhausen), Hamburg,
                                                                                                     problems, among them population growth, food,
                                             ETH Zurich, and the Council for Tropical and
                                                                                                     water and energy security, climate and land use
                                             Subtropical Research (ATSAF e.V.) – in co-operation
                                                                                                     change, as well as threats to human health. All of
World food system –                          with the GTZ Advisory Service on Agricultural
                                                                                                     these problems are interconnected and most are
A contribution from Europe                   Research for Development (BEAF).
                                                                                                     also connected to the world food system. Food
                                             As an academic forum, the Tropentag brings              production under changing climatic conditions
14–16 September 2010                         together scientists, students, graduates,               will become even more difficult as human
North-South Centre                           development experts and funding organisations           population grows, natural resources such as soils
ETH Zurich, Switzerland                      from several countries with their various               and water become increasingly depleted, and
                                             international partner institutions.                     global markets set diverging priorities (e.g.
                                                                                                     agriculture vs. bioenergy). By providing relevant
                                             The Tropentag is a development-oriented and
                                                                                                     information and advice, scientific knowledge
                                             interdisciplinary conference. It addresses issues
                                                                                                     supports policy-makers and society in
                                             of resource management, environment,
                                                                                                     implementing strategies that address and solve
                                             agriculture, forestry, fisheries, food, nutrition and
                                                                                                     these problems.
                                             related sciences in the context of rural
                                             development, sustainable resource use and               Topics
                                             poverty alleviation worldwide.                              Natural resources
                                                                                                         Plant systems
                                             Who should attend
                                                                                                         Animal sciences
                                             The Tropentag invites all scientists, students and
                                                                                                         Markets and rural development
                                             experts engaged in topics of the above mentioned
Call for papers
                                                                                                          Food security and food quality
                                             fields. Young scientists are particularly encouraged
                                             to present their research projects and results.
                                                                                                     Confirmed plenary speakers
                                             Conference theme                                           Paul Collier, Oxford University
                                             The world food system encompasses all the                  Angela Cropper, UNEP
Conference organisation                      natural resources involved in the production of            Timothy Hall, European Commission
North-South Centre of the ETH Zurich and     food, including the management and processing              Hans Herren, Millenium Institute
ATSAF e.V.                                   of these resources as well as food distribution            Jimmy Smith, World Bank
Submission procedure                                 Programme structure                                                   Road map
The conference language is English.                  Day 1 pm Plenary 1: Opening session                                   Abstract submission: 12 February – 31 March 2010
                                                              Foundation fiat panis Awards session                         Notification of acceptance: 1 July 2010
Abstracts of original research of 250-350 words
                                                              Guided poster sessions 1
must be submitted until 31 March 2010, using the     Day 2 am Plenary 2: Swiss session and SFIAR Award                     Conference location
online form at We especially                S1       S2      S3      S4      S5    S6                    The Tropentag will take place at the premises of the
encourage young scientists to submit their                    Guided poster sessions 2                                     ETH Zurich in the ETZ Building, Gloriastrasse 35.
contributions.                                       Day 2 pm S 7      S8      S9      S 10    S 11  S 12                  A map of the campus indicating the venue and
                                                              Guided poster sessions 3
Based on the abstract, a panel of reviewers will                                                                           facilities, as well as links for booking of
                                                              Tropentag social event
decide upon the acceptance of the contributions.                                                                           accomodations will be posted on the conference
                                                     Day 3 am S 13     S 14    S 15    S 16    S 17  S 18
The decision for a contribution to be accepted                                                                             website.
                                                              S 19     S 20    S 21    S 22    S 23  S 24
either as poster or oral presentation is at the               Plenary 3: Closing ceremony and outlook 2011
discretion of these reviewers. Contributions of an                                                                         Programme committee (members of the
                                                     S 1 – S 24 = parallel sessions with oral presentations
                                                                                                                           Department of Agricultural and Food Sciences, ETH Zurich)
interdisciplinary nature will be preferentially
selected as oral presentations.                      Conference fees                                                       Prof. Dr. Michael Kreuzer (Chair)
                                                                            Until 1 August 2010           Later            Prof. Dr. Silvia Dorn
A programme committee will allocate the              Full participants      45 € / CHF 70                 90 € / CHF 135   Dr. Ines Egli
accepted oral contributions to interdisciplinary     Doctoral candidates 30 € / CHF 45                    60 € / CHF 90    Prof. Dr. Emmanuel Frossard
sessions. However, you are asked to tentatively      Students               0 or 15 € * / CHF 0 or 25 *   15 € / CHF 25
                                                                                                                           Prof. Dr. Bernard Lehmann
assign your contribution to a session topic.          * with or without conference material
                                                                                                                           Prof. Dr. Michael Siegrist
Poster contributions will be grouped into thematic   Please transfer your conference fee to the following bank
clusters and presented in guided poster sessions.    account by indicating Tropentag 2010 and your full name on            Local organisers
                                                     your money transfer.                                                  ETH Zurich
Notifications of acceptance will be sent on 1 July                                                                         North-South Centre
                                                     Name: Tielkes – Tropentag 2010
2010.                                                Bank: Sparkasse Werra-Meissner                                        Dr. Mathias Egloff
                                                     Account No.: 504 792 45                                               HCW B11, Hochstrasse 60a
All accepted contributions will be published in
                                                     Bank code (BLZ): 522 500 30
the conference proceedings and on the                                                                                      8092 Zurich, Switzerland
                                                     BIC: HELADEF1ESW
Tropentag homepage. Contributions not                IBAN: DE 11 522 500 3000 50479245                                     Phone: +41 44 632 56 13
presented at the Tropentag will be deleted from                                                                            Fax:     +41 44 632 15 89
the online version of the proceedings.               For participants from Switzerland only (in CHF): please
                                                     indicate Tropentag 2010, Fonds Nr. 1-67719-10, and your full
For voluntary online publication, authors of         name on your payment.
accepted papers are invited to submit a four-        Name: ETH Zurich
page version of their paper by 8 October 2010.       Bank: Swiss Post, Post Finance, CH-3030 Bern
                                                     Account No.: 30-1171-7
                                                     IBAN: CH550900000030001171 7

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