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    Entrepreneurship Strategy 
          2009 ‐ 2013 
              Entrepreneurship has been identified as a strategic priority for CEDEC for the next 5 years. While
              entrepreneurship does not represent a complete solution to address employment challenges with
              Quebec’s English-speaking communities, entrepreneurial development nevertheless represents an
              important vehicle for economic growth and renewal. Within Quebec’s English-speaking community, self-
              employment often represents a necessity-based response to challenges associated with finding and
              keeping work in rural areas. It is likely that the recognition and pursuit of opportunity represents the most
              significant driver of entrepreneurial development within the more urban communities The potential in
              entrepreneurship and the amount of stakeholders out there necessitate the development of a strategy in
              order to establish a “niche” for CEDEC.

              CEDEC is supporting entrepreneurs and growing entrepreneurial culture already through different
              initiatives. Currently this activity ranges from the support of entrepreneurial networks, activities to
              increase awareness about entrepreneurship among young people as well as trying to fill the gaps for
              some of the services not currently accessible in English. While the service delivery should be left to those
              who have such a mandate, there is a role for CEDEC to help these potential “partner” organizations to
              understand and meet the need for services in English in Quebec. Just as CEDEC was able to encourage
              the development of a resource paid for by the Secretariat de la jeunesse to work within the Reseau des
              Carrefours Jeunesse Emploi du Quebec, there are other opportunities to work with partners to fill those
              service gaps.

              Strategy Goal 
              The goal for CEDEC is to increase entrepreneurial activity within Quebec’s English-speaking community.

              The pursuit of this goal will depend on many factors including the ability of the organization to work in
              partnership with others who have specific mandates related to entrepreneurship. Some of these
              organizations include:

                  •   Fondation de l’Entrepreneurship
                  •   Chantier D’economie Sociale
                  •   Reseau des Carrefours Jeuness Emploi du Quebec (and their local CJEs)
                  •   Reseau Des SADC (and their local offices)
                  •   Local Develoment Centres (CLD) in each MRC
                  •   YES Montreal
                  •   Soutien Aux Jeunes Entrepreneurs (SAJE) in Montreal


CEDEC Entrepreneurship Strategy 2009 -2013                                                                                    1
              CEDEC’s strategy for entrepreneurial development within Quebec’s English-speaking community should
              concentrate on two key areas:

              Promoting an “entrepreneurial culture” within the English-speaking community that will stimulate
              entrepreneurial activity within potential entrepreneurs

              Enabling the development of entrepreneurship support that will sustain ongoing enterprise development
              and growth.

              While many groups and organizations have a mandate dealing with Entrepreneurship, CEDEC must
              position itself to leverage the work and resources these organizations possess and play the “broker” role
              between these resources and the English-speaking community in Quebec.

              Specific Actions to Meet Objectives 

              •   Identify organizations and resources working with entrepreneurs
              •   To get a full understanding of the resources that exist (SADC, CLD, CJE, etc)
              •   Identify pools of potential and existing entrepreneurs
              •   To identify possible participants for support networks like the Entrepreneurial Support Network
              •   Participate in various dialogues around entrepreneurial development
              •   To understand the trends and movements currently happening in the province and beyond in the
                  entrepreneurship sector
              •   Promote Entrepreneurship to young people 
              •   Focus on age group 18-40 year old age group (although perhaps not exclusively) as this age group
                  has the best potential to generate entrepreneurial activity at all levels.
              •   Partner with organizations with entrepreneurship mandates to increase their ability to work with the
              •   To ensure that the ESC is able to capitalize on existing resources and services
              •   Support the development of “networks” which will provide support for potential and existing
              •   To ensure awareness and access to public and private resources such as learning and training,
                  financing options, mentoring/coaching and technical services.
              •   Disseminate information about resources throughout the ESC
              •   To insure that members of the community not already involved with entrepreneurship can better
                  understand the concept and potential support available
              •   Influence policy and programs to better meet the needs of entrepreneurs

CEDEC Entrepreneurship Strategy 2009 -2013                                                                                2
                                           “enabling the development of entrepreneurship
                                           support that will sustain ongoing enterprise
                                           development and growth”

                •Identify pools of                                                              •Identify organizations 
                 potential and existing                                                          and resources working 
                 entrepreneurs                                                                   with entrepreneurs

                                                   Support the 
                                                 development of 
                                               “networks” which 
                                                                         information about 
                                              will provide support 
                                                for potential and 
                                                                        throughout the ESC 

                                                  Partner with 
                                               organizations with 
                                                                       Influence policy and 
                                                                        programs to better 
                                                  mandates to 
                                                                        meet the needs of 
                                               improve access to 
                                                 resources and 
                 entrepreneurship to                                                            •Participate in various 
                 young people                                                                    dialogues around 

                                           “promoting an “entrepreneurial culture” within the
                                           English-speaking community that will stimulate
                                           entrepreneurial activity”

CEDEC Entrepreneurship Strategy 2009 -2013                                                                                 3