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After a natural disaster or catastrophic event, you need an experienced partner in disaster recovery. BELFOR is the largest disaster

management company in the world, with over 150 offices in more than 25 countries. BELFOR’s experience, size and knowledge ensures

that we are able to provide effective solutions for recovery from water, fire or smoke damage.

In an emergency, the response is critical

The response and actions taken during the first 24 to 48 hours of a disaster are critical in determining whether or not your business

fully recovers. Your recovery team has only one opportunity to get it right. Choosing BELFOR gives you access to an entire team of
experienced, professional recovery experts. Your company and employees will benefit from having BELFOR by your side.

Effective pre- and post-disaster planning and management have never been as important as they are today. Whatever the cause,

disasters are now an established risk to every business and they must be prepared for in advance.
Our response is Red Alert®

Our practical knowledge of disasters has been developed into Red Alert®, an international priority

response service program. With over 60 years of experience in disaster recovery and business

continuity, BELFOR can help get your business quickly back into operation after an incident occurs.

Red Alert®, developed by BELFOR, cannot prevent these emergencies from happening. But we

can, and do, limit the financial and personal havoc they can cause. Red Alert® provides you with:

  • Emergency service, via a dedicated emergency phone number, 24/7

  • Assistance in emergency situations – from major fires to area flooding.

  • Rescue and protection of your assets.

  • On the spot damage assessment.

The Red Alert® service is structured to work with your own emergency procedures to provide
total disaster management so that when disaster does strike, everyone concerned is

prepared for it and is operating in unison. This allows the Red Alert® three stage action plan

to be initiated with the utmost speed and effectiveness.

  • To make the premises safe and secure, prevent further damage and recover

     what is immediately salvageable.

  • To assess the extent of the damage.

  • To restore premises, equipment and the business to full working order.

A program for recovery

In the majority of disasters, business interruption and consequential damage are far more

serious than the purely physical losses. The loss of records, the disruption or cessation of

business and the erosion of staff and customer confidence can be fatal. Therefore, it is crucial
to re-establish your operational capability as quickly as possible.

To ensure recovery, it is vital that the right combination of specialized decontamination and

technical resources are deployed as soon as possible. We will stabilize the situation and

mitigate losses to property, stocks, documentation, data, machinery, equipment and

electronics, keeping damage to an absolute minimum.
                    , CREATING ORDER FROM CHAOS

Response 24/7, 365 days a year

All Red Alert clients receive a priority response to help you assess the situation as fast as possible.

The Red Alert® program prepares you for any eventuality, so you are spared the time-consuming task of coordinating the recovery

and refurbishment after a disaster. This allows you to concentrate on keeping your business in business.

BELFOR has a level of service to meet the diverse needs of organizations, including an international response.

BELFOR — There when you need us.

Red Alert® Basic
  • 24-hour year round response through the BELFOR hotlines.
  • Immediate telephone response after you report your incident to us.
  • Response to site, to inspect and advise on damage control actions.
  • Written scope of damage control actions within 24 hours of site visit.
  • Priority response over non-Basic Red Alert® clients for area-wide
    disasters (catastrophes).
  • Review of your business continuity plans to assist with proper integration of
    recovery partner.
  • National Account Manager assigned to your account.
  • Seminars at your key locations to explain BELFOR’s services, and mitigation measures to
    increase risk awareness (expenses only).
  • No call out charges in cities where we have a presence.
  • Available on local and regional basis only.

Red Alert® Premium Plus
  • Same as Red Alert® Basic with the addition of three site familiarization surveys.
    BELFOR familiarizes itself with your organization and the critical response required at
    the time of an incident.
  • Priority above all other non-Premium Plus clients during an area-wide event.
  • Retainer based program.

BELFOR can also prepare a tailor-made response for your organization’s specific requirements.

Ignoring the benefits of RED ALERT® could be the biggest disaster of all.
Due to our worldwide presence in 25 countries, BELFOR’s personnel can be at the scene of
a catastrophe in most parts of the world within a very short period of time after your initial
phone call. This unmatched speed of response is one of the Red Alert® program’s most
important advantages, but by no means the only one.

Single-source solution
BELFOR is the leader in professional service delivery and project management
accountability, providing assurance to all parties of the most direct route to complete
project performance. We evaluate the benefits and costs of current technologies and
procedures to determine the quickest and most cost-effective method of quality
restoration and reconstruction. We then implement procedures with the utmost precision
and care.   Around the world BELFOR turns chaos into orderly recovery and ensures
continuity of operations. With a proven track record of service, integrity and success you
can count on BELFOR.

As a BELFOR customer, you will deal with the most experienced, single-source service
provider in the industry. We deliver a comprehensive range of services, combined to
produce a customized solution to ensure your recovery is as fast and efficient as possible.

Our services worldwide
  • Structure and Property Restoration
  • Structural Dehumidification
  • Machinery and Equipment Refurbishment
  • Electronic Restoration
  • Contents Restoration
  • Document and Data Recovery
  • Mold Remediation
  • Property Reconstruction

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           24/7 national emergency hotline

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                  Toll Free: 888.421.4111
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