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STEP by STEP Keyword Research

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									There are many ways to do keyword research, but its all about what you find works for you, and all
method works to a degree so don't be too worried.


1 - Go to Google and type in your main keyword.

2 - Press on your keyword and a new window should open with google and your keyword
typed in it. Put your keywords in quotes and press enter, you should now see a figure, this
number is showing you how many people are you competitors.
3/4 - Put &start=990 to see how many pages google is showing with your keyword.

5 - Insert intitle:"keyword" and press search to see how many of the competition have
done on page SEO and have the keyword in the title on their page. (part of on page SEO).
 6 - Insert inurl:"keyword" and press search to see how many of the competition have put
the keyword in the URL. (this is part of on page SEO and helps alot for ranking)

7 - Insert inurl:"keyword" inurl"keyword" and press search and you will see how many
people have done proper SEO and are REAL competitors for your keyword.
8 - Lastly you want to go and see the PR and Age and links to see how tough the
competition is for the real competition (on FIRST PAGE).

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