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					New College Health
The Surgeries
   28 Beaumont Street   College Surgery
            Pictures of Doctors
             & College Nurse
Dr John Sichel   Dr Diana Ferguson   Dr Sri   Sandra Wollner
   New member of the Team
• We are here to help you in matters of
• College Doctors are available for
advice at any time to members of
college, but are NOT part of the college
•You have therefore the guarantee of
the confidential Doctor- Patient
relationship, and this may only be
broken with your express permission,
particularly on those rare occasions
when you may wish for your Tutor or
your Funding Authority to know about
circumstances that may have hindered
your studies.
   It is a college requirement
    that you should register with
    an Oxford Practise during
    your time in Oxford.
   You do not have to register
    with the College Doctor but
    there are advantages.
   If you are not a UK national
    it is essential that you
    register with the doctor as
    soon as possible. If you wait
    until you are ill, it might be
    too late for you to qualify for
    free treatment under current

 Medical Registration forms will
be supplied for signature at the
time of your Registration health
checks in Lecture Room 6 on
BETWEEN 13:30 and 18:00 hrs.
In the extreme event that you
cannot attend on this occasion,
please arrange another time with
Sister Sandra Wollner at the
earliest opportunity.
Change of Address
   Current Regulations demand that your
    address is updated immediately you move.
    Anybody living away from the main College
    site should inform the College Secretary and
    the College Doctor. This will apply to all of
    you who will inevitably live out at some stage
    of your course in Oxford.
    NHS Dentistry
 Mr John Coulter is the appointed
Dentist to New College
undergraduates only.

  Registration with a NHS Dentist is
carried out by filling the appropriate
section in the HC1 form. Available
from 1NB Surgery.

Address: 3 George Street, Oxford
(Tel: Ox. 244304).
Hours are 08:30-17:30
Monday to Friday
                  New College Surgery, 1NB
                  Tel. (2)79579
                  Email: sandra.wollner@new.ox.ac.uk
                  Made directly with Sister Sandra Wollner.
                  Dr John Sichel’s Clinic is every MONDAY of
                   term, approx 12:15-13:15 hrs.
                  Dr Diana Ferguson’s Clinic is every
                   THURSDAY of term, approx 12:15-13:15
                  Sign up for appointment on sheet on the
                   Medical Room door.
                  Appts at 28 Beaumont Street can be made
                   over the telephone (Ox 311811) or via
                   Sister Sandra Wollner.
                  Lines open at 08:30.
                  Late Surgery Tuesday evenings 1830-2100
                   by appointment
Visits from College Nurse
   These may be made
    via Sister Sandra
    Wollner, the Porters
    Lodge or of course from
    your Lodging.

   Requests are best
    made before 10:30 and
    if you are too ill to
    attend surgery.
                Night Visits
               and weekends
   OXEMS (Oxford Emergency Medical Service) Serves
    Oxford City out of hours Monday to Friday 18:30 to
    08:00 and at the weekends from Friday 18:30 to
    Monday 08:00. Bank Holidays 24 Hours.
   It is staffed by Oxford City GPs (including 28 Beaumont
    Street partnership) and is located at the East Oxford
    Health Centre, Manzil Way (off Cowley Rd).
   You will be put through to a call centre.
   A Duty Doctor will then call you back and will assess
    your problem and offer advice.

   Tel 0845 345 8995
        Severe Emergencies

   Dial 999 or 112
   A+E Department at
    John Radcliffe
Flu – How to try and avoid it

   Washing your hands frequently
    and especially after blowing your
   Frequent use of Alcohol Hand gel.
   Disposing of tissues after use.
   Eating plenty of fresh fruit and
   Getting enough sleep.
   Drink plenty of clear fluids (this
    does not mean alcohol).
   Take Vitamin C.
   If you do become ill inform a friend
    and the nurse and go to bed.
   ?Freshers flu ?Swine flu
Stress Management

   Prevention is best
    achieved by
    communication at many
   Sandra
   Welfare Team
   Counselling Service
   Blue Book
Contraceptive Services
• Professional advice is available from Doctors in the
routine surgeries at 28 Beaumont Street and also from
Sister Davies in her surgeries at Hertford College.
• There is also the Family Planning Clinic at Alec
Turnbull Clinic, Raglan House, 23 Between Towns
Road Cowley. Ox : 456666 Post-coital contraception is
available (Levonelle if within 72 hrs, and Ellaone if you
miss the deadline) and usually effective, but not
recommended as a safety net.
• Both partners should take equal responsibility.
• Free condoms are available from the College Welfare
officer and the College Nurse.
•If you are finding that taking the Pill is difficult, please
discuss alternatives. There are longer-acting systems.
   Currently available, free and strongly advised
   For both Males and Females
   Idea to protect future fertility
   Self-testing kits available from Nurse and
    results texted anonymously if mobile phone
    number is provided
   Testing and advice available at Registration
   No requirement to see Doctor
Travel Vaccinations

    An Appointment should be
      made at least 6 weeks
        before the intended

    The Occupational Health
    Service (OHS) also operates
    a travel vaccination service.
Hepatitis B Vaccination
   This is mandatory in
    those undertaking clinical
    work of any sort.

   You will receive advice
    about this from your
    Clinical Tutors or from the
    Occupational Health
    Service which carries out
    Health Surveillance on
    Laboratory and
    Environmental exposure
    to health hazards such as
    Hepatitis B.
   The acquisition of
     functional lights
    and strong cycle
       helmets, and
     using them, is a
    major exercise in
    the prevention of
Sporting Injuries

 Should be
 seen early
   Changes in diet can
    cause problems.
   Try to maintain your
    normal diet.
   Please discuss any
    problems, allergy or
    dietary with Sister
    Sandra Wollner.
   They are a major cause of ill
    health and sub-optimal
   Being under the influence can
    put you in dangerous
Prescription Charges
    There is a standard Prescription
     charge, at present £7.20.                     Exemption Certificates on
    Only students who are under 19                 Medical grounds should
     and in full-time education and                 otherwise be applied for.
     those in certain low-income                   HC1 Forms from 1NB
     groups have free prescriptions

    Repeat prescriptions can be ordered directly
    from the surgery on email prescriptions@gp-
    k84080.nhs.uk or via the college nurse.
    Please allow 24 hrs for the request to be
Meningitis C vaccination
   The Department of Health wishes to ensure that every student
    starting full-time University education for the first time, whatever
    the age or country of origin, should receive Meningitis
    vaccination at the earliest opportunity.
    In general this has now been achieved for the most UK
    Nationals except perhaps for a few who may have been taking a
    GAP Year.
   Would those who have not been protected against
    Meningitis C please declare themselves?
    Meningitis awareness remains just as important with the
    possibility of Meningitis A and B and Viral Meningitis presenting
    themselves in the community.
    Symptoms Of Meningitis
   Severe Headache.
   High temperature ( Fever).
   Stiff neck.
   Aversion to light.
   Drowsiness
   Nausea – Vomiting
   Joint
   A rash – tiny, purple
    “pinpricks” That do not
    fade when pressed with a
MMR Vaccination
    Most of you should have received at least 1 MMR
     vaccination. It is desirable to have received 2
     vaccinations (the Primary Immunization followed
     by the Booster).
    There is currently a Measles & Mumps epidemic
     because many individuals have missed out, and
     it is important that you are protected.
    Please find out from your previous GP or from
     your school records whether you have received
     the MMR, and we can ensure that you are
     properly protected.
   These are for the
    Examiners if there are
    medical problems that
    will affect your
    academic performance
   Acute or Chronic
   Not for trivial conditions
   Do not spring problems
    at the last minute
Temporary Registration
When you are away from Oxford
   If you need to consult
    your Home Doctor during
    the vacation, please do
    not be led into a full re-
    registration with your
    Practice at home. Ensure
    that you register as a
    TEMPORARY patient.
Illness at Home during vacation

   For the purpose of
    keeping good medical
    records, please inform
    us, preferably with a
    letter from your Doctor
    or Hospital, if you have
    been ill.
Registration for Undergraduates
   Monday 11th October 2010
   13.30 till 18:00
   Lecture Room 6
   NOTE: Attendance is COMPULSORY

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