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  For IEA Staff
December 14, 2009

    Illinois Education Association   1
            Webinar Overview
 Race to the Top (RTTT) Timeline
 ISBE Update
 Four Areas of Reform
 Funding
 Memorandum of Understanding
 Next Steps
 Questions

                  Illinois Education Association   2
     Race To The Top Timeline
 Phase I application deadline: January 19, 2010
 Phase I awards announced: April 2010
 Phase II application deadline: June 1, 2010
 Phase II awards announced: By September 30,

                    Illinois Education Association   3
                 ISBE Update
 ISBE has been meeting with Stakeholders
 State RTTT Plan (Draft): December 16, 2009
 ISBE may introduce Legislation: January 12-14,

                   Illinois Education Association   4
Four Areas of Reform

    Illinois Education Association
 Illinois will be applying for $400 million or more
 $200 million distributed to participating districts (not
  just lowest-performing 5%) based on 2009 Title I
  allocations relative to other participating districts
 Districts must sign Memorandum of Understanding
  with State to participate
 Funds available as goals, timelines and targets met
 Funds must be spent over 4 year period

                    Illinois Education Association           6
Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
 Draft MOU includes:
   December 16, 2009: ISBE sends to districts
   January 11, 2010: Due back to ISBE
   State and district responsibilities/commitments
   Parts of State Plan district must implement (Exh. I)
       Revised standards-aligned curriculum and assessments
       Use data to improve instruction
       Evaluations based in part on student growth
       2-year induction/mentoring
       Turn around lowest-achieving schools (districts with
        such schools) – 181 “Illinois Priority Schools”/56 IEA
                     Illinois Education Association              7
Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
 Draft MOU includes:
   Parts of State Plan district may implement (with
    union agreement) in exchange for funding priority
    (Exh. II)
   Signatures from “as many as possible” of a) school
    district superintendent, b) local school board
    president, c) local teachers’ union leader
   Final scope of work due 90 days after State approved

                   Illinois Education Association          8
           Local Decision on MOU
 To Sign on or Not
    What is district agreeing to implement?
    Are mandatory bargaining issues involved?
       Evaluation procedures
       Compensation
       Workload
       Length of school day
       Class size
       Hours and transfer
   Is local willing to mid-term bargain/reopen CBA if
    needed to address issues?
   Can issues be addressed in upcoming successor
                 Illinois Education Association          9
         Local Decision on MOU
 To Sign on or Not (cont.)
    What commitments does the local assume by signing
     the MOU?
    What safeguards can be put in place?
    What are pros and cons of signing MOU?
    What happens if State doesn’t get funds

              Illinois Education Association             10
         Local Decision on MOU
 Pre-Winter Break
    No decision needed
    Notify UD if approached
    Discuss with district; don’t commit/sign
    Begin internal discussions
    Review IEA information

               Illinois Education Association   11
          Local Decision on MOU
 First Week After Winter Break
    MOU due to ISBE: January 11, 2010 at 5 pm
    District decision timeline likely tied to board meeting
    Don’t need to decide/sign before district
    If interested and MOU includes bargaining/CBA
     protective language, can sign as is
    If interested and MOU doesn’t include protective
     language, write in language with your signature
      IEA will provide language to add

                Illinois Education Association                 12
               IEA’s Next Steps
 Distribute List of Illinois Priority Schools & Title I
 Robocalls to Local Presidents and Board Members
 Webinars for Board and Local Presidents
 IEA Guidance Document on Race to the Top
 Model Bargaining/CBA Protective Language If Needed
 RTTT Wiki
 January 5, 2010 (9 am and 1 pm) Update Webinars for

                    Illinois Education Association         13

 Illinois Education Association   14

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