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									To:     Central Penn Employees with Health and/or Dental/Vision Insurance
From:   Stephanie Bortz
Date:   September 21, 2007
Re:     Health Insurance Rates and New Offerings

It’s that time of year again! Open Enrollment is upon us. This is your opportunity to
review, enroll or waive health insurance coverage offered to you through the College. If
you are not planning to make any changes, there is nothing you need to do! If you
wish to make changes to your coverage, please contact me directly for the necessary
forms and information at ext. 2282. I have attached additional information to this e mail
which may be helpful to you. A full listing of in-network doctors and their PCP codes
can be found by visiting Any changes to your coverage must
be done by 10/10/2007.

Below you will find the new rates for the 07/08 benefit year for Central Penn Employees.

Blue Cross PPO Health Insurance
There has been a decrease in the medical premium but an increase in the dental/vision
       Employee & Child(ren)               $321.00 / monthly
       Employee & Spouse                   $437.00 / monthly
       Employee & Family                   $545.00 / monthly

        Dental/Vision- Employee Only        $18.50 (Dental $14.00 / Vision $4.50)
        Dental/Vision- Family               $52.00 (Dental $40.50 / Vision $11.50)

Keystone HMO
There has been an increase in these rates both medical and dental/vision.
       Employee & Child(ren)               $290.00 / monthly
       Employee & Spouse                   $421.00 / monthly
       Employee & Family                   $521.00 / monthly

        Dental/Vision- Single Person         $7.25 (Dental $5.50 / Vision $1.75)
        Dental/Vision- Family               $25.25 (Dental $19.75 / Vision $5.50)


Work-life Balance Employee Assistance Program

As of October 1st, Work-life Balance Employee Assistance Program is being offered to
both full and part time employees through UnumProvident. This program is meant to
help us all find solutions for everyday challenges of work and home as well as for more
serious issues involving emotional and physical well being. All calls are confidential.
Wallet cards and program information will be distributed. Please see the attached
brochure information.

AFLAC – Voluntary Benefits

On Oct. 10, a representative from AFLAC will be holding employee meetings to
introduce voluntary programs available to each of us to supplement our current benefit
coverages. A Personal Disability Income Protector Policy (Short-Term Disability
Insurance Policy) as well as a variety of other offerings will be available to all full time
employees and Part-time employees working over 30 hours per week. More information
on AFLAC will be coming your way – be on the lookout! (Coverage will become
effective Nov.1st.)

Please feel free to contact me with further questions at ext 2282.


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