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									reduced, or the young trees can be protected, there will
beagreatervariety and quantity of plantshere inthefuture.
Lookatthehuge WhitePineandHemlocktrees- Do
                                                                   Forest Visitors may encounter a variety of dangerous
                                                                   conditions. It is your responsibility to inform yourself
                                                                   about these inherent risks and
                                                                                                                                   Hearts Content
                                                                                                             White-tailed Deer
you see any young pine trees more than a few feet tall?
Why not? It's because new pine trees need lots of
                                                                   VOLUNTEERS-if you, afriend,
                                                                   or your club are interested in
                                                                                                                                    Scenic Area
                         sunlight to get started. Since
                         this is a very shady forest,              volunteeringto helpmaintainthis                                   Interpretive Trail
                         most of the young trees are               trail area, please contact the
                         Hemlock and Beech-the                     Bradford Ranger District.
                         kind that can get started in              CUSTOMER SERVICE -for more information on this
                         the shadow of the big trees.              and other forest opportunities, please contact:
                         But Hemlock seedlings are
                         also scarce because Hem-                  Allegheny National Forest Bradford Ranger District
                          lock buds and leaves are                 222 Liberty Street           29 US Forest Service Dr.
                          important food for deer.                 Warren, PA 16365             Bradford, PA 16701
                                                                   814-723-5150                 814-362-4613
If you want to find a little pine tree, look for places where      814-726-2710 TTY             814-368-8116 TTY
sunlight reaches the forest floor. Some of these seed-             814-726-1465 Fax             814-362-2761 Fax
lings may survive and grow into huge pine trees.                   www.fs.fed.us/r9/allegheny
AUDIOTAPE-You may checkout an audio tapeabout                      Northern Alleghenies Vacation Region
the Hearts Content Scenic Area                                     315 2nd Avenue P.O. Box 804 Warren, PA 16365
from the Hearts Content Camp-                                      814-726-1222 800-624-7802
ground host, or at any Allegheny                                   www.northernalleghenies.com
National Forest office.
REGULATIONS - All dogs must                                         This brochure can be obtained in
be on leashes when using the
trail. Forest trails policy prohibits                               large print at the Allegheny
the use of saddle, pack, or draft                                   National Forest, PO. Box 847,
animals on hiking trails. Please
practice the Leave NoTrace! land
                                                                    Warren, PA 16365,814-723-51 50.
ethic. If you pack it in, pack it out.
                                                                                      ENJOY THE TRAIL!
SAFETY - Please be aware of
falling trees and limbs and dead and down trees along               Please recycle or reuse your brochure. Enjoy your visit!
the trail. Please report any unsafe trail conditions to the
bradford Ranger District or the campground host during                             PRINTED ON RECYCLED PAPER                          Allegheny
the summer.                                                        The U. Department of Agriculture (USDA) prohibits
                                                                   discrimination in all its programs and activities on the
                                                                   basis of race, color, national origin, gender, religion, age,
  LEAVE NO TRACE! - 7 Outdoor Ethics Principles
  1. Plan ahead and prepare.
                                                                   disability, politicalbeliefs, sexual orientation, andmarital
                                                                   or family status. (Not all prohibited bases apply to all             Forest
  2. Travel and camp on durable surfaces                           programs.) Persons with disabilities who require alter-
  3. Dispose of waste properly.                                    nativemeans forcommunicationofprogram information
                                                                   (Braille, largeprint, audiotape, etc.) shouldcontactUSDA s      U.S. Department of Agriculture
  4. Leave what you find.                                                                                                                  Forest Service
                                                                   TARGET Center at 202-720-2600 (voice and TDD).
  5. Minimize campfire impacts.
  6. Respect wildlife.                                             To file a complaint of discrimination, write USDA, Director,
                                                                   Office of Civil Rights, Room 326-W Whitten Building,
  7. Be considerate of other visitors.                             14th and lndependence Avenue, SW, Washington, DC
  Landstewardship ethics courtesyof Leave No Trace (www.LNT.org)   20250-9410 or call (202) 720-5964 (voice or TDD).
                                                                   IUSDA is a n equal opportunity providor and employer
                                                           the U S . Forest Service. Later, additional land was          Pennsylvania Game Commission to control deer popu-
        HEARTS CONTENT                                     acquired, making upthe 120-acreHeartsContentScenic            lationsthrough huntingand habitat management. In this
          SCENIC AREA                                      Area.                                                         way, a balance can be found for deer and other things
                                                                                                                         we value in the forest.
              INTERPRETIVE TRAIL                           Here you can follow a path into an old growth forest of
LOCATION- Hearts Content Scenic Area is located 15         towering hemlock and white pine. Look for gnarly, old         WHO LIVES IN THIS FOREST?There are many differ-
miles southwest of Warren, PA. From the Mohawk exit        beech snags amidst a carpet of ferns. Feel the cool dark      ent kinds of animals that live in the Hearts Content
of U.S. Route 6, take Pleasant Drive south for 11 miles.   forest. It is a rare place and a reminder of how many         Scenic Area. If you
At the hard curve, proceed straight onto a gravel road;    forests used to look. As you hike this easy trail, read the   look closely you
go south for four miles to Hearts Content.                 interpretive signs to learn how the forest is changing,       may finds clues like
                                                           due to a unique relationship between people, deer, and        these tracks shown
COME TO THE OLD GROWTH FOREST - Although                   the old trees.                                                below. Look also for
forests have covered this area for thousands of years,                                                                   trails, feathers, nests,
most have changed during the last two centuries. In        Thisisyourforestandthetreesin itare special.Youcan
                                                                                                                         scrapings, and drop-
most eastern forests the huge old trees are missing,       help care for them b y not damaging the bark, which
                                                                                                                         pings. You can also listen
having been cut down to provide building materials for     protects the living portion of the tree just beneath it.
                                                                                                                         for birds and chipmunks
an expanding nation. Now there are just a few old          THE EVOLVING FOREST - In a healthy                            calling to each other.
growth forests, sometimes called virgin forests, where     forest, plants grow in layers - from low grow-
timber has never been cut. The Hearts Content Scenic       ing mosses and herbs, to medium height
Area is one such place. In the mid-1800's a 20-acre        shrubs, uptotall trees. This wayplants getthe
parcel was protected from logging by the Wheeler and       proper amount of sun and shade to make
DusenburyLumberCompany. In 1922itwasdonated to             them grow. In this old growth forest you can see that the
                                                           middle layer of shrubs and young trees is missing. This
                                                           is the work of the white-tailed deer!                              Fox                Wild Turkey                     Raccoon
                                                           During the 1920's this forest looked                                            Tracks are 1/4 actual size.
 Hearts Content Scenic Area                                different than it does today. Then,
                                                                                                                         LOOK FOR THE SECRETS OF THE FOREST -
                                                           there were fewer deer, and many tree
               Interpretive Trail                          seedlings grew among the pines. To-                           Although this is a very old forest, it is constantly chang-
                                                           day, however, the deer population is                          ing. You can understand the changes if you know what
                                       Legend              high and overbrowsing has prevented new trees and             to look for.
                                                           shrubs from growing in many places. Since deer do not         Look at the big Beech trees -They are the ones with
                                                           like toeatferns, theselow, denseplantsgrowinprofusion,        the smooth bark. There are lots of big ones. But they are
                                                           blocking out much of the light that other plants need to          \                      dying from Beech bark dis-
                                                           getstarted. If there isa high deer population,                                           ease. Look closely at the
                                                           when the old pines and hemlocks die, most                                                trunk of a big Beech tree
                                                           will not be replaced with new trees. Can you                                             and you may see lots of tiny
                                                           imagine this forest without the big trees?                                               whitespots. That'sthe beech
                                      (   Bridge
                                                                                                                                                    bark scale. Within twenty
                                                           The fences you see in the forest are one way
                                                           to managethe deer so that shrubs and new tree seedlings                                  years there probably won't
                                                           can grow. On the Allegheny National Forest, over 100                                     be many large, living beech
                                                           miles of fencing have been installed to keep deer out                                    trees here.
                                                           and let new trees get started, creating                       Look at the ferns -Why are there
                                                           habitat for many kindsof wildlife. Inside                     so manyferns? In some placesthey
                                                           the fenced area along the trail, can                          cover the forest floor like a thick
                                                           you see some types of plants that are                         carpet. This is because there are
                                                           not found growing outside the fence?                          so many deer in this forest that eat
                                                           The U.S. Forest Service is studying the relationship          almost all of the young plants, ex-
                                                           between deer and their habitat to find better ways of         cept the ferns, which they don't
                                                           regenerating forests. They are also working with the          like. If the deer population can be
                                                                                                                                                                         Continued on otherside..

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