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									Grandparents Raising
Grandchildren: Grandfamilies
Webinar, Jan. 17, 2008

Amy Goyer, National Coordinator
AARP Foundation Grandparenting Program

  > Carmen Bovell, Senior Advisor
    Office of Head Start

  > Kiersten Beigel, FCP Specialist
    Office of Head Start

  > Amy Goyer, National Coordinator
    AARP Foundation Grandparenting Program

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  Facts About
  Grandparents (GP)
  •   70 – 80 million GP in U.S.
  •   Approximately 75% of AARP members are GP
  •   Estimate GP market at $40 billion plus
  •   Average age of first-time GP is 48
  •   Half are under age 50 at first grandchild’s birth
  •   Average number of grandchildren is 6
  •   45% have grandchild living more than 200
      miles away

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Grandparents as
Safety Net and Support
• GP are leading child-care providers for
  pre-schoolers in U.S.
• 2.4 million grandparents in U.S. are
  responsible for basic needs of
  grandchildren living with them (U.S. Census 2000)
• 4.5 million children live in grandparent-
  headed homes in U.S. (U.S. Census 2000)

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  What are

   • Grandfamilies are those families in which grandparents or
     other relatives (aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, cousin,
     great-grandparents etc.) are raising children

   • Sometimes referred to as “kinship care”, however that
     can mean different things in different states, therefore we
     use the term grandfamilies

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The Children

  • 4.5 million children under 18 in
    grandparent-headed households (6% of
    all children)
  • 1.5 million living with other relatives
  • About 1/3 have no parent present in the

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  The Children
                  • About half are under the age
                    of 6
                  • 1/3 have no health
                  • All socio-economic levels;
                    about 20% living in poverty
                  • Higher incidence of physical
                    mental, & learning

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                  • 13% of all Black children
                  • 11% of all “Other” children
                  • (includes Native American)
                  • 8% of all Hispanic children
                  • 4% of all White children
                  • 4% of all Asian children

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  The Grandparents
  • 2.4 million GP report they are
    responsible for most of the basic
    needs of grandchildren living in
    the same home
  • About one-third have no parents
    present in the home
  • 19% are living in poverty

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Age of Grandparents
                  71% are under the age of 60
                       • 6.7% age 30-39
                       • 29.2% age 40-49
                       • 35.1% age 50-59
                       • 21% age 60-69
                       • 7.1% age 70-79
                                      (U.S. Census 2000)

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Why are so many children being
raised by grandparents?

           Family Crisis or Chronic Problems:
•   Substance Abuse              • Child Abuse and Neglect
•   Mental Health                • Unemployment
•   Incarceration                • Divorce
•   HIV/AIDS                     • Family Violence
•   Teen Pregnancy               • Poverty
•   Death                        • Military Deployment

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Grandparent Headed Families
Face Overwhelming Issues and
    • Financial              • Child-rearing
    • Legal                  • Family communication
    • Housing                  and relationships
                             • Social isolation
    • Health (physical and
      mental health;         • Respite care
      insurance)             • Outreach and
    • Special needs of         Information
    • Education

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  • Informal vs. formal legal arrangement
    (guardianship, custody, adoption)
  • May need legal status to access educational,
    medical, mental health, financial and other
    services & benefits
  • Legal services expensive & long wait
  • Mediation services

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                       • Meeting children’s
                         basic needs
                       • Retirement savings &
                         financial security
                       • Legal barriers around
                         obtaining assistance
                       • Middle income - slip
                         through cracks

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  Physical Health

 • High incidence of chronic health
   problems for children
 • Legal barriers around obtaining
   insurance & medical, mental health,
   and dental care
 • Caregiver’s physical health often
   suffers as they sacrifice their doc
   appts. and meds for the needs of
   the children

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  Mental Health
  Both grandparents and
  grandchildren may
     • Grief & Loss
     • Fear
     • Anger
     • Resentment
     • Stress
     • Frustration
     • Insecurity
     • Loneliness

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     Mental Health
          Grandchild                   Grandparent
 •   Child’s history – abuse   •   Not planned
     & neglect, no stability   •   Overwhelmed
 •   Behavior problems         •   Afraid to say “No”
 •   ADHD                      •   Afraid to admit
 •   Depression
                               •   Guilt
 •   Attachment disorder       •   Depression

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• Space
• Senior housing
• Lease agreements
• Difficulty accessing
  safe, affordable
• Legal barriers

AARP Foundation   18
   • Availability
   • Quality
   • Affordable
   • Location
   • Before/after school care
   • Summer and holidays

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 • Legal barriers to enrollment
 • Costly “extras” – tutoring,
   camps, field trips
 • Children w/special needs
    • High incidence of learning
    • Behavior problems
    • ADHD
    • Participation in Individual
       Education Plan (IEP) for
       children with special needs

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• Need a break
• Shopping, doctor
  visits, business,
• Trusted person
• Assistance to pay

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     • Raising a child is “different now”
     • Safety
     • Substance Abuse (drugs/alcohol/tobacco)
     • Behavior problems:
        • Discipline
        • Boundaries
     • Societal/peer pressures

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      Social & Family

• What social life?!
• “Apple doesn’t fall far from the
•    Friendships change
•    Marriage and relationships
•    Other GC feel neglected
•    Focus on the GC

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  Lean on Me…
  Support and Minority Outreach for
  Grandparents Raising Grandchildren
  AARP Research Study, 2003
  Goals of the Study:
  •   Learn more about grandparent support groups
  •   Increase knowledge about outreach to minority
      grandparent caregivers
  Study Components:
  •   14 focus groups with grandparents raising
      grandchildren (some current members of support
      groups and some not in support groups)
  •   Survey of 236 support Groups
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  Study Results:
  Need for Information

  • Outreach efforts have not
    adequately educated grandfamilies
    re: services/benefits/supports
  • Lack of information
  • Misinformation
  • Unaware of existing supports
  • GP in support groups are better informed

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  Study Results:
  Support Groups

  • Growing trend
  • Effective outreach and
    education mechanism
  • Benefits include
    information as well as
    emotional support
  • Dual agenda is key to

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Study Results:

 caregivers want a
 “one-stop” approach
 where they can get
 services and/or
 information and

 AARP Foundation   27
  Study Results:
  Minority Grandparents

  • Generally less informed;
    fewer supports available
  • Spanish speaking
    Hispanic and Native
    American grandparents
    especially isolated
  • Some geographic

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AARP Foundation
AARP Foundation

• Strives to ensure that grandparents and
  grandchildren have access to resources that
  strengthen their health, finances and family
• Provides Navigation: Information & Referral,
  Education & Training, Resource Materials,
  Benefits Screening, WorkSearch Connections

AARP Foundation   30
  AARP Foundation Grandparenting
  Program Information and
  Resource Materials
  • GrandCare News, a FREE quarterly newsletter
  • Website
       • Local Grandparent Support Database - searchable
       • State Fact Sheets – English & Spanish for every
         state, DC, Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico
       • Subscribe to newsletter
       • Benefits QuickLINK

AARP Foundation   31
  AARP Foundation Grandparenting
  Program Information and Resource
  • Free print publications in English, with some bi-lingual or
    Spanish versions, including:
     • Guide to Public Benefits for Grandfamilies
     • 15 Minutes to Your Family’s Financial Health
     • Raising your Grandchildren: Tips for Promoting
        Positive Behavior Today and for the Future
     • Grandparenting: The Joys and the Challenges
     • English and Spanish language DVDs
     • Promotional items
  • Special order form for Head Start available on the Head
    Start Website
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Benefits Outreach
• Connecting grandfamilies to public and private
• Benefits QuickLink online screening tool
• Collaborative relationships: Organizational
• Other resources: State fact sheets (English and
  Spanish), Guide to Public Benefits for
  Grandfamilies (bi-lingual), website

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 • Connecting grandparent caregivers with
   jobs and training opportunities.
 • Grandfamilies often face financial challenges and
   many grandparents have to go back to work or find
   more flexible jobs that support balancing work and
 • Helping grandparent caregivers find jobs by providing
   online job interests/skills screening tool and job
   search with online training/certificate component

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  Financial Health
  • Connecting grandfamilies with AARP Foundation tools
    and resources to support their basic money management,
    including budgeting and asset-building.
  • Grandfamilies are often overwhelmed with the
    expenses of raising grandchildren and need to learn
    or update basic financial skills to protect themselves
    and ensure their future.
  • Grandparents and their grandchildren need to learn
    more about how to earn, spend, save, invest, and
    protect their own money.

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Women’s Scholarship
• Connecting grandmothers or other female relatives raising
  children with scholarships to support education and
• This target audience is one of three priority categories for
• Other priorities:
    • Returning to the workforce after an extended absence
    • Underemployed (in a job with limited pay, limited
       growth opportunities, limited benefits etc.)

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Capitol Hill
Washington, DC
May 7, 2008

                       Co-Sponsors are:
                       CDF, AARP
                       CWLA, GU, GFA,
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How can we work together most
effectively to support Grandfamilies?

What are the best ways to get our
information and resources to local Head
Start programs and into the hands of

How can we best support your work?

What additional kinds of resources are
  Questions or Follow Up?

  Amy Goyer, National Coordinator
  Grandparenting Program
  AARP Foundation
  601 E Street, NW
  Washington, DC 20049

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