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									          THE MINI
RouND 3                                                                                               Like the chance to win
                                                                                                      $5,000 in annuaL cash
                                                                                                      prizes whiLe showing

                                                                                                      off your big idea?

          JoHN CoopER WoRkS
          Background                                      PoSITIonIng, roLE WITHIn THE MInI                comparisons and alignment with the
          Whilst perhaps not a household name in          FaMILY & Brand conTrIBuTIon                      MInI challenge race car are encouraged
          australia, in parts of the world the name       For driving enthusiasts, John cooper Works       integrating the road and race car program.
          John cooper is synonymous with automotive       is the brand for extreme (driving) fun with an   TargET grouPS
          engineering excellence. He was regarded as      unconventional attitude. John cooper Works       The target audience for MInI John cooper
          a brilliant race engine developer and – apart   is positioned as: The Extreme.                   Works – again – is derived from the MInI
          from providing the MInI classic with added                                                       target group. It is defined as modern,
                                                          It is based on a combination of the heritage
          dynamic zest – revolutionised racing with                                                        performance-oriented customers who are:
                                                          and success of the John cooper story,
          the first mid-engine Formula 1 race car (a                                                       • risk-takers
                                                          premium performance engineering and the
          design fundamental employed in all Formula                                                       • Seeking new challenges
                                                          essence of MInI.
          1 to this day), in the process enabling Jack                                                     • not ‘show offs’
          Brabham to become 1959 world champion           John cooper Works is positioned as a sub-        •Interested in ‘extraordinary’ cars
          in a cooper-climax.                             brand within the MInI brand architecture.        • Technology and design oriented
                                                          John cooper Works denominates the brand.         • Interested in motor sport
          In 2007 the rights to the John cooper Works
                                                          The products are:                                •Thriftless
          name were acquired by BMW ag from
                                                          • MInI John cooper Works
          the cooper family as part of a strategy to
                                                          • MInI John cooper Works clubman
          establish John cooper Works as a fully-
                                                          • MInI John cooper Works cabrio
          fledged sub-brand in the MInI family and in
          so-doing strengthen the overall MInI brand.                                                      DEADLINE: ApRIL 21, 2010
          Part of this strategy was to implement a                                                         Email or post your entry to crEaTIVE
                                                          Premium Performance Substance is at the
          freshening of the John cooper Works brand                                                        Magazine, the editor, Larissa Meikle:
                                                          core, supported by the elements of power
          in order to align it more clearly with the                                             
                                                          train, agility and customization.
          MInI brand, whilst retaining the inherent       1. Power train: extremely powerful               Yaffa Publishing
          characteristics of the John cooper Works        2. agility: extreme go-kart feeling              c/o creative Magazine
          look and feel.                                  3. customization: extremely versatile            17 – 21 Bellevue Street,
          STraTEgIc MarkETIng oBJEcTIVES                                                                   Surry Hills, nSW, 2010
                                                          The emphasis is on extreme driving fun
          The John cooper Works models represent a        – through premium engineering, quality           For more information or images contact
          number of attributes associated to the          and integration rather than sheer speed.         Larissa Meikle on (02) 9213 8283.
          MInI brand:
          • performance halo for the
            MInI brand.
          • a synergy with the MInI
            challenge race program.

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