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									Google Fax allows you to send and receive fax online
All of us must be aware about the fax, one of the important technologically-advanced devices some years ago. But now it has been forgotten because
of various reasons. Firstly, to use a fax machine people had to invest money in a phone line, papers, toners, etc. Secondly, someone had to invest a
lot of time in case the server showed some technical problems. Thirdly, the fax machine was susceptible to frequent wear and tear without proper care
of it. If someone had to send a message to a destination outside the local calling region through the fax, then he had to pay long-distance charges. But
after the advent of the internet, the online fax service came into existence addressing all the worries faced during the offline faxing procedure. Most of
the mailing service providers such as Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo came up with technological solutions. The Google fax service is one such service and
getting immense popularity. The sole reason is that Google is a renowned company and all its services are highly admired by consumers.

In case you are wondering how the Google fax service works, then it can be learnt with just six simple steps. The main requirement is a Gmail
account. So if you do not have a valid email address on Gmail, then you should immediately create one. The next thing you need to do is to keep your
cell phone ready to receive a verification text message. In the second step, you are expected to select an online fax company that will deliver your
faxes. Once you have found one, you should enter your Gmail ID to officially send and receive the faxes. With the Google fax service, you can be
assured to get your emails, voice messages and faxes in just one location.

Don’t you think that your life will be simpler with the use of the Google fax? Anyway when you want to send a fax, you need to compose the
mail, attach a file or a picture that you need to send. In case you have any suggestions for the recipient, you can type them in the body of the e-mail.
Later, you should type in your destination fax number along with the private email domain of the fax company. Voila, you are ready to send your fax
through Google fax!

In case you are wondering how you will be able to send the document that needs signature, then the digital signature will solve the issue. You can sign
a document and save it on your computer. Follow the above process of the Google fax, and you will be able to send your fax in a timely manner. Here,
you do not have to worry about cartridge, paper, server error or any other problems; a hassle-free service can be expected.

Besides, on using the Google fax you will also be able to save paper. So, here’s the chance to contribute to the world!

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