Disciplinary Action by gjjur4356


									Disciplinary Action

Administrative Regulation                        207.8

1. Not withstanding the supervision and evaluation procedures as described in this policy and these

     a. the superintendent or principal may take disciplinary or other action as appropriate where there
        are reasonable grounds for believing that the actions or practices of a teacher endanger the safety
        of students or constitute a neglect of duty, a breach of trust, or a refusal to obey a lawful order of
        the district;

     b. the superintendent may suspend or terminate a teacher from the performance of duties under the
        provisions of the School Act.

2. Where a teacher is suspended or terminated, provisions under the appropriate legislation or district
   policy shall apply.

Reference:   Board Governance Policy EL#6(5)                    Approved:
              School Act Sections 20(i),39(3.a),39(3.b),
             Alberta Education Policy 2.1.5, 4.2.1
             Practice Review of Teachers Regulation A.R. 4/99   Date Approved:     April 3, 2000
                                                                Date(s) Revised:    November 15, 2001, June 12, 2002
Cross-reference: AP 200, 201, 204
                                                                                    November 15, 2002; March 15, 2005

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