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					Rechartering A - Z
     Fall 2009

 •   What is needed to recharter your unit?
 •   Preparing your recharter database
 •   Online Rechartering - First Steps
 •   Recharter Completion
          – Reports
          – Follow-up
          – Final submission

Slide 2                                       Rechartering A-Z
 Recharter on time!!

 • Recharter paperwork is processed by district, not unit. Tardy units
   hold up everyone.
 • Units who have not completed recharter by the end of December
   will be dropped and will have to initiate a new charter. During this
   time they will not be covered by BSA insurance.

Slide 3                                                      Rechartering A-Z
 Schedule appointments now

 • Schedule a recharter date through Frank Cook
          • November 12 Roundtable
          • Dec 12 recharter day
 • Schedule a unit review / signatures date
          • After Oct 1 as you’ll need your completed On-line Recharter form.
          • Committee Chair
          • Chartering Organization Head
          • Chartering Organization Representative (Pack, Troop and Crew should have the
            SAME COR)
          • Unit Leader (CM, SM, Adv)
          • Application forms

Slide 4                                                                    Rechartering A-Z
 What is needed to Recharter

 • Recharter Day – Sat, Dec 12 at Molnar and Associates
          •   Scoutnet Recharter report (CHARTER ORG SIGNATURE)
          •   Registration forms for names not already in Scoutnet
          •   3 signed blank checks to cover fees
          •   Unit Godsend recipient name (to Frank Cook)
          •   District Award of Merit Nomination(s) (form on
          •   Updated Yellow Pages Form (Can be completed online at
          •   FOS presentation date and contact
          •   Chattahoochee Honor Unit form (
          •   List of unit members and addresses for district emails
          •   OA registration list (Adults – all units, and Youth – Troops only)
          •   Scoutmaster Award of Merit nomination packet (if desired)
          •   Troops: updated Merit Badge Counselor list
          •   National Camping Award application (Troops and Crews)
          •   Centennial Quality Unit form needs to be signed by your Unit Commissioner

Slide 5                                                                       Rechartering A-Z
 On-line Recharter Report

 • BSA On-line rechartering website
          • Can be accessed after Oct 1
          • Update from the website, OR
          • Upload data from your unit’s database software
               • Packmaster, Troopmaster, etc.
          • MUST have the appropriate signatures.
 • Preparation
          •   Compare Internet Advancement Roster to your Unit roster
          •   Identify changes, additions, corrections, and deletions
          •   Get applications for additions
          •   Generate On-line Rechartering Report
               • Update BSA database online or
               • Upload from unit software

Slide 6                                                         Rechartering A-Z
 Generate Scoutnet roster

 Check your roster on the Internet Advancement System:
          – > Recharter Information (Library column)
          – or
          – > Program/Services > Advancement link
            > Internet Advancement sublink to get to the system
 • Sign on to the Internet Advancement System
 • Note that your unit may have changed this password – check with
   your Advancement Chairman
 • Choose Load Roster
 • Choose Review Unit Roster
 • Click on the printer icon (upper left) to print your Roster
 • Log off the system when done

Slide 7                                                      Rechartering A-Z
Slide 8   Rechartering A-Z
Slide 9   Rechartering A-Z
 How to get to Internet Advancement

Slide 10                              Rechartering A-Z
Slide 11   Rechartering A-Z
Slide 12   Rechartering A-Z
 How to get your roster from Advancement

Slide 13                                   Rechartering A-Z
 How to get your roster from Advancement

Slide 14                                   Rechartering A-Z
 How to get your roster from Advancement

Slide 15                                   Rechartering A-Z
 Reconciling the databases

 • Adjust your database to match BSA
       • Changes can be made while in the On-line Recharter system or
         later through the Council Program Center
 • New leaders or those not in the database will need a
   NEW signed fully completed application.
       • Do NOT use a copy of the unit form
       • Include the BSA ID if you know it.
 • Tiger Adult Partners taking on leadership roles will need
   to complete a new application
 • Packs recharter their Webelos 2’s
 • Note multiple positions
       • Only ONE adult leadership position in the unit (except the COR)
       • Commissioners, MB counselors, etc.
Slide 16                                                     Rechartering A-Z
 Prepare Your Recharter Data

 There are two options to get information into the BSA Online Recharter system:
       – Edit the data while in the On-line Recharter system
       – Upload data from PackMaster/TroopMaster, ScoutSoft or Rank N File
 If you plan to edit online,
       – Identify the changes you need to make on-line.
       – Get Applications for new leaders and scouts
 If you plan to upload, generate the transfer file before you sign on to the Internet
     Recharter System
       – For PackMaster/TroopMaster, use the Reports> Scout/Unit General> Council
         Recharter> Annual Recharter subsystem
       – For ScoutSoft, use the Maintenance> Rechartering subsystem to create the transfer

Slide 17                                                                 Rechartering A-Z
 Generating a transfer file from TroopMaster

Slide 18                                   Rechartering A-Z
 Generating a transfer file

 Note that when specifying the file location, you are simply specifying
 the folder in which to place the file, not the filename
 The file itself is a comma-separated value (.csv) file, whose name is in
 the form: CHTxnnnn.csv
           where    x =   C for Cub Pack
                          S for Scout Troop
                          P for Venture Crew or Ship
                          V for Varsity Team
                          E for Explorer Post
           and nnnn =     unit number
      - For example, CHTS2143.csv = Troop 2143’s transfer file
 This file is automatically produced in the format compatible with
      - Not only is there no need to edit this file, you will mess it up if you do so
      - If you need to change the information, go back to ScoutSoft or
        PackMaster/TroopMaster, make the changes and regenerate the file
 Make a note of the filename and the directory that the file is loaded
Slide 19                                                               Rechartering A-Z
 Now you’re ready for the Internet Recharter System

 Going through the tutorial ahead of their actual recharter
 will help you a lot

 Links to the system are on the Recharter page of

 The Atlanta Area Council will put the link to the Internet
 Recharter system and its tutorial on the home page:
 Or > Programs/Services > Commissioners
 >Internet Rechartering Tutorial or Internet Rechartering

Slide 20                                                       Rechartering A-Z
 How to get to Internet Rechartering (1)

Slide 21                                   Rechartering A-Z
 How to get to Internet Rechartering (2)

Slide 22                                   Rechartering A-Z
 Internet Recharter System – Look & Feel

Slide 23                                   Rechartering A-Z
 Logging on to Internet Recharter

 • Sign on to the Internet Recharter System
 • The first time you sign on THIS YEAR, click on First Time User, no
   matter how many years you have done this
    • Enter Access Code, Unit Type, Unit Number
    • Agree to the Confidentiality Agreement
    • Enter your contact info, create and record a new password
    • After this first sign on, you can click on Returning User and you
      will enter your access code and new password – RECORD YOUR

Slide 24                                                    Rechartering A-Z
 Internet Recharter System – Look & Feel

Slide 25                                   Rechartering A-Z
 Internet Recharter Tutorial – Look and Feel

Slide 26                                   Rechartering A-Z
 Internet Recharter Help

Slide 27                   Rechartering A-Z
 Frequently Asked Questions

Slide 28                      Rechartering A-Z
 Internet Recharter System

 Follow the instructions for STAGES 1 through 5 –
      – Upload roster
      – Update roster
      – Update Fees
      – Submit –
           • Do not hit SUBMIT until you are finished. You can’t undo it.

Slide 29                                                            Rechartering A-Z
 Internet Recharter System

 After completing your recharter and submitting it on the Internet Recharter
    System (Stage 5):
       – Print three copies of your completed charter
       – Have each of the copies signed by the Charter Organization Head and the Unit
       – Attach any youth and adult applications that you are instructed by the System to
         have with you
 Do not write any checks at this point
       – Bring 3-4 blank signed checks with you to Recharter Day along with your
         completed packet (see below for Recharter Day details)
 You will turn all your paperwork and money in at your District’s Recharter Day
    event (see below)
       – If your District does not have a Recharter Day, then turn the packet into your
         District Executive

Slide 30                                                                    Rechartering A-Z
 What’s New This Year

 There is no on-line entry of Social Security Numbers for new adults.
       – These will now be entered by the Council Registrar from the paper application

 The registration fee has gone up to $15 for 2010 charters onward
       – All other fees remain the same ($1 transfers, $12 Boys Life and $0 multiple)

 Mother’s Last Name is now an available field on the adult screens

Slide 31                                                                   Rechartering A-Z
 Before you go to Recharter Day

 • Check and double check that all the correct signatures are on all the
       – Recharter renewal
           • Executive officer (not COR)
       – Recharter packet
           • Unit Leader and Executive Officer (not COR)
       – Adult applications
           • Adult, Committee Chair and COR
       – Youth applications
           • All but Venturing: Parent and Unit Leader
           • Venturing (and Ships): Venturer and Crew Advisor/Skipper

Slide 32                                                                Rechartering A-Z
 Recharter Day - Checklist
 You need to bring the following

 One complete recharter online printout
       – Printed out from Stage 5 (not before)
       – Signed by the Charter Organization Executive Officer (not the COR)
       – Signed by the Unit Leader
 Charter Agreement (multi-part form) signed by the Charter Organization
    Executive Officer (not COR)
 Applications for all adults and youth listed as “new” on the printout from step 1
       – If the Council/other lost it, we’re sorry but get over it – just bring the applications
         (copy won’t do)
       – New youth applications are complete including grade, date of birth, Tiger Partner
         date of birth (if appropriate), and signed by parent and unit leader
       – New adult applications are complete including SSN, DOB and three references,
         signed by Applicant, Committee Chair and Chartered Organization Representative
 Bring 3-4 signed blank checks (Recharter fees and other related Council/District
     expenses depending on what your District includes at Recharter Day– and a
       – Even better, bring your Treasurer

Slide 33                                                                        Rechartering A-Z
 Recharter Completion – Registrar

 District Executive ensures that the packets are properly received and
    logged in at the AAC Program Center
 District Executive makes an appointment with the Registrar:
       – The Registrar checks each individual packet for completeness and
           • If not complete, the DE goes back to resolve issues(s) with the District
             Commissioner/ Unit Commissioner/ Unit Leader
           • Once resolved, DE returns to the Registrar to work the packet through to
       – When the recharter packet is complete and correct, the Registrar will
         release the recharter for ScoutNet update
           • When ScoutNet returns a successful message, then the recharter is finally
             considered complete
 Once the recharter is complete, the registration cards are printed and
   mailed to the Unit Leader who is listed on the Recharter

Slide 34                                                                    Rechartering A-Z
 Other Considerations (Non System)

 Are there multiple units chartered by your Charter
       – They will have the same Charter Organization Representative
       – There is only one COR per Charter Organization
       – Whichever unit gets submitted first, the COR specified on that
         recharter will be the COR for the CO – it is recommended that
         this be decided by the CO beforehand

 Packs: remember to recharter your Webelos II scouts
       – This is always confusing to Packs
       – If you do not recharter these scouts, they will be out of the
         program (not covered by insurance)
       – If you do not recharter these scouts, they will have to rejoin
         with their chosen Troop after crossover

Slide 35                                                       Rechartering A-Z
 General considerations (System)

 Each unit must consist of a minimum of 5 primary (i.e. paid
   in the unit) youth and 5 primary adults (4 for Venture
       – If the scout is registered in a Venture Crew AND a Scout Troop,
         we suggest that they register as primary with the Crew
       – It is no longer a requirement to have one Den Leader per rank
 NO transfers are allowed during recharter
       – A transfer is intended to allow the current membership info
         (including payment) to swap to another unit
       – Since recharter establishes the new membership for the coming
         year, there is no “current” membership info to transfer
       – In order to accomplish this, either transfer before or after the
         recharter process, or allow the membership to lapse with the old
         unit and join the new unit
           • All of these options will of course require a new application

Slide 36                                                              Rechartering A-Z
 Considerations Regarding Your Access Code

 If you lose your access code for some reason, you should contact your
     Unit Commissioner who then can get it from the District
     Commissioner who has a complete list of access codes
 Please note that the above access code will allow you to access and
    complete your recharter process during the three months before your
    charter expires
       – Most District charters in the AAC expire at the end of either December or
         January (Cherokee-Pickens, Three Rivers and Covered Bridge all have one
         odd unit tat expires in the other timeframe)
       – No unit within a District will be able to access the recharter system except
         during this window
       – You must complete your online recharter prior to the closing date for the
       – The tutorial is active throughout the year

Slide 37                                                             Rechartering A-Z
 Considerations for Maintaining Data in a Unit
 Management System
 Be very careful about the names in your database
       – Discrepancies in people’s names is the number two cause of recharter
         rejects and additional Registrar work
       – Check the roster that comes from the Internet Advancement System
         against the names in your database
           • Change the information in the package to match the roster
           • Nicknames can be added in the package and it will refer to the scout by the
             nickname (see next slide)
       – Avoid multiple member names – either delete the multiple member or
         change their name (ScoutSoft in particular)

 Avoid commas
       – The transfer file is a comma-separated file so commas mess things up
       – Watch out for a comma being entered in the street address line in front
         of an apt # and at the end of a person's name where there is II or III
         being used

Slide 38                                                                  Rechartering A-Z
 How to add a nickname - sample

Slide 39                          Rechartering A-Z
 Recharter Day - Checklist
 You need to bring the following

 These depend on if and when your District supports these programs (*) and/or if
    your Recharter Day includes the turn-in:
           – National Camping Award application (Troops and Crews)
                     •     Based on the number of nights camping
           –   District Award of Merit nomination(s)
           –   Unit Godsend recipient name *
           –   Scoutmaster Award of Merit nomination packet (if desired)
           –   Troops: updated Merit Badge Counselor list
           –   Updated Yellow Pages/Contact List entries *
           –   FOS presentation date
           –   OA registration list (Adults – all units, and Youth – Troops only)
           –   Centennial Quality Unit Award Commitment Form
                     •     With attainment numbers
                     •     Signed by Unit Leader and Unit Commissioner
           – Honor Unit Booklet *
                     •     Filled in with achievements
                     •     Score tabulated
                     •     Signed by Unit Leader and Unit Commissioner

           * Depends on District – check with your Unit Commissioner

Slide 40                                                                            Rechartering A-Z
 Helpful Contacts

                         Eric Steindorf
                    Assistant District Commissioner
                            (678) 587-8811

                          Geoff Barnes
             Assistant Council Commissioner for Membership
                          Cell: (770) 329-7137

Slide 41                                                     Rechartering A-Z
Rechartering A - Z
     Fall 2009

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