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									The                 Opportunity

      A Cost Effective, and Value Oriented
                    Membership Delivering
                 Essential Home Services
     A Perspective On Trades
 You may have heard the little story about
  the Doctor who calls a plumber out to his
  house to fix his plumbing.
 The plumber gets under the sink and
  works at it about 10 minutes, and then
  gets up, presents it to the Doctor as “good
  to go” and hands him a bill for $ 150.
   A Perspective On Trades
The Doctor looks at the bill and then looks
at the plumber and says: “Hey you‟ll be out
of here in less than 15 minutes altogether
– at this rate I‟m paying you $ 600. an
I‟m a doctor and I don‟t even make that
kind of money”. To which the plumber
replies: “I know, I used to be a doctor!”
     A Perspective On Trades
 Plumbing (and Doctoring) are several of
  the essential services still deemed by our
  society to be some of the most essential
  “can‟t live without” services.
 In reality, the average service call in the
  US by a plumber, electrician, or heating/air
  conditioning contractor averages between
  $ 250 and $ 350. depending on where it is,
  and who does the work.
           The Atlan Group
 The Atlan Group has
  been focused on
  many aspects of the
  „essential home services‟ field for many
  years, but has recently found extra value in
  this sector during the recent financial crisis.
 There are several unique identifiers that
  define an essential service industry that
  struggles with delivering perceived „value‟.
    Defining „Essential Services‟
What we have found in choosing to focus on these
„essential service‟ industries is that there are a number of
features that make these the most beneficial industries to be
involved in and invested in for the following reasons:

   Almost all of the basics of essential services are skilled and/or
    licensed trades.
   They have far more perceived value in the marketplace than the
    employees of these industries are given credit for, and therefore they
    have large profit margins.
   They are almost all in fractured industries and are not well branded
    or organized.
   They are all recession proof, in that because they are deemed
    essential, they continue to do strong business even in the hard
    times. People will get it fixed.
   They are perceived as blue collar, and lack professionalism in most
    sectors because they are not well presented, and do not adhere to
    professional rules of business even though they are governed by the
    rules of their state requirements.
     It is because of these unique identifiers that the „essential‟ home services
     field is the focus of what we have developed into the Atlan Brands.

     Five main services stand the test we have set for defining an essential

     These include:                         Our answer:

1.   Electrical Services                    Lights Electric, Inc.
2.   Plumbing Services                      Plumbetter Plumbing, Inc.
3.   Heating & Air Conditioning             Fireman‟s Heating & Air, Inc.
4.   Pest Control Services                  US Pestmaster Corporation
5.   Fridge & Appliance Care                Fridgemasters Appliance Care, Inc.
    Brand Building Creates Value
   The concept of branding is long known as the
    hallmark of American business, and we all know
    many brand names that are standards for
    everything from photocopiers, to fast food, to
    computers, to overnight shipping, to washing
    machine repair men.
   These brands are iconic, and we naturally
    gravitate to these brands as being safe because
    they are known.
   Even more importantly, we are willing to pay a
    premium to use these brands over „unknowns‟.
     Brand Building Creates Value
   As such, we have shifted our focus to
    „branding‟ in these industries with our Atlan
   Our goal is to develop these market sectors
    through two proven strategies for growing
    businesses quickly.
    1.   Using the power of the internet to disseminate
         targeted information quickly.
    2.   Using the rapid acceleration growth thrust of the
         network marketing structure.
           Marrying Solid Business
             To Network Speed
   The combination of these two tools is powerful because
    they will both foster national growth quickly while utilizing
    the local relationship marketing of network systems
    deployed in a very structured management system.
   Our system defines every relationship according to a very
    clear expectation and reward - from the brick and mortar
    businesses of essential service delivery – whether through
    our contract Partners, or our franchises, - through to the
    network marketing culture of our marketing Associates.
   By defining these relationships carefully, and contractually,
    we have become uniquely able to deliver the “real world”
    brick and mortar services as Plumbers, Electricians, or
    Technicians in HVAC, Appliance Care and Pest Control.
       Marrying Solid Business To
             Network Speed
   These industries are generally slow growth
    industries, yet we marry them to the surreal world
    of lightning fast growth with network marketing
   Network marketing has long been criticized for
    not delivering anything of value, and hyping itself
    as it‟s own first focus. This is not our goal.
   It is with these considerations in mind that we
    have developed the
    “ClubAtlan” program.
Is a membership package of services:
   Sold by our Atlan Associates network marketing program,
   Initially delivered by trained first responders (CSR‟s) through our
    “Atlan Checkpoint” program,
   Delivered by AI Contract Partners and/or our local franchises.
   Managed throughout with our “Callit247” center

We deliver the goods and services through Atlan‟s
Partners and franchises of our Atlan Brands including:
   Fireman‟s Heating And Air, Inc.,
   Plumbetter Plumbing, Inc.,
   Lights Electric, Inc.,
   US Pestmaster Services Inc.
   Fridgemaster‟s Appliance Care, Inc.
         Real Jobs For Real Clients
   The unique selling proposition offered by
    ClubAtlan is that:
    1.   Real people are
    2.   Really trained to do
    3.   Real work at every interaction level of delivering these
    4.   Real world services, adding a level of
    5.   Professionalism to each of these sectors, all with
    6.   Real and fair compensation for the time they spend
         doing their work.
   As such, we are creating:
    1.   Value - adding jobs to the marketplace - working with
    2.   Untrained individuals with basic skills and
    3.   Training them to have an important, paid role in the
    4.   Delivery of real services to our Members.
       A More Cost Effective Layer?
   The first person to show up at a Client‟s (your) home with
    most small companies is the highly trained and experienced
    service technician who is also prepared to diagnose and
    repair the problem.
   These specialists spend an inordinate amount of your paid
    time trying to be your Customer Service agent and your
    salesman while also documenting information like your
    brands, models and serial #‟s of equipment, etc., as well as
    answering your questions, and even measuring for your
    vent filter sizes – all before they run to the store to buy more
    parts – all on your nickel.
   This is like having a doctor in his own doctor‟s office serving
    as the receptionist and the nurse as well as the doctor.
   By most analysis, this is perceived as being a very
    inefficient and expensive way to deliver a skilled service.
                We Add A
         More Cost Effective Layer
   The Atlan Group management model separates the
    roles of client development (Associates) and client
    relations (CSR‟s documenting/analysis) from the
    most skilled role of the trained and experienced
    technician (the Doctor) by introducing the mid level
    relationship services of the Atlan Checkpoint
    program as delivered by our CSR‟s.
   These Atlan trained first responders are given the
    job to build the client relationship by introducing
    member benefits, as well as documenting the
    equipment, systems and details for records that can
    be effectively used by “the Doctor” to complete
    necessary work more quickly and easily at the time
    of needed service.
    The More Cost Effective Layer
 This added layer of „professional service‟
  adds value to the relationship, while
  minimizing costs – freeing the technician
  to accomplish much more in the same
  amount of time.
 This saved expense frees resources that
  can benefit the Client, as well as increase
  payouts to the field.
   The ClubAtlan membership progam is sold by
    Atlan Associates who register in our network
    marketing program for an initial fee of $ 30.
   Once registered, Atlan Associates may also
    recruit other Atlan Associates, AI Contract
    Partners, and new members, and are paid for
    each new Associate, Partner or Member they
   Quarterly renewal fee of $ 15. is assessed at the
    end of the first quarter.
   Payouts for each program are paid out
    according to the seven level compensation plan.
           The Compensation Plan
   The seven level compensation plan divides each
    payout according to the following structure:
          Direct Up) 50%,   Level 1 Pays 50%   150 Relationship
          2nd ) 20%,        Level 2 Pays 20%   220 Relationship
          3rd ) 12%,        Level 3 Pays 12%   312 Relationship
          4th ) 6%,         Level 4 Pays 6%    406 Relationship
          5th ) 5%          Level 5 Pays 5%    505 Relationship
          6th ) 4 %         Level 6 Pays 4%    604 Relationship
          7th ) 3%          Level 7 Pays 3%    703 Relationship
   Additional field compensation is offered as
    franchise interest,
    profit sharing, and/or
    potential IPO stock options.
           The Simplest Terms
   All other positions in the Atlan program are
    registered by an Atlan Associate.
   New ClubAtlan Members are registered online
    by Atlan Associates with a $ 27./month fee after
    a one time $ 97. registration cost - without any
    contract commitment - can be cancelled at
   If ever cancelled,
    re-enrollment requires
    a new registration fee
    of $ 97. once again.
       We Protect Our Members
   All memberships run by the calendar month, and
    membership begins at the beginning of the
    calendar month following enrollment with a 7
    day lead time requirement.
   In other words, if you sign up in the last 7 days
    of a month, your membership will not begin for
    another full calendar month. (Ie February 25th
    signup will not activate until April 1)
   Once a ClubAtlan membership or Atlan
    Associates registration is activated, the rate is
    fixed for at least two years, and continues
    repeatedly until cancelled.
Client Service Representatives (CSRs)
    To become a CSR, an Atlan Associate must have earned a
     total of 12 points through a combination of registering Atlan
     Associates (4 points each) including one indirect Associate,
     ClubAtlan Memberships (2 points each) and/or AI Contract
     Partners (1 point each), as well as successfully completing
    Upon completion of the CSR training program, testing and
     registration, CSR‟s will be assigned Member relationships
     to develop.
    They will earn a $ 45.00 consulting fee for working with the
     Member to assess and document all of the client‟s systems
     and equipment, as well
     as answering any
     Member questions.

     (Total anticipated time
     on site: 30-60 Minutes)
          Where We Are Going
   Our principal website
    offers a complete array of Atlan programs
    and support services for:
        Atlan Associates
        ClubAtlan Members
        AI Contract Partners
        Atlan Checkpoint CSR‟s

 The Atlan Opportunity is Real. And Now.
 Take the time to look at it fully with your
  Atlan Associate while the time is right.
                   Thank You!!
   For taking the time to learn more about The Atlan
    Group and the Atlan opportunity, as well as
    considering the ClubAtlan membership.
   We look forward to seeing you get involved as an
    Atlan Associate, Contract Partner, and/or CSR!

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