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									                                                                   51 Holcroft Street P.O. Box #2
                                                                      Ingersoll, Ontario N5C 3K1
                                                               (519) 485-4910 Fax (519) 485-7000

2009 Member Account Information

   1. All members must have an updated application on file every year.

   2. All Accounts are due in full by the 25th of the following month. Late payments will be
      subject to a 1.5% service charge per month. Any account that reaches 90 days overdue
      will be suspended until account is paid in full. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS. At any
      time the Finance Committee may revoke any members account privileges for Members in
      breach of this policy. *

   3. The office is open Monday thru Friday from 9am to 5pm to pay club accounts. Any
      limited hours will be emailed. Methods of payment available are; cash, debit, cheque,
      Mastercard, Visa or American Express. If paying by cheque please make it payable to
      Ingersoll Golf & Country Club Limited. If a cheque comes back NSF the member will be
      held responsible for the NSF charge and it will be applied to that member’s club account.

   4. If a member chooses to have his/her account charged by the office to a credit card
      monthly this must be indicated on the yearly application. It is the member’s responsibility
      to inform the office of any change in credit card number or expiry date.

   5. GAO Cards are used to verify handicaps. When you finish your round of golf you can
      add your score into the handicap computer located in the clubhouse downstairs. GAO
      cards will be handed out from the Pro Shop. If a member’s card is misplaced,
      replacement cards can be ordered but at the member’s expense.

   6. When using cash in the clubhouse or beverage cart a member may have this amount
      applied to the monthly minimum but it is the member’s responsibility to put his/her name
      and chit number on receipt and inform the wait staff or beverage cart staff to apply it to
      the monthly minimum.

   7. The rates for the clubhouse minimum are as follows:
           Single Membership (Adult, Seniors) - $65.00 per month
           Couple Membership (Adult, Seniors and Family) - $95.00 per month
      The Clubhouse minimum will apply to food and beverage purchases only and will be
      applicable from May 1st thru October 31st, 2009. The minimum does not include taxes or
      gratuity. Under no circumstances will the minimum be carried over to the next month.
      Minimum applies to all packages Silver, Gold and Platinum.

   8. Any Platinum or Gold existing member will receive a $50.00 bonus applied to his/her
      club account for referring a new 2009 member. This person must have no prior
      membership with Ingersoll Golf and Country Club. The New 2009 member will receive
      $100.00 sign up bonus applied to his/her club account.

   9. As of 2009 there will be NO INITIATION requirement. Current members on a payment
      plan must continue to pay up to $500.00 and then will receive their preferred share. If a
      current member has paid over $500.00 that member will be issued a share but refunds for
      past payments will not be issued. New members have the option of purchasing a preferred
      share for $500.00. Payment plans for share purchase are available with no interest. Please
      see the office for more information.

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