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									       PDF (Portable Document Format) Guidelines
To better serve our customers, Times Printing is able to accept PDF files for printing. Currently, the industry standard for creating
PDF files is Adobe Acrobat, which divided into three subprograms - Reader, Exchange and Distiller. Adobe’s Acrobat Distiller is the
program needed to create stable, high end, print quality PDFs. Please note you need a complete version of Adobe Acrobat Distiller.
PageMaker’s limited version of Distiller does not include the specific settings needed to create a stable, high end PDF for printing.
Distiller uses Adobe PDF (Acrobat 7) or Job Option (Acrobat 5) settings to control PDF creation. We have created a preset job op-
tions file, TimesPrinting.joboptions. Simply place the file in the appropriate directory and choose that setting option in Distiller.
Please contact us to obtain this file via email, our web site or we can send it to you on disk.

Placing Job Options
  1. Open Finder.
  2. Locate Adobe Acrobat folder (in application folder), double
     click to open.
  3. Double click on Distiller, then Settings.
  4. Copy or move TimesPrinting.joboptions into that folder.

  1. Open Distiller
  2. Default Settings (Distiller 7) or Job Options (Distiller 5): choose Times Printing from the drop down list
  3. When you have created a postscript file to distill click File, Open and choose the file to distill.
You can leave Distiller open and running in the background without any interference to other programs.

Watched Folders
If you will be creating PDFs on a regular basis, it may be helpful to setup a watched folder in Distiller. A watched folder is a folder
Distiller automatically checks and distills any postscript files within it. You will need to decide on a location for the folder. It is
generally a good idea to keep it simple and easy to get to (for example create the folder right on the main drive)
Setting up a Watched Folder
  1.  Open Finder.
  2.  Click on the drive where you want the folder.
  3.  Click File, then New Folder.
  4.  Type Distiller for the folder name (or something easy to remem-
      ber), then enter.
   5. Open Distiller.
   6. Click Settings, then Watched Folders.
   7. Click Add...
   8. Select the drive and Distiller folder you just created, then click ok.
   9. Click OK.
Distiller automatically creates an in and out folder within the Distiller
folder. When you create postscript files and save them to the Distiller\
In folder Distiller will automatically create the PDF files and move all
related files to the Distiller\Out folder.

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                                             PDF Guide for Mac OS9 and OSX                                                                1
                 InDesign CS 2 (and earlier)
We recommend setting a Printer Preset. Since Printer Presets ‘remember’ standard settings they simplfy the pdf process.
Setting up a Printer Style
 1. Click File, Printer Preset, Define, then New.
 2. Enter TimesPrinting, select TimesPDFprinter from the
    Printer drop down list. Acrobat Distiller should be grayed out
    for the PPD.
 3. Set the following: Copies: 1; deselect Collate; deselect
    Reverse Order; deselect Spreads, Print Master Pages and
    Print Non-printing Objects; select Print blank pages;
    deselect Print Visible Guides and Baseline Grids.
Setup - click at left of window
 4. Set the following: Paper Size: Custom; Orientation:
    portrait; Offset/Gap: 0; set Width and Height to 100%;
    select Contrain Proportions; deselect Scale to Fit; Page
    Position: Centered; deselect Thumbnails and Tile.
Marks and Bleed - click at left of window
 5. Set the following: select only Crop and Bleed marks;
    deselect all other marks; Type: Default; Weight/Offset:
    .125; deselect Use Document Bleed Settings; enter .125 for
    top/bottom/left/right bleeds.
Output - click at left of window
 6. Set the following: Color: Composite CMYK; deselect Text
    as Black.
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                                             PDF Guide for Mac OS9 and OSX                                                2
       InDesign CS 2 (and earlier) (continued)

Graphics - click at left of window
 7. Set the following: Send Data: All; Download: Complete,
    select download PPD fonts; PostScript®: Level 3.
Color Management - click at left of window
 8. Set the following: select Document; deselect Proof; Profile:
    Document CMYK.
Advanced - click at left of window
 9. Set the following: deselect all OPI options; Preset: High
    Resolution; deselect Ignore Spread Overrides.
10. Click OK.

Saving PostScript Files
After the printer preset is created, you are ready to save files
for distilling. The following selections must be made for each
individual file.
  1. Click File, Print Preset, select TimesPrinting
  2. Click on Setup at the left.
  3. Set Paper size to custom and set width and height to 1”
     larger than trim size.
  4. Click Print
  5. Through the Save In drop down, go to your watched In
     Folder or verify the save location.
  6. Enter a file name.
  7. Click Save.

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                                             PDF Guide for Mac OS9 and OSX   3
                                    PageMaker 6.5
We recommend setting a Printer Style. Since Printer Styles ‘remember’ standard settings they simplfy the pdf process.

Setting up a Printer Style
 1. Click File, Printer Styles, then Define.
 2. Click New, type in TimesPrinting, then click ok.
 3. Select the TimesPrinting style just created, click Edit.
Print Document Window
 4. Select TimesPDFprinter on File from the Printer drop down list.
 5. Select Acrobat Distiller 3011.104 (adist5.ppd) from the PPD drop down list.
 6. Set the following: Copies: 1; Print: both pages; deselect Collate, Reverse,
    Proof; select Print blank pages; deselect Ignore Non-printing and Reader’s
    Spreads; Orientation: portrait.
Print Paper
 7. Click on the Paper button.
 8. Set the following: Source: OnlyOne; select Printer’s Marks; select Crops
    and bleeds only; deselect Page information; select Center in print area;
    Tiling: None; Scale: 100%.
Print Options
 9. Click on the Options button.
10. Set the following: Send Image Data: Normal; Data encoding: Send Binary
    image data; Download fonts: PostScript and TrueType; Use symbol font for
    special characters: checked; deselect Include PostScript error handler; select
    Write PostScript to file; select Normal; deselect EPS, For prepress, page
    independence and Extra image bleed.
Print Color
11. Click on the Color button.
12. Set the following: select Composite; select Color; deselect all others;
    Frequency enter 150; leave angle at default
13. Click OK, click OK again - Your printer style is now set up.

Saving PostScript Files
After the printer style is set, you are ready to save files for distilling.
The following selections must be made for each individual file.
 1. Click File, Document Setup.
 2. In the target resolution select 2540, then OK.
 3. Click File, Printer Styles, TimesPrinting.
Print Document
 4. Pages: select All or the range you want to save.
Print Paper
 5. Click the Paper button.
 6. Size: choose custom and enter a size 1” larger than the final trim size.
Print Options
 7. Click the Options button.
 8. Enter a file name (if needed), click the Browse button
 9. Save In: select your ‘watched’ In folder or verify the location for saving.
10. Click Save, then Save again.

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                                                PDF Guide for Mac OS9 and OSX                                           4
                 QuarkXPress 4.1 or higher
Due to advances in the PDF workflow, we strongly recommend upgrading to
QuarkXPress 6.5. Quark 6.5 has greater stability and reliability when generat-
ing pdf files. These setting apply to 4.1 up to 6.5.

Make sure Adobe Distiller is open with Times Printing Job Options selected.
In Chooser, select PS Printer.
   1. Under type, choose virtual printer.
   2. Under set up, choose Adobe Distiller. Close Chooser.
In Quark, under file, select print.
   1. Click on Printer.
   2. Under destination, select file.
   3. Create the file name (.ps).
   4. Under format, select Postscript job.
   5. Select ASCII and Level 1 Compatible. Save.
Document tab
   6. Deselect Separations, Spreads, Thumbnails and Back to Front
   7. Select Include Blank Pages
   8. Choose all for the Page Sequence
   9. Choose off for Registration for no bleed and Centered for a bleed
  10. Set Bleed to .125
  11. Choose off for Tiling
 12. Click the Setup tab
Setup tab
 13. Choose Adobe Distiller from the Printer Description list
  14. Choose custom for Paper Size
 15. Enter page width - exact size for no bleed. Add 1” if document bleeds
  16. Choose automatic for Paper Height
  17. Enter 100% for Reduce or Enlarge
  18. Choose left edge for Page Positioning
  19. Enter 0 for Paper Offset and Page Gap
 20. Deselect Fit in Print Area
  21. Select portrait for Orientation
 22. Click the Output tab
Output tab
 23. Choose Composite CMYK for Plates
 24. Choose conventional for Halftoning
 25. Enter 2540 for Resolution
 26. Enter 150 for Frequency
  27. Click the Options tab
Options tab
 28. Deselect Quark PostScript Error Handler, Negative Print & Overprint
       EPS black
 29. Choose none from Page Flip
 30. Choose normal for Output
  31. Choose ASCII for Data
 32. Choose include images for OPI
 33. Select Full Resolution TIFF Output
 34. Click PRINT
 35. Enter the file name and include the extension .ps
 36. Click ok. The postscript file will be created in the same location as your
 35. Go to Distiller, click file, open and choose the file just created

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                                           PDF Guide for Mac OS9 and OSX          5

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