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                              A             N              G                L           I           C               A            N                                              2005

MONTREAL                      A             N              G                L           I           C               A            N
                                                                                                                                                                            Official Publication
                                                                                                                                                                              of the Diocese
                                                                                                                                                                               of Montreal

                                                                                                                                        The people
                                                                                                                                        who walked
                                                                                                                                        in darkness
                                                                                                                                        have seen a
                                                                                                                                        great light.
                                                                                                                                        Isaiah 9:2a

A Good Turnout, Still a Shortfall                                                                                                                          What
   Corporation Day, held for a       are such ministries as port and uni-   2004 was $213,000 as compared
12th time at St. Paul’s, Lachine,
attracted a roomful of Church Cor-
                                     versity chaplaincies, hospital, in-
                                     stitutional and prison chaplaincies,
                                     as well as clergy support, curacies
                                                                            to $885,000 in 2003 (although this
                                                                            figure contained the $500,000
                                                                            diocesan share of the Residential
                                                                                                                                                           for Which
   The significance of this annual
gathering is to encourage parishes
to support generously the mission
                                     and aided parishes. Mile End
                                     Community Mission was high-
                                     lighted in a power point presenta-
                                                                            School Settlement.)
                                                                               The administration side of the
                                                                            budget for 2006 is set at $675,000.
side of the budget (an arbitrary     tion as an example of how mission      This figure is for administration of                                               That was the title of the interna-
sum decided upon by the parish-      pledges held some of the neediest      the diocese and attendant staff                                                tional symposium I attended on
es).                                 people in our communities.             salaries as well as a $97,000 com-                                             October 20-21-22 last at UQAM in
   Unfortunately the pledged giv-                                           mitment to General Synod. Gener-                                               Montreal. Among the 350 partici-
ing of $250,000 fell short of the     “We are not a business                ally the administration expenses                                               pants in this conference, I was one
                                                                                                                                                           of the only non-Roman Catholic
budgetary need of $300,000. Trea-      but we are about                     are decreasing and “we are doing
                                                                                                                                                           representatives, along with the
surer Michael Hiles reminded           Church business.”                    our very best to minimize and con-
those present that although the                                             trol expenses.” He informed Cor-                                               Very Revd Walter Raymond, Dean
Church was not a business yet it        The meeting began with a brief      poration members that their ad-                                                of Quebec, and Mr. James Sweeny,
was in the Church business.          service of worship and welcome         ministrative assessment is based                                               archivist for the Diocese of Que-
   The mission side of the budget    by Bishop Barry Clarke who en-         on an average of three years parish                                            bec.
supports that ministry which ex-     couraged those gathered to “reach      spending. The more a parish                                                       The questions raised during this
tends beyond the Church property     out to the mission of the Church.”     spends on themselves, the greater                                              conference were very interesting:
and bring the presence of the liv-      Treasurer Michael Hiles deliv-      will be their assessment. Hiles                                                When a church building is no
ing, loving God to all sorts and     ered a concise but thorough run-       cautioned the parishes that “as                                                longer used as a church and all its
                                                                                                                       The Rev. Ros Macgregor,             symbolic content is removed, is it
conditions of men, women, and        through of financial matters affect-    administrative expenses go up the
                                                                                                                       director Mile End Mission           still a church? Is it still a sacred
children.                            ing both parishes and diocese. He      mission commitment tends to go
   Included in the Mission budget    noted that the budget deficit for       down but we are in the Church           the Anglican Funds (a national         place? Is it better to demolish a
                                                                            business.”                              scheme of paid membership and                  continued on page 7
                                                                               Following this, David Blunt the      endowments which are invested
                                                                            Chair of the Pension Committee          and earnings used to help parishes
                                                                            explained some of the ramifica-
                                                                            tions accompanying the switch
                                                                                                                    who meet their criteria across the
                                                                                                                    country). All monies raised from        Notice to
                                                                            from diocesan to National Pension
                                                                            Plan. Some of the points he men-
                                                                            tioned are:
                                                                                                                    the investment of these Funds are
                                                                                                                    given out.
                                                                                                                       Interim Comptroller Mary Beth
                                                                                                                                                               Due to a technical malfunc-
                                                                            • Inclusion of lay Synod Office          Harris concluded with an explana-
                                                                                                                                                            tion, the editor was without e-
                                                                              Staff                                 tion of changes of protocol within
                                                                                                                                                            mail for a period of two weeks.
                                                                            • Salary based fees rather than a       the Accounting Office of the Dio-
                                                                                                                                                            Although communication is
                                                                              flat rate                              cese. She reminded people to use
                                                                                                                                                            now restored, and the some
                                                                            • Comprehensive long term dis-          ‘podm’ to access their forms in-
                                                                                                                                                            100 backlogged messages
                                                                              ability average                       cluding the charitable form. Snail
                                                                                                                                                            dealt with, there is evidence of
                                                                            • Administrative saving of $75,000      mail will no longer be used to dis-
                                                                                                                                                            some loss. If a date sensitive ad
                                                                              per year                              seminate these.
                                                                                                                                                            was lost we apologize. If you
                                                                            • When a parish is without a priest,       The Mile End Mission presenta-
                                                                                                                                                            sent an article or open dated ad
                                                                              they do not contribute (a poten-      tion and discussion of the Strategic
                                                                                                                                                            and do not see it in this
                                                                              tial saving of $30,000 per year       Plan followed. At the close of the
                                                                                                                                                            month’s edition, please resub-
                                                                              for a vacant parish)                  meeting Bishop Barry Clarke
                                                                            • Clergy bear the largest part of the   spoke of the Synod Office efforts
                                                                                                                                                               Hopefully this problem will
                                                                              fee increase                          to become transparent and asked
                                                                                                                                                            not reoccur; I express my
From the synod office, left to right, Dawn Gero (secretary,                     Michael Hiles then returned to       the parishes to become part of this
                                                                                                                                                            regrets for any loss of mail.
accounting dept.), Sherry Stephenson (reception) and Mary Beth              the podium to praise the solidly        transparency as well.
                                                                                                                                                                                 The Editor
Harris (interim comptroller).                                               good investment performance of                                Joan Shanks

    Christmas Greetings                                                                                                      Christmas is the proclamation of God entering our history in
                                                                                                                          Jesus Christ. God takes on human form and identifies with us in
      “In the street people rushing, pushing and jostling all concern                                                     our humanity. The great gift of Christmas is the revelation of
    for others lost, frantically seeking the last present, thoughtlessly                                                  divine love manifested in the person of Jesus. Scripture teaches us
    passing the ardent carol singers, not even noticing the young man                                                     in the words of St Paul: “[Jesus] is the image of the invisible God,
    selling the Big Issue. And I wonder – what does Christmas                                                             the firstborn of all creation; for in him all things in heaven and on
    mean?”                                                                                                                earth were created, things visible and invisible. For in him all the
                                          Peter Trow, Yesterday’s News                                                    fullness of God was pleased to dwell, and through him God was
                                         (Shine on, Star of Bethlehem,                                                    pleased to reconcile to himself all things, whether on earth or in
                       compiled by Geoffrey Duncan – Pilgrim Press)                                                       heaven, by making peace through the blood of his cross.” (Colos-
                                                                                                                          sians 1:16, 19) The Christ event we celebrate sets in motion God’s
       The media, the shopping malls, newspaper advertising, present                                                      plan of redemption. The Incarnation is not separate from the Cru-
    us with a particular view of Christmas. We are told it is about giv-                                                  cifixion or Easter. They are united in God’s generosity towards all
    ing, families, peace, joy, purchasing. But for many of us it can be                                                   humankind.
    a lonely and stressful time of the year. We want to have the per-                                                        May the divine love fill you with a renewed understanding this
    fect Christmas for family and friends, buy the appropriate gifts.                                                     Christmas.
       This season of the year can also evoke painful memories, stir                                                         I encourage you to bring a family member or a neighbour to
    up our grief as we remember family members and friends who                                                            church with you this season as we once again hear the wonderful
    have died and will not be part of our celebration this year. And I                                                    Good News through carols, stories and drama.
    too wonder – what does Christmas mean? (Titus 3: 4-6)                                                                    May you be filled with the Christ of Christmas this season.
       Christmas means Immanuel – God is with us.
       We celebrate this holy season with a renewed sense of God’s                                                        “God is with us; in this world we have hope, in this darkness
    presence in Christ in our midst.                                                                                      we have light, a love which cannot die and eternal life. Glory
                                                                                                                          to God!”                                          Peter Trow
       In coming among us, God has placed before us his plan in
    Christ. Jesus says in Luke’s Gospel:
       “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has anointed me
                                                                                     Bishop’s                               Peace,
    to bring good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim
    release to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind, to let the           Message
    oppressed go free, to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favour.”
    (Luke 4: 18-19)

               Diocesan Council Deliberations – November 2005
   The first meeting of the new          ing: Bishop Barry Clarke, Chan-         • Competent and inspired leader-          • Prenons les décisions difficiles     half conditional upon the receipt,
Council began with a Eucharist          cellor David Eramian, Vice Chan-          ship and governance – both lay            en tant qu’église                   by December 14, 2005, of an ap-
celebrated by Bishop Barry Clarke       cellor John Nicholl, Treasurer            and clergy                              • Démontrons nos aptitudes, notre     proved business plan outlining the
in St. Anselm’s Chapel.                 Michael Hiles, Vicar General Peter      • Re-energized, healthy clergy –            discernement et responsabilité      choir’s strategy for self-sufficien-
   Following this, there was a two      Hannen or the Chair of the Admin-         collegial and mutually supportive       • Apprenons et acceptrons les         cy.
hour presentation by Steven             istration and Finance Committee,        • Congregations open to the                 changements                            Church of St. Augustine, $1,000
Matthews on the Role of Council         John Dinsmore.                            diverse elements of Quebec Soci-        • Ne faisons pas de discrimination,   to support the annual family retreat
and the Role of Members. Mem-                                                     ety (age, ethnicity, language)            sommes ouverts à la diversité et    called the Parish Family Weekend.
bers broke into small groups for           The Administration and               • A physical administrative and             engagés dans le monde.
further discussions.                         Finance Standing                     financial structure that reflects                                                       Enabling of Social
   Subsequent to dinner, the formal          Committee Report                     diocesan and parochial needs and               Appointment to                          Outreach Grants
business meeting began. Clerical           This is a second request asking        mission.                                       Audit Committee                   A sum of $3,000 to help support
and lay members of Council alter-       Diocesan Council to allocate                                                        The Rev’d Canon David Oliv-         Shirley Newell for at least one
nate as Vice Chair. This year it is     $40,000 in funds to support the         Our Future Diocesan Culture               er’s appointment to the Audit         year of teaching English as a Sec-
the turn of the clergy, and as a        Accounting         Reorganization.         We:                                    Committee was ratified by Dioce-       ond Language to disadvantaged
result of the vote, the Rev’d           $15,000 of this requested amount        • Live in God, live our faith; to be      san Council.                          Anglican boys in Sri Lanka.
Edward Simonton will serve in           would cover the expense of work           inspired and evangelistic                                                        Tyndale-St. George, $10,000 to
that position.                          already performed by interim            • Care for each other; to embody               Consent Agenda                   fund a Parents’ Support Pro-
                                        Comptroller Mary Beth Harris.             love, humility, trust and honesty          Nominating Committee:              gramme.
  Bishop’s Announcements                She is two-thirds of the way            • Make the tough decisions as a             All terms of office are to begin        The meeting ended with prayer
   Bishop Clarke announced he           through the work of reorganiza-           church                                  on November 8, 2005 and to ter-       at close to 8:00 p.m.
wished to clarify his position on       tion. This task is proving to be        • Demonstrate competence, com-            minate on November 8, 2008.              The next meeting of Diocesan
clergy housing, following his veto      more complex and of longer dura-          mon sense and accountability              We nominate the following to        Council will take place on
on a Motion which had been put          tion than first estimated. The first      • Learn and embrace change                the:                                  December 13 at 4:00 p.m. in Ful-
before Synod.                           allocation of $40,000 has now           • Are inclusive, open to diversity,         1. Administration & Finance         ford Hall.
   He congratulated the committee       been expensed in support of the           and engaged in the world.               Standing Committee: Ms Florence
which had worked so hard and            reorganization work already per-                                                  Tracy (Christ Church Cathedral)          A     N     G      L     I    C     A     N

stated categorically that he was not    formed. Council approved a sec-                 Énoncé de vision                    2. Outreach and Mission Stand-
opposed to clergy owning their
own homes. The problem was
                                        ond funding of $40,000.                    Le diocèse Anglican de Mon-
                                                                                tréal, appelé à être un ministère
                                                                                                                          ing Committee: Mrs. Carole Lord
                                                                                                                          (St. George, Place du Canada)
                                                                                                                                                                   A     N     G      L     I    C     A     N

rather with the amount of the                Approval of Council                fidèle aux actes de Dieu en Jésus            3. Book Room Board of Man-                 Official Newspaper of
allowance and the effect it would              Meeting Dates                    Christ par le Saint-Esprit, fidèle à       agement: Ms Marcia Griffiths (St.            the Diocese of Montreal
have on poorer parishes. There are,       On the following dates Diocesan       l’Évangile et spirtuellement vivant       Thomas, N.D.G.); Mr. David            Deadline for January, 2006 issue:
he said, “pastoral issues still to be   Council Meetings will take place        dans la prière, la liturgie et le serv-   Jones (St. John the Evangelist);                December 16th
addressed”, and there needs to be a     on Tuesdays, beginning at 4:00          ice, s’ouvre à tous par son évan-         Mrs. Christine Oliver (St Thomas,     Editor: The Rev. Canon Joan Shanks
look at long term implications.         p.m. in Fulford Hall of Cathedral       gélisation et sa mission et s’accroît     N.D.G.)                               Editorial Assistance: Paul Betts
“This is an ‘ongoing issue’ in          Place.                                  son ministère en détermination et           4. Centre for Lay Education         Circulation: Ardyth Robinson
which wardens and treasurers need         2005: 8 November, 13 Decem-           en nombre.                                Steering Committee: Sister Helen      Secretarial Assistance:
to be part of the discussion. I reit-   ber                                        Nous avons:                            Claire (St. John’s House); Mrs.        Helen Wiegand
erate, I do not disapprove [of cler-      2006: 10 January, 14 February,        • Une administration et un leader-        Marie Lloyd-Smith (St. Matthias)       Sherry Stephenson
gy housing]”. He assured Council        14 March, 18 April (3rd Tuesday),         ship capable et stimulant – chez          5. Council on Aging: The Rev’d       Marc Gendron
that the issue will move forward        9 May, 20 June (3rd Tuesday), 12          le clergé comme chez les laïcs          Michelle Eason (Griffith-McCon-        Production: Studio Melrose
and that there are interested people    September.                              • Un clergé ré-énergisé et en santé,      nell Home)
                                                                                                                                                                Editorial Office:             Phone:
willing to work on it.                                                            qui se supporte mutuellement              6. Kidstuff: Mrs. Sheila Garner
                                        Strategic Planning: Adoption                                                                                            1444 Union Avenue          843-6577
   A second clarification: the                                                  • Des congrégations qui s’ouvrent         (St. John the Evangelist)             Montreal, PQ H3A 2B8
Rev’d Joyce Sanchez returned                 of Vision Statement                  aux différentes composantes de            7. Lay Pension: Ms Sheila                      Fax: 843-6344
only her authorization to marry.          The following Vision Statement          la société québécoise (âge, orig-       Choffe (External); The Ven. Peter     E-mail:
She did not renounce her ordina-        was adopted by Council members:           ine ethnique, langue)                   Hannen (Employer); Mrs. Susan
tion vows, nor was the Bishop                                                   • Une structure physique, adminis-        Magor (Employer)                                Published monthly
willing to release her from her                Vision Statement                   trative et financière qui reflète les       8. Multiculturalism & Racism                except July and August
ordained ministry.                         The Anglican Diocese of Mon-           besoins et les services paroissi-       Awareness Committee: Mr. Dion           Return undelivered mail to:
   Thanks were expressed to             treal, called to be a ministry faith-     aux et diocésains.                      Lewis (St. James the Apostle)                 80 Hayden Street,
Steven Matthews for orienting new       ful to God’s action in Jesus Christ                                                 9. PWRDF Steering Committee:            Toronto, ON M4Y 3G2
members of Council in the half-         through the Holy Spirit, true to the       Notre culture diocésaine               Mrs. Margaret Brown; Mr. Terry        Subscription rate: $10.00 per year
hour preceding the meeting.             Gospel and spiritually alive in                     future                        McHearn (St. John the Evangelist)        Certified circulation: 8,300
                                        prayer, worship and service, is         • Vivons en Dieu, vivons notre foi,                                                            Legal deposit:
    Motion 5A – Signing                 reaching out in evangelism and            être inspiré et évangélique             Enabling of Ministries Grants                  National Library of Quebec
                                                                                                                                                                         National Library of Canada
Authority for Anglican Funds            mission and is growing in ministry,     • Prenons soin des autres en                Deanery of Western Montreal,                      ISSN 1193-9842
  The motion was passed giving          energy and numbers.                       représentant l’amour, l’humilité,       $2,500 support for the Revelation        Printed & mailed at Signal-Star Publications

authority to any two of the follow-        We have:                               la confiance et l’honnêteté              Choir, half to be released now and
                                                                                                               December 2005 – ANGLICAN MONTREAL ANGLICAN – 3

                                                                                                                       The Beyond Ourselves
                                                                                                                          This year’s conference was a            Here are some ideas:
                                                                                                                       great success with over 80 partici-
                                                                                                                       pants who came to hear Peter              How about a big sign (maybe
                                                                                                                       Mason and his wife Carmen speak        like the visible ALPHA signs you
                                                                                                                       about how the gospel of Christ         see all over Montreal) that says:
                                                                                                                       “comes from beyond ourselves to        “Welcome home for Christmas”
                                                                                                                       the individual, then to the church,    and include the times of your serv-
                                                                                                                       and then to the world.” Peter’s        ices. Or … What about making a
                                                                                                                       sense of humour pervaded the           really nice invitation and hand
                                                                                                                       talks keeping our attention and        delivering it to the streets around
                                                                                                                       driving home his points. His love      your church? Or… put it in an ad-
                                                                                                                       of the church and hope for its         bag if you have an advertising
                                                                                                                       future was an inspiration to us all.   budget. Or… go carolling and
                                                                                                                       Tapes of the main sessions are         hand out invitations to come to
                                                                                                                       available (there may be a modest       church.
                                                                                                                       cost involved) from St. George’s,         Don’t forget to make sure you
                                                                                                                       Place du Canada. Call (514) 866-       have a welcoming team of smiling
                                                                                                                       7113 or e-mail office@st-              people to spot and greet newcom-
                                                                                                              Events like this can      ers – they may come back if you
                                                                                                                       help your church begin to look         show an interest and make them
                                                                                                                       outside of itself to the hurting       feel welcome.
                                                                                                                       world around us where we can              We Anglicans do Christmas
                                                                                                                       offer hope and a future through        right! Let’s share it!
                                                                                                                       Jesus Christ our Lord. Hope you                     e-stuff:
                                                                                                                       can make it next year!
                                                                                                                                                                 The Evangelism Committee is
                                                                                                                             e-hints: Christmas:              still accepting faith stories for
                                                                                                                             Make the most of it              publication. We are using these
                                                                                                                          You still have time to think        testimonies to build up people’s
                                                                                                                       about adding a small dimension to      faith that God himself intervenes
Participants during worship...                                                                                         your regular Christmas activities.     in people’s lives and draws them to
                                                                                                                       I wonder how many people in your       Jesus. Our job is to throw out the
                                                                                                                       neighbourhood are longing to           nets and haul them in – (isn’t there

             Called in toQuestion
                                                                                                                       come to church for Christmas? It       a Bible story about that?). Please
                                                                                                                       may be more than you think! Why        write your testimony and send it
                                                                                                                       not invite them to your special        along with a picture, if you have
                                                                                                                       services (Carol services, Lessons      one, to
                                   The Rev. Canon Tim Smarrt                                                           & Carols, Christmas Eve & Christ-      We reserve the right to edit all sub-
                                                                                                                       mas Day …)?                            missions.
                                Christmas Christians

   Ho, ho, ho, here we go again.        Christian compared to those             father just took off); the gay cou-
Maybe it was fun when we were           Christmas Christians who show up        ple who moved to town last year;
kids, but as we grow older it’s hard    once a year for a bit of holiday        the doctor who is recently divorc-
not to become a little grinchy and      nostalgia. Those people who don’t       ed; the politician who just got
a bit more cynical about this com-      know their left hand from their         turfed out of office; the couple
mercial Christmas that gets foisted     right, who don’t know when to           who have lived together for five
upon us each year.                      stand, sit or kneel, or when to cross   years and have three kids from
   Here are the top four things that    themselves, or know which book          previous relationships; the elderly
bug me about this season. 1. Those      we’re in or what page we’re on.         widow who volunteers at the local
radio stations that play the worst      The whole church experience so          library but otherwise keeps mostly
Christmas music available from          easily reinforces the differences       to herself.
mid-November to December 25th.          between us and them. And isn’t it          These and so many others,
2. All those flyers and TV com-          marvellous to be us and not them!       they’re not so different from us.
mercials urging us to buy their         Surely, Jesus must see the differ-      Though they may only “darken”
great stuff in order to show our        ence!                                   the door of the church once a year,
love for one another. 3. People            Our little crèche scene at Grace     most of them, deep down, want the
who think Christmas ends (instead       Church in Sutton sits front and         same things that regular churchgo-
of begins) on December 25th. 4.         centre on Christmas Eve. In fact,       ers are seeking: the joy and peace
Those awful fruit cakes in a tin.       it’s right in the aisle, on the steps   that money can’t buy; some quali-
   We all have our bugbears. And        leading up to the altar. You practi-    ty family time during the holidays;    Bishop Barry Clarke, Betty-Ann Infiliese & Russ Bailey enjoying a
what about those strange people         cally trip over it on your way going    a respite from the hustle and bustle   chat over coffee.
who crowd into our church pews          up for communion. In fact, some-        of everyday life; and a sense that
every Christmas Eve? Who are            times people do trip.                   they are welcomed by God with
they and who invited them?                 Our little baby Jesus is a carved,   open arms no matter who they are.
   I remember as a kid, that it was
on Christmas Eve that I got to sit
                                        wooden figure. But unlike most
                                        babies whose arms are swaddled
                                                                                   One way that strangers can
                                                                                know that they are welcomed by                     “Choral Evensong”
in the balcony at Christ Church,        tightly around their tiny bodies,       God is by the welcome we give
Beaurepaire, because there was no       this baby has his arms wide open.       them when they do come to                    The Anglican Deanery Church choirs of N.D.G.
room left in the pews down below.       I take him out of his wooden crib       church. Putting aside our subtle (or                      will sing Evensong
Like the inn at Bethlehem, our          each Christmas Eve and ask the          not so subtle) resentment of their                 on the first Sunday in Epiphany,
church was packed with visitors         children, “What could this possi-       presence, we can begin to wel-                            January 8th, 2006
and travellers from afar, so that the   bly mean – this baby with the arms      come the strangers in our midst.
regulars had to settle for a seat up    wide open?” And they answer,            And in doing so, we may discover                              at 4:30 p.m.
in the peanut gallery. As a kid, I      “He’s welcoming us. All of us are       that these are precisely the kind of                    at St. Thomas Church,
thought this was great fun; but as I    welcome.”                               people that Jesus wishes to draw                         6897 Somerled Ave.
grew older I also came to under-           I try to understand more deeply      near to himself. The lost and con-
stand that these freeloaders, who       with each succeeding year, who          fused, the lonely and rejected, the               The 102 bus, which can be taken from the
came in at the end of the year,         this Jesus is with the arms wide        mildly religious and the slightly                Ville Marie Metro station, stops at the door.
weren’t genuine Christians –            open. And I begin to imagine all        intoxicated.                                             There is also ample parking.
unlike us who had worked hard at        sorts and conditions of people who         Jesus invites and welcomes all            Following the service, refreshments will be served.
being good churchgoers all year         will be entering our churches this      those people we are typically
long. I really began to embody the      holiday season. I can see such a        uncomfortable with. But what a                   All are most welcome to join us and we will
spirit described in the parable of      variety of people: The family who       joy it is to discover that in choos-                      be hoping to see you there.
the labourers in the vineyard.          has those troubled teenagers; the       ing to welcome them, we find our-
(Check out Matthew 20:1-16)             lonely boozer from down the             selves in the presence of the Christ           Sponsored by The Prayer Book Society of Canada,
   It’s a great feeling, isn’t it,      street; the single mother with her      Child who welcomes us all.                                     Montreal Branch
knowing that you’re a faithful          newborn son (she’s no virgin, the

                    Spiritual Direction                                                                                Finding Peace:
                      in our Diocese                                                                                   an Ignatian
                              (Part XXVIII of a Series)

   BE STILL and know that I AM GOD: A Loving Invitation                                                                Prayer Retreat
   This ancient exhortation, so         place. For true rest, we must not         But transcending all these cir-         Last February, faithful readers     “MY PEACE I GIVE YOU.”
familiar to all of us, reminds us of    allow ourselves to fill all our time    cumstances, Jesus offers a glorious     of this column will remember that      Father Gallagher is a superb
a simple truth: that our relationship   with the endless diversions that the   promise, uttered to his anxious dis-    an article was published with a        teacher of different methods of
with God demands our attention. It      world around us imagines will sat-     ciples as part of his marvellous last   review of a retreat conducted by       prayer, in the Ignatian tradition.
cannot be taken for granted; we         isfy us. No wonder so many peo-        discourse. “Peace I leave with you.     Father Timothy Gallagher, OMV.         This is really a form of listening
allow ourselves to be caught up in      ple, seduced by the fallacious         My Peace I give you. Not as the         This retreat, entitled My Soul         prayer, in which we are placing
the maelstrom of activity at our        promises of our consumer society,      world gives. Do not let your hearts     Thirsts for You, was attended by a     ourselves at the feet of Jesus, wait-
peril. If we truly want to serve God    are living lives of gnawing disqui-    be troubled and do not be afraid.”      wide variety of individuals from a     ing to hear what it is He has to say
with all of our hearts, to love Him     et. Simply put, what every single      (John l4.27) Indeed, in the two         cornucopia of denominations            to each of us as individuals in the
(and our neighbour) as we are           human being that has ever been         post resurrection appearances to        throughout Quebec and also from        separate circumstances of our
called to do we need unequivocal-       created needs more than anything       his disciples described by John in      Ottawa and Toronto. We were            lives.
ly to take time apart to drink          else, is to be utterly certain that    chapter 20, Jesus’ first words are:      blessed by the inspired leadership
deeply of the living water that He      God is REALLY there, and that                                                  of this remarkable man, who is so        Revitalized and energized
                                                                               “Peace be with you.” A week later,
offers us so freely.                    His Love, for which we thirst so       appearing again in the same room,       filled with gentleness and love that       Ignatian methods of prayer have
   We all remember how moved            profoundly, does indeed surround       Jesus comes and stands among his        all who hear him are deeply            revitalized and energized Chris-
we were by this lovely image that       us. Just under the surface, in every   disciples. Again he declares            touched by his Christ-like person-     tians and seekers of God alike, for
Jesus gave us in that brief and glo-    human heart, there exists a persist-   “Peace be with you.” Jesus knows        hood.                                  more than four hundred years.
rious encounter with the weary and      ent and urgent hunger for peace of     that this peace of soul is the most        In his teaching, Father Gal-        This is a very special opportunity
worn Samaritan woman at the             soul.                                  important gift He can give to us.       lagher supplements his own expe-       to practise, or indeed learn afresh,
well. It speaks to us of the extraor-      However, as we tentatively          Never in History was this more rel-     rience and wisdom with the most        these methods of prayer. One of
dinary gift of His Spirit, which,       reach out to Him, our desire to        evant or necessary than it is today.    compelling stories of personal         the special blessings of these
dwelling within us, can inspire,        experience authentic relationship                                              encounters between God and some        retreats is also the dynamic of indi-
guide, comfort and strengthen us        with God is perpetually hampered          It is an enormous challenge for      of the most influential men and         vidual spiritual direction through-
through all the varied circum-          by the constant interruptions, dis-    us in this generation to live as we     women over the centuries since the     out the weekend, which is avail-
stances of our lives. But this is not   tractions and temptations that sur-    are called to do, as vessels of liv-    birth of Christ. It proved to be an    able as and when one feels the
an automatic gift. We need on our       round us. Indeed, the environment      ing water: peaceable, gentle, for-      inspiring retreat experience, and      need to discuss one’s prayer expe-
part to seek Him, and to grow in        in which we live these days is         giving and loving members of our        the gift of silence created an envi-   rience with someone well versed
our knowledge of Him. We re-            clearly fertile ground for anxiety     society. And this from a centre of      ronment deeply conducive to            in the matters of the heart and in
member Jesus’ injunction, record-       and quiet despair. As intelligent      steel, rooted and anchored in utter     effective interior listening.          discerning God’s voice.
ed in John chapter l4, to “Abide in     and aware persons we are con-          conviction, and emboldened by the                                                 There is already a very strong
                                                                               vitality of Christ himself. If ever        Delighted to announce               interest in these two retreats. How-
Me, that I may Abide in You” and        stantly bombarded with increas-
a little further on, “Abide in my       ingly devastating scenes of vio-       the world needed authentic, true           We are delighted to announce        ever, we hope to be able to accom-
love.” Right now, in the very midst     lence and catastrophic natural dis-    Christian witness, it is now. This is   that in January 2006, Father Gal-      modate up to fifty people at each
of our busy lives, He continually       asters on the global stage. Closer     not the time for lukewarm faith.        lagher is returning to offer once      retreat centre. Registration is first
and gently calls us. Indeed, he         to home, in our own communities        We are under an urgent call to          again the nourishment of a retreat     come first served. We do not want
invites us to “Come away by your-       and families, even within our          authentic Christ-like living. We        focussing on Prayer. So well sub-      anyone not to be able to come
selves to a quiet place and rest a      churches, we find ourselves quick-      need to sit at the feet of Jesus, to    scribed and received was the           because of financial constraints.
while.” (Mark 6:31)                     ly entangled with the power strug-     give him our full attention. Let us     retreat last year, that this time we   So if you have an authentic need
   It only takes a moment of atten-     gles engendered by our own             respond to his lovely invitation to     have asked Father Gallagher to         for help in that area, please feel
tion to our inner response to this      human frailties. It is no easy task    come apart and rest a while. Only       come for two weekends. The title       free to apply for a bursary. You are
invitation, for us to realise that we   to “Love each other as I have loved    He can satisfy the deepest desire of    of the two weekends offered, is        invited to come and join us.
are simply longing for this quiet       you.”                                  our souls.

                                                                                                                           Book Review:
                                                                                                                           Timothy M. Gallagher, OMV, The Discernment of Spirits –
                                                                                                                           An Ignatian Guide for Everyday Living, Crossroad, N.Y.,
                                                                                                                           2005 (210 pages)
                                                                                                                               To people who are unfamiliar with what is called ‘the dis-
                                                                                                                           cernment of spirits’ it is often imagined as some esoteric doc-
                                                                                                                           trine or practice having more to do with remote mystical phe-
                                                                                                                           nomena than with the spiritual experience of ordinary faithful
                                                                                                                           Christians. Over the last forty years we have seen a renewed
                                                                                                                           awareness of the relevance of spiritual discernment in every-
                                                                                                                           day life, and attempts have been made by various religious
                                                                                                                           authors to draw this practice back into mainstream spirituali-
                                                                                                                           ty where it surely belongs.
                                                                                                                               Fr. Tim Gallagher is a well-known retreat master now liv-
                                                                                                                           ing in Boston. Those who have had the opportunity to attend
                                                                                                                           weekend seminars conducted by the author in Montreal over
        A time to explore a variety of prayer experiences in the Ignatian                                                  the last few years will easily recognize in this new book his
         Tradition, in a peaceful setting with a deeply quiet and restful                                                  gentle, patient, and thorough teaching style as he elucidates
                                                                                                                           step by step the ‘Rules for the Discernment of Spirits’ of St.
                    atmosphere, under the gifted teaching of                                                               Ignatius of Loyola. This is not a technical book for specialists
                         Father Timothy Gallagher OMV.                                                                     or scholars, but one aimed at making this venerable set of
                                                                                                                           ‘rules’ a coherent and helpful instrument for anyone who is
                           Weekend retreat in two locations:                                                               seeking to grow spiritually. It seeks to combine both accessi-
                                                                                                                           bility and completeness. It makes ample use of examples
                     January 13 – 15 2006                       January 20 – 22 2006                                       drawn from actual spiritual experience, illustrative quotations,
                     Manoir d’Youville                          l’Ermitage Ste-Croix                                       skilful exposition of the material, and incisive commentary, to
                     Ile St. Bernard                            21269 Gouin Blvd. West                                     make the rather bare and laconic language of St. Ignatius
                     (in Chateauguay)                           (in Pierrefonds)                                           come alive.
                                                                                                                               This book is highly recommended for those persons who
          For further details and registration, please contact one of the following:                                       are looking for wise and helpful spiritual guidance to apply to
            Sally Harrington / (450-263-7111)                                                 their daily lives.
                 Thea Calder / (514-935-0638)                                                      Note: Fr. Gallagher will be conducting two weekend retreats
                          Lucinda Lyman                                                               on the experience of prayer in the Ignatian Tradition: Jan.13-
                                                                                                                           15 at Manoir d’Youville in Chateauguay; Jan. 22-22 at l’Er-
                               Melanie Bailey (514-939-0967)                                                               mitage in Pierrefonds. For more information, call 935-0368 or
                                                                                                                   December 2005 – ANGLICAN MONTREAL ANGLICAN – 5

The Rev’d
Jim McDermott
   Arriving in Montreal from the
Diocese of Long Island, the Rev’d
Jim McDermott has been serving
as interim priest at the churches of
All Saints, Deux-Montagnes and
St. James, Rosemere.
   Born in Queen’s County, New
York City, he lived there through
his completion of high school,
then relocated to Long Island
where he attended the State Uni-
versity. After earning an under-
graduate degree in political sci-
ence and history, McDermott be-
gan a career in social work in Suf-
folk County, New York. (Suffolk
County is located on Long Island).
He earned as well an MSW (Mas-
ters Degree in Social Work).
   After several years as a social
worker in the employ of the State
of New York, where he focussed
on prevention and protection of
children in dysfunctional families,
McDermott began to feel “a grad-          ment, begun just a few weeks after        that of demographics; the Episco-
ual call to the priesthood”. Encour-      retirement from his secular work          pal Church he finds formed of a
agement came from, among oth-             for the State of New York.                more concentrated body of profes-      CHRIST CHURCH CATHEDRAL
ers, an Episcopal (Anglican)                 McDermott and his family are           sional people such as teachers,        Advent – Christmas – Epiphany Services 2005/6
Priest, a field work supervisor           no strangers to Montreal or to east-      doctors and lawyers, whereas here
from General Seminary, who was            ern Canada. In fact he and his wife       the composition of our congrega-                First Sunday of Advent, November 27
serving an interim ministry in            had already established a home            tions is more widespread across                        8:00 a.m. Holy Eucharist
McDermott’s home parish. While            here. It was in 1994 that the Mc-         the social spectrum.                                  10:00 a.m. Choral Eucharist
continuing in his social work, in         Dermott family were becoming                 The word ‘vestry’ also refers to     4:00 p.m. A Procession with Lessons and Carols for Advent
1983, McDermott began theologi-           “unhappy with life in the United          two different concepts. In the Epis-                   with the Cathedral Choirs
cal studies at a local diocesan the-      States” and began to think of             copal Church the Vestry is an
ological school set up specifically        Canada. Several annual holidays           ongoing body of lay people who                  Second Sunday of Advent, December 4
for late vocations and to serve as a      were spent in the Maritimes and in        form the Corporation with the                         8:00 a.m. Holy Eucharist
venue for community-building.             Ontario. Then, when it became             Rector, an average of 7 to 11 peo-                   10:00 a.m. Choral Eucharist
   Deaconed in 1989, he served as         time for their daughter (Mairi) to        ple who are in charge of the phys-                   4:00 p.m. Choral Evensong
a transitional Deacon at St. Jude,        attend university, she chose Cana-        ical plant and the fundraising. In
                                                                                                                                           Saturday, December 10
Wantagh, Long Island.                     da in order to have a different cul-      addition both wardens are elected
   Following his priesting in June        tural experience. After visiting the      by the congregation. Whereas our                    5:00 p.m. Messiah Sing-Along
1990, McDermott accepted a posi-          University of Toronto and Car-            Anglican governing body is just          Members of the audience with The Cathedral Singers,
tion at St. Anselm’s, Shoreham,           leton, Mairi decided upon McGill.         three and the Vestry is called only                     Soloists & Orchestra
Long Island. He was at that time a        In fact the whole family fell in love     annually unless a critical issue                Third Sunday of Advent, December 11
worker-priest, transferring from          with Montreal so much so that             arises. “Perhaps a smaller body is                     8:00 a.m. Holy Eucharist
his position as social worker to the      they purchased a condo a few              more efficient; [however] gover-                      10:00 a.m. Choral Eucharist
Probation Department. Here he             years ago, so that after retirement       nance with a larger body spreads                      4:00 p.m. Choral Evensong
became a probation officer, and            their new home would be waiting.          out the responsibility”, McDer-
later a supervisor, specializing in          Asked about his two parishes,          mott notes.                                            Wednesday, December 14
work with alcohol and drug addict-        McDermott relates that, coinciden-           As a pastime McDermott im-          12:30 p.m. Christmas Carol Sing-Along with the Bishop and
ed offenders. An intensive pro-           tally, both churches celebrated 50        merses himself in traditional                                Patrick Wedd
gramme was specifically designed           years of worship in their respective      Celtic music, an interest born of
to offer a last choice at reform for      buildings in the fall of this year. [It   being a second generation Ameri-                Fourth Sunday of Advent, December 18
probationers before their being           is] he says, “interesting to see the      can wishing to reconnect with his                       8:00 a.m. Holy Eucharist
sent back to prison. “I really            familiar patterns [in] the optimism       roots. A musician himself, he               10:00 a.m. Choral Eucharist & Christmas Pageant
enjoyed that; I made some pretty          of the post-war years where the           plays, among other instruments,                          by the Sunday School
significant programme changes             Church (in both Canada and the            the concertina, mandolin, guitar,         4:00 p.m. A Festival of Lessons & Carols for Christmas
that really increased the effective-      U.S.) made the same decisions,            banjo, tin whistle and Scottish                     The Choir of Trebles and Adults
ness of the programme. I left feel-       [that is] to move churches into           small pipe. He takes pleasure in
ing pretty well about my work             neighbourhoods in the suburbs. …          playing in ad hoc sessions with                 Saturday, December 24, Christmas Eve
there”, McDermott says.                   It’s interesting to find myself in         fellow musicians. One aspect of            12 noon Eucharistie (en français) Communauté du
   His training in interim ministry       these two churches that are in            his ministry in Long Island was an                           Rédempteur
stretched from the fall of 2004           neighbourhoods”.                          annual Celtic Spirituality Retreat          5:00 p.m. The Lessons and Carols for Christmas
through to the spring of 2005.               He continues, “The first church I       in which McDermott brought                           with The Cathedral Singers
When asked about his attraction to        served in as deacon was right in          together the two disciplines of              11:00 p.m. Procession, Blessing of the Crib and
interim ministry, McDermott re-           the middle of the neighbourhood;          Celtic spirituality and music for                           Choral Eucharist
sponds, “I was attracted to interim       you could drive by on the main            exploration and workshop analy-                 Celebrant: The Right Revd Barry Clarke
work because of my background in          drag and not realize there was an         sis.                                           Preacher: The Very Revd Michael J. Pitts
social work. Interim ministry calls       Episcopal Church there unless you            Cooking is also a kind of hobby,
for these kinds of skills. It’s a min-    happened to see the little sign. Not      a pleasurable endeavour born of                  Sunday, December 25, Christmas Day
istry of intervention, rather than a      like driving into a town or village       necessity. Of particular delight are                   8:00 a.m. Holy Eucharist
long term ministry. That had an           or city where the church was there        the Italian and Cajun cuisines.          10:00 a.m. Choral Family Eucharist, Children’s Address
appeal to me. … And the idea that         and you could see them. It was               He is married to wife Veronica,                           by The Dean
every couple of years [one will] be       interesting to see two totally dif-       whom he met and wed while at the                    Sunday, January 1, Christmas I
in a new place. There’s going to be       ferent cultures (Canada and the           State University in Long Island.                       8:00 a.m. Holy Eucharist
a wave of retirements very soon;          U.S.) having a similar reaction to        She had a career in teaching, retir-
                                                                                                                                         10:00 a.m. Choral Eucharist
it’s started already, so I think inter-   the move to the suburbs after the         ing as a supervisor in that field.
im ministry is an important min-          war”.                                     They have two grown children,                        Sunday, January 8, Epiphany
istry at this time in the Church”.           There are also differences he          both of whom currently live in                         8:00 a.m. Holy Eucharist
   The two churches he is serving         notes between the modus operandi          Brooklyn, Liam (Irish Gaelic                          10:00 a.m. Choral Eucharist
now, beginning January 2005, are          of Episcopal and Anglican                 name) and Mairi (Scots Gaelic                  4:00 p.m. Lessons and Carols for Epiphany
McDermott’s first interim place-           Churches. One difference being            name).                Joan Shanks

     The Diocesan Archives Quiz
                                                                                                      A column by Fr Edward Simonton, OGS

                                                                                                 “And they heard the sound of         makes it difficult to be ourselves. It
                                                                                              the Lord God walking in the gar-        makes it difficult to accept love
                                                                                              den in the cool of the day, and the     and therefore difficult to love any-
                                                                                              man and his wife hid themselves         one else.
                                                                                              from the presence of the Lord God          “You can’t get any popcorn,
                                                                                              among the trees of the garden. But      child. The machine is out of order.
                                                                                              the Lord God called to the man,         See, there is a sign on the
                                                                                              and said to him, ‘Where are you?’       machine.” But he didn’t under-
                                                                                              And he said, ‘I heard the sound of      stand. After all, he had the desire,
                                                                                              Thee in the garden, and I was           and he had the money, and he
                                                                                              afraid because I was naked: and I       could see the popcorn in the
                                                                                              hid myself.’ ”                          machine. And yet somehow, some-
                                                                                                     The Book of Genesis 2. 8-10      where, something was wrong
                                                                                                 This summer I went to my old         because he couldn’t get the pop-
                                                                                              parish church of St Michael and         corn.
                                                                                              All Saints in Edinburgh where I            “The boy walked back with his
                                                                                              had been a parishioner for many         mother, and he wanted to cry. And
                                                                                              years. The Sunday I visited, the        Lord, I too felt like weeping,
                                                                                              guest preacher was The Rt. Rev’d        weeping for people who have
                                                                                              Douglas Cameron, the Sometime           become locked in jammed, broken,
                                                                                              Lord Bishop of Argyll and the           machines filled with goodness that
                                                                                              Isles (a Diocese which boasts not       other people need, and want and
  For this second mystery photo, and as a Christmas gift, I decided to choose an easier       only two British Cathedrals but         yet never come to enjoy, because
photograph. Easier because, thanks to the presence of Bishop Dixon, we know that the          also notable ones: the smallest         somehow, somewhere, something
snapshot was taken between 1943-1962. I invite you, once again, to send me information        (Millport; The Islands) and the         has gone wrong inside.” Andre
about this photograph: when, who, where? As usual, please send all relevant information to:   ugliest (Oban; Argyll). He preach-      Aneia
                                                                                              ed on this passage and it forms the        Sometimes those who hide can
1444, Union Avenue, Montréal, QC H3A 2B8 or                    basis of this short meditation.         become very good at it. Richard
  On behalf of the Diocesan Archives, I wish you a happy Holiday Season.                         It is said that one of the hardest   Holloway, when he was Lord
                                                                                              things in the world is just to be       Bishop of Edinburgh and Primus
                                         Sophie Lemercier, Assistant Diocesan Archivist       yourself. To put it in a more Chris-    of the Scottish Episcopal Church,
                                                                                              tian language: one of the hardest       once said to me that I had rather
                                                                                              things is to accept that you are        sealed my own fate. I was sitting
                                                                                              already loved by God. We believe        talking to him in his living room
                                                                                              theologically that we are loved by      about something (probably some
                                                                                              God. It is the central tenet of our     minor ecclesiological concern
                                                                                              concept of the Atonement and            foreshadowing the end of the
                                                                                              Redemption. The Tranfigurative          Church that I had come to see him
                                                                                              realisation of this is quite another    about) when he stopped me in mid
                                                                                              matter. It is difficult to accept emo-   sentence (rather a feat in itself) and
                                                                                              tionally that we are loved just as      just looked at me for a long time.
                                                                                              we are. Our instinct is to hide         Then he said something like, “the
                                                                                              among the trees. We know we are         point of masks is for people to see
                                                                                              naked and we are ashamed.               through them and start to pry them
                                                                                                 I have often thought that damna-     off. Your mask is too clever. You
                                                                                              tion occurs not because God will        use yourself as your mask. When
                                                                                              not look upon us with compassion        you use the truth to keep others at
                                                                                              and forgiveness but that we will be     bay they will never be able to see
                                                                                              unable to accept it. When we are        the mask and can not rip it off.”
                                                                                              finally in the presence of the          That day he saw me, and saw me
                                                                                              Almighty we will be totally over-       with eyes of compassion. It was an
                                                                                              come with shame by our weak-            important event for me to see
                                                                                              ness, dirtiness and unworthiness,       myself through his eyes if only for
                                                                                              our nakedness. Those who have           a moment. I have always loved
                                                                                              not learned trust and submission,       him for that. I had learned to be
                                                                                              faith, will be unable to raise our      clever and analytical and to hide
                                                                                              eyes to meet His. We will choose        behind the illusion of self knowl-
                                                                                              to remain hidden among the trees.       edge and profundity.
                                                                                              I believe in a rough idea of the           “Anyone can whistle, that’s
                                                                                              doctrine of Purgatory, the place of     what they say – easy. Anyone can
                                                                                              purification. It is that time (a use-    whistle any old day-easy. I can
                                                                                              less concept of chronos within the      slay a dragon I can read Greek –
                                                                                              realm of eternity or God’s time –       easy. I can dance the tango any old
                                                                                              kairos) that we come to trust and       week – easy. What’s hard comes
                                                                                              purify ourselves enough to raise        simple, what’s natural comes hard.
                                                                                              our eyes in Humility to the eyes of     So maybe you can show me how to
                                                                                              Love itself and accept Salvation.       let go, lower my guard, learn to be
                                                                                              Archbishop Michael Ramsey, for-         free. Maybe if you whistle, whistle
                                                                                              mer Archbishop of Canterbury and        for me.” Stephen Sondheim
                                                                                              unofficial Anglican Saint, said that        The entire time that we are hid-
                                                                                              hell must exist because of the Doc-     den among the trees the Lord is
                                                                                              trine of Free Will, but that he was     calling to each of us, “Where are
                                                                                              doubtful that there was actually        you?”. He waits for all eternity for
                                                                                              anybody there. Instead he believed      us to come out and face him. How
                                                                                              that the naked were all waiting the     frightening and yet how beautiful.
                                                                                              time when they could accept their       The courage to come out of hiding
                                                                                              nakedness and accept God’s love         is, for many of us, the goal of the
                                                                                              for them and come out from              spiritual life. All of our life’s expe-
                                                                                              among the trees. The parallels with     rience is training for this great
                                                                                              the Parable of the Prodigal Son are     enterprise. All love is training for
                                                                                              obvious.                                acceptance of the great love. All
                                                                                                 This shame in our own naked-         relationships a reflection of that
                                                                                              ness belies us at every corner. It      one great relationship. We fear the
                                                                                              makes us stiff and careful, ungen-      voice in the garden calling to us
                                                                                              uine and detached. It makes spon-       but even more we fear that we will
                                                                                              taneity difficult and in time leads      not be able to answer it. So day by
                                                                                              to the calcification of the heart.       day we try again and again to
                                                                                              These are the stone hearts the          pluck up the nerve to creep out of
                                                                                              Prophet Ezekiel speaks of. It                continued on the next page
                                                                                                                 December 2005 – ANGLICAN MONTREAL ANGLICAN – 7

West Island
Women’s Retreats
   Most of us have heard the ex-         and preoccupied that we often
pression “Silence is Golden.” The        don’t take the time to be alone
West Island Women’s Retreats rec-        with God and to listen and hear
ognize this and, for the past 35         what God is asking of us.
years, have offered a silent retreat        The silence on these retreats is
on two separate weekends every           silence in community, meaning
winter. Unlike past years, however,      that we still manage, wordlessly, to
the 2006 retreats will take place in     be there for one another, to hold
a different location, this time on       each other up and to be open to a
the beautiful and peaceful grounds       spiritual connection that happens
of the Cistercian Abbey in Rouge-        only in the silence. Please do not
mont.                                    let it worry you. On this weekend,
   On the weekends of Feb. 17-19         you will be prayed for and shep-
and March 10-12, the Brothers of         herded. The spiritual director will
the Abbey will welcome up to 25          offer appointments for those who
women of all Christian denomi-           are feeling a particular burden or
nations. These weekends are guid-        need to discern what God is trying
ed and structured, with designated       to say to them. Also, the commit-
gathering times, meal times and          tee members will always be on
several talks given by the spiritual     hand to address any other concerns
director. There is also ample free       you may have. In any event, you
time in which to read, pray, walk        will be cared for, leaving you time     May Confirmation in the Parishes of St. Ignatius and La Nativité, from left to right, The Rev. Canon
the Abbey grounds – even catch a         to listen for that still, small voice   Yves Joseph, Jason Graham Catel, Prycilla Polinice Suffrard, Ricardo Berlus, Nathanael Berlus, Bishop
much needed afternoon nap!               that we so often miss.                  Barry Clarke, Vladimir Bastien Bercy, Whitney Maxime Alabré, the Rev. Nathanael Saint-Pierre and
   You may think you will be un-            Come, join us and see for your-      Austin Barry Catel.
able to maintain the silence from        self that Silence really is golden.
Friday night to Sunday afternoon.        For dates and directors, please see
                                                                                                                         by the Québec Religious Heritage     (and other more interesting com-
You may be fearful or consider this      notice elsewhere in this edition, or    Future...                               Foundation, the Montreal Heritage    ments). I have learned a lot about
a huge challenge, and you would          pick up a brochure in your home                continued from page 1
not be the first (and probably not        church, or call Emily Edgley at                                                 Council, the Canadian Chair in       church preservation and I hope
the last) to feel this way. But our      514-453-7985.                           church that is no longer in use or to   Urban Heritage at the UQAM and       that the church administrators
God is gracious and loving and                            Elizabeth Glasgow      give it a second vocation? Which        Concordia University.                within the Diocese will be assisted
longs to speak to our hearts in that                    St. George’s Church      new vocation: A library? A bar?            Although most of the confer-      to be creative in their future
silence. Some of us are so busy                                                  Condominiums? About 60 speak-           ence was about Roman Catholic        efforts.
                                                                                 ers from over the world, including      churches, the Anglican representa-                   Sophie Lemercier,
                                                                                 Quebec, gave their point of view        tives often took the microphone to         Assistant Diocesan Archivist
    West Island                             Trinity Memorial Church              on these questions. People agreed       say: “Hello, we are existing too!”
                                                                                 about the importance of having
  Women’s Retreats                             ADVENT                            most of the churches remain
                                                                                 viable. The problem is where to
    West Island Women’s
   Retreats will be held for
                                               PRAYER                            find the money to do such a thing.
    the year 2006 on the                      BREAKFAST                          The most popular way seems to be
                                                                                 to have partial use of the church
       following dates:                          with guest speaker:             buildings, as the Church of St.
     February 17-19, 2006                       Dr. Michael Kay,                 James the Apostle in Montreal is
         Spiritual Director                  Director of the N.D.G.              about to do. Consultation between
        Rev. John Morrell                         Food Depot                     the parishes, local community
       March 10-12, 2006                                                         groups, neighbours and heritage
                                           Come and join us in fellowship        groups seems also a good thing to
         Spiritual Director                and renewed community spirit.         do to arrive at the best decision
        Rev. Karen Chalk
                                                        Date:                    about the new use. Partners for
    Retreats will be held at               Saturday, December 3, 2005            Sacred Places, a Philadelphia-
     The Cistercian Abbey                                                        based organization, has produced
        471 Principale St.                                                       several brochures and kits to help
                                             from 8:30 to 11:30 a.m.
        Rougement, P.Q.                                                          church administrators with these
                                              Place: Trinity Memorial            new issues. Please visit their web-
       To register pick up a                        Church Hall
   registration form from your                                                   site at:
                                              2146 Marlowe Avenue,                  The symposium was organized                                 Photo from the archives.
  church or call Emily Edgley at
                                                 N.D.G., Montreal
        514-453-7985                                Accessibility:
                                            Métro Vendôme, Bus #24,
 continued from the previous page           37, 90, 102, 104, 105, 124
the foliage and go to Him.                        Donation: $8.00
   I end with a quote that has
unfortunately become something                 Info: (514) 484-3102;
of a cliché for many in the church          Margaret (450) 698-2780;
because of its overuse in the 70’s             Sheila (514) 364-1157
by a certain type of cleric. Howev-
er I will risk it. IT is the words of
the Skin Horse to the Velveteen
Rabbit.                                       The Trinity
   “ ‘What is real?’ Asked the rab-
bit. ‘Does it happen all at once, or
bit by bit?’ ‘It doesn’t happen all at
once,’ said the skin horse, ‘You
                                             Church Choir
become. It takes a long time.                (and friends)
That’s why it doesn’t happen to                 presents their annual
people who break easily, or have
sharp edges, or who have to be
carefully kept. Generally, by the
time you are real, most of your
hair has been loved off, and your
                                            Concert and
eyes drop out, and you get loose in
the joints and very shabby. But
                                             Carol Sing
these things don’t matter at all,              Sunday, December 18,
because once you are real you                         6:00 p.m.                  Confirmation – St. George, Granby: Fifty people attended the Confirmation service in Granby on
can’t be ugly, except to those peo-         at Trinity Memorial Church           September 16th, presided over by Bishop Barry Clarke. Seven young people were confirmed, from left
ple who don’t understand.’”                     5220 Sherbrooke W.,              to right, Simon Dansereau, Sarah Dansereau, the Rev. Robert Ramsay, Shayne Crawford, Liam
            Edward Simonton OGS                       Montreal                   Standish, Bishop Barry Clarke, Darien Crawford, Jordon Crawford and Justin Standish. A luncheon was
       Priest of the Oratory of the          $10 donation requested              served in the church hall, following the service. Congratulations to the confirmands and thanks to the
                     Good Shepherd                                               people who helped to prepare them.

                                           The Anglican Diocese
                                           of Montreal, called to
                                           be a ministry faithful
                                           to God’s action in
                                           Jesus Christ through
                                           the Holy Spirit, true
                                           to the Gospel and
                                           spiritually alive in
                                           prayer, worship and
                                           service, is reaching
                                           out in evangelism
                                           and mission and is
                                           growing in ministry,
                                           energy and numbers.

                                           Photos of strategic planning discussions
                                                 taken on Corporations Day
                                                                                                         December 2005 – ANGLICAN MONTREAL ANGLICAN – 9

                           Mile-End Community Mission
   As 2005 nears its end, we find        made by both clients and staff of
ourselves reflecting on our many         the mission. Lubo, a client for the
struggles, accomplishments, joys,       past ten years, spoke from the
and transitions of the past year. We    heart about how he sees Roslyn’s
have striven to ensure the survival     dedication;
of our mission this year through          “For Roslyn
increased fundraising efforts such        The Reverend Roslyn Macgre-
as selling bricks, open house days      gor has passed 10 years at the
in June, several bazaars, and a         Mile End mission with us. We cele-
fundraising dinner.                     brate this event with joy and satis-
   Another important event that         faction with her work here.
took place this year was a 10th           Ros (as she is fondly known at
Anniversary celebration for our         the Mission) helps the poor in
Director, Rev. Roslyn Macgregor,        every way she can at the Mission.
on November 5th. The day com-           She is charitable and her charity
menced with a puppet-making             has deeply affected the people who
workshop for children. Christiane,      come to the Mission.
a local Mile-End artist from “L’U-        I am proud of what Roslyn has
nivers de Marion,” kindly donated       done for people at the Mission.
her time, talent, and supplies to       Ros’s kindness is a welcome to
teach a dozen children how to           poor people, and her social con-
make puppets step by step. The          science is great. Her personality
workshop produced a dozen beau-         has won over many hearts at the
tiful and unique puppets, and just      Mission.
as many happy kids.                       We thank Roslyn for her work
   Then, following a buffet lunch,      here, and urge her to remain with
Jackie Pierce offered her musical       us for many more years. Plenty of
talent, as did Bob Bergner and his      honour is due to Ros, as she brings
Revelation Choir, who engaged           grace with her wherever she goes.
the guests in song. They both paid        Most importantly I feel that
a beautiful and touching tribute to     Roslyn Macgregor has done her
Ros through song.                       best to help bridge the social gap     The Rev. Ros Macgregor, the Mission’s Director, blowing out “10” candles celebrating the 10th an-
   Presentations to Ros were then       between the poor and the rich.         niversary.

                                                                                                                Also, Roslyn helps our small com-         You can help us to make Christ-
                                                                                                                munity in a spiritual way, and is a    mas a time of greater joy for many
                                                                                                                modern religious person. At Mass       who suffer the daily effects of
                                                                                                                we have a chance to worship God        poverty. Here are some of the ways
                                                                                                                with Roslyn, in a really friendly,     you can help:
                                                                                                                intimate, and informal way.            • A gift of $25.00 would buy a
                                                                                                                   Roslyn works from her heart           turkey or other food for the
                                                                                                                outwards, and has given the Mis-         Christmas Dinner. Any financial
                                                                                                                sion everything she can. We are          donation, large or small, would
                                                                                                                thankful to Ros, and cherish her         be used towards our Christmas
                                                                                                                deeply.                                  needs.
                                                                                                                   Thank you dear Ros.”
                                                                                                                                                       • A donation of non-perishable
                                                                                                                 Other kind words came from              food would help fill our Christ-
                                                                                                                Andrée, one of the founding staff        mas baskets. The larger, better-
                                                                                                                members of the Mission;                  known, organizations receive
                                                                                                                                                         much of the available food and
                                                                                                                  “When I first met Roslyn, she
                                                                                                                                                         financial resources. We depend
                                                                                                                was quiet as a mouse, but funny.
                                                                                                                                                         on churches and individuals to
                                                                                                                With her courage and strong deter-
                                                                                                                                                         help us.
                                                                                                                mination she made the mission
                                                                                                                what it is today. We all worked        • Simple gifts for adults (special
                                                                                                                together and that’s why we grew to       soaps or creams, shaving cream,
                                                                                                                love and respect her.”                   socks, etc.) are given with the
                                                                                                                                                         Christmas baskets, or are used to
                                                                                                                   Another staff member, Caroline,       fill stockings for those individu-
                                                                                                                spoke of what she has learned            als or families who would not
                                                                                                                from Roslyn over the years;              otherwise receive gifts at Christ-
                            Jackie Pierce and Bob Bergner in tuneful harmony.                                     “I appreciate Roslyn as a pio-         mas.
                                                                                                                neer at the mission. I am a pioneer    • We provide a Christmas bonus
                                                                                                                too, but in a different area. Ros is     to staff that work so hard as vol-
                                                                                                                a specialized communicator, deal-        unteers all year.
                                                                                                                ing with problems, or difficult peo-    • A special Epiphany community
                                                                                                                ple. So I sit back, and I watch her,     supper is served in January if we
                                                                                                                and I am amazed at how she is            receive enough funds.
                                                                                                                doing it, and I learn from her.           Several parishes are already
                                                                                                                Sometimes, when I try to commu-        committed to being Santa’s elves
                                                                                                                nicate things, people get angry at     in providing new toys for the chil-
                                                                                                                me. By watching Ros, I am learn-       dren, so this is a less urgent need.
                                                                                                                ing and improving my own com-             Any contribution you can make
                                                                                                                munication skills. Ros is widening     to support the mission as Christ-
                                                                                                                my window of possibilities. So         mas approaches would be received
                                                                                                                Thank You Ros, for pioneering at       with joy and thanks.
                                                                                                                the Mission in human relation-            Although our future is still quite
                                                                                                                ships!”                                uncertain, we remain hopeful that
                                                                                                                  All in all, it was a wonderful day   we can continue to carry out our
                                                                                                                and a well-deserved tribute to         mission statement in 2006, which
                                                                                                                Roslyn.                                is: To create a safe and welcoming
                                                                                                                  Presently, with Christmas on its     community which meets the prac-
                                                                                                                way, we are now busy preparing         tical, emotional, and spiritual
                                                                                                                for our annual Christmas Dinner        needs of those who most need it in
                                                                                                                on December 11th. We provide a         the district of Mile End.
                                                                                                                delicious turkey dinner for approx-       May the peace and joy of Ad-
                                                                                                                imately 250 neighbourhood peo-         vent and Christmas be yours.
                                                                                                                ple. We are also collecting food for
                                                                                                                the 125 plus Christmas Baskets                               Nancy Favron
                                                                                                                which are distributed to those in                           Office Manager
                                                                                                                need.                                      Mile-End Community Mission
                                       Christiane and the puppet makers.

Pension Meeting Fails to Attract Members                                                                                                                     A Good
   Surprisingly few present and         the soundness and growth of the        to be protected as they are trans-   to be total and permanent, and so
future beneficiaries of this Dio-
cese’s Pension Plan came to a
meeting designed to inform them
                                        fund necessary for their future
                                        financial support in retirement.
                                        Archdeacon Lorne Tardy praised
                                                                               ferred to the National Plan;
                                                                             • the interests of spouses will be
                                                                               protected as well;
                                                                                                                    was rarely used. On the other
                                                                                                                    hand, the National Church has an
                                                                                                                    LTD in place (more comprehen-
                                                                                                                                                             and a
of the health of the assets of the
Plan and the ramifications of its
                                        those involved in the investment
                                        management of the fund.
                                                                             • Montreal members should expect
                                                                               to see a substantial rise in their
                                                                                                                    sive than our present one), but it
                                                                                                                    stands outside their pension plan.
absorption into the National
Church Plan.
                                           Next to speak was the Plan’s
                                        Actuary, Sébastien Cliche, who
                                                                               pensions as a result of the merg-
                                                                                                                    Because of Provincial Government
                                                                                                                    (Quebec) regulations, if Montreal        Leash
   Former Comptroller David             reviewed the process of merging      • there may or may not be future       members wish to join the National
Blunt brought encouraging news          with the General Synod Plan. He        increases depending on how the       LTD, active members under the               All things were bright and
in the presentation of the yearly       began by describing the state of       National Plan functions;             age of 65 years must give a 100%         beautiful on Sunday, October
financial report. The total portfolio    pension plans in Canada, 70% of      • the accretions will be protected     consent for this transfer. Ballots       2nd, when pets and their own-
of 2004 was $19,464,671, rising         which he found are in danger of        as well on deferred pensions;        for this vote are expected to be cir-    ers gathered on the lawn of St.
from a 2003 total of $18,035,641.       being unable to meet future needs    • for active members, the merger       culated to local members in the          Paul, Lachine, to commemorate
At the end of September 2005, the       of the contributors. In contrast,      means that all conditions of the     near future.                             the life of St. Francis of Assisi
total worth of the assets was 21.3      ours is in a very favourable posi-     pension are either maintained or        After the merger, any surplus         with a service of Blessing of
million dollars. In 2004, the gain      tion, having at present a solvency     improved;                            funds will be used to reduce the         the Animals. The Rev. Tim
in investments totalled $1,423,363,     rate of 110%.                        • each year participants will accu-    RRSP of Montreal members.                Wiebe reminded the gathering
as opposed to the 2003 figure of            As to the coming merger, which      mulate an additional layer of                                                 of the importance of animals in
$1,205.942. The fund’s expenses         will take effect on January 1st,       pension based on their yearly                   Next steps                    God’s creation, and led in a
also rose by some $20,000.              2006, there will be some changes       stipend (pension sum continues         November – a notice will go out        prayer attributed to Albert
   Members generally expressed          which affect all members:              to be conditional on salary);        to members regarding the LTD             Schweitzer; a prayer which
satisfaction and relief to hear of      • members’ pensions will continue    • there will be an increase in pen-    provisions.                              intercedes for animals that are
                                                                                                                                                             overworked, underfed, and cru-
                                                                                                                                                             elly treated, lost, deserted,
                                                                                                                                                             frightened or hungry – a prayer
                                                                                                                                                             for compassion, gentle hands
                                                                                                                                                             and kindly words. Music was
                                                                                                                                                             provided by Sara Creighton
                                                                                                                                                             Wiebe with a keyboard as all
                                                                                                                                                             joined in “God Sees the Little
                                                                                                                                                             Sparrow Fall” and “All Things
                                                                                                                                                             Bright and Beautiful”.
                                                                                                                                                                The Rev. Mr. Wiebe proceed-
                                                                                                                                                             ed to bless the animals. Cats
                                                                                                                                                             were mostly in cages, dogs on
                                                                                                                                                             leashes. It was rumoured that a
                                                                                                                                                             United Church dog sneaked in
                                                                                                                                                             and received an Anglican bless-
                                                                                                                                                             ing. Then there was the German
                                                                                                                                                             Shepherd who had to be put
                                                                                                                                                             into solitary for unruly behav-
                                                                                                                                                             iour. He maintained his inno-
                                                                                                                                                             cence; he was only trying to be
                                                                                                                                                                After the service the animals
                                                                                                                                                             enjoyed treats while their own-
                                                                                                                                                             ers and friends spent time
                                                                                                                                                             socializing in the shade of the
  Archdeacon Lorne Tardy, member of the clergy pension fund.                            David Blunt, chair of the clergy pension fund.                       oaks on the church lawn.
                                                                               sion contributions;                     December – notices regarding               Printed with permission of
                                                                             • all benefits accrued by Montreal      Pension Plan changes.                               ‘Tempo’, Brome Lake
 Notice to recipients of the Montreal Anglican                                 members up to the merger will be        January – active members

 IF                r you have moved                                            protected;                           accrue pensions according to Gen-
                   r you are receiving more than one copy                    • retirement age remains at 65         eral Synod Pension Plan.
                   r your name, address or postal code is incorrect
                   r you have moved to a new parish
                                                                             • the spouse’s pension of 66 2/3%
                                                                                                                       March – notice announcing in-
                                                                                                                    crease in individual pension plans.
                                                                                                                                                              Christmas at
 then please indicate one of the above and place your Anglican
                                                                               in the Montreal Plan changes to
                                                                               60% in the National Plan;
                                                                                                                       Spring – pensioners’ and sur-
                                                                                                                    vivors’ pensions are adjusted to           The Abbey
 Journal mailing label in the space provided and print the new               • both plans feature a reduction       reflect the increase.
 information below.                                                            penalty for retirement before age       Summer – request for approval              2005
                                                                               65 – 2% per annum in the present     of the merger to be sought from
                                                                               plan becomes 3% per annum            the Quebec Government and the             Join us for a Christmas
 NAME__________________________________________________________                between 60 to 65 years and 6%        Canadian Revenue Agency. Once               to remember at The
                                                                               per annum before 60 years.           both governments approve, the                Abbey for the Arts
                                                                                                                    transfer from diocesan to national
 ADDRESS _______________________________________________________              Long Term Disability (LTD)            plan will be formalized.                  Full details at our website
                                                                               In the current plan the LTD had                            Joan Shanks
 CITY/TOWN ______________________________________________________
                                                                                                                                                                Tel: (613) 347-1602
 PROV. ______________________ POSTAL CODE _________________________                                                                                 

 NEW CHURCH ____________________________________________________

                                                                                                                                                            Montreal Anglican
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    space. If not available,                                                                                                                                can be found on the Diocesan Web
    print old address.                                                                                                                                      Site in pdf format at PODM.NET,
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 e-mail:                                    Judy Robinson and Margaret Davidson representing the national                  prior to receiving their “hard
                                                                             pension fund.                                                                  copy” by snail mail.
                                                                                                        December 2005 – ANGLICAN MONTREAL ANGLICAN – 11

          A Column by Bevan Skerratt, M.Ed, OACCPP, Founding Director: Urban Aboriginal Medicine Fellowship

                           The Tipi and The Steeple
Greetings, my brothers and           my developing sense of self.          behaviour. He asked them to espe- declared that my wish would be to scribed, and another “socially
sisters in Christ. In this my           My grandmother, on the other       cially consider the bible stories know the nature and purpose of all acceptable” member of the
second column in the “Tipi and       hand, especially after my grandfa-    they had studied about the life and things! Where this came from I “Prozac Nation” is created. And,
the Steeple” series, I would like    ther passed away, felt that I should  teachings of Jesus, and then asked can only imagine, but my life to of course, we all know the worst-
to share with you a little of my     be proud of my more immediate         them to respond to the best of their date certainly seems to have case scenario when, without a
personal history, and then to        historic legacy, and so at every op-  ability. Apparently they all yelled unfolded in response to this early “map” or spiritual director, a tragi-
frame it in the larger context       portunity she regaled me with tales   out with one voice: “Crucify him!” invocation.                             cally isolated individual succeeds
of what it means to me as a          of my forebears and their adven-      Needless to say this biblically           So it was that in 1975, as I sat in actually taking their own life.
Christian of indigenous              tures in a world that to me seemed    inspired sentence was not carried with a gun in my hand and suicide           As medical intuitive Caroline
Canadian descent.                    like a story book come alive. Un-     out!                                   as my plan, I spontaneously utter- Myss discovered in her study of
                                     beknownst to my mother, she              By the time I was of school age, ed a desperate prayer begging God Christian mysticism and schizo-
   In the days when I was young, (I  taught me to count and speak a few    my parents had moved to Saska- to send me some kind of help, if phrenia, it is not uncommon for
celebrated my 60th birthday in       phrases in the Cree language. I       toon, and my contact with my indeed there was any, because I thoughts of suicide to arise in the
August of 2005) the term “Metis”     thrilled to her accounts of my fam-   grandmother was reduced to holi- had come to the end of my re- life of a mystic with the realization
was normally applied only to indi-   ily’s dealings with characters such   days and special occasions. I even- sources and my hope. There then that everything human must fail in
viduals of indigenous and French     as Big Bear and Chief Mistiwassis,    tually left home as a high school followed a succession of events order for the divine to be fully
ancestry. In my case, my “Native”    of exciting moments during the        drop out in the late 1960s and set too personal to disclose in this revealed. In the aboriginal world, a
blood came through my mother’s       Riel Rebellion when my grandfa-       out into the world to “seek my for- public forum. Suffice it to say that similar process is described by
side of the family which bore the    ther had acted as a scout, and of     tune.” I travelled here and there for immediately, and seemingly mir- Michael Harner in The Way of the
name of McKay, and                                                                     many years with a kind aculously, I was put in contact with Shaman, wherein the aspiring
sprang from a mixture of                                                               of unrest deep in my a married couple, both psychother- shaman must first learn to “erase
Cree and Celtic intermar-       I travelled here and there for                         soul, always feeling that apists and committed Christians, his personal history” before being
riage. I knew little of my      many years with a kind of                              I was searching for whom I consider to be the first of able to enter the transcendent
father’s Scottish and                                                                  something, yet I could many spiritual parents who have dimensions.
British side of the family      unrest deep in my soul, always                         never quite put my fin- led me, often kicking and scream-          So, as it was and is in my case,
since he passed away            feeling that I was searching                           ger on what it was. I had ing, along the path of my own spir- the initial spiritual awakening, and
when I was fairly young,                                                               immersed myself deeply itual awakening. I now recognize also subsequent awakenings to
so most of the knowledge        for something, yet I could                             in the various social cur- this process as a direct answer to higher levels of understanding, are
of my cultural heritage                                                                rents of the time, includ- prayer and a tangible confirmation often preceded by intense suffer-
came through the stories
                                never quite put my finger                               ing the era of the folk of the seed of faith that had always ing of one kind or another, and
and teachings of my             on what it was.                                        singers, the hippie been within me, struggling to ultimately lead to the inner death
mother and her parents                                                                 movement, the influx of emerge from the darkness to the of a false self and a closer identifi-
who grew up in La Ronge, a large- colourful social events connected Eastern spirituality, the drug coun- light.                                       cation with the I AM that is eternal
ly Native community in Northern with the seasonal treaty parties. I terculture, and the wild life of                 I share this chapter of my life and more firmly rooted in the
Saskatchewan.                         learned how to make pemmican nightclubs and underground history with you because I know Kingdom of Heaven within. In this
   My mother was one of the first and bannock, to identify the vari- music, sex and rock and roll. I that in essence, it is a story similar way we transform our temporary
mixed blood children to be born ous components of a dog team har- protested against this and that, but to that of many of my First Nations suffering into the incorruptible
with a light skin in this rather iso- ness, and to recognize the different never seemed to find anything that and Inuit brothers and sisters. It is treasure of joy, peace, and love that
lated area, and her name in the furs brought in from the trap lines encouraged me to settle down and a story of how the loss of identity cannot be taken from us. This is
Cree language was “Wapakatic.” and their value. I heard of near take root in something that and a deep sense of shame about my message, whether it be for an
This is my phonetic version of her brushes with death when my required a real commitment to an ancestry that roots us in the individual or a collective, a Native
Cree name, and the translation into grandmother’s dog team took her myself or another human being. earth itself, can reverberate within or a non-Native. The way out of
English would be: “child with the off course and the sled broke By the time my 30th year of life the unconscious of individuals and suffering is to fully embrace it, to
white forehead”. My mother’s through thin ice, of giving birth was approaching I found myself isolate us from ourselves and from accept it, to go through it, and to
father ran the Hudson Bay trading with only the skilled attendance of very unhappy, very discouraged, our relationship with all of cre- learn from it. In other words to
post in La Ronge and my grand- the Cree midwives, of shooting the filled with despair and contemplat- ation. It can eventually occlude the really practise loving whomever or
mother worked at the Anglican treacherous Nistowiak rapids in a ing the most painless way to end purpose and meaning of our lives whatever appears as your “enemy.”
mission school where my mother birch bark canoe with my grandfa- my miserable existence.                                                                          This, for me, is the
received her early education. The ther at the helm, and of the poten-         In order to understand                                                              WAY OF THE CROSS:
family moved south to Prince cy of traditional medicine when no what happened next, I                        The way out of suffering is to                       enlightenment through
Albert, Saskatchewan, during my “white” medicine was available. think I need to explain                      fully embrace it, to accept it,                      suffering.
mother’s teenage years in order to She eventually bestowed upon me that from my earliest                                                                             In the next issue of
enroll her in high school there. many beautiful and historic tradi- years I have always felt a               to go through it, and to learn                       this newsletter I will
Since she had little experience in tional artifacts belonging to my keen awareness of my                     from it. In other words to                           continue my discus-
any social context other than a grandfather, which I treasure to own spirituality. I was for-                                                                     sion, using a model that
native community of the time, it this day.                                 ever having conversations         really practise loving                               maps the spiritual
was decided that it would be wise        I recall one humorous story that with God and was an                                                                     process in four themes.
to place her in the Roman Catholic my grandmother loved to tell active member in my
                                                                                                             whomever or whatever                                 The first being the
convent under the tutelage of the about an event that occurred at the home parish of All Saints              appears as your “enemy.”                             awakening of aware-
Sisters of Sion, where she could mission school in La Ronge. A Anglican Church in                                                                                 ness, followed by a
integrate more gradually into her young student by the name of Saskatoon. Any church building and finally extinguish even the will time of inquiry and exploration of
new environment.                      Simon Morasti had become fasci- was a second home for me and I to live itself. What is most impor- one’s personal “story”, then a time
   It did not take long for my moth- nated by the ticking sound of a could recite the Roman Catholic tant for us as Christians to recog- of transpersonal expansion, and
er to realize that in order to be pocket watch owned by one of the Mass in Latin as well as I could nize and to understand is that a finally the experience of transcen-
accepted as a socially eligible teaching staff. One day he crept praise the Lord at the local Salva- similar process of identity loss is dence. I will explore these themes
young woman in this new situa- into her room and secretly took the tion Army Citadel. I even con- also essential to the experience of in the context of similarities and
tion, it would be wise not to be watch from her drawer and was in structed a chapel in my bedroom true spiritual rebirth. The death of differences between Native and
identified as what in those days the process of examining it when where I would pretend I was a the “ego” and its worldly identity non-Native worldviews. Until then
was known as a “half breed”, and, he heard the unexpected footsteps priest singing the offices to the comes in as many forms as there I wish you many blessings on this
since her skin was much lighter of someone approaching. In a usually unwilling congregation of are personalities, and in many our inward journey home.
than her other relatives, this moment of panic he fled the room. the family pets. In retrospect I can cases suicidal thoughts mistakenly                                    Bevan Skerratt
proved to be a decision that Realizing he still had the watch in see that I was becoming quite accompany the inner death that
worked. So it was that in later his possession he dropped it adept at transcending the increas- precedes the emergence of the true Bevan Skerratt M.Ed, OACCPP,
years, after her marriage and my through a hole in the ice of the ing unhappiness of my personal Self. Something has to die in order is the founding director of the
appearance on the scene as yet nearby lake. Simon, being an hon- life by ascending to the lofty for new life to take its place. In this Urban Aboriginal Medicine
another family member bearing lit- est lad, soon confessed to his mis- regions of premature communion mainstream culture that denies Fellowship (UAMF). He is
tle resemblance to my indigenous demeanour and the watch was with the Saints. This spiritually death and is protected from any currently presenting on the theme
ancestors, she felt it to be in my retrieved, though no longer with precocious bent was no doubt her- direct relationship with the cycles “Beyond Cowboys and Indians”
best interest to form my identity the ability to tick. The school prin- alded by an early incident in my of the natural world, spiritual to interested congregations in
with as little information as possi- cipal decided that this would be an grade 5 class when our teacher emergence is often unnecessarily and around Montreal. A CD of
ble about this aspect of our family excellent opportunity to reinforce asked us what we would request if turned into spiritual emergency. his spiritual music is available
history. Being an avid reader, she some of the moral and spiritual a good fairy were to grant us one Rather than facilitating the spiritu- through the Diocesan Book
set about exposing me to the more teachings of the mission, and so wish. After my fellow students had al awakening of an individual by Room. He may be contacted
distant world of medieval England gathered together all the students gone through the age appropriate supporting the process of the inner for engagements at
and my Celtic roots which she to participate in deciding upon a list of new bicycles and trips to death, the potential of the moment
hoped would adequately nourish just consequence for Simon’s Disneyland, I piped up and is pathologized, drugs are pre-

Council of General Synod                                                                                              Residential Schools Agreement
                                                                                                                      is ‘Good News’ for Everyone,
appoints new General Secretary                                                                                        Primate Says
   The Anglican Council of Gener-       tion follows a lengthy and compli-     2004 and 2001 and is currently a          The recent announcement of a        claims of physical or sexual abuse
al Synod has approved the Pri-          cated search process that involved     member of the Financial Manage-        comprehensive agreement on             in residential schools. The agree-
mate’s nomination of the Interim        interviews by a special search com-    ment and Development Commit-           native residential schools issues is   ment called for the church to pay
Executive Officer from the Dio-          mittee with national representation,   tee. He served as a parish priest in   good news for the Anglican             30 per cent of awards and the gov-
cese of Ontario who is also an          the presentation of a short list of    Toronto, Scarborough and Belle-        Church and good news for Cana-         ernment 70 per cent.
expert on stewardship to the posi-      candidates to the Primate, Arch-       ville, Ont., before moving to the      da’s indigenous people, Archbish-         However, under the terms of the
tion of General Secretary.              bishop Andrew Hutchison, and the       synod office of the Diocese of          op Andrew Hutchison, Primate of        agreement announced today, the
   Archdeacon Michael F. Pollesel,      Primate’s submission of one name       Ontario in Kingston, Ont.              the Anglican Church of Canada          Roman Catholic Church, while it
56, who described his diocesan          for confirmation by the Council of         In a vision statement he wrote      says.                                  agrees to fund healing and recon-
duties as similar “on a smaller         General Synod (CoGS.) CoGS is          when he applied for the General           Archbishop Hutchison hailed         ciliation programmes, is not re-
scale” to the responsibilities of the   the church’s highest legislative       Secretary’s position, Archdeacon       Ottawa’s promise of generous           quired to pay any compensation.
General Secretary, will succeed         body in years when the General         Pollesel said his two principal        compensation for people who at-           Archbishop Hutchison said that
Archdeacon Jim Boyles who               Synod itself does not meet.            goals in the position would be to      tended the Indian Residential          final ratification of the measures
retired last summer.                       Among other duties, the Gener-      enhance links between the General      Schools and said the Anglican          announced by Ottawa today is still
   The General Secretary of Gen-        al Secretary also serves as the sec-   Synod and dioceses and to rebuild      church remains committed to its        several months away. Until then,
eral Synod is the church’s chief        retary of General Synod and its        the morale of General Synod staff      work in healing and reconciliation     he said, the terms of the original
operating officer responsible for        Council and as liaison between the     which has been bruised by the res-     with indigenous people.                Anglican agreement are still in
the day-to-day functioning of           Council and its standing commit-       idential schools crisis and by              He also announced that the        effect.
Church House and for managing a         tees.                                  financial crises.                       Anglican Church will seek to rene-        The church to date has raised
General Synod staff that numbers           In an interview, Archdeacon            “The former will require finding     gotiate the terms of the agreement     about $16 million for the Settle-
more than 100.                          Pollesel said that assuming the        ways to develop a renewed sense        it signed with the federal govern-     ment Fund and contributed about
   One of the key features of the       General Secretary’s position is a      of relationship among all Angli-       ment in 2003.                          $6 million to compensation for
position is presenting the work of      daunting and enormous task. “I see     cans within our country,” he wrote.       In a letter to the church posted    former students of residential
General Synod to the church’s 30        myself as a servant to the church in   “The General Secretary can play a      on its website (       schools.
dioceses and to the public at large.    its national expression,” he said.     vital role in helping to build         Archbishop Hutchison says that in         Archbishop Hutchison assured
In recent years, the General Secre-     “My hope is to grow into the posi-     bridges between and among our          light of the agreement the federal     indigenous people that the new
tary was also the key person in-        tion and I hope to be able to draw     various constituents, thereby          government has reached with the        agreement treats them fairly and
volved in negotiating a settlement      on advice from Jim Boyles from         strengthening and perhaps even         Roman Catholic Church, the             that the church maintains its com-
with the federal Government over        time to time. I hope to be a conduit   renewing relationships which are       Anglican Church will invoke a          mitment to working towards heal-
residential schools litigation that,    for communication and dialogue         now somewhat fragile.                  clause in its own agreement that       ing and reconciliation with indige-
at one time, threatened to bankrupt     among our various constituencies          “The second focal area, morale      says that if Ottawa reaches more       nous peoples.
the church.                             and will do what I can to further      among national church staff, can       favourable terms with another             “Our first priority throughout
   Archdeacon Pollesel, who be-         this as we go through our current      be linked to the first area of con-     church, the Anglican Church can        these lengthy negotiations has
gan his church career as a curate in    challenging times.”                    cern, which has resulted from          ask for the same terms.                been justice, healing and reconcil-
Toronto, has been Stewardship              Archdeacon Pollesel was edu-        decades of declining numbers in            Under the 2003 agreement, the      iation with our native brothers and
Education Coordinator in the Dio-       cated at Laurentian University in      our denomination. This has had an      Anglican General Synod and its 30      sisters,” Archbishop Hutchison
cese of Ontario since 1999, and         Sudbury, Ont., and at Carleton         impact on national church staff,       dioceses undertook to raise $25        says in his letter. “This priority re-
Interim Diocesan Executive Offi-         University and St. Paul’s Universi-    many of whom are often left won-       million for a Settlement Fund to       mains and our work in achieving
cer since last May.                     ty in Ottawa. He obtained a Master     dering about the long-term stabili-    compensate people with proven          these goals will continue.”
   Among his duties as Executive        of Divinity from Trinity College,      ty of their positions. I would sug-
Officer was interpreting to differ-      University of Toronto, and a Doc-      gest that this area of concern can
ent church constituencies the           torate of Ministry in 2005 from        be conquered by renewing rela-         Conversations with the Primate:
vision of the diocese, the bishop       Colgate-Rochester Crozer Divinity      tionships with the dioceses, as well
and the diocesan synod.                 School. His doctoral thesis was        as by seeking to support and assist    Indigenous Anglicans
   As Stewardship Education Offi-        entitled Holistic Stewardship: Liv-    national church staff in various
cer, he has been responsible for        ing Into God’s Dream.                  ways as they carry out their diverse   ‘Moving Forward’
planning, promoting and deliver-           He was ordained deacon in the       ministries on behalf of us all.”          The decision by indigenous          symptomatic of this desire, Arch-
ing stewardship resources to con-       Diocese of Toronto in 1979 and            Archdeacon Pollesel is married      Anglicans to seek the appointment      bishop Hutchison says.
gregations across the diocese as        priest a year later. He is fluent in    to Gini, a human resources manag-      of a national bishop to provide           +Andrew: Conversations with
well as preaching, writing and          English, Spanish, Italian and          er with Health Canada. They have       pastoral support to indigenous         the Primate is a communications
offering workshops and seminars         French.                                five adult children. He will begin      communities is hailed as “a his-       tool Archbishop Hutchison is
on stewardship themes and topics.          Archdeacon Pollesel was a           his duties at Church House in Feb-     toric moment” by Archbishop            using to speak to church members
   Archdeacon Pollesel’s confirma-       member of the General Synod in         ruary.                                 Andrew Hutchison, the Canadian         in an informal way and to solicit
                                                                                                                      Primate, in a new webcast, which       comments and feedback from
                                                                                                                      will be posted to the church’s         viewers. The webcasts are taped
                    A Letter To The Church                                                                            national website next week.
                                                                                                                         In the webcast, entitled
                                                                                                                                                             and produced by Anglican Video
                                                                                                                                                             and financially assisted by the
                                                                                                                      +Andrew: Conversations with the        Anglican Foundation.
My Brothers and Sisters in Christ       abuse. These are essential steps       that the federal government has        Primate, Archbishop Hutchison,            The webcasts can be accessed
   Today, I bring to members of the     along the road to healing and rec-     agreed to renegotiate our agree-       who attended last summer’s 5th         from the home page of the Gener-
church, especially to our indige-       onciliation.                           ment.                                  Sacred Circle in Pinawa, Man.,         al Synod website (www.angli-
nous brothers and sisters who              The agreement announced today         Under that agreement, the Gen-       contrasts the gathering to previous where they can be viewed
attended residential schools, some      includes a settlement agreement        eral Synod and each of the             Sacred Circles which have dealt        or downloaded for viewing later or
very good news.                         with the Roman Catholic Church         church’s 30 dioceses committed         mostly with the pain and anger         for sharing.
   The federal government, work-        under which that church under-         themselves to raising a total of $25   caused by the legacy of native res-       Viewers are invited to respond
ing with the Assembly of First          takes to provide extensive pro-        million for a compensation fund        idential schools.                      to Archbishop Hutchison by writ-
Nations, ourselves and other            grammes in healing and reconcili-      over three years. We are now more         While the pain and anger still      ing him at Andrew@national.
Christian denominations has             ation. The Roman Catholics, how-       than half way though that time         exist, the Primate said that there
reached an agreement to all out-        ever, are not required to pay com-     period. It has been far from easy,     was also evident at last summer’s         For more information, please
standing          residential                    pensation to former stu-      but through dedicated effort, the      gathering a desire and determina-      contact Vianney (Sam) Carriere,
schools issues. I hope that                      dents of the schools they     Church has raised more than $16        tion to move forward. The unani-       Director of Communications, 416-
this will bring a just and                       helped operate whose          million of that total.                 mous request for a national bishop     924-9199, ext 306, scarriere@
lasting solution to this                         claims of physical or sexu-       The legal details of today’s       to be appointed within a year is
painful part of our history                      al abuse are validated.       agreement are complicated and
for those who suffered                               Those terms in the        their full implementation is some      cil of General Synod unanimously       brothers and sisters.
either from abuse while                          Roman Catholic agree-         months away. But today’s news          passed a motion calling the church        But today is a historic day for
they were there, or from                         ment are more favourable      means more light at the end of this    to prayer for the success of the       this Church and for the people of
the policy of assimilation                       to that church than the       very dark tunnel than we have          negotiations then underway under       Canada.
that the schools were                            terms of our own agree-       been able to see in a long time.       Justice Frank Iacobucci, with all         We as Anglicans and Canadians
meant to foster. Under the terms of     ment, which was signed in 2003.          Now I want to say this, most         parties involved in residential        have taken a giant step along that
the agreement announced today,             However, our agreement with         emphatically, to our indigenous        schools issues. I want to thank him    road.
each and every person who was a         the federal government contained       brothers and sisters. Our first pri-    for the swift, dedicated and just                           The Most Rev.
student at residential schools is       a clause – the so-called ‘most         ority throughout these lengthy         manner that he has brought to this                 Andrew S. Hutchison
entitled to just financial compensa-     favoured nation’ clause – which        negotiations has been justice, heal-   remarkable achievement. We real-                Archbishop and Primate
tion. The announcement specifies         stipulates that if another entity      ing and reconciliation with our        ize that we have some way to go
that former students who are elder-     reaches more favourable terms          native brothers and sisters.           before the full terms of this agree-   For more information, please con-
ly will have their payments expe-       with Ottawa, then we have a right        This priority remains and our        ment are implemented and we            tact Vianney (Sam) Carriere,
dited. In addition, the agreement       to renegotiate.                        work in achieving these goals will     have a very long way to go in          Director of Communications, 416-
allows for compensation for sexu-          I am therefore announcing that      continue.                              achieving full healing and recon-      924-9199, ext 306, scarriere@
al abuse and serious physical           we have invoked this clause and          Less than a week ago, the Coun-      ciliation with our indigenous
                                                                                                           December 2005 – ANGLICAN MONTREAL ANGLICAN – 13

Anglican/RC                           North American Maritime
Dialogue                              Ministry Association Conference
   The Anglican / Roman Catho-           The North American Maritime         different denominations, and Bish-
lic Dialogue in Canada, is more       Ministry Conference was held at        op Veillette (Bishop of Trois Riv-
usually know by its acronym,          “Le Nouvel Hôtel”, Montreal,           ières, Québec, and Apostolic pro-
ARC.                                  from October 26-29, 2005. We           moter for AOS) as our preacher, at
   It meets twice a year for two to   hosted 80 registered conferees,        Christ Church Cathedral.
three days, to explore areas of       apart from guest speakers and vis-        Daily sessions began each day at
common interest – but not neces-      itors. The conference had a clear      8:00 a.m. with a denominational
sarily common theology – to           message about successful opportu-      worship in ‘breakout’ rooms, fol-
both churches.                        nities to develop productive rela-     lowed by many guest speakers
   At the most recent meeting in      tionships with the maritime busi-      who are deeply interested in
Toronto, the ARCIC joint state-       ness community for further devel-      NAMMA activities. On October
ment on Mary was discussed:           opment in North America.               28th our session for the day ended
“Mary, Grace and Hope in                 The beauty of NAMMA is that         with a banquet for all, including
Christ.” Bishop John Baycroft,        we are symbolic of the depth of the    visitors, at Le Nouvel Hôtel. The
one of the Anglican members of        unity of Christ in ministry, in an     next day our guests and visitors
ARCIC who had worked on the           ecumenical way. Maritime min-          had lunch at Mariners’ House, Old
document, gave a presentation.        istries recognized by established      Port, Montreal. Everyone left the
This was at the Toronto School        religious or secular organizations;    house saying how they wished
of Theology, so that interested       or individuals actively involved in    they had a nice place like our cen-
students could attend, and a live-    any form of ministry, subscribing      tre.
ly discussion followed.               to the missionary purpose of              The closing service was held at
   The following day, Bishop          NAMMA are eligible for member-         the Roman Catholic Cathedral
Francois Lapierre, Bishop of St       ship.                                  with Rev’d Lloyd Burghart (Chris-
Hyacinthe, told the Anglicans            The reception on the first day       tian Reformed Church) as our offi-
about the recent synod on the         was held at the port authority and     ciat and Rt. Rev’d Barry C. Clarke
Eucharist, and there was an inter-    the conferees who attended had         (Anglican Bishop of Montreal) as        Mrs. Dorothy Amos de Luca a parishioner of St. Mark’s Church in
esting paper on the directions in     high praise, as it was very impres-    our preacher. The service was           Valleyfield, celebrated her 100th birthday on October 15. A party
which the new pope seems to be        sive. The conference began with        assisted by four other clergy of dif-   with many members of her family, friends and parish members was
heading. When will he send out        opening worship with Rev’d Dr          ferent denominations. I had the         held on the 16th at l’Anneau d’or, the home where she resides,
his first encyclical? What will it     Robin Mattison (Professor in the       privilege of concluding the service     which is close to her parish church. Mrs. de Luca has received let-
say?                                  Lutheran Theological Seminary,         with the final blessings.                ters from the Queen, Prime Minister, Premier and mayor of the
   On the Anglican side we heard      Philadelphia) as our officiant,        The Rev’d A. Chinniah, Anglican         town. Congratulations, Dolly, you are an ACE. From all of us to all
from two people who had been at       assisted by six other clergy from            Chaplain (Port of Montreal)       of you; God bless you and keep you.
the recent meeting of the Angli-
can Consultative Council in Not-
tingham, England. The Anglican
Church of Canada, and the Epis-
                                      Share-raising a Cow                                                            The Best Women’s
copal Church of the United
States, had been asked to “volun-
                                      Can Change a Life                                                              Organization in Nampula
tarily withdraw” from this meet-
ing, in view of the recent actions              Bangladesh                   her with a six-year old daughter.          Nampula, Mozambique                earned the award of “best women’s
of our two churches on the bless-        In Bangladesh there is a tradi-     Nine months after she received a          Mozambique is one of the poor-      organization in Nampula”.
ing of same sex unions and the        tional social practice called Adhi     cow as Adhi from Nayakrishi, the        est countries in the world, and         Thank you for supporting.
consecration of an openly gay         that takes care of the livelihood of   cow gave birth to a calf. Ten days      Mozambiquan women are among                 The Primate’s World Relief
bishop.                               the poorest people, particularly       later the cow was giving Anjuma         the poorest of the poor. Because of             and Development Fund
   Both our churches were asked       women. Poor women receive a            three to four kilos of milk every       the complete absence of industries
                                                                             day, which Anjuma sold in the
to make a presentation to the
Council, explaining why they
                                      mother animal from a well-off
                                                                             market. With the money she
                                                                                                                     in the Nampula region, women          Christmas 2005
                                      woman in the village and raise it at                                           find themselves in very vulnerable
had taken these actions. This was     their own cost. PWRDF partner          receives she is able to support her     economic positions. Through           with Seafarers
done, and we heard at ARC from        Nayakrishi adopted the Adhi prac-      family of two, save money for her       COCAMO (Cooperation Canada               Once again it’s time to enjoy the
The Rev Dr Stephen Andrews,           tice to provide very poor women        daughter’s education, and stop          Mozambique), PWRDF supports           great holiday season. It is also time
one of our presenters. We also        with cows, and saw changing situ-      working as a housemaid.                 the Caixa das Mulheres de Nam-        to think of our seafarers who work
heard from Ms Suzanne Lawson,         ations within a very short time.         Thank you for supporting The          pula (CMN), a rural finance union      hard and risk their lives at sea. It is
one of our ACC members. Both          Anjuma Begum’s husband aban-           Primate’s World Relief and              for women, run by women. After        a fact that we depend on them!
the Americans and the Canadians       doned her five years ago and left       Development Fund.                       very specific training focused on      Therefore, let us share the joy and
had decided to send their dele-                                                                                      loan-portfolio management, CMN        blessings of Christmas with them
gates to the Council, as ob-                                                                                         has had extraordinary results:        by donating either cash or kind to-
servers, voluntarily withdrawing                                                                                     membership increased by 135           wards their gifts on Christmas Eve.
from all active participation, but                                                                                   members; the present loan delin-      Contributions may be made to the
being visible. Ms Lawson des-                          Fulford Residence                                             quency is 3.6%, compared to 21%       “Mariner’s House of Montreal”.
cribed the high level of tension                                                                                     in the past; CMN’s savings have       Please contact – The Manager at
that this produced for both our                    1221 Guy Street, Montreal H3H 2K8
                                                                                                                     increased by 12%, and 90% of the      (514) 849-3234. With Blessings,
delegates and for the Archbishop             Telephone: (514) 933-7975 Fax: (514) 933-3773                           operating costs are recovered. For             The Rev’d Alfred Chinniah,
of Canterbury. He was constantly                                                                                     these and other reasons CMN           Anglican Chaplain, Port of Montreal
being watched by the more con-
servative members of the Coun-
cil, to see if he would look at, or
talk to, the Canadian and Ameri-
                                               A Caring Community since 1855
can members. They were issued
with name tags of a different
colour from everyone else – so
no one could mistake them for
fully participating members!
   The group at ARC prays
together, argues together, shares
together. A level of trust builds
up as we discover so much in
both our churches which causes
concerns, frustrates, delights.
There is a readiness to share both
highs and lows in our lives as                  Gracious, affordable, assisted living
Anglicans or Roman Catholics.
The ecumenical dialogues, of                     in an historic setting. Drop by for
which ARC is just one, all hope                        afternoon tea at three.
and yearn for the day when all
Christians can speak with one
voice and heart and mind. That
day is not here yet. But dialogues                     Come Home to Fulford
like this one are helping us all
move towards it.
                Ann Cruickshank,
                     ARC member

              BOOK ReviewS
Georgia’s Bones                           of work, its impact on humankind,        a career path, those in corporate         rhyme of August Gold, and photo       Cornelius. For a member of the
Jen Bryant                                and the systems with which it            settings, and those who are para-         illustrations by Diane Hardy          Jewish community at that time to
Eerdmans Books for Young                  interacts. “We exist within a social     professionals, professionals or           Waller that capture the youth of      so much as darken the doorsteps of
Readers, 2005                             web; that exists within a planetary,     executives. Although some of the          today. It is one of the enriching     a non-Jew, and a Roman to boot,
ISBN 0-8028-5217-3                        ecological web; that exists within a     material is applicable to those who       series of books released by Sky-      was a violation of established
32 pages, hard cover                      cosmic web of meaning.” [Hiebert,        are blue collar workers, those who        light Paths Publishing under the      norms. Much to his surprise Peter
$23.95 [Canada]                           15] Each of its ten chapters carves      are employed in factories, or those       designation “multicultural, nonde-    speaks to the family of the Cruci-
   Georgia’s Bones with its lush          out an aspect of work, examining it      who are unskilled labourers, their        nominational, and non-sectarian.”     fixion and Resurrection and, sens-
illustrations by Bethanne Ander-          with microscopic clarity. Work and       “working lives” are not addressed            Talking with God usually           ing the presence of the Holy Spirit
son is, above all, a tale of courage      identity, the nature of work, the        or used as examples in the text.          begins, as does the book, with a      in the family, invites them to be
and commitment. “Jen Bryant’s             experience of work, carer direction      Nor would those workers be likely         young child’s presentation of a       baptized. “And in that moment, not
story of Georgia O’Keeffe cele-           for the soul, compassionate en-          to perceive their jobs in the light of    “wish list”:                          only does Peter’s life and ministry
brates the famous artist’s fascina-       gagement, critical openness, con-        the book’s content. Also, although           It was a shiny red bike you saw    change forever, but the course of
tion with natural shapes, ‘common         fronting the darkness, home and          the writing endeavours to be gen-         in the store –                        the new faith takes a massive turn
objects,’ and her unusual way of          work, and a spirituality of work all     der-neutral, and is as germane to            ‘God, give me this bike and I      toward a future of inclusion.”
looking at the world.” [Flyleaf]          line up for careful scrutiny.            women as to men, the few individ-         won’t ask for more!’                  [O’Driscoll, 15] So too are we
   Recounted for children aged six           Hiebert’s writing style is fluid       uals whose stories are introduced            Under the covers you prayed        called to confront new challenges,
and up, the brief biography of            and fulsome. Through his eyes            for illustrative purposes are pre-        through the night,                    cross over established boundaries.
O’Keeffe begins with Georgia as a         work is accorded its centrality in       dominantly men. And on the                   but when morning came there        Concludes O’Driscoll, “In recent
child intrigued by her surround-          the lives of individuals. It is funda-   attractive front cover of the book is     was no bike in sight. [Gold]          decades we have met many bound-
ings which brought her pleasure.          mental to survival, identity, self-      a shoe out of which a flowering               This and subsequent scenarios      aries, some in the area of new
Her vision was different than that        esteem, and social functioning.          plant blooms in beauty. A man’s           are addressed. What should I say      medical possibilities and some in
of others and even the insignificant       “An archetypal role we may               shoe.                            C.S.     when I communicate with God?          the area of human sexuality. We
brought her inspiration. Her dream        embody in our work speaks to our                                                   Does God prefer prayers from          stand in the kind of moment that
was to become an artist and though        potential as ‘growing persons’ or        How Does God Listen?                      books or made up prayers? After I     Peter experienced in that long-ago
her family dismissed her imagina-         pilgrims. Throughout our lives, we       Kay Lindahl                               have said a prayer, what do God       home. When we feel resentful that
tion as “silly notions,” Georgia          are on a journey toward wisdom           Skylight Paths Publishing, 2005           and I do then? As parents in the      such difficult choices are given to
adhered to her goal. Through her          and peace, and we often forget that      ISBN 1-59473-084-9                        text respond to these questions       us, we need to remember that
eyes nature was a thing of beauty.        it is in the course of our work that     28 pages, soft cover                      they reveal the key concepts in an    many before us have stood at what
During a visit to a friend who lived      we meet many of the challenges           $11.95 [Canada]                           understanding of prayer – God’s       seemed like ultimate boundaries,
out West, Georgia was awestruck           through which we mature as indi-                                                   presence and love, the ways He        and they have had to decide
                                                                                      Using imagery and experiences
by the unique landscape in New            viduals. In our work we confront                                                   wants His people to live, and the     whether or not God was impelling
                                                                                   that are a daily part of a child’s life
Mexico: “the sky was the sea –            people, issues, and opportunities                                                  development of a personal rela-       them to step into new realities.”
                                                                                   Lindahl pens a theology for tots
huge and blue – and the clouds            that force us to change and grow.”                                                 tionship with Him.                    [O’Driscoll, 15]
                                                                                   that captures the attention of her
were waves – light and foamy –            [Hiebert, 29]                            preschool readers aged three to              Gold has created a thoughtful         Whether he is describing the
rolling slowly across it.” [Bryant]          The text elaborates on the pro-       six. The commentary is enhanced           children’s book, both entertaining    leadership of Moses and his dissat-
In the desert she gathered animal         cess of career choice, the incorpo-      by the photographs of Cynthia             and educational. Does God Hear        isfied bunch in the desert or
bones which she brought home              ration of means to achieve “correct      Malones who captures with her             My Prayer? is a lively introduc-      Esther’s willingness to accept re-
and cleaned. Glancing at those she        posture” at work (abilities that the     camera the things children love –         tion to spirituality:                 sponsibility and risk the displeas-
pondered why they pleased her so.         author dubs “the posture of hope,”)      ferris wheels, cobwebs, ice cream            You are God’s treasure             ure of her husband, King Aha-
“Perhaps it was the quiet way they        and dealing with “darkness” in the       cones, chocolate chip cookies, and           and will always be.                suerus, in order to save her people,
did their work after the years of         job setting. Each section paints its     many other wonders that delight              God loves us as we are –           O’Driscoll is a true storyteller with
being invisible, and then, when           theme with bold brushstrokes and         the young.                                   we are all God’s family. [Gold]    a deep understanding of human
everything fell away, they appear-        provides practical touches to com-                                                                                       nature. In “Acknowledging Our
                                                                                      The text begins with the ques-                                       C.S.
ed, pure and beautiful.” [Bryant]         plete its canvas. The fit between                                                                                         Flaws,” there is a powerful section
                                                                                   tion, “When I talk to God, is God
The depth of her vision was               family and career, a constant con-                                                                                       on Paul and his writing of I
                                                                                   listening to me?” “Of course,”            Living Scripture
recorded with paint and brushes.          sideration in the 21st century, is                                                                                       Corinthians 13. The author opines
                                                                                   comes the quick reply of a parent.        Herbert O’Driscoll
                                          addressed. Hiebert maintains, “It                                                                                        that Paul is unconsciously listing
   Georgia’s Bones imbues even                                                     In the wonderful world of “why?”          Path Books, 2004
                                          should be that when we leave                                                                                             his own gifts and strengths but per-
the smallest object with signifi-                                                   one query will not suffice. “How           ISBN 1-55126-436-6
                                          home for work, we look forward to                                                                                        haps rues the fact that all of them
cance and majesty. In a world                                                      do I know that God is listening? I        160 pages, soft cover
                                          the transition with both regret and                                                                                      pale into insignificance because he
where things are taken for granted                                                 can’t see God.” This time the             $18.95 [Canada]
                                          pleasure, and the same should be                                                                                         has not had love. O’Driscoll
and little is viewed as remarkable                                                 response is more detailed, embrac-
                                          true on the return journey. I believe                                                 Living Scripture, subtitled        queries, “Is there any evidence to
O’Keeffe’s perception is refresh-                                                  ing a litany of signs that God
                                          that there is an order to this transi-                                             “The Guidance of God on the           indicate that Paul was loved? The
ing. It led her to fame as an artist at                                            indeed is attentive. “These signs
                                          tion, an underlying pattern that, if                                               Journey of Life,” provides an awe-    likelihood is remote.” [O’Driscoll,
a time when masterpieces were                                                      come to us in all kinds of ways –
                                          attended to, helps us to make the                                                  some adventure. With seatbelts        111] He comments, “All of us
usually signed by men. It beckons                                                  through what we touch, hear, see,
                                          transition. This order consists of                                                 buckled readers are ready to travel   assess our lives at some point. All
others to look at the world as a                                                   taste, smell, and feel.” [Lindahl]
                                          three cords: maintenance, beauty,                                                  back through time to become reac-     of us check the columns of plus
canvas of wonder.                                                                  The examples provided reach into
                                          and meaning. Each of these cords                                                   quainted with biblical personali-     and minus in the ledger of our
                         Carol Segal                                               a child’s experience.
                                          is tied at one end in our work and                                                 ties whose deeds and decisions        lives… When we do so, it is im-
                                                                                      How Does God Listen? con-              have the power to inform. Com-
                                          at the other in our home.” [Hiebert,                                                                                     portant to realise that incomplete-
Your Soul at Work                                                                  veys the message that God is              ments the author, “I have grouped
                                          177]                                                                                                                     ness is the norm for our humanity.
Bruce Hiebert                                                                      always listening, not just when a         together men and women whose
                                             In the final chapter, the culmina-                                                                                     To be human means to be incom-
Northstone, 2005                                                                   child is talking to Him or reciting       lives show us a certain truth about
                                          tion of all that preceded it, “A Spir-                                                                                   plete. What enables us to make
ISBN 1-896836-72-0                                                                 prayers, but in silence as well.          human experience. There are eight
                                          ituality of Work” is introduced.                                                                                         peace with our incompleteness is
224 pages, soft cover                                                              Having heard the parent’s com-            of these groups and each group is
                                          The link is put into place concise-                                                                                      the realisation that our being com-
$24.95 [Canada]                                                                    mentary the child concludes, “God         introduced by a short reflection. I
                                          ly and confidently. The book ends,                                                                                        pleted is the gift we receive only
                                                                                   loves me all the time, so God is lis-     invite you to meet these people. If
   “Fundamental to the book is the        as it begins, on a positive note.                                                                                        from a loving God, in whom all
                                                                                   tening to me all the time, even           meeting them allows us to see that
realisation that each of us will          “Every moment is shrouded in                                                                                             things find their completion.”
                                                                                   when I’m not talking to God.”             we have the guidance of God on
spend more of our waking hours            mystery before it happens, veiled                                                                                        [O’Driscoll, 111]
                                                                                   [Lindahl]                                 our life’s journey, then I will, at
working, or preparing for work, or        in potential, screened by possibili-                                                                                        The text embraces a dynamic
recovering from work, than we             ties. And so we must work hard,             This book, part of the “multicul-      least by my own measuring, have       list of individuals – Isaiah, Debo-
will spend on any other activity in       the best we can, and be prepared to      tural, nondenominational, non-            succeeded in the work.” [O’Dris-      rah, Priscilla and Aquila, Samuel,
our whole lives… If we are to             be surprised. Those who work             sectarian” series produced by Sky-        coll, 8]                              Pilate, Bathsheba, and Ruth, to
make full and good use of our             from their souls are on a never-         light Paths Publishing, is another           Colourful personalities are por-   name but a few. Their stories
lives, we must know better and do         ending adventure.” [Hiebert, 210]        winner!                           C.S.    trayed with such vitality that they   embrace “struggling with humani-
better when it comes to our work.         Two appendices follow. The first,                                                   could be living here and now. The     ty,” “moments of self-discovery,”
Our work needs to reflect our             entitled “Nine Steps for Those           Does God Hear My Prayer?                  commingling of ancient and mod-       “acknowledging our flaws,” “pre-
understanding of the meaning of           Making a Career Change,” is a            August Gold                               ern times comes naturally without     senting hope,” and “lasting friend-
our lives and engage the universe         carefully constructed blueprint for      Sky Light Paths Publishing, 2005          distorting context because O’Dris-    ship,” in addition to the character
at the level of its best construc-        those in transition, and the second,     ISBN 1-59473-102-0                        coll focuses on character and         traits already described above.
tion.” [Hiebert, 11] With this liter-     “Resources,” provides a list of ref-     32 pages, soft cover                      human behaviour in response to        Each story is like a flower in the
ary firecracker Hiebert launches           erences the author found particu-        $11.95 [Canada]                           situations with which individuals     garden of life, opening up petal by
his text with a glorious bang.            larly helpful in the assembling of          Does God Hear My Prayer?,              are confronted.                       petal to reveal the depth of the
   Subtitled “How to Live Your            his material.                            written for children aged three to           In “Thinking Creatively,” the      Bible, the humanity of its cast of
Values in the Workplace,” Your               Your Soul at Work is a valu-          six, explores several vital aspects       first vignette involves Peter as he    characters, and the wonder of
Soul at Work analyses the nature          able text. It speaks well to those on    of prayer through the appealing           responds to an invitation to visit    God’s ways.                      C.S.
                                                                                                               December 2005 – ANGLICAN MONTREAL ANGLICAN – 15

                     Diocesan Book Room Reviews – Christmas and Epiphany Reading
      Books for Children,                                                       snow. Inside the cabin, a little girl   ed the window on the tips of her         interpreting the relevance of their
        Teens, and Us                                                           named Laura Ingalls is very excit-      fingers: Come, Probity Jones. It’s        teaching for Christian spirituality
                                                                                ed, because Christmas is here.          time to go. And so begins a breath-      today. In the early monastics’
                                                                                Laura is only four years old, but       taking flight up to the pathways of       search for the experience of God
                                                                                she’s big enough to help her Pa,        the moon, across the sea as deep as      and an alterative style of commu-
                                                                                her Ma, her big sister Mary and         dreaming, down, down to a Christ-        nity, he finds a new and deeper
                                                                                her baby sister Carrie get the little   mas pageant beyond imagining.            faith for the postmodern world.
                                                                                house ready for Christmas visitors.     This is a story that will enchant the    5” x 8” 174 pages 1-59030-231-1
                                                                                Laura had many adventures as she        entire family and bring warmth,
                                                                                travelled west across the prairie       joy, and new meaning to Christ-           Seasonal Spiritual Insights
                                                                                with her family in their covered        mas.
                                                                                wagon. Celebrate the holidays           9” x 11” 32 pages 1-55725-457-5
                                                                                with Laura and her family with
                                        girl receives straw at Christmas        stories from the beloved Little                              Christmas
                                        Eve service to bring to her impov-      House books.
                                        erished family. But on her way                                                                       with
Mouse Tales                                                                     5.5” x 8” 139 pages 0-06-076918-1
                                        home, Marta meets others who are
Things hoped for Advent,                                                                                                                     Bonhoeffer
                                        much poorer that she, and she
Christmas, and Epiphany                                                                                                                      Edited by
                                        shares her piece until there is noth-
Written by Ruth L. Boling $18.95                                                                                                             Victoria J.
                                        ing left. In spite of the lack of
Illustrated by Tracey Dahle                                                                                                                  Barnett and
                                        straw, though perhaps because of
Carrier                                                                                                                                      Wayne
                                        her generous heart, Marta finds
   This new book will charm all                                                                                                              Whitson Floyd
                                        riches she never expected in this
those discovering these adorable
                                        tender tale of Christmas giving.                                                                     Jr. $15.50          The Lion, the Witch
mice for the first time. In these                                                                                           “This text speaks of the birth of     and the Wardrobe
                                        9” x 12” 28 pages 0-310-70994-6
endearing stories, set in the fiction-                                                                                   a child, not the revolutionary deed      Based on the original book by
al town of Hillsborough and its                                                                                         of a strong man, or the breath-tak-      C.S. Lewis
church, the Church of the Least of      A Little House Christmas
                                                                                                                        ing discovery of a sage, or the          Illustrated by Tudor Humphries
These, the church mice live, work,                     Treasury                                                         pious deed of a saint. It truly bog-     $22.99
and play together, in the process                           Festive Holiday                                                                                         The inspiration for The Lion, the
                                                                                                                        gles the mind: The birth of a child
demonstrating hope in their daily                           Stories                                                                                              Witch and the Wardrobe first came
                                                                                Probity Jones and the                   is to bring about the great transfor-
lives and actions.                                          Written by                                                                                           to C.S. Lewis when he was six-
                                                                                                                        mation of all things, is to bring sal-
8” x 8” 80 pages 0-664-22705-8                              Laura Ingalls       Fear Not Angel                          vation and redemption to all of          teen. The book began as a picture
                                                            Wilder $16.99       Written by Walter Wangerin, Jr.                                                  in his head of a faun carrying an
Marta and the                                                                                                           humanity.”
                                                            Illustrated by      Illustrated by Tim Ladwig $23.95                                                 umbrella and parcels in a snowy
                                                                                                                                      – Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Manger Straw                                                Garth Williams         Knock! Knock! Someone was                                                     wood. He waited until he was
                                                                                                                        6.5” x 10” 40 pages 0-8066-5004-4
A Christmas Tradition from                                     It’s winter-     knocking on their third-floor win-                                                nearly fifty before writing the story
Poland                                                      time in the Big     dow. Probity caught her breath.                                                  and followed this with six other
Written by Virginia Kroll $21.99                            Woods of Wis-       Outside was a beautiful person                                                   Chronicles of Narnia. The Lion,
Illustrated by Robyn Belton             consin, and a little log cabin deep     dressed all in white, bright as the                                              the Witch, and the Wardrobe (in
   In World War II Poland, a young      in the woods is almost covered in       moon, and tall as night. She open-                                               movie theatres December 9, 2005),
                                                                                                                                                                 has become one of the finest clas-
                                                                                                                                                                 sics in children’s literature, and
                                                                                                                                                                 with this superbly illustrated
                                                                                                                                                                 retelling, younger children can
                                                                                                                                                                 now step into the magic of Narnia.
                                                                                                                                                                 10.5” x 11.5” 34 pages 0-06-55650-1

                                                                                                                        The Case For Faith
                                                                                                                        Visual Edition
                                                                                                                        By Lee Strobel
                                                                                                                        Creative direction by Mark
                                                                                                                        Arnold $21.99
                                                                                                                           Open this book and open your
                                                                                                                        eyes. It is unlike any other you
                                                                                                                        have held, a visual feast for your
                                                                                                                        eyes and a spiritual feast for your
                                                                                                                        soul. Lee Strobel, former atheist
                                                                                                                        and award-winning legal editor of
                                                                                                                        the Chicago Tribune, asks hard
                                                                                                                        questions about God in The Case
                                                                                                                        for Faith Visual Edition. And then       National Geographic
                                                                                                                        he explores them with evidence           Geography of Religion
                                                                                                                        from archaeology, history, and sci-      Where God lives, Where Pilgrims
                                                                                                                        ence, all set in powerful imagery        Walk
                                                                                                                        and stunning typography. See the         Edited by Susan Tyler Hitchcock
                                                                                                                        evidence for faith as you’ve never       with John L. Esposito
                                                                                                                        seen it before. Lee Strobel and his      Foreword by Archbishop Desmond
                                                                                                                        wife live in Southern California.        Tutu and Rev. Mpho Tutu
                                                                                                                        5.5” x 6” 157 pages 0-310-25906-1
                                                                                                                                                                 Epilogue by His Holiness the
                                                                                                                                                                 Dalai Lama $58.00
                                                                                                                                              Where God             Authoritative and guided by a
                                                                                                                                              Happens            spirit of respectful inquiry, Geog-
                                                                                                                                             Discovering         raphy of Religion: Where God
                                                                                                                                             Christ in one       Lives, Where Pilgrims Walk vivid-
                                                                                                                                             another             ly maps the geographic growth of
                                                                                                                                             By Rowan            the five great faiths, from their
                                                                                                                                             Williams            ancient birthplaces to their global
                                                                                                                                             Archbishop of       ranges in the 21st century. This
                                                                                                                                             Canterbury          book is at once a panoramic chron-
                                                                                                                                             Foreword by         icle of these religions and a power-
                                                                                                                                             Desmond             ful portrait of the many faces of
                                                                                                                                             Tutu $7.99          the divine as revealed in the teach-
                                                                                                                           Rowan Williams is a scholar and       ings of Hinduism, Buddhism,
                                                                                                                        priest, a mystic and a poet, a con-      Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.
                                                                                                                        templative and an advocate for              Good for the whole family.
                                                                                                                        social justice, all rare combina-        9.5” x 11” 416 pages 0-7922-7313-3
                                                                                                                        tions for a church leader. In Where
                                                                                                                                                                 DBR columnist Carolyn Walsh-
                                                                                                                        God Happens, he combines his
                                                                                                                                                                 Dawson lives in Montreal with
                                                                                                                        roles by examining the ancient
                                                                                                                                                                 her thirteen-year-old son.
                                                                                                                        wisdom of the Desert Fathers and

                                                                                                                            Diocesan Calendar
  ¢ Diocesan Clippings ¢
 Fa La La La La! Most of the churches in the dio-       and reviver of the Sunday School who was elect-
                                                                                                                                       DECEMBER 2005
 cese have just been through the busiest fund rais-     ed as Councillor for Ward 6 on the Westmount                14        Carols with the Bishop at Christ Church
 ing season of the year. Congratulations and many       City Council commencing in January.                                   Cathedral
 thanks to all who organized these events, and          y St. James the Apostle, Farnham, celebrated                24        Christmas Eve Service, 11:00 p.m.,
 those of you who volunteered your time, baking,        the baptism of Vincent Gabriel Jacques, son of                        Christ Church Cathedral
 handicrafts and cooking to these great events. It      Elizabeth Nelis and Andre-Guy Jacques. Erin                           Synod Office closes December 23 to January 3
 has become a tradition within many communities         Waldron and Michel Vigneault were married in                          (dates could not be confirmed at press time,
 for neighbours and friends to visit the church in      August. Treasa Royea and Martin Rathburn                              please call before visiting the Synod between
 their area at Bazaar time, and a large hole would      were married in September. Congratulations to                         these dates).
 appear in our finances should this outreach no          all! Funerals for Phyllis Thompson, Andrew
 longer be available; so keep up the good work! I       Reece and Richard Preston were held over the                                    JANUARY 2006
 would like to thank all those who continue to send     last few months; our Condolences go out to
 in their bulletins and newsletters. It goes a long     friends and family.                                         8         A Festival of Lessons and Carols for Epiphany,
 way in sharing our stories within the Diocese.         y Gordon John Glencross, passed away at Ste-                          4:00 p.m., Christ Church Cathedral
 That being said, I still encourage and am still        Anne’s Veterans Hospital; he was the father of the
 looking for more bulletins, newsletters, and infor-    Rev. Bruce Glencross, and of Heather, Linda and
 mation you would like to share in order to cele-
 brate our parish stories throughout the Diocese.
                                                        Wendy and family, and husband of Lorna. Our
                                                        condolences go out to the Glencross family.                                Oh, Happy Day
 Send them to: Clippings, 1444 Union Ave., Mon-         y News from the EFM, Education for Ministry,
 treal, H3A 2B8 or e-mail them to mtlclip-              newsletter that one of the Training events will be                                       held here in Montreal. The Training day will be
 y PARKING IN THE FORECOURT of Christ                   January 27-28, the Trainer will be Patricia Bays,
 Church Cathedral is at your own risk. The              and the Coordinator Tim Smart; for information
 Cathedral will not be responsible for accidents        you may contact Tim Smart; at the Montreal Di-
 caused by slippery condition of the pavement (e.g.     ocesan Theological College at (514) 849-4437.
 after freezing rain). During heavy snowfalls           y A small publication known as the “Pastoral
 parked cars will be towed away to make way for         Visitor” is available from Mary Downe, 651
 snow clearing. Al Backman, Senior Verger               Breckenridge Rd., Mississauga, ON, L5A 2C7 It
 y St. Matthias, Westmount, parishioners cele-          is directed to those in hospital, or shut-ins, and is
 brated Armistice Sunday with seventy officers and       mailed out every two months. It combines a few
 men of the Royal Montreal Regiment in atten-           Bible readings suited to the time of the church
 dance. Also at St. Matthias, they recently celebrat-   year; a few prayers that speak to the readers, inspi-
 ed the baptisms of Alexandra Lilly Caroline            rational writings and stories that reflect everyday
 Bell-Ritchie, daughter of Raymond Ritchie and          life; it’s four pages. The cost is $20 a year.
 Caroline Bell; Oliver James Wiseman, son of            y Last month it was reported that Doctors without
 Benjamin Wiseman and Mihaela Lovin; Fiona              Borders were asking for knitted teddy bears, and
 Elizabeth, daughter of Mary Leslie and Ian             you can call Sherry at 514-843-6577 for a set of
 Aitken. Also celebrated were the weddings of           directions. Please remember to stuff them with
 Sandra Vivian Szewczuk and Ian Pickwoad;               appropriate stuffing and no buttons please. When
 Yalda Rastegar-Razi and Boris Kuschell,                they are finished you can send these teddy bears
 Kimberly Ann Rutkowski and Judah Schaap;               to: Food for Children, 1258 Lakeshore Rd. E.,
 Jennifer Cuffley and Andrew Emanuel.                   Mississauga, ON, L5E 3B5. Unfortunately
 Congratulations to all! Condolences go out to          Doctors without Borders does not have the funds            The Rev. Jessica Bickford Youth Chaplain weds Patrick Gilbert,
 the families of Anne Hale Skelton Tyndale and          to ship the bears or medicine overseas. Food for           November 19th, 2005.
 John Walter Ranking whose Burials and                  Children will distribute them. Thanks to all who
 Memorial Services took place. Congratulations to       have requested the patterns; Sherry has mailed out
 Kathleen Duncan, chair of the Choir Committee          approx. 25 of them.
                                                                                                                        PARKING IN THE FORECOURT
 An Opening for a                   The Artist’s Way Workshop                                                            of Christ Church Cathedral
 Part-time Verger                      The Artist’s Way Workshop of- for further details.
at Christ Church Cathedral is       fered by Christ Church Cathedral            The workshop is led by Cather-          is at your own risk. The Cathedral will not
available. The work consists        at a low introductory cost (by the       ine Davidson, MA (Art Therapist).
                                    gift of a donation) this past fall has   If you have an interest in individ-          be responsible for accidents caused by
of security and maintenance
                                    been pronounced successful. If you       ual private art therapy sessions or            slippery conditions of the pavement
and the position will be avail-     are dealing with limiting fears or       counselling, appointments are now
able in the near future. The
Verger will be given an aver-
                                    beliefs and other problems prevent-      available also. Art Therapy can be            (e.g. after freezing rain). During heavy
                                    ing you from becoming your cre-          helpful in dealing with almost any
age of 45-50 hours per              ative self, this course will help you    issue preventing personal growth.               snowfalls parked cars will be towed
month, and must be able to          to replace those negative blocks         Catherine Davidson can be reach-
work weekends. The position         with confidence and productivity.         ed at (514) 982-0528. There is an
                                                                                                                            away to make way for snow clearing.
requires the individual to be          This workshop will run again in       answering machine to take mes-
bilingual. Forward your CV to       the new year. It will continue as a      sages.
                                                                                                                                   Al Backman, Senior Verger
Al Backman via fax at 843-          12 week programme starting on                           Catherine Davidson
6344 (Attention: Al Backman),       Monday evenings from 7:00-9:00
phone 843-6977 intercom             pm, January 16 – April 3, 2006 and
260 or e-mail: cathoff@bell-
                                    also on Friday evenings from 7:00-
                                    9:00 pm, January 20 – April 7,                                                                                Well Done!
                                    2006. Please see the website www.                                                                                My fundraising campaign for
                                                                                                                                                  breast cancer research was a
                                                                                                                                                  great success. I exceeded my
                                                                                                                                                  goal by raising a little less than
                                                                                                                                                  $4000. My husband, Luc Lep-
                                                                                                                                                  age, decided to join me and
                                                                                                                                                  shave his hair too. Thank you
                                                                                                                                                  very much, especially my col-
                                                                                                                                                  leagues at the Synod Office and
                                                                                                                                                  all the generous people who
                                                                                                                                                  contributed to my campaign.
                                                                                                                                                  Should you want to contribute,
                                                                                                                                                  it is not too late. Please send
                                                                                                                                                  your cheque payable to: Cure
                                                                                                                                                  Foundation 1320 Graham Blvd,
                                                                                                                                                  Suite 130, Montreal QC H3P
                                                                                                                                                  3C8. Please write Sophie-Lep-
                                                                                                                                                  age Fonds on the note line.
                                                                                                                                                  Thank you!
                                                                              Sophie Lemercier, Assistant Diocesan Archivist, with her husband,                 Sophie Lemercier,
                                                                              Diocesan Archivist, Luc Lepage, both shaved their heads to show        Assistant Diocesan Archivist
                                                                              support for cancer fundraising.

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