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Mrs Ying Chen
30 Inham Circus, Beeston,
Nottingham, NG9 4FN

A brilliant and ambitious fashion designer awarded the „Dalian‟ Cup Golden Medal in 1995 China
Youth Fashion Design Contest. An accomplished designer who has mastered various CAD knitting
technologies to produce individual and innovation knitwear over 10 years of working in the China‟s
knitwear industries and graduated in the UK. An active and versatile individual, be enthusiastic in
researching and investigating Tibetan folk art and religious culture for over 10 years and keen to convey
and interpret the most beautiful culture and art in the world through knitting technologies.

 Advanced Comprehension of Knitting Technology
My knowledge of various knitting technologies and materials developed through 10 years working
experience enables me to make an exact plan of my knitwear design in advance, I begin my design
process from the structure of knitting and to express one design idea through various knitting languages
which transform the normal and simple into extraordinary.

Investigation of various knitting technologies has led me to utilize cutting theory into knitwear design
some special style lines which transfer from Darts, Yokes, Gathers, Tucks or Release Pleats according
the cutting theory can be achieved though various knitting technologies. Furthermore, the knitting
technologies can produce the creative designing, such as asymmetric, uneven or irregular shapes and
multi-layer styles.

 Methods of Knitwear Design
To date my knitwear designs have been inspired by trips to the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. I have developed
an acute sense of colours and express my feeling through different colours combinations and numerous
tones. My knowledge of CAD knitting technology has been enhanced through working for the Germany
H. STOLL Gmbh & Co. Design projects I have completed various designs from simple jersey and
ribbing to the kaleidoscope of computer-designed patterns suitable for a range of market levels.

I have been challenged by and resolved many technological issues with my work at all stages of the
design and manufacturing processes. I divide my knitwear design work into 2 parts: Commercial design
and experimental design. Experimental design is a process in which I try to translate my inspiration into
forms of knitwear design and the research of the application of computerised knitting technologies in
fashion designing. My commercial designs develop from experimental version and they are simplified
to meet the requirements of the market.

    June 4 - 22, 2007        Total Design Centre, Shima Seiki, Wagayama, Japan
                             Studied SDS-ONE knitwear design system
    Sep 2003-Sep2004        Birmingham Institute of Art and Design, UCE, England
                             MA fashion
                             Proposed study: Researching the application of computerized knitting
                             technologies in fashion designing incorporating printing and dyeing.
    Jul 1997-Aug2000        STOLL training centre in Shanghai and Beijing
                             Studied knitting and programming courses
    Sep 1993-Jul1996        Wuhan Institute of Textile Industrial, China
                             Studied fashion art and design (as my second major)
    Jul 1991-Sep1993        Qinghai-Tibet plateau, NW China
                             Studied painting and investigated folk cultures

    Jan 2008-present         Chen Ying Design, Nottingham, England
Working as an independent designer for The Laden Showroom and supplying for the UK biggest online fashion
shop ASOS and other shops from the Europe.

    Jan 2005-Nov 2007         Jack Masters Ltd, TS Knitwear Ltd, Leicester, England
Worked as knitwear designer for high street knitwear supplier. My role involves fashion trend researching, shapes
and swatches designing and sampling, technical specs, pattern cutting, yarns sourcing…

    16th-31st Aug 2004        H. STOLL Gmbh & Co, Germany
Obtained sponsorship in Germany H.Stoll Gmbh & Co and worked on my MA project in Fashion & Technology
department of Stoll.

    May-Oct 2004              Kensington Freak Men’s Wear CO. Ltd, Birmingham, UK
Temporary design input on a range of Men‟s T-shirts for the mid market 16-25 age groups.

    Aug 2001-Jul 2003         Beijing Teng’s Garments CO. Ltd, China
As one of most famous enterprises in China and owns 3 women‟s wear brands: Teng‟s, Sanong and Karra. I
worked within a team of three the fashion knitwear designers and was responsible for overall manufacturing
technology. My role involved communicating with manufactures, designing special knitting patterns to meet style
requirements and applying cutting theory to the shapes designing by knitting technologies, upgraded the products
and refused to be imitated by other fashion companies. As subsidiary product our team contributed netted profit in
excess of 10 million RMB per annum.

    Mar 2000-Jul 2001         Independent fashion (knitwear) designer, Beijing, China
Designed men‟s and women‟s collection in knit and weave, controlled project management from initial concept to
sampling, and organised fashion shows and exhibitions at trade fair and Beijing Fashion Week.
Clients included: (Beijing) China Garment Design Co. Ltd.; Shengzhang Fashion Design Co. Ltd; Red Hero
Fashion Co. Ltd; (Inner Mongolia) Tianmeng Cashmere knitting manufactory; (Dongguang) Sun Flag Fashion
knitwear manufacture Co. Ltd;

    Jul 1997-Feb 2000         Hong Kong Chemtax Industrial Co. Ltd, Beijing and Shanghai, China
The solo agent in Asian for Germany H. Stoll Gmbh & Co. Worked as the garment design consultant in
Showroom, served for STOLL customers in numerous provinces and cities in China. The main responsibility was
to assist the STOLL customers for better application of STOLL machine functions in the point of view in garment
design. Attended and organized Stoll‟s fashion shows in „98 Beijing Mechanical Exhibition on Oct 1998.

 Apr 1996-Jul 1997           Shenzhen Huaxin Silk Knits Fashion Co. Ltd, China
Interned and worked in as a fashion designer.Designed silk women‟s wear and attended Autumn/Winter 1997
Shenzhen garments trade fair.

 Proficient in the use of MS Office, Photoshop, PageMaker, Illustrator and STOLL CAD software SIRIX
 Graphic design and illustration for novels and periodicals; Painted for decoration in pubs and fashion shops.
 Photographing and sketching for collecting inspiration and recording the process of creative thought.
 Travelling to know different live styles, culture and art. Visiting museums/galleries/exhibitions to update my
   knowledge and information.
 Watching movies to learn how to describe and organize the ideas with various technologies.

    Nov 2002       Awarded a scholarship of ₤2500 by Birmingham Institute of Art and Design
    Dec 1999       Designed a piece of knitwear entitled “Chinese Princess”
                    Attended the exhibitions of „CHIC CHINOIS‟-DESIGN 21 in Beijing and Paris, which
                    was organized by UNESCO
    Apr 1999       Article entitled “Knitting Sweater on Computer” and some works were published on
                    “FASHION” Magazine in Beijing.
    Sep 1995       Designed a knitwear collection entitled “Qinghai, a Dreamed Paradise”, which won
                    Golden Medal at 95’ ‘Dalian Cup’ Contest for Chinese Young Fashion Designer.
                    Stirred the imagination of China‟s fashion circles and was reported on China‟s Central
                    TV 7 O‟clock NEWS and interviewed by the leading media in China and Hong Kong.



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