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									SEO: Search Engine Optimization
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Search Engine Optimization

• SEO: Improving the visibility of
  a website in search engines via unpaid search
  results (Organic SEO)
• SEO is marketing through an understanding of
  how search algorithms work combined with a
  knowledge of what human users might search for
• SEO is the art and science of making web pages
  attractive to the search engines
• SEO is a long term strategy for your online
Why SEO?
• More than 90% of web users rely on search engines to find
• Having a website is not enough, it should be also be known to
  your customers and show up in search results when users
  search for the information they require
• Users are most likely to choose from the selections appearing
  on the first page of results
• If your website ranks high, your site becomes much easier to
  find, thus increasing traffic
• An understanding of search algorithm and web semantics is
  required to make a website search friendly and to improve
  the ranking
Why SEO?
• Its economical than paid advertising and also
  works long-term to drive traffic to your
• Helps draw new traffic to your website
Its important to be amongst the first few
SEO Process
How can we help
• WE analyze and audit your website on 25 predefined
  parameters to identify gaps and advise you on how
  to get top search engine rankings
• WE setup web analytics and other tools that help
  monitor the progress and performance of various
• WE help build popularity of your website by
  submissions to web directories and search engines
• We generate sitemap and RSS feed for your website
  and submit to multiple web bots ensuring all you
  pages are well indexed
How can we help
• WE build quality back links to your website and hence
  propelling the rankings
• WE use the true power of social bookmarking to do PR
  for your website
• WE create press releases and articles which are
  submitted on the web
• WE get you coverage via our partner blogs
• WE monitor the performance and put in continual effort
  to get you at the top and make sure you stay there
• WE do continuous fine tuning of the website based on
  traffic trends and ranking trends
Get found on the web

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