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Marketing 2.0
• Marketing has always been a crucial part of a business
• The concept of marketing has kept evolving with the
  passage of time
• Companies are forced to adopt new changes in their
  marketing strategies to remain relevant
• Quick anticipation and adoption of the changes
  increases chances of survival
• Obviously Internet is one such great technological
  advancement that many companies have started to
  accept in a big way
• It is a powerful marketing medium that is defining the
  way people are communicating
Why Internet Advertising?
        Marketing Quality        Internet   Radio    Newspaper   Magazines   Television

                                   Yes      May be    May be      May be        Yes
Large National Audience

                                   Yes       No         No        May be        No
International Exposure

Can be targeted as specific        Yes       No         No        May be        Yes

                                   Yes       No         Yes         Yes         No
Audience can view ads at their

                                   Low      Medium    Medium       High        High
Relative expenses

                                   Yes       No         No          No          No
Instant Customer reaction
Growing Internet and Advertising
In year 2009, traditional advertising saw steep decline.
   • Newspapers: 18.7%
   • Television: 10.1%
   • Radio: 11.7%
   • Magazines: 14.8%

Where as digital Advertising has grown by:
   • Mobiles: 18.1%
   • Internet: 9.2%
Growing Internet

• In India Overall, 71 million users accessed
  Internet in year 2009, with 52 Million “active”
Growing Internet
• Rural India has seen tremendous growth. Now
  there are users from all over India.
Can you afford to ignore them?

  – Every internet user uses Google (or any other)
    Search provider
  – Your potential customer definitely is Google User
  – To show an ad when user searches for relevant
    keyword will work wonder for business
  – You can have these ads delivered Keyword /
    Location specific
Ads on Search Page
Can you afford to ignore them?

  – More than 500 million active users
  – 50% of our active users log on to Facebook in any
    given day
  – Average user has 130 friends
  – People spend over 700 billion minutes per month
    on Facebook
  – The advertising is proving very effective , due to
    the huge amount of profile data of users
Benefits: Target, Reach and Measure
• It facilitates you to reach an absolutely
  pinpointed and targeted audience
• The Internet knows no demographic
  boundaries and gives you a huge audience to
  tap and build brand image if not sell products
• Works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days
  a year
• The results can be measured effectively
• Still its cheaper than other mediums
So what does it do for businesses?

• Display an Ad when user does “Search” in Google
• Show the ad of your business to a facebook user
  who might be interested in it
• Display ads on various websites and blogs with
  geographic and other types of targeting (its
  possible to show ad only to users from Mumbai
  or Delhi or any city you need to advertise in)
• It could be combination of all above or couple of
Will it really work for you?

• Yes, if your product or service is targeted to
  people (who access Internet)
• Yes, if your clients are not big/mid-sized
  businesses or companies
• Yes, if you want to create and promote a
• Yes, if you want to drives traffic to your site
  (attract potential customers)
All you need is…

• Internet presence: A website of your company
  or product or service
• A creative / image / flash file or some effective
  keywords to show ad

If you don’t have a website yet want to create one, we can help.
We can also help in creating ads if required.
Mail us at:
What can we do for you?

• WE can assist you in choosing right medium to
  serve ads (Search/Display/Sizes etc.)
• WE can help selecting best and most effective
  platform/technology as per requirements
• WE can assist in Media Planning as per your
• WE can handle Technical Operations of ad serving
• WE can do Monitoring and Optimization of ads
• WE can provide comprehensive Reporting
Future of advertising

• Industry seeing 43% Y-o-Y growth
• Neilson report claims that 50% of total
  advertising will be Internet by 2015, you can
  start today to leave an impact

• Be part of the Future

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