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									              Roundwood and District Community Council
                     newsletter February 2009
           Sponsored by Terry Kavanagh Contruction

Hello and welcome to this issue of the RDCC’s Newsletter, we hope that the New Year
has been good to you so far…
Well 2008 was a busy year for the Roundwood and District Community Council. We
would like to take this opportunity to thank you, the people of Roundwood, for your
assistance and support during the various events that took place during the year. To the
RDCC members for their commitment and dedication in the work they do behind the
scenes – well done.
The RDCC is not a committee that engages in just administration. Last year we ran a
number of events that involved people helping out, without having to join the committee.
Everyone is so busy that attending meetings is a chore. So we have decided that its time
for change. With your help we want to pick issues or projects to work on for 2009. Then
we can work on them together with people who are specifically interested in these

The RDCC is to be used FOR YOU and BY YOU. Find out what is happening now or come
along to make a suggestion to the PUBLIC MEETING ON THE 16TH OF FEBRUARY AT 8PM
IN THE OLD SCHOOL. If you can’t make the meeting please fill in the Wish List enclosed
and drop it into the Post Office in Roundwood for collection. Feel free to call Jody
Ferguson 086 8394530 or Monica Byrne 086 8055040 for further information on the
Community Council
Overvie w of 2008
The focus of the RDCC in 2008 was improving community awareness through events and
projects for the enjoyment and benefit of the people of Roundwood.
Photography Competition
Early on work started on a Photography Project for the Youth in the village. This project
ran until May and when an exhibition and prize giving took place in the Old School. First
prize was won by Aoife O’Reilly whose photos focused on a teddy bears view of
Roundwood. It was a very apt and cute presentation and scooped first prize of a digital
camera. So well done Aoife and to everyone who participated and made this such a
successful Project.

Traffic Calming – Success at last
Wicklow County Council finally moved on introducing traffic calming measures to the
village. The RDCC spearheaded the campaign along with the School Parents Association,
Roundwood School Board of Management and our local public representatives. We never
gave up hope, we worked together and it has finally paid off. The pedestrian crossing in
particular is excellent as it calms traffic in and around the school which is so vital in
ensuring the safety of our children. Well done to all who played their part in securing
these measures and who never gave up the fight. It shows what can be achieved if we all
pull together.
Community Forum
In May we held a Community Forum facilitated by Dermot Hand. This highlighted the
need for the RDCC to become more active and ‘visible’ in the village.
Late Late Show
Preparations and reconnoitre began for our Late Late Show spearheaded by our
chairperson Jody Ferguson and his professional team. The motivation for this event was
to get people out and about meeting others in the village and regenerate a sense of
community and to make everyone aware of how much is going on in this wonderful
village of ours. Everyone really enjoyed the night and hopefully this will become an
annual event.
The Roundwood Youth Club has started back and you’ll find them in Áras an Tochar,
every Friday from 8 to 9.30. This year anyone who is 12 years of age and up can join.
Among the activities planned are monthly trips! To find out more call Gerry O’ Toole on
087 204 7916.

Roundwood will once again host our friends from Spezet. Our community will once again
be joined by French boys and girls learning our way of life as they spend a week here
from May 9TH .
New Home for Roundwood Playschool
Roundwood Playschool has recently been given the keys for their new premises in
Ashwood Housing Estate in Roundwood. This group went in search of long term secure
accommodation for the school and through the hard work and ingenuity of Marie Kenny
and her committee succeeded in persuading the Council to allow them rent a house in
The RDCC would like to congratulate Marie and her team for such a major step forward.
Marie is delighted with their success. There is some conversion work which is required on
the house to make it suitable for a playschool. This will cost in the region of €6,000. The
committee will run a number of fund raising events over the coming weeks and they are
asking for the community to come out and support them in raising this money. Marie
would also like to thank our local representatives, and particularly, Joe Behan and
Andrew Doyle for their trojan work in securing the premises. Marie hopes that they will
be in their new premises by March and come September they are planning on setting up
a homework club and after school care. So well done folks, ye should be very proud of
your achievement and we wish ye well in the future.

Roundwood Tidy Towns
Throughout the year the Tidy Towns Committee is tirelessly working in Roundwood. This
is a very small committee but Terry Kavanagh is determined that Roundwood will stay in
this competition. His success is highlighted in Roundwood’s ever improving results.
Roundwood’s adjudication report 2008 is printed in full in this newsletter. We can all look
to an even higher score in 2009 with the new look in parts of the village; The Parish Hall,
Heathers Bistro, Centra and Miller Bros. Stone showrooms. Well done! They look well and
add to the overall streetscape. The residents and other businesses of the village continue
to impress visitors, locals and the tidy town judges alike with their floral displays – keep
up the great work.
We are now appealing for a little help to maintain this high standard. There are few, if
any, meetings involved in Tidy Towns. We need volunteers to help maintain small areas
within the village. Please help out in any small way.
We were delighted to see the opening of the bike track at Ballinastoe, which at one year
on, has proven to be great success.
We wish extend a welcome to the Dublin Wicklow Mountain Rescue Team who have
established a team base at the Garda Station.
Congratulations and well done to the Parish Hall committee and all associated with the
redevelopment of the Parish Hall. Should you wish to hire the hall, meeting rooms or
have any query regarding the new facilities please contact Ben Brady on 01 2818225 or
087 9627527

Cheryl Donahue adopted the www.roundwood.ie website when she moved here and
improved it no end. Although Cheryl has recently moved back to Kerry she continues
help us (in the short term!) by emailing the Roundwood notes to all and sundry every
week and updating the website on request. We thank Cheryl for her hard work to date
and wish her all the best.
Have you website design and updating skills?
Well we need you. We need a volunteer or two to help update and redesign the website.
Unfortunately we do not have the required skills within the RDCC at the moment. If you
are interested in helping us out please get in contact by emailing

                                 Tidy Towns Adjudication Report 2008

                                  Centre: Roundwood         Mark: 241

                                  Maximum              Mark

                                  Mark                 Awarded 2008
Overall Development Approach      50                   36
The Built Environment             50                   30
Landscaping                       50                   28
Wildlife and Natural Amenities    50                   19
Litter Control                    50                   39
Waste Minimisation                20                   8
Tidiness                          30                   17
Residential Areas                 40                   26
Roads. Streets and Back Areas     50                   31
General Impression               10                    7
TOTAL MARK                        400                  241
Overall Development Approach: It is great to welcome Roundwood to the Tidy Towns
Competition 2008. Thank you for your detailed entry form, clear map, publicity clippings and
photographs - which make it all the easier to allocate marks. Your committee of four is quite small
for a town the size of Roundwood however the support of Roundwood and District Community
Council and Wicklow County Council has been noted. Your ongoing co-operation with local
businesses is commendable. There are many marks yet to be gained in this section of the
competition and you should, perhaps with the help of the Community Council, devise a Three,
Four or Five years plan for the town and submit it with next years entry form. This would allow a
significant increase in marks. It is a pity to note that your committee has lost members of late.
Perhaps you should use this as an opportunity to develop a youth branch to your committee as
often this will ultimately involve parents too.

The Built Environment: The Coach House and Roundwood Inn were admired for the most
spectacular display of seasonal blooms. Among the other premises admired in the town were
Keeleys, The Health Centre, The Church, Vartry House, Ashley's Barber Shop and the Post Office.
New railings were noted at the old school and the 19th Hole Pub looks remarkably well considering
it is unoccupied. However, the adjoining out houses requires some repair and a fresh coat of
paint. A construction site was noted in the town centre and we look forward to the completion of
this project. Stained paintwork at the Credit Union and boundary walls was disappointing .

Landscaping: Your ongoing work at Synotts corner is commended and it is ref reshing to note
that you have planted spring bulbs. The Djouce Wood area is looking well and trees are maturing
well. A broken tree at the entrance should be removed and replaced. Window boxes and hanging
baskets brightened up the streetscape with colourful summer blooms. Planting at Roundwood
Bank was a little tired and should be replenished.

Wildlife and Natural Amenities: Roundwood is located in the most spectacular setting with
dense woodland. Please ensure to provide more information and a map of the walking routes in
the area as there are many marks to be gained in this section. You seem to have quite substantial
plans w ith regard to wildlife and we look forward to these coming to fruition in the years to come.
Litte r Control: In general, litter control in Roundwood is very good and it is clear that you
management strategy in association with the Town Council and the school is working well and for
this you are commended.

Tidiness: Lengthy tracts of neatly presented grass verges certainly add to the tidiness of
Roundwood. The presentation of Roundwood Bank was a little disappointing. Kerbside weeds were
noted at the school.

Waste Minimisation: The students and teachers of Roundwood National School are
congratulated on achieving their second Green Flag. It must be wonderful to have so many young
experts in the town! It is good to note that recycling is being encouraged in the community in
general too.

Residential Areas: Many of the residences in Vartry Heights looked well although staining on
paintwork detracted from some properties. The bungalows and cottages on the Dublin road were
greatly admired of their fresh paintwork and beautifully presented gardens. Djouce Meadow
looked great and the trees and green area are maturing well. Hopefully the remaining boundary
walls will be skimmed and painted before next year's competition. Many of the houses on the road
from Vartry House looked marvelous.

Roads, Streets and Bac k Areas: Roads, streets and back areas are generally quite good in
Roundwood. The Bray and Annamoe roads in particular were admired for their fresh, clean
appearance. The approach to Vartry Heights was a little uneven in places but improved further in.

Gene ral Impression: Roundwood is congratulated on the progress to date in the Tidy Towns
Competition. Hopefully you w ill recover from your stint in the doldrums and come back fighting
with new members in 2009! Good Luck!
                                          RDCC Wish list for 2009
     RDCC Need new members and help with projects
The Community Council needs more active members. We are now a very small group. If
you are interested in particular projects or issues please volunteer to help out with that
specific project. There’s no need to join the Council if you don’t want to. A lot of the work
on projects is achieved through small subcommittees. Information is sent and decisions
are often reached via email and text messages rather than actual meetings.
Please come along to our Public Information Meeting next Monday night and find out
more about us.
     Interpretative map board
In association with the Wicklow Uplands Council a map board will be erected in the
     Website development
Improving and updating the www.roundwood.ie website
     Car parking solutions
Continued consultation with the Health Service Executive to establish an off road car park
at the Health Centre
     Improve Infrastructure
Consultation with Wicklow County Council to further improve Traffic Calming measures
and other infrastructure in the village

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 

                                           Your Wish list for 2009

Please fill in your Wish List and drop it into the Post Office or bring it along to the
meeting on Monday 16th of February 8pm Old School Roundwood. All are welcome
particularly new residents to the area.

         FOR ALL YOUR

          087 2551579
          01 2818294

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