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									Baycrest Matters         A bi-weekly update for Baycrest staff, families and clients
                                                                                                MARCH 24, 2010 VOLUME 6, NO 6

                         Convert your ideas
                         into actions

                                 s teams around
ISSUE                            Baycrest continue to
                                 meet weekly and work
Skype brings                     on their lead
Apotex residents         measures, many staff
closer to family and     members are coming to the
friends            2     realization that the 4
                         Disciplines of Execution leads
Strategic plan           to increased efficiency,
poster contest           knowledge sharing, and
brings together          creativity. One program
staff and                shares how the FranklinCovey
students        3        approach has brought its
                         teams together to convert
Engagement               ideas and discussion into
survey results           action.
grow into positive
actions           4      Kim Martin, manager,             tend to see clients still living in   list,” explains Kim. “We inform
                         Cognitive and Behavioural        the community, for usually            them of what other programs
Baycrest sees            Health Program, oversees the     about eight to 10 week                are available in the
‘significant             Psychology programs and          sessions, so we don’t always          community, offer them
reductions’ in           services and Self                have the opportunity to form          educational materials, and
pressure ulcers 5        Management programs              the same long-term                    keep in close contact to
                         (MOST, Parkinson’s and           relationships as some of our          inform them of their place on
                         Arthritis) at Baycrest. The      colleagues. This impacted how         the wait list.” She adds that
                         Wildly Important Goals (WIGs)    we chose our lead measures.”          one of their lead measures is
Baycrest Matters
is published 26 times
                         mean something different for                                           to contact all clients either by
a year.                  all teams, and each chose        For many of the Cognitive and         phone or by letter, and the
                         their own lead measures.         Behavioral Health Program             teams are working together
Email submissions to:
Joan Mortimer, Editor,
                                                          services, there are wait lists.       on templates to consistently   “When we looked at what we       Kim explains that sometimes           track clients on wait lists.
or call 416-785-2500,    can do for the client            by the time clients get to the
ext. 2952
                         satisfaction WIG, we first had   top of the list their needs           When the Cognitive and         to consider how our clients      have changed. “Our lead               Behavioural Health Progam
                         differ from the ones at          measures address what we              chose its lead measures
Baycrest is fully
affiliated with the
                         Baycrest Hospital and the        can do to support clients             related to employee
University of Toronto.   Apotex,” explains Kim. “We       while they are on the wait            engagement, staff members
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Baycrest Matters                                         A bi-weekly update for Baycrest staff, families and clients

                              brings Apotex residents
                                closer to family and friends
         any Baycrest clients stay in     microphone. The use of Skype began         back to their neighbourhood when the
         touch with out-of-town           as a pilot project with three Apotex       session is finished.
         relatives and friends by         residents last spring and is now open      Apotex residents and family members
         phone, but would prefer a        to all Apotex residents. It is an ideal    or friends who are interested in
personal visit. Baycrest now offers a     medium for residents to engage in a        communicating via Skype can get
program to Apotex residents that          face-to-face conversation in “real         more information and register for a
allows them to connect with their         time,” see their children and              session by completing a Contact
families and friends through video        grandchildren or even “attend” a           Information Form on the Baycrest
conferencing. Skype – a software          special event like a family dinner or a    website at
application which allows users to         wedding.                                   Forms are also available in each family
make free long-distance video                                                        room on all Apotex floors and can be
conference calls over the internet –      Residents participating in the Skype       submitted, once completed, to the
enables residents to visit with anyone    program will be assigned a unique          unit clerk on the resident’s floor.
with a computer, anywhere in the          Skype username and password and
world.                                    will be scheduled for a session that is    If you have any questions regarding
                                          convenient for both the resident and       Skype, please contact Ryan Calma,
Skype is an easy, economical program      the visitor. A Skype volunteer will        Customer Support & Services, E-
that can be used with any computer        bring the resident to a computer on        Health at 416 785 2500 ext. 4357.
hooked up to the internet, an             his/her floor at the scheduled time,
inexpensive web camera and                set up the call, and return the resident

Convert your ideas... continued from page 1
expressed the desire to improve their     effectively. This approach provides a      40 minutes not only on discussions
communication with one another in         forum for more dialogue,” Kim says.        we would not otherwise have had, but
terms of sharing each other’s clinical,                                              also completed tasks that would we
research, and educational activities.     When asked how the 4 Disciplines of        would not have found the time for.”
                                          Execution process supports Baycrest’s      BM
“The Cognitive and Behavioural            strategic plan, Kim states that in her
Health Program was established with       25 years here this is the first plan to       Baycrest’s
the implementation of program             formalize participation and
management, which brought together        accountability by all staff: “This            Wildly Important
psychology-led programs and self-         strategic plan is by far the most
management programs under one             engaging for all staff members – it           Goals(WIGs):
umbrella. We continue to seek             provides formal, all-encompassing
opportunities where the various           structure and is beyond just                  • Improve Baycrest Client
programs can integrate and/or             measurement. It enables the                     Satisfaction score
collaborate to improve clinical care,     participation and accountability of all         from baseline by five
but we are also still trying to simply    frontline staff. The FranklinCovey              percent by March 2011
keep abreast of what everyone else is     approach sets up a centre-wide
doing from month to month. When we        foundation for execution,” Kim says.          • Increase the number of
chose our lead measures, all of the       “We’re encouraged to focus only on              employees that would
staff from the different programs         two goals. This approach promotes               recommend Baycrest as
decided to come together on a             increased creativity and performance,           a preferred place to
monthly basis, share ideas and            instead of diluting our efforts and             work from 76 percent to
expertise, discuss projects they are      time. Over the last two weeks, we               80 percent byMarch
working on and communicate more           have had two WIG meetings and spent             2011.

2 MARCH 24, 2010
Baycrest Matters                                 A bi-weekly update for Baycrest staff, families and clients

Strategic plan poster contest brings
together staff and students

        hen was the last time you
        thought about the word
        fun and strategic
        planning in the same
sentence? The posters produced
from the strategic planning What
Will Baycrest Look Like in 2014?
poster contest are the direct
result of time commitment, hard
work, thoughtfulness,
collaboration and, yes, fun!

Eight staff teams volunteered to
participate in the contest. The
challenge for each team was to
choose one Strategic Focus and
one Strategic Goal, apply it to
either their area of work or to
Baycrest as a whole and then
figure out what Baycrest would
like five years from now if that      Students from William Lyon Mackenzie Collegiate Institute’s
goal was accomplished.
                                      Communications Technolgy Program vote for their favourite
Besides being a creative outlet,      poster.
and a change of pace from their
regular work day, staff who         poster our student produced,”         The votes are now being tallied
participated in the contest found   said members of one team.             and the winners will be
the caliber of students they                                              announced in the next issue of
worked with from the                “The professional manner of our       Baycrest Matters.
Communications Technology           student, and that she was able to
program of William Lyon             take all of our materials and         Thank you to all participants in
Mackenzie Collegiate Institute      distill only the most important       this challenging event.. BM
very impressive.                    information, was remarkable,”
                                    said another team.
One team commented, “This
partnership brought a youthful      The eight amazing posters,
perspective and fresh approach      revealed on March 11, were on
to many of the programs here at     display in front of the diorama
Baycrest.”                          (near the bird cage) until March
                                    25. All of the posters will be used
“We were very impressed by the      in a variety of different ways
quality and ingenuity of the        throughout Baycrest over coming

                                                                                             MARCH 24, 2010 3
Baycrest Matters                                  A bi-weekly update for Baycrest staff, families and clients

Engagement survey results grow into
positive actions

        s teams work on their        Registered Nurses Resource           Apotex 5 launched
        lead measures related to     Team, which aims to reduce           the Shining Star
        the Wildly Important         staffing vacancies and provide       Award
        Goals (WIGs), it is          extra support to existing staff,
important to note that the           which will increase the quality of   This award is given
creation of the WIG related to       work life for existing nursing       to a staff member
staff engagement “increase the       staff and improve the quality of     who displays client
percentage of employees that         patient care. This is an important   and family
would recommend Baycrest as a        step forward in creating a safe      centered care and
preferred place to work” was a       and rewarding work environment       services, respect in the
direct response to the 2008          for all staff at Baycrest.           workplace, confidentiality and
Employee / Physician / Volunteer                                          privacy, and excellence with
Engagement survey.                   Food services staff take part in     integrity. Staff members can be
                                     education sessions                   nominated by their peers, private
Plans are currently in the works                                          companions, or family members.
to roll out the results from this    When Food Services staff             Registered practical nurse
year’s survey beginning April 8.     members requested more               Vanessa Verdi was the first
Over the next few weeks, you will    educational opportunities, they      recipient of the Shining Star
hear about how over 1,000            were given access to both            Award.
participants rated Baycrest as a     internal staff development
place to work. The results will be   workshops and to the Public          4 West Behavioural Neurology
communicated through                 Health and Food Handlers             establish a staff safety system
information sessions, visual         courses. Positive feedback is
                                     provided to all staff members in     To decrease the number of cases
displays and articles in Baycrest
                                     a “yellow congratulation note,”      of staff injury, panic alarms were
Matters and at baycrest@work.
                                     and in addition to other             installed for staff to call for
Teams will soon review the           activities, the staff were able to   immediate assistance and the
corporate results as well as their   select new uniforms.                 success is evident in the reduced
own departmental scores. This                                             number of injuries.
will be a time to celebrate          6 West established recognition
                                     programs                             The Quality of Worklife
achievements, look critically at
                                                                          Committee was established
how to improve and work on
                                     This unit established six
action plans to address the                                               The Quality of Worklife (QWL)
                                     recognition events per year to
survey responses. Here are some                                           Committee consists of staff
                                     honour their staff members who
other initiatives – which                                                 members of all levels from
                                     go above and beyond their role.
contribute to Baycrest’s healthy                                          clinical and residential programs
                                     The program was kicked off in
work environment – that came                                              (including representative from
                                     September 2009 with a
out of the feedback of last year’s                                        one or more of the bargaining
                                     successful inaugural party
survey:                                                                   units) and corporate services.
                                     featuring team celebrations,
                                     individual staff recognition,        This committee focuses on
Registered Nurses Resource
                                     speeches, and refreshments.          exploring innovative approaches
Team was established
                                                                          to healthy workplace practices
Thirteen full-time nurses joined                                          and encouraging staff and
Baycrest as part of the                                                               continued on page 5

4 MARCH 24, 2010
Baycrest Matters                                  A bi-weekly update for Baycrest staff, families and clients

Baycrest sees ‘significant reductions’
in pressure ulcers
by Deron Hamel

       aycrest is seeing             “We are identifying best              enhance the quality of life for
       “significant reductions” in   processes to make sure that all       residents, as well as prevent
       the occurrence of             clinical staff are aware of all the   unnecessary admissions to acute
       pressure ulcers —             risk factors and understand all       care.
commonly called bedsores —           the assessments and have all the
largely thanks to measures taken     skills, knowledge and                 Aside from taking measures to
by the interdisciplinary wound-      opportunities to develop their        prevent pressure ulcers and
and skin-care team at the            expertise for optimal wound           treat them quickly when they
Apotex Centre, Jewish Home for       management.”                          occur, Lucy says there’s a
the Aged and Baycrest Hospital.                                            trickle-down effect that happens
                                     In fact, the rates of pressure-       because of the work of
Coupled with the                     ulcer occurrence have been            Baycrest’s interdisciplinary skin-
interdisciplinary wound- and         “significantly below” the mark        care team.
skin-care team, Baycrest has         Baycrest has set for its skin-care
been utilizing special mattresses    “scorecard,” as well as being         “By having that team, we are in
and continuously educating staff     below the provincial average,         a stronger position to strike the
members on skin care best            adds Lucy.                            right balance between client
practices.                                                                 comfort, medical treatment,
                                     Pressure ulcers are a serious         optimal care and meaningful
These measures are paying off,       safety issue in long-term care        social participation and quality
says Lucy Cabico, a clinical nurse   homes because skin breakdown          of life,” she says.
specialist and nurse practitioner    can negatively affect mortality
at Baycrest. “We have had            rates, as well as cause people        This article appears in Baycrest
significant reductions in the        unnecessary suffering.                Matters with the permission of
prevalence of hospital- and                                       [for HIROC story]
home-acquired pressure ulcers,       By preventing pressure ulcers         and with the permission of
as well as significant cost          and promoting quicker healing [for OLTCA story].
savings from the wound-care          when skin breakdown occurs,           Slight changes were made from
supplies,” she says.                 long-term care providers can          its original form.

Engagement survey results... continued from page 1
volunteer participation in healthy   assist Baycrest in being seen as       talked to over 200 staff
workplace initiatives. The QWL       an “employer of choice.”               members since January 2010
Committee recommended a                                                     through these meetings,
corporate action plan last year in   Living the Vision Tours were           discussing what the vision means
response to the 2008 survey and      established                            to all of us; what it means to the
provided guidance and assistance                                            people we serve; and how each of
                                     Regularly scheduled “Living the
with the implementation of the                                              us can make a difference in
                                     Vision Tours” were established as
2009 survey. As a result the                                                moving the vision forward.
                                     an opportunity for staff to have
2009 survey response rate
                                     two-way communication with
increased significantly. Through
                                     Baycrest’s president and CEO
their work, the Quality of
                                     and/or members of the Executive
Worklife (QWL) Committee can
                                     Team. Dr. Bill Reichman has

                                                                                               MARCH 24, 2010 5
Baycrest Matters                                         A bi-weekly update for Baycrest staff, families and clients

New research study focuses on the
impact of the arts on health

         he Culture and Heritage           Melissa Tafler, a social worker who
         Department at Baycrest, in        has worked at Baycrest for almost 10
         partnership with the Royal        years, has been appointed as clinical    ROM’s first visit to
         Conservatory, recently            research coordinator for this project.
received a three-year grant from the       Melissa became interested in the role
                                                                                    Baycrest launches
Ontario Trillium Foundation to fund a      of the professional arts in healthcare   Museum on Wheels
research study which will focus on the     when researching opportunities for
impact of professional arts-based          creative expression for clients with     In January, the Culture and
activities on the wellbeing of older       Parkinson’s disease. She developed       Heritage Department
adults.                                    the Living Through the Arts Outreach     launched a new arts-based
                                           Program – a painting program for         initiative as part of an
“Today’s focus on humanistic care is       people with Parkinson’s disease at the   exciting collaboration with the
leading to incorporating the               Wagman Centre, which was expanded        Royal Ontario Museum (ROM).
professional arts into healthcare          to individuals who have had a stroke.    This was the first time the
organizations. There is growing            Melissa is also completing a social      ROM Community Outreach
evidence of the beneficial effects of      work research fellowship at KLARU’s
                                                                                    team has taken their program
taking part in activities such as          Katz Centre for Gerontological
                                                                                    to a senior’s program in a
painting, dance, theatre, music,           Research in Social Work.
                                                                                    healthcare facility.
storytelling and others on health and
wellbeing,” comments Bianca Stern,         The research team includes scientists
director, Culture and Heritage. “This      Dr. Takako Fujioka (Rotman) and Dr.      In collaboration with Bianca
grant will provide us with an exciting     Nicole Anderson (KLARU) and Dr. Pia      Stern, director, Culture and
opportunity to explore and build on        Kontos (Dalla Lana School of Public      heritage, the ROM Community
that evidence with a unique,               Health, University of Toronto).          Outreach Program developed
interdisciplinary working group that                                                a user-friendly presentation
includes clinicians, artists, as well as                                            for the Day Centre for
researchers from the social and                                                     Seniors, bringing different
neurosciences.”                                                                     artifacts including dinosaur
                                                                                    bones and make-up from
                                                                                    ancient Egypt.

                                                                                    Plans are in the works to
                                                                                    make the ROM a monthly
                                                                                    program and to add our own
                                                                                    Museum on Wheels bringing
                                                                                    Judaica items from the Morris
                                                                                    and Sally Justein Heritage
                                                                                    Museum to clients on the
                                                                                    floors at Baycrest Hospital
                                                                                    and the Apotex Centre,
                                                                                    Jewish Home for the Aged.

6 MARCH 24, 2010
Baycrest Matters                                          A bi-weekly update for Baycrest staff, families and clients

Baycrest meets the needs of
people with disabilities

         t Baycrest, we are committed        Customer Service Standard. The             assistive devices we have including
         to providing respectful care        standard is part of new legislation that   courtesy wheelchairs at entrances,
         that focuses on the unique          will create a barrier-free Ontario for     assistive listening devices like
         needs of the individual.            people with disabilities.                  PockeTalkers, communication boards,
 Providing equitable care that respects                                                 and sign language interpreters.
 the dignity and independence of             To reflect our commitment to
 people with disabilities is a priority.     accessibility and comply with the new      All staff will be required to complete
                                             law, we have developed a new policy        one-time training on the new policy as
 As of January 1, 2010 public sector         entitled “Accessibility Standards for      part of this year’s core curriculum
 organizations must remove and               Customer Service”.                         process. To review the new policy,
 prevent barriers for people with                                                       “Accessibility Standards for Customer
 disabilities in key areas of daily living   This policy outlines how we support        Service”, please check the intranet or
 to comply with the Accessibility for        people with disabilities by providing      the Family Information page on
 Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005,      them with temporary access to     BM

  How to access assistive                                        Feedback Process
  devices at Baycrest:                                           If you would like to provide feedback on how
                                                                 Baycrest provides programs or services to people
  Please note that all devices listed below are                  with disabilities, please contact the following
  all available for temporary use.                               personnel:
   • For assistive listening devices, contact the                • Clients and the families and visitors of clients
     Audiology Department at                                       may bring any questions or concerns directly to
     ext. 2377.                                                    the client’s program director, unit director or to
                                                                   another member of the client’s care team.
   • For speech assistive devices, contact the
     professional practice leader,                               • Other clients’ concerns may be directed to the
     Speech and Language Pathology at                              Baycrest staff running a particular event or
     ext. 2375.                                                    supervising the area attended by the client.
   • For courtesy wheelchairs at entrances,                      • Clients may provide their feedback in person, by
     contact the director,                                         telephone, in writing, by e-mail, on diskette or
     Environmental Services at                                     otherwise.
     ext. 2406.
                                                                 • Clients may communicate complaints through
   • For devices located in The Anne & Louis                       the Resident’s Advisory Council or Patient’s
     Pritzker Wellness Library,                                    Advisory Council, the Family Floor Groups,
     contact the library staff at                                  the Family Advisory Council, the Suggestion
     ext. 3374.                                                    Boxes / Speak Your Mind forms or the
   • For information relating to the Baycrest
     Shuttle Bus service, contact                                Baycrest staff receiving the feedback shall ensure
     ext. 2122.                                                  a response is made to the person providing the

                                                                                                             MARCH 24, 2010 7
Baycrest Matters                                  A bi-weekly update for Baycrest staff, families and clients

The Organizational Effectiveness     Facilities Services, will continue    Sharing knowledge:
Department and Baycrest              to report to Victor.
Foundation are pleased to                                                  Caring for a loved one
announce the  recipient of           On March 15, Baycrest welcomed
the  2009/10 Alfred and Helen        Mark Wilson as manager, Supply
                                                                           with dementia
Krieser Family Award.                Chain, who will provide
                                                                           Caring for a loved one with
Congratulations to  Anna             leadership to Purchasing and
                                                                           dementia: Baycrest behavioural
Grunin,  physiotherapist, 3 West,    Logistics. Mark was most
                                                                           neurologist  Dr. Tiffany Chow was
Baycrest Hospital,  who will         recently at the Ontario Public
                                                                           a guest on CBC Radio Maritime
attend the NDT (Bobath)              Service, as a senior procurement
                                                                           Noon’s call-in program on March
Certificate course in the            consultant with Ontario Shared
                                                                           9. The 45-minute program
Treatment and Management of          Services. He also has extensive
                                                                           focused on caregivers and the
Adults with Hemiplegia, offered      experience in purchasing and
                                                                           challenges they face caring  for a
by  the Toronto Rehabilitation       logistics with the Department of
                                                                           loved one with dementia. The
Institute.                           National Defence. You can reach
                                                                           audio  CD of the segment can be
                                     Mark at ext. 2414.
                                                                           borrowed by staff from the
The annual Alfred & Helen
                                                                           Baycrest Library.
Krieser Family Award recognizes      Congratulations to Andreah
the vital role played by Baycrest    Barker, dance/movement therapy
physicians, nurses and allied        intern for her featured article,
healthcare staff in delivering       “With Intent- Dance as Therapy”
quality care  for our clients and    which appeared in the February
enables clinical staff to increase   issue of the Dance Current
their knowledge and professional     magazine (a nation-wide
growth through opportunities to      magazine on dance). Highlighted
attend workshops, conferences        in the article is the work of
or seminars in a subject related     Debbie van der Laan,
to their work or future career       dance/movement therapist at
path.                                Baycrest and the Wagman
Congratulations to Victor
Oliveira who has been appointed      Farewell to Lucie Nam,
director, Facilities and             recruitment specialist. Lucie
Environmental Services. Victor       joined Baycrest in  July of
has been performing the role in      2007  as a Human
an acting position for the past      Resources  coordinator and
five months and has                  contributed to many processes,
demonstrated his ability and         especially in the area of
willingness to continue to lead      recruitment and selection
the teams as improvements to         bringing success to such
services are planned and             initiatives as the  building of the
implemented. Stephenie Naugler,      RN Resource Team.  We wish
manager, Environmental               Lucie all the best in her next
Services, and Robert                 career opportunity.
Marcinkiewicz, manager,

8 MARCH 24, 2010

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