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Winter Season OLL Ephrata Tidal Waves by nikeborome


									    Team Handbook
Winter Season 2010 -?:OLL

On behalf of the Ephrata Recreation Center, TidalWave Parent Board, and coaches
welcome to the 20LO-201.L winter swim season! We sincerely hope that this season will
help your child to excel as an athlete and as a member of the Ephrata Community.


ln order to be eligible for the Tri-county Age Group swimming and Diving League,
swimmers must reside in the Ephrata Area School District. A swimmer's age for the
season is determined by their age on December 1 of the current year. To compete in
the league championship meet, a swimmer must participate in a minimum of three dual

Coachins Staff

Head Coach Justin Brown
Coach Justin is a graduate of Ephrata Senior High School and Towson University and is a
lifelong Ephrata Tidal Waves swimmer. Coach Justin spent the last 3 years as Head
Assistant Coach for the Baltimore Barracudas, a USA Swimming Club in Baltimore,
Maryland. During his time in Baltimore, Coach Justin guided the Barracudas from a
small recreational team to a much larger, competitive team within both USA Swimming
and the Mid-Atlantic Swim League.

ln addition to coaching the Tidal Waves, Justin is currently the Aquatics Coordinator at
the Ephrata Recreation Center. He is a certified coach through USA Swimming, a
member and level 2 coach with the American Swimming Coaches Association, and a
certified Aquatics Director through the United States Water Fitness Association.

Assistant Coach Karen Shaub
Coach Karen is a graduate of Conestoga Valley Senior High School and Millersville
University. Karen has swam for the CV Aqua Bucks summer swim team since 5th grade
and swam all 4 years on the CV high school varsity swim team. Karen was a member of
the MU Marauders Swim Team during her sophomore year in college. Karen began her
coaching career in the summer of 2010 as the assistant coach for the Ephrata Tidal
Waves summer swim team. Along with coaching the age-group winter team at the
Ephrata Recreation Center, Karen also is the new assistant coach of the Ephrata High
School swim team.

When Karen is not coaching she is a daily substitute in school districts all around the
county, but focuses mainly in the Ephrata Area School District. Coach Karen hopes to
continue her teaching and coaching career in Ephrata for many years to come.

                                            Ephrata Tidal Waves Team Handbook      5       2
Weather Policv

ln the event of inclement weather, the Ephrata Recreation Center policy is based upon
guidelines set by the Ephrata Area School District. Please check your e-mail and the
team website (www.eph ratatida for weather related u pd ates.

School Closed - A decision regarding practice will be made by 4:30 p.m.
Weather Related Early Dismissal- No practice will be held.

For all Saturday meets, please contact the   front desk at 738.tt67 for weather related

Practice lnformation and Guidelines

    o   Practices are held five (5) times per week. Swimmers should make every effort
        to attend a minimum of three (3) sessions per week.
    o   Swimmers will practice with their designated age group for the first several
        weeks. The coaching staff reserves the right to adjust practice groups based on
        an individual's ability level.
    o   Swimmers should arrive on the pool deck, prepared for practice, L0 minutes
        prior to the start time. This allows time for stretching and attendance.
    o   Restroom usage will be limited during practice. Please use the restroom prior to
        the start of practice.
    o   When a coach is talking, swimmers will show respect by not talking.
    o   A designated "practice suit" should be worn at all practices. A "practice suit" is   a
        one piece for girls and a jammer, brief, or drag suit for boys. Team suits should
        only be worn at swim meets.
    o   All girls (and boys with long hair) are required to wear a swim cap.
    o   A water bottle (filled with g!gg) is required at every practice.
    o   Swimmers are expected to clean up their area at the end of practice. This
        includes replacing equipment and throwing away any trash.

Practice Times*
5-5:30p.m.             8 and under and new swimmers
5:30-6:30p.m.          9-12 year olds
5:30-5:45p.m.          t3-74 year olds

On high school home meet days, all swimmers will practice from 5:45-6:45p.m. Please
see the team calendar for additional details.

*Swimmers may be assigned a different practice session based on age and ability level.

                                             Ephrata Tidal Waves Team Handbook      5        3
Behavior Policv

Allteam members, coaches, and parents are required to demonstrate mutual respect
towards each other. Parents will be immediately notified of any behavior issues at
practices and/or meets. Swimmers may be removed from practices and meets based on
inappropriate behavior.

Meet lnformation

Each swimmer, regardless of age group or ability level can be a key contributor at any
swim meet. Swimmers and parents should make every attempt to attend as many
meets as possible. Participation in a minimum of three dual meets is required to attend
the league championship meet.

Severalteam spirit events will be held throughout the season. Scheduled events are
listed below:

Friday, December 10 - Poster Party. Join your teammates to design posters to decorate
our poolarea! Please bring art supplies. More details to be announced.

Friday, January 7 - T-Shirt Party. Design your very own Ephrata Swimming T-Shirt!
Please bring a plain t-shirt of any color. More details to be announced.

More events will be announced throughout the season.

Swim Team Apparel

Team Uniform
A black bathing suit, with no patterns or designs is required for all swim meets. Team
suits should only be worn at swim meets.

Team Spirit Wear
A wide selection of team apparelfor both swimmers and parents is available for
purchase. A great way to show your team spirit at meets and within the community!


Bulletin Board
The team bulletin board (located in the pool lobby) will provide the latest
announcements, calendars, and sign-up sheets. Please check the bulletin board on a
regular basis.

                                           Ephrata Tidal Waves Team 113n66e61     5       4
The team website, located at provides up-to-date
information regarding meets, practices, and team functions.

Each family will have a team mailbox that will be located in the pool lobby. Any take
home materials such as ribbons, calendars, handouts, etc. will be located in the mailbox.
Please check your family mailbox on a regular basis.

E-mail will be used on a regular basis by the coaches to communicate information to
parents. lf you have not provided an e-mail address on your information sheet, please
see a coach.

Expectations of Swim mers

As a member of the Ephrata Tidal Waves Swim Team and the Ephrata Community,
swimmers are expected to uphold certain responsibilities.

o   Swimmers should make every effort to attend practice on a regular basis, at a
    minimum of 3 times perweek. They should arrive on the pool deck 10 minutes prior
    to practice prepared with their suit, cap, goggles, water bottle, and towel.
o   Swimmers are encouraged to show team spirit by cheering on teammates during
    swim meets and practices.
o   Swimmers are expected to treat all coaches and teammates with respect at all
    times. They also understand that they may be removed from practice and/or meets
    based on inappropriate behavior. ln all instances, a parent/guardian will be notified.
o   Swimmers understand that inappropriate behavior in the locker rooms will not be
    tolerated. When using locker rooms, swimmers are responsible for changing and
    immediately exiting. They also understand that locker rooms are shared with
    Ephrata Recreation Center members; any inappropriate behavior presents a
    negative image for the team.
o   During swim meets, swimmers are expected to sit as a team in the designated area.
    Swimmers should notify a coach if they need to leave this area for any reason.
o   Swimmers will display courteous and sportsmanlike behavior at all practices, meets,
     and other team events. This includes respecting the property of other teammates
    and facilities.
o   Swimmers will respect their own bodies by eating healthy, getting plenty of rest, and
    drinking lots of water. Swimmers will not use alcohol or any other controlled

                                            Ephrata Tidal Waves Team Handbook      5         5
Expectations of Parents

o Be supportive through positive encouragement.
o Make every effort to arrive on time for practices and meets.
. Stay clear of the pool deck during practices. Those wishing to view practice may do
   so from the bleachers.
o Communicate with coaches at the appropriate times. Coaches can not be
   interrupted during practices and meets.

Parents are required to volunteer in some capacity throughout the season. Volunteer
sign-up sheets will be posted on the team bulletin board. Parents will have the
opportunity to be "trained" on various jobs throughout the season.

Directions to all away meets can be found on the team website.

Contact lnformation

Justin Brown
Aquatics Coordinator and Head Coach
Ephrata Recreation Center
7 17 .7 38.L167 Extensio n Lt2
jbrown @eph

                                          Ephrata Tidal Waves Team Handbook

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