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					         Valley Ridge’s Community Newsletter                                     December 2010


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Light and
The Valley Ridge Christmas
Lights and Display Contest
is just around the corner.
During the weekend of
December 18 and 19, the
Community Events team
will be driving around the
community to judge the
displays. Unlike the carving
contest in October, our top
two winners will receive gift
certificates to Van Gogh’s...
so plan to not only put up
your own lights, but to drive
around the neighbourhood
yourselves to see the festive

Good luck!

Join in the Holiday Festivities
Free horse drawn hay rides for the
whole family – December 12 at the
Valley Ridge Golf Course. Everyone
                                                           DECEMBER 2010                                                        3

                                                 I’m wondering if anyone noticed the        love you” can make all the difference
                                                 article in the Breeze last month by        in someone’s day and maybe even
                                                 a concerned Valley Ridge resident          their life.
                                                 relating an experience they had
           The Valley Breeze                     with witnessing a burglary at their        Here’s my thank you to all the people
      is the official newsletter                 neighbour’s home? What interested          in Valley Ridge who work hard to
       for Valley Ridge and the                  me was that the culprits were not          make our community a better place to
Valley Ridge Community Association.
                                                 teenagers, but middle aged adults.         live.
It is published 12 times a year by Suburban
Journals Publishing and delivered by Canada      There have been a rash of car
Post. The Valley Breeze is also available for    vandalisms and thefts from garages         Wishing you and yours the best of the
pickup at Valley Ridge Pharmacy. An
electronic version of The Valley Breeze can be   recently in Valley Ridge and it would      holiday season.
viewed at                be a mistake to make a blanket
valleyridge/valleyridge.htm. Questions
regarding article / photo contributions should   statement of blame about “kids gone        Merry Christmas!
be directed to the editor at valleybreeze@       wrong.” or 403-220-1826. Submissions (300
words or less) are due by the 5th of the                                                    J’Anne Claridge
preceding month. Questions regarding             Anyway, I’m sitting here listening to      Editor, Valley Breeze
advertising should be directed to Suburban
Journals Publishing at phil@suburbanjournals.    the sound track from the Broadway
ca or call Phil at 403-660-7324.                 musical Wicked, which, by the way,         PS: We have a new police liaison for
Please note, the information and opinions in     is coming to Calgary June 29 to July       our community; his name is Constable
this newsletter are subject to change, and do    17, 2011. Although it’s an entertaining    Jud Niven and his phone number is
not necessarily represent the opinions of the
publisher, the editor, or the VRCA Board of      show about the origins of the wicked       403-567-6200. He recommends that
Directors.                                       witch from the Wizard of Oz, I am          any incidents of theft, vandalism,
Disclaimer: Any advertisements, home             reminded that our perception of who        assault, etc., be reported to him
businesses, babysitters and nannies, or other    is wicked can often be erroneous           immediately with all pertinent
parties listed in The Valley Breeze should
not be interpreted as recommendations or         if we base our opinions on what            information.
endorsements by the VRCA, the editor or the      we hear in the media or on societal
                                                 misconceptions, such as: teenagers
Re-publication of the Valley Breeze              commit all the acts of vandalism or all
Newsletter (in whole or part) requires the
express written permission of the article’s      green women with pointy black hats
author and the publisher. Please direct re-      are wicked.
publication requests to

                                                 I am also reminded that there is good
                                                 in everyone and that all those who          VALLEY V RIDGE
                                                 cross our path come into our lives for
                                                 a reason to help us learn something                 Valley Ridge
                                                 important. Even those so-called                 Community Association
                                                 wicked people have something to                     Board meetings
                                                 teach us, even if it’s just that we need         are held every fourth
                                                 to be more careful, like keeping our           Wednesday of the month at
                                                 garage doors closed or locking our             The Lodge at Valley Ridge
                                                 vehicles.                                        starting at 7:00 p.m.
                                                                                               VRCA Planning Committee
                                                 Whether or not you celebrate
                                                 Christmas, during this holiday season,       Please contact David McCarrel
                                                                                                 for the next meeting date,
                                                 take the opportunity to reach out to
                                                                                                       time and place:
                                                 those people in your life who have          
                                                 touched you for good and let them
                                                 know. A simple thank-you or an “I           Residents are welcome to attend
                                                                                                either of these meetings.
THE VALLEY BREEZE                                     DECEMBER 2010                                                           5

 Where Are All The Kids?                                                                Pumpkin Carving
Recently, I had an interesting phone
conversation with a brand new
resident of Valley Ridge, who had
                                                                                       This year, residents made some
made fruitless trips to the playground
in search of playmates for her almost                                                  spooktacular pumpkins... a MUCH
three-year old daughter. Finally giving                                                larger turn-out than last year! Thanks
up, she called several Board members                                                   to everyone who participated. We were
to ask where and when the smaller kids                                                 fortunate enough to meet some of the
played. It reminded me of myself, three     pass on email address information          families putting their pumpkins out for
years ago, when I ended up placing an       to families who live close and have        display, and even ran into a pumpkin
ad in the Breeze looking for moms and       similar preferences. It is up to those     carving kids’ party!
tots.                                       families to arrange any play dates and
                                            exchange further information such as       The top three winners are 35 Valley
My ad was successful, and I made            house numbers or phone numbers.            Glen Heights, 119 Valley Crest
some wonderful friends for my                                                          Rise, and 270 Valley Crest Court.
daughters as well as for myself.            Once a caregiver feels they have met       Congratulations to you all! Your
Without a community centre or local         enough people, added enough people         carving skills are to be envied. And
preschool, it is very difficult for young   to their own “mom and tot” group,          thanks to those who decorated their
families to meet other young families,      decided to move out of the community,      houses! Some displays were simply
especially during colder months.            or for any other reason, they can email    amazing.
However, meeting families who live          Darcie to remove their information.
on the other side of Valley Ridge can                                                  We look forward to seeing what
be just as difficult as those who live in   We hope that this list will help young     carving creations you come up with
other communities. Families wishing to      families feel more connected to their      next year!
arrange play dates for their children on    community and their neighbours. We
a regular basis have greater success in     appreciate any feedback. If interested,    Christa McKegney, Director of
this if they live close to each other and   email Darcie your information at           Community Events
have children similar in age.     
At the October Board meeting, the
                                            Christa McKegney, Director of
VRCA then discussed the possibility
                                            Community Events
of creating a “Tot List,” managed by a
Board member and run much like the
Valley Ridge babysitting list. Families
who wish to be on the list should            We’re Not Sitting
provide the following information:
• Type of caregiver: (mom, dad,              on the Fence
   nanny, grandparent, other)
• Number, ages and gender of children       Several residents have expressed
• Caregiver preference: (other moms,        interest in joining the newly formed
   other dads, other nannies, no            Fence Committee, and we are
   preference, etc.)                        scheduled to have our first meeting in
• Language preference                       mid-November. We are still looking
• Complete house address (only the          for more residents interested in joining
   street name will be given out to other
                                            us! We will be identifying problem
                                            areas throughout the community
• Email address
                                            and seeking out long-term solutions,
• Phone number (optional)
                                            so resident feedback and interest is
Another new mom and secretary to the        greatly appreciated.
VRCA Board, Darcie Nastiuk, agreed
to take on the responsibility of updating   To join, phone Christa at 403-695-
and managing the Tot List. Darcie will      7533 or email
THE VALLEY BREEZE                                    DECEMBER 2010                                                            7

 Board Matters                             Banff Coach Road interchanges. This
                                           new interchange will be the primary
                                           access point for development west of       talk, edgy
                                           Valley Ridge, as Melcor’s extension        humour
 Highlights of the                         of Valley Ridge was designed as a          and
 October 27, 2010                          western boundary to Valley Ridge and       practical
                                           provides no access to the West View        advice that
 Board Meeting                             ASP area. New interchanges must be         McConnell
There’s a kid on our roof! The             approved by the Province and at this       brings to
VRCA is investigating security options     time there is no agreement in place        his writing
for the skating areas and playground.      between the Province and the City of       seem to have struck a positive note
Vandalism will not be tolerated, and       Calgary. City Planning staff advise        with readers and reviewers. Cardiac
the police will be involved. There is      that this entire process will be delayed   Champs was released this past June
an ongoing challenge keeping youth         until such an agreement is reached.        and is listed for purchase on amazon.
off of the shed that stores the soccer                                                com and
equipment, and parents are encouraged      Don’t sit on the fence; paint it!
to reinforce this with their children      The Community Events team is               Cardiac Champs is an innovative self-
and teens.                                 still looking for volunteers to help       help book that teaches people with
                                           organize the repair and repainting of      heart disease, particularly heart attack
New face on the beat: Valley Ridge         the community’s wooden fences, using       survivors, how to live an active, happy
welcomes a new Community Liaison           grants and donations for funding. If       life. Unlike most books on heart attack
Officer: Constable Jud Niven. He is        you are interested in helping to keep      recovery, Cardiac Champs is packed
located at the District 2 office of the    Valley Ridge beautiful, email Christa      with practical guidance for dealing
Calgary Police Service, 4506 - 17          at or phone          with the psychological trauma most
Avenue SW. Any incidents of theft,         her at 403-695-7533.                       heart attack survivors experience.
vandalism, assault, etc., should be
reported to him immediately with all       Lynne Dulaney                              Dr. McConnell said, “I wanted to
pertinent information. You can reach       Director of Community Relations and        bring a new perspective to the trials
Cst. Niven at 403-567-6200.                Communications                             and tribulations of coping with heart
                                                                                      disease.” A survivor himself, he claims
The view to the west: The VRCA                                                        too much emphasis is placed on things
Planning Committee has reviewed the
City’s recently-published document
                                           Local Writer In                            like reducing cholesterol levels, drugs
                                                                                      and smoking, often at the expense of
outlining development plans for the
West View Area Structure Plan (ASP).
                                           Residence                                  important psychosocial issues.

This plan provides guidelines for                                                     “Immediately after having my second
                                           A Finalist In The “Best Books
future development of 304 hectares                                                    heart attack and suffering cardiac
                                           2010” Awards
(752 acres) of recently-annexed land                                                  arrest, I can assure you my worries
                                           Dr. Larry McConnell, a resident
located immediately west of Valley                                                    weren’t centered on my cholesterol
                                           of Valley Ridge since 1997, was
Ridge and Crestmont. Anticipated land                                                 levels or smoking habits. I was too
                                           selected as an award-winning finalist
uses include a mix of employment                                                      preoccupied with my impending
                                           in the Health: General category for
centres, residential, retail/commercial                                               death! The real struggle comes with
                                           his popular book, Cardiac Champs.
and recreation services. A future                                                     fighting anxiety, anger, lifestyle
                                           Dr. McConnell’s award includes a
population of 8,900 residents and                                                     disruptions, and, for many, insomnia –
                                           promotion and listing package valued
6,700 employees is projected.                                                         all of which are discussed in-depth in
                                           at more than $3000.
The City requested comments                                                           Cardiac Champs,” he said.
from adjacent stakeholders and   , the premiere
communities and the VRCA Planning                                                     If you are interested in reading Dr.
                                           online magazine and review website
Committee submitted a letter in                                                       McConnell’s inspirational book, you
                                           for mainstream and independent
November, outlining concerns around                                                   can purchase it online at
                                           publishing houses, announced the
the lack of details surrounding a future                                              or for $15.90, or
                                           winners and finalists of the “Best
interchange to built at 133 Street and                                                you can buy a discounted copy by
                                           Books 2010” Awards (BBA) in late
the TransCanada, midway between the                                                   emailing him directly at lgm-124@
                                           October. Awards were presented for
existing Valley Ridge Blvd and Old                                          
                                           titles published in 2010 and late 2009.
THE VALLEY BREEZE                                    DECEMBER 2010                                                              9

Our Community                                                                           Bowness Library
                                                                                       •	 The Viva Vintage Monologues:
 Building Safer Communities                                                               Dec. 9, 10:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
                                                                                          Speaks to the experience of sexuality
                                                                                          after 60. Ages 50 +.
It’s As Easy As Saying “Hi”                you are making an investment in the         •	 Did You Know: Reading Advantage
People often ask what they can do          future. A program aimed at children            is a literacy program which pairs
to make their communities safer. It’s      today may show reduced crime rates in          volunteer coaches and adults with
easy to get started, simply by getting     future. These young people will grow           low literacy skills, for a period of ap-
more involved in your community. The       into healthy adults, who choose not            proximately one year. Volunteering
Calgary Police Service has some fun        to be involved in criminal behaviour.          for Reading Advantage today!
and inexpensive suggestions.               Taking time out to be a good role
                                           model is another step in building a safer   Ask about free event passes for
Say Hello                                  community.                                  individuals or families who enrol in
In Calgary’s Silver Springs                                                            the City of Calgary Fee Assistance
neighbourhood, the Block Watch             As a community member, when you             Program and have valid Calgary
Council has focused on positively          see any type of criminal activity, bad      Public Library cards.
reinforcing and welcoming the youth in     driving or just something that seems        Passes available in eight categories
their community.                           suspicious, police urge you to call         including: attractions, dance, festivals,
                                           403-266-1234. Even if you have the          music, mystery, rodeo, sports, and
One elderly gentleman was working in       perception that the incident is over        theatre. Funded by the Calgary
his front yard, when he spotted a young    before they arrive or that nothing will
child learning to ride his bike with the                                               Foundation and in partnership with
                                           result in you calling, in reality, your     Kids Up Front Foundation, the City
help of his father. He took a chance and   call is very important. Even though you
said hello, which opened the lines of                                                  of Calgary Recreation Fee Assistance
                                           might not see a direct result, placing      Program, Epcor Centre for the
communication between the man and          the call helps police track issues and
the family. Since then, a strong multi-                                                Performing Arts and GlobalFest.
                                           identify trends for things like break and
generational friendship has developed      enters and car prowlings.                   Visit
— the first step in building a safer                                                   for more information on these
community.                                 Talk to your Community Liaison              programs. Registration is required for
                                           Officer                                     all programs unless otherwise noted.
Get Together                               In each Calgary Police Service
A safer community begins with an           District, there are Community Liaison
active community that works together.      Officers (CLOs) who serve as the main
By joining the Block Watch program
( or 403-509-
                                           community contact with residents.            Crowfoot Library
                                           They are contact points for community
2565), you can get to know your            policing initiatives, and they can help     •	 Stitch and Chat: Dec. 7, 14 & 21,
neighbours and find out what the main      you with issues in your neighbourhood.         1:30 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.
concerns are in your neighbourhood.                                                    •	 E-Library: Check out our selection
                                           In Valley Ridge, our CLO is Constable          of databases in our E-Library, which
You could also join the Valley Ridge
                                           Jud Niven and he can be reached at             you can easily access through our
Community Association to find out
                                           403-567-6200 or email pol3736@                 website.
more about what’s happening in your
                                                            •	 Movie Maniacs: A blog for movie
neighbourhood. The association often
                                                                                          lovers. Along with our large collec-
identifies needs and works towards
                                                                                          tion of DVDs, we now have movies
solutions for community problems.
                                                                                          on Blue-ray.
The VRCA also supports programs that
focus on helping children, youth and                                                   All Calgary Public Library locations
other parts of the community.                                                          will be closed Saturday, December 25
                                                                                       and Sunday, December 26, and will
When you get involved with your                                                        close at 4 pm, Friday, December 24
community and support young people,                                                    and Monday, December 31.
THE VALLEY BREEZE                                  DECEMBER 2010                                                         11

 National Cell Phone Collection                                                     Our Schools
It is with deep regret that PITCH-       the National Cell Phone Collection
                                                                                     St. Sylvester
IN Canada has decided to no longer       program. Together we have collected        Hello again from the staff and
operate the National Cell Phone          tens of thousands of cell phones and       students of École St. Sylvester School.
Collection Program, after a very         diverted them from becoming toxic          November was another busy month for
successful six years. While we are       waste in our landfills. The National       the students and staff.
no longer promoting the recycling        Cell Phone Collection Program was
program, our partner, Phone Back         created at a time when there were no       November saw the wrapping up of
Canada, will continue to operate their   provincial e-waste recycling programs      swimming lessons for the grade 3/4
own charitable recycling program.        and there was a need for a national        classes, Mount Royal University’s
This program is NOT associated with      recycling program. But now e-waste         presentation of the play, “One Snowy
PITCH-IN CANADA. For further             has become provincially legislated and     Night,” and Remembrance Day was
questions regarding matters arising      the local programs are easy to use, and    observed through a poignant liturgy.
from the collection of, payment for,     eco-friendly.                              Report cards went home with the
or shipping of cell phones we ask that                                              kids this month and parents had an
you contact Gordon Weis (PhoneBack       The following electronic items are         opportunity to attend interviews with
Canada) directly at gweis@thws1.         accepted in local recycling programs:      the teachers. As well, the always-
com.                                     1. all models of cellular phones           popular school book fair ran this
                                         2. batteries                               month.
We would like to thank you – our         3. cellular accessories                    École St. Sylvester will accept
volunteers – for your continued          4. headsets                                kindergarten registrations for both
commitment to and hard work for          5. chargers                                English and French kindergarten for
                                         6. pagers, and PDAs                        2011/2012. A baptismal certificate
                                         7. external aircards                       is expected; if you are not Catholic,
                                                                                    please call the school and talk to the
                                         Another option for recycling cell          office staff (403-500-2063). Visit our
                                         phones is the “Recycle My Cell”            school web site at
                                         program. This locally driven program       stsylvester to learn more about our
                                         accepts a wide variety of recyclable       school. École St. Sylvester School
                                         materials and tries to reduce carbon       is a place where caring, respect,
                                         waste created in the shipping process.     responsibility, trust, and family are
                                         While this program does not provide        taught and lived!
                                         monetary compensation for donations
                                                                                    We all look forward to what December
                                         or collectors it is an eco-friendly way
                                                                                    has in store for us… it is always a very
                                         to dispose of cellular phones.
                                                                                    exciting and busy month for all!
                                         To utilize the program visit               Carrie Morin
                               , enter your postal
                                         code and locate the nearest retail drop
                                         off location. If there are no convenient
                                         drop-off locations in your area, you
                                                                                     Varsity Acres
                                         can print a pre-paid shipping label        French Immersion Open House
                                         offered by several Recycle My Cell         Thursday, January 6, 2011 at 7 pm
                                         partners and mail in your cellular         Kindergarten and grade 1. Phone
                                         phone(s).                                  403-777-6090 for further information.
                                                                                    Children are welcome. Babysitting is
                                         If you have any questions regarding        available. Children must turn 5 on or
                                         this program change, please email          before March 1, 2011.
THE VALLEY BREEZE                                    DECEMBER 2010                                                           13

In Our City
 Walking In Your Community                                                              A Message From
The Calgary Foothills Primary Care         Research shows that people who               Your Alderman
Network coordinates a peer-led             have social support are more likely to
walking program based in Calgary           exercise regularly.                         In my previous article for the Valley
to promote healthy lifestyles and                                                      Breeze , I provided details on the City
active living in a safe and social         Joan Coulter is living proof that           of Calgary’s Landfill Throw ‘n’ Go
environment. The program runs year-        regular walking can drastically             Facilities with Waste and Recycling
round and all fitness levels are invited   improve your quality of life. She           Services, as well as an update on the
to participate. The                                          joined the CFPCN          City’s Land Supply. In this article I
program takes place                                          Calgary Walking           will discuss the recent 2010 Civic
at North Hill Mall                                           Program and has           Election and Calgary’s No Cost Spay/
from 8:00 am to                                              lost an inspiring         Neuter Pet Program.
10:00 am Monday                                              52 pounds in just
to Friday. During                                            over one year. She        2010 Civic Election
                                                             was able to triple        It is an honour and a privilege for me
the warmer months,
                                                             her daily travelled       to be elected for an additional three
participants can opt
                                                             distance within four      years to work as your representative
to walk outdoors                                                                       for Ward 1. I appreciate the support
at Confederation                                             months and now
                                                             averages 9,000 to         I received during the recent election.
Park, or join in on                                                                    I plan to use my considerable
monthly field trips                                          10,000 steps a day.
                                                                                       experience on City Council to keep
to other walking                                             “I feel better, breathe
                                                                                       Calgary moving forward in the next
locations throughout                                         better, and have          three years. Besides the customary
the city.                                                    been able to drop         responsibilities of participation at City
                                                             the dosage of some        Council meetings, I will be a member
There are many                                               of my medications         of the SPC Committees of Finance
physical and mental                                          and no longer             and Corporate Services and Land
health benefits associated with regular    take others,” shares Coulter. She           Use Planning and Transportation, as
walking. Regular walking and exercise      also enjoys the social aspects of the       Vice-Chairman. I look forward to
help to lower high blood pressure,         program, “Time goes faster with a           supporting new initiatives, programs
your risk of heart disease and diabetes,   friend… We like it quiet so we come         and activities.
and lose extra pounds. It also helps       early but meet up with some of the
to strengthen muscles, including the       group after and have tea.”                  Calgary’s No Cost Spay/Neuter
heart. Exercise also releases natural                                                  Pet Program
endorphins in your brain that help         Anybody who wants to register for           The City of Calgary Animal and
promote feelings of happiness, high        the CFPCN Calgary Walking Program           Bylaw Services, and Responsible
self esteem, and reduce stress. For        can visit the registration table near       Pet Ownership (RPO) partners, have
more information on the benefits of        the Dollar Store at North Hill Mall         launched a No Cost Spay/Neuter
walking and exercise, talk to your         between 8:00 am and 10:00 am                Program for the cats and dogs of
family doctor.                             Monday to Friday, or call the Calgary       financially eligible low income
                                           Foothills Primary Care Network at           Calgarians beginning in October 2010.
Exercising in a social environment         403-284-3726 ext. 206.                      To qualify, family household income
helps motivate people to get out of                                                    must not exceed 85 percent of the
the house and stick to a fitness plan.     Meghan Prevost                              low income cut-off as determined by
                                                                                       Statistics Canada. Proof of eligibility
                                                                                       is required. As well as reducing
 "Whenever I hear, It can’t be done, I know I’m                                        the chances of unwanted litters, we
 close to success."                                                                    hope the program will also promote
                                           Michael Flatley, Lord of the Dance                              continued on next page
THE VALLEY BREEZE                                   DECEMBER 2010                                                            15

In Our City
Message from Your Alderman continued

responsible pet ownership. Other free
services being offered to qualifying
                                           Graffiti Update
Calgarians includes a six-month           The Anti Graffiti Symposium (TAGS)
license for your cat or dog, microchips   is an annual conference open to
and post-operative medication.            individuals, agencies, government,
                                          schools, community groups, and
Revenue generated through cat
licensing is paying for the bulk of the   businesses affected by graffiti
program. The program is also expected     vandalism.
to reduce the number of homeless and
unwanted cats and dogs that end up in     This conference, initiated in 2005 by
rescue organizations and shelters every   the Vancouver Police Department, was
year in the city.                         developed to improve training and to
                                          provide graffiti investigators across
To obtain an application, Calgarians      Canada with the opportunity to develop
can visit,      investigative skills, network and share
call 3-1-1 or visit the Animal Services   intelligence.
Centre at 2201 Portland Street SE
during business hours.                    The Anti-Graffiti Symposium TAGS
Thank you again for giving me this        2010, a two-day conference, was held
opportunity to represent you. With        in October in Calgary.
your input, I will endeavour to meet
the needs of the constituents of Ward     Graffiti is any marking on property
1. Please do not hesitate to contact my   done without permission. The intent is      As Calgary has experienced an increase
office at 403.268.2430 or online at       to obtain a thrill by doing something       in the number of graffiti incidents and                illegal, so it increases, as a result of    costs to managing the issue within
                                          “free walls,” which attract more graffiti   Calgary communities, it is important
From the office of Dale Hodges            into the community (over a 100 percent      for us to share best practices.
                                                                                      The Calgary Police Service and the
 Upcoming                                 Individuals from other communities
                                          tag on their way to and from free
                                                                                      City of Calgary Animal and Bylaw
                                                                                      Services work with other partners and
 Concerts                                 walls. They gain experience and enjoy
                                          exposure of tags.
                                                                                      depend on the assistance of the public
                                                                                      to deal with graffiti crimes.
•	 Stuart McLean Vinyl Café
   Christmas: Dec. 2 & 3, Jubilee
                                          When a free wall is covered in tags         Graffiti continues to be of a high cost to
•	 Gwar: Dec. 2, MacEwan Hall
                                          (which can be done in as little as a day)   taxpayers in terms of property damage
•	 Handel's Messiah by The Calgary
                                          taggers will look at adjacent areas to      and cleanup, investigations, and in
   Philharmonic Orchestra: Dec. 3
                                          tag. Leaving your tag next to another       some cases, negative emotional and
   – 4, Jack Singer Concert Hall
                                          is okay, but not crossing out or writing    psychological affects.
•	 Rita MacNeil: Dec. 11, Jubilee
                                          over another, which is referred to as
•	 The Irish Rovers: Dec. 11,
   Deerfoot Inn & Casino                  ragging.                                    This year, the Calgary Police Service
•	 Nitty Gritty Dirt Band: Dec. 16,                                                   laid its first hate crime charge in
   Deerfoot Inn & Casino                  The aim is to place as many “tags” as       relation to graffiti-vandalism.
•	 Carrie Underwood: Dec. 19,             possible, in difficult and dangerous        By bringing TAGS to Calgary, new
   Scotiabank Saddledome                  areas. Their work is vandalism, not art.    and traditional methods were explored
•	 Joe Satriani: Jan. 5, Southern         Graffiti-style murals send mixed            to develop strategies for ongoing
   Alberta Jubilee                        messages if graffiti is acceptable in one   management of graffiti vandalism.
•	 Odair Assad: Feb. 8, Knox United       area and not another.
   Church                                                                             Anne Burke
THE VALLEY BREEZE                                   DECEMBER 2010                                                         17

In Our City                                                                            Food for Thought
 Cold Weather Safety
Alberta Health Services EMS responds                                                  Are you looking for a unique gift idea?
to many cold weather related emergen-                                                 Do you or someone you know enjoy
cies every winter.                                                                    cooking? Would you like to support
                                                                                      two great charities?
Simple actions such as dressing ap-
propriately and anticipating sudden                                                   The Independent Living Resource
weather changes can help keep you                                                     Centre of Calgary is currently selling
both warm and safe this season. And                                                   our popular “Food for Thought”
don’t forget to wear a toque – a sig-                                                 cookbook for $10. To show our
nificant percentage of body heat lost                                                 appreciation to the United Way of
escapes from the top of your head!                                                    Calgary and area, and help raise funds
                                          Hypothermia                                 for their 2010 fundraising campaign,
Frostnip                                  • Hypothermia is abnormally low body        we will be donating $2 from every
• Frostnip occurs when skin is ex-          temperature (less than 34°C as com-       cookbook sold to the United Way of
  tremely cold, but not frozen. It com-     pared to normal body temperature of       Calgary and Area.
  monly affects the ears, nose, cheeks,     about 37°C).
  fingers and toes.                       • People suffering hypothermia may          By purchasing one of our cookbooks
• The skin appears red but also turns       act inappropriately with uncharac-        you will be supporting the United
  to white when pressed. It may feel        teristic stumbling, mumbling, and         Way of Calgary and Area and also the
  numb to the touch.                        fumbling, as their body temperature       Independent Living Resource Centre
• When treated promptly, frost-nipped       continues to lower.                       of Calgary.
  skin will heal without complication.    • Early recognition and prompt medi-
• Gently re-warming the affected area       cal attention is crucial. Left untreat-   This popular cookbook features
  in a warm environment is advised.         ed, hypothermia may progress to           181 pages of great recipes with the
                                            coma and death.                           nutritional information (per serving),
Frostbite                                 • Call 9-1-1. Don’t forget to protect       and lists the food groups (per
• Frostbite is when skin becomes so         yourself from the factors that origi-     serving) and in some cases the dietary
  cold, the skin and underlying tissue      nally lead to the patient’s situation.    exchange (per serving). Recipes are
  freeze completely.                      • Gentle re-warming should start            grouped in the following categories:
• It may look white and waxy and will       as quickly as possible including:         • Good for you Breakfasts
  feel hard to the touch.                   removal of wet or constrictive cloth-     • Superb Soups
• Treatment begins with removal from        ing, covering with blankets or sleep-     • Spectacular Salads
  the cold environment and placing the      ing bags, and protecting the patient      • Delicious Side Dishes
  affected area in warm, not hot, water     from further heat loss (wind, mois-       • Yummy Desserts
  (about 41°C) until re-warmed.             ture and contact with cold surfaces).     • Great Options for Diabetics
• Seek further medical attention as
  required.                               Alberta Health Services                     Please contact Gina at 403-263-6880
                                                                                      Ext. 226 for more information or to
                                                                                      place an order for a cookbook.
 Energy Know-How                                                                      Thank you for your continued support
Did you know that Calgary is home         ing, Transportation, and Professional       of the Independent Living Resource
to 2,412 companies in the Oil and         and Technical Services.                     Centre of Calgary.
Gas (and Mining) Extraction indus-
try. These companies employ 62,300        The energy industry is made up of oil       Gina Van Diesen,
workers, with many more working in        and gas, electricity, coal and alterna-     Volunteer Coordinator
related industries, such as Manufactur-   tive energy.
THE VALLEY BREEZE                                     DECEMBER 2010                                                           19

In Our City
 Could You Do Your Job on Ice?                                                            Launch of No
Snowy winters are a fact of life in                                                       Cost Spay/Neuter
Calgary. Doing your part to shovel your
sidewalk is an essential component of                                                     Program
reducing the icy conditions that can be
hazardous for many Calgarians. After                                                     On October 28,
all, it’s not just your sidewalk: it’s                                                   Animal and Bylaw
someone’s worksite! Service providers                                                    Services and
such as meter readers for ATCO                                                           our Responsible
Gas and ENMAX and individuals                                                            Pet Ownership
delivering mail, newspapers and flyers      to the nearest fire hall or Roads depot to   (RPO) partners
must face wintery conditions head-on        pick up a sand and salt mixture. Failure     invited the media
as they navigate their daily routes. Ice    to remove snow and ice may result in         to celebrate the
and snow on your sidewalk make their        the City removing it at the owner’s          launch of the No
jobs more challenging and potentially       expense.                                     Cost Spay/Neuter
dangerous, as slips and falls on icy                                                     Program for the
sidewalks can result in serious injuries.   Sidewalks also need to be clear of           cats and dogs of financially eligible
It’s not just service providers that are    obstructions, such as electrical cords.      low income Calgarians. Invited guests
affected by snowy sidewalks; seniors,       Please ensure that if you need to plug in    included the two pet owners whose
handicapped persons, parents with           your car, you are parked so that you do      cats and dog were the first recipients
strollers and even dog walkers find it      not run the cord across the sidewalk. A      of the surgery under this program.
difficult to travel along sidewalks when    safety hazard such as this could result
they become treacherous.                    in a $250 fine.                              The no cost program removes
                                                                                         financial barriers for low income pet
Snow and ice removal is regulated           Be a respectful and thoughtful               owners and is expected to reduce the
under the Street Bylaw 20M88.               neighbour. Shovel your snow and              number of homeless and unwanted
Property owners are responsible for         encourage others to do the same. Let’s       cats and dogs that end up in rescue
clearing all sidewalks adjacent to their    all work together to make Calgary a          organizations and shelters every year
property down to the bare concrete          safe city in which to work and live!         in our city.
within 24 hours of a snowfall. With
the freeze and thaw that comes from         To access the Street Bylaw, report           To obtain an application, Calgarians
our welcomed Chinooks, ice can form         a bylaw infraction, or for more              can visit,
quickly if snow is not cleared down         information about snow and ice               call 3-1-1 or visit the Animal Services
to the bare concrete. For icy spots that    removal, call 3-1-1 or visit www.            Centre at 2201 Portland Street SE
are difficult to clear, we recommend                           during business hours.
that homeowners purchase commercial
ice-melting products or take a container    Animal and Bylaw Services                    Animal and Bylaw Services

 U of C Scientists Discover Nerve Regeneration
 University of Calgary’s Faculty of Medicine scientists have discovered a way to enhance nerve regeneration in the pe-
 ripheral nervous system. This important discovery could lead to new treatments for nerve damage caused by diabetes
 or traumatic injuries.

 Peripheral nerves connect the brain and spinal cord to the body, and without them, there is no movement or sensation.
 Peripheral nerve damage is common and often irreversible. Researchers used a rat model to examine a pathway that
 helps nerves to grow and survive.
THE VALLEY BREEZE                                     DECEMBER 2010                                                          21

    BABYSITTER LIST: Debbie Burke has a list of eligible babysitters in the neighbourhood. New babysitters, please
    call Debbie to add your name to the list as many of our senior babysitters are retiring. Parents, please feel free to
    contact Debbie if you need a babysitter. Debbie can be reached at 403-286-5286 or

    ODD JOBS LIST: Due to the overwhelming popularity of the Babysitter List, the VRCA now keeps a list for
    Miscellaneous/Odd Jobs such as snow shovelling, dog walking, pet sitting, fence painting, etc. If you are interested
    in being added to the list, or finding someone who can help you with your odd jobs, please contact Debbie Burke at
    403-286-5286 or Debbie will continue to screen people asking for the list to ensure they are Valley
    Ridge or Crestmont residents.

    Valley Ridge Motorheads

   A casual monthly get together of automobile enthusiasts.
   7:30 pm, Tuesday, December 14 at Van Gogh’s Grill & Bar
   For more information contact Jim Thornton at 403-287-9818 or

 Nurse Practitioners Are Here in Alberta
What is a Nurse Practitioner?               a large focus on illness prevention and    cholesterol. They can also provide
A Nurse Practitioner is an experienced      health promotion. They are known for       counselling with lifestyle issues such
Registered Nurse with a Masters             their listening skills and for creating    as smoking cessation support.
Degree and additional training to be        a partnership with patients to work
able to diagnose, treat and manage          on health goals. In other words, they      Are they safe?
many health conditions.                     combine CARE with CURE.                    YES! Over 200 studies have proven
                                                                                       that Nurse Practitioners are safe and
Where do they work?                         If a patient has a medical condition       effective health care providers. They
They work in the United Kingdom,            that is too complex for a nurse            are a regulated profession which
Australia, New Zealand, the USA, and        practitioner, the NP will refer you to a   means they have to meet many
now in Canada.                              family doctor or specialist for care.      education and licensing requirements
                                                                                       to practice, just like registered nurses
You may find Nurse Practitioners in         Why would I want to see a Nurse            and physicians do.
hospitals, urgent care clinics, specialty   Practitioner?
clinics, family practice clinics, in        There are 250,000 people in Calgary        For more information contact the
assisted living complexes, and in           without a primary care provider like       Nurse Practitioner Association of
continuing care facilities.                 a family doctor. Nurse practitioners       Alberta at 403-289-1462.
                                            can work alone or in a family practice
How are they different from                 with doctors and/or with a team of
Registered Nurses?                          other health care professionals like
Nurse Practitioners can do even
more than RNs. Nurse Practitioners
                                            dieticians, psychologists, pharmacists
                                            and nurses. In the hospital, they work      Theatre Classes
can diagnose and manage common
conditions, prescribe medications,
                                            with specialists and health care teams.
                                                                                        for Kids
order and interpret tests. They             Nurse Practitioners can take care
complete physical exams and may             of most of your health maintenance         Looking for something fun and
perform some procedures such as pap         needs like annual physicals and tests,     active to keep you busy during the
smears or simple suturing.                  contraception, prenatal care, baby and     cold winter months? Calgary Young
                                            child check-ups and advice. They can       People’s Theatre offers a variety of
How are they different from                 also take care of acute illnesses if you   unique and exciting drama classes for
physicians?                                 or your family get sick, and they can      kids ages four through 17. Check out
Nurse Practitioners bring their nursing     manage chronic diseases like asthma, or email or call
skills into play. That means they have      diabetes, hypertension and high            403-230-2664 for more information.
THE VALLEY BREEZE                                                 DECEMBER 2010                                                                              23
                                                Ads are $10 per month. There is a 40 word                   COOL SCHOOL TUTORING for all your
                                                maximum per ad. Payment is required in advance in           academic learning needs: Math (Grades 1-8),
                                                the form of cheque payable to “VRCA”. PLEASE                Reading, Writing, Grammar, Punctuation and
                                                drop off or mail in care of the Valley Breeze Assistant     Spelling Grades 1-12. Call Kathy, BPE., BEd.
  Editor, 117 Valley Creek Place NW, T3B 5V1. All proceeds will go to the Valley Ridge Facilities           Certified Teacher for 20 years. Phone 403-282-
  Fund. Please contact Charlene Randles at 403-669-4154 or for more information.          8359 or email
  Deadline is the 1st of the previous month.
                                                                                                            WE’VE GOT SUNSHINE ON A CLOUDY
PIANO, GUITAR, VOICE, DRUM, FLUTE                     USBORNE BOOKS - Help your child get a                 DAY AT ROCKSTAR TANNING! RockStar
and THEORY/HARMONY LESSONS.                           head start with books and have fun doing it. Have     Tanning is now open in the Plazebo! Beat the fall/
Certified teachers with many years experience         a party or simply order these exciting and award      winter blues with a dose of Vitamin D. Newly
and satisfied students. Recitals, exams and band      winning books for your baby, preschooler or           renovated and under new management. Monday
workshops. Reasonable prices. Gift certificates       school aged children. Call Heather at 403-270-        - Friday: 12 - 9, Saturday - Sunday: 12-7. Call
and music books available. Call Irene at              4288 or email                     403-984-2826 to book your appointment.
403-510-3474 or email
                                                      SPANISH LESSONS AND TRANSLATIONS.                     SNOW REMOVAL, WINDOW CLEANING
EXCELLENT DOG WALKING SERVICE                                                                               and CHRISTMAS LIGHTS by Squeegee
                                                      Spanish Teacher from Cuba providing lessons
Need help to walk your dog? Excellent rates,                                                                Brothers - prompt, reliable and affordable.
                                                      at your home or mine (in my Valley Ridge).
reliable service. Call 403-217-4241.                                                                        Satisfaction guaranteed. References available. Call
                                                      Bachelor of Arts Degree in languages and
                                                      translation. References available. Reasonable         Steeve for information and pricing at 403-383-
LOOKING FOR A RELIABLE PAINTER AT                                                                           4309 or email
A COMPETITIVE PRICE? Hardings Painting                rates $25/hour. For an appointment or information
does all types of painting and QUALITY work!          call Ani at 403-239-2426 or email aniely1323@
                                                                                        TUPPERWARE. Lifetime warranty. Host a
Call for a free estimate - ask about winter rates.
                                                                                                            party and shop for free! Fall catalogues available
No upfront fees, BBB, Liability Insurance, WCB.
                                                                                                            now. Call or email to book a party, place an
Call Mark 403-254-4726 or cell (403) 708-0431         BABYSITTING EVENINGS AND
                                                                                                            order, request a catalogue, or to be added to my
email                       WEEKENDS. Responsible 28 year old couple
                                                                                                            sales email. Contact Karen at 403-475-1330 or
                                                      in Valley Ridge available to babysit evenings or
PHOTOGRAPHER - for all your weddings,                 weekends. Excellent with children. References
engagements, anniversaries and other special          available. Call Ani at 403-239-2426 or email
events. Valley Ridge resident. Husband and wife                                 AFFORDABLE RESIDENTIAL CLEANING.
team work together to make your day special.                                                                We clean so you don’t have to. Monthly, bi-
View sample photos at      PANORAMA MOUNTAIN VILLAGE TWO                         weekly or weekly cleaning available. Affordable
gallery/skaugdm/. Email Daryl or Maria at             BEDROOM CONDO - Close to Toby Chair                   and trustworthy. References available. Call Sarah or call                (ski-in, ski-out). Fully furnished two bedrooms       at 403-383-6185 or email sarah_mwangi@
403-247-3239.                                         (sleeps 6), wood fireplace and BBQ. Relax in for a free estimate.
                                                      the hot tub. Mid week special $500 for 5 nights.
PLUMBING WORK and city certified back                 Available Sunday - Thursday. Email Dave at            FREE HOUSE SITTING - Recently retired
flow device inspections for your in-slab heating.                               couple living in Kamloops is looking to housesit
Need a shower repaired or toilet replaced? Give                                                             in NW/SW Calgary. We’d like to help our
me a call for advice and reasonable rates. Local                                                            daughter and son-in-law with their 3 small
Valley Ridge Business. Call Bill at 403-288-7710.     LOOKING FOR A PROFESSIONAL
                                                                                                            children during January and/or February 2011.
                                                      CLEANER who is hardworking, trustworthy,
                                                                                                            We’ll take care of your home with TLC. Call
LONDONDERRY PAINTING and                              reliable and has over 10 years experience? Do you
                                                                                                            Deanna 403-202-1942.
DECORATING - Interior, exterior painting and          find it a challenge to get your house clean? Then
wallpaper application and removal. In business        look no more. A clean home is a happy home. Call
                                                      Valldina 403-614-8528 visit    LOOKING FOR A GREAT DAYHOME FOR
since 1980. Call Howard at 403-226-3456 for a
                                                                                                            THAT SPECIAL LITTLE ONE? Crestmont
FREE estimate.
                                                      GARAGE DOOR PROBLEM? NO                               dayhome has spots for daytime or after school.
SPEND CHRISTMAS IN KAUAI, HAWAII -                    PROBLEM! We can have your door opening and            Healthy home made breakfast, lunch, dinners
1 bedroom timeshare (sleeps 4) with kitchen for 1     closing in no time. Call us today for service. We     and snacks. Flexible hours, trustworthy and
or 2 weeks. December 17 until January 1 at Makai      offer free estimates. Valley Ridge and Crestmont      experienced. Accepting all ages. Indoor/outdoor
Club at Princeville and Pono Kai Resort. $1200/       residents will receive a 10% discount. Call Tony at   activities. Call Amal at 403-275-8604.
week. Call Charlene for information at                Best Doors Inc. 403-862-2162.
403-669-4154 or email                                                                    METICULOUS HOME OR COMMERCIAL
                                                      MASSAGE AWAY YOUR STRESS AND                          CLEANING - Hi my name is Bobbie. I have
EXCELLENT CLEANING MAID                               PAIN! Valley Ridge MTAA therapist with 7              over 30 years experience in residential cleaning.
SERVICES. Detailed house cleaning; 10 years           years experience and 2200 hours of schooling.         Meticulous, reliable and bonded. House sitting
experience. Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Carpet      Specializing in Deep Tissue Massage. Phone            included. Free in-home quotes. Call Bobbie at
cleaning, move in and move out. 100% satisfaction     Christa at 403-471-9363 to book your free             403-288-8151 or 403-968-8151.
guaranteed. Licenced, insured and bonded. Call        assessment.
Toni: 403-470-6548.
                                                                                                             MISSING BIKE - Banshee Wildcard
                                                      2 BEDROOM TIMESHARE FOR SALE
HOST A GOLD PARTY with Exclusively Gold.              - Red Season (anytime), 6 locations (Daytona           stolen from the bike trails at the
A GOLD PARTY is a fun, safe and easy way to           Beach and Island Lakes near Disneyworld                bottom of Valley Ridge. Please contact
sell unwanted gold jewellery. We’re a Calgary         (Florida), Lake Tahoe, Banderas Texas and              Max Davies at 403-288-2288 or
owned company that will professionally evaluate       Dominican Republic or trade into RCI for other
your gold and we pay on the spot. Visit us at:
                                                                                                             email at Reward
                                                      locations. $2300 obo call Charlene at                  offered for return of bike. or call 403-815-7674.          403-669-4154 or email
                                                                            The Valley Breeze

VRCA EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE                                                    Plazebo Pauze
President      John DeRinzy      289-1949         Local businesses are invited to submit short profile articles to
Vice President David St. Louis 
Secretary      Darcie Nastiuk     286-4724        the Breeze. Content restrictions are minimal – we are interested
Treasurer      Jim Hinks        288-7181          in knowing more about the people who invest so much time and
                                                                            energy in their businesses at the Plazebo. Contact the editors for
VRCA DIRECTORS                                                              more information by emailing
Community Planning & Development
    Dave McCarrel                                    Just in Case You Didn’t Know…
Community Relations & Communications
   Lynne Dulaney                                     You can view the current issue of the Valley Breeze electronic file
Community Events                                                            at our publisher’s website: Also, if
   Christa McKegney          
Sports Programs                                                             you have misplaced a current issue, additional copies may be picked
   Devin Wagner               532-0521               up at the Valley Ridge pharmacy, Counter Care. For this month’s
Facilities                                                                  electronic edition you can also visit
   Russ Dickson               286-3281
Director-at-Large/New Facilities Committee/Membership             
   Suzanne Brett Welsh        836-5631
Director-at-Large                                                           VRCA Membership Reminder
Director-at-Large/Facilities                                                Membership in the VRCA runs the calendar year, January to
   VACANT                                                                   December. The membership is per household, not per individual
                                                                            and one membership covers all individuals living at that address,
Editor           J’Anne Claridge                 220-1826                   including children. Contact information collected by the VRCA
                                              will only be used by the VRCA and will not be sold or otherwise
Assistant Editor Charlene Randles                669-4154
                                           distributed. Notices regarding upcoming community events may
                                                                            be sent via email. Memberships may be purchased online using the
VALLEY RIDGE LEAF COMMITTEE                                                 soccer registration website (you do not need to register for soccer:
  Suzanne Brett Welsh                   Your membership helps to fund activities within our community and
PLAZEBO                                                                     provides support for VRCA initiatives and future facilities, making
Edward Jones                                                     286-5636   Valley Ridge a better place to live. If you have any questions, call
Jennifer Noble: Agent, State Farm Insurance                      286-7009
Luna Salon & Spa                                                 262-4460   Suzanne (Membership Chair) at 403-836-5631 or email
Pachet Assessment and Rehabilitation Services Inc.                
Pizza 73                                273-7373
Post Office                 M-F 8-8, Sat 10-6, Closed Sun/Hol.   603-1359   2011 Memberships On Sale Online
Richard’s Cleaners M-F 7:30am-8pm; Sa 9am-5pm; Su closed         451-7468   The VRCA is selling memberships online, through the Valley Ridge
Rockstar Tanning                                                 984-2826   soccer web site: If you have never
SmartMart                   M-F 6:30a-10p, Sat 7-10, Sun 8-10    247-7677
Stoney Trail Veterinary Clinic                                              used the soccer web site before, you will need to set up a profile
                          247-2737   which will be stored for future years. It will read Valley Ridge
Valley Ridge Dental Centre
                        202-2266   soccer on your receipt, but this will be replaced by a VRCA receipt
Valley Ridge Family Physicians                                   282-3806   and membership card. The web site accepts VISA or MasterCard.
Valley Ridge CounterCare Pharmacy                                532-4500
Valley Ridge Wine and Liquor            247-0341
Valley Ridge Chiropractic & Wellness Centre
                                 202-1114                                                I would like to become a member of the
                                                                                                                         Valley Ridge Community Association
Valley Ridge Psychologist: Dr. Tanja Haley
                                        669-0005                                                              New q       Renewal q
Van Gogh Grill & Bar                                             288-9664
Yulia’s Alterations M-Tues 7:30am-7:30pm; W-F 7:30am-4pm         451-7468
ELECTED OFFICIALS                                                              Name:    ________________________________________________
Alderman, Dale Hodges   268-2430
M.L.A., Alana Delong 216-5400               Address: ________________________________________________
M.P., Rob Anders             292-6666
Block Parents Monica Webster                      Phone:   ________________     Email: ________________________
Calgary Public Library    
                          Bowness 221-2022 Crowfoot 221-4122
Century Group                                                Mail membership form & cheque for $35 to
Community Liaison Officer Constable Niven              567-6200                                    Valley Ridge Community Association
Lodge at Valley Ridge    286-4414                                           C/O Membership Chair
                                                                                              35 Valley Creek Crescent NW, Calgary, T3B 5V2
Valley Ridge Golf Club      221-9682                                    Please make cheque payable to VRCA
Valley Ridge Scout Group Jeff Schaffhauser             283-4993
 SUNDAY                 MONDAY                   TUESDAY             WEDNESDAY             THURSDAY                     FRIDAY    SATURDAY              E
                                                                     1                    2                         3            4
REMINDER:                                                              Dec. 1 - Jan. 3       Dec. 2 - Dec. 6                      Dec. 4 and Dec. 5
 • Pay your Valley Ridge Community membership fees at                    Zoolights        Festival of Crafts                           12 Days
 • Blue bin recycling pickup on garbage days.
                                                                     at the Calgary Zoo      Stampede Park                          of Christmas
                                                                               Heritage Park

5                    6                     7                         8                    9                         10            11
                                                                                                                                 Christmas in Song
                                                                                                                                      Jack Singer
                                                                                                                                   Call 403-440-7770
                                                                                                                                  Dec. 11 and Dec. 12
                                                                                                                                 12 Days of Christmas
                                                                                                                                     Heritage Park

12                    13                    14                       15                   16                        17            18                    B
    Free Horse                                   Valley Ridge                                                                    Dec. 18 and Dec. 19
      Drawn                                      Motor Heads                                                                           12 Days
    Hay Rides                                     Van Gogh’s                                                                        of Christmas
    Valley Ridge                                  Grill and Bar                                                                      Heritage Park
    Golf Course                                    7:30 p.m.                                                                                            E
19                   20                     21                       22                   23                        24           25
                                                                      VRCA Board                                                                        R
                                                                        Meeting                                                    CHRISTMAS
                                                                         The Lodge
                                                                         7:00 p.m.

26                   27                     28                       29                   30                        31
                                                 Dec. 28 - Jan. 2                                                   NEW YEARS
BOXING DAY                                       Wizard of Oz                                                          EVE
                                                Jubilee Auditorium

THE VALLEY BREEZE                                     DECEMBER 2010                                                           XX

In Our City
                                                                                         • Failure to display the parking
 Accessible Parking Awareness Day                                                          placard or license may result in a
                                                                                           $150 fine. Beginning January 1,
                                                                                           the fine for parking illegally in an
November 25 was Accessible                  while they run an errand or shop. We           accessible stall will be $200 if paid
Parking Awareness Day                       want to remind people that a snap              within 10 days, $250 if paid within
Fines for parking in accessible stalls to   decision could be costly,” said Fraser.        30 days and $300 after that time.
increase on January 1, 2011
                                            In January 2009, 450 people received         3. How can abuse of a parking placard
The Calgary Parking Authority (CPA)         tickets for parking illegally in a              be reported?
is asking motorists to leave designated     designated stall. From January 1 to          • Please make a written report of
parking spaces for people with              the end of October 2010, 4,828 tickets          the occurrence. Record all details
disabilities and reminding them that the    were issued for unauthorized parking            of the incident, including the date,
fines for parking illegally in accessible   in a designated stall. In 2009, a total of      time, place, vehicle license number
stalls will increase in the New Year.       4,383 tickets were issued for the year.         and description and submit the
                                                                                            information to Registry Services,
“As we approach the holiday season,         The Calgary Parking Authority asks              Alberta Government Services
we ask Calgarians to be considerate and     you to think before you park and leave          Building, 710 - 4th Avenue SW,
leave the accessible parking spaces for     designated parking stalls for those who         Calgary T2P OK3. Fax: 403-297-
those who need them,” said Dale Fraser      need them.                                      8982
CPA General Manager.                                                                     • Reminder: Not all disabilities
“We also want to let them know that                                                         are visible. For example, heart or
parking illegally in an accessible stall
will be even more expensive in the           Parking Pointers                               lung conditions may not warrant a
                                                                                            wheelchair; however, people who
New Year.”                                                                                  have them may qualify for a parking
                                            Parking Stalls for People with                  placard because they are unable to
Beginning January 1, the fine for           Disabilities                                    walk further than 50 meters.
parking illegally in an accessible stall    What are the rules?
will be $200 if paid within 10 days,        1. Who can legally park in a stall           4. What is Accessible Parking
$250 if paid within 30 days and $300           designated for a person with a               Awareness Day?
after that time. The current fine is $150      disability?                               • Thursday, November 25, 2010 has
if paid within 10 days, $200 if paid        • Parking is permitted in a stall               been proclaimed Accessible Parking
within 30 days and $250 after that time.       designated for a person with a               Awareness Day. This proclamation is
                                               disability only when the vehicle             a reminder to Calgarians to be aware
“Our campaign is designed to educate           displays the designated parking              of the parking needs of persons with
people about why these parking spaces          placard or a designated license plate.       disabilities, particularly during the
are necessary and let them know the         • Placards are issued to individuals.           hectic holiday season. Designated
consequences of parking illegally in a         Only the placard holder is entitled to       parking stalls are a necessity—not
designated stall,” said Fraser.                use the placard. Loaning the placard         a privilege—for people with
                                               to a friend or family member may             disabilities. Respect their right to
Each year the CPA undertakes a month-          result in the card being cancelled.          equal access.
long Accessible Parking Awareness           • Anyone who helps a person with a
campaign. Starting                             disability run errands should avoid       5. What can you do to help?
November 25 and running through                using the designated stalls if the        • Be personally responsible. It is not
the month of December, the CPA will            person with the disability remains in        okay to park in a designated stall
step up its patrols of parking stalls for      the vehicle. This is an abuse of the         “just for a minute”.
people with disabilities. During the           placard privileges.                       • Remind family and friends to leave
campaign, officers also check to make       • Visitors to Alberta with a valid              designated parking stalls for those
sure that vehicles display either a valid      parking permit for people with               who need them.
parking placard or designated license          disabilities may use their valid          • Don’t abuse a handicapped parking
plate.                                         placard from the home province.              placard. For example, family
                                                                                            members are not allowed to use the
“This is typically the time of year when    2. What is the penalty for                      placard. Only the placard holder is
people are more likely to take a chance        unauthorized parking in a                    entitled to use it.
and park illegally in a designated stall       designated stall?
THE VALLEY BREEZE                                         DECEMBER 2010                                                               XX

In Our City
                                                                                                  Masquerade Ball, and the stylish Club
 Events In and Around Calgary                                                                     Masquerade nightclubbing event.
                                           Tickets, admission or registration may be required
                                           for events. Event details are believed correct as of
                                                       press time but may change at any time.
                                                                                                  The Calgary Motorcycle Show:
                                                                                                  Jan 7 – 9, BMO Centre Stampede
Balancing Acts: Dec. 1 – 4, various           Theatre. An innovative, highly                      Park. Exciting exhibits, performances,
venues. Celebrates the creative works         theatrical free-association on the                  demonstrations, competitions and
of people who have disabilities,              Orpheus and Eurydice myth.                          more.
brain injuries or chronic illnesses.
                                              Christmas Sleigh Rides: Dec. 17 –
A Christmas Carol: Dec. 2 – 26,
Theatre Calgary. The holiday classic,
                                              31, 3729 - 146 Ave. S.W. Bring your
                                              family and friends down for a funfilled
                                                                                                      Top New Year’s
A Christmas Carol by Charles
Dickens. Adapted by Jerry Patch.
                                              horsedrawn sleigh or wagon ride.
Directed by Dennis Garnhum.                                                                       A New Year's resolution is something                        Nativity Pageant: Dec. 19 – 24, every               that goes in one year and out the other.
                                              twenty minutes from 7:00 p.m. to                                           Author Unknown
Festival of Crafts: Dec. 2 – 5, BMO           9:00 p.m., the lower boat parking area
Centre Stampede Park. Thousands of            outside Heritage Park. The Church                   The pattern is predictable. Every year
creations by Alberta’s and Canada’s           of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints                at this time, we make our resolutions,
leading handmade artisans. This is            presents a dramatic portrayal of the                to be better people, thinner people,
the place to find that perfect gift from      birth of Jesus Christ with live actors              healthier people. Some of us succeed;
purses to photography, to glassworks          and real animals. No admission                      others don’t. Here are the top resolu-
and clothing.             charge.                     tions that people make according to
                                                                                                  the U.S. Government.
Santa	Shuffle	Calgary:	Dec. 4, Eau            Annual Resolution Run Calgary:
Claire Market. 5 km Fun Run or 1              Dec. 31, Eau Claire Market Running                  •   Drink less alcohol.
km Elf Walk to raise money for The            Room. Run or walk 5 km to receive                   •   Get a better education.
Salvation Army's Christmas Appeal.            a stylish limited-edition Resolution                •   Get a better job.                Run Jacket.                      •   Get fit.
inside.php?id=3194                                     •   Lose weight.
                                                                                                  •   Manage debt.
Hike the West Coast Trail Free                New Year's Eve Family Celebration:                  •   Quit smoking.
Slideshow: Dec 6, University                  Dec. 31, Turner Valley. The New Year                •   Reduce stress at work.
of Calgary. Join Aspen Uzelman                festivities begin at 5:30 p.m. with                 •   Reduce stress overall.
for a free slideshow on this                  the first hay wagon ride heading out                •   Save money.
once in a lifetime trip. www.                 around town, there will be skating on               •   Take a trip.                       the outdoor rink, hot chocolate and                 •   Volunteer to help others.
                                              hot dogs. At 8:00 p.m. the evening sky
Free Child Education Workshop:                will light up with spectaluar fireworks             Many people look forward to the new
Dec. 8, Green Learning Academy.               display.                        year for a new start on old habits.
Free child education workshop                                                                                           Author Unknown
focused on children’s individual              Masquerade New Year's Eve at
learning styles. www.greenlearning.           Carriage House Inn: Dec. 31, The
com                                           Carriage House Inn. Three different
                                              experiences to ring in the new year:
ONE by Jason Carnew: Dec. 9 – 18,             the sophisticated Food and Wine
Joyce Doolittle Theatre at Pumphouse          Experience, the lively and decadent