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October 12, 2005
    INET/PEG value parameters
    Describe the MIDAS INET
    Current network/applications
    Potential applications
    INET reconfiguration plans
    Role of PEG in the INET
    Update on WiFi - wireless access

    Tues, 10/11/05
Value parameters
    Value of the Comcast Franchise
         Cities, schools and libraries reduce their cost of

         Provides additional capacity needed today by all
          members of the network

         Encourages telecommunication competition in
          Marin which will drive down pricing and improve

    Tues, 10/11/05
Marin.org/MIDAS Description

           Network
           Applications

 Tues, 10/11/05
    Marin’s institutional network since 1995
       70 education locations
       32 County of Marin locations
       50 additional public agency locations
            • All public libraries
            • All law enforcement agencies
            • Cities and fire departments

    Tues, 10/11/05
    Network Based Applications
Current INET enabled collaborative applications
and core Services
   MariNET Libraries
   MarinMap Geographic Information System
   Law enforcement
   Web site services
   Email-messaging services

     Tues, 10/11/05
Current -- www.marinet.info
    All county and city libraries
       Internet access
       Secure network to the MariNET catalog

       190 network wired computers for patrons,

       Increasing number of libraries providing
        wireless access for the public

    Tues, 10/11/05
Current -- www.marinmap.org

 Tues, 10/11/05
Current -- Law Enforcement
    Marin Law enforcement network
       All Marin law enforcement agencies on the
        MLEDS secure network,
       Computer aided dispatch and records
       Access to state and Marin criminal
        databases, and
       Communications links with courts and the
        District Attorney.

    Tues, 10/11/05
Current -- marin.org
    Network Application Services
         Email:
            • 13 public agency mail domains,
            • 7 not for profit mail domains, with a total of
            • 450 email accounts.
         Web site hosting services for:
            • 19 public agencies, and
            • 47 not for profit and education.
         Security and Domain Management

    Tues, 10/11/05
Shared City/County applications
    Shared core services can provide
     economies of scale.
       Reduced cost of hardware and software
       Shared expert support personnel

    Tues, 10/11/05
Planned -- www.marin.org
    Planned collaborative applications and core
     services serving the public:
         Integrated Public Portal functions personalized for
          the county and each city web site
            • Directory of government services, non-profits, and
              businesses (Who?)
            • Calendar - a single calendar for all county events (When?)
            • My Community – find public and private services (Where?)
            • News and media Topical content from the cities and the
              county (What?)

    Tues, 10/11/05
www.marin.org 200?

Tues, 10/11/05
marin.org – Applications
    With increased INET capacity new
     applications can be put in place to benefit
     all of Marin, including:
         The G-Channel
         My Marin

    Tues, 10/11/05

 Tues, 10/11/05
“My Marin” – Map Search

 Tues, 10/11/05
marin.org/MIDAS - INET
    Potential collaborative applications and
     services :
         Shared city intranet portal
            • Shared applications like permit tracking
            • Virtual Operations System for disasters
       Disaster recovery services
       Distance training
       Wireless inside municipal campus
       Voice over IP telephony

    Tues, 10/11/05
INET reconfiguration plans
    2005-2006 reconfiguration improvements:
         Public and local government demand has
          outstripped our current network capacity.

         We have budgeted and will reconfigure the
          MIDAS in 2005-2006 to keep up with
          expected growth in demand projected over
          the next five years.

    Tues, 10/11/05
INET reconfiguration plans
    2005-2006 reconfiguration project
         Budget implications
            • On DAY ONE, the network will provide a 333% increase in
            • Cost increase will average 15%
         Capacity/budget going forward
            • Increasing capacity 10 x
            • Results in a cost increase of 1.6 x
         Comcast PEG funds would directly reduce
          the costs to the cities and the county.

    Tues, 10/11/05
INET reconfiguration plans

    2005-2006 reconfiguration project
     resulting economic benefits include
     increased capacity being available to
     Marin residents and businesses.

    Tues, 10/11/05
               PEG- INET Summary
    PEG capital funding will directly reduce city and
     county costs for the INET.

    INET is a strategic asset for the cities and the
     county -- it enables efficient collaboration

    The Comcast Franchise offers vendor diversity
     and encourages competition in Marin

    Tues, 10/11/05
Overview of SF WiFi
    San Francisco RFI Summary
         Goals:
            •   Universal and affordable wireless broadband access
            •   Ensure in-home access
            •   Promote job creation
            •   Streamline government interaction with residents
         RFI will determine the prudent path for SF to take
            •   Network as a city service
            •   Network as a new utility
            •   Engaging in a public-private partnership
            •   Support other alternatives that meet the goals
         City is making no financial obligations
    Tues, 10/11/05
Overview of WiFi
    Issues raised by the Google proposal
       Undercuts investment by SBC and
       Could divert traffic to Google

       Could be used to test location-based

    Tues, 10/11/05
    Thank you, Scott McKown and I
     appreciate having the opportunity to make
     this presentation to you.

    Do you have any questions?

    Tues, 10/11/05

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