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									Amick    Halle        Quality/Access   2006   HPAA 762:           HPAA 710: Health HPAA 496:             ANTH 898:          PUBH 731:        FOLK 860: Art of
                                              Quality of Care     Law              Readings              Selected Topics:   Social Marketing Ethnography
                                                                                                         Medicine, Politics
                                                                                                         & Justice
Beil     Heather      Quality/Access   2006   HPAA 762:           HPAA 496:         HPAA 770:           SOCI 850: Social       HPAA 465:          STRAT 338
                                              Quality of Care     Readings on       Operations Research Stratification         Managed Care,      (Duke): Strategic
                                                                  Complex Systems   for Healthcare                             Market Reform      Modeling and
                                                                  Theroy            Systems                                    and the Impact     Business
                                                                                                                               on Vulnerable      Dynamics
Belden   C. Michael   Sociology/Org    2008   EPID 757: HIV in SOCI 700: History HPM 510: Global         HBHE 600: Social
                                              Developing       of Social Thought Perspectives on         and Behavioral
                                              Countries                          Ethical Issues in       Sciences in Public
                                                                                 Health Policy and       Health

Belsky   Daniel       Sociology/Org    2007   HPAA 930:           SOCI 700: History SOCI 830:            SOCI 831:             PSYC 781:          BUSI 857:        MHCH 759:
                                              Doctoral Seminar    of Social Thought Demography:          Demography:           ProSeminar in      Seminar in Human Causal Inference
                                              in Organizational                     Theory, Substance,   Theory, Substance,    Developmental      Resource         in Public Health
                                              Theory and Health                     Techniques, Part I   Techniques, Part II   Science            Management
Birken   Sarah        Sociology/Org    2006   SOCI 700:           BUSI 851: Micro   BUSI 853: Macro      STRAT 338             HPAA 330           HPAA 496:
                                              History of Social   Organizational    Organizational       (Duke): Strategic     (930): Doctoral    Readings in
                                              Thought             Behavior          Behavior             Modeling and          Seminar in         System Dynamics
                                                                                                         Business              Organizational
                                                                                                         Dynamics              Theory and
                                                                                                                               Health Care
Boyer    Greg         Policy           2007   POLI 700: Core HPAA 465:            SOCI 822: Aging        POLI 813:             HPAA 561:          HPAA 757:          POLI 716:
                                              Seminar on        Managed Care,     and Life Course        Comparative           Advanced Policy    Health Reform:     Politics and
                                              American Politics Market Reform and Theory                 Welfare States        Analysis for the   Political Dynamics Policy
                                                                the Impact on                                                  Public's Health    and Policy
                                                                Vulnerable                                                                        Dilemmas
Chuang    Emmeline   Sociology/Org      2005   HPAA 260 (755): SOCI 860:             SOCI 822: Aging     SOCI 870:            HPAA 330          HBHE 802:
                                               Health Policy and Sociology of        and Life Course     Sociology of         (930): Doctoral   Social
                                               Politics)         Organizations       Theory              Culture              Seminar in        Determinants of
                                                                                                                              Organizational    Health
                                                                                                                              Theory and
                                                                                                                              Health Care

Clayton   Laurel     Decision Science   2008   HPAA 710:         PATH 725:           BIOS 664: Sample    HPAA 772:
                                               Health Law        Cancer              Survey              Methods for
                                                                 Pathobiology        Methodology         Health Policy
                                                                                                         Analysis and

Cohen     Monique    Sociology/Org      2003   SOCI 200 (700): EPID 892:           SOCI 230 (850):       HPAA 330 (930):      BUSI 353   HBHE 302                 HBHE 208
                                               History of Social Interdisciplinary Social Stratification Doctoral Seminar                (802): Social
                                                                                                                              (853): Macro                        (708): Latino
                                               Thought           Seminar in Health                       in Organizational               Determinants of
                                                                                                                              Organizational                      Health Promotion
                                                                 Disparities                             Theory and Health    Behavior   Health: Theory,          Research
                                                                                                         Care Organizations              Method, And
D’Arcy    Laura      Economics          2006   ECON 700:         ECON 710:           ECON 850: Health ECON 850:          ECON 880:       ECON 881: Labor          EPID 710:
                                               Quantitative      Advanced            Economics:        Health Economics: Labor Economics Economics II             Fundamentals of
                                               Techniques        Microeconomic       US/Dynamic models US Supply Side    I                                        Epidemiology
                                                                 Theory 1

Dinan     Michaela   Quality/Access     2006   PUBA 722:         HBHE 715:           HPAA 770:           MHCH 730:            EPID 756:         HPAA 762:
                                               Administrative    Communication for   Operations Research Reproductive         Control of        Quality of Care
                                               Politics          Health-related      for Healthcare      Health Policy        Infectious
                                                                 Decision-Making     Systems                                  Diseases in
Ellis     Shellie    Quality/Access     2008   EPID 710:         HPAA 765:
                                               Fundamentals of   Cancer Prevention
                                               Epidemiology      and Control
Exley       Elizabeth   Quality/Access     2004   ANTH 201 (701): SOCI 604 (824):          HPAA 307:            PLCY 220 (XX): MHCH 262           HPAA 264 (762):
                                                  Sociocultural   Aging and Health         Readings             American Welfare (862): Maternal Quality of Care
                                                  Theory And                                                    State            and Child Health
                                                  Ethnography                                                                    Program
Feigenbaum Lindy        Quality/Access     2007   HPAA 762:           HPAA 472:            HBHE 600: Social     PUBPOL 388       PUBPOL 264
                                                  Quality of Care     Program              And Behavioral       (Duke): Service  (Duke):
                                                                      Evaluation           Sciences In Public   Delivery Systems Globalization
                                                                                           Health                                and Health
Fender      B. Nicole   Decision Science   2008   HPAA 710:           HPAA 772:            MHCH 862:
                                                  Health Law          Methods for Health   Maternal and Child
                                                                      Policy Analysis      Health Program
                                                                      and Technology       Evaluation

Fortune-    Alice       Quality/Access     2008   HPAA 762:           HPM 761: Quality DPOP 803: Social
Greeley                                           Quality of Care     and Utilization  and Behavioral
                                                                      Management       Aspects of
                                                                                       Pharmaceutical Use

Fraher      Erin        Sociology/Org      2003   SOCI 200 (700): SOCI 821: The            SOCI 961:            HPAA 140 (496): SOCI 230             SOCI 248 (863):
                                                  History of Social Life Course            Readings             Readings        (850): Social        Medical Sociology
                                                  Thought                                                                       Stratification

Geonnotti   Kristin     Quality/Access     2005   POLI 210 (700): HPAA 762:                HPAA 245 (472): HPAA 465:               DPOP 803:         HPAA 260 (755): HPAA 262 (561):
                                                  Core Seminar on Quality of Care          Program Evaluation Managed Care,        Social and        Health Policy and Advanced Policy
                                                  American Politics                                           Market Reform        Behavioral        Politics          Analysis for the
                                                                                                              and the Impact on    Aspects of                          Public's Health
                                                                                                              Vulnerable           Pharmaceutical
                                                                                                              Populations          Use
Gilbert     Allison     Epidemiology       2003   EPID 158 (705):     EPID 234 (771):      EPID 256 (735):    HPAA 330 (930):      EPID 168          EPID 268 (715): HPAA 308:
                                                  Introduction to     Cancer               Cardiovascular     Doctoral Seminar     (710):            Theory and      Directed
                                                  Logic and           Epidemiology         Disease            in Organizational    Fundamentals of   Quantitative    Reseaerch
                                                  Probability Logic   Methods              Epidemiology       Theory and Health    Epidemiology      Methods of
                                                  in Epidemiology                                             Care Organizations                     Epidemiology
Goldberg     Lynda       Quality/Access   2008   EPID 750:           HPAA 762:            HPM 761: Quality      HPAA 472:         EPID 759:        HPAA 730:         HPAA 760:
                                                 Fundamentals of     Quality of Care      and Utilization       Program           Methods in Field Leadership and    Healthcare
                                                 Public Health                            Management            Evaluation        Epidemiology     Management of     Quality and
                                                 Surveillance                                                                                      Health Care       Information
                                                                                                                                                   Organizations     Management
Heard        Kimberley   Economics        2008   ECON 700:           ECON 710:            EPID 710:             ECON 711:         ECON 890:        ECON 395 (356) ECON 395A
                                                 Quantitative        Advanced             Fundamentals of       Advanced          Seminar--        (Duke): Health (Duke): Social
                                                 Techniques          Microeconomic        Epidemiology          Microeconomic     Quantitative     Economics      Insurance
                                                                     Theory 1                                   Theory II         Techniques II

Holdsworth   Elizabeth   Quality/Access   2008   EPID 710:           ISE 762 (NCSU):      Strategy 338
                                                 Fundamentals of     Computer             (Duke): Strategic
                                                 Epidemiology        Simulation           Modeling and
                                                                     Techniques           Business Dynamics

Hou          Jianlin     Finance          2005   ECON 700:           ECON 710:            BUSI 071:             BUSI 180:         BUSI 881:
                                                 Quantitative        Advanced             Financial             Corporate Finance Theorry of
                                                 Techniques          Microeconomic        Accounting                              Financial
                                                                     Theory 1                                                     Management
Kavalieratos Dionysios   Quality/Access   2008   HPAA 762:           SOWO 800: Adult DPOP 803: Social
                                                 Quality of Care     Health and Mental and Behavioral
                                                                     Health            Aspects of
                                                                                       Pharmaceutical Use
Kilany       Mona        Quality/Access   2007   SOCI 700:           HPAA 762:        HPAA 561:                 POLI 813:        SOWO 830:         SOWO 607:        PUBH 763:
                                                 History of Social   Quality of Care  Advanced Policy           Comparative      Health and        Aging and Public Policy Issues and
                                                 Thought                              Analysis for the          Welfare States   Mental Health     Policy           Outcomes
                                                                                      Public’s Health                            Policy
King         Jennifer    Epidemiology     2007   EPID 710:           EPID 826: Social EPID 705:                 EPID 715: Theory GEOG 491:
                                                 Fundamentals of     Epidemiology:    Introduction to           and Quantitative Introduction to
                                                 Epidemiology        Concepts and     Logic and                 Methods in       GIS
                                                                     Measures         Probability in            Epidemiology

Kranz        Ashley      Quality/Access   2008   HPAA 762:           EPID 733:            SOWO 831:
                                                 Quality of Care     Clinical Trials in   Children's Services
                                                                     Epidemiology         Policies And
Ku          Li-Jung       Decision Science   2007   EPID 710:          HPM 770:             HPAA 772:           MHCH 759:          PLCY 788:         BIOS 66: Sample HMSC 951:
            (Elizabeth)                             Fundamentals of    Operations           Methods for Health Causal Inference in Public Policy     Survey          Aging and Public
                                                    Epidemiology       Research for         Policy Analysis and Public Health      Economics I       Methodology     Policy
                                                                       Healthcare Systems   Technology

Lee         I-Heng        Economics          2006   ECON 700:          ECON 850:        ECON 851: Health ECON 873:                  PUBH 120         ECON 881: Labor HPAA 260
            (Emma)                                  Quantitative       Health Economics for Developing   Econometrics               (420): AIDS:     Economics II    (755): Health
                                                    Techniques         (Supply)         Countries                                   Principles and                   Policy and
                                                                                                                                    Policies                         Politics)

Lin         Ching-Ching Economics            2007   ECON 700:          ECON 710:            ECON 850: Health MHCH 759:           ECON 880:       HPAA 765:         ECON 357
            (Claire)                                Quantitative       Advanced             Economics        Causal Inference in Labor Economics Cancer Prevention (Duke): Health
                                                    Techniques         Microeconomic                         Public Health       II              and Control       and Development
                                                                       Theory 1                                                                  Seminar           (Demand)

Liu         Miaomiao      Decision Science   2005   ECON 101 (410): HPAA 762:               HPAA 765: Cancer HPAA 772:              DPOP 801:        DPOP 803: Social   BIOS 752:
                                                    Microeconomics Quality of Care          Prevention and   Methods for            Pharmacoecono    and Behavioral     Design and
                                                    Theory                                  Control Seminar  Health Policy          mics             Aspects of         Analysis of
                                                                                                             Analysis and                            Pharmaceutical     Clinical Trials
                                                                                                             Technology                              Use

Masselink   Leah          Sociology/Org      2004   SOCI 280 (822): PUBH 120                PUBH 140:             HPAA 330 (930): SOCI 270           SOCI 206           SOCI 224
                                                    Sociological                            Readings              Doctoral Seminar (821): The Life   (Duke):            (Duke):
                                                    Theories Of Aging                                             in Organizational Course           Sociological       Migration
                                                    And The Adult                                                 Theory and Health                  Theory
                                                    Life Course                                                   Care Organizations

Meed        Jessica       Quality/Access     2005   ECON 210 (700): HPAA 762:               HPM 770:              HPM 740:          PLCY 288         PLCY 289 (789): ENVR 275
                                                    Basic Quantitative Quality of Care      Operations Research   Introduction to   (788X): Public   Public Policy   (765): Model-
                                                    Techniques                              for Healthcare        Health Care       Policy           Economics II    Based Exposure
                                                                                            Systems               Financial         Economics I                      Mapping And
                                                                                                                  Management                                         Risk Assessment
Melton,   L. Doug     Quality/Access   2006   DPOP 803: Social HPAA 762:              HPAA 961: Aging      HPAA930:             HPM 761:         HBHE 727:
Doug                                          and Behavioral   Quality of Care        and Public Policy    Doctoral Seminar     Quality and      Patient Advocacy
                                              Aspects of                                                   in Organizational    Utilization
                                              Pharmaceutical                                               Theory and Health    Management
                                              Use                                                          Care Organizations

Ng        Shuwen      Economics        2004   ECON 210 (700): ECON 200 (710): ECON 276 (873):              ECON 291 (880): SOCI 212              ECON 357           SOCI 831:
                                              Basic Quantitative Advanced      Econometrics                Labor Economics I (830):              (Duke): Health     Demography:
                                              Techniques         Microeconomic                                                Demography:        Economics:         Theory,
                                                                 Theory 1                                                     Theory,            Demand Side        Substance,
                                                                                                                              Substance,                            Techniques, Part
                                                                                                                              Techniques, Part                      II
Poley     Stephanie   Quality/Access   2003   POLI 210 (700): HPAA 762:               HPAA 260 (755):      HPAA 262 (561): HPAA 270
                                              Core Seminar on Quality of Care         Introduction to      Advanced Policy (715): Health
                                              American Politics                       Health Policy and    Analysis for the   Economics for
                                                                                      Politics             Public's Health    Policy and
Psek      Wayne       Quality/Access   2007   SOCI 700:           PLCY 590:           SOCI 822: Aging      HPAA 330 (930): BUSI 857:             BUSI 852:
                                              History of Social   Special Topics in   and Life Course      Doctoral Seminar Seminar in           Groups and Teams
                                              Thought             Public Policy       Theory               in Organizational Human Resource
                                                                                                           Theory and Health Management
                                                                                                           Care Organizations

Rajan     Suja        Economics        2003   ECON 210 (700): ECON 200 (710): BUSI 381 (881):              HPAA 210 (661):      BIOS 170 (670): BIOS 151 (550):     ECON 255
                                              Basic Quantitative Advanced           Corporate Finance      Management of        Demographic     Basic Elements of   (851): Health for
                                              Techniques         Microeconomic                             Foreign Aid in       Techniques I    Probability and     Developing
Shadle    John        Economics        2003   ECON 200 (710): Theory 1
                                                                 ECON 210 (700): MHCH 140 (664)/           Health and (930):
                                                                                                           HPAA 330             ECON 255        Statistical
                                                                                                                                                HBHE 302            Countries (756):
                                                                                                                                                                    PUBH 256
                                              Advanced           Basic Quantitative HPAA 664:              Doctoral Seminar (851): Health for    (8002): Social     Health Inequality
                                              Microeconomic      Techniques         Problems in            in Organizational Developing          Determinants Of    in the United
                                              Theory                                Maternal and Child     Theory and Health Countries           Health: Theory,    States (Cross-
                                                                                    Health                 Care Organizations                    Method, And        listed as MHCH
                                                                                                                                                 Intervention       756)
Weaver    Emily       Quality/Access   2007   ECON 700:           HPAA 762:           MHCH 862:            SOCI 830:          PLCY 788:          ECON 395           HPM 496:
                                              Quantitative        Quality of Care     Maternal and Child   Demography:        Public Policy      (Duke): Health,    Readings in
                                              Techniques                              Health Program       Theory, Substance, Economics I        Development and    International
                                                                                      Evaluation           Techniques, Part I                    the Family         Health Policy
Wheeler   Stephanie    Decision Science   2006   HPAA 711:           EPID 722:            HPAA 772:               HPAA 762:        DPOP 801:           EPID 733:            EPID 753:
                                                 Research            Epidemiologic        Methods for Health     Quality of Care   Pharmacoecono       Clinical Trials in   Prevention and
                                                 Management and      Analysis of Time-    Policy Analysis and                      mics                Epidemiology         Control of
                                                 Ethics in Health    to-Event Data        Technology                                                                        Infectious Disease
                                                 Policy                                   Assessment                                                                        at the Level of the

Wicher    Courtney     Economics          2008   ECON 700:           ECON 710:         ECON720:                 ECON 770:          ECON 711:           ECON 721:       ECON 711:
                                                 Quantitative        Advanced Micro- Advanced Macro-            Econometric        Advanced Micro-     Advanced Macro- Econometrics
                                                 Techniques          economic Theory 1 Economic Theory I        Theory             Economic            economic Theory
                                                                                                                                   Theory II           II

Wilson    Michele      Economics          2008   ECON 710:           HBHE 852: Scale HPAA 762: Quality HPAA 961: Aging ECON 357          ECON 395A                          ECON 395A
                                                 Advanced            Development     of Care           and Public Policy (Duke): Seminar (Duke-1.5                          (Duke-1.5
                                                 Microeconomic       Methods                                             in Health       Credits): Social                   Credits):
                                                 Theory 1                                                                Economics       Insurance                          Graduate Health
Wright    D. Bradley   Policy             2006   HPAA (561):         SOCI 850: Social HPAA 472:          HPAA 465:                 MHCH 756:           HPAA 757:
                                                 Advanced Policy     Stratification   Program Evaluation Managed Care,             Understanding       Health Reform:
                                                 Analysis for the                                        Market Reform             and Addressing      Political Dynamics
                                                 Public's Health                                         and the Impact on         Health              and Policy
                                                                                                         Vulnerable                Inequalities in     Dilemmas
                                                                                                         Populations               the US

Yeh       Wei-shi      Economics          2005   ECON 210 (700): ECON 200 (710): ECON 850: Health               ECON 851:          ECON 873:           HPAA 270 (715):
          (Danny)                                Basic Quantitative Advanced      Economics                     Health for         Econometrics        Health Economics
                                                 Techniques         Microeconomic                               Developing                             for Policy and
                                                                    Theory 1                                    Countries                              Administration

You       Yuan         Quality/Access     2004   HBHE 303 (803):     MHCH 200             MHCH 262 (862): HPAA 264 (762):          PUBH 256            HPM 660 (110):
                                                 Social              (610): Issues in     Maternal and Child Quality of Care       (756): Health       International and
                                                 Relationships And   Maternal and Child   Health Program                           Inequality in the   Comparative
                                                 Health              Health               Evaluation                               United States       Health Systems
                                                                                                                                   (Cross-listed as
                                                                                                                                   MHCH 756)
Amick    Halle        Quality/Access

Beil     Heather      Quality/Access

Belden   C. Michael   Sociology/Org

Belsky   Daniel       Sociology/Org

Birken   Sarah        Sociology/Org

Boyer    Greg         Policy
Chuang    Emmeline   Sociology/Org

Clayton   Laurel     Decision Science

Cohen     Monique    Sociology/Org      SOCI 245 (860)   BUSI 351 (851):   MHCH 256 (756):
                                        Sociology of     Micro             Understanding and
                                        Organizations    Organizational    Addressing Health
                                                         Behavior          Inequalities in the

D’Arcy    Laura      Economics          ECON 873: Cross- HPAA 465:         ECON 357 (Duke):
                                        Sectional        Managed Care,     Health Economics:
                                        Econometrics     Market Reform and Demand Side
                                                         the Impact on
Dinan     Michaela   Quality/Access

Ellis     Shellie    Quality/Access
Exley       Elizabeth   Quality/Access

Feigenbaum Lindy        Quality/Access

Fender      B. Nicole   Decision Science

Fortune-    Alice       Quality/Access

Fraher      Erin        Sociology/Org

Geonnotti   Kristin     Quality/Access     PUBH 256 (756):     HPM 961 (Cross-
                                           Health Inequality   listed as SOWO
                                           in the United       607): Aging &
                                           States (Cross-      Public Policy
                                           listed as MHCH
Gilbert     Allison     Epidemiology
Goldberg     Lynda       Quality/Access

Heard        Kimberley   Economics

Holdsworth   Elizabeth   Quality/Access

Hou          Jianlin     Finance

Kavalieratos Dionysios   Quality/Access

Kilany       Mona        Quality/Access

King         Jennifer    Epidemiology

Kranz        Ashley      Quality/Access
Ku          Li-Jung       Decision Science

Lee         I-Heng        Economics          ECON 357           ECON 395
            (Emma)                           (Duke): Health     (Duke); Health
                                             and Development    Development and
                                             (Demand)           the Family

Lin         Ching-Ching Economics            ECON 395
            (Claire)                         (Duke): Health
                                             Development and
                                             the Family

Liu         Miaomiao      Decision Science EPID 733:            EPID 735:
                                           Clinical Trials in   Cardiovascular
                                           Epidemiology         Disease

Masselink   Leah          Sociology/Org

Meed        Jessica       Quality/Access     PLAN 704:         SOCI 761:          PUBH 785:           HPAA 496: Readings
                                             Planning Theory I Questionnaire      Occupational Health
                                                               Design             Interdisciplinary
Melton,   L. Doug     Quality/Access

Ng        Shuwen      Economics        NUTR 745:       ECON 399: Health ECON 851: Health
                                       International   Economics: Supply for Developing
                                       Nutrition       Side              Countries

Poley     Stephanie   Quality/Access

Psek      Wayne       Quality/Access

Rajan     Suja        Economics        ECON 276 (XX): ECON 202 (720): BIOS 164 (664)       ECON294 (881) Labor   ECON 398 ECON 356 ECON 357 ECON 201
                                       Econometrics   Advanced Macro- Sample Survey        Economics II          (Duke)   (Duke)   (Duke)   (711):
                                                      economic theory I Methodology I                                                       Advanced
Shadle    John        Economics        ECON 263 (865): ECON 356 (Duke) ECON 357 (Duke)                                                      Micro-
                                       Theory and Policy

Weaver    Emily       Quality/Access
Wheeler   Stephanie    Decision Science EPID 754:       PUBH 420: AIDS:
                                        Mathematical    Principles and
                                        Modeling of     Policies

Wicher    Courtney     Economics        ECON 850:        SOWO 830:         ECON 357 (Duke)
                                        Health Economics Health and Mental
                                                         Health Policy

Wilson    Michele      Economics

Wright    D. Bradley   Policy

Yeh       Wei-shi      Economics

You       Yuan         Quality/Access

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