EBAY CONSIGNMENT AGREEMENT

This agreement is made by and between ol’nicknacks, llc (herein referred to as "Seller"), and
_____________________________________ (hereinafter the “Consignor.”)

Whereas the Consignor wishes to consign a certain item or items (the “Consignment Item” or “Items”), described in Attachment
A hereto, to ol’nicknacks, llc for sale, the following provisions are hereby understood and agreed to:

Sales Price. The Seller and Consignor have jointly determined the starting Sales Price of the Consignment Item(s) to be listed on

Fees. The Consigner agrees to pay all listing fees imposed by eBay, including insertion fees which are determined by the starting
price, listing upgrades, and additional photo fee. The final value fees outlined in Attachment B will be deducted from the sales
price prior to the commission settlement. The Consigner also agrees to pay a Listing Service Fee (in advance) to the Seller in the
amount of $10 for the first listed item and $5 for each additional item listed. The Listing Service Fee shall include the provision
of digital photographs of the listed items. (If Consignor provides digital photos of items, Seller will deduct $2 from the Listing
Service Fee.) In the event that an item does not sell the first time, and the Consignor wishes to relist the item on eBay, the
Consignor shall pay an additional Listing Service Fee of $2 for each item relisted. However, for any item that sells for an amount
in excess of $30, the Listing Service Fee shall be waived.

Commission. The Seller is entitled to retain a commission of 50% (fifty percent) of the Net Sales Price of the items sold up to a
maximum of $200. The Net Sales Price shall be the final sales price of the item, less any and all eBay fees and Listing Service

Payments to Consignor. The Seller provides the Consignor with a report showing all items sold, and shall pay to the Consignor
the amount of the Sales Price of all sold Items, less any commissions, returns or amounts due to Seller, no later than 15 days after
the end of the month in which such Items were sold.

Condition of Items. Consignor warrants that the Consignment Items are clean and in good, saleable condition. Seller shall,
within 48 hours after receipt of Consignment Items, notify the Consignor of any cleaning or repairs that, in the opinion of the
Seller, need to be made to the Consignment Items in order to obtain the Sales Price. If Consignor is unable or unwilling to make
or have made such repairs or cleaning, such Item shall be withdrawn from this Agreement, and the Consignor shall remove said
Item from the Premises within 10 days from Consignor’s failure or refusal to repair or clean.

Unsold Items. Items that are listed on eBay but are not sold will be removed from the premises by the Consignor within 10 days
after auction has ended. Any item not removed by Consignor within 10 days from that date such item shall become the property
of the Seller, and the Seller may dispose of such item in whatever manner the Seller, in the Seller’s sole discretion, deems

Removal of Items. In the event the Consignor wishes to remove a Consignment Item from the Premises before it is sold,
Consignor must give Seller notice of such intent to remove no less than two business days before removal. Items may be
removed from the Premises during regular business hours, or by appointment. Once an item listed on eBay has received a bid, it
may no longer be removed from the Premises.

Assumption of Risk. Consignor agrees that Seller assumes no risk of loss due to stolen or damaged items, and that Seller shall
not be liable for any loss, damage or diminution in value of any items under this Agreement, regardless of fault.

Shipping Costs. The Consignor is responsible for arranging for, and paying for, all shipping to the Premises for listing on eBay.
After the item sells, Seller collects payment and ships your item to the winning bidder; winning bidder pays for shipping to their

Term of Agreement. This Agreement shall be valid and enforceable for one year.

Disputes. In the event of any controversy or claim arising from or relating to this Agreement, the Consignor and the Seller
hereby waive their right to trial and agree to binding arbitration through the American Arbitration Association. This Agreement
shall be interpreted and construed under the laws of the State of Maryland.

This Agreement is dated as of _______________________.

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