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					                                                                                                                                    Media Frenzy
 How Do We
                                                                                                                         • Bed bugs are
Move Beyond                                                                                                                everywhere!!!!!!
the “Bed Bug                                                                                                             • What is going to
   Crisis?                                                                                                                        ?
                                                                                                                           save us?
      Dini M. Miller, Ph.D.                                                                                              • Can we be saved
   Department of Entomology
         Virginia Tech                                                                                                     from the bed bug?
     Blacksburg, VA 24061
                                                                                                                         • There are many       Media representation of
                                                                                                                                                 the bed bug problem

                                                  Challenges                                                             Three Types of insecticide Resistance
                                                                                                                         • Target Site
     1. Bed bugs are highly resistant                                                                                      Insensitivity
        to insecticides                                                                                                     – kdr resistance
                                                                                                                         • Enhance enzymatic
     2 New active ingredients will
     2.                                                                                                                    activity
        not be available                                                                                                    – Mixed Function
     3. Cost of control                                                                                                     – Cytochrome P450
                                                                                                                         • Reduced cuticular

 How resistant are these bed bugs?                                                                                           Quick
LT50 Values Calculate as Percent

                                                  Lab (Harlan)                                                     432
                                                  Field (Richmond)
                                                                                                                          Are Bed Bugs



                                   200            154.7                                                                     Repellent

                                            0.3              0.7            0.9              1.0             1.5
                                         λ-cyhalothrin    ß-cyfluthrin     Bifenthrin     Deltamethrin     Permethrin
                                            0.03%           0.02%           0.02%           0.06%            0.5%
                                                             45% Mortality         45% Mortality

                                   10                  3
         7       3                                                            2
                                                                     2                      6      4

                                        0% Mortality                               68% Mortality
                                                           45% Mortality

     2          11
                                    6                  4                                    2      4
                                                                     5        4

             Repellency Summary
• Dry pyrethroid residues (at label rate) are
  not repellent to bed bugs.                               2. EPA is “encouraging the
• Bed bug will not avoid treated surfaces even                development of new active
  with the onset of intoxication.                             ingredients and streamlining the
• Results were very similar for resistant bed                 review process”.
  bugs exposed to other pyrethroids.
                                                               Will we see new chemistry that will
• The reason bed bugs are difficult to                         eradicate the bed bugs for another
  eradicate is not because they avoid the                      50 years?
  treatment but because they are resistant.

     Will New Chemistry Save Us?                                             Challenge
• EPA is “encouraging the development of
  new AIs”
  – ~$200 million in toxicological data collection
    and 10 years                                           3. Cost of
• Urban market is small                                         t l?
• New product will go off patent in 10 years
  and competitors will have access to the
• What do you think?
         All Methods Take Time                              Can Afford Treatment?
• Time is money!                                 • Each treatment
• Conventional insecticide treatments              costs $300-$800
  require two technicians and several hours      • Inspection and/or
  for a single apartment                           treatment may take
                                                   t t      t     t k
• 3 treatments/inspections 2 weeks apart           more than 4 hours
• We are good at eliminating infestations on       – Clutter
  a unit by unit basis but does that solve the     – Infestation level
  problem in the building?
                                                                              Do we just have too much crap???

   Heat Treatment Costs are High                             Canine Costs are High
• Heat treatment in an                             • Bed bug dogs cost $10,000 and training costs
  apartment may take 4-8                             are near constant.
  hours to complete                                • Dog inspections cost $10-15 per room but only
  (~$1200.00)                                        a few dogs available so you pay for travel.
• Heat chamber typically
                  yp     y
  takes 5 hours to treat a                         • D         t be    t d ft          5-6
                                                     Dogs must b rested after every 5 6 rooms
  hotel room with no                                 (hotels)
  clutter (~$750.00)                               • Two dogs are often used to confirm
• More companies are                                 infestations in hotels and office building.
  offering these                                   • Most handlers do not want to use a dog within
  treatments some are                                30 days of a chemical application.
  PMPs some are not.

     Challenges to Sustainability                      Consequences…Bed Bugs Spread
• Labor costs make bed bug treatment very
• Low income populations cannot afford bed
  bug treatment and are becoming bed bug
• Apartment managers cannot afford repeat
  treatments and are selling the property
• Pest control companies cannot afford to
  take on large infested accounts
 So if bed bugs are going to be a                                      Consider….
 regular pest problem from now                     • Your mid- to low
  on, how are we going to deal                       income apartment
                                                     complex or hotel may
            with them?                               be able to spend an
                                                     extra $15,000 $60,000
                                                     on bed bug control
 Do you have a plan to help your                     this year and maybe
                                                     again next year, but
  customers deal with bed bugs                       they will not be able to
     over the next decade?                           do that every year
                                                     from now on.

   Develop an Action Plan for Clients
                        (Hotels)                        Action Plan for Hotels
• There is no way to stop bed bugs from being
                                                 • After the hotel receives a complaint:
  brought into a hotel.
                                                    –   Take the room out of service, record the complaint
• You need to provide all hotel employees with
                                                    –   Inspect and /or treat; inspect again at 48 hours
  bed bug identification training.
                                                    –   Possibly discard infested furniture
• Help them develop an in-house inspection          –   Inspect and /or treat again at regular intervals
  program                                           –   Inspect and monitor adjacent rooms
• Protocol for what to do and say when a guest      –   Record all actions taken
  complains                                      • Develop a method for employees to report bed bugs in
• Canine scent detection schedule?                 employee areas

      Action Plan for Apartments                               Signs of an Infestation
• Unit by unit treatment is
  failing.                                        • Please inform your
• Apartment communities                             clients what to look
  need help developing a new                        for.
  approach.                                       • Looks like mildew
                                                      oo s e        dew
• Who is going to teach                             that is getting out of
  them?????                                         control?
• Bed bug identification                          • Must take a closer
  training for all staff so they                    look.
  know what is going on in                                                               What are we looking at?
  their buildings
                   What is this?                                    What is this?

     Last One,
    What is this?

      Action Plan for Apartments                       Action Plan for Apartments
                                                • When an infestation is
• Unit by unit treatment is failing.
• Bed bug training for all staff so they know
                                                  – PMP inspects to assess size
  what is going on in their buildings               of unit, size of infestation
• Develop a community awareness program             and level of clutter.
  – Discuss bed bugs at lease signing             – Unit preparation
  – Action plan given to each resident              expectations are changing
  – Signs at the dumpster                         – You can offer this service
  – Signs in the laundry room                     – Two PMPs will apply            When does she get to open
                                                                                       these bags????
                                                    chemical and non-chemical
      Action Plan for Apartments                                   Action Plan for Apartments
 • Addressing adjacent units                                 • Apartment managers do not know how to
                                                               distinguish one company’s treatment methods
 • Expectations of control
                                                               from another.
    – Suppression
                                                             • They do not understand where your costs come
                                                                    y                          y
    –C      l
      Control                                                  from.
    – Elimination                                            • It is hard for them to determine a good company
 • Vacant units- a particular problem                          from an inexperienced one.
 • Expectations of control                                   • Teach them- time is money
                                                                – “How long would you spend in this kitchen for $4?”
    – Are your clients being realistic?

        Bed Bug Action Plans                                    Should you be in the bed bug
 • A bed bug action plan                                                 business?
   includes employee
   education, a community
   awareness program, a
   bed bug reporting
 • Develop a plan, client
   may not be receptive this
   year but they will call you
                                     Communication is key.
 • They will be looking for           Be aware of literacy
                                                                                Can you afford it?
   something different.                    issues.

             What Clients Want                                               Time Is Money
                                                             • Bed bug treatment takes time!
• Clients want you to come in with a magic
                                                             • Bed bug control can take two technicians several
                                                               hours and/or multiple visits for a single unit
• Apply it once and bed bugs are gone forever                   – How long does it take to inspect surrounding
• They want to pay you ~$60 dollars
                                 dollars.                         units?
• Instead, they get is multiple treatments,                     – If someone has to open the door for you how long
  multiple visits, a large bill and no promise that               does that take?
  the bed bugs are gone.                                        – If a unit is cluttered how much longer does it take
                                                                  to complete a treatment?
• They don’t understand why.
                                                             • Are you getting paid for your time?
      What is your Break-Even Cost?                           Keeping your Costs in Mind…
 • If your break-even cost for a GHP                      • Do you have the time to take on bed bug
   job is $60 per hour then each                            jobs?
   minute counts!                                           – Two technicians, 4-5 hours per home, minimum
 • Do you sell your service based on                          three visits spaced two weeks apart
   y               y
   your hours or by the unit? One
   price does not fit all.                                  – D you h
                                                              Do            the time t t k on a 90% i f t d
                                                                      have th ti     to take        infested
                                                              apartment complex with 300 units?
 • Companies are not aware of their
   costs!                                                      • How do you price this job?
    – Is your sales force aware of your                     – What if your GHP account develops bed bugs,
      costs?                                                  do you want to take that on?
    – Are your technicians aware of your
      per minute costs?
                                                            – Should you sub-out bed bug work?

        Employee Considerations                                      Pricing Bed Bug Jobs
                                                          • Do you have a method for pricing?
 • Is you company willing to train dedicated
   staff to deal with bed bug accounts?                   • BedBug Central (Cooper Pest Solutions) in New
                                                            Jersey scores apartment units on several factors
    – Special personality                                    – Size of the unit (square feet)
 • Is your staff willing to do all of the labor              –A       ibilit
   required for treating bed bug infestations?               – Clutter
    – How many units can they do?                            – Infestation level
                                                             – Amount of furniture
 • What if one of your employees develops bed                – Ranked as low, moderate and high
   bug allergies or takes bed bugs home?
                                                          • Ranking is used to make the estimate

  What is your Contract Service Plan?                     When should you walk away?
• Do you have a detailed contract?
                                                          • Large, low rent complexes
  – Specifies initial treatment                             with high levels of
  – Specifies follow-up inspections        Unit 412         infestation
  – Specifies charge for no access         Initial 4/12
                                                          • When the client wants to roll
  – S ifi what is done with
    Specifies h t i d        ith           2nd 4/24
                                             d              bed bugs into their GHP
    adjacent units                         3rd 5/10         contract
                                           4th 5/25
  – When is treatment over?                Suppression    • When you are under-bid
  – Do bed bugs have to be eliminated                     • When you client is not
    or not?                                                 interested in training their
  – Who keeps track of all                                  staff of learning about bed
    documentation?                                          bugs themselves
If you decide to do bed bug work…
                                                                                In Summary
• Become and expert in the field
• Be extremely conscious of your costs                   • Bed bugs may well be with us for along time
                                                              – Resistance
• Collect references regarding your experience                – No new actives
• Design a bed bug action plan for your                       – Cost of control
  customers                                              • Need to develop long term action plans for
• Have dedicated bed bug staff                             customers to keep costs down
• Never dabble in bed bug work                                – Current costs are not sustainable
                                                              – Even the most affluent customer will not be
• Know when to walk away!!!                                     able to afford many repeat treatments

                  In Summary                                      /bedbugs-facts.shtml
    • Apartment managers do not understand            • Google: VDACS Bed Bugs
      pricing and need you to explain it to them in      –   Biology and Behavior
                                                         –   Identification
      terms of labor hours                               –   Personal prevention
    • If you are g g to be in the bed bug
         y       going                    g              –   Apartments
                                                         –   Hotels
      business become an expert                          –   Shelters
    • Know all of your costs and make your sales         –   Emergency facilities
                                                         –   Schools
      and technical force aware                          –   Home health care workers
    • Walk away from accounts that will not              –   What to expect during a treatment
      engage in a long-term plan.                        –
                                                             Heat treatments
                                                         –   Non-Chemical

                              Don’t Panic! It is
                               only bed bugs!