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Bear Valley Springs

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									                             Bear Valley Springs

Volume 4, Issue: August 2009
                             Bear Tracks
    Official Publication of The Bear Valley Springs Association
        and The Bear Valley Community Services District

           IN THIS ISSUE
BVSA & CSD Staff ....................... 2
BVCSD Telephone Numbers ........ 2
Kirk J. Wooldridge,
 BVSA 2008-2009
 Fiscal Year End Results ............. 4
BVSA President’s Message .......... 5
BVCSD Manager’s Column .......... 6
BVCSD Public Works Report ........ 6
CSD Board Of Directors Adopt
 Preliminary FY 09/10 Budget .... 8
Safety First ................................. 8
Water Wise .................................. 9
                                                   We live on the 8th fairway of the golf course in Bear Valley Springs. Over the
New Police Website ..................... 9
                                                   course of a few weeks we watched the parents guard over their eggs and sit on
Kid’s Page ................................. 10    them through all kinds of weather. When I get too close I get scolded. Mary Odom
DFAC In Final Stages ................ 10

                                                                                                        BAKERSFIELD, CA
Questions & Answers Column ... 11

                                                                                                          U.S. POSTAGE

                                                                                                          PERMIT #840
                                                    Photo by Tina Magie

Clubs And Organizations .......... 12

4th Of July BV PD ..................... 13
Invitation To All BVSA Members 14
Holiday Bazaar .......................... 14
What To Do In Case Of
 A Snake Bite ........................... 15
2009 Equestrian Center Events 16
Pool Schedule 2009 .................. 17
Sportsman’s Club Report .......... 18
Whiting Center Activities .......... 20
BV Pipe Band Report ................ 21
Lake Report .............................. 22
Shooting Range Report ............ 22
5K Run ...................................... 23
A Reminder For Our
 Equestrian Guests .................. 24
Branding Iron Golf Tournament 25
BVSA ECC Committee ............... 25
Restaurant Summer Hours ........ 26
The Oaks Restaurant
 Saturday Lunch Menu ........ 27-28
The Oaks Restaurant
 Early Bird Menu ...................... 29
Mulligan Cafe Calendar ............. 30
The Oaks Restaurant
 Calendar ................................. 31
Oak Branch Saloon
 Entertainment ........................ 32
BVSA Physical Year End Results 34
Notice of Proposed Change
 In ECC Rules ........................... 35
        BEAR VALLEY SPRINGS                                                          BEAR VALLEY COMMUNITY
           ASSOCIATION                                                                  SERVICES DISTRICT
           29541 Rolling Oak Dr.                                                               28999 S. Lower Valley Rd.
           Tehachapi, CA 93561                                                                     Tehachapi CA 93561
           Phone: (661) 821-5537                                                                  Phone: (661) 821-4428
  E-mail address:karenl.bvsa@bluetie.com                                                   E-mail address: sjanzen@bvcsd.com
          Website: www.BVSA.org                                                                   Web page: bvcsd.com
      ASSOCIATION BOARD OF DIRECTORS                                                            CSD BOARD OF DIRECTORS
Jeanne Gray ........................................................... President   Don Kordes ............................................................ President
Jim Coleman .................................................. Vice President       Al Romano ..................................................... Vice President
Cathy Bradshaw ..................................................... Treasurer      Rob Northcutt ..........................................................Director
Todd Lander .............................................................Director   Ron Samuels ............................................................Director
Roberta Miller ......................................................... Director   Rick Zanutto ............................................................Director
  Monthly open meetings of the Board are held on the 3rd                              The CSD Board of Directors meets the 2nd Thursday of
    Saturday of each month at 8:30 a.m. at the OTCC                                        each month at 6 p.m. and the 4th Thursday
                                                                                           (as needed) at 6 p.m. at the District Office.
                   MANAGEMENT STAFF
                                                                                                        You are invited!
Kirk J. Wooldridge....................... General Manager-ext 212                                     MANAGEMENT STAFF
   Email: kirkw.bvsa@bluetie.com                                                    John Yeakley .................................................. CSD Manager
Cheramy Krueger .............Administrative Manager-ext 213                         Sandy Janzen ............................ Assistant General Manager
   Email: cheramyk.bvsa@bluetie.com                                                 Clint Stewart ..................... Superintendent Of Public Works
Julia Stavlo ............................ Accounting Manager-ext 219                Rudy Hernandez ........................................ Finance Director
   Email: Julias.bvsa@bluetie.com                                                   John W. Murray ........................................ Water Supervisor
Terri Meacham ............................................. Payroll-ext 217         Frank Brooke ............................................Roads Supervisor
Pat Hignite ....................................... ECC Secretary-ext 211           Dan Saunders ....................................... Facilities Supervisor
Jerri Martin .................... ECC Field Representative-ext 214                  Patrick Calhoun ............................... Wastewater Supervisor
Karen Luginbuhl ............................ Board Secretary-ext 231
Ken Holden .............................. Project Coordinator-ext 227
Equestrian Center Manager ............................ Liz Beckham                      DEPARTMENT
Facilities Manager ....................................... Mark Gonzales                   www.bearvalleypd.com
Golf Course Superintendent .........................Brad Batchelor                         25101 Bear Valley Rd.
Golf Pro ............................................................ Duane Gore            Tehachapi CA 93561
Special Events Manager .......................... Tina Warren-Diaz                            (661) 821-3239
   Tinaw.bvsa@bluetie.com .................... 821-5521-ext 223
Food & Beverage Manager ........................ Gracie Quintero
Tennis Pro ............................................................ Rick Lund   Terry Freeman............................................... Chief of Police
Whiting Center Manager ................................ Debbie Papac                Dave Watts ........................................ Investigative Sergeant
Executive Chef ........................................ Gonzalo Higareda            Joshua Motley .............................................. Patrol Sergeant

                                BEAR VALLEY SPRINGS PHONE NUMBERS
  Animal Control........................................... 868-7100                Golf Shop .................................................. 821-5144
  Association ................................................ 821-5537             Mulligan Cafe ............................................ 821-4107
     Association Fax .................................... 821-5406                  Oak Tree Country Club ............................. 821-5521
  CSD, bvcsd.com ....................................... 821-4428                   Oak Tree Tennis ........................................ 821-6523
     CSD Fax............................................... 821-0180                Police Dept ................................................ 821-3239
  Equestrian Center ..................................... 821-3960                  Post Office ................................................. 821-6834
  Fire Dept. (business) .................................. 821-1110                 Road Conditions ............................... (800) 427-7623
  Gate (passes)............................................ 821-5261                Weather Information .................................. 393-2340
     Gate Fax .............................................. 821-3507               Whiting Center .......................................... 821-6641

                                                                            Page 2
                                                      Construction Services
                                                                                       CONCRETE SPECIALS
                 (661) 869-0184                                                             FENCES
           Pinnaclecivilengineering.com                                                     PATIOS
Civil Engineering Traffic Engineering                                                       BLOCK
• Sitework-Subdivision    • Traffic Impact Studies
• Commercial & Industrial • Construction Traffic
• Hillside Grading          Control                     Mowing • Weed Abatement • Grading
• Sewer, Septic & Water • Traffic Signals & Control
• Roads, Pipelines                                       Your Handyman
• Hydrology-Drainage                                     “We do it ALL!”
                                                      Call (661) 300-0889 24 Hour Service
Land Surveying           Land Planning
• Lot Lines & Boundaries • Master Engineering              Electrical • Plumbing
• Alta’s, Parcel Maps,     Studies                             Drain Cleaning
  Tract Maps             • Entitlement Process -              Dry Wall Repair
• Topo Maps                Plan Amendments,              Acoustic Removal-Texturing
• Construction Staking     Zone Changes,                  Tub Repair & Refinishing
• Legals & Easements       Permitting                      Handicap Installations
                                                           Tractor Work Available
         Landscape Architecture                             Hauling & Demolition
         • Planting & Irrigation Plans
         • Fire Resistant Landscaping                 DOORS, WINDOWS & WINDOW SCREENS
         • Sustainable Landscaping                             www.constructionservicesca1.com

                                                      100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED


                                                      Come meet our new certified MASTER MECHANIC
                                                                        & Manager
                                                      Knowledgeable, Reliable & Honest
                                                      822-3237                                        20701 - South Street Unit B
                                                      Best Service! - Best Price!
                                                      Auto, Pickup, RV, Horse Trailer & Travel Trailer Repairs

                                                      Legal Self Help,                                                                 Inc.
                                                                n                      Divorce • Custody
                                                         W ilso
                                                             Kern               Guardianship & Conservatorship
                                                                                      Probate • Trusts • Business

                                                        Low Cost High Quality
                                                        Document Preparation
                                                       “I am not an attorney. I can only help prepare self help services at your specific direction.”
 Dr Terence G. Brady
Palmer Graduate Specializing In:
• General Chiropractic Care                                 BVSA 2008-2009 FISCAL YEAR END
• Gentle Non-force Techniques                               Kirk J. Wooldridge, BVSA General Manager

• Physical Therapy                                          The following is a year end summary for the 2008-2009 fiscal year
                                                            completed June 30, 2009. (These are the current unaudited year
• Stress Management                                         end results provided by the BVSA Finance Department)

             823-8888                                       Fiscal Year End Financial Results as of June 30, 2009
                                                            Budget Fiscal Year (July 1, 2008 to June 30, 2009)
 20825 South Street, Tehachapi

Mountain Gardens
   Nursery & Pet
August Specials             TREE of the
        TREES                 White Ash                     *(Payroll Expense Includes: Payroll, Payroll Taxes, Workers Compensation, Group
5 gal. Austrian Black Pine $40.00 off regular price         Health Insurance, Retirement Benefits, Vacation Benefits and Employee Meals)
      $29.99 reg. 35.99                                     (These are the current unaudited year end results provided by the BVSA Finance
                           15 gal. $59.99 reg $99.99        Department)
2 gal. Deodora Cedar $9.99    Grows to 80 ft or larger
                             Beautiful purple Fall leaves
                                                                On the financial results for the fiscal year the Total Income
                                                            finished less than budget by $90,569, which represents a 4.3%
 Large 5 gal Lilac Sale                                     negative variance. Overall Payroll Expense for the fiscal year
August Special buy 2 get                                    finished at $261,745 less than budget through BVSA Management
   $10 off each plant                                       Staff monitoring and controlling payroll expenses, which repre-
                                                            sents an 8.8% variance as a savings to the Association. Opera-
5 gal “Gold Flame” Spirea
                                                            tional Expenses for the fiscal year finished at $31,571 over budget
   During August $19.99                                     at a 1.3% negative variance. Areas in which Operational expense
        reg. 25.99                                          finished over budget included: Water Potable and Non Potable,
                                                            Liability Insurance, Depreciation, Outside Services (IT Support),
    Come In                                                 and Chemicals. All of these areas will be reviewed for 2009-2010
 And Check Out                                              budgets for adequate funding and internal control.
                                                                Net Income finished the fiscal year end at $213,926 less then
Our Many Other                                              budget at a cost savings to the Association which is a 5.4%
Weekly Specials                                             positive variance. The Fiscal Year end results are positive for the

(661) 822-4960 • 503 S. Curry St.                           Continued on page 33
Live Reptile Food • Expanded Pets &
  Pet Supply Section • Tropical Fish
                                                                                              Page 4
Jeanne D. Gray, BVSA Board President                                              (661) 822-5553
    I have to start off with a huge pat on the                                    www.coldwellbanker.com
back to our staff, notably Debbie Papac,                                                                       BEST REALTY
Mark Gonzales and Brad Batchelor for the                                                                       Each Office is Independently Owned and Operated

successful 4th of July celebration. Bonnie
Shea, a long-time, very committed 4th of July
Committee volunteer, calls it our own
personal “slice of Americana”. The 4th of July Committee is made
up of volunteers from a variety of Bear Valley clubs who meet ALL
YEAR to plan and organize this event - and it shows! This multi-
day event gets better every year due to the efforts of these
volunteers (and there are many of them!) and our hard-working
staff. You’d have to go a long way to find such a diverse mix of                  765 Tucker Road, Tehachapi
events that are orchestrated so well. So thank you to all of you
who make it such a wonderful day for the community and Happy
                                                                              “Tehachapi’s #1 Real Estate Office”
Birthday, America!                                                                  *Bernie and Dottie Connolly
    Our Facilities/Golf Maintenance Building Expansion is almost             Anne Mulkins           Karen Snider
complete. We did have to increase our funding amount to                      Barbara Shaw         *Kelly MacIntyre
complete fencing around the outside yard. The fencing will                  *Carol Chase            Larry Barrett
protect our equipment and improve the look around the building.             *Christy Rabe           Lillian Pinto-Roldan
    We have been apprised by the CSD that water will be avail-              *Darlene Carpenter    *Marie Ellwood
able for recreational use, but costs do continue to increase. Our            Denise Evans           Marie Memoli
                                                                            *Dwain Mullette       *Marsha Moore
goal is to keep within our budget parameters, water needed
                                                                             Jack Chandler          Mary Lou Priest
areas, and do our best to not compromise lake levels. You have
                                                                             Jeff Anderson        *Melinda Hopper Benzie
noticed, I’m sure, that Cub Lake is extremely low. A well in
                                                                             Jeffrey Prestage       Rhonda Greer
Cummings Valley that we depend on for increased water avail-
                                                                             Jim Morgan             Sarah Hanley Spiller
ability was off-line around the 4th of July (and is still off-line at the
                                                                             Judy Beirne            Sue Chandler
time of this writing). The hope is that it will be repaired by July
                                                                             June Dee Linn          Suzi McReynolds
Continued on page 35                                                         Jutta Thacker          Theresa Mann
                                                                                        *Bear Valley Springs Resident
             Bear Valley Springs
           BEAR TRACKS
 Bear Tracks is published monthly by Maurice Gubler
 20316 Mesa Dr. Tehachapi, CA 93561. Each monthly edition is
 delivered via the U.S. Postal Service to all property owners of
 record (approximately 3,200). The balance of 4,000 printed
                                                                                 Designer Kitchens & Baths
 copies is distributed at the Bear Valley CSD Office, Bear Valley           Quality Semi-custom Cabinetry by SHOWPLACE
 Springs Association Office, the Police Station, Bear Valley Real                        ~ Designers on staff ~
 Estate Office, the Whiting Center, the Mulligan Cafe and
                                                                                                 Lic. 836006       New Construction
 the Oak Tree Country Club.
                                                                                                                     or Remodel
              Submissions Welcome
 All articles included in the Bear Tracks issues are submitted by                           823-8487
 the Bear Valley Springs Association or The Bear Valley Community            Tuesday-Friday 10 am-5:30 pm • Saturday 10 am- 5 pm
 Service District. If you have something of interest for Bear Tracks,                      450 W. F St., Tehachapi
 you may submit information to Cheramy Kruger 821 5537 ex 213
 or Sandy Janzen 821-4428 by email in a Microsoft Word document
 or as an AcrobatTM.pdf file only.
                  For advertising information contact
  Maurice Gubler • 661 823-8700 or Email: mgubler@bak.rr.com
           Property Owners not receiving Bear Tracks
        Contact The Association Office at (661) 821-5537
 The ADVERTISERS included in this publication are SAVING
 the Bear Valley Community Services District and The Bear
 Valley Springs Association THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS each
 month in publishing and distribution costs. PLEASE THANK
 THEM by patronizing their establishments and by letting them
 know you saw their ad in the issues of Bear Tracks.

                                                                             View more beautiful Tehachapi kitchens at
                               Page 5                                                 www.theoaksknb.com
MANAGER’S COLUMN                                                          PUBLIC WORKS REPORT
John Yeakley, General Manager, CSD                                        Clint Stewart,
                                                                          Superintendent of Public Works, CSD
     As I write this, the CSD is in the process
of winding up our preparation of the annual                                   The new storage building for the Public
(FY2009/2010) budget. As everyone is                                      Works crew is going up very slowly. Another
aware, government at all levels is experi-                                in a line of issues has come up, this one
encing financial difficulties (in some cases,                             regarding the roll up doors and may again
nightmares). Bear Valley CSD is no exception. Due to the                  delay completion. I will sure be glad when this project is finally
housing market, assessed values of real estate have dropped               complete.
significantly. Additionally the number of properties being devel-             The roads crew has begun working on Bear Valley Road doing
oped has dropped to zero. As a result of the foregoing, the               dig-outs on small damaged areas of the road. Dig-outs, removal
districts share in the property tax revenue distribution has been         and replacement of the underlying soil in the roadway, are often
sharply reduced. As if all of this isn’t bad enough, the State of         required where improper or damaged underlying soil fails to
California could “borrow” an additional 8% of the property tax            support the road properly and many cross hatched cracks
revenue. By law, it would have to be repaid with interest within          (Alligatoring) develop along with surface depression. This is often
three years. That, of course, is no help for right now. The good          caused by underlying moisture, poor soil compaction and soil
news is that most of the services that the district provides are paid     movement caused by moving vehicles. We attempt to replace
for through user fees (water bills, sewer bills, etc.) and are not        enough soil to get good compaction and then over lay new
dependent upon property taxes. Additionally the district board of         asphalt. Our crews are too small and committed to other activities
directors (present and prior) has been very forward thinking in the       to be able to do larger areas of this water damaged roadway. We
sense of accumulating reserves.                                           do hope to get an outside contractor involved in doing some of the
     The bulk of the property tax revenues go directly into the           larger areas on Bear Valley soon. Cost, as always is the issue.
general fund. The district activities which utilize nearly all of these       On a lighter note, well #31 is back on line. We have had the
revenues are the police department, dispatch operation and the            well off-line for some time in order to do repairs to the well casing.
gate. Although Bear Valley property owners do pay a special tax           Returning the well to service is an especially good thing because
for police services and for the gate, the amounts collected are           we lost use of well # 5 in Cummings Valley a couple of weeks ago
insufficient to cover the cost of the services. The proposed              and this caused us a great deal of concern, especially over the
budget does not propose personnel reductions or decreases in              4th of July weekend. We have had to wait for a contractor to work
police and gate services. Additionally, maintenance of buildings          on the well but Bakersfield Well and Pump Service has now pulled
and equipment is not being cut. Purchases of replacement                  the pump and we are preparing to repair the damage. There is a
equipment and vehicles, however, are being deferred. In short,            hole in the well casing that must be patched and the pump must
it’s not great but we are in far better shape than a number of other      be replaced. This will all take about another week and should be
similarly sized communities.                                              done by July 15th.
     Also, as this is being written, I feel that I need to make you           There has been a good separation of green waste and animal
aware of a weakness within our water system. Over the Fourth of           waste at the waste transfer station this month and we are shipping
July weekend (the first really hot one of the year—and apparently         out additional containers of manure in order to keep the site as
a time that everyone decided was right for lawn watering) one of          clean as possible. There are still a few people who insist on
our key wells went down. The district has become extremely                dumping in the green waste area. If you have seen the signs
dependent upon Cummings Valley Well #5. Due to its placement              directing traffic to the area designated for manure, you too must
within the Cummings Basin, this well is the most prolific producer        wonder about this mis-direction.
that we own. To put it in perspective, during 2008, the district
produced 409 million gallons of water. 83 million (20%) came
from this one well. At this moment, we have a crew making
necessary repairs and by the time that you read this the well will
either be back on line or the district will have instituted its water       Hours: Monday - Friday 10 - 6, Saturday 10 - 5, Sunday 11 - 5
rationing program. I am confident that we will have the well back.
What this points out is the need for a second high production well.
The board has been proactive on this issue and the plans and
specifications for Cummings Valley Well #6 are nearly ready to be
put out to bid. It is anticipated that the additional well will be                                           Beach Side Adjustable
available prior to next summer and we will eliminate this particular                                             Queen Beds
     The housing slump mentioned earlier in this article has also                                                   NOW!
resulted in a number of foreclosed properties. This has resulted in
an increase in the number of properties cited by the fire depart-
                                                                                                            Serta Queen Mattresses
                                                                                                                         $    .00
ment as having brush and growth posing a fire hazard. Owners in
violation have been notified and the district intends to be very
                                                                                                             Starting at       399
aggressive in bringing these properties into compliance. As has
happened in prior years, the vast majority of property owners
have been very cooperative in bringing their properties into                            Your Certified Sealy Store
compliance.                                                                                     * Premium bedding                ✪
     Other than the foregoing, it appears that we are off to yet                          Preferred • Signature • Reserve
another very pleasant Bear Valley summer. I hope that everyone              (661) 822-3388 • 675 Tucker Rd, Tehachapi
takes the time to enjoy it.

                                                                   Page 6
CSD BOARD OF DIRECTORS ADOPT                                          B. Administrative Overhead (Capital Outlay Portion) is projected
PRELIMINARY FY 09/10 BUDGET                                         to go down by $130,000 or 90% over prior year adopted budget. It
                                                                    should be noted that this major decrease is a direct result of a
Rudy Hernandez, Finance Director, CSD
                                                                    decrease in the capital outlay budget in the General Fund.
                                                                      C. Tehachapi - Cummings County Water District is proposing a
    On June 29, 2009, the Bear Valley Community Services
                                                                    surcharge of $60 per acre foot to recover the amount of money
District Board of Directors approved a Preliminary FY 09/10
                                                                    the State is proposing to take from them in the form of property
Budget. The next step in the Budget Process will involve the
                                                                    tax revenue. Included in the Water Enterprise Fund is $48,000 to
Finance Committee reviewing the preliminary budget then
                                                                    cover this surcharge.
forwarding it to the Board for final approval on July 23, 2009.
                                                                      D. In November of 2008, the District was notified by our garbage
FY 09/10 Budget Highlights
                                                                    hauler that the rate on roll off boxes was going up by 33%. This
                                                                    increased rate took effect in January 2009 and is also reflected in
    The preliminary budget is $7,442,983 which is broken down
                                                                    the Solid waste Enterprise Budget.
into 4 sections which are Personnel Services, Services and
                                                                      CAPITAL OUTLAY is budgeted in the amount of $168,000 (See
Supplies, Capital Outlay and Debt Service.
                                                                    section 3 in the preliminary budget). This represents a significant
  PERSONNEL SERVICES in the amount of $3,966,623 repre-
                                                                    decrease in the amount of ($944,000) or 85% over the prior year
sents an increase of $128,123 or 4% over the prior year 08/09
                                                                    adopted budget. The weak economy represents a major reason
adopted budget.
                                                                    for this decrease.
  A. There are no newly requested positions in the preliminary
                                                                      DEBT SERVICE BUDGET for FY 09/10 is Projected to be
                                                                    $700,529 which is approximately the same amount that was
  B. The budget does not include funds for cost of living adjust-
                                                                    actually paid in prior fiscal year 08/09.
                                                                    FINANCIAL STATUS FOR NEXT YEAR’S BUDGET
  C. Health Insurance costs are projected to go up by 29%.
                                                                        District-Wide Revenues are projected to be $7,622,689 which
  D. PERS Retirement Costs are projected to remain the same.
                                                                    represents a decrease of $663,311 or 8% over prior year rev-
  E. Workers Compensation insurance cost is projected to go
                                                                    enues. Of this amount, $262,062 is due to a projected 10%
down by 13 %.
                                                                    decrease in assessed valuation and 8% property tax loss due to
  SERVICES AND SUPPLIES are projected to go up by $65,031
                                                                    the State proposing to take our money in the form of a loan.
or 3% over the prior year (08/09) adopted budget. Several items
                                                                        District-Wide Expenditures are projected to be $7,442,983
worth noting are
                                                                    which represents a decrease of $802,017 or 10% over prior year
  A. Liability Insurance is projected to go down by $6,350 or 6%
over prior year budget.
                                                                        Overall, District-Wide Revenues are projected to exceed
                                                                    Expenditures by $179,706. On a fund level, the General Fund is
                                                                    looking at a shortfall of $145,404 and the Wastewater Enterprise
                                                                    Fund is looking at a shortfall of $5,231.

                                                                    SAFETY FIRST!
                                                                    Sandy Janzen, Assistant General Manager, CSD

                                                                        The National Safety Council has identified four critical safety
                                                                    topics for residents and their families. The critical safety concerns
                                                                    of today include: fall prevention; overexertion; and distracted
                                                                        The National Safety Council is hoping to raise awareness
                                                                    regarding safety. Here are some basic reminders to lessen
                                                                    today’s top safety concerns:
                                                                    Fall Prevention
                                                                    • Wear shoes with non-slip soles.
              If you see growth                                    • Keep floors and work areas free from clutter, clean, and dry.
                                                                    • Clean spills right away.
              If you smell something                               • Ensure that work areas are well-lit.
              If you've had leak(s)                                Overexertion
                                                                    • Always lift with your knees.
                                                                    • Get assistance from others or from mechanical devices when a
  HAVE YOUR HOME INSPECTED AND TESTED                               load is too large to lift safely.
                                                                    • Ensure proper ergonomic positioning when sitting for long
                                                                    periods of time.
  My qualifications can be found at:                                • Exercise and rest regularly.
  MoldPro.com                                                       Distracted Driving
                                                                    • Stop your car before using your cell phone, even if using a
                                                                    hands-free phone.
  Call The Mold Detective (661) 333-3396                            • Try not to drive when tired.
                                                                    For information http://www.nsc.org/nsm/safetytips.aspx.

                                                              Page 8
Denise Jelleschitz, Billing Clerk, CSD
    Did you know that 70% of the water supply for California
comes from the Northern half of the state and 70% of the demand
for water comes from the Southern half of the state?
This is an interesting fact….So where does the water really come                    Joni Gibson
from? There are two major water projects for California the State
Water Project which is state funded and the Central Valley Project                 Specializing in
which is federally funded. The State Water Project is where 67%                   Horse Properties
of our water for Bear Valley originally comes from. The state water
project includes a maze of many rivers and reservoirs most
importantly the Feather River which is located near Quincy,
                                                                                  661 821-1010
California. The Feather River eventually joins with the Sacramento             Listings Wanted!
River which fills the California Aqueduct. The water from the                       www.tehachapihomes.com
California Aqueduct is then pumped to the Cummings Valley
Basin. A process called, “conjunctive use” is how the water is               Mention this ad and I will list your home for 4 1/2 %
stored in the Cummings Valley Basin. “Conjunctive use” is the                24120 SERRA PLACE 3 BEDROOM, 1 3/4
                                                                             RECENTLY REMODELED BATHROOMS.
planned use and storage of surface and ground water supplies to              2 STALL BARN W/ FEED ROOM, ROUND
improve water supply reliability, meaning the water percolates into          PEN, DOG KENNEL, FRUIT TREES AND                              Short
                                                                             FLOWERS. THIS HOME IS LOCATED                                 Sale
the ground. It is then pumped to Bear Valley Springs.                        CLOSE TO THE WHITING CENTER AND
    The other 33% of water to service Bear Valley Springs comes              THE EQUESTRIAN CENTER. CALL JONI
                                                                             GIBSON FOR MORE INFORMATION.
from our very own wells in various locations throughout the valley.          ASKING ......................................... $199,000
Even though it may seem that we have a lot of water in the
Northern part of California it is important to remember that we are          26251 PLATEAU WAY                                                                     Guest
                                                                             CLOSE TO THE EQUESTRIAN                                                               House
in our third year of drought conditions, Our reservoirs, aqueducts,          CENTER RV BARN, WORKSHOP,
rivers and lakes are not as full as they should be so conservation           TRACTOR BARN, FENCED CROSS
is still crucial. However, isn’t it interesting to think that the water in   FENCED ARENA NEWLY REMODELED:
                                                                             FLOORING, PAINT, A/C HEAT, TOO
your kitchen sink comes all the way up from the Feather River?               MUCH TO LIST. CALL JONI TO VIEW
For more information on the state water project check out                    THIS WONDERFUL 3 ACRE PLUS
                                                                             EQUESTRIAN PROPERTY. ......... $439,900
                                                                             27931 CUMBERLAND
                                                                             EQUESTRIAN PARADISE! EASY TRAIL
                                                                             ACCESS PLENTY OF ROOM FOR ALL
                                                                             YOUR TOYS AND HORSES. THE
IMPORTANT SAFETY INFO AND MORE                                               HOME HAS A SPACIOUS FLOOR PLAN
                                                                             WITH VAULTED CEILINGS. AWESOME
ON NEW POLICE WEBSITE                                                        VIEWS FROM THIS VALLEY FLOOR
Officer Rod Walthers, Bear Valley Police Department                          LOCATION. EASY RIDE TO THE
                                                                             EQUESTRIAN CENTER. EXTENSIVE
                                                                             LANDSCAPING. ........................... $499,900
   Q. How do you get a Bear Valley resident sticker?                         29500 RYDERCUP BEAR VALLEY
                                                                                                                                                   20 Plus Acres
   Q. Who do you call to anonymously report a crime?                         SPRINGS, MEDITERRANEAN STYLE
                                                                             HOME, STUCCO EXTERIOR AND TILE
   Q. There’s a bad storm – is State Highway 58 still open?                  ROOF. LOCATED CLOSE TO THE GOLF
                                                                             COURSE AND 4 ISLAND LAKE. FOUR
                                                                             BEDROOMS, 2 FULL AND 2 - 3/4 BATHS.
Answers to these questions and more can be found on the new                  CONCRETE DRIVEWAY, PAVED STREET
Bear Valley Police Department website, www.bearvalleypd.com.                 AND RV PARKING. FENCED TURNOUT
                                                                             PASTURE FOR HORSES. ............ $599,000
The website is another way for the department to fulfill their
mission of providing service and protection to the community they            26721 COLUMBIA WAY, NICE HOME,
serve.                                                                       CLEAN AND MOVE IN READY! GREAT
                                                                             LOCATION NEAR THE EQUESTRIAN
                                                                             CENTER. READY FOR YOUR HORSES.
The new website includes:                                                    LANDSCAPING IS DONE! COME SEE
                                                                             THIS NEWLY REMODLED BEAR
• Contact information for Animal Control;                                    VALLEY SPRINGS HOME! WITHIN
• Links to weather, traffic, schools, and community information              WALKING DISTANCE OF THE WHITING
                                                                             CENTER, COUNTRY STORE AND
websites;                                                                    EQUESTRIAN CENTER .......... $489,500
• The phone number for the Bear Valley Police Department crime               28601 CUMBERLAND DR, BEAR                                      BROCKS SEQUOIA 16.4 ACRES
tip line;                                                                    VALLEY SPRINGS MEDITERRANEAN
• Pictures and warrant information for the area’s most wanted                STYLE 4200 PLUS SQUARE FEET,
                                                                             STUCCO HOME. 16.4 ACRES WITH
criminals;                                                                   BREATHTAKING VIEWS. PAVED AND
• News and bulletins about ongoing investigations and alerts                 CONCRETE DRIVEWAY, DG DRIVEWAY,
                                                                             PAVED STREET, OUTBUILDINGS, RV
about frauds and scams to watch out for; and                                 PARKING, GUEST HOUSE. TURNOUT
                                                                             PASTURE AND HOT WALKER FOR
• Gate information for residents and renters in Bear Valley                  PLENTY OF HORSES . ............... $1,175,000
                                                                             23381 DART DR.                                                 IMMACULATE MUST SEE!
                                                                             THIS HOME IS IMMACULATE! READY
   Local residents interested in becoming volunteer officers can             TO MOVE IN NOW. PRIDE OF OWNER-
                                                                             SHIP THROUGHOUT! LANDSCAPED
learn more about the department’s Volunteers in Police Service               AND FENCED. GREAT LOT USABLE
(VIP) program by visiting the Volunteers’ page.                              FOR HORSES OR BUILD A GUEST
                                                                             HOME OR WORKSHOP. GREAT VALLEY
                                                                             FLOOR LOCATION WALK TO THE
                                                                             LAKE! ............................................ $399,900
                               Page 9
                                              CREATED BY PAM BOWERS BVCSD

                                       SUMMERTIME WORD SEARCH
                                                                            POOL                     SUNBURN
                                                                            SANDAL                   SUNSHINE
                                                                            SHELL                    SWIM
                                                                            SUMMER                   VOLLEYBALL
Q: What did the pig say at the beach on a hot summer’s day?                           A: I’m bacon
Q: Why did the orange go to the doctor?                                               A: It wasn’t peeling good.
Q: What do you call a bear with no teeth?                                             A: A gummy bear

                                                                          DFAC IN FINAL STAGES
                                                                          Bill Mason, DFAC Media Coordinator

                                                                              The sixth meeting of the Detachment Fund Advisory Commit-
                                              LOWER $$$ ON WIRE &
                                                                          tee (DFAC) was held on June 9, 2009. The meeting was again
 Great Prices, Quality & Service Since 1973    GATES & NEW ITEMS          well-attended with all but two committee members present, and
                                                                          two BVSA members attended the meeting.
 Boulders - Granite .................................... FROM $19.99          As was mentioned in July’s Bear Tracks, the committee
 Garden Beds - Raised 6’x3’ ..................... FROM $89.00             developed a tool to evaluate and rank the various project propos-
 Ranch Gates - 12’ - 5 Rail ........................ FROM $75.00          als based on the following five criteria: existing program requests,
                                                                          member support/interest, project cost, operating expense, and
 Corral Panels - Gal. 5’x12’ - 4 Rail ......... FROM $88.00
                                                                          expected use. Each criterion is to be scored on a scale of zero to
 Horse Fence Wire - 48”x100’ - lite .......... FROM $103.98
                                                                          ten, for a potential total project score of 50. Fourteen of 22
 T-Posts - 5, 6, 7, 8 Length Available ...... FROM             $3.99      projects were scored; project scores ranged from a high of 50 to a
 40 Lb. Dog Food - Country Acre ............ FROM $14.95                  low of 25. At the June meeting, the remaining 8 projects were
    The Professionals For All Your Fencing Needs.                         handled. After considerable discussion, the committee decided to
  We Sell the Only Post & Rail With a 30 yr Warranty.                     remove five of these projects from the list, and to add another
                                                                          project. So the project list total now stands at 18, and all have
                         822-9101                                         been rated and scored. At the next meeting on July 14th, the final
                                                                          project list and scores will be compiled and passed on to the
                                                                          BVSA Board of Directors for their consideration. Look for the final
                                                                          list in the September issue of Bear Tracks.
                                                          Install &            If you have any last minute project suggestions for the Com-
    30 YEAR                                                               mittee to consider, please e-mail them to Karen Luginbuhl
    Warranty                                                              karenl.bvsa@bluetie.com, or give her a call at the BVSA office.
                                                                          Better yet, come and find out what’s going on first hand — the
                       * All Prices Subject to Change *                   next DFAC meeting will be on August 11, 2009 (the 2nd Tuesday
                                                                          of every month) at 10:30 am in the Oak Tree Saloon.

                                                                      Page 10
QUESTION & ANSWERS COLUMN                                               easements, which allow the district onto the property to maintain
By You the Resident                                                     the flow of the water through drainage easements. This does not
Compiled by Sandy Janzen Assistant General Manager, CSD                 necessarily include grass cutting, weed control, or landscaping.
                                                                        As needed the CSD maintains drainage easements to provide
Q. “Is there really a shortage of water, as the BVSA continues          proper water flow, and puts mosquito dunks in ditches which
to tell the members or have they made the decision not to               continually hold water. Weeds are to be taken care of by each
spend the extra dollars that it would cost to keep the Golf             property owner. Section 7-1-8 paragraph C of the District Code
Course, our most important                                              may be helpful: “Responsibility For Equipment On Customer
amenity, in the condition                                              Premises: All facilities installed by the District on private property
that would maintain our                                                for the purpose of rendering water service shall remain the
property values?” Lou                                                  property of the District and may be maintained, repaired or
Zanutto Tract 3557 Lot 1                                               replaced by the Water Department without consent or interference
A. The CSD cannot comment                                              of the owner or occupant of the property. The property owner shall
on decisions made by the                                               use reasonable care in the protection of the facilities. No payment
BVSA regarding the golf                                                shall be made for placing or maintaining said facilities on private
course, but we can attest that                                         property. No person shall place or permit the placement of any
California is in the worst water crisis in history. This was made      object in a manner which will interfere with the free access to a
clear to several of the CSD Directors and staff while attending the    meter box or will interfere with the reading of a meter. Easements
Association of Water Agencies Conference last May. Governor            and rights of way are to be kept free of encroachment of any
Arnold Schwarzenegger has declared California in a water               kind, and the District shall have full access thereto, and any
emergency and many more years of drought are expected. It may obstructions shall be removed at the expense of the owner.
be difficult for water users to understand this because every time     (Ord. 4, 11-12-1970)”
we go to the faucet water comes out and your CSD is determined             If you have a question for the Question an Answer Column
to keep it that way. Approximately 60% of Bear Valley’s water is       simply e-mail it to sjanzen@bvcsd.com and let us know if it is
pumped over the mountain from Cummings Valley. Bear Valley             okay to publish your name with your question or if you would
owns the land and the wells but must pay for every drop of water       prefer to remain anonymous. Enjoy the day!
pumped over the hill to recharge Cummings Valley’s ground
water. One clear sign of drought in Bear Valley is the lack of the
annual appearance of “Surprise Lake”. This may make property
                                                                          WE HAVE MOVED                              Move in
                                                                                to 20290 Valley Blvd
owners backing up to Surprise Lake happy as could be – but its
lack of appearance is a clear indicator that the water table is
down. California farmers have been hit hard by the water crisis –
                                                                                  across from Edelweiss
greatly due to a small fish named the Delta Smelt. Environmen-
talists went to court long ago to protect the little fish and won –
                                                                                                                       $ .00
stopping the pumps from sending water our way. Many farmers
have been forced to cut down orchards and cease planting. The
water available for purchase from Tehachapi Cummings Water
District has been reduced by approximately 30%. Many cities are
                                                                              Full Service Salon
                                                                                 Open: Tues - Fri 9-5
                                                                                                                     Expires August 31, 2009

only allowing watering of landscapes 3
days a week. The CSD has repeatedly
asked water users to conserve. It is the
responsible thing to do; it helps save                  Owner
money on your water bill and ensures we                 retired
will have the water we need in years to              L.A. Police
come. The CSD has never requested that                 Detective
the Association stop watering the golf                                  atwelldeckrefinishing.com
course – but the Association will make
decisions based on the price of water and            Serving BVS since 1991 with Quality Painting • Lic #794020
what they are willing/able to budget for
irrigation. Some watering of the golf                           Quality Interior & Exterior Painting
course is done with effluent water which                        Commercial - Residential - Industrial
helps the CSD recycle water and maintain              Log Home - Cedar Home - Wood Deck Refinishing
the balance of the sewer system.                                    & Hardwood Floor refinishing
Q. “Whose responsibility is it to main-
tain the drainage ditches and the area                           “Others cover, We restore!”
between the ditches and the property
owners’ property lines, specifically                     661 821-DECK (3325)
along fairway #8 and the ditch that                                     We carry
crosses Fawn Way?” Lou Zanutto Tract                                    Commercial Liability insurance,
3557 Lot 1 A. According to our Public                                   Commercial Auto insurance &
Works Superintendent, the property owner
                                                                        Workers Comp. insurance
is responsible for maintaining everything
on their property. The CSD does have                                    on every employee

                                                                Page 11
     INFORMATION -- (Note some of the contacts may have changed, but we don’t have the new information)
❖ AIM (Actively Involved Mothers)                                      ❖ BVS SPORTSMAN'S CLUB
Contact Pres. Lisa Benya, 821-0484 - organizes fun, safe,              President Kay Bryant 821-0708, Treasurer Julie Cook -
structured events in BVS for the kids. There is a website available    coordinates a wide variety of social, sports and RV activities.
also: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/BVSAIM.                            ❖ BVS WOMEN'S CLUB
❖ ALLIES & ALBUM MAKERS - contact Julie Amstutz, 821-                  Contact Donna Smith, 821-5002 – provides an opportunity for
9000 or Rebecca Pettitt 821-7303, Gathering of album makers            good fellowship among the women of BVS.
and scrap bookers, meets monthly on the 3rd and 4th Monday.            ❖ BVS YOUTH SPORTS CLUB - Contact Lisa Burt, Secretary/
❖ BEAR SPINNERS & WEAVERS                                              Treasure 821-0850, this club is dedicated to fund raising activities
Contact Elaine Maxwell, 821-1680 or Rona Samuels,                      for the BV youth sports.
821-5828 - exchanging of techniques & support.                         ❖ CARRIAGE DRIVING SOCIETY
❖ BEAR VALLEY BUCKAROOS - President Pat Bradshaw,                      Contact Dawn Wright, 821-8970 - Meetings are the 2nd Thursday
821-6615 - promotes safe, fun, western cowboy activities for kids      every month, 6 pm at the Equestrian Center Lounge. We promote
and adults alike. All levels of riders welcome.                        safe driving, drive and ride outings and good horsemanship.
❖ BEAR VALLEY 4H                                                       ❖ CERT (COMMUNITY EMERGENCY RESPONSE TEAM)
Contact Laurie Hamilton, 821-2406 - Open to all children ages 5        Jim Nelson, 821-5205 - Training BVS residents “to be prepared
to 19, current projects include shooting sports, arts & crafts, home   and ready to serve” in the event of a local disaster situation.
economics, horse, llama, poultry, sheep, goats and rabbits.            ❖ FRIDAY NIGHT BRIDGE PARTY
Meetings 2nd Monday, 7:00 pm at the Whiting Center arts and            Contact Carol Burdick, 821-7213 or Elaine Williams, 821-5768 -
crafts room.                                                           provides a friendly, relaxed atmosphere for couples and singles to
❖ BEAR VALLEY PONY CLUB                                                enjoy social bridge.
Contact Lisa Severijn 821-6505 – This club is an educational           ❖ GENE'S BRIDGE CLUB Contact Ray Stewart, 821-4745 -
organization, teaching riding, mounted sports and the card of          provides a friendly and relaxed atmosphere for enjoying
horses and ponies. Develops in youth the characteristics of            duplicate bridge.
responsibility, moral judgment, leadership and self confidence.        ❖ OAK TREE COUNTRY CLUB WOMEN'S GOLF CLUB
❖ BEAR VALLEY YOUTH SPORTS CLUB - Contact Hilary                       Contact the Pro Shop, 821-5144 - develops and promotes golf
Jarvis @ 821-1972 - This club will assist with the fund raising and    and social activities among members.
distribution of raised funds for the betterment of youth sports        ❖ OAK TREE MEN'S GOLF CLUB
activities in Bear Valley Springs. Monthly meetings are held the       Contact Dick Taylor, President @821-0740 -
fourth Thursday of the month @ 6:00pm, at the OTCC card room.          Monthly golf tournaments held during the season.
❖ BOY SCOUTS TROOP 135                                                 ❖ OAK TREE TENNIS CLUB
Contact Scout Master, Kirk Newman, 821-7011                            Contact Tennis Pro, Rick Lund, 821-6523 - promotes interest in
    CUB SCOUTS PACK 135                                                tennis activities among members and families.
Contact Traci Cazares at 821-0670                                      ❖ P&J BRIDGE CLUB
❖ BOY SCOUTS TROOP 594                                                 Contact Terry Papac, 821-1334
Contact Scout Master, Brian St John, 821-1241                          ❖ PAN PLAYERS
❖ BVPD VIPS (Volunteers in Police Service) Community-minded            Contact Adele Conners, 821-2411
service. Contact VIPS, Captain A. Dameron @ 821-1157 for               ❖ R/C MODELERS
further information, brochure and application.                         Contact Ken Holden 821-0564
❖ BVS CRAFTY LADIES                                                    ❖ TRAIL TREKKERS ENDURANCE CLUB
Contact Verna Williams, 821-1023 or Rosemarie Schermer                 Contact Carol Miller, 821-8966 - Enhancing club members
821-5706, meets at the Equestrian Center Lounge, every                 enjoyment of existing trail system within BV, increase knowledge
Tuesday, from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm. Bring your own project and           in safe long distance trail riding and equine metabolic system.
get acquainted!
Nicki Keene @ 821-2079 or Co- President Mardy Yurk @
821-4170 – provides cultural events for the enrichment of the          ❖ BETA SIGMA PHI. - Our organization is social and
members and community.                                                 philanthropic and everyone is invited, as we are a sisterhood that
❖ BVS DEBATING SOCIETY                                                 is not affiliated with any college or church. We meet once a
Contact BJ Mitchell, 821-5110 - present public debates on issues       month for a luncheon and have many social events. Our group is
of interest to BVS property owners and residents.                      a wonderful way to make close girlfriends. If you would like more
❖ BVS DRESSAGE CLUB                                                    information about our special group, please call our President,
Contact Lois Quinn, 821-6323 - active in many equestrian               Arlene Weed at 821-7888.
dressage activities in the local area.                                 ❖ BOOK CLUB - Contact: Debbie @ (661-203-4313 or
❖ BVS EMERGENCY AMATEUR RADIO TEAM                                     debvillworck@yahoo.com Club meets every 4th Tuesday
Contact John Carnakis, 821-2067 - This team is made up of              12:15 - 2:45 @ various member homes, book selection is open.
licensed amateur radio operators in BVS who donate their               ❖ CHESS CLUB - Contact: Debbie @ (661) 203-4313 or
services in times of an emergency. Weekly net check-in Sunday          debvillwock@yahoo.com Club meets Every 3rd & 4th Tuesday
evenings @ 7:00 pm 146.700Mhz(-) PL88.5                                from 9:00 am to 12:00 noon @ the OTCC Card Room. Just
❖ BVS GARDEN CLUB                                                      show-up and have fun!
Contact Linda Coverdale @ 821-0489 or Caron Castner @                  ❖ TEHACHAPI MOUNTAIN QUILT GUILD meets at the BVS
821-0388 - the garden club meets March through October at the          Community Church at 9:00 to 9:30 social time and business at
Equestrian Center Lounge. Plan garden tours, programs, etc.            9:30 the first Monday of the month unless it is a holiday and then
❖ BVS HORSEMAN’S ASSOCIATION - Contact Michael Kemp,                   we meet on the second Monday. Visitors and new members are
821-0321 mhkemp@att.net - promotes fellowship, equestrian              welcome...........
activities and facilities, supports acquisition and preservation of    ❖ TEHACHAPI MOUNTAINS BIRDING CLUB - Al Crisalli Jr.
riding trails.                                                         823-0474 - a non-profit, independent club dedicated to a better
❖ BVS MEN'S SERVICE CLUB                                               understanding of Tehachapi birds.
Contact Jerry Teplansky, 821-2012 - a group of men joining
together for service to the community and fellowship.

                                                               Page 12
Terry Freeman, Chief of Police

    What a wonderful time had by all at the Annual 4th of July                                                                     661 821-1514
activities in Bear Valley. The smell of bacon & sausage filled the air
as the pancake breakfast got under way on Friday, Saturday and
                                                                                                                          Real Estate Sales, Rentals,
Sunday. Hot air balloons filled the sky all weekend long as                                                                 Property Management
residents enjoyed the festivities, ongoing at the ball diamond and                                                                www.bvsproperties.com
Cub Lake.                                                                                                                 Serving Bear Valley Springs for 21 years!
    As folks made their way to Cub Lake they found craft booths,                                      Kathy Carey
food booths, jump houses and train rides for the kids. Also there                                                                                       Council of
was the Civil war canon, remote control planes along with the Kern                     Broker/Owner                                                     Residential
County Fire Helicopter doing a demo of an air rescue. On Saturday                                          331-1514                                     Specialists
what a great parade as residents lined the streets to watch.
    There was music of all kinds along with dancing for those who                           You have a Choice - Thank You for Choosing BVS Properties
wished to do so. On Sunday what a great show of vintage and
restored vehicles gathered in the parking lot of the CSD. A walk
down memory lane of cars and of days gone by, it took me back to
the days of cruising the boulevard with an 8- track tape playing the
Mamas & Papas, “Monday-Monday” while hugged up to my best
girl driving my souped up 1968 GTO looking for someone to race.
    I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge the hard work and
long hours put in by the following groups to make the weekend so
wonderful for all to enjoy.                                                                                       Interior & Exterior
    A great big thank you to all members of the Fourth of July                                              Residential/Commercial Coatings
Committee, all the employees of the BVSA, for their work at setting
up tents, tables, chairs, running electric where needed and so                               Specializing in Bear Valley ECC Color Requirements
much more. I would like to thank all the employees of the Bear
Valley Police Department that worked long and hard hours this                                Josh Tickenoff • 661 972-9049 • Lic # 873752
weekend, to the Department VIPS, what I can say you were
wonderful and did an outstanding job all weekend. I want to also                                             ABBEY CARPET 25TH ANNIVERSARY
say thanks to the Department’s Explorer group for all their help.
Once again a wonderful time had by all. I would also like to say                                             Abbey Carpet and Floors
I was proud of valley residents who made this an awesome
weekend for all.                                                                                                        20571 Santa Lucia

                                                                                                                                                                  WHEN HONESTY AND INTEGRITY COUNT
                                                                         WE CARE ABOUT YOUR INSTALLATION

                                                                                                                           Serving BVS for 25 years
                                                                                                                             “Small town service
                                                                                                                             Large store selection”
                                                                                                           We do free in-home shopping and cost estimates
                                                                                                                We do rental properties and repairs
                                                                                                                 Large in-stock selection of carpet
                                                                                                           Starting at $13.99 s/y installed with 6 lb. pad
                                                                                                             Reliable professional licensed installers.
                                                                                                                 Window Coverings
                                                                                                                 Ceramic tiles
                                  Photo by Tina Magie
                                                                                                            Come up to the Abbey!
            Bear Tracks Special                                                                              We are locally owned
                                                                                                                and operated
    10% off on all labor Charges (with this coupon)
                                                                                                                Lic # 632189
                     (661) 822-9171                                                                          www.buyabbey.com
               501 W. Tehachapi Blvd. Tehachapi
                                                                                                           TRUSTED PROFESSIONALS IN YOUR HOME

                                                                 Page 13
                                                                     INVITATION TO ALL BVSA MEMBERS
                                                                     Cheramy Krueger, Administrative Manager

                                                                        As we begin the new 2009/2010 fiscal year, the Association
                                                                     Board of Directors, Staff, and Committee members would like to
                                                                     extend invitations for their committee meetings, to all members.
                                                                        You as a member can attend any, or all committee meetings of
                                                                     your choice. These meetings occur once a month, and on a

               661 972-6774                                          regular basis.
                                                                        Listed below are the committees, the prospective date, time
               Custom Draperies • Free Estimates                     and locations.
                                                                     Note: There may be some deferred dates if the standing commit-
                                                                     tee date falls on a observed holiday, or inclement weather.

LOCATION, LOCATION!                                                  Monthly Board of Directors Meetings:
24460 San Juan.
Located on beautiful upper
                                                                        Every third Saturday at the OTCC reception area @ 8:30 am.
San Juan, this 3 bedroom 2                                              Every Monday following the Saturday meeting at the
bath home boasts large                                                     Association office conference room @ 4:00 pm
deck overlooking mountains                                           Food & Beverage Committee Meetings:
and oaks, vaulted ceilings,
bright sunny breakfast area,                                            Every first Friday of the month at OTCC Saloon @ 10:00 am
newly re-painted on                                                  Equestrian Advisory Committee Meetings:
                                 LISTINGS WANTED
1+ acre $269,000                                                        Ever first Monday at the Equestrian Center lounge @ 9:00 am
                  SOLD 0 Buckthorne – $19,000 Rep. Seller            Golf Advisory Committee Meetings:
                  SOLD 26101 Big Sky – $249,900 Rep. Buyer
                                                                        Every first Tuesday at the OTCC card room @8:30 am
                  Carol Miller                                       Rules Committee Meetings:
                  REALTOR®, SRES                                        Every first Tuesday at the Association office conference room
                  License #01744133                                        @ 10:00 am
                  972-6044 Direct Line
                  BVS Resident/Owner
                                                                     Recreation Committee Meeting:
                  www.TehachapiHomeFinder.com                           Every second Tuesday at the Whiting Center craft room @
                                                                        1:00 pm
                                                                     Finance Committee Meeting:

                     Greenberg                                          Every fourth Tuesday at the Association office conference
                                                                        room @ 1:00 pm
                                                                     BVSA/CSD Liaison Committee Meeting:
                     Construction                                       Every second Tuesday at the CSD office @ 9:00 am
                 Residential • Commercial • Plans/Design             We hope to see some fresh faces and hear new ideas!
                Additions • New Construction • Remodeling
                 Patio Covers • Repairs • Decks • Garages            HOLIDAY BAZAAR VENDORS WANTED
                      Doors & Windows • Hardscapes
                  Office 823-7496 • Cell 549-3252                    The BVS Cultural Arts Association is planning for our annual
                                                                     Holiday Bazaar in November. The items must be homemade and
  Bruce                   THIS MONTHS SPECIAL
                                                                     handmade crafts, arts, etc. with no commercial items. We will
Greenberg         $500.00 Home Depot Gift Card on any project
                 started in the month of April Restrictions apply.   have forms available at The Whiting Center and OTCC on
Lic. #625041                                                         September 1st for reserving your booth. The booths will be on a
www.greenbergconstruction.com                                        first come, first served basis with BVS Cultural Arts members
                                                                     preference. Vendors must be a BVS property home owner or
                                                                     sponsored by a BVS property home owner.

          (661) 821-0907
       All your Plumbing Repairs
       Pressure Regulating Valve                Kenny Hignite
       Water Heaters                            “THE PLUMBER”
       Hot Water Circulating
        Systems and More
               Owned and Operated by B.V.S. Resident
                  Ken Hignite License no. 225941

        If water runs thru it, we can repair it!

                                                                Page 14
  Photo in Bear Valley by Liz Cummings
                                                                          ORDERED SALE!

                                                                                2150 Sq. Ft. on 5 Acres - Views $249,000

                                                                               1850 Sq. Ft. on Large Corner Lot $229,000
Ron Hayden, Bear Valley Snake Expert

Human snake bite;
• Stay calm & reassure the victim.                                         1450 Sq. Ft. on 1.2
• Keep the victim still, & prepare to treat for shock.
                                                                          Acres only $179,000
• Remove any jewelry, watches, bracelets or any constricting
items.                                                                       BVS Homes Completely Redone
• Keep the bite area clean & immobilize if possible.                              & Ready to Move in
• Maintain the victim’s airway.                                           Low Down, Low Monthly, “B” Credit Ok
• If the victim is conscious, fluids are important. Water is fluid of       Why Rent? We Finance Most People
choice, no stimulants.
                                                                                     Roger at
• Usually suction is of little value. However, if you have an
extractor type device designed for venomous bites it may be
                                                                          (661) 821-2145 • (661) 319-6124
beneficial if used properly.
• It must be applied immediately & is only effective in the first 15 to
30 minutes.
• Transport immediately to the nearest medical facility. Do not
wait for symptoms to appear.
Small animals such as dogs, cats, etc.
• Keep the animal calm & comfortable.
• Give Benadryl in tablet form by mouth or if available, by injec-
tion. Do not use liquid Benadryl by mouth. Administer at a rate of
                                                                                  8:30 am - 5:30 pm - 7 days a week
1mg per pound.
• Transport immediately to the nearest veterinary facility. Do not         “Save Time, Save Money, Save Gas, Come to Stallion Springs”
wait for symptoms to appear.
Snake bite to a horse or other large animal.                                     August Specials
• If bitten on an extremity, a dry absorbent wrap may minimize                            August 1st - 31st, 2009
• If bitten on the nose & swelling appears to be an issue, proper          All evergreen trees 10% OFF
insertion of short sections of garden hose or large syringe casings        1 gal plants $3.99
could be helpful.
• Administration of a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication
                                                                           5 gal plants $9.99              GROMULCH
could be helpful (only available by prescription from a veterinarian).     5 gal roses $12.99               2 CU. FT
WHAT NOT TO DO FOR A SNAKE BITE TO A HUMAN OR ANIMAL.                      All vines $19.99
• Never incise the bite site.
• Never apply a tourniquet or constriction band.                           15 gal deciduous trees 5 for $100 or $24. ea.
• Never apply ice or cold packs.                                           24” box trees (Tagged) $99.99
• Never give stimulants or alcoholic beverages.
• Never give morphine or any central nervous system depressors.                 Rain Checks & Special Orders Welcome
• Never break open large blisters that may form at the bite site.                 Large Quantity Discounts Available
HIKING.                                                                            Landscaping Plus, Inc.
Method of communication - Benadryl - Bandage or wrap material -           Award Winning Designer & Landscaper
Vet wrap - Garden hose or large syringe casings - Extractor®.             on premises at all times see ad on p.24

                             Page 15                                             Stallion Springs Rd. at the Chevron Station
                                                                      2009 EQUESTRIAN CENTER EVENTS

                      Ben Graham
                                                                     Aug 8
                                                                             Event             Sponsor
                                                                             Buckaroo Play Day B.V. Buckaroos
                                                                                                                      Contact Info
                                                                                                                      Pat Spandle,
                              Financial Advisor                                                                       821-1547
                    20300 Valley Blvd Suite C, Tehachapi, CA 93561   Aug 9 BVSHA Open Show B.V. Horsemen              Peggy Smith,
                            661-822-2312                             Aug 16 Buckaroo Jackpot B.V. Buckaroos           Cathy Bradshaw,
                           www.edwardjones.com                                                                        821-6615
                               Member SIPC
                                                                                                                      Jeanne Gray,
                                                                     Aug 23 Dressage Show         B.V. Dressage       Sally Barton,
                                                                     Sept 12 Buckaroo Play Day B.V. Buckaroos         Pat Spandle,
                                                                     Sept 20 Buckaroo Jackpot B.V Buckaroos           Cathy Bradshaw,
                                                                                                                      Jeanne Gray,
                                                                     Sept 26 Dressage Rally       B.V Pony Club       Lori Price,
                                                                     Sept 27 Dressage Show        B.V. Dressage       Sally Barton,
                                                                     Oct 24 Endurance Ride        B.V. Trail Trekkers Carol Miller,
                                                                                         Other Regular Activities:
                                                                     BV Buckaroos Ranch Sorting - Tues & Thurs @ 4 pm, May - Sept.
                                                                     BV Horsemen’s Trail Rides - 4th Sat of each month. Meet @
                                                                     Equestrian Center 10:00 am
                                                                     Note: Schedule is subject to change. Please call listed
                                                                     contacts to verify all dates. All events are subject to BVSA
                                                                     Board approval.

                              Open Daily 5:00 am - 9:00 pm

                               Come as
                                you are
                              Shop from
                               your car!
20521 Hwy 202 Tehachapi • Corner of Woodford-Tehachapi & 202

                                                   Fine Art
                                                   for your
                                                   Home or
 North East Corner of Green Street & Tehachapi Blvd.
                     661 822-5242
  ARTIST RECEPTION AND ARTWALK                                         Photo by Anita Jesse

                                                               Page 16
                      Custom Home Construction • Garages
                      Barns • Room Additions • Guest Homes
                               Lic #752658

     General Contractor     Office 821-1606 • Cell 972-5475

                     O P T O M E T R I S T
                     “We give you a better outlook”
                     Complete eyecare & Fashion eyewear
                          Glasses made in office
                     20231 Valley Blvd. (Santa Lucia Plaza)

                        Wood Family
                     Funeral Service, Inc.
                     Wood Family Crematory Service
                           F.D. Lic. #1405 CR #277

                     Michael S. Helm
                              Funeral Director
                     CEB #1164 • CEM #248 • CRM #175 • FDR #2358

                         (661) 822-6897
                               Fax (661) 822-9670
                      321 West "F" Street Tehachapi, CA 93561

Page 17
Linda Coverdale, BVSA

    Well folks, here we are deep in the heart of summer.
    One of our main events is coming up soon, our annual Deep
Pit Barbecue. This will take place on August 22nd at Cub Lake at
2 pm and is a favorite family event. Dale Schrock and Jeff
Thomas are in charge this year; so if you want to be involved,
contact one of them. An event that is equally popular is the
potluck the evening before for the volunteers. So if you are a
volunteer this year you will have the opportunity to attend this
    By the time you read this, the August hike will already have
taken place, but the September hike is scheduled to take place
September 12th (because of Labor Day). This is a moderate hike
with no big hills, up or down. We hike across the Valley Floor to
the Mulligan Café for breakfast/brunch. This is the last hike of the
summer that begins at 8:00 am. For more info call Sally at
821-5160 or Linda at 821-0489.
    On September 12th is another event, as well. Are you a
horseshoe enthusiast? Bill Marquardt and Rick Zanutto will be
chairing this event and it will take place by the tennis courts. Stay
tune to the Sportsman’s Club newsletter for more info on this
event, or call Bill at 821-0775 or Rick at 821-1348.
    Finally, in September, our annual wine and cheese tasting will
take place September 19 at the Equestrian Center. Again, it will
be chaired by Ted Fowler and Robbie Nelson. This was a
wonderful event last year, so look forward to even more enjoyable
times this year. More info will be included in next month’s

                            Page 18
                             SUSAN CZAJKOWSKI
                                email: bear@lightspeed.net
                           IF VIEWS ARE WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING
                           FOR… This beautiful nearly new home by
                           Bristol Dev. Inc. offers approx. 2414 SF on 2.5
                           acres w/3 large bedrooms, 3 full baths, walk-in
                           closets, formal din. Room, breakfast nook, plus         Serving Bear Valley for over 30 years
                           an office.
                                                                               The only real Estate office inside Bear Valley
include custom Knotty Alder cabinetry,                                           Trish Trower Broker Designee 972-0897
granite counters, designer tile & lighting,
9’ & 10’ sculptured ceilings, chair rail,
                                                                                             OFFICE 661 821-5567
plantation shutters, spa tub in master,
covered porch & patio, professional
                                                                              Free Trail Maps • Call 821-5567 for a Gate
landscaping is underway! $299,000.                                                  Pass • Free Information Center

                              7.31 ACRES OF PINE FOREST. A sunny
                                                                              CHARMING view home with vaulted ceilings,
                              meadow below the home is fenced for
                                                                              open floor plan, updated kitchen w/ quartz
                              horses or play. The 2120 SF home has
                                                                              counters, granite sink and lots of cabinet
                              an open floor plan with a large fireplace
                                                                              space. Home is tastefully decorated w/ two
                              and huge windows. Expansive decks for
                                                                              spacious bedrooms & bathrooms, cozy wood
                              your rocking chairs. The 2 car garage is        stove in living area and views from every
   SOLVEIG                    oversized. Dog run. $349,000.                   window, located on 1.68 acres. $188,500             TERRY
  THOMPSON                     email: solveig@slightspeed.net                   email: bvsagent@yahoo.com                       GARDNER
   747-2025                            www.bvsinfo.com                         www.bearvalleyspringsrealty.com                   549-9498

                               TERRI JUERGENS                                            AMEE KEESEY
                                  303-6868                                                 301-6068
                                    www.bvsrealty.com                                email: amee977@aol.com
                                   terrij@bvsrealty.com                             www.ameekeeseyrealtor.com

WONDERFUL FAIRWAY HOME!                                                       BRING YOUR HORSES
Great 3 bedroom, 2 bath home with covered patio facing the 8th fairway.       Adorable country style one story home is the perfect setting for your
Open kitchen with plenty of cabinet space, tiled dining room, large           family and 4 legged friends! Private, fenced and affordable! Don’t miss
master suite, nice front landscaping. A real value at $199,000. Ask for       this great opportunity!
Terri Juergens!                                                               Please contact Amee Keesey for more information 301-6068!

                                                                              PRICE REDUCED!! located in a golf, and
                                                                              equestrian, guard gated community.
                                                                              Gorgeous 3 bed, 2 bath home. New
                                                                              kitchen, & baths, newly remodeled inside
                                                                              and out. Nothing to do but move in and
                                                                              enjoy! $184,500

                             JUST LOOK AT THE VIEW, This ranchette
   BETH HALL                 is located on the valley floor with solid wood
    699-2855                 5 stall barn with tackroom and loft, turnouts,                                                      GEORGE
                             shelters & sand riding arena. 2 bd/2ba plus
         email:              hobby room. Total of just under 5 acres of
bethhall@apathhome.net       prime equestrian/view property with                                                                 301-8495
  www.apathhome.net          unsurpassed trail access $297,000.                                                             bvsgeorge@gmail.com
Mon - Fri
                 5 am - 9 pm
                 7 am - 9 pm
                                  WHITING CENTER                                  Schedule subject to change
                                                                                  Note: Daily Guest Fees
Sun              12 pm - 8 pm          BVSA Weekly Activities Subject to Change   Whiting Center $2.00
Bad Weather call first 821-6641               821-6641 Campground 821-2267        Weight Room       $5.00
August Special activities until school starts   Pool 821-POOL - 821-7665








                                                  Page 20
Jim Carmichael, Pipe Major                                             Lose Weight, gain energy and feel
    The Bear Valley Bagpipe Band is growing. We have four                      AMAZING!
student pipers on the practice chanters and they have been doing
this for the past few months, plus one new student who got his
practice chanter today. A practice chanter is similar to a plastic
recorder. It is the lower part of the pipes where the melody comes        Aundrea Gomez
from. A chanter is much more affordable to take beginning lessons      Herbalife Independent Distributor
on while you are seeing if this new hobby is one you will be                   661-802-2511
staying with.                                                             aundreago@gmail.com
    One student is just starting out on his brand new Henderson
pipes, which he just received last week. (Happy Birthday and
Merry Christmas).
    There are two additional members who have transferred from         Contact me for a free diet
another band; one is a piper and the other is a Tenor Drummer              Sample package
who is willing to teach new tenor drummers! The Drum Major is
willing to teach side drummers in the basic instruction of snare          or visit my website
drums. Beside bagpipe instruction we have now branched out into            agnutritionmall.com
drums. Please stop by if you would like more information.
    We meet every Tuesday night at the Whiting Center; 7:00 to
8:45 pm
    We are looking forward to July 4th, 2010 and plan on partici-
pating in the Bear Valley Parade.
Come down and visit us.

                      Bagpipe Practice Chanters

   For more information and a schedule of events
  please visit www.tehachapimountainfestival.com

                                                             Page 21
Jim Carmichael, BVSA Rangemaster

    By the time you read this, Four Island has been stocked with
more fish. And where is the best fishing spot??? The north side of
the first island...trust me.
    On another subject, I’m attaching a photo of an abandoned
boat that was located by the fishing float off of Fawn Way. To
some, this may be no problem, but earlier in the week there were
two small boys reported using this abandoned boat out on the
lake with no life jackets. The boat has no boat sticker; therefore
the Association had no way to locate the owner.
    A boat sticker from the Whiting Center is only $3, and is good
for as long as you live here. We ask you to update any address or
telephone changes so we are able to contact you.
    If anyone has any knowledge of who this boat may belong to,
please call the Whiting Center.

  Ingram Electric of California                                      SHOOTING RANGE REPORT
                                                                     Jim Carmichael, BVSA Rangemaster
                C-10 554448
          Barns - Custom Homes - Remodels                               The shooting range has had its busiest weekend so far. There
                                                                     were about 100 shooters for the three days during the Fourth of
              Additions - Inside Lighting
                                                                     July weekend. We had shooters on all the ranges; Rifle, Pistol,
                   Panel Upgrades                                    and the Trap Range with absolutely no problems! The generator
                     Call for a Free Estimate                        worked, the trap machine and the voice activation system gave us
                  No Job too Large or too Small!                     no problems, and the people were all friendly and had a wonderful
                                                                     time! A perfect weekend!
  821-1469 • Don Ingram 40 Years Experience                             The shooters were great, with everyone complying with all the
                                                                     rules. No one used a shot gun on a target backing; of which
                                                                     Range Master Wayne is happy about. He is the person who
         Custom                                                      makes them for the range. By the way, when you see him, give
  Furniture & Cabinets for                                           him a big thanks for doing this!
                                                                         When you come to shoot at the range, make sure you bring
  Home, Office and more                                              your amenity card with you, the on duty range master needs to
                                                                     see it. Plus, don’t forget to sign in. The Association needs to
        Brian Venter,                                                know how many shooters we have at the range per month, and
      Master Craftsman                                               how many guest shooters. There is a $20.00 cleaning deposit
                                                                     that you will get back if your shooting area is clean of all shells
     40 Years Experience                      License #725132
                                                                     when you are finished shooting. (This has been working to keep
                                                                     our Range clean.)
        (661) 821-0407 • (661) 972-0531
  Brian’s Cabinetry, Inc

                              State License 515683
      Specializing in Service & Repair
 License & Bonded with 30 Years Experience
    •   Water Heaters               •   Water & Gas Lines
    •   Drain Cleaning              •   Slab Leaks
    •   Faucets, Disposals          •   Toilets
    •   Pressure Regulators         •   Circulating Pumps
   Call Mike for your plumbing needs!
                                                                     Photo; Travis Combs shooting his black powder rifle

                                                             Page 22

NAME                  AGE   SEX   TIME    PLACE    DANTE LEEANA             48   M        34.36       3RD
ANTONY EARLEY         18    M     17.54   1ST     RUDOLPH BERLETH                M        35.29
BILL BECKHAM          26    M     21.20   1ST     SHANNON KITT              25   F        35.29       1ST
MATTHEW SGHERZI       19    M     23.05   2ND     DIANE ROTHAS              51   F        36.26       2ND
CHRIS UHI             32    M     23.43   1ST     KATIE AVERETT             38   F        37.48       2ND
MATTHEW ESTES         10    M     24.46   1ST     DANIELLE MAGAR            36   F        42.05       3RD
BRENT POULSON         46    M     24.59   1ST     AEBYLAJ PEREZ             17   M        44.24
AMY FREDRICKS         62    F     25.14   1ST     DEMI PEREZ                18   F        44.27       1ST
BROOKS RICHARDSON     56    M     25.50   1ST     MARILYN ASHBURN           76   F        44.32       1ST
JEFF STANK            41    M     26.05   1ST     ALLISON TRACY             36   F        44.38
STEVE WHITE           53    M     26.08   1ST     JACOB PEREZ               7    M        45.25       1ST
KATE QUINN            56    F     26.21   1ST     SAMANTHA GOOSSEN          49   M        45.36       2ND
KEITH CLOW            61    M     26.35   1ST     AEBY PEREZ                13   F        45.32
KIMBERLY CLOW         57    F     26.49   2ND     EMILY HOCHSTETLER         18   F        45.44       2ND
JACOB ESTES           12    M     27.45   2ND     LYDIA HOCHSTETLER         10   F        45.59       3RD
ROB SCHNEIDER         56    M     27.54   2ND     RHONDA PEREZ              40   F        47.26       1ST
KATIE PARKER          13    F     28.35   1ST     MARLEE JUERGENS           20   F        48.59       1ST
KELLY GAMBLE          38    F     29.17   1ST     TERRI JUERGENS            60   F        49.03       2ND
PAT FULKS             59    M     29.22   3RD     DENNIS SCHROEDER          62   M        52.40       2ND
VALERIE HOCHSTETLER   45    F     30.28   1ST     SHARON COLLINS            61   F        53.00       3RD
VIVIAN KLINGENBERG    51    F     30.28   1ST     KATHY VALENCIA            60   F        54.30
SANDRA POULSON        45    F     31.09   2ND     WILLAMAY EDDLEMON         67   F        54.39       1ST
ART FREDRICKS         77    M     31.16   1ST     LYNNE LOW                 45   F        55.10       3RD
LAURIE FRIESEN        55    F     31.26   3RD     JACKIE VAUGHN             65   F        55.11       2ND
AUSTIN HOCHSTETLER    15    M     32.11   3RD     LUCILLE FULKS             85   F        56.53       2ND
JEREMIAH GOOSSEN      11    M     32.29   3RD     JANET FULKS               55   F        56.55
ROD HOCHSTETLER       46    M     33.03   2ND     PAIGE PARKER                   F                    1ST

                                                                      Farmers Insurance Group
                                                                       of Companies
                                                      Lic # 0450966

                                                   MARTY PAY INSURANCE AGENCY
                                                       121 East F Street • Tehachapi, California 93561
                                                          Serving Tehachapi for over 25 years!
                                                             Experienced and friendly staff
                                                      Award winning office, 7 years agent of the year
                                                              and 20 years Toppers Club!
                                                    Bus: (661) 822-3737 - Bus: (800) 696-3933
                                                   Auto • Fire • Life • Home • Commercial

                                                                           Canine Creek
                                                                            Pet Wash & Boutique
                                                                             You wash the dog,
                                                                             we clean the mess!
                                                                             • Waist High Tubs & Tie-Downs
                                                                             • Your Choice of Shampoos
                                                                             • Towels and Dryers Supplied
                                                                             • Warm Water Sprayers
                                                                             • All included at One Low Price

                                                   Unique & Durable Toys • Collars & Leashes • Pet ID Tags
                                                   Grooming Supplies • Training Aids • Gifts & Accessories
                                                         OPEN 10 am - 6 pm DAILY • CanineCreek.com
                                                   538 East Tehachapi Blvd • 661 822-0307

                                            Page 23
A REMINDER FOR OUR                                                          regardless of weather you wear a helmet or not. All
EQUESTRIAN GUESTS                                                           minors are required to wear a helmet.
                                                                            The Grounds Fee is required to help offset costs incurred
Liz Beckham, Equestrian Center Manager
                                                                            from allowing guests with equines access to our facilities.
                                                                            The liability cost for this is substantial and we hope that you
    I am writing this article to clear up any confusion our members
                                                                            will understand our need to relieve our members from this
and equestrian guests may have regarding guest procedures
                                                                            cost for your benefit.
once inside our gate.
    Check-in procedures are required to satisfy our insurance
                                                                        Again, please assist us in ensuring that our equestrian guests will
carrier. As you can imagine, securing liability insurance for an
                                                                        always be welcome, your cooperation is the only way this can be
outfit such as ours is difficult and quite costly so your cooperation
is appreciated.
    The Check-in procedure is as follows:
All riders must check-in at the Equestrian Center to:
                                                                        Bear Valley Springs Equestrian Center - 661-821-3960
 Complete a Waiver of Liability
 Obtain a Temporary Amenity Use Pass
 Pay a grounds fee of $10.00 per day per horse

    A Temporary Amenity Use Pass is required for any guest
    who will not be riding with or accompanied by a Bear Valley
    Springs member. The member must request a pass in writing
    to the Association office or the Equestrian Center prior to your
    arrival. The request must include the member’s lot and tract
    number, the dates the guests will arrive and depart, and the
    names of each individual. No pass can be issued to any
    person not listed.
    A Gate Pass is not a pass to use the facilities. It is only a
    road pass to your destination.
    The Waiver of Liability must be completed by the rider or
    parent of minor or legal guardian. Sorry, grandparents can
    not sign the waiver for the minor grandchildren. Waivers are
    available on-line at BVSA.org for a parent to complete prior to
    their childs arrival at Bear Valley Springs. We require all
    riders to sign the helmet waiver portion of the waiver

   TAX CREDIT 30% off up to $1,500
   from Stimulus Package on all stoves.
                                                    Price Match
                                                                          Tehachapi Tile
          661 823-0117

  ~ Best Prices Best Service ~                          Lic #                (661) 805-1979                           CA lic # 889176 • Insured
     20817 South Street • Tehachapi                    914919                      www.tehachapitile.com             Many Bear Valley References
  Local Family Owned and Operated                                          Call Steve for a FREE Estimate            All Surfaces • Any Size Job

    Landscaping Plus,Inc.                                                 Tehachapi Auto Glass
                          Design & Build                                                     For all your Auto Glass needs
                    Award Winning Landscapes                                                  All Work 100% Guaranteed
                     Residential & Commercial
                                                                                             151 North Mill St., Suite E
                   Patrick Di Cicco Jr.                                                        (behind Tehachapi Transmission)
         (805) 551-9268 • (661) 822-7090
                                                                          20+ Years Experience • Custom Work • Mobile Work
  27750 Stallion Springs Dr Tehachapi • Lic. #444429                      972-6411 Cell                           822-4500 Shop

                                                                 Page 24
        August 22
 Oak Tree Country Club Golf Course
              Proceeds To Benefit
  Wounded Heroes Fund • CERT • 2nd Chance Ranch
Contact Dave Miller 345-4558 • Steve Muñoz 350-3538
                or Golf Shop 821-5144

                                                                                                 ECC COMMITTEE
                                                                                                 Jack Wildermuth, ECC Chair

                                                                                                 Oooops we goofed.

                                                                                                    In the July issue of Bear Tracks, on page 13, we erroneously
Call 822-1000 for delivery • Open 7 days a week                                                  misquoted the rule on Horses. Under HOME OWNERS ASSO-
 We will deliver to Cummings Valley School twice daily at 5:30 and                               CIATION RULES, Example Number 6 should have read “ BVSA
 7:30 pm. Orders must be placed one hour prior to delivery times.                                Rules allow for four (4) horses on lots one acre or more, and one
                                                                                                 horse for each quarter acre in excess of one acre.”
    VALUE MEAL SPECIAL $19.99                                                                       So if your property is 1 acre, you can have 4 horses on your
                                                                         Expires August 31, 09

  Large 1 topping, 16 piece Howie Bread                                                          property. If your property is 1 1/4 acre, you can have 5 horses on
                                                                                                 your property.
  2 Liter Pepsi, 10 Pieces Howie Wings
           add 2nd large topping for $6.99                                                       We apologize for the mistake.
               (delivery, taxes & additional toppings extra)

   Daniel Steinberg, BS PT MS     Back to work, Back to play, Back to life
      Open now by appointment
       21628 Golden Star Boulevard
     661-823-8101 Fax 661-823-8102
 Our objective is to assist people to achieve their goals of
   health, fitness and ease of movement through life's

                                                                       Page 25
                                                                                                  Subject to

                                Office 822-4433                                         KEITH CLOW
                             107 E. Tehachapi Blvd                                 GENERAL CONTRACTOR 307055
                             www.teamlouieandrhonda.com          Building               (661) 821-3673
                                                             Custom Homes in
                                                               Bear Valley
Rhonda Creten                 Louie Creten                     since 1980
    REALTOR®                     REALTOR®
     428-3335                    428-3332
rhondacreten@sbcglobal.net   fast29fan@sbcglobal.net      QUALITY • INTEGRITY • COMMITMENT

                                                                                  Marie Ellwood
                                                                               Serving Buyers and Sellers
                                                                                    for over 18 Years
                                                                                          (661) 301-7176
                                                                                              Each Office Independently
                                                                          BEST REALTY           Owned and Operated

                                                   Page 26
Page 27
Page 28
Page 29
Page 30
Page 31
Page 32
Continued from page 4, Kirk Wooldridgr, BVSA GM                               allowing structured “step” payouts
                                                                               Reduction in our Workers Comp Mod from 137 to 117
2008-2009 year based on the cost savings realized. The low                    - reduction in insurance premiums
variances reported for the fiscal year demonstrates a well                     Improvement of Swimming Pool programs, hired new
conceived and executed budget.                                                qualified Pool Manager, extended the pool season. Lap
                                                                              Swim. Used almost year round by tri-athletes and regular
For Additional Financial Information please refer to the Fiscal               exercisers. Pool attendance and use continues to
Year End Results “By Department” on page 34.                                  increase.
                                                                               Completed the Primary Food Vendor bidding and
    Boards of Directors 2008-2009 The Board of Directors were                 contract award, resulting in a new “Deviated Pricing
    charged with the ultimate responsibility and authority for                Agreement” with Sysco Foods of Ventura, resulting in
    operation the Bear Valley Springs Association on behalf of the            decreased food and beverage prices from the primary
    Home Owners. It is the role of the Board of Directors to set              vendor.
    the policies, standards, procedures, programs and budgets                  Equestrian Center implemented Liability releases for
    for the community association. Accomplishments listed below               all equestrians, Trail acquisitions and re-aligning of
    involved Board of Directors direction and support, and Board              existing trails and formation of the Equestrian Center
    specific accomplishments include:                                         Master Plan Committee
         • Developing and sustaining an atmosphere of                          In Process: Assuming responsibility for Golf Course
         confidence in management and staff and in supporting a               drainage maintenance and resolution of member /
         level of professionalism and personal development for                homeowner golf course encroachment issues.
         employees, in order to attract and retain “the best”, to             Completed survey of all lot corners and identification of
         serve our members.                                                   all golf course encroachments. Met with most of the
         • “Working through” several complex, and often                       owners with significant encroachments and set plans and
         frustrating legal issues and member disputes with                    completion dates for curing encroachments.
         detachment, professionalism and impartiality.                         Golf Program increased Junior Golf Participation
         Completed 2009-2010 Operating Budget and                             through clinics and private lessons
         Replacement Reserve Review                                            Golf Program has increased Driving Range use and
         • Dedicating a large amount of time, experience, effort              revenue through Driving Range Programs
         and desire to the benefit of the Association and the                  Golf Course Retail has offered new and upgraded Line
         Membership. Through Board Meetings, Committee                        of merchandise, for hard and soft goods
         Meetings, special meetings, Town Hall Meetings and                    International Golf Management (IGM) – Golf Course
         time spent in preparation                                            maintenance continued on drainage improvements,
         • Hiring and training a new General Manager and                      landscape improvements around proshop/Mulligan room,
         working well to instill their “strategic goals” and priorities       and re structuring of agronomic plan for putting greens.
         with the new manager.                                                 IGM - Grounds Maintenance performed Irrigation
         • Conducting Monthly Town Hall Meetings for Home                     renovation at Cub Lake and a new plan for control of
         Owners                                                               weeds in all turf and park areas.
                                                                               Planned and implemented the creation and
BVSA Association Management Accomplishments                                   incorporation of the “Bear Valley Springs Community
        Finance Department improvement of process and                        Recreation Facilities Foundation” for the purpose of
       procedures. Implementation of finding from annual audit,               providing a corporate entity to receive and distribute
       to strengthen security practices                                       charitable donations to further the recreational interests
        Finance Department created automated variance                        of Bear Valley Springs, and to provide valuable Income
       reporting on monthly income statements                                 Tax deductions for our generous donors.
        Raise accountability for reimbursements and                           Continued improved of communication tools such as
       purchases                                                              the “Bear Tracks”, the “E-Buzz” and the BVSA Website
        Contracted CPA firm complete audit with no exception                 will continue to be monitored, changed and improved
       other than those associated with the embezzlement                      with an eye toward involving more of our homeowners in
        California Sales and Use Tax Audit, and Forensic Audit               the processes of board meetings, standing committees,
       on 2007-2008 Fiscal Year results.                                      “ad-hoc” committees”, annual meetings, volunteer efforts
        Completed Board of Director’s and ECC legal                          and community improvement. The changing
       orientation with Corporate Counsel.                                    demographic (more families, children, couples and “gold
        Completed 2009-2010 Operating Budget and                             coasters”) makeup of BVSA will require additional focus
       Replacement Reserve Review.                                            upon the wants and needs of the new(er) members,
        Completed Annual Budget process, Reserve Fund                        particularly, how to wisely to spend the member’s hard
       study review and publishing of annual member legal                     earned assessment dollars and to plan for future
       disclosures each year.                                                 additions and improvements as well as to improve the
        Implementation of the Document Retention and                         infrastructure of our existing amenities.
       Retrieval project, involving the digital scanning and
       database entry of approximately 500,000 pages of BVSA              Projects Completed 2008-2009:
       documents using the newly installed “Laser Fiche”                       Equestrian Center Lounge carpet, Public Address
       software system and “E-size” document scanner for                      system for Equestrian Center Main Arena, space heater
       architectural drawings.                                                installation, campground dump station and campground
        Successful implementation of new 401K program,                       septic system.

                                                                 Page 33
Page 34
          Completed the Carriage Driving Dressage arena
         project at the Equestrian Center entirely through
         volunteer labor, equipment and materials
          Equestrian Center campground graded, cleaned and
         replacement trash receptacles.
          Equestrian Center trees planted at entrance, through
         volunteers from the Equestrian Advisory Council
          Replacement sand for the Equestrian Center
         Dressage arena
          Purchase of additional AED units and cabinets for the
         Equestrian Center, and Tennis Center.
          Tennis Pavilion remodels completed.
          Installed waterless urinals through out amenities for
         water savings
          Fabricated safety hand rails through-out amenities.
          Three rail fence installation around Four Island Lake
         replacement                                                    Continued from page 5, President’s Message
          Bear Valley Springs Association Administrative Office
         remodel to include assessable and secure file storage          24th and we can get more water into Cub Lake. We are losing
         room                                                           about of an inch each day (on the very hot days) from the lakes
          Bear Valley Springs Association Administrative Office        and most of that is due to evaporation. Our staff is closely
         furniture plan implemented and replacement of reserve          monitoring lake levels and reporting on them weekly to our
         fund furniture components.                                     General Manager, Kirk Wooldridge.
          Addition to the Facilities Maintenance building for              Plans to develop an emergency helicopter landing area at the
         mechanic work area, secure storage of equipment, and           Rifle Range are in the works. This idea was generated by our
         supplies                                                       Range Masters. Plans are being finalized and submitted to the
          Golf Cart Fleet Replacement based on Club Car                CSD. Cost to create it will be minimal. This will be an important
         contract and golf benches for golf course.                     addition to the valley, both for range use and disaster preparedness.
          Golf Course Cart Path at hole 3, improved with                   Our Environmental Control Committee (ECC) meets every
         grading and road base, all work preformed by volunteers        Wednesday at the BVSA Office. The Open portion of their
         from Men’s Golf Club                                           meeting starts at 12.30 pm and is noticed on the amenity bulletin
          Rotary and Banks mowers for Golf Course                      boards and our BVSA website. Property owners are welcome to
         maintenance.                                                   attend the Open portion of these meetings. It’s an opportunity to
          Golf Course Pump house electrical hook up.                   see the good work that the ECC does and our hope is that you
          Golf Course Phase #1 Bunker and Drainage project             might be interested in serving as a member on this committee that
         completed for holes 1, 2, 8 and 9, over 19,800 square          is deeply committed to preserving the natural beauty of this valley.
         feet of surface improved.                                          Window replacements for the Association buildings have been
          Mulligan Room and Golf Pro Shop interior painting and        approved - all with an eye to energy conservation and efficiency.
         patio furniture.                                               This was approached as a single project to help decrease costs,
          Construction of Oak Tree Country Club Banquet                thanks to our Project Coordinator, Ken Holden. Energy and cost
         serving area, and storage area.                                savings have been foremost in our minds for some time now. We
          Construction of Oak Tree Country Club Stairs from            do have a number of capital projects in this upcoming year and
         lower parking lot.                                             once completed, we will see a noticeable difference in our facilities.
          Replacement Sand for the Oat Tree Country Club                   Facility use is at a summer-time high right now. There are a
         Volleyball Court                                               variety of opportunities available for all age levels and interests at
          Utility Truck replacement for two F250’s, and Ford           all the facilities. Check your E-Buzz & Bear Tracks for summer
         Ranger Truck based on reserve fund useful life.                clinic and activity schedules.
          Remote Control Model Air Field Runway constructed.               We are always striving to keep our membership informed. We
          Four Island Lake Park Pump House remodel and Dam             have Bear Tracks, E-Buzz, our website, quarterly Town Hall
         Splash Guard projects                                          Forums, board and committee meetings (all of which you are
          Whiting Center Hardie Plank exterior installation,           welcome to attend). If you are so inclined, please send your e-
         painting, Sauna Area construction, pitching machine, and       mail address to Karen Luginbuhl @ Karenl.bvsa@bluetie.com,
         folding chairs.                                                and she will be happy to add you to the E-Buzz distribution list.
          Oak Tree Country Club Children’s wading pool cover           It’s a very up-to-date weekly electronic offering that has informa-
         and Oak Branch Saloon Computer.                                tion re: upcoming BVSA events, club activities, etc.
                                                                            The eagle-eyes amongst you may have noticed that Town Hall
   The above list names many accomplishments small and large            will be meeting quarterly now. Attendance was low when we met
that took place during the fiscal year, but by no means does this       every month. The Tuesday dates scheduled are: October 13th,
give recognition to all the Bear Valley Springs individuals that have   January 12th and April 13th. Both the BVSA and the CSD will
contributed. I would like to personally thank the 2008-2009 Board       have Board members and staff available at these events to
of Directors, BVSA Management, past General Manger Michael              answer your questions. It’s a very informal way to meet with
Bennett, BVSA Staff Members, and Community Volunteers and               people from both organizations and keep in tune with what is
Clubs for their support and efforts during the 2008-2009 Fiscal         going on with Bear Valley.
Year for making it a success. Looking forward to 2009-2010….                Until next month, enjoy this valley and the summer weather.

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                               homes was $185.000.00, $70,533 less than last month, and they were on the market for an average of 175
                               days. The original asking price to sold price was 84%. 1 in 8.5 homes in BVS sold between 6/15 and 7/15/09.
                                LAND: As of 7/15/09 there were 100 parcels of land for sale in BVS , 5 more than last month, and 5 in
                               Escrow, 3 more than the previous month. 2 parcels have sold between 6/15 and 7/15/09, 1 less than last
                               month. The median price was $17,500 and averaged 532 days on the market. The original list price to sold
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                         CAPE COD CUSTOM HOME IN BVS,
                         Entertainment home representing                                               COME TO STALLION SPRINGS
                         beauty, privacy, and artistic design                                          to appreciate this older custom home.
                         features 2856 sf. on 1.49 acres. 3                                            Built in 1989, 3 bedroom 2 bath,
                         bdrm/3 ba. Hdwd. flooring, French                                             approx. 1564 sq.ft., large living room
                         doors, sub zero refrigerator. Italian                                         with fireplace. At least 1/3 of an acre.
                         marble counter, floor & shower in                                             Privacy in the large backyard
                         master bathroom. Gazebo, stone fire                                           surrounded by trees. 100 sq.ft.
                         pit, decking, too many features to                                            covered porch. All this waiting for you
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                                                                                                       WONDERFUL VIEWS OF BVS
                         GOLDSPIKE IN BVS… Build your                                                  without being at the top of the
                         dream house in the privacy of the                                             mountain. Backs up to Water Canyon
                         pines. This little piece of heaven has                                        Campground. Within minutes of 50
                         the perfect building site on 6.35 acres.                                      plus miles of hiking/horse trails.
                         Stunning views to be enjoyed all year                                         This property has the water meter
                         round. Don’t miss out on this special                                         installed, approved grading and house
                         opportunity                                                                   plans. Also the corner markers have
                         for only .................................. $69,000                           been done. All this on 3.23 Acres for
                                                                                                       Only ....................................... $19,950
                         YOU CAN SEE THE DIFFERENCE                                                    WELCOME to 9.26 acres in Bear
                         Loving care, makes this spotless 2.5                                          Valley Springs! Single story 2600sf
                         bath, 4 bedroom, approx. 1985 sq.ft,                                          home & detached 650sf studio apt. w/
                         home. Open bright kitchen & wood                                              full kitchen and bath The main hse has
                         floors. Don’t forget to bring the horses.                                     2 bdrm/3 bath, approx. 2600sf with loft.
                         The 1.1 acres has 4-shelters, tack                                            Newer roof on main, guest and shed.
                         room/feed room, corral and fenced                                             This is a wonderful get-away property,
                         pasture. You are a short ride to the 52                                       so quiet and beautiful....truly your own
                         miles of trails. Enjoy peaceful views of                                      piece of heaven. Move in clean and
                         the valley & surrounding mountains.                                           ready. For only ..................... $429,900

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