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                                    OHIO VACANT PROPERTIES FORUM:
                                 CURRENT CHALLENGES, CRAFTING CHANGES

                                           A statewide forum sponsored by:
                                    Cleveland Neighborhood Development Coalition
                                     Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission
                                         National Vacant Properties Campaign

                                               October 24 & 25, 2005
                    Location: Hyatt on Capitol Square; 75 E. State Street; Columbus, Ohio 43215

8:30 Registration/continental breakfast

9:00    Welcome and Introduction
        Don Chen, Smart Growth America
        The Hon. Michael B. Coleman, Mayor of Columbus (invited)

9:15    Opening Keynote
        The Hon. Mike Turner, U.S. Representative, Ohio’s 3rd District

9:45    Opening Plenary - The Vacant Property Challenge in Ohio: The Cycle of Abandonment

        Moderator: Lavea Brachman, Delta Institute
        Doug Harsany, Ohio Department of Development
        Joe Schilling, Metropolitan Institute, Virginia Tech
        Georgine Welo, Mayor of South Euclid
         john powell , Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity, Ohio State University

11:00   Break

11:15   Morning Plenary - The Ohio Story: Legal, Demographic, and Market Trends

        Moderator: Ruth Clevenger, Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland
        Kermit Lind, Cleveland-Marshall College of Law Community Advocacy Clinic
        Jason Reece, Kirwan Institute
        Tom Bier, Maxine Goodman Levin College of Urban Affairs, Cleveland State University
        Gene Krebs, Greater Ohio (invited)

12:15   Luncheon Keynote
        “Regional Equity and Redevelopment”
        Myron Orfield, University of Minnesota Law School

1:30    Breakout Session I - Challenges and Opportunities

                 Causes of Abandonment
                 Learning from commonalities and differences from regions across the state.
                 Facilitated by Frank Ford, Neighborhood Progress, Inc., and Mary Rogers, Ohio CDC Association (invited)

                 Foreclosures and the Problem of Clearing Titles
                 Discussing the sharp increase in foreclosures across the state, and how foreclosures fuel abandonment.
                 Facilitated by Richard Cordray, Franklin County Treasurer; Jim McCarthy, Miami Valley Fair Housing
                 Center (invited); Richard Pfeiffer, City of Columbus
                Wanted: Statewide Approaches to Vacant Property
                Assisting local and regional solutions with a statewide perspective.
                Facilitated by Ken LeBlanc, Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission

                Brownfields – Clean-up, Liability and Re-use
                Considering the tough challenges posed by vacant and abandoned industrial and commercial properties.
                Facilitated by Lavea Brachman, Delta Institute, and John Magill, Ohio Department of Development.

3:00    Break

3:15    Afternoon Plenary – Tapping into Available Resources

        Moderator: Lawrence Anderson, Vice President and Southeast Regional Director, The Enterprise Foundation
        Royce Yeater, National Trust for Historic Preservation
        Jennifer Leonard, National Vacant Properties Campaign
        Carlton Eley, US EPA
        Chris Warren, ShoreBank Enterprise Cleveland

4:30    Adjournment

5:00    Evening Reception

8:00 Breakfast with Members of the General Assembly: Hot Topics in Land Use, Planning and Redevelopment

9:00    Breakfast plenary – National Models Part I: Remedies and Opportunities
        Information systems, land banks, municipal systems

        Moderator: Frank Alexander, Emory University School of Law (invited)
        John Kromer, Fels Institute
        Dan Kildee, Genesee County, Michigan Treasurer
        Anika Goss-Foster, Detroit LISC

10:15   Break

10:30   Breakout Session II - Best Practices

                Avoiding Foreclosure
                Preventing foreclosure and exploring loss mitigation tools.
                Facilitated by Fannie Mae.

                Preservation and Development
                Preserving historic properties through strategic reuse and rehabilitation.
                Facilitated by Kevin Kuchenbecker, Heritage Ohio; Sue Douglass, Blaine Bridge Community Preservation
                Project, Inc.; Lorna Swisher, Mainstreet Piqua, Inc.; Terry L. Haworth, Darke County Commissioner

                Reuse of Residential Property
                Financing and planning residential redevelopment for positive neighborhood change.
                Facilitated by Doug Harsany, Ohio Department of Development

                County Treasurer Innovations
                Highlighting new tools to expedite foreclosures- tax lien sales and boards of revisions.
                Facilitated by John Reardon, Mahoning County Treasurer and James Rokakis, Cuyahoga County Treasurer
                Prosecutors, Housing Court Judges, and Community Development Corporations
                Examining indispensable partnerships in combating vacant properties.
                Facilitated by Ray Pianka, Cleveland Housing Court judge, Richard Pfeiffer, City Attorney, Columbus, and
                Jan Kappenhagen, Cudell Improvement/Midwest Housing Partnership.

11:45   Luncheon Panel – National Models Part II: State Policy and Legislative Reform
        Reforms and movements in Michigan, Pennsylvania and New Jersey

        Moderator: Frank Alexander, Emory University School of Law (invited)
        Alan Mallach, National Housing Institute
        Elizabeth Hersh, Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania

1:15    Breakout Session III: Building an Agenda for Ohio

                Information Systems and Assessment: Costs of Abandonment vs. the Benefits of Vacant Property
                What are the core ingredients to a comprehensive property information system; what are the policy
                barriers to designing and developing such systems; what type of information do we need in order to make
                the case for vacant property reform?

                Prevention and Rehabilitation Strategies
                Code enforcement, landlord counseling, home owner repair programs, vacant property registration
                ordinances, receivership and more.

                Acquisition and Management of Vacant Properties and Abandoned Buildings
                Strengthening public sector tools and building community and economic development capacity.

                Sustainable Reuse and Land Use Planning
                Exploring alternative reuse options, such as greenways, affordable housing and how planning and zoning
                code reform affects abandoned and vacant properties.

                Breakout facilitators will include Frank Alexander, Frank Ford, Dan Kildee, John Kromer, Alan Mallach,
                Mary Helen Petrus (CNDC), and Joe Schilling

3:00    Concluding Session & Call to Action
        Moderator: Frank Alexander (invited)
        Reports from breakout sessions; forming an action plan.

4:00    Adjournment
 This forum is being held to:
 Highlight the widespread issue of vacant properties in Ohio, a problem that affects not only our large urban centers, but
    rural and suburban areas as well;
 Show linkages between vacant property revitalization and efforts in Ohio aimed at economic development, smart growth,
    regional equity, community building, and other similar programs;
 Learn about common tools and best practices for preventing and addressing the vacant property problem;
 Identify statutory reform measures and initiatives that would improve the prospects of vacant property redevelopment in
 Build an agenda for Ohio.

Key Forum Questions:
 How prevalent are vacant properties in Ohio and what communities are affected?
 What are the barriers to making vacant properties productive once again?
 What are common tools and best practices used to reduce and prevent the problem – in Ohio and throughout nation?
 What practices and tools exist under current Ohio statutes for local authorities to use in returning vacant properties to
   productive use?
 What reforms would help expedite and facilitate vacant property reuse?
 How can public entities and the private sector interests collaborate to improve vacant property redevelopment?
 How do we build on the connections made at the forum to make a difference in Ohio?

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