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									Water Utility Outreach Programs
 Low-Income Rate Assistance

 Low Income Oversight Board
      Dave Stephenson
  California American Water
        March 19, 2008
        CPUC Data Request
• Issued February 14, 2008
• Detailed description on customer outreach for
  LIRA programs during past 12 months
• Detailed LIRA outreach plans for next 12 months
• Company contact information
• Responses received by 2/28/08 from: Cal Am,
  Cal Water, Golden State, Great Oaks, San
  Gabriel, San Jose, Valencia
• Suburban’s program approved on 2/26/08
       California American Water
• “H2O Help to Others”
• Qualification Criteria
   – CAW bill must be in customer’s name
   – Customer can’t be claimed as dependent
   – Total annual income can’t exceed certain limits
   – Income based on number of persons in household;
     includes all those living full-time in home
   – Document approval in PG&E’s CARE program
   – 30-day notification to CAW if party becomes ineligible
       California American Water
• Approved Districts and Discounts
  –   Monterey: monthly service charge waived
  –   Felton: 50% discount on regular monthly service charge
  –   Sacramento: $5.00/month
  –   Larkfield: $8.50/month
  –   Baldwin Hills: $6.50/month
  –   Duarte: $6.50/month
  –   San Marino: $6.50/month
  –   Village: $8.50/month
  –   Coronado: $6.50/month
    California American Water
• 2007 Customer Outreach
  – March: H2O Help applications sent to Larkfield and
    Sacramento customers
  – June: H2O Help applications sent to Monterey, Felton,
    Larkfield and Sacramento (revised)
  – Four-page application (English and Spanish)
     •   About the program
     •   To qualify for H2O
     •   Customer information
     •   Maximum household income
     •   Declaration
  – Low Income Web Site
    California American Water
• 2008 Customer Outreach
  – March: Direct Mail H2O Help applications sent to L.A.
    Division customers (Baldwin Hills, Duarte, San Marino)
  – October/November: Annual H2O Help applications will
    be sent to all CPUC-approved districts
  – TBD: Possible customer data partnering with SDG&E
    for enrollment of Coronado District customers
  – TBD: Low income applications available at Community
• Contact Information: 24-Hour Service Center –
      California Water Service
• “Low-Income Rate Assistance Program” (LIRA)
  – $10 monthly discount or 50% discount on monthly
    service charge (depending on district)
  – Discounts available to qualified non-profit group living
    facilities, agricultural employee housing facilities and
    migrant farm worker housing centers
• Qualifications
  – Similar to California American Water, CARE
  – Similar income levels per household number
• Participation Rate To Date
  – 8.75% of residential customers
            California Water Service
• 2007 Customer Outreach
   – January: Direct mail to all residential customers (1st notification)
       •   District-specific flyers w/discount and web site information
       •   Application w/proof of participation in CARE program, as applicable
       •   All documents in English and Spanish
       •   Press releases and news articles in local newspapers
   – December: Direct mail to all residential customers (2nd notification)
       •   Same info as in January, plus list of local Customer Centers
       •   Letters to local community leaders
       •   Press releases and newspaper articles
       •   New income guidelines posted
• 2008 Customer Outreach (Planned for Mid-Year)
   – Direct mail to all residential customers
   – Ongoing LIRA information available on web site
• Contact Information: Local Customer Centers
          Golden State Water
• California Alternate Rates for Water (CARW)
  – 15% discount off total monthly water bill (Regions II
    and III)
  – Fixed dollar discount off total monthly water bill
    (Region I); actual amount varies per customer service
    area, but approximates 15% discount
• Qualifications
  – Similar to CAW, CWS, CARE
            Golden State Water
• 2007 Customer Outreach
  – June: Direct mail to all residential customers
  – CARW application w/income guidelines and informational
• 2008 Customer Outreach
  – Direct mail of CARW informational insert to all customers
    on a quarterly basis
  – Promotion of CARW program at local community events
  – CARW program information posted on new web site
    (summer 2008)
• Contact Information: CARW Hotline – 866.360.2279
                 Great Oaks Water
• Low-Income Customer Assistance Program
• Bimonthly Bills Contain All Information
   –   Qualifications
   –   How to apply
   –   How long certification is valid
   –   Master meters do not qualify
• All Customers Contacting Company Are Notified by Phone
  or In Person
• Contact Information
   – Great Oaks Water Customer Service Supervisor
   – 408.227.9540
     San Gabriel Valley Water
• California Alternative Rates for Water (CARW)
  – Initiated program company-wide in August 2005
  – 50% discount off monthly service charge
  – Applies to L.A. and Fontana Divisions
• Qualifications
  – Similar to other utilities
  – 1-inch or smaller meters are eligible
• Participation Rates (thru 12/07)
  – Los Angeles Division: 13.8% of residential customers
  – Fontana Division: 17.8% of residential customers
        San Gabriel Valley Water
• 2007 Customer Outreach
  – Notices of CARW Program posted in every Commercial Office
    lobby (English and Spanish)
  – Commercial Clerks advise existing and new customers of CARW
    program and furnish them applications
  – CARW application posted on web site for both LA and Fontana
    (English and Spanish)
  – Company visits to senior and low-income community-based
  – Customer service reps and meter readers provide applications at
    service locations
  – July: Bill inserts
  – Articles in local newspapers
  – Advertising on Community Billboard of local cable TV station in
        San Gabriel Valley Water
• 2008 Customer Outreach
  – All 2007 outreach activities continued in 2008
  – June: Second round of bill inserts
• Contact Information: Four Customer Centers
  –   El Monte Office/626.448.6183
  –   Whittier Office/562.699.1041
  –   City of Industry Office/626.330.1628
  –   Fontana Water Company/909.822.2201
            San Jose Water
• Water Rate Assistance Program (WRAP)
  – 15% discount off total monthly water bill
• Qualifications
  – Same eligibility requirements as PG&E CARE
  – CARE participants automatically eligible
            San Jose Water
• 2007 Customer Outreach
  – Q1: Posters and applications sent to more than 50
    social service agencies/English, Spanish and
    Vietnamese versions
  – May: WRAP advertisements in bi-lingual newspapers
  – May: 14 PSAs on local bi-lingual radio station
  – June: Program presentations to social service
  – Continuous: all new customers receive copies of
    WRAP program in welcome packets
  – Company web site features “Customer Services
    Overview” page, which includes WRAP details
              San Jose Water
• 2008 Customer Outreach
  – Continuation of 2007 outreach activities
  – Coordination with PG&E between CARE participants
    and WRAP participants
  – Advertising in Mobile Home Park Association newsletter
  – Foreign language advertisements
  – June: Bill inserts to all customers when income
    qualifications are updated
• Contact Information: WRAP Desk – 408.279.7910
              Valencia Water
• “Low-Income Rate Assistance Program” (LIRA)
  – 50% discount on monthly service charge
  – Program began in March 2007
• Qualifications
  – Same as those for CARE program
  – 1-inch or smaller meters are eligible
                   Valencia Water
• 2007 Customer Outreach
  – March: LIRA notice and application mailed to all customers;
    included on bills
  – March: LIRA information displayed in company reception area
  – March: LIRA information added to Rates page of company web
  – March: FAQ page of web site revised to reflect LIRA availability;
    link to download notice and application
  – April thru October: Participation in public events
      •   Emergency Response Expo (April)
      •   CLWA Water Awareness Event (May)
      •   Santa Clarita Valley River Rally (September)
      •   Santa Clarita Business Expo (October)
                 Valencia Water
• 2008 Customer Outreach
  – Ongoing activity from 2007
  – January: Added language on customer bills promoting
  – February-March: Annual bill insert to all customers
  – April thru October: Participation in public events
     •   Emergency Response Expo (April)
     •   CLWA Water Awareness Event (May)
     •   Santa Clarita Valley River Rally (September)
     •   Santa Clarita Business Expo (October)
• Contact Information: 661.294.0828

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