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                                             Enter the emergency response data for the Safe School Plan, Volume 2
                                             Emergency Procedures
                                             for Roosevelt High School Track AC
 Instructions:Print this Input Form and write in the information before attempting to complete it on your computer. Questions may be directed to OEHS at 213-241-3889.

 Items with a are required.
 Please enter all Phone numbers in the following format: nnn-nnn-nnnn. For example: 213-241-3889.

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                             Roosevelt High School                                                                      323-780-6500
  School Name                                                                                 Phone
                             456 South Mathews Street
  Street Address
  City                       Los Angeles                                                      Zip Code
  School Code                8829                                                             Location Code             8829

                             AC                                                                                         5
  Track                                                                                       District
  Dedicated                                                                                   Date Document
                             323-269-5473                                                                               9/26/2007
  Priority Phone                                                                         * Reviewed by
  or Fax line                                                                                 Staff
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                                                            Name                Emergency Phone 2                                                                  Organization                                 Phone
                                            Sofia Freire                      323-780-6680                                                                Department of Water & Power                 800-821-5278
  Principal                                                                                                     Electric Company
  Asst. Principal        1                  Mario Cantu                       323-780-6549
                                                                                                                Gas Company                               The Gas Company                             800-427-2200

                                            John Robinson                     323-224-3100                                                                Department of Water & Power                 800-821-5278
  LD Facilities Director                                                                                        Sewer Authority
                                            Carmen Schroeder                  323-224-3100                                                                Department of Water & Power                 800-821-5278
  LD Superintendent                                                                                             Water Company
                                            David Holmes                      323-224-3100                                                                White Memorial Hospital                     323-268-5000
  School Operations                                                                                             Nearest Hospital

  Office of                                 Ellen Morgan                      213-241-6766                                                                White Memorial Hospital                     323-268-5000
                                                                                                                Nearest Medical Clinic
                                            Evangelina Fajardo                323-268-7241                                                                Fire Station #25 and #2                     213-485-6225
  School Nurse                                                                                                  Fire Station
                                            LAUSD Bus Dispatch                800-522-8737                                                                LAPD - Hollenbeck Precinct                  213-485-2942
  Bus Dispatch                                                                                                  Police/Sheriff Station
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  Incident Command Team (responsible for directing and documenting emergency activities)
  Incident Commander (Principal)                       Sofia Freire  Agency Liaison                                                                                                  Pat Chapa-Avelar
  Responsible for directing emergency operations                     Coordinates with outside agencies
                                                                                       Mario Cantu                                                                                   Araceli Gomez
  Backup Incident Commander                                                                                    Backup Agency Liaison
                                                                                                               Safety Coordinator
  Public Information Officer                                                           Sofia Freire                                                                                  Mario Cantu
                                                                                                               Ensures emergency activities are conducted
  Official spokesperson during emergencies
                                                                                       Leo Gonzalez                                                                                  Leo Gonzalez
  Backup Public Information Officer                                                                            Backup Safety Coordinator
  Closed Campus Coordinator
                                                                                       Olga Duran                                                                                    Leo Gonzalez
  Administrator responsible for monitoring the closed                                                          Key Site Administator
  campus policy
  Search Coordinator
                                                                                       Olga Duran
  Administrator responsible for conducting metal detector
                                                                                       Henry Orona                                                                                   Mario Cantu
  Planning/Intelligence Chief                                                                                  Operations Chief
                                                                                       Wendy Hamamoto                                                                                Robert Walton
  Planning/Intelligence Chief Alternate                                                                        Operations Chief Alternate
                                                                                       Leo Gonzalez                                                                                  Dorina Poblete
  Logistics Chief                                                                                              Finance/Administration Chief
                                                                                       Lilia Postell                                                                                 Maria Alvarado
  Logistics Chief Alternate                                                                                    Finance/Administration Chief Alternate
                                                                                                                                                                                           Back-up (if primary
  Indicate where the incident command team will meet during an                                                                             Primary
                                                                                                                                       Command Center by B011
  emergency                                                                                                                                                                                    Football Field                                                                                                                             1/7/2008
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  Team Assignments (Fill in team leaders, alternates and members. Indicate locations where team will convene during an emergency)
  Search and Rescue Team 1                    Leader: Jeff Hoppe
  Performs search and rescue operations
  Meeting Location                            Alternate: Kether Silva                                              Member Javier Cid
                       Principal's Conf. Room
  (inside):                                                                                                        1:
                                              Member Dena Mayeda
  Meeting Location                            1:                            Search and Rescue Team 2               Member Mario Perez
                       Command Center by BO11
  (outside):                                                                Performs search and rescue operations 2:
                                              Member Bruce Sutherland
                                              2:                                                                   Member Eddie Perez
                                              Member Clark Cowan
  Search and Rescue Team 3                        Member       Bernard Terry                                                    Member              Carlos Zubyk
                                                  1:                                                                            1:
  Performs search and rescue                      Member                                  Search and Rescue Team 4              Member
                                                               GabrielTrejo                                                                         Ray Trejo
  operations                                      2:                                      Performs search and rescue operations 2:
                                                  Member       Otto Hernandez                                                   Member              Mike Flores
                                                  3:                                                                            3:
  Security / Utilities Team                                                               First Aid / Medical Team
                                                                Officer Jesse Juarez                                                                   Evangelina Fajardo
  Ensures site security of the school site and    Leader:                                 Ensures first aid supplies available and     Leader:
  short-term repairs                                            Officer Robert Arteaga
                                                                                          administered                                                 Sherry Medrano
                                                  Alternate:                                                                           Alternate:
   Meeting Location      P.M.'s Office                                                    Meeting
   (inside):                                      Member 1:     Russel Numura             Location                                     Member 1:       Carmen Campos

   Meeting Location      Command Center by BO11                 Randell Slayton
                                                                                          (inside):                                                    Rex Roth
                                                  Member 2:                                                                            Member 2:
   (outside):                                                                             Meeting
                                                                                                              Football Field
                                                  Member 3:     Jimmy Gomez               Location                                     Member 3:       Robin Shafer

  Assembly Area Team
                                                  Leader:      Henry Orona                Fire Suppression / HazMat Team               Leader:       Jeff Hoppe
  Ensures safe evacuationa dn
                                                                                          Extinguishes fires and evaluates
  accounting of all students                      Alternate:   Leo Gonzalez
                                                                                                                                       Alternate:    Felicia Burt
                                                                                          chemical spills
  and staff
                                                  Member       Elizabeth Bjornen          Meeting                                      Member        Aldo Parral
  Meeting                                                                                                     P.M.'s Office
                                                  1:                                      Location                                     1:
  Location Softball field
                                                  Member                                  (inside):                                    Member
  (inside):                                                    Maria Ibarra                                                                          Robert Walton
                                                  2:                                      Meeting                                      2:
  Meeting                                                                                                     Command Center by BO11
                                                  Member                                  Location                                     Member
  Location Football field                                      Denise Jaramillo                                                                      Lalo Lozano
                                                  3:                                      (outside):                                   3:
  Psychological First Aid
  Team                                            Leader:      Mauricio Murillo           Supply / Equipment Team                      Leader:       Robert Walton

  Provides psychological                                       Elsa Garcia
                                                                                          Ensures adequate supplies and                              Jimmy Gomez
  counseling for students and                     Alternate:                              equipment                                    Alternate:
  staff                                           Member       Julio Hernandez            Meeting                                      Member        Alex Espinosa
                                                                                                            Principal's Conf. Room
   Meeting                                        1:                                      Location                                     1:
   Location Principal's Conf. Room                Member       Myrna Torres
                                                                                          (inside):                                    Member        Lalo Lozano
   (inside):                                      2:                                      Meeting                                      2:
                                                                                                            Command Center by BO10
   Meeting                                        Member       Marisol De La Rocha
                                                                                          Location                                     Member        Santiago Cardona
   Location Quad                                  3:                                      (outside):                                   3:
  Request Gate Team                               Leader:      Margie Castro              Reunion Gate Team                            Leader:       Olga Duran
  Processes requests for                                                                  Reunites parents or guardians at
                                                               Frances Solis                                                                         David Perea
  student pick-up                                 Alternate:                              Reunion Gate                                 Alternate:
   Meeting                                        Member       Linda Contreras
                                                                                          Meeting                                      Member        Teresa Garcia
   Location 4th St. Gate                          1:                                      Location           4th St. Gate
   (outside):                                                                             (outside):
                                                  Member       Terry Fregoso                                                           Member        Angelica Venegas
                                                  2:                                                                                   2:
                                                  Member       Susan Larsen                                                            Member        Manuel Banuelos
                                                  3:                                                                                   3:
  Documentation (Optional)
                                                  Primary:       Felipe Echavarri         Communications (Optional)                    Primary:        Sofia Freire
  Maintains emergency log
                                                                                          Analyzes situation and updates
  including financial                             Secondary:     Ines Fletes
                                                                                                                                       Secondary:      Leo Gonzalez
                                                                                          Incident Command

                                             Robert Walton                                                                                       Mario Cantu
  Plant Manager                                                                School safety Planning Commitee Chair
                                             Rudlofo Ruiz                                                                                        Frances Solis
  Complex Project Manager                                                      Keeper of Parent List Information
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  Plans for Loss of Utilities (Indicate specific plan on how the school will respond to a loss of these utilities. Possible resources are found with the                                                                                   1/7/2008
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  schools' emergency supplies and with supporting district offices.)
  (Water) What plan and resources will the school use if water service is interrupted?
  (Plan should include alternative water source for drinking water, fire suppression, food service and toilets):
                            Football field restrooms
                            5000 gallons
        Drinking Water:
                            Enough for 3 days
        Food Service:
                            Extinguisher (two bins)
        Fire Suppression:
  (Electricity) What plan and resources will the school use if electrical service is interrupted?
  (Plan should provide alternative electrical source for ventilation and emergency lighting):
                            Portable Fans
                            Portable Lights
        Electric Lights:
  ( atural Gas) What plan and resources will the school use if atural Gas service is interrupted?
                            Dry foods available
        Food Service:
  (Communication) What plan and resources will the school use if telephone service is interrupted?
      Telephone      Students', teachers', and Administrators' Cell phones
                            Two way radios
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  Report Organization                                  5
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  Other Information (Review maps below. If the site plan and/or vicinity map needs to be updated please email the OEHS Administrator at High School%20Maps
  Site Plot Plan - Review the Site Plot Plan below, including the location of the following:
        command post ("C")                                                               assembly area ("P")
        fire extinguishers ("F")                                                         back-up assembly area ("B"))
        emergency supply container ("S")                                                 evacuation routes to assembly areas (lines)
        water shutoff valve ("W")                                                        kitchen ("K")
        gas shutoff valuve ("G")                                                         first aid center ("FA")
        bus drop-off and pick-up points ("DO" and "PU")                                  Reunion Gate ("R")
        electricity shutoff switch ("E")                                                 Request Gate ("Q")
  If there are any problems with this map, email OEHS Administrator with the problems
  Vicinity Map - Review the Vicinity Map below, including the location of the following:
        permineter of off-site assemply area ("P")
        permineter of backup off-site assembly area("B")
        evacuation routes to off-site assembly areas (lines)
        cross streets of offsite assembly areas
  If there are any problems with this map, email OEHS Administrator with the problems
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  Administrator responsible for preparing Emergency Response Plan:                                        Phone #                     Date
  Mario Cantu                                                                                              323-780-6549               09/26/2007

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 Footnote 1: Assistant Principal responsible for preparing Emergency Response Plan
 Footnote 2: Recommended use of emergency Phone numbers
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