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a model for Development
  The O2 multi-purpose arena in London, England has a seating capacity of 23,000, an
entertainment avenue that contains bars, clubs and restaurants, a multiplex cinema and it has
                                                                                                          Bissell Centre celebrates 100 years and the Alberta
                                                                                                          government on oil sands fact and fiction

                                                                                                          Chamber Views
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even featured an indoor beach. Besides its amenities, the massive centre also helped revitalize an        It’s time to diversify beyond just oil and gas
underdeveloped area. Could this arena be a model for the plan proposed by the Katz Group for
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downtown Edmonton?
                                                                     R ead about it, staRting on page 4              Technology, Innovation
                                                                                                                     and Manufacturing

                                                                                                                    Tailings Technology
                                                                                                           6        Syncrude reduces reclamation time

                                                                                                                    Small-scale in a Big Way
                                                                                                           8        Edmonton: A hot spot for nanotechnology

                                                                                                                    Manufacturing a Workforce
                                                                                                           9        Bringing labour solutions to your business

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        Suite 700, 9990 Jasper Avenue, Edmonton, AB T5J 1P7                        Province responds to rethink alberta campaign
                             780-426-4620                                          anti-oil sands ads urging tourists to avoid alberta have                  In the coming weeks, new videos and photographs will be
                        bOard Of direCtOrs                                         emerged in the U.K. and postcards are being sent to U.S. travel        posted to the site along with a new design.
                   edmONtON Chamber Of COmmerCe
                                                                                   agents asking them not to book Alberta trips. But is Corporate            Inaccuracies in the Rethink Alberta campaign include:
                                      Chair                                        Ethics International’s campaign actually having an effect on tour-     Claim 1: Toxic substances are discharged and leaking into riv-
                          Carman McNary, Q.C.                                      ism in Alberta?                                                        ers and other waterways. The truth is by law, industry is not al-
                            Fraser Milner Casgrain LLP
                                                                                       Not so much, said Anne Douglas of Tourism Alberta. “Travel         lowed to discharge tailings into waterways and there has been no
                                   Past Chair                                      Alberta’s marketing to tourists is based on research,” she told the    detectable impact on the Athabasca River, or any other surface
                               Joanne Beaton                                       Toronto Star. “There isn’t any indication at this point that there’s   water in the oil sands region due to tailings pond seepage.
                                                                                   any need to change course.”                                            Claim 2: Oil sands operations are destroying a huge area of the
                                  viCe Chairs                                          The Alberta government launched its own campaign to en-            boreal forest the size of Michigan or twice the size of England.
                              Bernie Kollman                                       gage Albertans to “tell it like it is” and dispute outrageous claims   The truth is Michigan is 253,000-square kilometres, while the dis-
                                 IBM Canada Ltd.
                                                                                   that make catchy headlines, but are factually incorrect.               turbed area for oil sands mining to date is 602-square kilometres,
                             Kenneth N. Barry                                          Ads ran in daily and weekly Alberta newspapers and on the          smaller than the city of London, England. All disturbed land is
                               RGO Office Products
                                                                                   radio. Substantive media coverage added value to the paid ads          required to be reclaimed to a productive state.
                                                                                   that ran in daily and weekly Alberta newspapers, the Winnipeg          Claim 3: Oil sands emit three times more greenhouse gas emis-
                                Don Matthew
                                      KPMG                                         Free Press and on radio stations.                                      sions than conventional oil. The truth is oil sands greenhouse
                                                                                       The government is continuing its campaign with social media        gases average five to 15 per cent higher than other North Ameri-
                                                                                   and online tactics, like blogs and tweets, web ads and updates to      can crudes.
                            Christopher Bruce
                                    Scotiabank                                     its oil sands website at www.oilsands.alberta.ca.
                            Aurélio Fernandes
                                    Solinex Inc.
                                Karyn Decore
                                                                                   looking ahead: putting poverty behind us
                                  Decore Hotels                                    On Oct. 6, bissell Centre is gathering edmontonians together           tion, using happiness as a measure of wealth and more.
                            D.J. Lindsay Dodd                                      from all sectors of the corporate, non-profit, government and faith-      Bissell Centre works to promote prosperity and dignity for all,
                                    Savvia Inc.
                                                                                   based communities. This diverse group will spend the day together      providing services for men and women to improve their lives and
                              Simon O’Byrne                                        to dialogue about the issue of poverty and how it takes all areas      the lives of their children. This event is an opportunity for Bissell
                                                                                   of community to make true change. The event is called “Looking         Centre to encourage the broader Edmonton community to get in-
                             Murray Scambler                                       Ahead… Putting Poverty Behind Us.”                                     volved in the hope and change that continues to happen as we
                    Parker, Ford & McKay Specialty Opticians
                                                                                      Keynote speakers for the event are Liz Murray and Frank O’Dea.      work to put poverty behind us.
                                Chris Vilcsak
                           Solution 105 Consulting Ltd.                            Murray will share her story of “From Homeless to Harvard,” which       event details:
                           James Patrick Webb                                      has been retold in movie form. Prior to co-founding The Second           Wed., Oct. 6, 2010, 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. (lunch and refresh-
                             Urbanlife Properties Ltd.                             Cup, O’Dea experienced homelessness and panhandled to sup-             ments included), MacEwan University
                               PresideNt & CeO                                     port himself. Each of these incredible speakers will share their ex-                       For more information about Bissell Centre,
                              Martin Salloum                                       periences and bring the hope Bissell Centre strives to provide every              visit www.bissellcentre.org. To purchase tickets for
                     Edmonton Chamber of Commerce and                              day to those in need. Additional guest speakers will focus on topics                 Looking Ahead…Putting Poverty Behind Us, visit
                        World Trade Centre Edmonton
                                                                                   such as the media’s role in homelessness, intra-agency co-opera-                         www.eplyevents.com/puttingpovertybehind.
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2      Commerce News              september 2010
     Chamber Views                                                                                                                                                  by Robert Roach
                                                                                                                                                                    senior researcher , canada         west foundation

                                                                                                                                                                  boondoogles), diversification will create new opportunities
                                                                                                                                                                  for Albertans and economic growth – two things that are
                                                                                                                                                                  worth pursuing all on their own.
                                                                                                                                                                     Clearly, diversification makes a lot of sense. So what is
     Stop talking about diversification in Alberta and start acting on it                                                                                         holding us back from doing more of it?
                                                                                                                                                                     It is important to note here that the Alberta economy

                                                                                                                                                                  is already more than just oil and gas. We are not starting
             lbertans have been talking about diversifying the              the economy, on planning and on people. Diversification                               from scratch. Nonetheless, oil and gas still dominate and
               provincial economy for decades. The length of                is the tonic for this ailment, as it would help smooth out                            the ripple effects, good and bad, from “the patch” are still
                the conversation suggests that we need some new             the peaks and valleys of the boom and bust cycle by reduc-                            too strong.
      thinking.                                                             ing the relative importance of the oil and gas sector.                                   The problem is rooted in the Alberta economic psyche. I
         Before we get to that, we need to recall why economic                 3) Diversification makes sense even if it doesn’t help                             have attended dozens of meetings about the Alberta econo-
      diversification is so important in Alberta. There are three           shield us from the risks of the oil and gas market. If it is                          my and they all either start or end with someone saying
      main reasons: 1) Albertans have known for a long time that            done right (i.e., assuming it is not a series of government                           roughly the same thing: “All this talk of diversification                  pg. 5
      we cannot rely on oil and gas to fuel our economy forever.
      The transformation of the oil sands from a pipedream into
      a viable economic project has given us more time to adjust.                                                        Ask us about the new Alberta Blue Cross Health & Wellness Companion,
      Nonetheless, we know that the gravy train will not last                                                                  an online tool to help your employees maintain their health.
      forever. Conventional sources are running dry, competitors
      are breathing down our neck, environmental challenges
      abound and the world is racing to find substitutes for what
      we sell. Hence, it makes sense to proactively cultivate other
      economic opportunities.
         2) Albertans are also very familiar with the economic
      rollercoaster ride that is the oil and gas market. Boom. Bust.
      Repeat. These ups and downs put tremendous stress on

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                                                                                                            Health Spending Accounts • Life and Disability • Employee and Family Assistance Program

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Chamber Views                                                                                                                   by Dennis Gane
                                                                                                                                diversity business development specialist

A Downtown Example to Follow
London’s O2 centre provides a model for Edmonton to emulate

       gatheriNg sPaCe: An architectural rendering
       of the proposed Edmonton downtown arena.

I        n Chamber views last month martin salloum,
          Edmonton Chamber of Commerce president and
          CEO, spoke about a city hall debate, which centred
    on the Katz Group’s proposed arena district in downtown
    Edmonton. Salloum argued that if the arena does go
                                                                of Commerce had the opportunity to visit the O2 multi-
                                                                purpose arena. It has a 23,000-seat indoor arena with 96
                                                                boxes, an entertainment avenue that contains numerous
                                                                bars, clubs and restaurants, a multiplex cinema and it has
                                                                even featured an indoor beach! For the technical readers,
                                                                                                                              the O2. It rents the land it sits on from, initially from
                                                                                                                              Meridian Delta Dome Ltd, which has a 999-year lease
                                                                                                                              with the government’s Homes and Communities Agency.
                                                                                                                              Meridian sold its rental rights last year to Trinity College
                                                                                                                              Cambridge. According to Trinity, it receives a portion of
    ahead as proposed the only public investment would be       a the facility has 400 WiFi hotspots, 13,500 kilometres       the revenues generated by O2 ticket sales. Last year this
    that required for basic infrastructure, such as an LRT      of cable and 2,000 kilometres of fibre optic cable, is 365    amounted to £1.5 million.
    expansion. He concluded that the arena development          metres in diameter and has circumference of one kilome-          Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication
    has the potential to be a true public/private partnership   tre. The place is quite amazing to see.                       is also moving into a new campus on the Greenwich
    “where everyone wins.”                                         The proposal to develop the Greenwich Peninsula was        Peninsula this month. A quote from its website sums
       Daryl Katz’s presentation to city council featured       similar to the proposal by Katz Group. The peninsula was      up feelings on the relocation: “Our campus will be at
    information on arena entertainment districts through-       an industrial area. Industry moved out, leaving much of       Greenwich Peninsula next door to the world’s most
    out the world, either owned or managed by Anschutz          the area derelict. Local government kick-started the devel-   popular entertainment venue, the O2. In London’s most
    Entertainment Group (AEG). AEG is providing Katz with       opment of the peninsula by building the Millennium            exciting new community, with its sweeping river front-
    its experiential knowledge. One venue is the O2, located    Dome, which turned out to be a monumental flop, failing       age, parks and elegant squares, new shops, cafes, bars
    on the Greenwich Peninsula in London, England.              to attract the number of visitors that the government had     and restaurants, and spectacular views across the River
       Recently, representatives from the Edmonton Chamber      projected. AEG stepped in and now developed and owns          Thames to Canary Wharf. Easy to get to by Tube, river

4      Commerce News        september 2010

Chamber Views
                                                                                                                               continued from page         3
                                                                                                                              is well and good, but we better remember that oil and gas
                                                                                                                              are our bread and butter in this province.” Sometimes
                                                                                                                              “natural resources” is substituted for “oil and gas,” but the
                                                                                                                              effect is the same. No matter what is said before or after
                                                                                         (subway) leaves one drawing paral-   this, it gets shoved aside and “sticking with what we know”
                                                                                         lels to MacEwan University, the      remains our mantra.
                                                                                         University of Alberta Extension         As long as this attitude prevails, diversification will never
                                                                                         and NorQuest College, which are      be able to fully take off in Alberta. We need to pretend that
                                                                                         all in proximity to Katz’s arena     our natural resources have suddenly disappeared while
                                                                                         concept.                             our workers, ingenuity, infrastructure, wealth, education
                                                                                            More development is occur-        system and so on remain. We then need to ask ourselves:
                                                                                         ring. The Edmonton Chamber           Do we pack up our tents and leave, or do we find ways to
                                                                                         of Commerce’s sister chamber,        compete and thrive in a global economy that has much
                                                                                         the Southeast London Chamber         more to offer us than the job of selling natural resources?
                                                                                         of Commerce, reports that the           If we can break the mental stranglehold that “sticking
                                                                                         Greenwich council planning           with what we know” has on our thinking, this will allow us
                                                                                         board recently approved the          to embrace the risks required to fully diversify the Alberta
                                                                                         development of an 80-storey office   economy. This is not, by the way, going to happen by pursu-
                                                                                         near the O2 arena. The chamber       ing more value-added activity within the resource sectors.
                                                                                         indicates once completed, “The       We need to think beyond natural resources.
                                                                                         development will create jobs for        This does not mean that we need to turn our backs to
                                                                                         approximately 845 people.”           oil and gas and the other resources that have brought us
                                                                                            In Edmonton, city council         so much prosperity, but it does mean telling the guy who
                                                                                         directed city administration to      constantly reminds us of this to sit down and shut up while
                                                                                         work with the Katz Group and         we think through our other options.
                                                                                         Northlands. Based on what               Alberta has all the ingredients it needs to further diversi-
                                                                                         members of the chamber learned       fy and excel in the global knowledge economy: savvy entre-
                                                                                         and observed with the O2 in          preneurs, an educated workforce, great cities, modest taxes
                                                                                         London, the chamber is optimis-      and a stellar quality of life. It may seem too easy, but all we
and road, we are a vital new destination, well connected       tic that the parties can come together and work out a deal     have to do is change our minds for the metamorphosis to
to our neighbours, the rest of London, the U.K. and the        that will benefit Edmonton in the long term and create         get started.
world: physically, digitally and socially.”                    an entertainment centre that will be as recognized as           Canada West Foundation is a public policy think-tank, promo-
  Ravensbourne, Trinity College and access to the Tube         Edmonton’s London O2.                                            ting the positions of Western Canada. Learn more at cwf.ca.

                             I’ve got big plans for my small business

                             We’re thinking bigger for small businesses. Call us today at 1-888-633-6349 to get the big picture for small group benefits.

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                                                                                                                                                   september 2010        Commerce News           5	
                                                                                                                                                  by Syncrude
                         technology, innovation and manufacturing                                                                                 member since     1959

                                  Technology                         Advanced research leads Syncrude
                                                                        to effective tailings solutions

    s         yncrude has laid out an aggressive plan that will use
               various technologies to manage tailings volumes
               and increase the pace of reclamation. in fact, this
       past april Syncrude was among the first to have its plans
       conditionally approved by provincial regulators.
                                                                              plan will exceed the requirements of the directive.
                                                                                  Water capping is one of the approaches Syncrude is
                                                                              undertaking to manage its tailings. it involves filling
                                                                              in a mined-out pit with clays and adding a water cap to
                                                                              form a lake. Syncrude began researching this technol-
          tailings is the mixture of sand, silts, clay, water and             ogy more than 20 years ago with bench scale laboratory
       residual hydrocarbon that remains after bitumen is sep-                experiments, followed by 11 test ponds of various sizes.
       arated from the oil sands. tailings are stored either in               Syncrude’s test ponds have demonstrated they evolve into
       mined-out areas or in above-ground containment struc-                  natural ecosystems and support aquatic life, including
       tures – commonly referred to as basins or ponds – where                fish. a commercial-scale project in the former west mine
       the water is recycled for plant operations. in 2009, 87 per            pit will be commissioned in 2012 to serve as a demonstra-
       cent of the water Syncrude used was recycled from tailings             tion of the water-capping concept.
       settling basins. Syncrude uses only recycled water in its                  another approach is composite tails (ct) technol-
       process to separate the oil from the sand. Water imported              ogy that Syncrude has been implementing for the past
       from the athabasca river is used to cool process water,                10 years. this combines fine clays with gypsum and
       generate steam and as potable water for employees.                     sand as the tailings are deposited. the mixture causes
          Syncrude is implementing a multi-pronged approach to                the tailings to settle faster, enabling the development of
       manage tailings and comply with the energy resources                   reclaimed areas of grass, trees and wetlands. “We’re               GettiNG reAdy to reClAim: Centrifuged tails create a mate-
       and conservation Board (ercB) directive 074, which sets                filling in our former east mine with ct and expect to              rial that can be used in ongoing reclamation projects.
       a directive for tailing performance. after 2015, Syncrude’s            begin planting vegetation within three years,” said ron
                                                                                                                lewko,     environmental
                                                                                                                research team leader.           first phase of a commercial plant in 2015.
                                                                                                                “the transformation will           randy mikula, head of the extraction and tailings team
                                                                                                                be incredible.”                 at natural resources canada, has spent more than 20
            Calendar Season is here!
            Call us today to learn more about unique calendars for your customers
                                                                                                                   Syncrude is also build-      years researching oil sands processing and tailings. he's
                                                                                                                ing a 50-hectare water-         positive about centrifuging. “it’s an exciting time to be
                                                                                                                shed that will include a        working on tailings,” he said. “i would say that in the past
                                                                                                                17-hectare fen wetland          10 years we've seen as much progress as in the previous 30.
                                                                                                                area on the ct deposit. it      Syncrude is one of the companies on the leading edge of
                                                                                                                will be the first of its kind   new technology development and although i am person-
                                         Directma Business Forms Calendarsth                                    established on oil sands        ally intrigued with the potential of centrifugation, signifi-
                                            Invoices • Cheu Purchased Orders • In                               reclaimed land.                 cant test programs are also underway for a wide variety
       Receipts• Brochures • Cheques • Receipts • Work Orders • Presen- Syncrude has success-                                                   of new and potentially commercial tailings management
                                                                                                                fully piloted a third ap-       technologies.”
       tation            • Receipts • Letterheads • Business Cards • Cheques • proach using centrifuges                                            Syncrude’s research centre, armed with an annual bud-
       Invoices • Brochures • Manuals • Newsletters • Calendars • Signs                                         to dewater the fine clays.      get of around $50 million, is intensifying its focus on find-
        • Annual Reports • Presentation Folders • Postcards • Posters • Newcentrifuging tailings ac-                                            ing those solutions, which could include accelerated de-
                                                                                                                celerates the release of        watering, thin-lift drying and thickened tails. Syncrude
        Business Forms • Direct Mailers • Business Cards • Envelopes •                                          water and reduces over-         shares the results of its environmental research with in-
            Providing Print Solutions To Edmonton Businesses For Over 60 Years                                  all volume by 50 per cent       dustry and is also working on a collaborative agreement
                                                                                                                or more. a commercial-          amongst all developers that would facilitate quicker im-
            ABC Press (1979) Ltd.                                                                               scale demonstration is          plementation of tailings technologies in the future.
            18105-107 Avenue | 780.484.5515 | www.abcpressltd.com                                               currently underway and                Learn more about Syncrude’s tailings work and other
                                                                                                                will be followed by the                     environmental initiatives at www.syncrude.ca.

   6      Commerce News
000CN.ABCPress_1-6H_nBL.indd 1
                                 september 2010                                               9/9/10 2:45:25 PM
 by mike Spear
 genome alberta ,      member since    2006                                                    technology, innovation and manufacturing

              It's           All Genes     in   the
          Genome Alberta funds cutting-edge research with
          applications in medicine, forestry and agriculture

G        enes. every living thing has them. you and i have
          21,000 of them.
             When genes go bad it could lead to diseases
like huntington’s. When they work well with other genes
and systems in our body, genes could result in you having
                                                                    for instance, a $14-million project at the university
                                                                 of calgary, co-led by dr. Peter facchini, is digging deep
                                                                 into the genome of 75 plants with important compounds.
                                                                 this work will identify the genes responsible for produc-
                                                                 ing compounds used in pharmaceuticals, such as the opi-
red hair, or being better able to fight off certain diseases.    ates in painkillers. once identified and understood, we
in plants, genes play a significant role in giving the flowers   could produce these compounds artificially, right here in
fragrance or enhancing the nutrient value. in our pets, we       alberta.                                                      internationally acknowledged leaders in this field is Prof.
use genetics to breed for certain characteristics.                  the hydrocarbon metagenomics project involves the          tim caulfield, based at the university of alberta health
   When you add all the genes in an organism together            sequencing of the genomes of organisms in oil sands and       law institute. his work, and the work of other researchers
you have the genome. if the human genome was printed             tailing ponds. the long-term potential of the project, led    based in alberta, helps bring public trust and confidence
like a book it would contain 3 billion letters, enough to        by dr. gerrit voordouw at the university of calgary, could    to the research process.
fill about 800 dictionaries. if you were to make it a digital    improve recovery rates in the oil sands and open up more         apart from monitoring and funding research around
collection it would be roughly three gigabytes of data. in       environmentally friendly management of tailings ponds.        the province, genome alberta is active in telling the sto-
people, all that information fits inside the nucleus of a cell      the mountain Pine Beetle epidemic, that destroyed          ry of genomics. the genomics application (available at
and could dance on the head of the proverbial pin.               so much of British columbia’s forests and has become a        facebook.genomealberta.ca) has put us on the commu-
   if we can understand exactly what makes up an organ-          major problem in alberta, is being investigated on the        nications map as an innovator in the life science space.
ism’s genome and how the individual genes work alone, or         genomics front by dr. Janice cooke and her team at the        as communications director for genome alberta, i also
in concert with other genes and the environment, there is        university of alberta. the devastation is actually caused     thought one of the best ways to help people explore the
a whole world of new possibilities open to us including:         by a complex interaction between the tree, the beetle and     world of genomics was to have my own genome sequenced
• medical treatments geared to our specific genetic make-        the blue-stain fungus carried by the beetle. forestry is a    and make it available on the web – all 600,000 or so lines
   up (some people, for instance, do not benefit from tak-       major player in the alberta economy and the more we un-       of it.
   ing statins to control cholesterol)                           derstand about one of the biggest threats to our forests,        genomics has been called the biology of the 21st cen-
• crops better able to withstand cold and diseases               the better we will be at protecting the long-term viability   tury and as a result we are all part of an “omics” genera-
• early detection of heritable diseases in people                of the industry.                                              tion, no matter when or where we were born. it is still a
   in alberta there are a number of projects funded by ge-          genetic research often raises ethical, environmental       relatively new field, but alberta is well-poised to play an
nome alberta. With funding from alberta advanced edu-            and societal questions and all research funded by genome      important part in the future.
cation and technology, genome canada and our other               alberta meets that challenge head on. new projects must          our website, www.genomealberta.ca, has information
partners, we are able to draw on provincial research ex-         have this component built into the work to ensure that        about genetics and about the work going on in the prov-
pertise in genomics.                                             issues are indentified, studied and managed. one of the       ince, so why not try on some new genes this week?

                                                            Grant MacEwan University is proud to announce that John Day, QC, has been named
                                                            the new Chair of MacEwan’s Board of Governors effective July 14, 2010.

                                                            John is an alumnus of the University of Alberta and he was appointed Queen’s Council
                                                            in 1990. A member of the Edmonton Bar Association, and the Law Society of Alberta,
                                                            John previously served as Vice Chairman of the Law Office Economics Section of the
                                                            Canadian Bar Association.


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                                                                                                                                                  september 2010      Commerce News          7	
                technology, innovation and manufacturing                                                                             by commerce news

                                                                          big Way

            the National institute for Nanotechnology offers valuable partnerships for business

I       in the northwest corner of the University of Alberta
         campus, the national institute for nanotechnology
         (nint) makes edmonton a national leader in the sci-
    ence of the very, very small. the specialized equipment in
    the institute allows for research at the molecular level. to
    get an idea of just how small a nanometer is, consider the
    fact that it takes one billion nanometers to make up one
    metre, and viruses are between 20-100 nanometres in size.
       the nint, which was established in 2001 by the na-
    tional research council, houses about 350 people. this
    includes u of a students and post-doctoral fellows, profes-
    sors, senior scientists, engineers, technologists and admin-
    istrators. With funding in the neighbourhood of $25 mil-
    lion annually, the institute is a research hub and a valuable
    resource for the innovation-focused businesses in Western
       richard Brommeland, nint director, external and busi-
    ness relations development, talked to Commerce News about
    the institute, private businesses and the opportunities for
    valuable collaboration.

    Commerce News: What kind of services do you offer for
    richard Brommeland: it’s quite an array. at one end of the
    spectrum, we work with companies in a collaborative way         tance. We get a call and they say, “is anybody working in       facing what is more of a commercial transaction, the policy
    to do research that’s of value to them, or to do product or     this? Who is doing that?” We use our networks and our           at the national research council is that we certainly will
    technology development that’s valuable to them.                 nanotech business familiarity to answer questions for peo-      not undercut market rates.
       We can give them access to our tools and instruments         ple. that can get kind of wild. We can get the weirdest kind
    and equipment. let’s say they are working on some nano-         of things coming through the door.                              i can obviously see that there would be advantages, espe-
    material, we’ve got a way of looking at it and measuring it,                                                                    cially with the innovation centre, because a start-up company
    or otherwise evaluating it. most often, they give us a sam-     What type of industries would be interested in the NiNt inno-   wouldn’t be able to afford all the expensive nanotechnology
    ple and we do some analysis.                                    vation Centre?                                                  equipment. is that correct?
       We also have an innovation centre. Some people call          We’ve got people doing anything from biotech, to oil            exactly, why buy a $5-million microscope when you can
    it an incubator. there are several of these sorts of things     sands, to electronics, to solar cell work. at the moment, it    rent it for the time you need?
    around the city. the nint innovation centre represents          is fairly diversified.
    the whole fourth floor. there are 15 individual suites                                                                          How does the facility that is here in edmonton compare to oth-
    which amount to a small lab and an office area. a company       What costs are associated with some of these services?          ers in the province, or the country?
    can rent and set up its operations. from that base, it can      So that we don’t inappropriately compete with industry,         research and development at the nano-scale happens
    access equipment and facilities in the institute, or around     we will change industrial rates for certain things. When        in many different places. People are now thinking about
    the university campus. it can get access to consulting help     we’re doing a collaborative research, or technology devel-      doing materials development and research, by thinking
    from scientists, or engineers, who are around the institute,    opment, the costs are on a per-unit basis, for example, per-    about the nano-scale behaviour of things. that happens
    or around campus.                                               unit of microscope time. those units can come right down        at a lot of universities across the country and in companies
       after the innovation centre, we prepare to do product        and, in the odd circumstance, can even be zero.                 that have r&d teams.
    testing. if a company comes up with a new material, sys-                                                                           While there is research and development in nanotech
    tem, or instrument, we might make an arrangement with           So, is cost assessed on a case-by-case basis?                   going on all over the place, here in edmonton, it’s pretty
    them to test it.                                                yes, and it depends on whatever the value of the services       safe to say that we have the largest concentration of nano-
       We also work with tec edmonton to provide mentor-            are. if you phoned around Western canada, you might find        tools and people of anywhere in the country. there are
    ship and other start-up support for companies. We help          that some of the equipment we have would be charged to          just more people and infrastructure investment by a sig-
    companies with information. We call it path-finding assis-      clients at close to $500 per hour. When we find ourselves       nificant margin.

8      Commerce News        september 2010
        by alberta advanced education and technology                                                              technology, innovation and manufacturing

       Manufacturing                                                             So what are these popular misconceptions that are stop-
                                                                               ping so many employers from training apprentices? While
                                                                                                                                              safety training already under their belts.
                                                                                                                                              myth 4: there’s a shortage of people who want to get into
          Workforce                                                            there are many of them out there, Burton identifies five
                                                                               myths that seem to be the most pervasive.

                                                                               myth 1: Apprentices cost you money
                                                                                                                                              the trades
                                                                                                                                              With good earning potential, more job stability than ever
                                                                                                                                              before and lots of room to grow or be your own boss, this
                                                                                                                                              is a big myth.
              the straight goods on training                                   “most employers and owners assume that it costs money             “give me a month or two,” Burton challenges. “i’ll find
                       trades talent                                           to hire and train apprentices,” says Burton. “any study i’ve   hundreds, if not thousands, of people who want to get into
                                                                               seen says the opposite.”                                       the trades. i’ve been around for a while and i’ve never seen

                                                                                  Burton’s assertion is backed by a recent canadian           this as a problem.”
           n order to make any manufacturing business run as                   apprenticeship forum study that found that employ-             myth 5: this is a bad time to hire apprentices
            smoothly as possible, it’s not enough to just have the             ers can expect a return of 47 per cent over a four-year        With a slower economy, now is actually a great time to hire
            best technology; you’ve got to have the best people                period for most trades. that’s a good investment in Bur-       apprentices.
      behind that technology, too. from boilmakers to welders                  ton’s opinion.                                                    “this is your opportunity to plan,” Burton advises. “take
      to electricians, it’s the skilled trades people that keep any            myth 2: the work is just too complex                           a little breather, get the facts about hiring apprentices,
      shop floor at its most productive and profitable.                        While Burton admits that there are some jobs apprentices       start interviewing people, let students visit your workplace
         if you’re looking to hire skilled trades people, why not              can’t do on their first day, he estimates that, in an indus-   or do some job shadowing, support the high school regis-
      train your own? it’s a strategy that’s helping many alberta              trial setting, up to 60 per cent of work in the field can be   tered apprenticeship Program or raP. things are starting
      employers grow their workforces and their businesses. it’s               done by apprentices.                                           to turn around so now is the time to get prepared.”
      also a strategy surrounded by myths and misinformation.                     to get the most from your apprentices, and the journey-        Burton is clearly passionate about curing what he calls
         terry Burton, the co-chair of the construction owners                 people working with them, Burton recommends having             “apprenticeship myths syndrome.”
      association of alberta workforce development coordi-                     clear training plans in place, ensuring that apprentices are      he’s also careful not to cultivate a new myth – that em-
      nating committee, has heard all the myths about hiring                   exposed to new situations and equipment and that they          ployers don’t stand behind alberta’s apprenticeship and
      apprentices. he knows that employers are missing out on                  are doing more than just making coffee runs.                   industry training system. they do.
      the benefits of training their own talent. he sees broader               myth 3: Apprentices are less safe then journeypeople              like Burton, many employers are becoming actively
      repercussions for the province and he’s concerned.                       “i’ve found nothing to support that,” counters Burton.         involved in setting future directions for apprenticeship,
         “if we want to attract investment in the province we have             “WcB rates are no higher for contractors that hire appren-     mentoring other employers and otherwise giving back to
      to build our own workforce,” says Burton. “We can’t afford               tices than they are for any others.”                           a system that’s been good for their business and very good
      to rely on the rest of canada, particularly the east coast,                 Burton adds that, these days, many apprentices start in     for alberta – that’s definitely no myth.
      which is getting busier and faces an aging workforce.”                   the trades with pre-apprenticeship programs or workplace          For more information, visit www.tradesecrets.gov.ab.ca.

           Trusted IT Support
         As your trusted IT advisor you count on
         us to maximize your IT reliability and
         security while minimizing costs.
         Our technicians have a wealth of IT
         knowledge and experience. They are
         professionally certified and are ready to
         resolve IT problems, perform upgrades
         and installations, or assist with your IT
         Let us worry about your technology so
         you can focus on what counts — your

         (780) 702-5022 ext 255
                  Help Desk – Backup Planning – Monitoring
                 Install or Upgrade Hardware and Software
                Security Review – Disaster Recovery Planning
              Preventative Maintenance – Performance Analysis

                                                                                  000CN.Johnson_1-3S_nBL.indd 1                                                                            9/8/10 2:27:52 PM
                                                                                                                                                                  september 2010        Commerce News          9	
000CN.ARC_1-6V_nBL.indd 1                                 8/10/10 3:53:23 PM
             technology, innovation and manufacturing                                                                                by tec edmonton

                             on           C
                                           Closing  ommerCializaTion

                                          teC edmonton helps local companies navigate
                                      through the complex journey from innovation to market

D          o you have more questions than answers – do i have

 my venture?
             intellectual property? What’s the best market
             for my product? Should l license the technology
 or create a company? how can i get help with financing
                                                                     “at each stage, we had our work evaluated by experi-
                                                                  enced entrepreneurs, investors, academics and industry
                                                                  panelists,” said maz Khorasani, with Biolithic corp, which is
                                                                  developing a revolutionary rapid diagnostic device to con-
                                                                  firm an infection. “receiving feedback allowed us to fine
    commercialization: it is a big word for a complex jour-       tune not only our business plan, but the core elements of
 ney filled with opportunities, roadblocks and everything         our business.”
 in between. it’s a challenge for the best of alberta’s              maybe the advice you seek is about how to find financing
 entrepreneurs, both startups and established enterprises.        to support your plan. through a partnership with calgary
 So how do you survive and thrive? try connecting with            technologies inc., tec edmonton offers the alberta deal
 tec edmonton.                                                    generator Boot camps – training you to prepare a presen-
    What is tec edmonton? a resource with expertise and           tation that investors will love.
 services to help technology-based inventors and companies           “it helped us gain the necessary confidence and knowl-
 navigate their business plans. it sounds vaguely promising,      edge to speak to the interests of investors, and provided a      teCH SUCCeSS: Maziyar Khorasani (right) won a VenturePrize for
 but you probably want specifics.                                 benchmarking opportunity for startups like ours to do well       developing a diagnostic device that enables rapid confirmation of
    first step, let’s find out who you are, what your needs are   through our future investment pitches,” said eugene chen         infection. Ling Huang, Technology North CEO, developed a smart
                                                                                                                                   phone application for use in assisted-care facilities.
 and what services would be a best fit. if tec edmonton           with firenest innovations inc.
 is not a fit, let’s determine who is and get you connected.         no matter what stage a person is at, tec edmonton is
 often, advice is the first requirement. you need input.          the entry point to access intellectual property and business    the excel Society, a leading alberta service care provider.
 through tec edmonton, you have the opportunity to meet           development services such as patenting, licensing, market          Shaheel hooda, tec executive-in-residence, has been
 with a volunteer panel of professionals includ-                                                                                                 mentoring ling huang, ceo of technology
 ing, legal, accounting, marketing, financing,                                                                                                   north, to refine the market focus of the com-
 etc., who will provide this input. the pan-
                                                      "At each stage, we had our work evaluated by                                               pany and to build a stronger business plan.
 els are free, confidential and customized so       experienced entrepreneurs, investors, academics                                              “Working with tec edmonton has helped
 that right experts are in the room. there                                                                                                       me focus my goals and adapt my product to
 are also mentors available. maybe you are             and industry panelists. Receiving feedback                                                the audience that is most interested in adopt-
 looking for some one-on-one guidance, which                                                                                                     ing it,” huang said. “frontline workers spend
 is available, too.                                   allowed us to fine tune not only our business                                              upwards of 25 per cent of their time on pa-
    these services helped entrepreneurs like
 Kate Pederson, founder of happy nappy, an
                                                      plan, but the core elements of our business."                                              perwork. While this is necessary, it takes them
                                                                                                                                                 away from serving their patients.”
 environmentally friendly diaper service.                                                                                                          the tn activecare iPhone application for
    “We were very happy with the quick response and the           research, mentoring, financing strategies and business plan-    assisted living organizations replaces paper forms with elec-
 quality of the advisory panel,” Pederson says. “the panel ad-    ning. in addition, tec edmonton offers a home to startup        tronic forms delivered to an iPhone. this innovative solu-
 dressed our shortcomings, and was able to back these with        companies through the tec centre incubation facility.           tion allows for streamlined, real-time data entry. Working
 great sound business advice, which helped us to move for-          “our team is specialized to help meet the needs of inno-      with tec edmonton, technology north has received assis-
 ward immediately. We learned that we were not valuing our        vators,” said chris lumb, ceo of tec edmonton. “from            tance in developing its proposals, conducting a market as-
 business as we should and that some areas of our business        intellectual property protection to market assessments and      sessment for its solution, as well as tuning its business model
 needed some fine tuning.”                                        business structuring, we have a broad range of expertise that   and product offering. tec is also helping attract experi-
    advice also comes in the form of training. for instance       early-stage companies often lack, but desperately need.”        enced management through its network.
 tec edmonton’s venturePrize seminar series provides                for example, after receiving guidance from tec                   as a joint venture between the university of alberta
 guidance on how to develop a business plan, as well as           edmonton, technology north corp. received $200,000              and edmonton economic development corporation,
 mentors to coach you on the ins and outs of a sustainable        in prototype development support from the national              tec edmonton’s mandate is to help innovators reach
 plan. the seminar series kicks off in october and is avail-      research council industrial research assistance program and     the market.
 able through video conferencing across alberta. there is         the alberta innovates technology futures voucher program.
 a competition component, too, with more than $150,000            in addition, the company has arranged a pilot deployment            To connect with TEC Edmonton, please fill out our connect
 in prizes.                                                       opportunity for its tn activecare iPhone applications with                        with TEC form at www.TECedmonton.com.

10 Commerce News         september 2010
       by alan r. Boyce
       president , somos consulting                                                     group ltd . member since       2010                        technology, innovation and manufacturing

                                  Changing technologies for the 21st century project manager
    I     henry gantt) first looked at management as a science,
          project management has gradually become recog-
                                                        n the century or so since F. W. taylor (and his associate

     nized as a distinct practice. along the way, the techniques
     and technologies that support project management have
                                                                                                                       in the 1980s and 1990s, managers began to widely
                                                                                                                    accept the need to address human resources management,
                                                                                                                    communications and service quality. this period also saw
                                                                                                                    the emergence of professional project management stan-
                                                                                                                    dards and associations, whose growth was partly in response
                                                                                                                                                                                  now offer platforms or solutions for
                                                                                                                                                                                  project team collaboration, stakeholder
                                                                                                                                                                                  communication, document management, time and status
                                                                                                                                                                                  tracking, issue logs and change management. careful ap-
                                                                                                                                                                                  plication of these technologies will arm project managers
     evolved in fits and starts – the techniques driven primarily                                                   to neglect of these softer aspects of management.             with rigorous planning and control tools that are still ac-
     by economic factors, and the technologies paced by the                                                         the Project management institute, a non-profit industry       cessible and inclusive enough to encourage team partici-
     broader capability and availability of computers and com-                                                      group for project managers, collected and catalogued          pation and achieve top performance.
     munications.                                                                                                   practices, definitions and techniques and published the          Powerful computers and the pervasive internet have also
        an early milestone in the evolution of project manage-                                                      guide to the Project management Body of Knowledge.            enabled faster and more sophisticated collection, process-
     ment came in the 1950s, when the critical path method                                                          over the same period, the u.K. office of government           ing, analysis, graphical presentation and distribution of
     (cPm) and the program evaluation and review technique                                                          commerce identified the essential best practices for          project data and information. Software developers have in-
     (Pert) were developed. these techniques allowed project                                                        making projects successful.                                   corporated these capabilities into new project management
     managers to develop complex schedules with many con-                                                              the office of government commerce developed and            tools to enhance executives’ involvement with projects
     current tasks and to optimize them to achieve real efficien-                                                   refined a comprehensive and powerful, yet lean, method-       through program management (centralized management
     cies within their projects. though significant computation                                                     ology for organizing and managing projects: the Prince2       of related initiatives and resources) and portfolio manage-
     effort was required to calculate and maintain these sched-                                                     methodology. Prince2 is now firmly established in the         ment (analyzing, evaluating, authorizing and overseeing
     ules, this was also a period of rapid growth of computing                                                      u.K. and europe and is now gaining acceptance through-        investments in projects). fortunately, today’s technology-
     power and availability. many software vendors jumped in                                                        out north america.                                            savvy project executives are willing to demand the quality
     with application programs to help project managers han-                                                           So what is happening with the tools and technologies       of data that will support good decisions.
     dle bigger and more complex schedules.                                                                         to support project managers? the underlying technol-             Project management tools will continue to get faster and
        this onslaught of technology options for scheduling                                                         ogy enablers over the last two decades are, of course, the    more sophisticated. despite this, project success will always
     had an interesting side effect: over the next few decades                                                      immense processing power of computers and the vast in-        require that these tools are used by managers who follow
     project management software became the common term                                                             frastructure that allows these computers to communicate       good methods and practices for making decisions.
     to describe scheduling software and many people came to                                                        simply and instantly – the internet. these developments                  SOMOS Consulting Group Ltd. provides project
     think of project management as merely scheduling. this                                                         have enabled advancements in project management tools                     management services, systems and training to
     emphasis on the logistical aspects of planning and control                                                     in two areas.                                                        organizations that rely on innovation and change for
     set the stage for the next phase of evolution.                                                                    Several vendors (as well as the open-source industry)           success. For more information, go to www.somos.com.

                                                                                                   Rowles & Company Ltd.
       All My Ancestors | Keith Nolan | oil on canvas

                                                                                                    alberta’s corporate gift and art gallery

                                                                                                               #108, LeMarchand Mansion
                                                                                                                       11523 100 Avenue,
                                                                                                               Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
                                                                                                                                    T5K 0J8
                                                                                                                          Tel: 780.426.4035
                                                                                                                         Fax: 780.429.2787
                                                                                                                  Email: rowles@rowles.ca

                                                                                                        Rowles & Company Ltd. is pleased
                                                                                                        to provide an ongoing exhibition of
                                                                                                        original artwork by Keith Nolan in
                                                                                                        the lobby of the World Trade Centre
                                                                                                        in Edmonton.

                                                                                                                                                                                                     september 2010        Commerce News       11	
000CN.Rowles_1-6H_nBL.indd 1                                                                                                        8/13/10 9:56:02 AM
                                                                                                                                                 000CN.SOMOS_1-6H_nBL.indd 1                                                        9/8/10 3:26:33 PM
                                                                                                                                  by megan cindric
              technology, innovation and manufacturing                                                                            mitacs , member since 2010

                                     Private company partnerships with university researchers
                                    can provide the knowledge you need to remain competative

L       et’s face it. it’s a challenging process to produce the
        latest and greatest product or service that will cap-
        ture the attention of the discerning customer. com-
 panies across canada are constantly on the look-out for
 the innovation that will set their latest offering apart from
                                                                  collaborations is simpler (and more rewarding) than you
                                                                  think. the key to establishing a working relationship with
                                                                  a university is spending some time up-front to consider sev-
                                                                  eral important issues.
                                                                     think about the deliverables you want for your company.
                                                                                                                                 doctoral student or a newly-minted Phd, not only a pro-
                                                                                                                                 fessor. Senior university researchers can help identify the
                                                                                                                                 person whose interests and expertise would best gel with
                                                                                                                                 your company’s goals. young researchers are often keen to
                                                                                                                                 make their name in the community. they are an untapped
 competitors. the truth is that innovation takes not only an      What is the goal of the collaboration? do you want a better    resource that canada has to offer.
 idea, but the ability to turn that idea into reality. So what    process? a new product? or a prototype? it is important to        the mitacS accelerate program helps companies ac-
 does a company do when it needs vital research expertise,        clarify the outcomes from the start so there is no confusion   cess these young researchers and links alberta companies
 which is not available, and in-house and hiring is not an        and both sides are satisfied with the partnership.             with graduate students and post-doctoral fellows through
 option?                                                             What timeline is your company working with? are you         research projects. for each four-month period, a company
   most large (and many smaller) cities in canada house           focused on proof-of-concept, with the goal of having a         provides $7,500, which is matched dollar-for-dollar through
 innovation mega-centres teeming with brilliant women             product ready for market in 18 months, or are you look-        the support of alberta advanced education and technol-
 and men ready to unleash their creative energies on re-          ing to quickly fix that final bug before your product hits     ogy and the federal industrial r&d internship Program.
 search challenges. and what are these places, you might          the shelves? it’s true that companies often focus on more      not only are companies connecting with the next genera-
 ask? universities!                                               immediate needs with short timelines while professors are      tion of innovation all-stars, but your research dollars are
   there has been a perception in some companies that             thinking longer-term. But this doesn’t mean that the two       doubled at the start of the project, and your contribution
 universities are not viable innovation partners, but this is     can’t work together; it just means that communication          may also be eligible for a Sr&ed claim through the ca-
 gradually changing. today, universities are actively seek-       about key milestones and deliverables is important.            nadian revenue agency. Best of all, accelerate’s team of
 ing private-sector investment in their research programs            Be open to the idea that the best person to work on         business development professionals from coast-to-coast
 and you may be surprised to learn that establishing such         your company’s research project might be a master’s or         will work with you to identify the appropriate university

                                                                      Simple Change. Big Difference.
                                                                      The easy way to go green, with minimal cost and big environmental impact.
                                                                      Ensure your company’s organic waste goes to the compost facility, not the landfill.
                                                                      Commercial, source separated organic waste collection services.
                                                                      For more info call 780.554.0923


    000CN.Inglis_1-3H_nBL2.indd 1                                                                                                                                         9/10/10 3:06:39 PM
12 Commerce News            september 2010
expertise, facilitate meetings and help define the research problem at hand.
   When entering into a collaboration it’s important to decide what you are looking for.
is yours the kind of company that will require a researcher to be on-site, 40 hours per
week? generally speaking, with university collaborations, much of the research is done
at the university, interacting with other specialists – meaning you get access to many ex-
perts. if you want regular interaction, discuss up-front what you’d like in terms of in-per-
son meetings and status reports.
                                                                                                       The only 100% custom, invisible,
   take into consideration issues such as intellectual property (who gets what) and
confidentiality (who can say what). the sharing of research results through papers
                                                                                                       digital and fully programmable
and presentations is the lifeblood of professors and graduate students; they raise a re-
searcher’s profile and help secure future funding. if intellectual property is a concern               hearing aid.
for you, a university’s industry liaison office can help. Some programs, such as mitacS
accelerate, work up-front to establish university-wide intellectual property agreements to
                                                                                                       •   Deep canal aid with Comfort Fit
expedite research collaborations.                                                                      •   Designed to be removed daily to promote better ear health
                                                                                                       •   Virtually no whistling or buzzing
                                                                                                       •   Natural sounding
  Many cities in Canada house innovation mega-                                                         •   Custom designed for your ear
                                                                                                       •   Works great on the phone
  centres teeming with brilliant women and men
                                                                                                       Featuring Voice iQ: So fast and smart it reduces noise between
     ready to unleash their creative energies on                                                       syllables of speech. The result is unprecedented sound quality,
  research challenges. And what are those places,                                                      ease of listening, and intelligibility of speech in noise.

            you might ask? Universities!
                                                                                                       Book an appointment to try
   in addition, the national research council’s industrial research assistance program
(nrc-iraP) helps small- and medium-sized businesses grow through innovation and
technology. its network of industrial technology advisors offers technical and business
advisory services, financial assistance as well as networking and linkages with individuals
and organizations that are knowledgeable about local sources of financing, technology
brokers and technology transfer centres.
   When your company is ready to connect with a university-based researcher, consider
tapping into programs such as mitacS accelerate, the national research council’s in-
dustrial research assistance program or the recently announced nSerc engage Pro-
gram. engage fosters new relationships between canadian companies and academic
researchers by supporting short-term r&d projects aimed at addressing a company-                                                                                      780-488-8100
specific problem. engage awards, which are provided to the researcher’s institution, can                                                                              1-800-232-7289
be as high as $25,000 for a six-month period.                                                                                                                         www.livingsounds.ca
   By connecting with university expertise, a company can access cutting-edge insights
vital to their business. all it takes is a little bit of planning in advance.
                                                                                                                  Oliver | Bonnie Doon Mall | Heritage Square | Riverbend Square | West End
                                    For more information about the programs and services                          Barrhead | Drayton Valley | Fort Saskatchewan | Leduc | St. Paul | Stony Plain
                                                     MITACS offers, go to www.mitacs.ca.                                              Vegreville | Westlock | Wetaskiwin

                                                                                                                                                              september 2010             Commerce News        13	
                                                                                           000CN.LivingSounds_1-2V_nBL.indd 1
                                                                                           00404-10-FIN.indd 1                                                                                     9/8/10 2:30:50 AM
                                                                                                                                                                                                   02/09/10 11:03PM
             technology, innovation and manufacturing                                                                              by Productivity alberta

                              through boom, bust and recovery, this edmonton businessman’s
                               managing style prioritizes innovation and lean manufacturing

L      eading a productive business means don oborowsky,
        ceo of Waiward Steel fabricators ltd., maintains a
        commitment to innovation during boom times, as
 well as when business slows down.
    in the last five years, oborowsky led his company
                                                               What do you do and how you have fostered productivity in
                                                               your own company?
                                                               We are the first for everything. in 1988-89 we first start-
                                                               ed using automated cnc equipment and people told me
                                                               how foolish i was because everyone in the steel business
                                                                                                                                 What kind of tips would you have for somebody in a leader-
                                                                                                                                 ship role who wants to increase productivity?
                                                                                                                                 Bonus incentive programs. When somebody comes up
                                                                                                                                 with a wonderful idea, no matter who it is, reward them.
                                                                                                                                 We are in a custom steel fabrication business, we don’t
 through major operations changes to increase efficiency.      who did this before went broke. cnc control is equipment          make potato chips. We don’t make the same chip all year
 this included a complete overhaul of shop-floor process-      that follows the command of the computer. you input data          long, every chip that we make here is different, so the
 es, which allows Waiward to increase production without       into a computer and it tells the machine to do whatever is        approach to everything varies as well. if somebody says
 increasing manpower.                                          related to that data.                                             “Why don’t we do this, this way instead of that way,” we
    Productivity alberta talked to oborowsky about the                                                                           certainly pay attention and listen. my theory has always
 leadership and productivity practices that keep his manu-     it sounds like a big part of your commitment to productivity is   been, there’s always a quicker, better and safer way of do-
 facturing business competitive in changing markets.           the willingness to take risks with new technologies.              ing absolutely everything, you just have to find it.
                                                               that’s a big part of it, but we also retooled the whole
 Productivity Alberta - Why is it so important to you to be    shop in the last five years. While people where busy just         And what are some of the leadership challenges associated
 involved in promoting productivity?                           trying to get the work out the door, we retooled the              with becoming more productive?
 don oborowsky - i think a little different than most peo-     whole shop because we wanted to get it out quicker yet,           When you’re looked on as a leader, you have to be a lead-
 ple. Some people like to look down at their competition.      with the same man power. We’re not just that company              er. it’s about sharing your experiences and your knowl-
 it’s important to them to think that way, and i’ve always     that looks at buying equipment to improve productivity.           edge in that role. it pushes you too, once you are a lead-
 been the other way around. i like to see my competition       When you talk about innovation or improving productiv-            er. it’s like a hockey player that always gets two or three
 do well because if you don’t have your competition doing      ity, a lot of people think that you just buy this machine,        points a game, if he doesn’t get two or three points for a
 well, they go under and if they don’t go under, then they     plug it in and away you go. you can plug it in the middle         while, then he is in a slump. he will put a lot of pressure
 have absolutely horrid pricing and they don’t last long       of your shop and it will do nothing, but it’s making sure         on himself. We are always looking for something that is
 anyway.                                                       that the process prior to it, and after it, is also upgraded      new and innovative and keeps us at the forefront all the
    So i think it’s important for your industry to do well,    to accommodate that piece of equipment.                           time. even when we think we have the best, we want to
 whatever industry it’s in. i think it’s important for some-                                                                     make that component or that piece of equipment better
 body like myself to take a leadership role and to pass on     do you have any strategies to encourage your employees to         yet. it’s success driven.
 some of my knowledge. i want them to be better, to be         be more productive?                                                       Productivity Alberta has the resources and tools you
 more competitive. i want to keep the work in alberta, as      We have a variable pay program in our shop that is based               need to lead your company towards a more productive
 opposed to offshore or some other country or another          on productivity, safety and quality and we pay out month-               future. To learn more about how your business can in-
 province.                                                     ly. it’s about working smarter and safer.                            crease its productivity, visit www.productivityalberta.ca.

       BRAND NEW at The Banff Centre:                 • 21,000 square feet of meeting space
       The Kinnear Centre for Creativity & Innovation • Technologically advanced
                                                      • Inspirational views

    000CN.BanffCentre_1-3H_nBL.indd 1                                                                                                                                        9/7/10 4:33:12 PM
14 Commerce News           september 2010
Chamber Department
World Trade Centre Edmonton
Northern chambers work towards economic development                                                                                                            By Rick Karp president , whitehorse chamber of commerce

On Aug. 30, an historic gathering of chambers of com-
merce took place in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory. For the first time
in history, all of the chambers of commerce from Canada’s North
met in Whitehorse to discuss issues and to organize themselves
so that they could speak with one voice to southern Canada.
    Chambers from Northern Labrador, Baffin, Nunavut, the North-
west Territories and the high Arctic converged on Whitehorse.
They represented all regions of Northern Canada.
    The event, which coincided with the Whitehorse Chamber of
Commerce AGM, was funded by CanNor (Canadian Northern
Economic Development Agency). The Edmonton Chamber of
Commerce and the World Trade Centre Edmonton were invited
to attend the meetings, and were represented by vice-presidents
Robin Bobocel and Keith Persaud.
    The list of speakers included Perrin Beatty, president and CEO
of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce. Beatty held a round
table discussion with the northern chambers of commerce and
listened intently to the important issues raised by the chambers.
    Ottawa is spending many millions of dollars in the North. If this
continues and the North is truly to be on the agenda of Canada,
and the circumpolar region, then the northern chambers of com-
merce will have a significant role to play in northern economic
    This coming together in Whitehorse is the first step in organizing   active in Canada’s high Arctic – they represent a Canadian eco-          UNified MessAge: Northern chambers delegates and Edmon-
a northern chambers of commerce network and partnership. The             nomic presence in the Arctic.                                            ton chamber representatives meet with Canadian Chamber of
northern chambers meeting was a groundbreaking conference                   This meeting is the start of unifying the activities, direction,      Commerce president Perrin Beatty.
based on efforts by the Labrador North Chamber of Commerce’s             support and economic impact of all the northern chambers of
Northlink project, which has existed for several years.                  commerce leading to increased partnerships and a Pan-Northern           that they must work together to achieve their goals.
    The essence of the two days was to discuss northern issues           sustainable economic development action plan that can be put               As well as bringing the chambers together, each chamber
and economic development opportunities for the North, and to             forward at the next Canadian Chamber of Commerce AGM                    had an opportunity to discuss what is important in its region,
partner in the design of a communication strategy to unify all           in 2011.                                                                priorities and any best bets. The Whitehorse Chamber of Com-
northern chambers and create a governance model for imple-                  As well, with the help of the World Trade Centre Edmonton, and       merce shared several successful programs it developed – the
mentation and support of northern issues.                                the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce, these meetings repre-                 Yukon business development project, a service and customer
    The Edmonton Chamber of Commerce and World Trade Cen-                sented a start at dramatically increasing the capacity of the small     satisfaction course, which has an online application, the
tre Edmonton were invited to act as a support for the northern           northern chambers to impact the economies of their communities          making the workplace work seminar and managing a meeting
chambers, which need the expertise of a World Trade Centre to            and get action from territorial and other governments.                  curriculum.
guide them in the implementation of such an ambitious agenda.               The hope is that this will send a message to all levels of govern-      Finally, a working group has been established to continue the
    As well as hearing from Beatty, other keynote speakers in-           ment that, no matter how small our communities are in the North,        work from the meeting. The Whitehorse Chamber of Commerce
cluded Michel Robillard, vice-president of CanNor, Senator Dan           we have a role to play and we will speak with one voice.                will be sending out a detailed report to all of the participants at the
Lang, who brought greetings from Ottawa, and Yukon Premier                  The representatives from CanNor, INAC, the many chambers             meeting within the next couple of weeks.
Dennis Fentie, who focused on the importance of partnerships in          and the territorial government representatives listened intently to
achieving goals.                                                         the representatives from across the North and were able to net-          If you have any questions please contact the Whitehorse
    One of the goals of the meeting was to show the Canadian gov-        work, ask questions and form future partnerships. Many valuable         Chamber of Commerce at 867-667-7545, or e-mail them at
ernment that our sovereignty in the high Arctic is shown through         projects were presented and all of the representatives who at-           business@whitehorsechamber.ca or visit their website at
the involvement of the numerous chambers of commerce being               tended the meeting left with an awareness and understanding                                         www.whitehorsechamber.ca.

                        Holding a                            WTCE has meeting and                          CLIENT RECEPTIONS            BUSINESS SEMINARS

                        special event?                       banquet space available                       BOARD MEETINGS               OFF-SITE TRAINING
                                                             for your event. Book                          TRADE SHOWS                  AVAILABLE EVENINGS
                        Looking for a                        your business or                              STAFF/PRIVATE                 & WEEKENDS

                        prestigious                          social event today!
                                                                                                            PARTIES                      ARRANGEMENTS FOR
                                                                                                                                          PARKING AVAILABLE
                        location?                            Call 780-426-4620
    000CN_WTC_1/6banner_nBL.indd 1                                                                                                                                                                  5/4/10 9:17:11 AM

                                                                                                                                                           	             september	2010	          Commerce News	           15	
 Chamber Department
Community Champions
 Community league day at a neighbourhood near you                                                                                               By Michael Janz edmonton federation of community leagues

 Wherever you are in edmonton on sat., sept. 18, there                  of Community Leagues is
 is something awesome happening in your neighbourhood.                  working to reach out to new
 Thousands of participants will join and celebrate what is special      cultural communities and
 about their neighbourhood, what helps to create that small-town        to new age groups. This
 feeling in the big city.                                               year, we are embarking on
    The Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues is in its              our Living Local campaign,
 89th year of supporting neighbourhoods in Edmonton, but this           which promotes healthy, ac-
 is the first time it has attempted a co-ordinated city-wide pro-       tive, environmentally friendly
 motion. This year art festivals, LAN parties, kite festivals, beer     living in your own neighbour-
 gardens, block parties, sports events, and much more will              hood where you can reduce
 be taking place in neighborhoods around the city on the third          crime, be healthy and feel
 Saturday in September. The hope is that this event will grow into      good about where you live.
 an annual event, and help to encourage residents to get to know        Community League Day is
 their neighbours, develop a sense of community and establish           the first step in this process.                                       NeighbOUrs CelebrAte: The community league movement
 new programs of interest in their neighbourhood. From sports               We have many of opportunities for your business to connect        is gaining momentum in Edmonton with activities that can bring
                                                                                                                                              neighbours together.
 programs to bar nights to crime prevention initiatives and com-        to the local community, such as sponsorship and helping sup-
 munity gardens, community leagues can do anything that neigh-          ply donations and prizes. On Sept. 13 we are doing a special
 bours want!                                                            pre-game celebration and aerial photo with city councillors at       us promote Community League Day, both this year and in the
    The community league movement is on the upswing, as                 Churchill Square, where we will also be creating a visual art dis-   future.
 older neighbourhoods are being revitalized and neighbours in           play of Edmonton and providing information about the activities          To receive a sponsorship package or to learn more about
 new developments are bonding together to build rinks, play-            that will be happening in various areas.                                 what is happening in your neighbourhood, please contact
 grounds, halls and make friends. The Edmonton Federation                   We are looking for sponsors to help donate prizes or help            Michael Janz, michael.janz@efcl.org or visit www.efcl.org.

 rebate program lightens emissions
 A new commercial lighting incentive program will give                       “Lighting accounts for approximately 50 per cent of Alberta     this to be one of our
 business owners some bright ideas to boost energy efficiency.            businesses’ annual electricity use,” said Alberta Environment      most popular pro-
 Under a $4-million pilot program, Albertans who operate restau-          Minister Rob Renner. “Commercial property owners play a            grams and we en-
 rants, offices, warehouses and other businesses are eligible for a       crucial role in our commitment to improve energy efficiency,       courage owners to
 provincial rebate of between $37,500 and $375,000, depending             and this initiative will help curb the sector’s greenhouse gas     apply quickly.”
 on the building type, when energy-efficient lighting is installed in     emissions and lower business costs.”                                   The    program
 their businesses.                                                           The commercial lighting incentive program aims to reduce        will continue un-
    The initiative takes effect immediately and will provide a range      191,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions, the equivalent         til December 31,
 of rebates, depending on the type of retrofits. All participants         of taking approximately 40,000 cars off the road by 2020.          2011 or until fund-
 must undertake a pre-retrofit assessment and demonstrate the             The rebate program will be administered by Climate Change          ing is exhausted.
 potential for energy savings to be eligible for rebates.                 Central, a non-profit organization empowering Albertans to
                                                                          take action on climate change.                                        For specific information
                                                                             “This energy-efficiency program is a great incentive for               on eligible retrofits and how to apply for

 Well-heeled for a cause                                                  Alberta’s commercial property owners,” said Simon Knight,
                                                                          president and CEO of Climate Change Central. “We expect
                                                                                                                                                      a rebate, visit www.LightitRight.ca or call toll-free at
 last year over 4,700 incidents of spousal abuse were
 reported by police services in Alberta. Eighty-two per cent of
 these victims were women. Too many women and children live
 this way and the YWCA recently called on the men of our city
                                                                         get a grant to improve you community
 to help these families to stand on their own two feet by taking          Alberta communities interested in reducing and pre-                 supports to discourage criminal behaviour in Fort McMurray.
 part in the Walk A Mile In Her Shoes event at Churchill Square           venting crime in their neighbourhoods are invited to apply for         The three-year $60-million Safe Community Innovation Fund
 Sept. 14.                                                                grants in the third year of the Safe Communities Innovation         supports community-based and community-police partner-
                                                                          Fund (SCIF).                                                        ships to deliver crime-prevention pilot projects. Any munici-
                                                                             Community-based partnerships can apply for a three-year          pality, aboriginal community or non-government organization,
                                                                          grant of up to $500,000 annually to implement pilot projects        together with their partners, can apply.
                                                                          designed to reach at-risk populations and their families, and          In addition, the fund supports the development of municipal,
                                                                          address the root causes of crime. Projects totaling $100,000        regional or aboriginal community crime reduction and preven-
                                                                          or less annually can now apply through a new streamlined ap-        tion plans.
                                                                          plication process.
                                                                             Since 2008, 60 projects have received grants totaling $40                     Funding criteria, application forms and a list of the
  fAshiON Over fUNCtiON: Men prepare to “Walk A Mile In                   million under the fund. Community pilot projects being sup-              first-year and second-year SCIF projects are available at
  Her Shoes” to raise money for the YWCA. This year's event took          ported include immigrant youth mentoring in Edmonton, do-                 www.safecommunities.gov.ab.ca/scif. The deadline for
  place in Churchill Square.                                              mestic violence prevention in Calgary and aboriginal youth                                              applications in Nov. 5, 2010.

16 Commerce News            september	2010
AMA Insurance is great for business!

           AMA offers a variety of products and services for small businesses, including:
        • Business property insurance        • Health and dental plans          • Corporate Registry services
        • Commercial auto insurance          • Disability insurance               including annual returns, corporate
                                                                                  searches and registration of trade
        • Key person life insurance          • Critical illness insurance         names, partnerships and new
 NEW    • Events liability insurance         • Travel medical insurance           corporations

                   Call, come in or visit us online and experience the AMA difference.
         Kingsway             Manning Drive
       11220 – 109 St.        5040 Manning Dr.
    Edmonton South            Edmonton West
    10310 – 39A Ave.           9938 – 170 St.                   Alberta Motor Association Insurance Company                                                                 www.nait.ca/cit

                                      780-474-8675 | AMAInsurance.ca
000CN.AMA_1-3S_nBL.indd 1                                                                                     9/7/10 4:21:52 PM
                                                                                                                                                 in your
     Dinne r and a Rodeo
                       corporate HoSt
                                                                                                                                                 corporate training for
                                                                                                                                                 the real world
                                      odeo 2010!
                 at ca NadIaN FINalS r                                                                                                           As innovation continues to change how people
                                                                                                                                                 interact with technology, analyze data and
                                                                                                                                                 move business forward, there’s never been
             package includes:                                     Friday, November 12                                                           a better time to invest in training for your
                                                                   & Saturday, November 13                                                       employees. NAIT Corporate and International
             • Lower-bowl Club seating
                                                                   Dinner at 5 pm, Rodeo at 7 pm                                                 Training can help — delivering relevant, timely
             • Upscale western buffet dinner                                                                                                     training designed to meet your needs.
             • Dinner drink tickets                                Alberta Ballroom
                                                                   Edmonton EXPO Centre
                                                                                                                                                 Our expertise includes certificate programs
             • VIP access to “The Buckle”                                                                                                        and customizable courses in Project
              the CFR’s Official party                                                                                                           Management, Supervisory Development,
              headquarters                                                                                                                       Office and Information Technology,
                                                                   Limited space available!
                                                                                                                                                 Leadership, Team building, Trade-specific
             • Private hosting rooms                                                                                                             training and much more.
                                                                   To book, call Sheldon at
               also available
                                                                   780-491-5541 or email at
                                                                   ssmart@northlands.com                                                         Develop your future leaders. Call us today.
                                                                                                                                                 ph (780) 378.1230 email cittraining@nait.ca

                                                                                                                                                                corporate and
                                                                                                                                                                international training

ChamberComm ad 2010 October5.indd 1
000CN.Northlands_1-3S_nBL.indd 1                                                                               9/8/10 3:20:25 PM
                                                                                                              9/8/10 12:18:30 PM
                                                                                                                                                 	              september	2010	     Commerce News	         17	
                                                                                                                                   000CN.NAIT_1-3V_nBL.indd 1                                  9/8/10 3:09:51 PM
    Chamber Department

    Workforce Diversity Edmonton
      Job seekers                                                                                     invitation to the World Café                                                                                                                                         By Dennis Gane
 Alberta government funded non-profit agencies assist people with                                     the disability employer Connections Working group
 disabilities seeking work and provide employer supports that aid in                                  (DEC) invites employers and their employees to participate in the
 the successful recruitment and retention of individuals with disabili-                               2010 World Café event as a table hosts. The objective of table hosts
 ties. The following job seekers are ready, able and willing to work.                                 is to reduce the barriers to the employment of persons with dis-
                                                                                                      abilities through awareness. There is no better way to accomplish
                                               On site Placement services                             this task than to have the employees and employers attending learn
                                              780-488-8122 | www.osp.ab.ca                            from their peers.
                                                                                                         Table hosts initiate conversations at their tables simply by sharing
                             bill is seeking a full- or part-time CUSTOMER SERVICE,                   employment-related stories. Each table will have some questions
On Site Placement ServiceS

                             CALL CENTRE or ADMIN CLERK position. He has a diploma                    that can be used to further explore related issues and ideas based
                             in accounting/microcomputers, excellent customer service                 on some of the following key themes: creating a diverse workforce,
                             skills and requires little or no supervision. Bill is available 7 a.m.   sharing successes and challenges through the hiring process, best
                             to 7 p.m. weekdays.                                                      practices for hiring persons with disabilities and creating a corpo-
                                                                                                      rate culture that embraces diversity. Each table will have a DEC
                                                 Contact Doug Lester, employment specialist,          facilitator who will take notes, summarize the conversations and
                                                         at 780-488-8122 or dougl@osp.ab.ca.          present back to the larger group at the end of the session.
                                                                                                         The event begins at 8 a.m. Thur., Oct. 21 at City Hall.
                             KeviN is seeking a full time WAREHOUSE/STOCKCLERK                                                               For more information on this informative event, email
                             position. He has over four years experience in shipping and                                                      Tamina@employabilities.ab.ca, or call 780-945-4633.
                             receiving, order picking and retail replenishment work. He is reli-
                             able, stable and is available 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. in the west end.
                                                                                                      Workforce strategy

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Avril Orloff
                                                     Contact Jay Willis, employment specialist,           Workforce diversity edmonton has attended a number
                                                            at 780-488-8122 or jay@osp.ab.ca.             of Alberta Congress Board annual conferences. The 10th annual
                                                                                                          workplace conference is set for late October. It is designed for
                                              bridges support services                                    senior management and key decision makers at private and public
                                       780-428-6624 | www.bridgessupport.com                              sector organizations, people who recognize the value of economic

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                We’re looking for
                                                                                                          and workplace trend information in their planning activities. The
                             KeviN is looking to start full time in an ENTRY LEVEL AC-                    workplace conference brings diverse sectors together to share
BridgeS SuPPOrt ServiceS

                             COUNTING POSITION. He is young and energetic and recently
                             completed management studies and accounting.
                                                                                                          their knowledge, experience and insight into some of the most in-
                                                                                                          teresting issues taking place in today's workplaces. In participating                                                 business leaders
                                                                                                          at the conference, Workforce Diversity Edmonton has promoted

                                                                                                                                                                                    We’re looking for business leaders
                             trACY is seeking a full time position in DATA ENTRY/ADMIN-                   its mandate and, after the conference, had the opportunity to work
                             ISTRATIVE DUTIES and is highly organized and experienced.                    with individuals from various sectors to promote the employment
                                                                                                          of people with disabilities.
                             OsCAr is multilingual speaking English, Spanish and Portu-                       The Alberta Congress Board conference theme is: “Participating
                             guese. He has a wealth of KITCHEN ASSISTANCE experience                                                                     To provide employment opportunities
                                                                                                          in the Future of the Energy Industry – Are You Ready?” It takes                     Can you:
                             and is looking to get back into this working part time in the                                                               for persons with disabilities.
                                                                                                          place Oct. 28 – 31 at the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge. There are
                                                                                                                                                                                              • mentor
                             mornings.                                                                                                                   Can you:
                                                                                                          a number of sub-themes that speak directly to labour force chal-
                                                                                                                                                                                              • provide job shadowing,
                                                                                                                                                         • mentor
                                                                                                          lenges, asking: What have we learned from the past and how is it                       job tryouts and job carving
                                                                  Contact Cindy Gordon at                                                                • provide resilient?
                                                                                                          relevant for our future? How does Alberta become morejob shadowing, job tryouts and mock interviews
                                                                                                                                                                                              • facilitate
                                                                                                                                                            job carving
                                                 cindy@bridgessupport.com or 780-428-6624.                What am I prepared to do?
                                                                                                                                                         • facilitate mock interviews • employ skilled workers
                                                                                                                                                          leaders from all workers full-/part-time
                                                                                                              Workforce Diversity Edmonton encourages • employ skilledsec-                       full-/part-time
                                                   employAbilities                                        tors to attend the conference.
                                                                                                                                                                                              There will workforce. Hiring who exit than enter the workforce.
                                                                                                                                                         There will be more people who exit than enter thebe more people diverse workers that live within the
                                       780-423-4106 | www.employabilities.ab.ca                                                          For more information and to register,
                                                                                                                                                         community makes good business sense. diverse workers that live within the community makes
                                                                                                                                             visit www.congressboard.ab.ca. Diversity Edmonton (WDE) sense. awareness about workforce diversity and
                                                                                                                                                         The Chamber’s Workforce              good business promotes
                             dAve is a friendly, enthusiastic customer service provider                                                                                            employment opportunities for people with disabilities.
                             who is seeking full- or part-time employment as a GREETER,                                                                                            WDE was created to bring employersThe Chamber’s Workforce Diversity Edmonton (WDE) promotes
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        who have capitalized on non-traditional labour sources together with
                                                                                                                                                                                   employers who have not. We invite members of the business community to participate.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       awareness about workforce diversity and employment
                                                                                                      gOOdwill induStrieS Of alBerta

                             FITTING ROOM ASSOCIATE OR PARKING LOT ATTENDANT.                                                                           goodwill industries of Alberta                                opportunities for people with disabilities.
                             He is looking for opportunities to contribute his positive outlook,                                                                                  Employers
                                                                                                                                                     780-944-2729 | www.goodwill.ab.ca wanting more information on Workforce Diversity Edmonton contact Dennis Gane,

                             loyalty and strong work ethic to an Edmonton company.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      WDE Specialist to bring employers who
                                                                                                                                                                                  Diversity Business Development was createdat (780) 409-2628 or via email at
                                                                                                                                                                                  dgane@edmontonchamber.com capitalized on non-traditional labour
                                                                                                                                       ChAritY is seeking a part-time position working with                           sources together with employers who have
                             CAthY is a highly motivated individual with accounts receiv-                                              ANIMALS OR CHILDREN. She has previous experience in the                        not. We invite members of the business
                             able experience. She is seeking a full-time ENTRY LEVEL AC-                                               field, and is a personable, dedicated and meticulous worker.
                                                                                                                                                                                  000.ECC_BusLeaders_1-4S_nBL.indd1 1 community to participate.                                                 6/8/09 5:28:35 PM

                             COUNTING position with room for growth. Experienced in the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Employers wanting more information
                             areas of customer service, inventory control and data entry, this                                         ChAd is seeking part-time or full-time opportunities working
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      on Workforce Diversity Edmonton
                             candidate is eager to demonstrate her efficiency and attention                                            with GRAPHIC DESIGN. He has advanced computer skills, is a                     contact Dennis Gane,
                             to detail.                                                                                                fast learner and has exceptional communication skills                          Diversity Business Development
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Specialist at (780) 409-2628
                                                Contact Monica MacFadzean at 780-423-4106                                                                      Contact Sheldon Wagar at 780-944-2729                  or via email at	
                                                           or monica@employabilities.ab.ca.                                                                                 or swagar@goodwill.ab.ca.                 dgane@edmontonchamber.com

18 Commerce News                                       september	2010
                                                                                                                                                                                                          000.BusLeader_1-6V_nBL.indd 1                                             5/4/10 5:17:16 PM
Chamber Partner
Edmonton International Airport
A better way to park at the airport                                                                                                By EIA
Convenient, affordable, safe – that’s jetset! the latest inno-           Both the youPark shelters and the wePark office feature flight
vation in airport parking has arrived at Edmonton International       information display system screens, common use airline self-serve
Airport (EIA).                                                        check-in kiosks and self-serve pay-on-foot machines.
   Now open, EIA’s newest parking facility has two levels of ser-        The jetSet lot has innovative features that are firsts amongst
vice, an online booking system and convenient airline check-in        Canadian airports. One is jetSet’s easy-to-use online booking sys-
features. With the addition of jetSet’s 3,300 stalls, EIA now has     tem, which is found at jetsetparking.com. By booking in advance
the most parking per capita of any major Canadian airport.            online, customers can save up to 25 per cent off.
   “The jetSet Parking facility is another way we’re delivering the      Another is the full-service WestJet check-in counter and bag
future airport experience to our customers,” said Peter McCart,       drop, located in the main jetSet office. WestJet passengers travel-
EIA vice-president, marketing and business development. “Our          ling domestically, or internationally, can now check in and drop off
customers have asked us to develop more parking options and           their bags at the main jetSet office. With their bags checked in right
jetSet represents a new level of convenience and affordability.       at the lot, passengers can then take a shuttle to the terminal and
The jetSet service upholds our ‘we’ll move you’ brand promise         proceed directly to security. It’s quick, easy and hassle free.
and we’re proud to be ‘paving’ the way for these kinds of innova-        “WestJet is proud to offer a check-in counter and bag drop
tions.”                                                               right on the jetSet parking lot, which is a first for airport parking
   The fully automated self-serve youPark long-term lot is            in Canada,” said Dale Tinevez, WestJet vice-president, guest ser-
EIA’s most affordable and competitively priced parking option.        vices. “For us, it’s all about delivering a world-class guest experi-
Customers can pull in, take a ticket, park and then make their way    ence, and we believe jetSet is another option that offers our guests        Customers who park at jetSet before Dec. 10, 2010 will be
to one of three conveniently located shelters where a shuttle bus     simplicity, flexibility and convenience – all at an affordable price.”   entered into the draw for one of four monthly jetSetter vacations
will pick them up and take them to the terminal.                         The jetSet facility also features a cell phone waiting area, one of   for two as well as a Lexus IS250 from jetSet Parking and Lexus
   The wePark valet-style service is for customers who prefer to      EIA’s most requested amenity additions. Located on the south side        of Edmonton!
have their vehicle parked for them by an attendant. Customers         of the jetSet lot, the designated courtesy zone allows customers to
can pull in to the main jetSet office where they can check in their   park for up to 45 minutes at no charge while they wait for their party                         For complete contest details and more
vehicle and then catch a shuttle to the terminal.                     to arrive at the terminal for pickup.                                                      information, visit www.jetsetparking.com.

                                                                                                                                                                                    a lot to love.

   000CN.EdmAirports_1-2H_nBL.indd 1                                                                                                                                                           9/9/10 2:33:04 PM
                                                                                                                                                       	            september	2010	        Commerce News	          19	
 Chamber Partner
Edmonton Economic Development Corp.
  Edmonton Economic Development Corp. (EEDC) promotes Edmonton's economic and tourism development and manages the Edmonton Research Park and Shaw Conference Centre.

 eco-friendly solutions for oil and gas industry
 for epsilon Chemicals (also known as e-Chem), new                     solvents used to remove the sealant for fastening pipes. E-
 research and development initiatives focused on eco-friendly          Chem created a solution called the Hot Tank Cleaner that is
 sanitation solutions for the oil and gas industry are proving to be   solvent-free,” said O’Carroll. DMK Drilling Fluids is another com-
 steps in the right direction.                                         pany, based in Edmonton, Calgary and Grande Prairie, which
    In light of recent attention on the oil and gas sector, and the    has had much success with the alternative hazardous chemical
 pressure to increase the industry’s environmental conscious-          free solutions.
 ness, E-Chem has found an opportunity to work alongside oil              Founded in 1990, E-Chem has become a research and de-
 and gas companies to provide environmentally friendly, high-          velopment industry leader that has taken great pride in provid-
 quality, cost-effective sanitation solutions designed to replace      ing unique, cost-effective solutions. Strategically located in the
 hazardous solvents presently used.                                    Edmonton Research Park – an innovation hub, which provides
    “We have been working with oil and gas companies to create         space and entrepreneurial support to Edmonton’s start-up
 customized and practical sanitation solutions,” explained Colm        technology companies – E-Chem invests valuable resources to
 O’Carroll, owner of E-Chem. “We have had great progress in the        further the development in quality products and services.
 food processing industry and now we have a great opportunity             “We are pushing to expand our products and services into
 to partner with businesses in the oil and gas sector to provide       other markets particularly Ontario, where we see great potential
 eco-friendly solutions.” In the past, companies have used inex-       to increase our business base,” said O’Carroll. “Our goal is to do
 pensive hazardous solvents, which contain petroleum distillates       our part to continue to enhance the local and global economies.
 and other organic solvent materials. Cathedral Energy, based          We will also be expanding our operations within the Edmonton
 out of the Nisku Industrial Park, is one example of a company         Research Park.” Innovative research and development has gar-
 trying to do things the eco-friendly way.                             nered E-Chem provincial award recognition for its environmen-
    “Cathedral Energy wanted to move away from hazardous               tal best practices.

 edmonton welcomes first Chinese delegation

                                                                                                                                              MeetiNg the Press: GoMedia 2010 allowed international
                                                                                                                                              media to network with tourism industry partners.

                                                                        greetiNg gUests: Mayor Stephen Mandel with the inau-                edmonton tourism
                                                                                                                                            meets national and
                                                                        gural Chinese delegation since Canada received approved
                                                                        destination status.

 experiencing edmonton’s art, culture and heritage                     example, in 2008, visits to Canada by Chinese citizens were up
                                                                                                                                            international media
 scene was a highlight for the Chinese delegation that arrived in      5.3 per cent from 2007 for a total of 159,000.                       edmonton tourism and local and international media
 the city on Aug. 23. The energetic team of 20 was the first in-          “We hope to continue to strengthen Canada’s foreign rela-         networked face-to-face at the 2010 GoMedia conference in
 part of the Chinese inaugural approved destination status (ADS)       tionship with China, and generate more visitors to Edmonton in       Toronto in August. GoMedia is a premier media event de-
 Canadian tour.                                                        years to come,” explained Fiske.                                     signed to match journalists from the Canadian Tourism Com-
    “This is a great opportunity to showcase our vibrant city,”                                                                             mission’s top global markets with vibrant tourism industry
 explained Ken Fiske, vice-president of economic and tourism                                                                                partners.
 development. “We are delighted to welcome and host the del-
 egation from China, and excited to showcase Edmonton.”
                                                                        get behind eXPO 2017                                                   Edmonton’s festival city theme made an appearance on
                                                                                                                                            the closing night, showcasing our internationally renowned
    Canada’s recently acquired approved destination status from         eedC proudly supports the citizen-driven bid for                    festivals and cultural heritage. In September 2011, Edmonton
 the government of China will make it easier for Chinese citizens       EXPO 2017 – made in Alberta, held in Edmonton, welcoming            will host this exciting conference, presenting the city to inter-
 to visit Canada and for the Canadian tourism industry to market        the world.                                                          national markets.
 Canada to China. Additionally, China has had a significant eco-                                     Learn more and get involved at                              For more information on GoMedia visit
 nomic impact on Edmonton and Canada in recent years. For                                                 edmontonexpo2017.com.                                      www.media.gomediacanada.com.

20 Commerce News           september	2010
Members and Events
                                      TD 2011 Economic Address
                                      Looking Beyond Uncertainty and Volatility: An Economic
                                      and Financial Outlook for Canada and Alberta
                                     Craig Alexander, senior vice-president and chief economist, TD Bank Financial Group, leads TD             Fri., Sept. 24
                                     Economics’ work in analyzing and forecasting economic trends in Canada and abroad. At this lun-           11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.
                                     cheon hosted by the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce, Alexander will present an outlook for the               Tickets: $49.95 +GST (member)
                                     global economy, the Canadian economy and the Alberta economy. He will discuss prospects for real          $59.95 +GST (non-member)
                                     estate, commodity prices, interest rates and exchange rates. The discussion will include current op-      Tables of 10 available
                                     portunities and challenges that might impact Alberta’s future prosperity.                                 The Westin Hotel
                                                                                                                                               10135 100 St.

Small Business Week Opening Ceremonies
After Business Mixer & Trade Show
Every October, the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce                          The Edmonton Chamber of Commerce would like to thank the sponsors for
celebrates the contributions of small business in Edmonton. We           Small Business Week 2010
would like to recognize these business leaders with a variety of         gold sponsor                             s i lv e r s p o n s o r s
topic-driven events, kicking off with the After Business Mixer & Trade
Show. This networking event helps small businesses generate sales
leads, build relationships and keep informed of emerging trends.

Tues., Oct. 19                      Exhibitor booth:                     bronze sponsors
5 p.m. - 7 p.m.                     $ 125 +GST (members)
Tickets: $10 (members)              $ 250 +GST (non-members)
$15 (non-members)                   Robbins Health Learning
                                    Centre                               in kind sponsors
                                    109 Street & 104 Avenue

                               Selling to Government and the Public Sector
                              The Edmonton Chamber of Commerce is bringing together                   Wed., Oct. 20
                              the key players to provide information on how you can tap into the      8:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.
                              business of selling to government and public sector organizations.      Tickets: $90 +GST (members)
                              Presenters will be from the federal, provincial governments, the City   $125 +GST (non-members)
                              of Edmonton, Strathcona County, Alberta Health Services and NAIT.       World Trade Centre Edmonton
                              If your business wants to provide goods and services to these large     6th Floor, 9990 Jasper Ave.
                              organizations, you need to be at this event!

                               Small Business Owner of the Year Awards Luncheon
                               Join us in congratulating the nominees and the winners as they are      Fri., Oct. 22
                               presented with the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce Small Busi-             11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.
                               ness Owner of the Year Awards. This luncheon will feature guest         Tickets: $49.95 +GST (members)
                               speaker Jeff Polovick, Driving Force president. He will speak on        $59.95 +GST (non-members)
                               the history of the company and the challenges it has faced over         Tables of eight available
                               the years.                                                              Oasis Conference Centre Edmonton
                                                                                                       10930 177 St.

                                                                                                                                                       	          september	2010	   Commerce News	   21	
 Members and Events
New Members
                  Welcome to our new members

                A Place In Time Video Productions Ltd
                                                                           An eye for design
                           Alexiss Solutions

                          Authority Alarms Inc

             Canadian Immigration & Recruiting Specialist

                      CKDESIGN Associates Inc

                      Dreamcatchers Log Homes

                       Export Metal Salvage Ltd

                         Grout Specialties Inc

                  Grower Direct Fresh Cut Flowers Inc

                         Healthcare Solutions

                       IntegriServ Consulting Ltd

                        Long Family Law Group
                                                                                                    CKDESIGN Associates Inc. was                         completion, ensuring that the client is supported and managed to
                    Overtime Communications Ltd
                                                                                                    founded in 2008 by Edmonton licensed                 the end of the construction process. Our services include: concep-
               Phunkin Groove Records & Talent Agency                                               interior designer Chris Kourouniotis. Born           tual design development, construction documents, 3-D renderings,
                                                                                                    and raised in Edmonton, Kourouniotis                 project tendering and construction administration.
                      Precise ParkLink (West) Ltd
                                                                                                    has been practicing since graduating                    Chris Kourouniotis and the CKDESIGN Associates Inc. team
              Public School Boards Association of Alberta                                           from Toronto’s Ryerson School of Interior            are committed to meeting our client’s operational, financial and
                   Rocky Mountain Antique Mall Ltd                                                  Design in 1997. He is a member of the                interior   design    objectives.
                                                                           Alberta Architects Association, the Interior Designers of Canada              Consequently, we want to
                     Royal Auto Body & Paint Ltd                           and has been recognized with interior design awards in both                   be judged by the true value –
                            Spin City Xpress                               Alberta and Ontario.                                                          whether economic or aesthetic,
                                                                              Over the past two years, the firm has grown to five design associ-         “your business success is our
                       SS Laser Tech (Edm) Ltd
                                                                           ates, earning a solid reputation for its innovative design excellence.        reward.”
                             The Cleanery                                  As a team, CKDESIGN brings a wealth of industry experience in di-
                                                                           verse areas, such as hospitality, corporate, retail and dental interiors.              For more information,
                             The PEP Line
                                                                           The studio is principally led, allowing each project to be assigned a               check out www.ckdesign
                        Weber Mercedes-Benz                                lead senior designer. This lead then carries the project through to                         associates.com.

Chamber Members
  Introducing your member services and retention team
  This brand new department was created to specifically
  serve you, the member. Members of this dedicated team are:
  Elizabeth Taylor, member service supervisor, Ashley Glen, mem-
  ber service account executive and Ceilidh (Kaylee) Morrissette,
  member service account executive.
     With backgrounds in marketing, sales, administration and cli-
  ent services, this team brings a wealth of knowledge and experi-
  ence available with just a phone call. Please feel free to give one of
  them a call with questions about your company’s membership, a
  referral to one of our affinity partners or an upcoming event.
       Do you know someone that has questions about the
                                                                               Elizabeth Taylor                      Ashley Glen                       Ceilidh Morrissette
  Edmonton Chamber of Commerce and/or what we do? Tell them
  to give us a call! Elizabeth, Ashley and Ceilidh are happy to assist
  members and non-members alike. The member services and re-               Chamber of Commerce events.                                                  The goal is to ensure that all your questions are answered and
  tention team members are also the faces you will see at the After           You will often get a phone call from our member services team             that you are 100 per cent satisfied with your membership.
  Business Mixer booths, hosting Tuesday morning Connections 4             to update any new information on your membership account and                                              Please feel free to contact one of our
  Business mixers, Speed Networking and many other Edmonton                to ensure that you are using your membership to its full potential.                                     team members today at 780-426-4620.

22 Commerce News            september	2010
                                                                             Reliable, Secure, Lowest Rates Guaranteed!

                                                                          Get MONEX and Get More.
                                                                          Exclusive Rates for Members of Edmonton Chamber of Commerce

Commercial real
estate excellence                                                                                      Our Lowest Approved Rate

                                                                                                                                                   24/7 Online Reporting
                                                                                                                  .39%                             24/7/365 Technical Support
                                                                                                                                                                                                               LOWEST SECURE,
                                                                                                                                                                                                     www.m VISIT US


                                                                                                        SAVE on Debit Rates                        Local Team Support

                                                                                                              5           As Low As
                                                                                                        NO MONTHLY MINIMUMS
                                                                                                        & NO CONNECTIVITY FEES.
                                                                                                                                                   No Need to Switch Banks

                                                                                                                                                   Life Time Warranty
                                                                                                                                                                                                            Term Y
                                                                                                                                                                                                       New CHIP READ

                                                                          MONEXgroup has partnered with Edmonton
                                                                                                                                                                                    Take Advantage NOW!
                                                                          Chamber of Commerce to provide you with
                                                                                                                                                                                    Contact OZZY ERSOY
DTZ Barnicke Edmonton Inc. is the city of Edmonton’s
                                                                          lower transaction costs, better solutions and                                                             at 1.866.286.7787 X 275 or
premier commercial real estate firm, offering sales, leasing,             the latest technology.                                                                                    email oersoy@monexgroup.com
consulting and property management services to its clients.
                                                                          + Rates and savings are subject to certain terms and conditions. MONEX reserves the right to determine
   With seasoned highly experienced agents with more than                 quali ed merchants and is under no obligation to approve a merchant for processing. Proof of Edmonton
                                                                          Chamber of Commerce membership is required. Speak to a MONEX representative for more details.
35 years each in the Edmonton commercial real estate mar-
ket, plus young, aggressive, enthusiastic agents, DTZ Barnicke
                                                                     000CN.ChamberMonex_1-3S_nBL.indd 1                                                                                                                            6/9/10 10:17:11 AM
promises you, the client, the service you require, deserve and
demand from your agent who is working for you with your best
interests in mind.
   DTZ Barnicke also benefits from the global reach of DTZ,                                                    Exclusive Opportunity for Edmonton
including more than 12,500 staff within its system, operating
across 150 cities in 45 countries, providing a full range of solu-                                             Chamber of Commerce Members
tions from high-quality capital markets advice, to cutting-edge
tenant-led property services.
        For confidential, personalized, professional services and
    advice, please contact the DTZ Barnicke Edmonton office at

                                                                                                                                                 Grow Your Business
                   780-421-1488 or go to www.dtzbarnicke.com.

Top 10 reasons                                                                                                                                    with AIR MILES®
                                                                                                                                                                                   Flexible and turnkey AIR MILES
to join the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce
                                                                                                                                                                                   solutions designed for small to
10. Credibility                                                                                                                                                                    medium businesses:
9. Access to World Trade Centres in 316 cities and 91 coun-                                                                                                                        •   Drive Sales
   tries                                                                                                                                                                           •   Energize Promotions
8. Member2Member discount program                                                                                                                                                  •   Improve Loyalty and Retention
7. Discounted advertising opportunities in Commerce News                                                                                                                           •   Differentiate Your Business
6. Complimentary listing in the chamber business directory                                                                                                                         •   Reward Employees
5. Exclusive Air Miles program                                                                                                                                                     •   Improve Accounts Receivable
4. Exclusive Monex program (Merchant credit card/debit card
   transaction fees)                                                                                                                                                               Contact Joyce Oskoboiny at
3. Being part of one of the largest chambers in North America
2. Lobbying and advocacy on your behalf
                                                                                                                                                                                   joyce@rmgloyalty.ca to get the                                             INC
                                                                                                                                                                                   program working for you!
And the number one reason to become a Member of the                                                                                                                                    with tagline                                                           with
Edmonton Chamber of Commerce is…
1. More than 140 events annually to showcase your business
   and keep in touch with the Edmonton business community
                                                                                                                                                                                       AIR MILES INCENTIVES®                                                  AIR M
                                                                                                                                                                                                           Managed by RMG Loyalty
    If you are unfamiliar with any of the above great reasons that
    accompany your membership benefits, please contact your                                              ® TM Trademarks of AIR MILES International Trading B.V. Used under license by LoyaltyOne, Inc. and Retail Media Group Inc.
                 member services department at 780-426-4620.                                                                                                                           AIR MILES md INCITATIFS                                                AIR M
                                                                     AirMiles_1-3S.indd 1                                                                                                                                  RMG Loyalty
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Gérés par8/11/10 9:47:12        AM
                                                                                                                                                                             	     september	2010	                               Commerce News	         23	
 Members and Events
 Chamber members give their testimonials
  In a continued effort to create the best environment                     Visit us at www.mycellmyterms.com/edccmembers
  for business, the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce asked                                  and start saving on your cell phone bills.                     DOLORES EATON, IVIS Inc. president & ceo
  our members what they thought about their chamber. Take a                                                                                            I think the most beneficial aspects of being a chamber
  look at what members are saying about us.                          RON GILBERTSON, Edmonton Economic Development                                     member is the opportunity to network face to face and in
                                                                     Corporation president & ceo                                                       person at socials and other functions. Since business is
  SYLVAIN BLOUIN, BELTERRA Land Company                              Sharing office space at the World Trade Centre in the down-                       largely about fostering a win/win relationship between cus-
  The Edmonton Chamber of Commerce is a great venue to               town core is only part of the relationship between Edmonton                       tomer and service provider, what better way to network our
  network with like-minded people and entrepreneurs. I have          Economic Development Corporation and the Edmonton                                 company’s abilities to the end users of our products and
  generated several business relationships while attending the       Chamber of Commerce. Both organizations have a key role                           services? Often, it’s not the chamber members that we di-
  networking events. The variety of events allows a new mem-         in Edmonton’s economic growth and development, and pro-                           rectly get involved with in business, but the referrals arise
  ber not only to build relationships, but to also get to know the   mote the city to audiences globally. With initiatives that in-                    from tableside conversations and many of the social events
  businesses in our great city. The staff are very friendly and      clude Port Alberta and northern relations, our organizations                      at chamber facilitates can generate new opportunities. Our
  the communication excellent. I would encourage any new             enjoy a productive, collaborative relationship. The World                         company’s growth in new technologies and processes
  entrepreneur to join the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce              Trade Centre is a unique one-stop shop for businesses and                         sometimes outpaces our ability to properly inform our po-
  in a heartbeat. Get a mentor, someone who’s been a mem-            organizations in the region, providing a welcoming environ-                       tential clients on the “what’s new” at IVIS INC. and attend-
  ber for a while, to make the most of the opportunity.              ment with timely access to the programs and services re-                          ing Edmonton Chamber of Commerce events affords us the
                                                                     quired to succeed. Here’s to many more years of collabora-                        ability to do just that.
  RALPH K. ZUTTER, CAIB president, competition insurance             tion and being good neighbours.
  incorporated                                                                                                                                         BONNIE NIxON, Butterfly Human Resources Consulting
  As a small business owner, I rely very much on the Edmonton        NICK CLARK, Spot Power                                                            What is the “best environment for business?” I know in your
  Chamber of Commerce as a valuable source for information           To be totally truthful, Spot Power joined the chamber as a                        business that you are always looking to improve and to be
  on current economic and political goings on. The chamber           networking opportunity. It has been a worthwhile invest-                          productive and more profitable. Engaging employees is a
  also provides advocacy on behalf of business owners such           ment. We are not knocking on doors or using telemarketing                         sure way to get more out of them and to obtain commitment.
  as myself. My staff and I have enjoyed many of the chamber’s       as a sales tool; we are simply relying on word of mouth and                       Of course, you need other things like a good work environ-
  well-organized events and have benefited from the network-         networking. The chamber was the natural choice.                                   ment, good people policies and awesome leadership, but
  ing that has taken place. In my opinion, the benefits of being                                  Check out, www.SpotPower.net                         once you have the total package, success should be yours.
  a chamber member represent extremely good value.                                                                                                     Our chamber of commerce engages us through events
                                                                     JAG SINGH, TD regional sales manager, prairie region                              where we can meet one-on-one and both large and small
  YALE HOLDER, myCELLmyTERMS.com president                           td merchant services                                                              events allow us to meet people, however it suits us best.
  As a Canadian start-up company, we are always looking              The Edmonton chamber is an excellent partner of TD mer-                           As well, the chamber provides the option for work-related
  for ways to promote our business. The Edmonton chamber             chant services. Chamber membership helps our customers                            events and fun/leisure activities, which also help to keep us
  offered us the unique opportunity of connecting with pas-          to get lower rates, regardless of their credit card volumes,                      engaged in the workplace.
  sionate small- and medium-sized business owners. We truly          which is a great benefit to our customers. We promote the
  appreciate working with an association that cares about our        Edmonton chamber to our prospective clients in the city of                        GERRY SINN, BDO Canada LLP senior manager,
  business. The chamber gives us the ability to help fellow          Edmonton. The service our representatives and custom-                             taxation services
  members save on their business cell phone bills and get cell       ers receive from employees at the Edmonton chamber is                             As a growing chartered accounting and advisory firm, BDO
  phone plans customized for their business. We demystify            top-notch and the best. Personally, I think businesses in                         finds a lot of value in its relationship with the Edmonton
  the process of shopping for wireless solutions by doing all        Edmonton should take advantage of various programs                                Chamber of Commerce. In the more than 30 years as mem-
  the work on behalf of fellow members at no cost.                   by becoming members of the Edmonton chamber, one                                  bers, we have enjoyed the many events the chamber has
                                                                                                      of which includes special                        hosted and appreciate the efforts the chamber makes to
                                                                                                      rates on payment solu-                           better our community. Chamber events are a great forum
                                                                                                      tions with TD merchant                           for BDO to build relationships with the Edmonton business
                                                                                                      services.                                        community and we look forward to attending many more of
                                                      15th Annual                                                                                      them. We hope to see you there.

                                                      Kids Kottage
                                                   Premier’s Breakfast
                                                                                                       Come down to the ad auction
                                                       Tuesday, October 19, 2010                       Every year, the Advertising Club of Edmonton hosts its popular Ad Auction.
                                                       Coast Edmonton East Hotel                       This fun evening allows companies to live bid on media at significantly reduced rates. Everything
                                                       2100 Premier Way                                from radio air time, to billboard space, to television packages are often available. It's the perfect
                                                                                                       solution for small- to mid-size businesses who want to advertise, but can't necessarily afford
                                                       Sherwood Park                                   full-scale media rates.
                                                       7:00 a.m. - 8:30 a.m. Sharp                     Thur., Nov. 18
            Sponsored by:                              $50 /person                                     r e g i s t r at i o n b e g i n s :   5 p.m.
                                                       Tables of 10 - $500                             a u c t i o n s ta r t :   7 p.m.
                                                                                                       l o c at i o n : Citadel       Theatre
                                                       Tickets ordered through
                                                                                                       9828 101 A Ave.                                             For more information please visit www.adclubedm.
                                                       (780) 448-1752 or online at

24 Commerce News            september	2010
Events Calendar
              s            m             t          w             t            f             s

            19	 20	 21	 22	 23	 24	 25
                                                                                                                                 Oct. 18 - Oct. 22, 2010
            26	 27	 28	 29	 30	 1	                                                          2

            3	           4	            5	           6	           7	            8	           9

            10	 11	 12	 13	 14	 15	 16                                                                                  “We need your nominations!”
            17	 18	 19	 20	 21	 22	 23

                                                    seminar                                      am

            networking                              mixer/trade show                             pm

            meal                                    awards

                                                                                                                        2009 SBW Award winners, from left to right;
                                                                                                                        • Donovan Creative Communications Inc. Michael Donovan.
 Sept.	21          Connections 4 Business Networking meeting
                       World Trade Centre                                                                               • Ellerslie Gift and Garden Centre, Cinda Thorne.
                   speaker:      Russell Sawchuk, with Steppingstones Partnership, Inc.                                 • Elite Sportswear & Awards Inc. Bryan Thomas
                   t o p i c : Designing and delivering online professional development to a global
                   t i m e : 7:30 a.m.
                                                                                                                   We make a big deal out of small business!
 Sept.	22          speed Networking                                                                            Every October, the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce celebrates
                       World Trade Centre
                   t i m e : 5:15 p.m. to 7 p.m.
                                                                                                                    small business by presenting this prestigious award to
 Sept.	24	 TD 2011 Economic Address Luncheon                                                                     businesses in three categories: companies with 10 or under
               Westin Hotel                                                                                       full-time employees; companies with 50 or under full-time
           t i m e : 11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m.
                                                                                                                 employees; companies with 100 or less full-time employees.

 oCToBEr                                                                                                          Visit www.edmontonchamber.com
                                                                                                                       to make your nomination!
 Oct.	5            Connections4Business Networking meeting
                       World Trade Centre
                   speaker:      Shane Handford, Donovan Creative
                   t o p i c : How social media can help your small business
                   t i m e : 7:30 a.m.
 Oct. 12           Connections4Business Networking meeting                                                              2010 Small Business Week Sponsors
                       World Trade Centre                                                                         GOLD SPONSOR:                         SILVER SPONSOR:
                   speaker:      Chad Banman with Sandler Training
                   t o p i c : Key mistakes entrepreneurs make when starting their business
                   t i m e : 7:30 a.m.
 Oct.	19	          small Business Week opening Ceremonies & After Business mixer
                     Robbins Health Learning Centre, 109 Street & 104 Avenue
                   time:5 p.m.-7 p.m.
 Oct.	20           selling to the government & public sector seminar                                              BRONZE SPONSORS:                      INKIND SPONSOR:
                       World Trade Centre
                   t i m e : 8:30 a.m.- 4 p.m.
 Oct.	22           small Business Week Awards Ceremony                                                                                                                      TM

                       Oasis Conference Centre
                   t i m e : 11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m.

                                                                                                                                               	         september	2010	   Commerce News	       25	
                                                                                                      SBW_1-2V.indd 1                                                             8/11/10 9:44:41 AM
                                                                                                            Member Listings: Renewals
                                                                                                                        25-49 Years               Stroud Agencies Ltd.                 Michael Kryton Productions
                                                                                                            Sokil Express Lines Ltd./Edmonton     Varscona Hotel on Whyte              Bits In Glass Inc.
                                                                                                            Transfer Ltd.                         Allwest Plastic Fabricators          Suck U Sump Service
                                                                                                            Daam Galvanizing Ltd.                 Amador Business Computers Inc.       CMA Alberta - Certified
                                                                                                            Crystal Glass Canada Ltd.             Anderson Career Training Institute   Management Accountants of
                                                                                                            ISL Engineering and Land Services                                          Alberta
                                                                                                                                                  Golden Arrow Schoolbuses Ltd.
                                                                                                            Ltd.                                                                       Bella Casa Design Centre Ltd
                                                                                                                                                  High Speed Printing
                                                                                                            Alberta School Boards Association                                          Gold Mountain Strategy Inc.
                                                                                                                                                  Robert Half Canada Inc.
                                                                                                            AECOM Canada Ltd.                                                          Investia Financial Services
                                                                                                                                                  Canadian Breast Cancer
                                                                                                            Edmonton Economic Development         Foundation - Prairies/NWT Region     TransAlta Corporation
                                                                                                            Corporation                                                                Ellerslie Pet Hospital
                                                                                                                                                  Coast Paper
                                                                                                            National Concrete Accessories                                              Kyle's Express Inc.
                                                                                                                                                  College of Alberta Dental
                                                                                                            Edmonton Valve & Fitting Inc.         Assistants                           Tantus Solutions Group Inc.
                                                                                                            Mayfield Inn & Suites

 Local gallery, world-class talent
                                                                                                                                                  The Mailing Group (A Division of     SAP Canada Inc.
                                                                                                            Matco Transportation Systems Ltd.     Bindery Overload)                    Source Office Furnishings
                                                                                                            The Brick Warehouse Corporation       At-Pac Scaffold Services Inc.        Old Strathcona Antique Mall
                                                                                                            Cowan Graphics Inc.                   Delta Lodge at Kananaskis            Parry Bros Lock and Safe
 Doug Udell has been in the art business in Edmonton for over 40 years and in
                                                                                                            P.F. Manufacturing Ltd.               Marble Concepts, Division of The     Unisource Canada Inc.
 February 2011, will be celebrating 25 years in Vancouver. Located at 10332 124 St., in an area                                                   Tub Shoppe Inc.
                                                                                                            Canuck Industrial Sales (1982) Ltd.                                        United Oil Submersible Pumps Inc.
 dubbed the Arts District, Douglas Udell Gallery deals in local, regional, national and international
                                                                                                            Lincolnberg Homes Ltd.                                                     Brad Smoliak Cooks
 contemporary art.                                                                                                                                              5-9 Years
                                                                                                            Capital Printing & Forms Ink.                                              Kwik Kopy Print & Design
    Travelling to art fairs and auctions nationally and internationally, the galleries work hard at keep-   Industry Canada                       Amerigo Bruno Hairstylist Ltd.
 ing current in the art trends of the day. Udell regularly exhibits works by diverse artists, including     Aegis Lockworks Ltd.                  BNG Pro Motion Ltd.
                                                                                                                                                                                       Steelcin Developments Ltd.
 the Group of Seven through to Pablo Picasso works from the artist’s estate. The gallery represents         Phoenix Insurance Group               City of Edmonton - Office of the
                                                                                                                                                                                       Edmonton Soccer Association
 some of Canada’s most prestigious artists, as well as young up-and-coming talent and a number of           Edmonton Inc.                         City Auditor
 international artists. Udell has built relationships throughout the art world and business community,      South Side Memorial Chapel Ltd.       Cookies By George
 and has helped to build many prestigious personal and corporate collections throughout Canada.             Days Painting Supplies (1974) Ltd.    Distiller Warehouse Ltd.
                                                                                                                                                                                       Benefit Strategies Inc.
    The Douglas Udell Galley opens its fall season in Edmonton on Sept. 25, with a group exhibition         Grant MacEwan University              Echo Cycle Ltd
                                                                                                                                                                                       Priority Credit Recovery Inc.
 entitled ABSTRACT, including works from William Perehudoff, Jack Bush, Antonio Murado and                  Edmonton Eskimo Football Club         Edmonton Foot Health Centre Ltd.
                                                                                                                                                                                       The Osborne Group - Edmonton
                                                                                                            Western Coin Vending Ltd.             Esquao Inc.
 many others. In Vancouver, after 24 years in the same location, Douglas Udell Gallery moves next                                                                                      Christensen & McLean Roofing
                                                                                                                                                  Avalon Global New Media              Co.
 door to 1566 West 6th Ave. and will re-open with an exhibition of new work by Joe Fafard.                                                        Marketing
             For further information about Douglas Udell Gallery, or to be put on our mailing list,                      10-24 Years                                                   Klay Information Management
                                                                                                                                                  Climate Change Central               Consulting Ltd.
                          contact Kathy Berger 780-488-4445, or email info@douglasudellgallery.com.         EM Plastic & Electric Products
                                                                                                            Limited                               FVB Energy Inc.                      HeartZAP Services Inc.
                                                                                                            Karlen Elecom                         Indigo Books Music & More            Phoenix Renewal Centre & Spa

 A great choice for                                                                                         CentralWeb                            Recall                               AIMCO
                                                                                                            Douglas Printing Limited              RioCan Property Services             Carver PA Corporation

 downtown dining                                                                                            NewWest Enterprise Property           TEAM Industrial Services             Wheels Plus
                                                                        reviewed by chelsey swankhuizen     Group (Alberta) Inc.                  Inspections Services Canada
                                                                                                                                                                                       Paull Travel Ltd.
                                                                                                            West Edmonton Mall                    3L Dynamics Inc.
                                                                                                                                                                                       Trade & Commerce
 HAWELI, 10220 103 STREET                                                                                   Somagen Diagnostics Inc.              Viva's Tailors Ltd.
                                                                                                                                                                                       Drumawillan Management Inc.
 I am a lover of all food. Unfortunately, not all food loves                                                Astral Media Radio G P                Winding River Solutions Inc.
                                                                                                                                                                                       Farr Canada, A Division of McCoy
 me back. As a celiac, it can be difficult to find a restaurant that not only                               Capital Estate Planning               Tireboys - Mobile Tire Service       Corporation
                                                                                                            Corporation                           Strathcona Industrial Association    630 Ched Santas Anonymous Inc.
 understands celiac, but can accommodate the diet with more than
                                                                                                            SMS Equipment Inc. (Head Office)      Andarr Industries Inc.               Helm Property Management and
 just a salad. So when it came time to pick a restaurant for a staff lunch,
                                                                                                            Affordable Storage Centre             Ducks Unlimited Canada               Realty Ltd.
 I only had a handfull of choices in the downtown area. Attempting to
                                                                                                            Artsmith Communications Ltd.          Parkland Respiratory Care Ltd.       Polar Bear Entertainment Inc.
 think outside the box, I selected Haweli, an East Indian restaurant on
                                                                                                            BGS Enterprises Inc.                  Skys The Limit Window Cleaning       Willow Dragon Tours Inc.
 103 Street.
                                                                                                            Canadian College of Emergency         Touchmark at Wedgewood               Liberty Tax Service
    The dining room is warm and inviting. The open concept is made                                          Medical Services                      WorleyParsons Canada                 St. Michael's Health Group
 more intimate with the use of white drapes, as well as exposed brick and dark wood. My party               Barry T's Liquor Store                124 corner dollar discount & Food    Earth Tech (Edmonton Compost
 and I were seated at a round table, perfect for conversation. There were several other large               Husco Industrial Ltd.                 Store                                Plant)
 parties of coworkers, as well as a few lunch meetings. The atmosphere overall was business                 Tawa Physical Therapy & Sports        CLG Displays                         Shamrock Valley Enterprises Ltd.
 casual.                                                                                                    Injury Clinic Ltd.                    Edmonton Meals On Wheels             Vemax Management
    My party and I opted for the buffet. The selection was not overwhelming, but reflected the              United Cycle Source for Sports                                             Christmas Bureau of Edmonton
 many flavours of East Indian cuisine. Classic dishes including butter chicken and tandoori chick-          Xentel DM Inc.                                Less than 5 years            Direct Energy Essential Services
 en were paired with mattar paneer (Indian cheese cubes cooked with green peas in a ginger,                 Costar Computer Systems               Optimax Benefits                     First Capital Realty
                                                                                                            GMH Architects                        Star Cash Register                   PowerComm Inc.
 garlic and cream sauce) and beef curry. Overall, the buffet had a good selection, including my
                                                                                                            Recreation World Home & Billiard      Suncor Energy                        Promotional Wearhouse Inc.
 favourite – vegetarian pakora.
                                                                                                            Remco - Dominion Granite              TEC Edmonton                         Eagle Rock Golf Course
    The food was hot, not room temperature like many other buffets I have visited. The server               Memorials
 promptly brought over fresh naan bread to accompany the meal. I, being celiac, opted for the                                                     Winnifred Stewart Association        Eastbound Bistro & Bar
                                                                                                            Alberta Safety Council
                                                                                                                                                  McLean Young Construction Ltd.       Florists Supply Ltd.- Edmonton
 missi roti, or chickpea flour flat bread. Beverages and naan were refilled throughout or meal.             Metro Concrete Services Ltd.
                                                                                                                                                  Furnaceman Don's Powervac            Game On Sports
    For less than $14 per person, the lunch buffet at Haweli proved to be an excellent pick and a           E. Brace Tool Inc.
                                                                                                                                                  Caradan Chemicals Inc.               Map Town / Framing Matters
 crowd pleaser.                                                                                             IMC International Mascot
                                                                                                                                                  Meridian International               Spin Doctor Productions
                                      For more information on the restaurant, go to www.haweli.ca.          Corporation
                                                                                                                                                  HDC Human Development                Capital Power Corporation
    members of the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce are welcome to request a review. Please                     Juriliber Limited
                                                                                                                                                  Consultants Ltd.                     Atlas Immunization Services, Inc.
 contact Chelsey swankhuizen, at Cswankhuizen@edmontonchamber.com or 780-409-2142.                          Royal Glenora Club

26 Commerce News             september	2010
Faces & Places
Big dollars to little tech                                              Full speed ahead
The federal government contributed over half a million                  Edmonton-based Running Room presi-
dollars to Edmonton nano-technology firms in August. Tony Clem-         dent John Stanton stepped into big honours in
ent, minister of industry, announced the funding on Aug. 17 from        August, when the Canadian Medical Association
the budget of the National Research Council of Canada Industrial        gave him the award for excellence in health pro-
Research Assistance Program.                                            motion at the association’s annual meeting.
    "Our government is investing in science and technology to cre-         Stanton received the award in Niagara Falls, Ont., on Aug. 25. The
ate good jobs, strengthen the economy and improve the quality           award recognizes individuals outside the health sector whose work
of life of Canadians," said Clement. "This government is support-       boosts the population’s overall health. The Running Room opened
                                                                                                                                             000CN.Westmount_BC_nBL.indd   1                        4/6/10 11:15:26 AM
ing Canadian firms that successfully develop and apply innovative       in 1984 and has franchises in Canada and the United States.
technologies. Canada's Economic Action Plan is bolstering scien-
tific research and commercialization, while creating good jobs and
                                                                           Stanton was also recently appointed to the Order of Canada.
                                                                                                                                                      Are you serious
economic growth."
    This comes af-
                                                                        Green machine gives back                                                      about promoting your
ter an announce-
ment of $23.4
                                                                        TD Canada Trust had a busy August in Edmonton. The
                                                                        company opened a new branch in the city’s west end with an                    business? WE ARE.
million for the Na-                                                     e-recycling depot for old electronics. The grand opening happened
tional Institute of                                                     Aug. 14.                                                                      Edmonton CommERCE nEWs is
Nanotechnology,                                                            “Edmonton is where we live, work and play and that means the
based in Edmon-                                                         environment is always top of mind,” said Todd Peterson, the new               mailed to ALL businesses in Edmonton,
ton, to be rolled                                                       branch’s manager. “We all have old electronics piling up at home              to government and association leaders in
out over the next                                                       that we want to get rid of, but don’t want to throw away, which is
two years.                                                              why we’re so excited about this e-recycling event at our opening
                                                                                                                                                      the Edmonton region and to all Alberta
                                                                        celebrations. We’re making it even more convenient for our cus-               Chambers. Take advantage of this great
                                                                        tomers, employees and new neighbours to do their part for the en-             opportunity to promote your services and
Airtime for your holiday                                                  vironment.”
                                                                                                                                                      products to a targeted market of decision-
                                                                              At the same time, the company donated $5,000 to North-
Fairmont Hotels & Resorts has dialed its way                              mount Elementary School for a new outdoor classroom. Janice                 makers and purchasers in the Edmonton
into the smart phone world of mobile applications.                       Sarich, MLA for Edmonton-Decore, and Eric Thor, TD’s district vice-          area and beyond.
The company launched a new iPhone application                           president, were present for the cheque presentation. The donation
which lets users plan vacations, book accommodation and                 came from the TD Friends of the Environment Foundation.                       ADVERTISE TO MORE THAN 175,000
tour lavish hotel rooms from their mobile phone.
   "As more people rely on their mobile devices for every day func-
tions, we are committed to providing products that suit their needs.
                                                                        Green thumbs gets thumbs up
By creating this new way to interact with our properties, we hope                            The University of Alberta bestowed                     oCtobER 2010 IssUE             noVEmbER 2010 IssUE
to make their stay easier than ever," said Brian Richardson, the                                  an honourary doctorate on Monkombo
company’s vice-president of brand marketing and communica-                                         Sambasivan Swaminathan, who has worked
                                                                                                                                                    ad deadline: OCTOBeR 1         ad deadline: OCTOBeR 29
tion. The mobile application is available online at the iTunes Store                               for more than 50 years in the area of sus-
                                                                                                                                                    tHEmEs: smAll bUsInEss,        tHEmEs: pHIlAntHRopy,
                                                                                                                                                    EntREpREnEURsHIp, smAll        VolUntEERIsm, CoRp soCIAl
and on smart phones at the iPhone App Store. It allows guests                                      tainable food security.                          bUsInEss WEEk, mEmbERsHIp      REsponsIbIlIty, bn
to check in on the weather, read destination guides and finding                                       Swaminathan is a fellow of the Royal
shopping.                                                                                        Society of London, the National Academy
                                                                                                                                                    book yoUR AdVERtIsIng todAy
                                                                                               of Sciences in the U.S. and academies in In-
                                                                                                                                                    ContACt AmAndA HElmlE At:
Golden Anniversary                                                                        dia. His work contributed to an agricultural revo-
                                                                        lution in India in the 1960s, when he crossbred Mexican seeds               (780) 990-0839 Ext. 223,
Golder Associates, an international employee-owned                      with Japanese seeds and local Indian varieties of wheat. As head
environmental and ground engineering firm, is celebrating it’s 50th     of the International Rice Research Institute in the Philippines for
anniversary in one of Edmonton’s parks, Blackmud Creek.                 seven years, Swaminathan and his colleagues then used the
   The company was formed in 1960 and is inviting the community         same techniques to modify rice seeds with similar results.
to join them for a creek cleanup, barbecue lunch as well as guest          “His contributions have been in the areas of science, in plant
speakers.                                                               breeding and genetics, followed by taking that science to the
   The afternoon portion of the event includes an Environmental         level of the farmer and being concerned about gender equity and
Passport Challenge which requires participants to get their passports   being concerned about the poorest of the poor and that’s what I
stamped at various interactive environmental stations in the area.      think makes him stand out,” said Nat Kav, U of A associate dean
   Organizations including Nature Nuts, Girl Guides of Canada, John     in agricultural, life and environmental science faculty.
Janzen Nature Centre Park Rangers and Yellowfish Road will host            Swaminathan was also co-chair of the United Nations Millen-
children’s programs throughout the day as well.                         nium Task Force on Hunger between 2002 and 2005 and was
                                                                        president of the Nobel Peace Prize-winning Pugwash Confer-

Your face here                                                          ences on Science and World Affairs from 2002 to 2007.
                                                                           “In this day and age, with climate change and everything else
Do you have a promotion, award, grand opening or new                    looming and threatening our food security, he has always advo-
hire the Edmonton business community should know                        cated for sustainable agriculture and what he calls an ‘evergreen
about? Email submissions to rwright@edmontonchamber.                    revolution,’ which is not just sustainable today but generations
com with “Faces and Places” in the subject line.                        beyond.”

                                                                                                                                            000.CNewsPromo_BCx5.indd 1september	2010	
                                                                                                                                                         	                                 Commerce News	 27	
                                                                                                                                                                                                 9/10/10 9:45:27 AM
000CN.Cine_1-2H_nBL.indd 1                                                                              9/8/10 2:05:28 PM

                             The world changes quickly. Good thing Albertans are looking
                             ahead and keeping their eyes on the road. We recognize our
                             potential to continue to grow, with a strong economy and the
                                       C: infrastructure to support it.
                             people and40 R: 96                                 C: 29 R: 180
                                       M: 70 G: 57                              M: 0 G: 201
                                               B:19                             Y: 100 B: 43
                                       Y: 100months, Alberta is Energy and its supporting
                             In the coming
                                       K: 50                                    K: 7
                             associations will travel the province to connect with Albertans
                             and discuss the role energy plays in our daily lives.

                             Check the Alberta is Energy website at www.albertaisenergy.ca

                             Alberta is Energy is supported by several Alberta business associations,
                             many of which are focused on the oil and gas sector.


000AV.CAPP_1-2H_nBL.indd 1                                                                              8/12/10 1:31:43 PM

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