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TAE Pty Ltd: SWOT Analysis & Company

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Published: Feb 2011

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TAE Pty Ltd


TAE Pty Ltd - Company Overview

TAE Pty Ltd (TAE) is one of Australia’s leading aerospace engineering services providers. The company engages in
offering turbine engine maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services. The company provides design, maintenance,
condition monitoring, manufacturing, and repair solutions for commercial and military aviation customers across Australia.
Its key services include installation of avionic system, aircraft, helicopter and components MRO services, aerospace and
advanced manufacturing. It also provides engineered asset management and aircraft part sales. TAE principally caters to
passenger and military transport aircraft, turbine engines, fast jets, helicopters, regional aircraft, general aviation and
agricultural aircraft markets. The company is headquartered in Milton, Queensland, Australia.

TAE Pty Ltd - Key Facts

TAE Pty Ltd, Key Facts

                                  Level 1, TAE House, Milton,
                                  Queensland (QLD), 4064,           Ticker Symbol, Stock
Corporate Address:                                                                          N/A

Telephone                         + 61 7 33674811                   No. of Employees        N/A

Fax                               + 61 7 33674855                   Financial Year End      N/A

URL                               www.tae.com.au

Industry                          Aerospace and Defense

Locations                         Australia

Source: Annual Report, Company Website, Primary and Secondary Research


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TAE Pty Ltd


TAE Pty Ltd - Business Description

TAE Pty Ltd (TAE) is involved in providing turbine engine maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services. TAE
employs 300 people.

The company offers its services in Turbine Engines; Avionics; Aircraft, Helicopter and Components MRO; Aerospace &
Advanced Manufacturing; Engineered Asset Management; and Aircraft Part Sales categories.

Under the Turbine Engines category, the company specializes in repairing military turbine engines, Honeywell TPE331,
Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A, turboprop and turboshaft fuel components, hydraulic components, starter or generators
and engineered asset management.

The company provides overhaul and repair services for fast jet gas turbine engines. Its key capabilities for military turbine
engines include pre-balancing equipment, bearing, computer controlled engine test capability, fleet planning tools and
parts repair. Its key services include engine fatigue life management, spectrometric oil analysis such as materials testing,
remote visual inspections, wear debris analysis, materials testing, comprehensive vibration analysis and data logging.
Moreover, it offers Total logistics support, fleet optimization and certified repairs such as heat treatment, vacuum brazing,
robotic controlled shot-peening and plasma coatings and machining and precision grinding among others.

For Honeywell TPE331, Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A engines, the company provides full repair, Hot Section Inspection
(HSI) and overhaul servicing. Furthermore, its service facilities include overhaul and test capability for fuel control, large
rental pool of TPE331 engines, modules and components and technical support. The company through its sister concern-
Masling Industries (MI), provides turboprop and turboshaft fuel components, hydraulic components and starter generators.
For turboprop and turboshaft fuel components, the company provides fuel system maintenance, repair and overhaul
(MRO) for fuel control units and power turbine governors, fuel pumps, fuel nozzles, compressor bleed valves, start flow
controls, flow divider valves, torque limiters and torque control. For these hydraulic components, it offers hydraulic pumps
and turboprop propeller governors for Honeywell, Pratt & Whitney Canada and Rolls Royce engines. MI also offers a
range of starter generators for Goodrich and American Power Conversion (APC). These generators are best suited in
McDonnell Douglas 500 series, Hiller FH1100, Embraer EMB110 Bandeirante, Air Tractor series and Bell 204 or 206 or
212 or 412 series among others.

The company’s other offering includes avionic systems installation at its Adelaide, Parafield and Darwin Airports. It offers
wide range of MRO services which include pitot or static and gyroscopic instrumentation, engine instrument control and
indication systems, flight management and indication system components. Furthermore, it offers radio navigation and
communication equipment, weather radars, transponder systems and durable medical equipment, emergency equipment
and battery maintenance. The company distributes these avionic systems to Honeywell, Rockwell Collins, S-Tec, Sandel
and Garmin equipment. It provides aircraft, helicopter and components MRO services for regional and general aviation
customers. It provides a wide range of line, light and heavy maintenance, as well as installations and modifications for
fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft. It offers solutions for propellers, wheels, brakes, hydraulic components, avionics
components, engine components, starter or generators and cabin equipment. TAE Pty provides Aerospace & Advanced
manufacturing components such as aluminum. Its key components include heat exchangers, cooled electronic or avionics
enclosures including liquid-cooled chassis, cold plates and radar assemblies.

The company’s key engineered asset management service include maintenance task analysis and implementation of
ERP system job sheets; condition monitoring serv
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