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ASC Pty Ltd: SWOT Analysis & Company

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Published: Feb 2011

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ASC Pty Ltd


ASC Pty Ltd - Company Overview

ASC Pty Ltd (ASC) is one of Australia's leading specialized defense shipbuilding organizations. The company is engaged
in designing, manufacturing and delivering naval surface ships and submarines in Australia. It has delivered a fleet of six
Collins Class submarines, namely, HMAS Collins, HMAS Farncomb, HMAS Waller, HMAS Dechaineux, HMAS Sheean
and HMAS Rankin to Royal Australian Navy. Currently, the company offers design, upgrade and maintenance services for
submarines through life. In addition, ASC builds Australia’s next generation warships such as the Hobart Class air warfare
destroyers. The company carries out its manufacturing and maintenance operations at its facilities located in South
Australia and Western Australia. ASC is headquartered in Osborne, South Australia, Australia.

ASC Pty Ltd - Key Facts

ASC Pty Ltd, Key Facts

                                  694 Mersey Road, Osborne,
                                  South Australia (SA), 5017,       Ticker Symbol, Stock
Corporate Address:                                                                             N/A

Telephone                         + 61 8 83487000                   No. of Employees           1,700

Fax                               + 61 8 83487001                   Financial Year End         June

URL                                         Revenue (in AUD Million)   515.70

Industry                          Aerospace and Defense             Revenue (in USD Million)   402.89

Locations                         Australia

Source: Annual Report, Company Website, Primary and Secondary Research


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ASC Pty Ltd


ASC Pty Ltd - Business Description

ASC Pty Ltd (ASC) is an Australia based submarine and shipbuilding company. It is involved in designing, building and
maintaining naval ships and submarines for defense industry. It employs 1,700 people.

The company as a prime contractor of the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) designed, manufactured and delivered a fleet of
six Collins Class submarines. Its fleet of submarines includes HMAS Farncomb, HMAS Collins, HMAS Waller, HMAS
Sheean, HMAS Dechaineux and HMAS Rankin. Collins Class submarines are one of world’s largest non-nuclear powered
submarines. Collins Class submarines are designed to be as near noiseless as advanced technology can achieve with a
diameter of 8 meters with a displacement of 3,000 tons. These submarines can travel at speeds greater than 20 knots
(submerged) and 10 knots (surfaced) and have six forward torpedo tubes and are able to carry up 22 torpedoes or anti-
ship missiles, or up to 44 mines in place of torpedoes. In addition, these submarines are able to use sophisticated
countermeasures that offer automatic detection, direction finding and identification of radar signals. Furthermore, Collins
Class submarines have certain technologically advanced sonar systems, decoy methods and radars.

Presently, the company is engaged in providing design, upgrade and maintenance services for the submarines. During
December 2003, the company signed a multi-billion ‘Through Life Support’ agreement with Defense Materiel Organization
to design, maintenance and support of the submarines until the end of submarines operational lives. Initially, the company
signed an agreement for 15 years, with two five-year options to extend through life support.

The company undertakes majority of submarine maintenance work at ASC North in Osborne, South Australia and other
shorter term submarine maintenance activities at ASC West in Henderson, Western Australia. The company’s designers
and engineers continuously developing and implementing upgrades that ensure the Collins Class submarines remain at
the cutting edge of submarine technology.

The company is also the shipbuilder of Australia’s next generation warships such as the Hobart Class air warfare
destroyers. During 2005, the company was selected as the Shipbuilder for the Hobart Class Air Warfare Destroyer (AWD)
project. Under the project, the company constructing AWDs at its shipbuilding facility, ASC South located at Osborne,
South Australia.

The company also partnered with 1,400 of the world's major experienced and respected submarine, shipbuilding and
technology companies, suppliers, universities and capability partners, such as Bath Iron Works and Electric Boat.

Recently, the company appointed 26 new apprentices to its submarine maintenance and shipbuilding business to meet its
rising production requirements and expectations of its customer.


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ASC Pty Ltd


ASC Pty Ltd - Major Products and Services

ASC Pty Ltd is a provider of naval surface ships and submarines. Its key products and services include the following:

ASC Pty Ltd, Major Products and Services

Collins Class Submarines:

HMAS Collins

HMAS Farncomb

HMAS Waller

HMAS Dechaineux

HMAS Sheean

HMAS Rankin

Air Warfare Destroyers




Source: Annual Report, Company Website, Primary and Secondary Research


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ASC Pty Ltd


ASC Pty Ltd - History

ASC Pty Ltd, History

    Year                Event type                                                  Description

   2010      Corporate Changes/Expansions The company opened its AUD120 million shipyard at Osborne, South Australia.

                                                ASC opened AUD60 million floating dock at the Australian Marine Complex (AMC) in
   2010      Corporate Changes/Expansions
                                                Henderson, Western Australia.

                                                The company restructured its operations to combine its submarine and shipbuilding
   2010      Corporate Changes/Expansions
                                                business divisions.

                                                The company restructured its operations to reduce maintenance costs and improve
   2009      Corporate Changes/Expansions

   2009      Management Changes                 The company appointed Chris Ritchie as the Chairman.

                                                ASC appointed Mr. Stephen Ludlam as the Managing Director and the Chief Executive
   2009      Management Changes

                                                The company opened its new AUD35 million submarine support facility at Henderson,
   2008      Corporate Changes/Expansions
                                                Western Australia.

   2007      Contracts/Agreements               ASC secured the agreement to construct Australia’s air warfare destroyers (AWDs).

                                                The company was honoured as the national Project of the Year and Best
   2007      Corporate Awards
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