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Many scientists and triangle writers have
come up with various supernatural theories
behind the mystery of the Bermuda triangle.
The left over technology of Atlantis is
responsible for the sinking of ships.
The presence of crystals belonging to
Atlantis is also believed to be responsible
for sinking of ships.
Some also believe it is due to the ancient
curse which was put upon Atlantis for
sinking ships.
• People in ancient time
  believed that a dragon
  or a sea monsters used
  to live under-water. This
  used to destroy ships
  coming there.
• Pilots also believed that if a plane goes to
  that area, it goes into the past or the
  future. (generally TO the time period of the
  French revolution)
• Many scientists think that it is a place where
  the aliens come to collect humans or their
• The Bermuda triangle is a major place where
  all the aliens meet at a place and capture
  human specimens and take back to their
  planet to study.
One of the 2 places
where the magnetic
compass towards the true
north rather the
magnetic north
Hurricanes also
play an important
role the Bermuda
Methane lowers the density of water

                             Methane (CH4)
Ocean current
that originates in
the Gulf of
Mexico. It has a
surface velocity of
up to 2.5 m/s
Many people have gone
off course just thinking
what's going to happen
to them.
 Even experienced pilots
are scared to travel
through Bermuda
Survivors and their revelations of
     the Bermuda Triangle
      The Bermuda Triangle is inexorably
   associated with time travel, UFOs, missing
   time and wormholes. And here are some
            survivors and their tales!
 Bruce Gernon flew his plane, into the Bermuda Triangle and encountered mile and a
half long cloud.
• The cloud seemed to come alive. It became huge, it engulfed his plane 5 times.
•It became the shape of an immense squall and extended 10 miles! From a harmless
cloud it became a dangerous cloud with a massive thunderhead.
• A tunnel opened up in the cloud and he went through this tunnel.
•The tunnel had cloud trails swirling around his plane.
• While going into this tunnel, he experienced zero gravity and the only thing keeping
him in the cockpit was his seatbelt.
    One of the most famous disappearances was Flight 19 on December 5th 1945.
•      Five airliners were out on a test drive off the coast of Florida. When they
    were turning back to Florida they lost all sight of land. Their compasses started
    going crazy.
•      They figured they had taken a wrong turn and were now going west. After
    a few minutes they could not be radioed.
•      The search went on all through the night. During the search the Martin
    Mariner, a flying boat was also lost.
•      No one ever heard from the crew of the Martin Mariner or Flight 19 again
    and also no wreckage was ever found.
  On October 1971 a similar case was witnessed by a group of scientists.
•    The scientists saw a plane stop in midair and dive right into the ocean.
•    This was not far away from the scientists ship , the Discoverer. The ship was
   at the crash sight within a few minutes. They saw nothing on their sonar.
•    But with a dive like the plane took, it should have been in pieces.
•    But they found no sign of the plane.
    Christopher Columbus wrote in his memoirs on how his compass acted strangely while
    sailing through the Bermuda Triangle.
•   He also witnessed along with another shipmate a glowing globe of light that seemed to
    hover over the sea.
•   Did Columbus and his shipmate witness a UFO in the Bermuda Triangle in the year of
    1492? Did the UFO help Columbus find land?
                    Prediction comes true!
    Edgar Cayce, the sleeping prophet said that Atlantis would rise in 1968 or 1969 and in that
    time frame we discovered the strange roads of Bimimi.
•   Would a great civilization like Atlantis be attracted to the unique properties of the
    Bermuda Triangle? Could the Bermuda Triangle also serve as an energy source for a great
  We need teams of scientists to study
 this phenomenon. It's a phenomenon
that may be able to open many doors
literally. Perhaps we can truly find our
                Star gate.
made by Balaji
Thank you